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  1. Fifteen years ago, the poker world was introduced to Chris Moneymaker. The accountant from Tennessee with an unthinkable last name earned his way into the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event via a satellite on PokerStars for a paltry $86. Moneymaker went on to win the event thanks to a storybook run in poker’s greatest tournament and recently was the subject of the acclaimed 30 For 30 Podcasts by ESPN. "They actually approached me about doing the TV series, 30 for 30, a while back and I thought that sounded really cool," Moneymaker said of the opportunity with ESPN. "Then I guess they didn’t think I was cool enough for the TV show, or they saw my face and said that I have a face for radio, and they moved it over to the podcast (laughs). A guy came to Memphis, where I live, and spent three days with my wife and I, just hanging out and being part of the family. I did a bunch of interviews and then basically did about a million follow-up questions. It was a cool process. I haven’t heard the podcast yet myself, but I’d be interested to hear what the others [on the podcast] said. I know kind of what I said because I've said it a few times, but it’d be interesting to hear what Matt Savage and some of the others guys said." Moneymaker’s story is the stuff dreams are made of. Even though his big win was 15 years ago, at times it still appears that the relationship Moneymaker has with poker is still going through the honeymoon period. Make no mistake about it, though, the man once very open about his amateur status in the game now comes with a win-first mentality. "My goal is that whenever I come into a room, I want to take everybody's money, but I want them to be really happy when I do," Moneymaker said. Since his WSOP Main Event victory, Moneymaker's been on the ride of a lifetime, and understandably so. Many would argue his win was the win in poker. It catapulted Moneymaker into poker stardom and since then he's been triumphantly serving as one of the game's most prominent ambassadors. "It's been pretty surreal," Moneymaker told PocketFives of the last 15 years. "There's been ups and downs like anything else. Mostly it’s been up, but obviously, there's downsides of it, too. At the end of the day, poker went through a very hard time around Black Friday, and I think that we’re coming out and we’re recovering. There are other things that are attracting the younger generation’s attention that we’re sort of competing against for the new players coming up, but I think Twitch and what everyone else is doing is helping get us some buzz. We have things like PokerGO putting out great content, too.” One of Moneymaker’s recent trips took him to Reno, Nevada, for Jason Somerville’s Run It Up Reno VII festival. He brought with him the Moneymaker Tour, his brightest ambassador costume, and fierce-but-fun-loving competitiveness. While there, Moneymaker, alongside PokerStars, helped dish out another Platinum Pass in the stop’s $86 buy-in Moneymaker Tour event, deemed the "Moneymaker Spectacular." That tournament attracted the largest turnout of Run It Up Reno VII, with 825 entries blasting away in hopes of winning the $30,000 Platinum Pass package. In the end, it was Nathan Manuel achieving a lofty goal he set out to complete months prior. "First of all, [PokerStars] gave all of the ambassadors one seat to give away and our goal was to send everybody here to Reno and give away that seat," Moneymaker said. "It morphed into giving away a Platinum Pass away at every single stop [on the Moneymaker Tour], which is just absolutely incredible. It’s huge for me because I give someone else the opportunity that I had 15 years ago to turn $86 into life-changing money. Even for people go down there and don’t make anything, there’s a lot of people who can’t afford to go to the Bahamas so it’s already life changing for them. Then they have the opportunity, if they work hard or they want to get better, that I’m offering resources to help them get better and give them a real shot at making something in this tournament. My hope is that one of the people that won one of my tournaments makes a deep run or wins the [PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship]. Actually, I hope I win it, let’s be real, so they can