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  1. For many who do it, working on a vlog is a labor of love. Potentially, once a vlogger reaches a certain plateau they will able to monetize their work by signing up with YouTube and applying to the YouTube Partnership Program. And maybe that's the end goal. But for many of today’s top poker vloggers, the time they end up spending on their vlogs not only drastically cuts into their time at the poker tables, decreasing their earn, but can be the equivalent of a second part-time job without the monetary benefits. “Filming takes about a full day since I'm usually recording a live poker session a
  2. The average life of a live poker pro is hours consumed on the felt followed by whatever downtime is spent at home. For Andrew Pieper, the felt is his home. The 26-year-old is living a voluntary life without a permanent residence. Pieper values the utility and money saved over the material possessions that associate with a home. His dream plays out day by day. The Mission Pieper’s vlog is a compilation of him traveling around Las Vegas poker rooms and playing in low limit cash games. In only 21 vlogs, Pieper’s subscription base has grown to almost 2,000. His brand of in-depth hand reviews and
  3. You might have noticed somebody in your regular game sitting there with a camera - or two - in front of them. You may also have seen that player walk away from the table and start talking into one of those cameras. It’s all part of a grassroots movement that has beginnings from far outside of poker. Welcome to the world of vlogs. The poker community really jumped on the vlogging train in the last few years and poker vlogging has grown so much that the American Poker Awards added a Video Blogger of the Year category for 2018. Over the next seven days, VLOG / TURN / RIVER will take poker
  4. His bag has gone missing. Not the frivolous one that includes unnecessary stuff like clothes or toiletries. The real important items are AWOL - like backup batteries and chargers. Also his laptop. For 45-year old software architect Jaman Burton, he’s not worried about getting his equipment back for some work project, he’s got content to create for his rapidly-rising-in-popularity poker vlog, The Drawing Dead. Now, here he is in the mecca for poker, Las Vegas, and the airline is informing him that just about all of the equipment he’s going to need to document his latest adventures in poker i
  5. Matt Vaughan brings a technical side to the poker vlogging game. The former healthcare software employee started his vlog in January 2017, two months after leaving his job in Wisconsin. Vaughan works three jobs in his new home in Baltimore, MD. He plays, teaches, and vlogs poker. “I decided on a whim that this would be a cool time to document life and this was a cool way to do it,” Vaughan said. Jumping in Head First... The game became more than a hobby to Vaughan in 2012 when the Cleveland Jack Casino opened its doors in the same city where he attended college. Live poker turned into mor
  6. Andrew Neeme has never won a World Series of Poker bracelet, a World Poker Tour title, a European Poker Tour title and he’s most likely not going to be playing in the Super High Roller Bowl anytime soon. Yet he walks into poker room these days he inevitably runs into a fan. “When you go into a poker room, that you've never been into before, in a city you've never been in before, and someone comes up to and says that they watch the vlog and they really dig it, that's pretty cool,” said Neeme. Over the last 17 months, Neeme has become the Godfather of Poker Vloggers, building a YouTube cha
  7. Celebrity in the poker world is hard to define. The line between the level of Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth and then everyone else doesn’t exist the way it did before Black Friday. There are celebrities in poker and vloggers are part of a niche group that draws its own fanbase. This draw is proving to be beneficial for both the vloggers themselves and a certain Las Vegas casino. Fine Line Andrew Neeme leads the vlogging brigade with 81,000 subscribers. That rate of traffic translates to only 12,100 Twitter followers. The vlogging world is establishing a foothold but hasn’t yet gone mains
  8. “It wasn’t always easy. When I first moved out here in 2012, I played for like six months. I moved to L.A. and didn’t have good bankroll management, expenses were a lot higher and I ended up going broke and I moved back in with my parents. That was especially brutal.” That was nearly five years ago, and while Las Vegas-based professional poker player Brad Owen has learned a thing or two about playing within his bankroll and dealing with the swings that come with a life as a poker pro, it’s still not always easy. In addition to grinding out on-the-felt gains, Owen is one poker’s top-tier vlo
  9. Let’s say that after seeing a few of the latest wave of poker vlogs you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey, I can do that!” Indeed you can and we’re here to help. Before you rack up thousands of views and spend hundreds of hours editing, you’d better take a look at some of the basics of what it’s going to take to catapult you to becoming the next vlogging sensation. Get A Camera And Press Record This is obvious, right? You need a camera to record your adventures and poker musings. But what kind? Practically everyone nowadays has a camera in their pocket (on their smartphone) but is that good enou
  10. When it comes to storytelling, former underground poker dealer turned entrepreneurial vlogger Tim ‘TheTrooper97’ Watts, has no shortage of material. “I had a gun literally six inches from my chest.” If you ask Watts to tell you a story, he's going to tell you a good one. “I was at a game and it sounded like a fight was breaking out in the kitchen. There were houses that were rented just for poker,” Watts recalls and then goes on to describe the state of private poker games in Greenville, South Carolina in 2008. “They busted in, there was four of them…next thing you know that had [the hos
  11. You have a passion for poker and video. What better to combine the two than starting your own vlog? Playing poker is the easy part. Just find a casino near you. The hard end of the equation is finding the right equipment to film, produce, and edit the vlogs. All vloggers in the “Vlog, Turn, River” series had the same challenge on their hands upon starting and have recommendations for what is best to use. The preference varies from vlog to vlog with the same advice of “the story is the most important part.” Starting Off Small A smartphone is the best tool for filming at the table, accordin
  12. The notion of vlogging isn’t completely new, with some of the world’s most popular vloggers, like Casey Neistat, having turned the camera on themselves for the better part of this decade. But when it comes to vlogging in poker, it’s still a little bit of the Wild West. The growing genre is finding many previously largely unknown personalities now making a name for themselves by showcasing their on-the-felt (and off) adventures for all to see. But while many of the personalities that are drawing attention in the space are of the up-and-coming variety some of the biggest stars in poker have s

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