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  1. I can't take your claim seriously because you are assuming a certain way to play poker by other players which cannot stand ("this should be done", "this should not be done"). Look, with any trash hand players can do by the rules whatever they want, normally they behave reasonably but fact is that's not always true for multiple real-life reasons. This means they can fold, 3-bet, 4-bet their trash 62o. Why would they do so? You cannot read their minds so don't try it, the reason may be for example that they want to end the tourney and see the comming football match, or their ex-wife has arrived at their home or whatever other stories... Just because a player has played in a unusual way with a certain card holding is not an evidence of cheating. But rest assured that serious poker sites have elaborated algorithms in place to detect REAL cheating players using forbidden software or doing some collusion etc. I don't know how successful these algorithms are but it's in the best interest of the sites that such players be banned, you are instead assuming the sites promote cheating which I really don't believe. I haven't read all your TLDR story but have you contacted the site support? That's the first thing to do if you suspect cheating or irregularities of any sort. They can check this with the exact hand histories - not the ones avaiable to you but the entire unhidden HH which is only available to them. What you cannot avoid in late stages of a tourney is that you get 'sandwiched' by bigger stacks that check it out against you if you are all-in with a smallish stack, with increased chances to beat you, that's how it goes and it's LEGAL, besides you can also do it. And of course I don't believe these 'rigged' stories where you think the cards or the streets are stacked against you, at least when playing at serious poker sites, if you're believing it this is more a case of selective memory, please don't fool yourself.

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