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  1. With the 2021 GGPoker Super MILLION$ Week coming to a close, the online operator rolled out a special Main Event edition of its weekly $10,000 buy-in Super MILLION$ tournament by giving it a massive $10 million guarantee. It turned out that it was also a special week for the UK’s Ben Ward who battled through the field of 976 entries, went into the final table as the chip leader, and took down the tournament and its $1,242,332 first-place prize. It’s not just a career-high score for Ward, who had no previous results in the Super MILLION$, but likely a life-changing one. According to GGPoker, Ward had a total of just over $23,000 in total earnings on the site and his recorded live results total just $101. As a cash game player, Ward faced down some serious competition at what was one of GGPoker's biggest tournaments of 2021. Joining Ward at the final table was the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event champion (and previous GGPoker Super MILLION$ winner) Alexandros Kolonias, WSOP bracelet winner Shankar Pillai, and high-roller tournament specialist Thomas Muehloecker. With just eight players remaining and so much money up top, it was slow going for the first hour or so. Eventually, the first player fell when after Kolonias opened in late position, France's Benjamin Chalot three-bet behind him holding [poker card="as"][poker card="td"]. Muehloecker then put in a four-bet holding [poker card="th"][poker card="tc"]. When it folded back to Chalot, he made the call with his tournament on the line. The board ran out [poker card="9s"][poker card="6h"][poker card="6c"][poker card="qd"][poker card="jd"], keeping Muehloecker’s pocket tens out front and sending Chalot to the rail in eighth place for $299,366. Twenty minutes later Muehloecker was involved yet again. He raised the button with the [poker card="ac"][poker card="ks"] and then Ward three-bet from the small blind holding [poker card="qs"][poker card="qh"]. Muehloecker four-bet shoved his stack and Ward, having him covered, made the call. The flop came [poker card="ts"][poker card="9s"][poker card="5c"], keeping the pocket queens ahead. The [poker card="jc"] hit the turn, swapping some outs for Muehloecker. The river was the [poker card="js"], ending Muehloecker’s run in seventh place for $366,078 and giving Ward a massive chip lead headed into six-handed play. Another forty minutes passed when a short-stacked Krasimir Yankov from Bulgaria put in a raise in late position with the [poker card="ks"][poker card="jd"]. Kolonias, who was second in chips, moved all-in holding the [poker card="7h"][poker card="7d"] and when the action returned to Yankov, he put in the rest of his chips. The [poker card="ah"][poker card="9s"][poker card="3s"][poker card="2h"][poker card="6s"] run out was of no help for Yankov who was eliminated in sixth place and took home $446,657. Kononias continued to accumulate even more chips. When Pillai shipped his under ten big blind stack with [poker card="2s"][poker card="2h"], Kolonias made the quick call with his [poker card="9s"][poker card="9d"]. The flop came [poker card="qh"][poker card="jd"][poker card="8h"] and when the [poker card="td"] hit the turn, Kolonias made a straight leaving Pillai drawing dead to the [poker card="3h"] river. Two-time WSOP bracelet winner Pillai picked up $547,414 for fifth place. Minutes later, Kolonias was at it again. In a battle of the blinds, Kolonias open-shipped his stack holding [poker card="qd"][poker card="ts"] and Germany's 'Weizen’ made the call in the big blind with his [poker card="jd"][poker card="jc"]. The flop came [poker card="6h"][poker card="5h"][poker card="4d"], keeping ‘Weizen’ in the lead. But when the [poker card="qc"] hit the turn, the German was looking for one of two outs to save his tournament. However, the river was the [poker card="tc"], giving Kolonias two pair and sending ‘Weizen’ out in fourth place for $669,403. For a brief moment, Kolonias held the chip lead. But shortly into three-handed play, Ward took it back and then added on. Ward shoved his chip leading stack all-in from the small blind with [poker card="qc"][poker card="jh"] and was called by Javier Gomez holding a dominating [poker card="as"][poker card="qh"]. The [poker card="jc"][poker card="4d"][poker card="2c"] flop put Ward in the lead, which he held through the [poker card="4h"] turn and [poker card="8h"] river. Just like that Gomez was out in third place, earning $818,576 in just his second Super MILLION$ event. Entering heads-up play, Ward held nearly a two-to-one chip lead over Kolonias, and through applying pressure he kept that lead the rest of the way. The final hand was fairly standard as Kolonias raised with [poker card="9h"][poker card="9s"] and Ward three-bet holding the [poker card="ad"][poker card="kd"]. Kolonias then moved in with his pocket nines and Ward made the call. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="8d"][poker card="2s"] flop paired Ward’s ace and nothing else changed through the [poker card="7h"] turn and the [poker card="7s"] river. Kolonias, finished the day as the runner-up but still took home a seven-figure score of $1,000,991. In just his first Super MILLION$ appearance, Ben Ward walked away with the title and the $1,242,332 first-place prize. $10M GTD Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (3/9) 1. Ben Ward - $1,242,332 2. Alex Kolonias - $1,000,991 3. Javier Gomez - $818,576 4. ‘Weizen’ - $669,403 5. Shankar Pillai - $547,414 6. Krasimir Yankov - $447,657 7. Thomas Muehlocker - $366,078 8. Benjamin Chalot - $399,366
  2. After 23 prior attempts, high-stakes cash game pro Alexandros Kolonias finally broke through this week and made the final table of the weekly $10,300 buy-in GGPoker Super MILLION$. A hard-fought battle through a swingy and tough final table helped Kolonias erase all his prior Super MILLION$ frustrations by taking down the tournament and walking away with the $438,733 first-place prize. Although Kolonias entered the final table as the chip leader, his path to victory was anything but straight forward. Week-in and week-out, the Super MILLION$ final table features some of online poker’s strongest players and this week was no different. Samuel ‘€urop€an’ Vousden, Kevin Rabichow, and Michael Addamo all had a seat, and Kolonias’ aggressive style had him losing and re-taking the chip lead multiple times before all was said and done. Vousden who started the day as one of the three shortest stacks, and early in the final table found himself with under five big blinds and in need to double-up. From under the gun, Rabichow put in a raise with [poker card="ad"][poker card="th"] only to be three-bet by Gleb Tremzin in the big blind with [poker card="5s"][poker card="5h"]. Vousden then called off all-in holding [poker card="ks"][poker card="qd"]. After Rabichow folded, the pair watched as the board ran out [poker card="8c"][poker card="3c"][poker card="6h"][poker card="4d"][poker card="td"], shipping the pot to Tremzin’s pocket fives. Vousden’s day ended in ninth place for $54,842. Chips flew for well over an hour before the next elimination. Now with fewer than four big blinds himself, Tremzin opened with [poker card="8s"][poker card="8d"], leaving himself less than a small blind behind. In the small blind, ‘Pluto The Doggo’ called with [poker card="ac"][poker card="2s"] and ‘imjuniar’ came along holding [poker card="jd"][poker card="7c"] in the big blind. The flop came [poker card="kh"][poker card="7h"][poker card="7d"] and ‘Pluto The Doggo’ and ‘imjuniar’ checked it to Tremzin who put in the rest of his stack which was roughly 1/30th of the pot. