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  1. So I see quite a few of you guys saying you don't mind a 3b/f here. This is a spot for me with the original raiser only having 17bb if we 3b, seems like when he ships we are always getting the right price to call with 99? Usually my default when some1 is less than 20 bb if im 3betting then im doing it to iso and call off. I haven't ran any math just my thoughts from initially looking at the hand. So my question is, if we can 3b fold what sizing should we be 3betting to like 4.2x-4.5x? Also since raiser is pretty tight is this a spot we justify 3b/f even getting the right price because his range dominates ours so often? I like looking to pressure stacks of the 19-24 bb range with 3bets the tricky part is knowing 4b calling ranges when they shove based on opponent image, so it makes it easier to decide with hands like 10 8 suited we can easily fold, but when we have 99 like here is when we leave ourselves dreadful decisions. I use Equilab, icmizer, to do the math on these spots and I can run it myself, but I'd like to hear some more thoughts on why or why not its okay to 3b/f here. I'm open to taking diff lines and mixing it up if its going to show a profit in the long run. I like DrewPeacoq8's thoughts on 3b get in vs aggro opponents, just calling puts us in tough spots post vs the tighter guys but gives us a chance to make a play on the right flops and get away possibly or just fold post, so just how tight does some1 have to be in this spot to justify 3b/f line? This is def a tricky spot and one that comes up quite a bit, having a mid strength hand vs an awkward stack raise deeper in a game.

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