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  1. [caption width="640"] Tom Hall played a key hand to win 888Live in London in October[/caption] While it is true that in tournament poker just about every hand counts, for those who make it deep - perhaps even to the end - often times there are one or two hands that can be looked back upon as being a crucial development to the story of the tournament. Those hands and decisions are even more magnified when playing in major events for heaps of money like the players were in the 888Live Events this year. With 888poker's circuit finished for the year, we decided to take a look at a few key hands from final tables that helped change the fortunes for the shot takers who found themselves in a position to go for the win. Niall Farrell Gets Popped Three-handed. After passing chips back and forth multiple times with Romania’s Catalin Pop during the final table of the 888Live event in Rozvadov in February, Scottish superstar Niall Farrell, found himself just moments away from having a choke on the tournament’s endgame. After the chip leader Pop raised from the small blind, Farrell, who was second in chips, looked down at [poker card="jc"][poker card="js"] and put in a healthy three bet. Pop, having Farrell covered, came over the top - moving all in. Farrell snapped Pop off and saw the good news as Pop tabled [poker card="5c"][poker card="5h"]. Unfortunately for the former EPT Main Event winner he only had a moment to enjoy his brief lead as the flop spread out [poker card="9d"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2d"]. The flopped set for Pop put Farrell way behind, with just under 8% chance to pull it out. The [poker card="qd"] on the turn increased Farrell’s outs to one for the win and an additional nine for the chop. But, as we like to see around here, pocket fives won out as the river offers no helps sending the top tier pro home in third for over €36,000 and propelling Catalin Pop to a commanding chip leadthat he would not relinquish - claiming the 888Live Rozvadov Main Event Title for a career high score of €80,000. Cate Hall Plays it Cooler. Outspoken poker personality Cate Hall stormed into the final table of the 888Live May Event in Barcelona second in chips. After some early action which saw Hall’s chip stack fluctuate quite a bit she found herself in an unavoidable head-on collision that nearly left her on life support. Under the gun, Hall picked up the [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"] and put in a raise for roughly 2x. Spain’s own Jaime Rueda Sampedro quickly moved all-in for a little less and when the action returned to her, Hall called. Sampedro had her crushed, holding [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"]. Sometimes though, you just have to play it cool. Hall did just that and her pocket queens got there in a hurry with a [poker card="qd"][poker card="td"][poker card="7h"] flop. The board ran out clean for Hall sending Sampedro to the rail in seventh and helping propel Hall further in the contest. She eventually would bow out in fourth for €35,000. Haroldo Shows Heart. Facing a 2.5:1 chip deficit during heads-up play at the 888Live Event in Sao Paulo, local player Haroldo Ferriera Da Silva had his back against the wall. Needing to make a move he made a tank-call while holding [poker card="4c"][poker card="4s"] vs his opponent, Guilherme Cazula’s suited [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Kh"] and the baby pair held, giving Silva some much-needed breathing room and ability to mix it up. Now holding the chip lead, Silva found himself facing a three-bet after his open raise. Looking down at [poker card="4h"][poker card="5h"] Silva made the call. The [poker card="ad"][poker card="8d"][poker card="6h"] gave him a gutter and backdoor possibilities, but he was also facing another healthy bet from Cazula. He called to see the [poker card="ah"] drop on the turn. The checked around action was just what Silva needed as the [poker card="2h"] completed the board. Cazula put the majority of his chips in the middle and Silva snapped holding the six-high flush. It was good. Casual was nearly felted allowing Silva to turn his overwhelming lead into easily the biggest cash of his career, good for $200,000 BRL ($63,862 USD). Tom's in it for the long Hall. UK poker pro Tom Hall was in the midst of a grueling battle. After reaching a heads-up deal with local UK player Ning Lu at the 888Live Event in London this October, one that guaranteed each at least £70,000, play had begun to drag. With £8,888 and the trophy left in the prizepool, the pair were reluctant to relinquish the notion of taking first place. After play crawled on, the pair agreed to shorten the levels to 30 minutes. Play continued. Hall requested to the levels shorten to 20 minutes, but Lu contested. Play continued. For over three hours the pair grinded their stacks until finally, mercifully at nearly 3:30 in the morning Lu and Hall got it all in. Lu held [poker card="qc"][poker card="td"] but was slightly behind Hall’s [poker card="ac"][poker card="5h"]. The board of [poker card="ad"][poker card="qd"][poker card="3h"][poker card="3c"][poker card="4s"] gave them both a pair but it was Hall that ended up smiling in the winner’s photo. Which crucial hands will change the fortunes of players in 2018? 888Live Events are set to return in the New Year with plenty more pivotal plays to pour over.