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ made the call and, having flopped trips, ‘imjuniar’ called as well. The turn was the [poker card="5c"] and when checked to, ‘imjuniar’ put in a small bet which got him heads up against Tremzin. The river was the [poker card="5d"] sending Tremzin out in eighth place for $71,121. The very next hand, Carlos Villamarin raised in early position with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qh"]. It folded to ‘Pluto The Doggo’ on the button who shipped his final 16 big blinds holding [poker card="ad"][poker card="2d"]. It folded back to Villamarin who quickly called. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ flopped a gutshot straight draw to go with his overcard on the [poker card="5c"][poker card="7h"][poker card="4c"] flop but the [poker card="td"] turn and [poker card="9d"] river was of no help and ‘Pluto The Doggo’ hit the rail in seventh place for $92,323. After an early position raise from Addamo with [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] the action folded to ‘imjuniar’ in the big blind holding [poker card="9d"][poker card="9h"] with fewer than 10 big blinds. ‘imjuniar’ shipped his stack, Addamo snap-called, and the pair watched as the board ran out [poker card="kh"][poker card="6d"][poker card="5c"][poker card="qh"][poker card="8d"]. Addamo took down the pot with his pair of kings and ‘imjuniar’ laddered to sixth place which was good for $119,610. With five left, Rabichow put in a nearly 10 big blind big raise under the gun with [poker card="ac"][poker card="jd"], leaving himself with roughly five bigs behind. EPT Barcelona High Roller champion Juan Pardo Dominguez made the call on the button with [poker card="8c"][poker card="8s"], also leaving himself just a few big blinds behind. The action went check-check on the [poker card="ah"][poker card="3h"][poker card="kc"] flop. The turn was the [poker card="2c"] and Rabichow moved all-in with top pair. Dominguez took some time but eventually made the call with his dominated pocket eights. Down to two outs, Dominguez saw his tournament end in fifth place when the [poker card="7d"] fell on the river. Pardo collected $155,116 for the deep run. Addamo started the day as the short stack, but through a series of hands was able to rise up the leaderboard throughout the day. With four players left, it looked like he found another spot to put himself in position to make another run at a Super MILLION$ title. Folded to Kolonias in the small blind, the chip leader open-shoved with [poker card="ad"][poker card="6h"]. It was a quick call by Addamo in the big blind who had Kolonias dominated with his [poker card="ah"][poker card="tc"]. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="7d"][poker card="4c"] flop kept Addamo in the lead, but everything changed when the [poker card="6c"] hit the turn. Addamo’s day concluded when the [poker card="7h"] came on the river. While Addamo didn’t win another Super MILLION$ this week, his $201,160 fourth-place prize put him back top the Super MILLION$ Top Earners list. For a decent stretch of the tournament, Rabichow had been in the lower half of the chip counts. But with three left, the chip stacks evened out and he found himself back in the thick of it. After Kolonias put in a raise on the button, Rabichow defended his [poker card="5h"][poker card="4h"] in the big blind. The flop came [poker card="6h"][poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"] giving Rabichow a flush draw. Unfortunately for him, Kolonias was sitting on [poker card="kd"][poker card="kc"] for flopped quads. Rabichow checked and Kolonias min-bet the quads. Rabichow check-raised and Kolonias just called. The turn was the [poker card="7s"] adding a worthless open-ended straight draw to go with Rabichow's perceived flush outs. Rabichow checked, Kolonias put in a bet and Rabichow thought about it and decided to shove all-in. Kolonias made the quick call with Rabichow drawing dead. Rabichow earned $260,872 for third place plus a little needle on the way out as the meaningless [poker card="ah"] hit the river. Heads-up play between Kolonias and Villamarin had the pair passing the chip lead back and forth. When the final hand of the tournament was dealt the pair had virtually even chip stacks with Kolonias holding just a slim advantage. Villamarin called on the button with [poker card="jc"][poker card="td"] and Kolonias put in a raise from the big blind with [poker card="jh"][poker card="js"]. Villamarin made the call and the flop came [poker card="ts"][poker card="5h"][poker card="3s"]. Kolonias bet out and, with no time bank left, Villamarin moved all-in with top pair. Kolonias called with the overpair which held through the [poker card="kh"] turn and [poker card="ac"] river. Villamarin collected $338,310 as the runner-up and in his 24th appearance in the GGPoker Super MILLION$, Kolonias took home the title and $438,733 for first. Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (1/12) 1. Alexandros Kolonias - $438,733 2. Carlos Villamarin - $338,310 3. Kevin Rabichow - $260,872 4. Michael Addamo - $201,160 5. Juan Pardo Dominguez - $155,116 6. ‘imjuniar’ - $119,610 7. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ - $92,232 8. Gleb Tremzin - $71,121 9. Samuel Vousden - $54,842
  3. [caption width="640"] Alex Papazian won the EPT Grand Final €25K High Roller for €1.1 million. (photo: Danny Maxwell)[/caption] Just when you think it's over, it's probably not. Despite double up after double up, dramatic river after dramatic river, Alexandru Papazian won the EPT Grand Final €25K High Roller for €1.1 million. It was the third cash in Monaco for the Romanian, who defeated Alexandros Kolonias heads-up. It was the biggest live cash ever by a Romanian player. Two days ago, the High Roller started with a massive field of 231 entries. The buy-in was €25,750 and a single entry was allowed. When Friday's finale rolled around, there were a dozen players remaining. Imad Derwiche was the first casualty of the official eight-handed final table. He jammed over the top of a raise of 100,000 by Anthony Zinno for 325,000 with [poker card="js"][poker card="jh"] and Zinno insta-called with [poker card="as"][poker card="qs"]. The flop of [poker card="td"][poker card="9s"][poker card="5s"] brought a little something for everyone – Zinno with the nut flush draw and Derwiche with an overpair. The turn was a red four, while the [poker card="ac"] on the river gave Zinno the win and ended Derwiche's High