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  1. Is that something Tucker taught you about on Friday?
  2. And don’t think for a minute after we’re finished with her we won’t go after Barron.
  3. Just know if you go after our golden boy Hunter, we on the left will make it our mission to ruin Tiffany Trump. Proceed at your own risk
  4. I guess they’ll have to fire him from his position on staff.
  5. ???? lol. The what variant? This guy pretending to know what he’s talking about doesn’t even know what it’s called.
  6. That what makes you pathetic though. I’m not going to engage in this anymore. Have fun lying to people on the Internet today. I’m sure you get a lot out of it.
  7. Are you so full of shit that you’re now attempting to act as if you weren’t playing semantics games and your post wasn’t. misleading at all? And the last few months whenever you’ve had an opportunity you’ve posted anti vaxxer related articles or studies or whatever. And everybody also knows that you defend or champion an overwhelming majority of ideas and narratives pushed by the right. So obviously when you post that article everybody knows where you’re going to try and go with it. And you come up with some word salad you know is going to confuse people or mislead them. And this mislead just happens to coincide with the narratives about vaccines not working being pushed by many in the right. I mean just stop dude. Who are you trying to fool here? You’re not above trying to mislead people in order to fit a political narrative. And that’s clearly what you were doing here. The article clearly shows us that you’re way better off and safer being vaccinated. But you choose to find an explainable anomaly with the numbers and highlight it because you know most people will misinterpret it and it pushed an anti vax narrative.
  8. Who interpreted your misleading statement correctly other than latestlines? Even your teammates who chimed in right after you posted it clearly misunderstood what you were saying. Nobody knew what your were doing because it was such convoluted nonsense. im pretty sure most people here still haven’t completely grasped what you were doing. People aren’t reading between the lines of posts looking for misleading word games that could potentially trick them.
  9. I also like how you’ve really got no explanation for that so now you’re going with it being some sort of experiment. Like you’re fucking Sigmund Freud or something. Lol. Okay.
  10. Yeah, but why are you playing word games to try and mislead people? Why even point that out unless you’re trying to confuse people? When I read a post from somebody I’m not combing through it looking for misleading word games. Why would you do that? Of course everybody is going to interpret the way we pretty much all did. You know this. You know you’re trying to trick people. Why?
  11. You’re lying. You posted an article that shows you’re better off being vaccinated. But you found some anomaly with the numbers you could spin into a false narrative and you went for it. It’s not really even an anomaly. Old people are getting vaccinated at super high rates, but they’re also the most prone to serious issues from the virus so it’s skewing the numbers. Instead of trying to find a solution based off of those factors you chose to mislead people and push a right wing narrative about the effectiveness of vaccines. and now you’re lying and pretending you were doing some sort of experiment. (As if anybody actually believes that.)
  12. He’s been doing that for like 5 years now. He had a stroke.
  13. I’ll backtrack and concede you didn’t read the article incorrectly Why would you then come here and say “if you were vaccinated you had more of a chance of dying in august” when you know you’re purposely misleading people by playing a numbers game? Why would you do that if you’re objectively trying to find answers? Those numbers clearly suggest you’re better off being vaccinated. But you use that article to fool people into thinking you’re saying something you really weren’t. Why would you do that unless you’re trying to spread misinformation or trick people? And there are so many other variables that play into those numbers. Like the demographics that are getting vaccinated as opposed to the demo of those who aren’t and how those are effecting the numbers. But you just completely ignore all that and attempt to mislead people with statements like the one you made.

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