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Found 2 results

  1. [caption width="640"] The biggest online cash game winner in November was 'BERRI SWEET'[/caption] After a rocky start to the month, high stakes Pot Limit Omaha specialist ‘BERRI SWEET’ went on an end-of-the-month heater to storm back and take the top spot in the overall winners in online cash for the month of November, according to the data tracked by Highstakesdb.com. After putting in far and away the most volume of anyone in this month’s Top 10, 161 sessions, ‘BERRI SWEET’ managed to end the month with a monster profit of $418,361 over the course of 10,389 hands. The largest portion of the winnings came in the final days of the month as ‘BERRI SWEET’ collected nearly $200K playing PLO against the likes of Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom. The uptick was enough to put ‘BERRI SWEET’ out front as the year’s most profitable online grinder to date, up over $1,850,000 with only December left. Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky took the #2 spot in November with a monster month of his own. Profitable to the tune of $339,755, Sulsky essentially took the majority of the month off from the online tables showing next to no activity until the final days of November. When he did log on his profit shot straight up, due to large wins at the PokerStars Eight Game Mix tables, mostly at the expense of, once again, Blom. Sulsky also managed to put in a couple of sessions at the PLO tables helping pad his Eight Game wins and pulling him out of negative territory for 2017 and place him as the ninth largest winner of 2017 to date with over $313,000 in earnings. November was also crucial for high stakes PLO grinder Laszlo ‘omaha4rollz’ Bujtas, who comes in at #3. After languishing the majority of the year in the red, Bujtas strung together a few winning sessions, including a serious spike of roughly $100,000 on November 27, to dig himself out of the hole and book a profit of $150,598 in November making his earn roughly $28,770 for the year to date. Bujtas put in about half the volume of ‘BERRI SWEET’, with roughly 4250 hands played over 82 tracked sessions, good for the second most active of the month’s Top 10. ‘€uroTr@sh1’ booked the fourth biggest win of the month posting a $122,041 profit over 2856 hands, averaging out to a win of over $42 a hand. ‘€uroTr@sh1’ did all of his damage early in the month when he crushed the $25/$50 and $50/$100 high stakes PLO tables for a few days straight bringing in the bulk of his winnings. The heater has him at a peak for this year putting him on pace, based on his pattern of volume, to end the year with a profit. It’s been a rough go for ‘€uroTr@sh1’, in general, in the biggest games as he’s looking to rebound from a nearly $600,000 lifetime deficit. His big November bounce has him up off the floor he touched earlier this year and back on the path to possible profitability, currently down approximately $400,000 since 2012. Get in, get out was ‘OhHeyCindy’s approach this month as after the number five winner accumulated roughly $110,000 in the first two days of the month, ‘OhHeyCindy’ essentially called it a day for the month, putting in minimal volume past those sessions. In total, the No Limit Hold’em specialist banked $2 shy of $118,000. After being up for the majority of 2017, a sharp freefall in August and September found ’OhHeyCindy’ suddenly looking up at the break-even line. The 3159 tracked hands helped out immensely and ‘OhHeyCindy’ currently sits on over $81,000 of profit for the year. Blom was mentioned as a victim of a pair of the largest winners in November, and this month was a swingy one for him to say the least. Down as low as -$180,000 he ran it up to a peak of $155,000 profit only to see it crash back down to end the month as one of the biggest losers, having dropped roughly $225,000. But lest the giver-of-action’s fans be worried, Blom is still in the midst of a fantastic year, still up $1.1 million for 2017, even with the downturn. HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for November RANKPLAYERSESSIONSHANDSPROFIT 1BERRI SWEET16110,389$418,381 2Sauce123263,553$339,755 3omaha4rollz824,249$150,598 4€uroTr@sh1632,856$122,041 5OhHeyCindy363,159$117,998 6LuckyGump101238$105,555 7jobetzu25993$91,061 8candela2005N951,904$89,790 9fish2013461,067$81,662 10Trueteller383,138$72,313
