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888 Poker Mobile Review

888, formerly Pacific Poker, is one of the top five online poker networks in the world in terms of traffic. Although No Limit Hold’em is by far the most popular game on the site, 888 also offers Omaha, Omaha High-Low, Stud, and Stud High-Low.

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Full 888 Poker Mobile Review

888 Poker has proven over the years to be a reliable and innovative online poker site. For example, it offers webcam tables that are not available on most of the major online poker rooms. If you currently play on 888 Poker and have a mobile device, then you’ll want to try out the 888 Poker Mobile app, which was rolled out in 2012.
888 Poker’s mobile application is easy to download. However, it is not available in all countries that 888 does business in. The lobby is easy to navigate and it is simple to find a game against opponents who are playing on their mobile devices and computers.
888 Poker Mobile features include:
  • Easy navigation through the main lobby.
  • Play sit and gos and cash games.
  • Ability to enter your favorite tournaments on the go.
  • Smooth game play depending on your mobile internet connection.
  • Large buttons to limit mistakes.
  • Easy-to-use bet slider for quicker game play.
  • Chat with opponents while playing.
  • Functional web cashier.
  • Play in 888 Poker tournaments.
  • Compatible with iPhones and Android devices

As it stands now, 888 Poker’s mobile application seems designed more for the casual player who wants to get in a game on the go for entertainment purposes. The limitations include:

  • Only a limited selection of games. The selection of games, for example, does not include webcam tables, which would seem like a natural fit since most mobile devices have a front-facing camera.
  • No multi-tabling capabilities.
  • No player search feature.
  • No third-party software. Since most players use third-party software as an aid while multi-tabling, this isn’t a huge downside since you are able to focus on your competition while playing only one table at a time.

Knowing 888 Poker’s dedication to having a cutting-edge product, we would imagine that future releases of the 888 Poker Mobile app will address some of these holes.

That being said, if you are a casual player, 888 Poker’s Mobile application is right up your alley since it’s easy to use and more fun to play than a typical mobile app.

Name Frequency Buy-In Notes Time - ET
$120K Mega Deep Weekly $215 12:30PM
$100K Sunday Challenge Weekly $90 1 Rebuy 2:35PM
$200K Whale Weekly $530 Sundays 2:00PM
$20K Saturday Challenge Weekly $55 2:35PM
$25K Thursday Challenge Weekly $13 Rebuy 2:35PM
$30K Tuesday High-Rollers Challenge Weekly $109 2:35PM
$20K Friday Challenge Weekly $35 2:35PM
$25K Wednesday Challenge Weekly $35 2:35PM
$10K Monday Twins Challenge Weekly $22 2:35PM
$10K Monday Twins Challenge Weekly $22 2:35PM
The $10K Tornado Daily $109 3:15PM
The $10K Monsoon Daily $55 1:30PM

P5s Name Tournament Amount Date
seahawk89 The $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $17,388
Die Ventura The $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $16,462
drupalucker The $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $11,000
gunning4you XL Blizzard #32 - $500,000 Main Event $35,346
Ariados XL Blizzard #31 - $100,000 Mega Deep $25,802
josef_shvejk XL Blizzard #31 - $100,000 Mega Deep $19,012
DamageAP XL Blizzard #16 - $100,000 High Roller $11,750
Easylimp XL Blizzard #9 - $100,000 Mega Deep $11,214
moorman1 XL Blizzard #10 - $100,000 Tune Up $21,062
Adam Emsworth XL Blizzard #10 - $100,000 Tune Up $11,383


3D and webcam tables
Mac compatible
Fish at all stakes
Excellent customer support


Few large prize pool tournaments
Limited selection of cash games and SNGs

Name: 888 Poker Mobile
Established: 1996
Country: Gibraltar

Network: 888 Poker Network
Auditor: PWC