  2. [caption width="640"] Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman sees a lot of skill in 888poker's Flopomania game (WPT photo)[/caption] It seems like the game of poker is always changing or evolving. Normally, that change is centered around the strategy of the game, but 888poker has taken the game down a bit of a different path with their latest innovation: Flopomania. The game is a variation on Texas Hold’em that eliminates all of the pre-flop action. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right. In Flopomania, there is no pre-flop betting and there are no blinds - every player antes before being dealt hole cards. Then the flop is dealt and from that point on, the game mirrors Hold’em. Eliminating all of the pre-flop action and allowing players to see five cards before risking anything changes the strategy of the game a great deal, so we reached out to PocketFives legend and 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman for his take on the best way to think about Flopomania from a strategic standpoint. “You have to realize big hands are not nearly as strong as in regular Hold'em. When you are playing six or seven-way to a flop, an overpair is nowhere near as likely to be the best hand,” said Moorman. “This is particularly true by the river, as they generally only have two outs on later streets to improve, whereas draws and paired cards can improve much more easily.” While the game itself has some obvious fundamental differences from Hold’em, it also shares a lot of similar traits - one of which is something that has been drilled into every player’s understanding of poker from the moment they first learned how to play. “Position is still incredibly important in Flopomania, and from my brief experience of the game I might even go as far as saying it could be more important as you have the potential to 'represent' any two cards in this game,” said Moorman. While a Hold’em player should always be considering how many players are still in the hand after each street, in Flopomania the number of players at the beginning of a hand is paramount. Moorman believes that a short-handed table opens up a myriad of bluffing opportunities, but a full table means that there’s always a good chance somebody connected with the flop. “If your opponents are aware of this, you can potentially try ambitious bluffs though to get them to fold big hands as in this game it's much more likely someone is holding the nuts than in regular Hold'em,” said Moorman. “In a full ring game top pair will rarely win at showdown whereas in a shorthanded game that would often be the nuts. Each hand is different in Flopomania which I think helps to keep the game feel new and fresh.” Even though the game might feel like it has more gamble to it than traditional Hold’em, Moorman has played it enough to recognize there is still a good amount of skill involved in it - even if it did cause him to invoke a favorite country music song about poker. “Before I played it, I was actually a bit skeptical about there being too much edge available, but in fact I think there is even more skill to Flopomania than regular Hold'em because, although it sounds very cliche, you really do have to know when to hold'em and when to fold’em in this game,” said Moorman. “It is much easier for an experienced post-flop player. I could see inexperienced players stacking off way too light in multiway pots in Flopomania games.” Flopomania is currently available in the 888poker lobby in all Rest of World markets.
