Monarch Casino & Gaming Review


Of the nearly three dozen companies that have applied for an online poker license in Nevada (as an operator, service provider or otherwise), very few of them venture away from the Las Vegas Strip. Of the operators that broke out of that mold is Monarch Casino & Gaming, with its headquarters in Reno, NV, near its flagship casino the Atlantis. Monarch Casino & Gaming purchased the Clarion in 1993 and changed its name to the Atlantis in 1996. Since then, the company has sunk quite a bit of funding into building one of the premier destinations for casino aficionados in Reno, including remodeling the entirety of the property since its purchase. The efforts of the company have driven the Atlantis to become one of the jewels of Reno's gaming scene.


Monarch Casino & Gaming was approved for an operator's license for online poker in August of 2012 by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. At the time of the announcement of the license, Monarch Chief Operating Officer David Farahi stated, "We are evaluating several interactive poker software providers and intend to partner with the provider that can offer the best quality product to our guests." As of this time, Monarch Casino & Gaming has been playing their cards close to the vest, giving no indicators as to whom they are courting (or who may be courting them). What is known is that the company will be called Monarch Interactive and, it might be conceivably thought, the naming of the online poker room might have something to do with their Atlantis property in Reno.

Competition, Security and Customer Support

As Monarch Casino & Gaming has not selected a software provider at this time, there is no information as to these areas of service.


During the announcement of the licensing by the NGCB, Farahi said, "The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa" recently was awarded AAA's prestigious Four Diamond rating. We believe that the potential for synergy between our land based and interactive gaming offerings is significant." If past performance is an indicator, Monarch Casino & Gaming will have a great deal to offer its customers through its online poker site. The poker room at the Atlantis has played host to World Poker Tour events, poker professional Jennifer Harman's charity tournaments and will host a tournament in March on the CardPlayer Poker Tour. Outside of poker, the Atlantis also offers several concerts, cabaret-style entertainment and other activities that could be a part of any promotional offerings on their online poker site.


While they have yet to find a software provider, Monarch Casino & Gaming has made its mark in obtaining one of the licenses for online poker in Nevada. The issues with a software provider should be taken care of rather quickly, allowing the company to maximize its time, investment and promotional impact on its property, the Atlantis. Its location off the beaten track in Reno might also appeal to those who are a bit jaded by the sights and sounds of Sin City. While some might overlook it at this time, with the right software Monarch Casino & Gaming may put a dent in the "big boys" in Las Vegas when they come live with their online poker room.