Roller run in eighth place for €147,710. Max Silver was the next to go. Silver was crippled in a coin flip with tens against Eddy Maksoud's [poker card="ac"][poker card="ks"], which bled his stack to just two-and-a-half big blinds. Then, it was all over, as Silver got it in with [poker card="qd"][poker card="jd"]. It was a curious hand, as Silver raised to 100,000 before the flop. Zvi Stern, who was on the button, tanked for three minutes before having the clock called on him. He finally folded. Papazian put Silver all-in from the big blind. Silver was in good shape against Papazian's [poker card="6s"][poker card="4d"] and hit a jack on the flop, which also hit Papazian's four. Papazian made two pair on the river when a six hit to deliver a bad beat to Silver, who was eliminated in seventh place for €202,050. Zinno, Derwiche's executioner, was eliminated in sixth. After losing a hand with A-10 against A-J about a half-hour earlier, he got it in with [poker card="qd"][poker card="jh"] after open-shoving for his last 340,000 before the flop. Kolonias had him dominated with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"] and the flop came [poker card="ad"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6c"]. Zinno asked for a ten on fourth street and it appeared, but no king came on the river for a straight. The last surviving player from North America, Zinno, who was in the nine-seat throughout the final table, hit the rail €276,750 richer for his wear. Eddy Maksoud was bounced in fifth place after running A-2 into A-10. Maksoud and Papazian got it in on a board of [poker card="ad"][poker card="kd"][poker card="7c"][poker card="td"]. No one held a diamond and the river was a blank, sending Maksoud out in fifth. In a hand that ended with the Israeli casually getting up, shaking hands, and walking out a back door that leads to a patio overlooking the Mediterranean, Zvi Stern open-shoved for 930,000 and Papazian re-popped to a little over two million. Everyone else folded and Stern showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="7c"], while Papazian tabled ladies. Neither player improved and Stern cashed out for €460,700 in fourth place. Rafael Da Silva Moraes was the next to go. The Brazilian raised to 200,000 pre-flop and Papazian flat called. The flop was [poker card="qd"][poker card="3d"][poker card="7h"] and Papazian check-raised all-in for 1.3 million. Moraes called for his tournament life and flipped up [poker card="qc"][poker card="8c"] for top pair, while Papazian had him out-kicked with [poker card="qs"][poker card="jd"]. The board filled out [poker card="6s"][poker card="2h"] and that was all she wrote for Moraes, who earned €568,200. Moraes, who plays as 'GM_VALTER' online, and Papazian, who plays as 'tilt21sted', both finished top four in a TCOOP $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Turbo High Roller Event in January. Moraes took fourth for $117,000, while Papazian finished second for $209,000. Papazian also has a second place finish in the Sunday Million under his belt, while Moraes won the Sunday 500 three weeks ago. Papazian was up almost 9:1 in chips when heads-up play began, but Kolonias, who plays as 'mexican222' online, doubled twice in succession and then the two decided to take an hour-long dinner break that ended around 9:30pm. They also agreed to shorten the levels to 40 minutes and then 30 minutes in an effort not to repeat the fate of the Single-Day Super High Roller, which ended up lasting two days. From there, the heads-up battle was back and forth until Papazian doubled with [poker card="ad"][poker card="6c"] against [poker card="ks"][poker card="qd"]. Papazian spiked an ace on the flop and Kolonias was drawing dead by the river. That hand left Kolonias with less than five big blinds. Shortly thereafter, Papazian shoved from the button with [poker card="as"][poker card="4h"] and Kolonias committed his chips with pocket nines. What looked like a sure-fire double up was anything but, as the board ran out [poker card="3s"][poker card="4d"][poker card="2c"][poker card="jc"][poker card="ad"], giving Papazian the win on the river in dramatic fashion. The final table results: Alexandru Papazian - €1,197,000 Alexandros Kolonias - €805,900 Rafael Da Silva Moraes - €568,200 Zvi Stern - €460,700 Eddy Maksoud - €364,500 Anthony Zinno - €276,750 Max Silver - €202,050 Imad Derwiche - €147,710
  4. Greece is well-known for being a poker-loving nation but, like many other countries out there, they have not always had the easiest of paths to logging on and grinding. From an outright ban in 2002 to the reinstatement of online poker in 2011 to the attempt at shutting down larger poker sites a couple years later, the players in Greece have had to be resourceful and find a variety of ways to get in the game. Despite the ups and downs of online poker regulation in Greece's history, the players have persisted and today there’s a talented core of players from Greece who are looking to make a different kind of online poker history: climbing into the ranks of the best in the world. The current #1-ranked player in Greece is Apostolis ‘apostolis20’ Bechrakis. A longtime grinder, Bechrakis is under $20,000 away from earning a badge of earning $5 million in lifetime scores. It’s likely you’ll see his name in the Milestones column soon as that’s a cash amount a player of his talent could hit at any time. In fact, he did just that on January 23 when he was victorious in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $19,769. Currently ranked #75 in the world, Bechrakis wields over 5000 PLB points, nearly 1000 more than his closest countryman in the national rankings. Second in the Grecian rankings is ‘sinkedshrimp’. He racked up valuable PLB points at the end of 2017 after taking down the PokerStars Bounty Builder on November 30 for over $9,000 and, only a week later, made a deep run in the massive partypoker MILLIONS $5 Million Gtd tournament for $18,486. Alexandros ‘mexican222’ Kolonias is an absolute crusher and has been on an absolute tear as of late. The #3-ranked online player in Greece is currently #2 on the country’s All-Time Money list. Kolonias is a regular participant in the biggest buy-in tournaments the online poker world has to offer having cashed five times in the recent PokerStars High Rollers Series for a total of over $166,000. Then, one month later, he outdid himself and finished as the runner-up in a PokerStars $2,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament for over $266,000. Kolonias has accumulated over $2.3 million in lifetime earnings in his career online and an additional $2.1 million in live results. Checking in at the #4 spot is Damianos ‘damourinio’ Aslanidis. Currently the #302-ranked player in the world, Aslanidis just recently eclipsed $3.5 million in lifetime earnings after earning a victory in the 888poker Mini Mega Deep for $5,400. Theodoros ‘teo96’ Aidonopoulos is right on the heels of Aslanidis. Ranked #5 in Greece, and #312 in the world, he is also grinding toward a major milestone of $3 million in lifetime earnings. Helping