  3. [caption id="attachment_617038" align="alignnone" width="640"] Satellites for 888poker's XL Blizzard are running now.[/caption] 888poker’s latest championship series, XL Blizzard, is set to begin on January 18. While the $80,000 Gtd Opening Event is still days away, satellites to help players qualify for the upcoming events are well underway. With $2.9 million in guaranteed prize pools over 34 different events, the online series is sure to create enormous paydays for players. The buy-ins for the series range from as little as the $5 for the Mini Rebuy & Add-On to the massive $2,100 $250,000 Guaranteed High Roller. But for players who would like to find their way into XL Blizzard events, 888poker has plenty of Step Satellites, as well as specific qualifiers, for players to enter to attempt to maximize their budgets. Step Into The Spotlight Step Satellites start for as little as a single penny. That’s right $.01. Every time you win a Step you get a ticket for the next Step. With 6 Steps in total, should you climb the complete ladder you could conceivably win your way into the XL Blizzard Main Event for one cent. Players can start on the Step of their choice. Players can win your way into any of the Steps by playing the one before it. Also, those with the means can simply buy directly into to a Step for their shot to win their way into their favorite XL Blizzard tournament. Here’s a list of your Step Options: Step 1 - $0.01buy-in to win a Step 2 entry or tournament ticket Step 2 - $0.10 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 3 entry or tournament ticket Step 3 - $1 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 4 entry or tournament ticket Step 4 - $5 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 5 entry or tournament ticket Step 5 - $30 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 6 entry or tournament ticket Step 6 - $160 buy-in to win (or ticket) to win a $1,050 tournament ticket Main Event Mania The XL Blizzard $1,050 $1,000,000 Gtd Main Event is almost certain to pay out over six-figures for first. In addition to winning a Step 6 tournament, there are a number of other ways for players to qualify for what is likely to be the largest event of the series. 888poker is holding two Mega Satellites during the series that, combined, promise to give away at least 65 seats to the Main Event. The first is held on Sunday, January 21 and the $160 buy-in holds a guarantee of 15 seats. The second is the massive 50 Seat Main Event Mega Satellite on Sunday, January 28 for a $215 buy-in. Additionally, 888poker is holding standard satellites on a regular basis with a $109 buy-in, which itself can be satellites into. Make It A Freeroll With First Deposit New to 888poker? The site is giving away free tickets to first-time depositors into their XL Blizzard Main Event Qualifier. The qualifier runs every day and gives away two seats to the $1,050 Main Event. First-time depositors get three free tickets. That's three shots at a $1,000,000 prize pool. Just make sure you use the promo code: BLIZZARD10. Tickets can also be used on the XL Blizzard Mini Tune-Up Qualifier where the top 20 finishers earn a $12 seat to XL Blizzard Event #11, the $40,000 Mini Tune-Up Event. The XL Blizzard action heats up starting January 18 with satellites for major events happening daily at 888poker.
  4. It’s a New Year and with it comes a new season for the popular 888poker LIVE series. The online site has announced all the locations (and most of the dates) that it will be bringing its very own live tournament experience in 2018. All of the action begins on February 8 when 888poker Live returns to London’s Aspers Casino. The Kick-off Event features a €440 buy-in Main Event with four starting flights and heaps of satellites to help you get into the tournament for less. The London events are some of the most popular on the schedule with many of the 888poker Ambassadors attending. "I look forward to going back to London. I definitely look forward to playing in some of the juicy live cash games there," said 888poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche. The line-up of Team 888, including the newly signed former World Champ Martin Jacobson, will likely be in attendance to many of the scheduled events not only to provide a warm welcome for players but to put would-be champions to the test. You don’t have to wait long after London before jumping right back in as you can follow the 888poker team to the Marriot Hotel in Bucharest, Romania on February 28. They are offering up a two-day €220 tournament that features a €50,000 guaranteed prize pool as well as a package to the future 888poker LIVE Local London event for the eventual winner. Then, just before the start of summer, 888poker LIVE visits the beautiful Barcelona for a festival at Casino Barcelona from May 23 through June 4. Last year, the tournament drew 609 runners and generated a prize pool of over €584,000. In September the crew makes its way once again to South America for 888poker LIVE in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The location and date have yet to be announced but you can be certain that poker fans in Brazil will be eagerly anticipating the stop with Haroldo Ferriera de Silva, the 2017 888poker LIVE Sao Paulo champion, looking to defend his title. As the year begins to wind down the tour hits their home base of the Aspers Casino for the final time on November 23 through December 2. Last year, this was the event that was the debut of the tour’s use of a shot clock. The integration was so well received, it will now be used in all of the tour’s Main Events as well as the High Rollers. Finally, players get to open a holiday gift early by booking their trip to Lisbon, Portugal for the final event of the calendar year on December 11-16 with the locations yet to be announced. In addition to the six 888poker LIVE events, the online site is a sponsor of both the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. The brand will have a presence at the WPT500 event taking place at London’s Aspers Casino on April 1 as well as their own signature event during World Series of Poker, Event #62: $888 Crazy Eights - the four-flight, unlimited re-entry, 8-max tournament that guarantees a first place prize of $888,888. Additionally, 888poker is a main sponsor of the WSOP Main Event once again. The fun begins in London on February 8, but players can qualify for both the London and the Bucharest Main Events right now, online in the Live Events tab on the 888poker client.
