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  1. Over the course of the 2020 World Series of Poker, PocketFives will be checking in with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay as they chase down WSOP glory. This is Episode 4 of The House of Moorman and the first after the couple traveled to Mexico to play the GGPoker bracelet events. Chris Moorman arrived in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico with his computer, his golf clubs, and some of the necessities of life in early August set to grind some of the last flights of the World Series of Poker Online Millionaire Maker flights. He and Connor Drinan actually left Las Vegas before the WSOP.com schedule wrapped with the intention of using the Millionaire Maker as the jumping-off point of what was going to be a very successful Series. Moorman bricked the Millionaire Maker flights, but a big score was just around the corner. On Tuesday night, nearly two weeks after he arrived in Mexico, Moorman began working his way through the field in Event #58 ($5,000 Six NLHE Championship). One of the bigger buy-in events on the schedule, it drew 672 entries. As Moorman got deeper and deeper into the tournament, he noticed something change. "It was a weird one because felt like I was playing two different tournaments. The whole tournament being Six Max, and then the final table went to full ring and the final table bubble had gone on so long, that all the stacks were kind of messed up. (There were) so many sub-10 big blind stacks, so it kind of became a turbo rather than like a standard tournament," Chris said. Starting the nine-handed final table with the third shortest stack at just seven big blinds, Moorman needed to get hot at the right time. That's exactly what happened. "I doubled up and thought, 'Okay, here we go'. There was a few, five big blind stacks and then actually the eventual winner shoved three big blinds on the button I remember and he somehow got a fold from the both of the blinds and managed to shove three hands in a row and come back to over 10 bigs," Moorman said. "I remember that because I was like, 'Oh my God, not even a sweat to get a ladder.' We were nine-handed for so long with ridiculous stacks, I was just thinking, 'Oh, please don't come ninth for eighth' kind of thing. Like at least cash for something good here." Nearly two hours later, Moorman was heads-up against Ravid Garbi and even though he knew Garbi had chops, the former #1-ranked PocketFiver felt like he was about to grab the second bracelet of his career. The cards had other ideas and Moorman finished second and had to settle for a $393,393 score. "I really felt like I was going to win. But if I look back at the hands, there wasn't really any hand that I'd change how I played. So it just kind of wasn't meant to be," Moorman said. "I knew my opponent was professional as well. So it wasn't like I have a huge edge or anything, so I just did the best I could and it just wasn't meant to be this time." The tournament wrapped up around midnight and Moorman wasn't going to be going to sleep anytime soon. The adrenaline was pumping and the in-house cheering section consisting of Drinan, Joseph Cheong, and Chris' wife, Katie Lindsay. The crew had a few drinks to celebrate and Moorman used the time to reach out to everybody who was railing from home and had to wait to call his biggest fan. "I was waiting to call my dad because he's in the UK, so he's like six hours ahead. So I had to wait for him to wake up. So I was just had a couple of beers and just sort of replied to everyone who wrote me," Moorman said. "I had loads of support from friends and obviously at the time I just couldn't reply to them all, I was playing. So I was just was chatting to friends and stuff, waiting for my parents to wake up and then waiting until I basically was so tired I had to go to sleep." Lindsay actually waited a week before heading down to Mexico. She finished up the WSOP.com schedule and spent some time with friends in Las Vegas before flying down with Cheong. The house the group has rented in Nuevo Vallarta is in a nicer part of town and has amenities that will make it easy to focus on nothing but poker, including a chef. "He's been amazing. The first day, I think he got a little over-excited. He made so much food. It was on a Sunday. Nobody really eats on Sunday because they're just grinding so hard," Katie said. "We had all this