get second (laughs). Again, to me, it’s about giving someone else the opportunity that I had so many years ago. It’s been really the most enriching experience to go through and play at every one of these stops. We’ve had people come in that have never played poker before or haven’t played poker in 10 years or never been to casinos before." While in Reno, Moneymaker cashed in three events for a total of $8,015 and was one player away from taking home a Run It Up Reno trophy when he placed second in the $235 6-Max 8-Game tournament for $5,400. If he’d have won that event, Moneymaker could’ve added the trophy right next to his bevy of PokerStars NJCOOP titles, of which he scored two more earlier in the month of October. Ever since online poker became legal in New Jersey and PokerStars launched PokerStarsNJ, "Money800" has been a regular fixture in the Garden State's virtual streets, locking horns with the best the state has to offer and coming out on top. In April 2018, he won two NJCOOP titles and placed second and fourth in two other NJCOOP events during the series. In October, Moneymaker doubled the weight of his NJCOOP bag by adding two more titles in back-to-back days. "It's awesome," Moneymaker said of being able to play regulated online poker in New Jersey. "It’s been, what? Two, three years now? I’ve had really good results in NJCOOP since I moved up there to play, and it’s always good the time the series comes in. There are a couple games I like to focus on. I always focus on the 8-game and a couple of the other variants, and they have all those so I really enjoy playing that series because they have a lot of different variants to play." When playing regulated online poker in New Jersey, Moneymaker can often be found on Twitch streaming his grind when he’s there for some action. Back when Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event, and for much of the 15-year period between his win in 2003 and now, online poker streaming wasn’t a thing. Now, it’s everywhere, serving audiences in both entertainment and enhanced instruction. "Back when I won [the WSOP Main Event], there was Super/System and Mike Caro’s Book of Tells," Moneymaker said of poker’s new age involving Twitch and streaming. “I think those were the only two books, maybe a few more. There just wasn’t that much poker material out there. No one knew what they were doing, and now, you have all this free access. If you want to learn and get good at poker, you can do it for free, which is through time. All it takes is time, and energy to sit there and ask questions and watch a good streamer play. And there are so many different streamers to choose from. You can find one that fits your style, obviously, there are so many training sites and videos, there’s just so many resources now that poker is just so much more difficult now. The average player is just going to be better. That’s a tough thing for new players getting in the game, as they’re coming into a very knowledgable market that knows what they’re doing and it’s tough to just come in without trying to learn. To just be a recreational player, it’s difficult to sort of break through and be successful. But, the great thing about poker is that there is luck in the game and even people that aren’t as experienced are going to have good runs and maybe win a main event." *Photo courtesy of Run It Up.
  2. Ryan 'ISlowRollYou' Hohner might just look back at 2018 as the year that he broke out in a big way in the poker world. In January, Hohner finished second in the Borgata Winter Poker Open Kick-Off Event and picked up a career-best cash of $245,967. In July, he picked up his first cash in the World Series of Poker Main Event for $33,305. Hohner added yet another chapter to his story on Monday night, picking up the victory in the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Main Event for $28,218.90, his largest online score yet. 'WhostolemyRR' finished runner-up for $21,112.41 while Michael 'DellaBarca7' DellaBarca narrowly missed out on a second 2018 NJCOOP title with a third place finish for $15,795.61. Don 'mrblonde2020' Himpele finished fourth for $11,817.76. While the end of the two-day Main Event garnered most of the attention, there were two other events on the schedule. 