  5. Day 3 of 888poker’s XL Blizzard online series brought with it some crazy good action. That's right, it was time for the signature Crazy 8 tournaments to take place and all three of the day's scheduled tournaments carried with it the now well-known theme. A carry-over from the World Series of Poker, the Crazy 8 tournaments are not only a way for the online poker site to incorporate their brand, but it’s used as a signature of a good value tournament. The trio of contests today offered just that, as all three beat their guarantees giving players opportunities for four and five-figure scores as well as XL Blizzard leaderboard points for those looking to head to the 2018 World Series of Poker on 888poker’s dime. Event #6 - $50,000 Crazy 8 The headline tournament of the day was the $88 buy-in $50,000 Crazy 8. Players flocked to register the tournament as 465 runners (and their 203 rebuys) pushed the prize pool to $53,440 - offering up a five-figure payday for the eventual winner. The only member of the final table not to earn a minimum of four-figures was ninth place finisher, PocketFiver ‘Ao1ing’. You may recognize this name by now as the Russian has been grinding out all of the XL Blizzard tournaments, making a final table in each of the first three days. This cash, along with a smaller cash in Event #8, ‘Ao1ing’ extends his lead on the XL Blizzard leaderboard, the top 50 of which gain entry into the Champion of Champions tournament. In addition to ‘Ao1ing’, a pair of PocketFivers found their way to the final table. Hitting the rail right after ‘Ao1ing’ was Peru’s Christian ‘recochi’ Altmann. The #3-ranked player in Peru received $1,068 for his eighth-place finish and the PLB points will help him inch closer to a career-high worldwide ranking for him. The UK’s Ben ‘DoobieFish’ Kett nearly made it to the end but bowed out in third place for $5,482. ‘Rekrutt1’ took home the XL title in this event, defeating Russia’s ‘Ksuna’ heads-up for $10,153 - the largest single prize of the day. For his second-place finish, ‘Ksuna’ will enjoy $7,481. Also, with 888poker is awarding each tournament’s bubble boy with a second chance tournament of their own, it should be noted that Canada’s ‘tcavallin’ made no money while finishing in 65th place, but still has a shot at a trip to the WSOP. Event #7 - $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 Smaller buy-in means more runners. The $8.80 $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 drew 1,665 runners (and a very apropos 880 rebuys) to help exceed the tournament guarantee by $5,360. ‘dankreas’ fell in 201st place, for the gut-wrenching title of bubble boy while Finland’s ‘NeveGiveUp’ stood by his (almost) namesake and closed out the tournament for $3,563. The PocketFiver added to his over $340,000 in lifetime earnings and he currently is sitting at a career-high in the Worldwide Rankings. Germany’s ‘bunder17’ finished in second for $2,545. Event #8 - $15,000 Late Crazy 8 Pocketfiver ‘msksevart’ and ‘Javierv10’ found their way to a head-up chop in the $44 buy-in $15,000 Late Crazy 8. ‘msksevart’ has made a habit of crushing 888poker events, coming in third overall on the 888poker 2017 leaderboard and claiming at least on XL Eclipse championship in September 2017. The pair outlasted the 313 registered players (and their 132 rebuys) to get to heads-up and both took home just over $3,000 for their deep run with 'msksevart' officially getting the win despite taking home $3 less at $3,024. PockerFiver ‘Am44nda’ joined ‘msksecart’ on the final table finishing in fifth for $979. ‘icf034’ will be given access to the ‘Bubble of Bubbles’ tournament, finishing first of all those who did not cash. XL Blizzard Day 3 Winners # Event Winner Payout 6 $50,000 Crazy 8 Rekrutt1 $10,153.60 7 $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 NeveGiveUp $3,563.00 8 $20,000 Late Crazy 8 msksevart $3,024.74* * denotes Final Table deal
