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  1. Putting a challenge out there for WCOOP series to spice it up, get you sweating countrymen/women and anti-sweating others - Open to all that are interested Rules - Teams will require 3 players - Teams must all be from the same country, either born there or have spent majority of their life in that country. (all people that moved from USA can be team USA obv) - Multiple same countries are allowed - Pocketfives.com will be used to track points (PLB's) - Only one member per team will be eligible to earn points for games other than NO LIMIT HOLDEM (this player must be announced during the 48 hour period before WCOOP commences) - Tournaments will stop being tracked after the Supersonic on the last registration day of WCOOP. - Sites that will be eligible for points - Pokerstars, Full Tilt, Party Poker/Bwin, 888 and Ongame, (.fr, .it,….etc are not included) - Only top 30 scores per team included Events 23, 44 and 65 will not be included (8max 2x chance, HU, 8 Game - All 3 tournaments have buy in of $10,300) - Don't know who will be tracking/updating results but will find someone - prob have to pay them a little unless someone wants to nominate doing it for free. Buy in - $7500 Per team - Teams must be stated and buy ins must be received 48 hours before the commencement of the first eligible event (WCOOP 1) I'm happy to escrow but seeing as I'm in the bet some people might not be cool with that…. I can ask Michael Watson/Timex/Dan Smith if they'd like to (and not participating, although I don't see it as a problem) Scumbags gonna scumbag ya know. If I'm missing anything that needs clearing up please lemme know. To nominate a team or show interest for your country post in this thread! Jonathan Karamalikis PS if there are people interested in something like this but have a problem with the rules, please state so we can get as many runners as possible

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