'COBYElectronics' outlasted 181 other players to win Event #46 ($150 No Limit Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE]) for $4,975.16. '555nobluff' won $2,766.40 for winning Event #47 ($100 Six Max No Limit Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo]). Anthony 'FlawlessBINK' Maio finished one spot behind for $1,862.00. Event #42: $500 No Limit Hold'em Main Event Entries: 305 Prize pool: $150,000 ISlowRollYou - $28,218.90 WhostolemyRR - $21,112.41 DellaBarca7 - $15,795.61 mrblonde2020 - $11,817.76 vandiesel7 - $8,841.66 hoodini10 - $6,615.04 PlzMuk - $4,949.16 skeemer1 -$3,702.79 PompYouUp - $2,770.30 Event #46: $150 No Limit Hold'em (Nightly Stars SE) Entries: 182 Prize pool: $25,061.40 COBYElectronics - $4,975.16 movecards83 - $3,780.61 coles93 - $2,872.95 Chr0meKing - $2,183.21 $gt. Tibbs - $1,659.06 SaucyPaws - $1,260.75 meech7 - $958.06 IGOTCRABZ_33 - $728.05 DaBirds23 - $553.26 Event #47: $100 Six Max No Limit Hold'em (Deep, Hyper-Turbo) Entries: 112 Prize pool: $10,640 555nobluff - $2,766.40 FlawlessBINK - $1,862.00 HowieWelper - $1,383.20 RaiderJoeNJ - $904.40 TobogganM.D. - $691.60 NYJa11day - $478.80
  3. Jason 'JayRiv' Rivkin is doing his best to use the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker to work his way up the New Jersey online poker rankings. For the second time in 10 days, Rivkin emerged victorious from an NJCOOP event, this time winning Event #44 ($100 No Limit Hold'em [Win The Button]) for $3,407.91. Rivkin's win came at the expense of 'loosebad', who again had to settle for a runner-up finish. He does have a win to his credit but now has three second-place finishes. He earned $2,589.65 while 'Tomasz199873' pocketed $1,967.92 for finishing in third. There were three other events that wrapped up on Sunday. 'Boney526' beat 178 other players to win Event #41 ($100 No Limit Hold'em [w/Big Antes]) and $3,533.00. The biggest field of the day belonged to Event #43 ($50 No Limit Hold'em [Main Event structure]) which drew 587 runners. The final four players agreed to a deal with eventual winner 'green str719' taking home $4,364.03. Runner-up 'M66515906506942' earned $2,853.14 which narrowly eclipsed the $2,838.50 and $2,518.39 earned by respective third and fourth place finishers 'Gaylord116' and 'OrganicHG'. 'JTourney' took down Event #45 ($75 No Limit Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE]) to earn $2,257. The NJCOOP Main Event also started on Sunday with 305 players each putting up the $500 buy-in. Play was stopped Sunday night with 40 players remaining and 'gruemoon' holding the overnight chip lead. Action resumes Monday at 7 pm Monday. Event #41: $100 No Limit Hold'em (w/Big Antes) Entries: 179 Prize pool: $16,432.20 Boney526 - $3,533.00 Hammahead141 - $2,546.99 You Are Tim - $1,930.78 BENN DOVERR - $1,437.81 jordanofpkr - $985.93 Terranova996 - $821.61 JohnnyMania - $657.28 lacilobaid - $492.96 green str719 - $328.64 Event #43: $50 No Limit Hold'em (Main Event structure) Entries: 587 Prizepool: $26,708.50 green str719 - $4,364.03* M66515906506942 - $2,853.14* Gaylord116 - $2,838.50* OrganicHG - $2,518.39* drose588 - $1,366.12 ironmai747 - $1,002.30 blev11 - $735.37 TobogganM.D. - $539.53 Malakia1212 - $395.84 Event #44: $100 No Limit Hold'em (Win The Button) Entries: 187 Prizepool: $17,166.60 JayRiv - $3,407.91 loosebad - $2,589.65 Tomasz199873 - $1,967.92 buckk50 - $1,495.45 toddchipman - $1,136.42 WatchYouTilt - $863.59 jordanofpkr - $656.25 ISlowRollYou - $498.70 JefferinoH - $311.76 Event #45: $75 No Limit Hold'em (Sunday SuperSonic SE) Entries: 159 Prizepool: $11,209.50 JTourney - $2,257.00 BOnEheAd109 - $1,720.08 jordanofpkr - $1,310.96 betgo - $999.15 YogaGrandma - $761.50 DellaBarca7 - $580.38 That Guy 609 - $442.33 dkearn23 - $337.12 CrittyJJones - $256.94
