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Found 2 results

  1. Many of the players grinding the Super High Roller Bowl Online on partypoker would probably have Viktor Blom in their list of most talented poker players. On Tuesday, the Swedish superstar lived up to that type of billing with a win and a runner-up finish that earned him nearly $580,000. Blom started the day off with a near-miss after falling to Dan Smith in the heads-up battle for Event #8 ($25,500 Super High Roller). Smith defeated the Swede to walk away with the title and $527,000 while Blom had to settle for earning $365,600. Third-place finisher Artur Martirosian earned $153,000 for his performance. Blom wasn't done though. He outlasted the 74 other entries in Event #9 ($10,300 High Roller) to win $213,750. The last player in his way, Christoph Vogelsang ended up taking home $146,250 while third-place finisher Arnaud Enselme walked away with $101,250. The day began with Luuk Gieles winning Event #7 ($10,300 High Roller) for $234,000. George Wolff fell one spot short of the win and earned $166,500. Ali Imsirovic grabbed a bronze medal and added $117,000 to his bankroll. Another three final events will crown champions on Wednesday with Events #10-#12 playing down to a winner. Event #7 $10,300 High Roller 90 Entries $900,000 Prize pool Luuk Gieles - $234,000 George Wolff - $166,500 Ali Imsirovic - $117,000 Pascal Hartmann - $81,000 Mark Radoja - $63,000 Jonathan Van Fleet - $45,000 Mikita Badziakouski - $36,000 John O'Shea - $31,500 Event #8 $25,500 Super High Roller 68 Entries $1,700,000 Prize pool Dan Smith - $527,000 Viktor Blom - $365,500 Artur Martirosian - $153,000 Simon Higgins - $153,000 Alex Foxen - $119,000 Giuseppe Iadisernia - $97,750 Orpen Kisacikoglu - $80,750 Darrell Goh - $63,750 Event #9 $10,300 High Roller 75 Entries $750,000 Prize pool Viktor Blom - $213,750 Christoph Vogelsang - $146,250 Arnaud Enselme - $101,250 George Wolff - $67,500 Kristen Bicknell - $52,500 Mark Davis - $41,250 Darrell Goh - $33,750 Dan Smith - $26,250
  2. Another WSOP bracelet of the summer has found a new home, and it belongs to Alexander Stacey, who beat a tough final table to earn over $127,000. The final table included Steve O’Dwyer, who brought the chip lead to the final table but he shipped out an early double up, and his stack continued to fall from there. The first player to leave the final table was Tal Herzog. He shoved under the gun for just under seven million, and was called by Sami Koivuneva. Herzog’s [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Kc"] was flipping against the pocket tens of Koivuneva, and Herzog shot out to the lead on the ace-high flop. However, a third ten slapped down on the turn, leaving Herzog suddenly drawing dead. He took home $9,311 for his final table finish. Wai Ching Cheang was next to bow out not long after. He got his short stack in the middle on the button, and Koivuneva called to try to go two-for-two on eliminations. Cheang’s [poker card="Ad"] [poker card="Jh"] was in good shape against the [poker card="8h"] [poker card="3c"] of Koivuneva, but the flop brought plenty of action, coming down [poker card="Jc"] [poker card="7c"] [poker card="2c"]. That gave Cheang top pair, but also gave Koivuneva a flush draw, and he hit that flush with the [poker card="Qc"] river. The aforementioned O’Dwyer was the next player to bust in seventh. He shoved his final 13 blinds from the cutoff, but unfortunately for him, Michael Schwartz woke up with pocket kings in the small blind. He was well out in front of the [poker card="Ah"] [poker card="9h"] of O’Dwyer, and Schwartz flopped top set to leave O’Dwyer drawing virtually dead. For his efforts, O’Dwyer pocketed $18,323. The eliminations kept coming, as Hui Wang busted next in sixth place. His last hand was a battle of the blinds with Stacey. After a flop of [poker card="7c"][poker card="6c"][poker card="3c"], Stacey fired 1,360,000. Wang called, and the [poker card="Qs"] hit the turn. This time, Stacey bet 2,420,000, but Wang wanted to play for more, raising to 7,560,000. Stacey called, and the [poker card="Jh"] completed the board. Stacey checked, and Wang pulled the trigger for all of it, over 14,000,000. Stacey called with [poker card="Qc"][poker card="5h"] for top pair, and Wang showed just [poker card="Kc"][poker card="2d"] for a failed bluff. Schwartz busted out in fifth after he raised from under the gun to 9,657,965. Arnaud Enselme shoved from the big blind, and Schwartz called for what little he had behind. Schwartz held [poker card="Kh"] [poker card="Jc"], but he was dominated by the Ace-King of Enselme. An ace came right on the flop, and Schwartz was drawing dead by the turn. Unfortunately for Enselme, he couldn’t keep that momentum going, as he busted out in fourth. Enselme shoved from under the gun for 17,777,266, and Stacey called in the big blind. It was another classic race, as Enselme held pocket eights, while Stacey showed [poker card="As"] [poker card="Qd"]. The flop came down [poker card="Ad"] [poker card="5d"] [poker card="4d"], and Enselme wasn’t able to catch up from there. A few hands later, Sami Koivuneva shoved from the button for five million and change, and he was called by Craig Lecompte in the small blind. Stacey three-bet shoved for more, and Lecompte folded. Koivunea showed [poker card="Ad"] [poker card="Ks"], and was dominating the [poker card="Ah"][poker card="3h"] of Stacey. However, a three came right on the flop, and that would sent the tournament to heads up. It only took 11 hands for Stacey to finish off Lecompte. Lecompte raised to 4,000,000 on the button, and Stacey shoved, having Lecompte covered. He called off his final 32 million, and the hands were flipped. Lecompte: [poker card="Kd"] [poker card="Qc"] Stacey: [poker card="Ad"] [poker card="9c"] The ace high would hold true on the runout of [poker card="Jd"] [poker card="Js"] [poker card="4d"] [poker card="5h"] [poker card="7s"], and the title was secured. For his efforts, Lecompte took home $99,552, but the first place prize of $127,660, and the bracelet, belonged with Alexander Stacey. Final Table Payouts Alexander Stacey – $127,660 Craig Lecompte– $99,552 Sami Koivuneva – $70,964 Arnaud Enselme – $50,586 Michael Schwartz – $36,059 Hui Wang – $25,704 Steve O’Dwyer, – $18,323 Wai Ching Cheang– $13,061 Tal Herzog – $9,311

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