  6. The third in 888poker’s trilogy of XL Championships got underway on Thursday as the opening slate of tournaments on the XL Blizzard schedule took place. XL Blizzard promises 11 days of non-stop action and over $2.9 million in guarantees over the course of 34 events. In addition, 888poker is offering the opportunity for extra bonuses to players who rack up victories and in-the-money finishes. The top 50 of the XL Blizzard Leaderboard will gain entry into the Champion of Champions freeroll where, among other gifts, the top prize is a $12,000 package to the World Series of Poker. With so much ready to be won, the three events that took place on Day 1 drew large fields and each surpassed their guarantees. Event #1 - $80,000 Opening Event The excitement of the XL Blizzard series drew 667 entries to the $80,000 Opening Event, all hoping to be the first to punch their ticket to the XL Blizzard Champion of Champions event. The players pushed the prize pool to $94,600 which promised at least two players five-figure paydays in the process. PocketFives.com Triple Crown winner ‘Graftekkel’ turned himself into the first big winner of the series after ending up on top of a three-way battle that lasted late into the night. The grinder from the Netherlands adds $17,737.50 to his bankroll and the title of XL Blizzard Champion to his accolades. Finishing in second place was Ireland’s ‘123magmag123’ who took home $12,771 - good for the second highest XL Blizzard cash of the day. Event #2 - $15,000 Mini Opening Event The Mini Opening Event offered up the most affordable buy-in of the day at only $12, but the large field of 1508 entries turned it a large value tournament, promising the winner a high multiplier on their investment. In the end, ‘bygavuga’, ‘VyachesLove’ and ‘APCEBAT’, all who Russia their home, made a three-way deal. For the record, ‘bygavuga’ took home the win and $3,393.54 while runner-up ‘VyachesLove’ bagged $2,963.48. However, the third wheel in the deal, ‘APCEBAT’ ended up taking home only roughly $30 less than first-place money for his third-place finish. The fourth Russian at the final table was PocketFiver ‘Ao1ing’, currently the #25-ranked Russian player in the world. ‘Ao1ing’ finished his run in sixth place, and although he missed out on the all Russian chop, he did turn his $12 into a very respectable $969.22. Event #3 - $20,000 Late Opening Event The third event of the day, the $55 buy-in $20,000 Late Opening Event, drew 441 entries and pushed the prize pool to $30,800. In the end Malta’s ‘scellone94’ claimed the XL Championship when he defeated Germany’s ‘Charlymogo’ for the win and the top prize of $5,852. A pair of PocketFivers found their way to the final table as well. Anton ‘toshapiter’ Vinokurov finished up in eighth place for $693 and Brazil’s Muller ‘Matuks’ Mathias was the first to bust the final table, hitting the rail in ninth for $511.28. Bubble Of Bubbles Certainly ‘BtM4Ever’, ‘_FALCON_’ and ‘R.nahtanoJ’ were all disappointed today, as the three were the last players to finish without making the money in their respective tournaments. But all three "bubble boys" will all get a free entry into the “Bubble of Bubbles” tournament. The tournament offered as redemption for those who get oh-so-close to the cash only to fall short offers prizes such as free tournament tickets and even a $3,000 Crazy 8 World Series of Poker package. XL Blizzard Day 1 Winners # Event Winner Payout 1 $80,000 Opening Event Graftekkel $17,737.50 2 $15,000 Mini Opening Event bygavuga $3,393.54* 3 $20,000 Late Opening Event scellone94 $5852.00 * denotes Final Table deal