  4. In just two days there won't be any more action in the PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker but Friday night saw two more New Jersey grinders pick up victories. 'JinxySkunk' beat 89 other players to win Event #37 ($100 Pot Limit Five Card Omaha [Eight Max]) for $2,251.43. Runner-up 'loosebad' earned $1,528.47 while Michael 'GUUUULP' St. John rounded out the podium finishers and walked away with $1,156.68 for his efforts. 'PokrStarsWIN' narrowly missed his second NJCOOP title of the year, finishing fourth for $784.89. Daniel 'loxonbagel' Buzgon picked up the other NJCOOP title awarded on Friday night, winning Event #38 ($200 No Limit Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo]) for $3,500.95. 'DJPerfection' wasn't quite perfect, finishing in second place for $2,339.86. Third-place finisher Tomasz199873 earned $1,829.49. Saturday's NJCOOP action includes Event #39 ($300 Six Max No Limit Hold'em) and Event #40 ($75 Zoom No Limit Hold'em). Event #37: $100 Pot Limit Five Card Omaha (Eight Max) Entries: 90 Prize pool: $8,262 JinxySkunk - $2,251.43 loosebad - $1,528.47 GUUUULP - $1,156.68 PokrStarsWIN - $784.89 captainondec - $578.34 TheFreshOne - $433.75 Dude69696997 - $351.13 Hollowman - $268.51 Event #38: $200 No Limit Hold'em (Deep, Hyper-Turbo) Entries: 67 Prizepool: $12,730 loxonbagel - $3,500.95 DJPerfection - $2,339.86 Tomasz199873 - $1,829.49 JohnnyMania - $1,430.45 Time2Troll - $1,118.44 Marshy7777 - $874.48 WhostolemyRR - $683.74 FunkyJesus - $534.60 mrblonde2020 - $417.99
  5. The second half of the third annual PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker continued on Monday two more tournaments and $48,000 worth of guarantees. After taking a trip to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut to participate in another stop of the Moneymaker Tour, PokerStars Ambassador and one-time World Series of Poker Champion Chris Moneymaker was back inside New Jersey borders and back in the hunt for yet another NJCOOP title. Moneymaker made his presence felt in the first of the two tournaments on the schedule. Event #28 ($300 NLHE Four Max) drew 139 runners which created a prize pool of $38,920. Moneymaker not only made the final table, but he got heads-up for the title. However, he was facing one of New Jersey’s most talented grinders in the #3-ranked US player, Michael ‘J3tBl@ckP0pe’ Gagliano. Galliano and Moneymaker battled it out with Gagliano coming out on top. The Borgata sponsored pro earned $12,439.67 for first place and added a second 2018 NJCOOP title to his long resume. The score was the highest take-home score of the night and puts him in striking distance of $3.5 million in career earnings. For ‘Gags’ it was his tenth NJCOOP cash of the series and second of the evening. Moneymaker, who earned back-to-back titles just last week, was denied his third NJCOOP title but still earned $7,677.74 for his second-place efforts. ‘bvays’ finished in third place for $4,021.60 and rounding out the Four Max final table was Mike ‘MartinChatwn’ Lavenburg finishing in fourth place for $2,559.37. This was Lavenburg’s third final table of the series and fourth cash overall. Event #29 ($500 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller Six Max) brought out 49 players that helped create a prize pool of $23,030. Matthew ‘MattEMenz’ Mendez joined the two-time winners club as he secured his second 2018 NJCOOP title and earned $6,909 for the win. Yong ‘iFoldN0T’ Kwon finished as the runner-up, adding $4,606 to his bankroll. Kwon has had a number of close calls in the past few days, finishing in the top four players three times for his past three results. His second-place finish is the most lucrative of his nine NJCOOP cashes. It seems that Daniel ‘loxonbagel’ Buzgon has started a heater himself. He finished in sixth place on the Six Max final table for $1,266.65 and had made the money in each of the last four NJCOOP events. Event #28 ($300 NLHE Four Max) Entries: 139 Prize pool: $38,920 1. J3tBl@ckP0pe - $12,439.67 2. Money800NJ - $7,677.74 3. bvays - $4,021.60 4. MatrinChatwn - $2,559.37 Event #29 ($500 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller Six Max) Entries: 49 Prize pool: $23,030 1. MattEMenz - $6,909 2. iFoldN0T - $4,606 3. JinxySkunk - $3,454.50 4. $gt. Tibbs - $2,303 5. LookAtMyDabx - $1,727.25 6. loxonbagel - $1,266.65