food. They made this great presentation and then I had to come out and be like, 'No one is coming to lunch.' They didn't totally understand, but they got it." The next night the group enjoyed a surf and turf feast complete with steak, shrimp, and grilled lobsters and somehow made room for a flambe banana foster for dessert. The house sits right on a golf course that might just be a little too much for the housemates, who have only recently picked up the game. Oh, and there's also just a lot of poker going on. "There's a par 3 course we found as well because we're not that experienced yet. We've been playing quite a bit the last few months, but yeah. None of us is good yet," Chris said. "It'd be nice to get out and about, but it's just hard because every day there's a really sick event on. You have to be in there and play." Lindsay echoes the sentiment and can't help but fire up a full schedule nearly every day. "I don't want to overwhelm or play too many tables. It's not that, you're just like, 'Oh my God, how do you not play this? It's $100K for first, $50K for first.' There are just so many good tournaments," Katie said. Before those tournaments start each day or after a the end a little earlier than either Katie or Chris want, they've got a bunch of great local amenities that they're able to take advantage of either in preparation for their day, or to blow off a bit of steam after a long day. "Lots of restaurants. The market, the grocery store right down the street from our house is so nice. I couldn't even believe it," Katie said. "I just found a juice bar right down the street from our house. Sometimes when you're in Mexico, that can be hard to find, fresh-pressed, green juices and kombuchas and healthy products and stuff. It was so cool that this is just right down the street from our house." With a $393,000 score already in the bank, you'd think that Katie and Chris wouldn't mind turning the work trip into a bit more of a vacation with some more time on the golf course and some trips into Puerto Vallarta to take advantage of some of the local dining options. That runner-up finish only added fuel to the fire though. "Now I'm actually determined. I'm getting closer, a fourth, a second ... so now I'm actually determined to get the victory," Chris said.
  2. Israel's Ravid Garbi worked his way through a tough final table that included a number of players making their second trip to a 2020 World Series of Poker Online final table before going one-on-one with an online poker legend to win his first career in Event #58 ($5,000 Six NLHE Championship). The 672-entry field was whittled down to nine players including Shyngis Satubayev, Mikita Badziakouski, Andy Hun Wei Lee, and Alan Schein, all of whom had previously made WSOP final tables already over the past few weeks of play. The final table also included Chris Moorman and Ludovic Geilich. Garbi arrived at the final table with just five big blinds. The final nine players played without an elimination for 48 minutes before the first of those final table returnees went home. Schein, who previously finished 4th in Event #55, limped from UTG+1 and action folded around to Urmo Velvelt who checked his big blind option. The flop came [poker card="js"][poker card="td"][poker card="4s"] and Velvelt checked to Schein who moved all in for 1,703,894. Velvelt tank-called and showed [poker card="jd"][poker card="8c"] which put him ahead of Schein's [poker card="9c"][poker card="9h"]. The [poker card="3s"] turn and [poker card="qh"] river were of no help to Schein and he was eliminated in ninth. A few minutes later, another one of those returnees joined Schein on the rail. Event #37 winner Andy Hun Wei Lee moved all in for 1,251,130 from middle position before Ludovic Geilich moved all in over the top from the small blind forcing Mikita Badziakouski to fold his big blind. Lee showed [poker card="ks"][poker card="jc"] and Geilich tabled a[poker card="ad"][poker card="jc"]. The [poker card="8d"][poker card="6c"][poker card="2c"] flop changed nothing Geilich stayed ahed through the [poker card="3d"] turn before hitting top pair on the [poker card="ah"] river to bust lee in eighth place. Down to just a tad more than 1.5 big blinds, Badziakouski's night lasted just five more minutes. The Belarussian poker pro, runner-up in the $10,000 Short Deck Championship, moved all in from the cutoff and Urmo Velvelt called from the big blind. Badziakouski