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  1. i had pokerhost hold 1500 out on me for about 1.5 months until I contacted the gaming commission and put a ton of pressure on them....they're a scummy site
  2. Colman is just acting like an idiot - when your 23 you say alot of dumb shit....im sure in 5 years he'll look back and think differently
  3. lol at trying to get 4200 - its selling for .05-.1 on 2p2
  4. I miss the good ole days of bigdogpckt5s and Dipthrong crushing on Cereus and guys like Blubboz going off on ppl......now its just a bunch of grinders who don't say a word - the glory days are over :(
  5. how obnoxious is allen kessler in real life
  6. season 1 was unbelievably good, season 2 was a massive dissapointment, season 3 was decent.....season 4 so far has been ok/good - I think the problem is season 1 was just that good there was no way season 2 wouldn't be a let down
  7. if only the SUV clipped more of those crotch rocket assholes the world would be a better place
  8. mat offers less give then grass/dirt, so a chunked mat shot is going to be much worse then chunking on grass/dirt
  9. so true....I've shot my best rounds of my life (low 80s) not using driver and playing real solid/consistent shots.....i feel like on shorter par 4s(400 or less) and par 5s under 600, theres just no need to be hitting driver unless ur real consistent or you have alot of room to miss
  10. poker is "baller" to 20 somethings living at home or sharing a house with a couple guys, but really 100k/200k isnt baller esp in nicer areas of the country.....when you have a mortgage,utilities, and other bills once you go on your own the money goes alot quicker then when your living at home....it gets even worse for the guys who are backed - if you make 250k backed thats 125k to the backer, and another 30ish to the government.......throw in a 2k/mo mortgage, cell phone,bills bills bills and you can see how reality is....you can still live a nice life on that money but its certainly not what we think of when we think of "baller"
  11. its really dumb when people say hes not back till he wins another major....the bridgestone and the players are filled with the best of the best - clearly he just needs a little luck to go his way to get the major win....had he not hit the flagstick at the masters it would of been taken care of but eventually he will win a major again
  12. the competition is alot better now then it was then - comparing the two is retarded
  13. clearly it wasn't http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/7044-Manzanares-Dr-North-Las-Vegas-NV-89084/68652673_zpid/

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