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    Im an easy goin chill dude, who likes about everything.
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    32Red Poker
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    The winning one!!
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    hmmm Vegas, but closest would be Blackhawk, CO
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    Sports, board/video games, traveling, poker, down to try anything at least once:)
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    Like the mixed games:)
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    Mixed low limits

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    10,260 (2011)


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  1. So im just goin to vent just a bit lol, well first angry cuz i came in 60th in a sat to miniFTOPS 7 and had to get 53rd for a seat and guy started pretty shtty in my opinion, and then someone said they would stake me for it today but have been no where to be seen lol. I get it that he doesnt have to but then why keep tellin me your goin to ya know? just say no im not instead of yes i will for stud but no horse and keep tellin me your goin to and then dont grrrrr. Ok done venting, GL all, and Happy Holidays!!

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