him in that pursuit was back-to-back four-figure cashes in early January for over $4,600. ‘DsL1cH’ is next on the list. The mid-stakes grinder has been putting in solid volume in 2018 and is just off a career-high in the worldwide rankings, currently sitting at #348. At #7 is ‘prsalute’, a Grecian grinder with over $1 million in lifetime earnings and a PokerStars Sunday Million final table under his belt. His recent achievements include a pair of runner-up finishes on January 16 padding his bankroll by over $6,000. Ranked #457 in the world ‘panic.player’ grinds the mid-stakes tournament scene on PokerStars racking up cashed on a near-daily basis. On New Year’s Day, he took fourth in a $50 No Limit Hold’em tournament for over $3,000, his largest score of the month. Georgios ‘zisimo7’ Zisimopoulos, ranked #9, is a former worldwide top 100 ranked player who just recently surpassed the lofty milestone of over $3 million in lifetime earnings. Zisimopoulos also holds a high rank on the live tournament scene, having accumulated over $1.7 million in lifetime earnings, good for fourth on the Greece All-Time Money list. Dimitrios ‘JIM_BALLAS’ Ballas wraps up the current top 10 rankings in Greece. Despite putting in moderate volume in 2018, he’s already won over $13,000 this year so far. Greece's Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 apostolis20 5,001.73 2 sinkedshrimp 4,175.95 3 mexican222 3,926.22 4 damourinio 3,539.83 5 teo96 3,506.75 6 DsL1CH 3,341.32 7 prsalute 3,090.22 8 panic.player 3,032.30 9 zisimo7 2,920.84 10 JIM_BALLAS 2,897.79
  5. Francois Billard has had a lot of success at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal over the course of his career, but Sunday night the Canadian poker pro put an exclamation point on all of them by winning the partypoker MILLIONS North America Main Event for a career-best $715,414 score. It took just 14 hands for Kevin Rabichow, who started the day as the chip leader, to pick off one of the shorter stacks. With blinds of 800,000/1,600,000, Rabichow opened from UTG for 3,200,000 and Danick Landriault defended his big blind. After a flop of [poker card="qs"][poker card="8c"][poker card="5c"], Landriault check-called Rabichow's bet of 2,400,000. The [poker card="2h"] turn saw Landriault check again before Rabichow moved all in. Landriault called and showed [poker card="ac"][poker card="8s"] which put him behind Rabichow's [poker card="qd"][poker card="jc"]. The [poker card="3c"] river was no help for Landriault and he was out in sixth. It took almost six hours before the next player was sent out. Action folded to Billard on the button and he moved all in. Alexandros Kolonias folded his small blind but Paul Fontan called all in from the big blind. Billard turned over [poker card="jc"][poker card="4c"] and Fontan showed [poker card="qh"][poker card="7h"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="9c"][poker card="6h"] flop gave Billard the lead and neither the [poker card="td"][ turn or [poker card="2c"] river were able to save Fontan from a fifth place result. Two hours later, Rabichow found another victim. From UTG, Rabichow raised to 7,000,000 and Kolonias called from the big blind. The flop [poker card="tc"][poker card="9d"][poker card="4h"] flop got both players to check. Kolonias checked again after the [poker card="ts"] flop, but Rabichow bet 5,500,000 and Kolonias called. The river was the [poker card="qc"] and Kolonias checked again. Rabichow shoved all in and Kolinias called and showed [poker card="9s"][poker card="6c"] but lost to Rabichow's [poker card="ac"][poker card="qh"] for a fourth place finish. The final three players played for a while before coming to an agreement on an ICM chop. Francois Billard - $557,278 Joni Jouhkimainen - $434,063 Kevin Rabichow - $430,848 The players agree to leave $158,003 on the table for the eventual champion. Despite the deal, the final three players played for three hours before the next elimination. After Rabichow folded his button, Jouhkimainen moved all in from the small blind and Billard called from the big blind. Jouhkimainen tabled [poker card="qc"][poker card="6c"] while Billard showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="jc"]. The board ran out [poker card="8c"][poker card="3d"][poker card="2h"][poker card="4c"][poker card="7d"] to send Jouhkimainen's day in third position. Heads-up play started with Billard holding a 2.7-1 lead over Rabichow and it took just over an hour for Billard to finish him off. On the final hand, Rabichow raised to 12,000,0000 and Billard clicked back for 42,000,000. Rabichow called to see a flop of [poker card="kd"][poker card="9c"][poker card="8s"]. Billard bet 26,000,000 and Rabichow called. The [poker card="th"] turn was good enough to get Billard to move all in and Rabichow called. Billard showed [poker card="ts"][poker card="9d"] for a turned two pair while Rabichow tabled [poker card="jh"][poker card="td"] for second pair and an open-ender. The river was the [poker card="6d"] and Billard eliminated Rabichow to win the partypoker MILLIONS Main Event. Final Table Payouts Francois Billard - $715,414 Kevin Rabichow - $430,848 Joni Jouhkimainen - $434,063 Alexandros Kolonias - $275,331 Paul Fontan - $223,241 Danick Landriault - $186,035 Ben Heath - $148,828 Ruben Perceval - $111,621
  6. The 2019 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event wrapped up on Thursday with Alexandros Kolonias picking up the first live win of his career and €1,133,678. Two players eliminated on Wednesday, leaving just six coming back to the felt on Thursday to play down to a winner. Those six played for just over two hours before one was finally sent packing. Down to just 10 big blinds, Rifat Palevic moved all in with [poker card="kh"][poker card="2d"] when action folded to him in the small blind and Anh Do called when he looked down at [poker card="qc"][poker card="qd"]. The [poker card="td"][poker card="ts"][poker card="3s"][poker card="6c"][poker card="6d"] run out offered Palevic no assistance and he was out in sixth place. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] It took another 2.5 hours before the next player busted. From the cutoff, Anh Do raised to 1,800,000 and Claas Segebrecht called from the button. After the [poker card="ad"][poker card="jh"][poker card="9d"] flop, Do moved all in for 450,000 and Segebrecht called instantly. Do showed [poker card="kh"][poker card="9h"] but he was behind Segebrecht's [poker card="kc"][poker card="kd"]. The turn was the [poker card="ts"] and the river was the [poker card="3h"] and Do was done in fifth place. Dario Sammartino became the fourth player to make the final table of the WSOP Main Event and the WSOP Europe Main Event in the same year but he wasn't able to improve his runner-up finish from Las Vegas. Sammartino moved all in from the small blind for 3,000,000 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kh"] after Segebrecht raised to 1,000,000 from the button. Segebrecht called and turned over [poker card="jh"][poker card="tc"]. The [poker card="jc"][poker card="9d"][poker card="3c"] flop moved Segebrecht ahead and Sammartino was eliminated in fourth after the [poker card="7h"] turn and [poker card="2s"] river failed to improve his hand. Three-handed play went on for 3.5 hours before Anthony Zinno clashed with Kolonias and wound up on the rail. Kolonias made it 1,300,000 from the button with [poker card="jd"][poker card="th"] before Zinno moved all in from the small blind for 7,650,000 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="9c"]. Kolonias called and then moved ahead on the [poker card="qh"][poker card="jc"][poker card="6s"] flop. Neither the [poker card="8c"] turn or [poker card="kc"] river were able to save Zinno and he was eliminated in third place. Despite being eliminated in third, Zinno can still win WSOP Player of the Year. A Main Event win would have meant Zinno needed a min-cash in the Colossus but he'll now need to finish top two and hope Shaun Deeb or Daniel Negreanu fail to pick up any more points if he hopes to win POY. Heads-up play began with Segebrecht holding a 2-1 chip lead but over less than 30 minutes of play, Kolosias took over the chip lead. On the final hand of the tournament, Kolosias, who held 55% of the chips in play at the time, raised to 1,200,000 from the small blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="ks"] before Segebrecht moved all-in for 23,200,000 with [poker card="3c"][poker card="3d"]. Kolosias called and then watched the board run out [poker card="kc"][poker card="qd"][poker card="2s"][poker card="js"][poker card="5s"] to give him the first major live title of his career. Final Table Payouts Alexandros Kolonios - €1,133,678 Claas Segebrecht - €700,639 Anthony Zinno - €485,291 Dario Sammartino - €341,702 Anh Do - €244,653 Rifat Palevic - €178,171 Julien Martini - €132,017 Jakob Madsen - €99,555
  7. Sunday brought the final day of the Poker Masters Online tournament series, and the virtual tables at partypoker were full of exciting high-stakes action as the festival came to a close. The $51,000 Main Event awarded a $1.097 million first-place prize and Alexandros Kolonias won the final event to win the Championship Leaderboard and Purple Jacket. Entering the final day of play, 28 events from the 30 scheduled had been completed and Artur Martirosian was sitting atop the Championship Leaderboard by nearly 100 points. Although Martirosian managed a fifth-place finish in the final event of the series, it was Kolonias who won the final tournament to take first place overall. Martirosian finished second on the Championship Leaderboard, while Linus Loeliger, who won the $51,000 Main Event for $1.097 million, was third on the overall standings. Loeliger Wins Main Event for $1,097,250 Loeliger's win in the $51,000 Main Event gave him his second tournament title of the series. The first event he won was Event #18 and he took that one down for $325,318. This time, Loeliger won $1.097 million. The Poker Masters Online Main Event drew a field of 77 entries to create a prize pool of $3.85 million. The top 10 spots finished in the money, with Loeliger ultimately defeating Giuseppe Iadisernia in heads-up play. Christopher Kruk rounded out the podium with a third-place finish. Main Event Results Linus Loeliger - $1,097,250 Giuseppe Iadisernia - $750,750 Christopher Kruk - $519,750 Steve O'Dwyer - $346,500 Ole Schemion - $269,500 Elias Talvitie - $211,750 David Peters - $182,875 Kahle Burns - $163,625 Conor Beresford - $154,000 Vicent Bosca Ramon - $154,000 The win gave Loeliger 658 points towards the Championship Leaderboard race, but that was only enough to push him to 1,037 total and that wasn't enough to claim the top spot. Kolonias Wins Event #30 and Purple Jacket Coming into Sunday, Kolonias was fourth in the overall standings for the Poker Masters Online Purple Jacket and 134 points behind Martirosian in that race. Both reached the final table of the very last event of the series, Event #30: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max], but it was Kolonias was proved best on this day. Not only did Kolonias finish ahead of Martirosian, but he went on to win the tournament, earn $367,782.76 in prize money, and conquer the Championship Leaderboard to win the Purple Jacket and $50,000 championship prize. In the final event, Kolonias topped a field of 146 entries to take home the lion's share of the $1.46 million prize pool. The top 18 spots paid, with Kolonias beating Jason McConnon in heads-up play. Event #30 Results Alexandros Kolonias - $367,782.76 Jason McConnon - $248,200 Mark Demirjian - $175,200 Mustapha Kanit - $124,100 Artur Martirosian - $91,250 Christopher Kruk - $60,590 Pascal Lefrancois - $45,990 Samuel Vousden - $45,990 Mark Radoja - $45,990 Hossein Ensan - $31,390 Mark Davis - $31,390 Dan Shak - $31,390 Alexander Ivarsson - $26,789.54 Benjamin Heath - $26,789.54 Chris Hunichen - $26,789.54 Connor Drinan - $26,789.54 Steve O'Dwyer - $26,789.54 Orpen Kisacikoglu - $26,789.54 Kolonias ended with 11 cashes across the series, including two victories (Event #7 and Event #30), one second-place result (Event #14), and two third-place finishes (Event #22 and Event #27). Kolonias's results allowed him to amass 1,191 points, which was 143 points ahead of Martirosian in second place. With 11 cashes, Kolonias tied for the most across the entire series. Timothy Adams, who ultimately ended in fourth overall on the Championship Leaderboard, also cashed 11 times across the festival. Topping the Championship Leaderboard gave Kolonias the Purple Jacket and $50,000 in prize money. Final Championship Standings Alexandros Kolonias - 1,191 points Artur Martirosian - 1,048 points Linus Loeliger - 1,037 points Timothy Adams - 861 points Ali Imsirovic - 857 points Andras Nemeth - 807 points Pascal Lefrancois - 782 points Paulis Ayras - 748 points Alex Foxen - 736 points Steve O'Dwyer - 732 points
  8. The Poker Masters Online continued on Saturday. Two more events took place and there was nearly $2 million in prize money up for grabs. Event #14: $500K Gtd [NLH, 8-Max] was won by Mustapha Kanit and Event #15: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max] saw Timothy Adams take top honors. