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  1. Thinly veiled BB/flame Phat thread. I think the fact that there's a discussion here about what to do pre 86BBs deep with minimal history/uncertainty to what his get it in range is is what makes decent tournament players so easy to play against. First of all his squeezing 99 is perfectly fine. It is also fine to not 3b in his spot, call, and see a flop a million ways which obviously appeals more to most of you. I myself would take a flop here without certain table dynamics but anyone who's said his 3b is bad is way too close minded to be successful at tournament poker. What's not in question IMO is that anyone who thinks 4b to re-evaluate is sound advice should severely re evaluate their thought process. Turning the 3rd best hand in poker into a bluff (as i saw noted above somewhere) is always awful when your other option is to flat in position, if you go 4-5 ways to a flop live with it and adjust your perceived hand strength accordingly, at least you know 5 ways to a flop there's no turn and river decisions to make :) I guess I don't want to give much more thought regardless of who will or won't use it. But being scared of the flop is not a good trait to have long term in poker, especially when you don't really know what your 4b will accomplish. If you're ok with getting it in vs an opponent 4b is fine, but 4b evaluating in a spot like this is not a sound strategy.

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