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Found 4 results

  1. Any person starting off in poker dreams of having their own Moneymaker-esque moment, turning a small buy-in into a life-changing score. However, with the change in the poker landscape over the last 15 years, it now takes a lot more to get to the next level. Long gone are the days where reviewing a couple poker hands would give you the tools needed to ascend from the low stakes to the big games in a timely fashion. Nowadays, to reach that level, poker players who predominantly play at the low stakes need to develop a deep understanding of the game and put in the work off the felt, if they wa
  2. Poker is about the individual. One player per hand. One spot at the top of the tournament. But perhaps now, more than ever, poker players are turning to each other, pooling their resources and knowledge to help each other move up in stakes and take down tournaments. Like boxers and MMA professionals, only one person gets their hand raised, but there is a team behind that athlete that helps them get to where they are. This is something Jordan Drummond knows all too well. Drummond is the founder and CEO of BBZ Staking and Coaching, a business with a goal of providing support, both financial
  3. Jargo Alaväli is on a plane halfway to Croatia from his native Estonia and he’s pissed off. The 29-year-old poker pro isn’t dwelling on some bad beat or a hand he misplayed, but rather a coaching seminar that he had to miss because of the flight he’s on. It’s the first time he’s had to not attend the daily seminar and it breaks a promise he made to himself when he committed to getting better at the game over a year ago. Alaväli started playing poker for fun while in university long before he considered making a career out of it. It was just him and his college buddies playing with nothing b
  4. British poker player Jon Clark got his start in poker like many his age did. He was in the latter half of his teenage years in college when he was introduced to the game by friends. Clark took an extreme liking to poker and the rest is history, as they say. “For me, my poker journey started when I was at college,” Clark told PocketFives. “I got introduced to the game by a group of friends, of which no one really had a clue what was going on. We did however start building a love for the game and would find ourselves playing on multiple occasions weekly.” [ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] [pt

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