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Kanit Wins Event #14 for $279,300 Kanit was victorious in Event #14: $500K Gtd [NLH, 8-Max] to the tune of $279,300. Kanit topped a field of 114 entries to take home the top prize from the $1.14 million prize pool. Kanit beat Alexandros Kolonias in heads-up play. Kolonias won $199,500 for the runner-up result, and then it was Artur Martirosian finishing in third for $142,500. Alex Foxen has enjoyed some success during the Poker Masters Online series and he finished eighth in this event for $37,050. The top 16 spots reached the money and you can find the results below. Event #14 Results Mustapha Kanit - $279,300 Alexandros Kolonias - $199,500 Artur Martirosian - $142,500 Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque - $99,750 Christoph Vogelsang - $74,100 Edwin Villalobo Amaya - $57,000 Simon Pedersen - $45,600 Alex Foxen - $37,050 Simon Higgins - $28,500 Lucas Reeves - $28,500 Jake Schindler - $28,500 Christopher Malcolm Fraser - $28,500 Mike Watson - $22,800 Nick Petrangelo - $22,800 Niklas Astedt - $22,800 Kahle Burns - $22,800 Adams Takes Event #15 Title for $243,988 In Event #15: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max], a field of 78 entries generated a prize pool of $780,000. Adams, winner of this year's Super High Roller Bowl events in Russia and Australia, finishing in first place. The victory earned Adams $243,988.68. Joao Vieira finished in second place for $152,100 and Dario Sammartino placed third for $93,600. Foxen, who took eighth in the other Poker Masters Online event on Saturday, placed fourth in this one and picked up $68,250. Kolonias finished in seventh place for $25,350, continuing his impressive Poker Masters Online series. Included in Kolonias' results this series was a win in Event #6. Event #15 Results Timothy Adams - $243,988.68 Joao Vieira - $152,100 Dario Sammartino - $93,600 Alex Foxen - $68,250 Ben Heath - $48,750 Ali Imsirovic - $33,150 Alexandros Kolonias - $25,350 Yahia Fahmy - $25,350 Jorryt Van Hoof - $25,350 Sami Kelopuro - $21,370.44 Elias Talvitie - $21,370.44 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $21,370.44 Championship Standings The Poker Masters Online Championship Standings will track the performances of players in the series in order to determine an overall winner. Points are awarded based on finishing position in the events, and the overall champion will receive a $50,000 cash prize and be awarded the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. Here are the Poker Masters Online Championship Standings top 10 after the seventh day of play. Alexandros Kolonias - 592 points Timothy Adams - 584 points Andras Nemeth - 535 points Alex Foxen - 493 points Luuk Gieles - 492 points Jorryt Van Hoof - 450 points Michael Addamo - 406 points Elias Talvitie - 401 points Pauli Ayras - 393 points Kahle Burns - 367 points
  9. The penultimate day of the Poker Masters Online series played out on Saturday, April 25, on partypoker. Two more events were etched into the history books, and it was Ali Imsirovic and Mustapha Kanit emerging as the two winners. Both Imsirovic and Kanit picked up their second victories of the series with these latest wins. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Imsirovic Wins Event #27 for $446,250 Just a couple days ago, Imsirovic won Event #24 for $277,096. On Saturday, he picked up a $446,250 win in Event #27: $1M Gtd [NLH, 8-Max]. Event #27 had a $25,500 buy-in and attracted a field of 51 entries. The top seven finishers cashed, with Imsirovic beating Elias Talvitie in heads-up play. If you recall, Talvitie was the winner of Event #1. Alexandros Kolonias finished third and picked up $191,250 plus 115 points for the Championship Leaderboard. Jorryt Van Hoof placed fourth for $114,750. It was Van Hoof's 10th cash on the series. Event #27 Results Ali Imsirovic - $446,250 Elias Talvitie - $299,625 Alexandros Kolonias - $191,250 Jorryt Van Hoof - $114,750 Linus Loeliger - $89,250 David Peters - $73,312.50 Benjamin Heath - $60,562.50 Kanit Wins Event #28 for $237,732 The second Poker Masters Online event on Saturday was Event #28: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max]. It had a $10,300 buy-in and attracted 76 entries. Up top was $237,732.56 in prize money and it was snagged by Kanit, who won his second title of the series. Earlier in the series, Kanit won Event #14 for $279,300. Kanit beat Matthias Eibinger in heads-up play, with Sergi Reixach finishing third. The top 12 spots finished in the money, with Timothy Adams also cashing. Adams finished fifth for $47,500 in what was his series-leading 11th in-the-money finish. David Peters placed eighth to give him two cashes on the day. Event #28 Results Mustapha Kanit - $237,732.56 Matthias Eibinger - $148,200 Sergi Reixach - 91,200 Koray Aldemir - $66,500 Timothy Adams - $47,500 Pascal Hartmann - $32,300 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $24,700 David Peters - $24,700 Michail Manolakis - $24,700 Dan Smith - $20,822.48 Ole Schemion - $20,822.48 Jonathan Vanfleet - $20,822.48 Championship Standings Sunday brings us the final day of the Poker Masters Online. The final two events will play out, including the $51,000 Main Event, plus we'll reach the conclusion of the Championship Leaderboard race. The winner of the Championship Leaderboard will receive a $50,000 cash prize and be awarded the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. Here are the Poker Masters Online Championship Standings top 10 after Saturday's day of play. Artur Martirosian - 957 points Timothy Adams - 861 points Ali Imsirovic - 857 points Alexandros Kolonias - 823 points Andras Nemeth - 807 points Pauli Ayras -748 points Alex Foxen - 736 points Pascal Lefrancois - 736 points Jorryt Van Hoof - 676 points Luuk Gieles - 643 points
  10. In Wednesday's Poker Masters Online action on partypoker, Dan Smith and Sebastian Lewin were the winners of the two events that took place. Smith won Event #21 and Lewin won Event #22. But, it was another high-stakes pro grabbing headlines with a pair of top-four finishes for a combined $291,900. Alex Foxen finished fourth in the $25,500 buy-in Event #21: $1M Gtd [NLH, 8-Max], taking home $141,750. Foxen then placed second in $10,300 buy-in Event #22: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max] for $150,150. Not only did the finishes earn Foxen a ton of money, but the two results have him climb the Poker Masters Online Championship Leaderboard even more. As things stand after Wednesday, Foxen jumped up to second on the Championship Leaderboard. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Smith Wins Event #21 for $511,875 Event #21: $1M Gtd [NLH, 8-Max] drew a field of 63 entries to generate a prize pool fo $1.575 million. Smith topped all competitors to win $511,875. Smith defeated Artur Martirosian in heads-up play, with Martirosian taking home $346,500 for the second-place result. Martirosian also picked up 208 points in the Championship Leaderboard race and moved to 798 points overall. That put Martirosian in first place on the Championship Leaderboard with eight events to go following Wednesday's play. Timothy Adams picked up his eighth cash with a third-place finish, and then it was Foxen finishing fourth. Event #21 Results Dan Smith - $511,875 Artur Martirosian - $346,500 Timothy Adams - $228,375 Alex Foxen - $141,750 Matthias Eibinger - $110,250 Steve O'Dwyer - $86,625 Eelis Parssinen - $74,812.50 Koray Aldemir - $74,812.50 Lewin Wins Event #22 for $240,860 Lewin was victorious in Event #22: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max], taking home $240,860.62. It was his first cash of the series and he topped Foxen in heads-up play. Foxen earned $150,150 for the runner-up finish. Alexandros Kolonias placed third for $92,400. It was the eighth cash of the series for Kolonias, tying him with Adams for the second most of the Poker Masters Online. The player with the most cashes during the festival is Jorryt Van Hoof, who took 11th in this event