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  1. Why I will cancel my membership: 1. Speed. Site is extraordinarily SLOW. They allow FAR too much time for every bet, and most of the players sit there and take every damn second of it to make the simplest decisions, regardless of the blinds, point in the game, etc. It is stupid to make everyone waste all of this time. For example, I have played several single table Sit-and-Go’s and some of them have taken as long as 1.5 – 2 hours. Ridiculous. 2. “Sitting Out” – this is a complete joke. What exactly is the point of this “sitting out” function anyway? They don’t have any explanation of it on the web site, which is also just plain dumb. I think the very first and most important thing someone running a web site like this must do is to clearly explain ALL of the rules and functionality of the site. If sitting out is just so someone can run to the bathroom or something, then that is fine. But to allow people to sit out forever, especially in tournaments is just moronic. Then they also, amazingly, even allow people to win a hand even when they are supposedly sitting out? What the heck? I’ve even been sitting at a table with several other players, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is sitting out. So I sit there hand after hand just clicking away. Who goes to a poker site and then sits out for half an hour or whatever? This is REALLY dumb and must be better policed! 3. Loyalty Points – I supposedly have over 30,000 loyalty points. So what? No place on the web site does it tell us what these are or what they are used for. How can you go to the trouble of creating something like this and then neglect to thoroughly explain it? Did they just get bored when you were building this web site and decide it wasn’t worth the trouble to do it properly and professionally? I would think that for the exorbitant monthly cost ($27.95 per month for a VIP membership) they could at least do it right for Christ sakes. 4. “Ring Games” – it is next to impossible to get on a ring game table. Even when it shows that there is room on a table you always seem to find the table full. 5. Cost – I’m sorry, but the return you get for a monthly VIP cost of $27.95 is just not there. The vast majority of games that even offer a few dollars back is a paltry amount. I mean $10?? Really? The cost of a Diamond membership ($147.95 per month) is a complete joke and I can’t imagine ever spending that much money on it. They need to seriously re-think this entire thing. I thought Zynga was the worst poker site out there. At least now I know they are just second worst.

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