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  1. Picked this guy to win the main with like 900 players left. He is goot! GOGOGOGO http://www.fedorholdz.com
  2. Check Deposited and cleared next day: 3/13/2013 (sorry for late response)
  3. Long time reader of this thread, and I find it very helpful, finally able to post =] So here is my contribution: Deposited through WU. Timely and relatively easy. Some tips: Make sure that you put the Middle name after the first name in the first name line (one time bovada said that was an issue when I left it out, although I think it is not a big deal, but better safe than sorry!). Fill out the form meticulously, so as not to make a mistake that can hinder the transfer process. I did my transfer at a local grocery store with no problems. Make sure it is in USD. These are all things that will be explained to you on the phone when you call to initiate the transfer, just be sure to follow directions. Finally made a payout through check Request: 2/25/2013 Approved: 2/25/2013 Recieved email from Bovada of a DHL tracking number: 3/7/2013 Check in hand: 3/11/2013 The check was sent from Singapore. Going to attempt to deposit soon and I will update of success.
  4. 2254 dell inspiron 1545 bout 2-3 years old
  5. definitely standard. just ul gg though. Love the rush tourneys
  6. I'm bored Ill rail ya till the end! glgl
  7. Stunning. Love seeing plays like this GMH (gives me hope)
  8. I'm sure this is just a simple math equation based on raising and calling ranges. But I suck at math. So at first glance I don't think your play is that bad. I think folding is best but I like shoving as a close second. Your image comes into play here a lot also. If you were tight I like it even more. UL he had JJ
  9. Amazing.... The dream Sunday

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