for $21,096.46. Event #22 Results Sebastian Lewin - $240,860.62 Alex Foxen - $150,150 Alexandros Kolonias - $92,400 David Peters - $67,375 Ali Imsirovic - $48,125 Joni Jouhkimainen - $32,725 Dario Sammartino - $25,025 Georgos Zisimopoulos - $25,025 Patrick Leonard - $25,025 Mark Radoja - $21,096.46 Jorry Van Hoof - $21,096.46 Kristen Bicknell - $21,096.46 Championship Standings The Poker Masters Online Championship Standings will track the performances of players in the series in order to determine an overall winner. Points are awarded based on finishing position in the events, and the overall champion will receive a $50,000 cash prize and be awarded the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. Here are the Poker Masters Online Championship Standings top 10 after the 10th day of play. Artur Martirosian - 798 points Alex Foxen - 736 points Pauli Ayras -722 points Timothy Adams - 721 points Alexandros Kolonias - 684 points Eelis Parssinen - 610 points Jorryt Van Hoof - 606 points Andras Nemeth - 581 points Luuk Gieles - 579 points Justin Bonomo - 496 points
  11. Two more Poker Masters Online events are in the books. On Tuesday, Event #6: $500K Gtd [PLO, 6-Max] and Event #7: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max] took place on partypoker and there was $1.83 million up for grabs between them. The two winners to emerge were Pauli Ayras and Alexandros Kolonias. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Ayras Wins Event #6 for $303,421 The first event of the day was the $10,300 buy-in Event #6: $500K Gtd [PLO, 6-Max]. It attracted 97 entries for a prize pool of $970,000, nearly doubling the posted guarantee. The top 12 finishers paid, with Ayras taking first place for $303,421.82. Ayras' $303,421.82 score was the third largest first-place prize awarded in the Poker Masters Online to date. Ayras previously had an eighth-place finish in Event #4 of this series for $33,150. Ayras was one of five Finnish players to make the money in this event. He defeated Jens Lakemeier in heads-up play and Ami Barer finished third. Lakemeier earned $189,150 and Barer won $116,400. Event #6 Results Pauli Ayras - $303,421.82 Jens Lakemeier - $189,150 Ami Barer - $116,400 Jorryt Van Hoof - $84,875 Samuli Sipila - $60,625 Ole Schemion - $41,225 Lauri Varonen - $31,525 Pascal Lefrancois - $31,525 George Wolff - $31,525 Jens Kyllonen - $26,576.06 Aku Joentausta - $26,576.06 Marius Kennelly - $26,576.06 Kolonias Wins Event #7 for $269,013 Event #7: $500K Gtd [NLH, 6-Max] was also a $10,300 buy-in tournament. It attracted 86 entries and created an $860,000 prize pool. Kolonias finished in first place and took home a score worth $269,013.16. George Wolff, who had finished ninth in Event #6 on Tuesday, took second in this one and won $167,700. Ali Imsirovic finished third for $103,200. In sixth place was Ayras, who added a $36,550 score to his win from the other event. Event #7 Results Alexander Kolonias - $269,013.16 George Wolff - $167,700 Ali Imsirovic - $103,200 Mustapha Kanit - $75,250 Michael Addamo - $53,750 Pauli Ayras - $36,550 Juan Pardo Dominguez - $27,950 Ian Engel - $27,950 Nick Petrangelo - $27,950 Elio Fox - $23,562.28 Timothy Adams - $23,562.28 Jorryt Van Hoof - $23,562.28 Championship Standings The Poker Masters Online Championship Standings will track the performances of players in the series in order to determine an overall winner. Points are awarded based on finishing position in the events, and the overall champion will receive a $50,000 cash prize and be awarded the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. Here are the Poker Masters Online Championship Standings top 10 after the third day of play. Pauli Ayras - 373 points Alex Foxen - 310 points Alexandros Kolonias - 295 points Elias Talvitie - 289 points Andras Nemeth - 280 points Sam Greenwood - 253 points Orpen Kisacikoglu - 251 points Mike Watson - 250 points Jorryt Van Hoof - 237 points Sergi Reixach - 217 points
  12. Alexandros Kolonias now has himself a brand new purple jacket and an additional $50,000 after winning the Poker Masters Online Championship. Taking the event online, PokerCentral partnered with partypoker on a 30-event schedule that had buy-ins ranging from $10,300 to $51,000 mirroring the live version of the Poker Masters. The Poker Masters Online was the second full series to take advantage of partypoker's real name functionality giving poker enthusiasts at home an easy way to track how the world's best players did against each other in a high stakes online series. More Than 250 Unique Players There were a total of 258 unique players throughout the 30-event schedule. That group combined for 1,717 total unique entries and 849 re-entries. Each event gave players a maximum of three entries and there were 201 instances were a player fired three bullets in an event. There were 35 players who played a minimum of 20 events and 76 who played just a single event. Jason McConnon was one of them and he ended up with the highest ROI of any player after finishing second in Event #30 ($10,300 Six Max NLHE) for a $248,200 score on a single entry. A high stakes cash game specialist, McConnon jokingly suggested a career change after his runner-up performance. $35 Million in Prize Money The Poker Masters Online was a big winner for partypoker and Poker Central. The total rake for the series was $912,300. Taking into consideration the $50,000 prize awarded to Kolonias for winning the Purple Jacket, the net for tournament organizers was $862,300 - more than any single player. Players were allowed a maximum of three entries per event. The rake earned off of the initial entries was $619,600 and re-entries accounted for the remaining $292,700. Taking the event online proved to be a boon to the field sizes. The 2019 Poker Masters had just 10 events, but average field sizes for 2020 were up across the board. There was an average of 93 players in $10,000 buy-in events compared to 57.6 in 2019, an increase of 61.5%. The $25,000 buy-in events saw an increase of 44.7% going from an average of 43.75 to 63.29 players. In both years the Championship event had a $50,000 buy-in and the year-over-year increase was the most dramatic going from 34 to 77 players - a 126.5% growth rate. The total prize pools for all 30 events totaled $35,385,000, more than doubling the $16.5 million guaranteed. None of the events missed their respective guarantee and 14 tournaments had a prize pool exceeding $1 million. Nothing But Net While there were seven players who had at least $1 million in earnings, the highest net earner was Italy's Dario Sammartino. Cashing in nine of the 22 events he played earned Sammartino an $823,625 net score. [table id=45 /] There were 32 players who had net earnings of $100,000 or more and 40 who had net losses of $100,000 or more. Of the 258 players who entered at least one Poker Masters event, 63 were net winners. There were 135 players who entered at least one event and cashed zero times. Busiest of the Bunch Jorryt Van Hoof was the only player to play all 30 events. The Dutch pro cashed in 10 of them for a net