  2. The online world is harder than ever to beat and those who play for a living on the virtual streets earn every dime of their annual haul. The games have shrunk in stakes but there is still more than enough money to go around the ecosystem. According to Highstakesdb.com, two players won over $1 million playing online cash games in 2017. Leading the best of the best if ‘BERRI SWEET.’ In 869 logged sessions, ‘BERRI SWEET’ notched $1,769,395 in cash game winnings. Over 55,120 hands, ‘BERRI SWEET’ won an average of $32 per hand and over $2,000 per session in the swingy world of Pot Limit Omaha. On July 26, ‘BERRI SWEET’ won the biggest pot of the year in $200/$400 PLO against Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom. That pot was worth $213,261 and accompanied the third-largest pot of the year which was also won by ‘BERRI SWEET’ versus Blom. Finishing in second place for 2017 and the only other player over $1 million is Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov. The beautiful upswing on Kuznetsov’s graph is something to behold. Kuznetsov raked in $1,454,838 in 701 sessions and 59,505 hands. Following in the footsteps of ‘BERRI SWEET,’ Kuznetsov won the second largest pot of the year with Blom as his opponent. One of the worst beats in poker took place for Kuznetsov to drag in the $200,514 monster as Blom flopped a full house but got outdrawn on the river. All the money went in then and Kuznetsov took in the spoils. The third spot on the list belongs to Carlo van ‘Ravenswood13’ Ravenswoud. The Dutch player collected $814,543 at the online cash tables this year. The preferred game for Ravenswoud is Pot Limit Omaha and Ravenswoud also won a PLO SCOOP title in May for $61,080 more. Ravenswoud peaked over $1 million in October but hit a minor downswing late to finish under the seven-figure mark. ‘ActionFreak’ was a career high stakes loser when the year started but reversed that trend and pocketed $790,920, primarily playing PLO. It took over 75,000 hands for ‘ActionFreak’ to reach this total and they finished the year on an upward trend. The player who put in the most volume among the top-10 is Linus ‘LLinusLove’ Loeliger. Of those in the elite group of online players, Loeliger is the only one who put in over 2,000 sessions. Loeliger played 104,092 hands in that time and won $650,965. In all of his perpetually swinging glory, Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom stumbles in a #5. Blom played in the five biggest pots of the year, losing four of them, but still managed to hang on to $645,327. 'Isildur1' played all the games with PLO, No Limit Hold’em, 2-7 Triple Draw, and 8-Game all on his resume for this year. Blom lapped the field in terms of hands played with 198,340 in 1,338 sessions. Jordi ‘prot0’ Urlings found himself up $624,265 with less than 50,000 hands players. Another Dutch member of online’s best started the year down almost $100,000 but crawled out of that hole by mid-February and never looked back from there. December’s #1 is ranked eighth here. ‘RaúlGonzalez’ wraps up a season that saw quite a few swings. By June, ‘RaúlGonzalez’ was an $800,000 loser and went on a crusade from that point forward of over $1 million to finish 2017 up $574,768. ‘Mongano’ played the fewest sessions and hands of the top-10. It took only 195 log-ins and 13,232 hands for ‘Mongano’ to reach $438,932. ‘Mongano’ put in most of their volume on the 8-Game and Triple Draw tables. Heads up specialist ‘donthnrmepls’ takes their place at #10. Similar to ‘Mongano,’ ‘donthnrmepls’ played a lower number of sessions to finish with 210 played. In total, ‘donthnrmepls’ has $389,426 to build on for 2018. HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for 2017 RANK PLAYER SESSIONS HANDS PROFIT 1 BERRI SWEET 869 55,120 $1,769,395 2 Trueteller 701 59,505 $1,454,838 3 Ravenswood13 715 57,502 $814,543 4 ActionFreak 1,255 75,218 $790,920 5 LLinusLLove 2,201 104,092 $650,962 6 Isildur1 1,338 198,340 $645,327 7 prot0 1,036 48,062 $624,265 8 RaúlGonzalez 572 96,439 $574,768 9 Mongano 195 13,232 $438,392 10 donthnrmepls 210 14,212 $389,426

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