  6. It’s time once again for NJ online poker players to clear their October calendars and prepare to play in the PokerStars 2019 New Jersey Championship of Online Poker. Running October 12-28, PokerStars NJ is bringing back its state-wide championship online poker series featuring 50 events and $1,000,000 in total guaranteed prize pools, anchored by a $300 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Main Event with a $100,000 guarantee. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] The 2019 schedule boasts three more events than it did in 2018, offering tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $50 up through the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em High Roller Six Max (October 16). It should be no surprise that the series is packed with NLHE events including the popular Progressive Knockouts, short-handed tournaments, turbos and more. However, No Limit Hold’em isn't the only variant on the schedule as players have the opportunity to win an NJCOOP title in Fixed Limit, Pot Limit Omaha, Mixed Game tournaments and more. PokerStars is pulling out the stops to get players excited for the 17-day series by offering low/no-cost avenues for new and existing PokerStarsNJ players to participate. One of easiest ways to win a seat into the Main Event is to get qualified for the $7,500 Main Event Depositor Freeroll. Players that make a deposit using the promo code 'NJCOOP' between 10:00 ET on Friday, October 11 through 18:59 ET on Saturday, October 26 will pick up a ticket to the freeroll tournaments. Then on October 26, the qualified players will battle for one of 25 free tickets to the $300 buy-in NJCOOP Main Event. Second Chance Freerolls are returning to NJCOOP in 2019. Players who play any NJCOOP event but bust out short of the money will receive a ticket to a secondary freeroll that pays out $1,250 in entires to subsequent NJCOOP events. The Second Chance Freerolls will be taking place daily from October 13-28 and, in total, will be giving back over $20,000 in free entries to NJCOOP events. While not a free entry, PokerStarsNJ will be offering NJCOOP Spin & Go’s where a player can turn a $3 buy-in into a $300 Main Event seat. PokerStars NJCOOP Tournament Schedule DATE EVENT # EVENT TIME GTD 10/12 1 $100 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 6:00 PM $18,000 2 $200 NL Hold'em [Turbo - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 8:00 PM $16,000 10/13 3 $200 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 2:00 PM $27,500 4 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 3:30 PM $22,500 5 $250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 5:00 PM $55,000 6 $100 PL Omaha [6-Max] 7:00 PM $10,000 7 $150 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 10:00 PM $18,000 10/14 8 $100 NL Hold'em [4-Max, Progressive KO] 7:00 PM $12,500 9 $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 8:00 PM $12,000 10/15 10 $250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 7:00 PM $35,000 11 $30 NL Hold'em [Mini Super Tuesday] 7:30 PM $10,000 12 $150 NL Hold'em [Escalating Antes] 8:00 PM $16,000 13 $100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush] 9:30 PM $12,000 10/16 14 $100 NL Holdem [Progressive KO] 7:00 PM $15,000 15 $1,000 NL Hold'em [High-Roller, 6-Max] 8:00 PM $50,000 16 $150 NL Hold'Em [6-Max] 9:00 PM $10,000 10/17 17 $200 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 7:00 PM $22,000 18 $50+R NL Hold'em 8:00 PM $12,000 19 $100 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 9:30 PM $10,000 10/18 20 $300 Eight-Game [6-Max] 7:30 PM $12,500 21 $150 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush, 6-Max] 9:30 PM $10,000 10/19 22 $100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 5:00 PM $12,500 23 $200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack Turbo] 8:00 PM $10,000 10/20 24 $100 NL Hold'em [Marathon] 1:00 PM $10,000 25 $100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-Max] 2:00 PM $10,000 26 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO, 6-Max, Big Antes] 3:30 PM $20,000 27 $350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 5:00 PM $60,000 28 $200 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 7:00 PM $32,000 29 $100 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 9:00 PM $10,000 10/21 30 $300 NL Hold'em [4-Max] 7:00 PM $30,000 31 $500 PL Omaha [High-Roller, 6-max] 8:00 PM $18,000 10/22 32 $200 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 7:00 PM $30,000 33 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 8:00 PM $8,000 10/23 34 $30+R NL Holdem [6-Max] 7:00 PM $10,000 35 $200 NL Hold'em 7:00 PM $20,000 10/24 36 $250 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 7:00 PM $28,000 37 $150 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 9:00 PM $15,000 10/25 38 $200 FL Holdem [6-Max] 9:00 PM $8,500 39 $200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo] 9:00 PM $10,000 10/26 40 $300 NL Hold'em [6-Max] 6:00 PM $25,000 41 $75 NL Hold'em [Zoom] 9:00 PM $12,500 10/27 42 $100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes] 2:00 PM $12,500 43 $300 NL Hold'em [Main Event, 2-Day Event] 5:00 PM $100,000 44 $50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure] 6:00 PM $22,000 45 $100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button] 8:00 PM $12,500 46 $150 PL Omaha [6-Max] 9:00 PM $12,500 47 $75 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 10:00 PM $8,500 10/28 48 $150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up] 7:00 PM $16,500 49 $100 NL Hold'em [Phase Day 2] 8:00 PM $20,000 50 $100 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo, 6-Max] 9:00 PM $10,000 all times ET
  7. The final events of the PokerStars 2019 New Jersey Championship of Online Poker wrapped up on Monday as New Jersey’s Tenzin ‘tc_ownz’ Chakdor won the $300 buy-in $100,000 GTD Main Event for a career-high online score of $19,111.88. Chakdor’s victory capped off over two weeks worth of online action in New Jersey as grinders battled in the 50-event series that paid out over $1 million in total prize pools. Chakdor (playing under his PokerStarsNJ screen name ‘Mc_lovin1632’) navigated his way through the 373-entry field to lock up the biggest payday of the entire series. This isn’t the first time Chakdor has found success during NJCOOP. While it may be his largest cash in terms of money in his pocket, just last year he was the winner of the PSPC Main Event All-in Shootout which awarded him a $25K Platinum Pass and a trip to the Bahamas for the 2019 PSPC. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] Multiple NJCOOP Titles With over 50 events, Chakdor has plenty of company when it comes to NJCOOP title winners. Some of those players were lucky enough to take down more than one. New Jersey’s current #5-ranked player Jon ‘toddchipman’ Borenstein racked up the most NJCOOP victories by taking down three tournaments. He earned his first victory in Event #10 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $7,341.17. Then he followed that up with a first-place finish in Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) after a deal for $16,892.70. Finally, Borenstein captured his third title of the series in the final event of the series, Event #50 ($100 NLHE Hyper-Turbo Six Max) for an additional $2,775.44. His NJCOOP rush will send him up over $1.3 million in lifetime earnings and a career-high ranking of #166 in the world. Borenstein wasn’t the only player to lock up more than one title. He was joined by Anthony ‘FlawlessBINK’ Maio, ‘angel zera’ and ‘snapcallzzz’ all of whom each took down two tournaments. New Jersey’s former #1-ranked grinder David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman also booked a couple of wins when he took down Event #32 ($200 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $6,553.67 and Event #47 ($75 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic Hyper-Turbo) for $2,008.92. Non-Stop Value Added The 2019 NJCOOP also offered plenty of added value for New Jersey online poker players as aggressive guarantees were routinely missed throughout the entire series. Of the 50 events, 28 tournaments played for the guarantee. In one instance, they hit the guaranteed number right on the nose. In seven others, the prize pool surpassed the guarantee, but the online site needed the rake to cover the number. In these cases, players basically played for a reduced rake as part of their rake was used for the prize pool. In 20 events, PokerStars needed to add money to the prize pool to cover the guarantee. The total amount over the course of the series is just over $39,000 worth of overlays with 13 events needing an infusion of at least $1,000. The largest overlay came in Event #30 ($300 NLHE Four Max) where PokerStars added $5,700 to hit the $30K guarantee. In 2020, NJCOOP may find that it is not PokerStars' only major US online poker series. PokerStars is reportedly on the verge of launching its second regulated online poker site in the state of Pennsylvania. When PA online poker finally does go live, perhaps a PACOOP won't be too far behind. PokerStars 2019 NJCOOP Winners # EVENT ENTIRES PRIZE POOL WINNER WINNINGS 1 $100 