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  1. last night after day 1 of the 1k wcoop i emailed stars to make sure that the time bank would be refreshed for day 2 as i assumed it logically would be. last year deep in one of the wcoops i had no timebank and it was awful having to make the most important decisions with no time. I figured with a 2 day event they would have to refresh it for day 2. stars replied: I have consulted this matter with the person from our WCOOP Team and have been informed that unfortunately, the timebank will not be refreshed for day 2 event. I am very sorry for any inconveniences. this is outrageous and absurd, i have no time to make the most important decisions of the tournament stars normally has the best software and support but this is retarded... they really need to fix this and get on the ball here, i dont think im the only one with this complaint. they could refresh even just 2 minutes for day 2 or do what full tilt does where it regenerates over time. come on stars... seriously i think most people deep in a big tournament have experienced how atrocious of a software leak this is...

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