  7. 888poker LIVE is back to start their 2018 schedule with a special 'Kick Off' event in London come February. Starting Thursday, February 8, the £440 Main Event is expected to have a large field. Before buying in directly onsite at Aspers Casino, players can qualify online through 888poker’s patented satellite system. Marti Roca de Torres made his way from the satellite streets of 888poker to the WSOP Europe Main Event title in November. The next player to follow in his footsteps could be you. Satellites are currently running on 888poker and offer a $1,200 package for any player who can win their way into the event. Climb the Satellite Ladder All 888poker satellites start at only one cent and players start climbing the ladder from there toward earning a Main Event seat. Approximately one out of every 10 players from the penny qualifiers will advance to the 10¢ satellites. This is step two out of five and the stakes gradually start to get more intense. 10 percent of entrants go from this satellite into the $1 qualifier. For players starting at Step 3, this is the best chance for them to make it into Step 4. The next step is a $5 qualifier. One out of every six entrants wins a seat in the following round. After the $5 Step 4, comes the $30 final stage. This is where dreams officially come true with this satellite propelling players in the 888poker LIVE Kick Off Main Event in London. Win the $1,200 package The $1,200 package includes an 888poker LIVE Kick Off Main Event buy-in, $300 for accommodations, and $300 for expenses. $12 satellites are also available and guarantee at least one seat per tournament. Players who are looking to win the $1,200 package have to qualify via the $30 satellite. Live satellites are available on site at Aspers Casino starting on Monday, February 5. The £120,000 guaranteed Main Event is going to be attended by 888poker ambassadors from around the world including Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche, and Vivian Saliba. https://twitter.com/Moorman1/status/948596945731256320 Don't miss your chance to play in this fun and star-studded event. Start the satellite journey today on 888poker.com.
  8. Another great series heads to Barcelona with 888poker LIVE in the cockpit. The two week 888poker LIVE Barcelona opens on Thursday, May 24 and runs to Monday, June 4 at Casino Barcelona. All of the familiar elements of an 888poker LIVE festival are on the schedule with the usual tournament names and huge guarantees. In total, there are 14 events listed. Buy-ins range from €50 all the way up to €2,200. A grand total of €1 million in guarantees are up for grabs over the course of the festival. Among the name-brand events on the 888poker LIVE Barcelona schedule include the €20,000 guaranteed Breeze, €10,000 guaranteed Swordfish, and €15,000 guaranteed Thunder. The Main Event is a €1,100 buy-in with a sizable €500,000 guarantee. Day 1A is on May 31 with a flight on June 1 and June 2 follow. All levels are 45-minutes each and players start with a start bank of 30,000. The event allows for unlimited re-entry. The largest buy-in on the schedule belongs to the €2,200 High Roller. The two-day event carries a guarantee of €100,000. Expect to see 888poker pros in the field including Spain's Marti Roca de Torres, the winner of the 2017 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. Online qualifiers are running now on 888poker.com with seats awarded every day for the 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event. COMPLETE 888LIVE BARCELONA SCHEDULE Date Time Event Buy-in Guarantee May 24 18:00 Opening Event Day1A €220 €100,000 May 25 18:00 Opening Event Day1B €220 €100,000 May 25 20:00 The Thunder €88 €15,000 May 26 14:00 Opening Event Day1C €220 €100,000 May 26 18:00 Opening Event Day1D €220 €100,000 May 26 20:00 The Breeze €110 €20,000 May 27 14:00 High Noon Turbo €50 €5,000 May 27 18:00 The Hurricane €110 €10,000 May 28 20:00 The Swordfish €55 €10,000 May 29 20:00 The Turbo Deepstack €77 €10,000 May 30 18:00 The Lightning 8-max €66 €8,800 May 30 20:00 High Roller Day 1 €2,200 €100,000 May 31 18:00 Main Event Day 1A €1,100 €500,000 June 1 18:00 Main Event Day 1B €1,100 €500,000 June 1 21:00 The Mega Knockout €165 €20,000 June 2 12:00 Main Event Day 1C €1,100 €500,000 June 3 15:00 The Whale €333 €40,000 June 3 19:00 Ladies Event €220 €2,000

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