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 242 $22,215.60 sareeBAcoMEHH $4,273.28 2 $200 NL Hold'em [Turbo - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 67 $16,000.00 bgrif32 $4,400.21 3 $200 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 134 $27,500.00 TeethOfBags $5,725.84* 4 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 148 $22,500.00 angel zera $2,847.24 5 $250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 201 $55,000.00 CoonG23 $10,814.85 6 $100 PL Omaha [6-Max] 84 $10,000.00 Bortzork $2,404.55 7 $150 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 78 $12,000.00 D.Drumpf $2,926.93 8 $100 NL Hold'em [4-Max, Progressive KO] 213 $19,553.40 DaBirds23 $1,919.90 9 $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 48 $12,500.00 grinder03 $4,904.43 10 $250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 152 $35,416.00 toddchipman $7,341.17 11 $30 NL Hold'em [Mini Super Tuesday] 397 $10,838.10 BrigBeast06 $1,964.58 12 $150 NL Hold'em [Escalating Antes] 122 $16,799.40 L!ghtSout $3,670.44 13 $100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush] 122 $12,000.00 supremetny $2,630.33 14 $100 NL Holdem [Progressive KO] 216 $19,828.80 FlawlessBINK $2,172.31 15 $1,000 NL Hold'em [High-Roller, 6-Max] 46 $50,000.00 toddchipman $16,892.70* 16 $150 NL Hold'Em [6-Max] 100 $13,770.00 J3tBl!ckP0pe $3,182.85 17 $200 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 109 $22,000.00 zapzer7 $3,036.53 18 $50+R NL Hold'em 74 $12,000.00 rosseg $3,900.00 19 $100 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 100 $10,000.00 AvaGray $2,369.95 20 $300 Eight-Game [6-Max] 55 $15,400.00 D0naldTrump8 $4,620.00 21 $150 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush, 6-Max] 75 $10,327.50 rosseg $3,050.98 22 $100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 146 $13,402.80 1EveryDay1 $2,778.23 23 $200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack Turbo] 54 $10,044.00 R@zzleDazz1e $3,479.64 24 $100 NL Hold'em [Marathon] 104 $10,000.00 snapcallzzz $2,077.31* 25 $100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-Max] 74 $10,000.00 KoolerU $2,954.25 26 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO, 6-Max, Big Antes] 143 $20,000.00 snapcallzzz $2,131.50 27 $350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 174 $60,000.00 MisAnnthr0pe $12,080.33 28 $200 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 140 $32,000.00 bluesnj $4,658.77 29 $100 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 90 $10,000.00 ForTheThr1ll $2,369.95 30 $300 NL Hold'em [4-Max] 81 $30,000.00 angel zera $7,317.22 31 $500 PL Omaha [High-Roller, 6-max] 35 $18,000.00 mmenz08816 $8,072.53 32 $200 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 175 $32,550.00 coles93 $6,553.67 33 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 71 $8,000.00 1234 fifffff $2,180.00 34 $30+R NL Holdem [6-Max] 118 $10,000.00 hubbiee $2,600.00 35 $200 NL Hold'em 97 $20,000.00 laura33188 $4,739.85 36 $250 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 118 $28,000.00 TiltedHard $3,498.54 37 $150 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 109 $15,009.30 iFoldN0T $3,437.65 38 $200 FL Holdem [6-Max] 37 $8,500.00 MacBlackwood $3,400.00 39 $200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo] 55 $10,450.00 JerseyRU $3,726.94 40 $300 NL Hold'em [6-Max] 80 $25,000.00 MartinChatwn $6,812.50 41 $75 NL Hold'em [Zoom] 198 $13,513.50 rayteddy93 $2,653.80 42 $100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes] 126 $12,500.00 Bout2shove $2,739.89 43 $300 NL Hold'em [Main Event, 2-Day Event] 373 $104,440.00 Mc_Lovin1632 $19,111.88 44 $50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure] 500 $22,750.00 cl1ckinbtns $4,042.37 45 $100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button] 148 $13,586.40 FlawlessBINK $2,816.28 46 $150 PL Omaha [6-Max] 58 $12,500.00 notabuyer $4,458.02 47 $75 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 130 $9,165.00 coles93 $2,008.92 48 $150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up] 223 $20,471.40 RatherBinAC $3,718.38 49 $100 NL Hold'em [Phase Day 2] 44 $31,212.00 Wsopboy1997 $6,382.91 50 $100 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo, 6-Max] 81 $11,542.50 toddchipman $2,775.44  

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