profit of $9,708.74. [table id=44 /] The only event that Alex Foxen skipped was Event #2 ($10,300 Six Max PLO). Ali Imsirovic and Linus Loeliger each skipped a pair of PLO events. Imsirovic skipped Event #2 and Event #17 while Loeliger sat out Event #17 ($10,300 Six Max PLO) and Event #22 ($10,300 Six Max PLO). Andras Nemeth missed the opening two events of the series and then played every tournament from Event #3 onward. Christian Rudolph played the most events of any player that was unable to pick up a single in-the-money result. Rudolph entered 10 events and never cashed. He only re-entered three of those 10 events for a total of 13 bullets fired. [table id=46 /] Double Dippin' There were six players who won two Poker Masters Online titles. The first to do it was Pauli Ayras who took down Event #6 ($10,300 Six Max PLO) and Event #19 ($25,500 Eight Max NLHE). Of the 28 events that Loeliger entered, he cashed in only three of them but made the most of those cashes by picking up wins in Event #18 ($10,300 Six Max NLHE) and the Main Event ($51,000 NLHE). Sandwiched between those two results was a fifth-place finish in Event #27 ($25,500 Eight Max NLHE). [table id=47 /]
  13. The fields in the Super High Roller Bowl Online Series just got a little ‘tougher’. One of the most feared nosebleed tournament opponents in the game, Stephen Chidwick made his SHRB $25K Super High Roller debut and promptly captured his first title and another six-figure score. Chidwick, the recipient of the player-selected award for ’Toughest Opponent’ at the 2020 Global Poker Awards, had been noticeably absent from the daily slate of SHRB Online $25,000 Super High Roller events. But on Saturday, he finally logged on and with a single bullet took down the 43-entry field of Event #23 ($25,000 Super High Roller, 6-Max) for $430,000.01. Chidwick’s latest victory is another in an extensive list of Poker Central branded titles. His extensive poker resume includes deep runs in all three of the Super High Roller Bowls that were held in 2018 (including Macau). Additionally, Chidwick was crowned the inaugural champion of the first U.S. Poker Open as well as taking the first overall championship of the first Australian Poker Open, which was held earlier this year. Artur Martirosian made his way to his fifth final table, his third in the past three days. He finished as the runner-up in Event #23 for $275,140.87 pushing his SHRB Online series total earnings to over $1.2 million. Ireland’s Darrell Goh made his third final table of the series, pulling in $139,750 for third place. In other action, Sam Greenwood joined Viktor Blom as the only other player to have scored multiple SHRB Online Series titles. Greenwood, essentially, went back-to-back with a victory in Event #24 ($10,300 High Roller, 6-Max) for an even $200,000. Yesterday, Greenwood was the day’s biggest winner after taking down Event #20 ($25,500 Super High Roller for $399,000, and now he has a two day total just one dollar short of $600K. Dan Smith, who scored a win earlier in the week, finished as the runner-up which was good for $127,972.50. And Kristen Bicknell picked up a third-place finish for the second day in a row, earning another $65,000. After a pair of near-misses earlier in the series Alexandros Kolonias finally took home a SHRB title after he bested the 77-entry field of Event #22 ($10,300 High Roller, Six Max) for $240,860.62. It’s also been a good week for Matthias Eibinger. Eibinger took down his first PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker title three days ago and his first SHRB title yesterday. On Sunday, he finished as the runner-up in this event for $150,150. Portugal’s Joao Viera keeps getting close to a win. He finished in third place for $92,400 which was his fourth final table in the past four days. In those events, he’s finished in every position second through fifth for a grand total of $405,025. Event #22: $10,300 High Roller, 6-Max 77 entries $770,000 Alexandros Kolonias - $240,860.62 Matthias Eibinger - $150,150 Joao Vieira - $92,400 Darrell Goh - $67,375 Dan Shak - $48,125 Mikita Badziakouski - $32,125 Event #23: $25,500 Super High Roller, 6-Max 43 entries $1,075,000 prize pool Stephen Chidwick - $430,000.01 Artur Martrosian - $275,140.87 Darrell Goh - $139,750 Isaac Haxton - $96,750 Mikita Badziakouski - $75,250 Sergi Reixach - $58,109.12 Event #24: $10,300 High Roller, 6-Max 50 entries $500,000 Sam Greenwood - $200,000 Dan Smith - $127,972.50 Kristen Bicknell - $65,000 Isaac Haxton - $45,000 Ali Imsirovic - $35,000 Kahle Burns - $27,027.50
  14. One of the most prolific nosebleed tournament players of all time was, once again, collecting a huge payday as Justin Bonomo took down his first Super High Roller Bowl Online title for the largest payday of the series thus far. Bonomo, currently ranked #2 on the Hendon Mob’s All-Time Money List, outlasted the 72 entry-field in Event #11 ($25,500 Super High Roller 6-Max) to capture the $622,634.40 first-place prize, the single largest payday of the series through 12 events. Bonomo fended off Artur Martirosian in heads-up play, leaving Martirosian to collect $405,000 as the runner-up. This is the second Super High Roller result for Martirosian in as many days as he is coming off a third-place result in Event #8 ($25,500 Super High Roller) where he picked up a $153,000 score. It was a good day for Poker Code coach Matthias Eibinger who finished in third place, earning $216,000 in what would turn out to be back-to-back cashes. In Event #10 ($10,300 High Roller, 6-Max), Vicent Bosca Ramon rose to the top of the 77-entry field to take home $240,860.62 for first. That's where Eibinger's second cash took place, finishing in second place for $150,150. His combined scores brought him a grand total of $366,150 in earnings on the day. Luuk Gieles grabbed the bronze for $92,400, just one day after winning Event #7 ($10,300 High Roller) for $234,000. Ludovic Geilich also found himself in the winner’s circle on Wednesday after taking down Event #12 ($10,300 High Roller, 6-Max) for $238,676.52. Alexandros Kolonias wrapped up as the runner-up and added $155,250 to his bankroll while Seth Davies also found the podium, earning $82,800 for third place. Thursday will see another three SHRB Online tournaments come to a conclusion as Events #13-15 play down to a winner. Event #10: $10,300 High Roller, 6-Max 77 entries $770,000 prize pool Vicent Bosca Ramon - $240,860.62 Matthias Eibinger - $150,150 Luuk Gieles - $92,400 Wiktor Malinowski - $67,375 Michael Watson - $48,125 Nick Petrangelo - $32,725 Event #11: $25,500 Super High Roller, 6-Max 72 entries $1,800,000 prize pool Justin Bonomo - $622,634.40 Artur Martirosian - $405,000 Matthias Eibinger - $216,000 Salahaddin Bedir - $162,000 Wiktor Malinowski - $117,000 Ali Imsirovic - $81,000 Event #12: $10,300 High Roller, 6-Max 69 entries 690,000 prize pool Ludovic Geilich - $238,676.52 Alexandros Kolonias - $155,250 Seth Davies - $82,800 Andrii Novak - $62,100 Giuseppe Iadisernia - $44,850 Jonathan Van Fleet - $31,050

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