was ahead after showing [poker card="ac"][poker card="qd"] after Velvelt tabled [poker card="9d"][poker card="4h"]. The board ran out [poker card="6d"][poker card="3s"][poker card="2c"][poker card="3h"][poker card="4c"] to give Velvelt a rivered pair and send Badziakouski home in seventh place. Those quick pace of eliminations continued and just two minutes later, Event #40 third place finisher Satubayev was the next to go. Satubayev moved all in from UTG for 7,200,000 and Ravid Garbi defended his big blind. Satubayev showed [poker card="js"][poker card="td"] while Garbi tabled [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="kh"][poker card="3s"][poker card="2s"][poker card="kd"][poker card="6c"] runout ended Satubayev's run in sixth. Geilich managed to ladder up a few spots before the the structure forced his hand. Velvelt moved all in from the button and Geilich called off his last 2,500,000 and turned over [poker card="ad"][poker card="8d"] while Velvelt had two live cards with [poker card="qh"][poker card="ts"]. The flop came [poker card="js"][poker card="7c"][poker card="2h"] to keep Geilich in front. The [poker card="th"] turn however put the Scot in a rough spot and when the [poker card="6h"] river didn't improve his hand, Geilich was eliminated in fifth place. It took 10 minutes before the next bustout and despite having had a hand in earlier eliminations, Velvelt couldn't stick around. After doubling up Preben Stokkan, Velvelt was down fewer than 12 big blinds when he called from the small blind. Garbi checked his big and the players saw a flop of [poker card="7c"][poker card="4d"][poker card="2h"]. Velvelt bet 300,000 before Garbi raised to 900,000. Velvelt moved all in for 3,270,000 and Garbi called. Velvelt showed [poker card="td"][poker card="th"] but got bad news after seeing Garbi turn over a big blind special of [poker card="4s"][poker card="2s"] for two flopped pair. The turn was the [poker card="9d"] and the [poker card="qh"] completed the board to eliminate Velvelt in fourth. Garbi found another victim just 10 minutes later. Garbi called from the small blind and then called again when Stokkan moved all in from the big blind for 4,440,000. Stokkan showed [poker card="as"][poker card="7d"] but Garbi was in complete control with [poker card="ac"][poker card="ah"]. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="tc"][7h flop gave Stokkan some hope, but the [poker card="td"] turn and [poker card="3h"] river offered no further relief and Stokkan was out in third and Garbi entered heads up against online poker legend Chris Moorman with a 2.5-1 chip lead. The heads up battled last 30 minutes with both players taking turns with the lead. Garbi took control though and left the 888poker Ambassador sitting on a stack of just 12 big blinds. Moorman called after Ravid moved all in. Ravid showed [poker card="kh"][poker card="8c"] and Moorman needed some help with [poker card="qs"][poker card="tc"]. He didn't get any on the [poker card="ah"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2d"][poker card="6c"][poker card="ac"] runout and was out in second giving Ravid his first career bracelet and more than a half-million dollar payday Final Table Payouts Ravid Garbi - $531,513 Chris Moorman - $398,393 Preben Stokkan - $292,021 Urmo Velvelt - $214,051 Ludovic Gelich - $156,898 Shyngis Satubayev - $115,006 Mikita Badziakouski - $84,299 Andy Hun Wei Lee - $61,791 Alan Schein - $45,293
  3. In the sixth instalment of the 2020 World Series of Poker online Asia time zone events, Luis 'Xapilskinha' Assuncao Garla overcame 3,247 total entries and 426 other players on Day 2 to win Event #55 HK$8,000 NLHE Asia Championship. Garla secured his first career bracelet to take home $461,709.47. There were eight different countries across four continents represented at the final table of Event #55 (HK$8,000 NLHE Asia Championship). Brazilian Luis 'Xapilskinha' Assuncao Garla came into the table with a gargantuan 40,674,090 stack with American Alan 'TheCockroach' Schein second in chips with 22,737,151. It took almost two hours of poker prior to the first elimination of the final table. Ignacio 'Curandero' Moron, who was the short stack, raised to 2,178,853 with 350,000 still behind and was called by Schein in the hijack. The players then got it all in on the [poker card="7s"][poker card="3c"][poker card="2c"] flop, the turn brought in the [poker card="Td"] and the [poker card="4d"] completed the board. Moron turned over [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Js"] but Schein showed [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Th"] for the turned two pair ending Moron's tournament journey. It took another 16 minutes for the next final table bustout. Vadas 'Vladiator13' Tamasauskas, who finished fifth in WSOP #Event 52, moved all in preflop with [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Ks"] from early position and was called by the [poker card="Th"][poker card="Td"] held by runaway chip leader Garla. It was a classic race but the at risk Tamasauskas finished in eighth for $43,180 as he failed to connect with the [poker card="Qd"][poker card="Qh"][poker card="9h"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2s"] runout. Immediately following the break, in unusual fashion, the two big stacks in Garla and Schein got involved in a big pot against each other. Schein raised to 1.4 million from the cutoff and Garla defended his big blind to see the [poker card="Qs"][poker card="7c"][poker card="2h"] flop. Garla checked to the preflop aggressor who fired a continuation bet of 1.82 million, the Brazilian called. Garla then fired a 5.39 million bet on the [poker card="9c"] turn, which Schein called. Garla continued to apply pressure with a bet of 10.78 million on the [poker card="6c"] river, Schein snap-called with [poker card="Kd"][[poker card="Qh"] for top pair but was behind the turned two pair as Garla showed [poker card="9d"][poker card="7s"]. The Brazilian held a commanding chip lead with a stack of just shy of 95 million, over 70 million more than second place Schein. As the short stacks kept surviving, it took another 15 minutes for the next tournament casualty. Alexandros 'THE Sheriff' Theologis open-jammed with [poker card="8s"][poker card="8d"] and was snap called by the shorter stack Eduards 'lIlIlIlIillI' Kudrjavcevs who had a bigger pair in [poker card="Ts"][poker card="Tc"]. Theologis delivered a fatal blow to the Latvian, flopping a full house on the [poker card="8h"][poker card="2h"][poker card="2s"] flop. A ten didn't appear on the [poker card="5s"] turn and [poker card="3h"] river and Kudrjavcevs was eliminated. Things started to pick up as the blinds grew as the next elimination came immediately. Divanshu 'd0rk21' Khurana shoved all in for 5,816,672 and his compatriot, Kunal 'Alex_52' Bhatia, called off in the big blind. Khurana: [poker card="Ac"][poker card="8d"] Bhatia: [poker card="Kh"][poker card="9h"] Bhatia, the runner up in WSOP Event #52, connected on the [poker card="Kd"][poker card="5d"][poker card="4d"] flop. With an over-card and a flush draw, Khurana still had a chance of survival but neither came as the [poker card="Qs"] and [poker card="3c"] river brought the game to five-handed play. Garla claimed another victim after calling the 11,360,972 three-bet jam by Wenhao 'pwhwin' Peng. Garla, with [poker card="Ad"][poker card="4d"], was dominated by Peng's [poker card="Ac"][poker card="6c"] but the chip leader made three of a kind as the board came [poker card="Kh"][poker card="9d"][poker card="4h"][poker card="4s"][poker card="5d"]. Peng finished in fifth for $119,212.54. Theologis then opened the action and raised to 2 million with Garla and Schein calling from the button and big blind respectively. The flop came [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Qc"][poker card="6h"] and created a whirlwind of action, it checked through to Garla for took a stab at the pot with a bet of 2.277 million. Schein then min-raised and Theologis then clicked it back to 7.831 million, Garla folded and Schein then moved all in and was quickly called by Theologis. Schein, with [poker card="Kh"][poker card="6d"], surely thought he was ahead with top and bottom pair but found himself needing help as Theologis flopped middle set with [poker card="Qh"][poker card="Qs"]. The American ended the day in fourth as he failed to improve on the [poker card="4c"] turn and [poker card="9s"] river. With no player looking to give up any ground, Bhatia was sent to rail in third. In a button versus blind battle, Bhatia opened to 2.4 million and Garla three-bet to 6.6 million and snap-called Bhatia's 21,780,380 four-bet jam. Bhutia needed a miracle as his [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Kh"] was in bad shape against Garla's [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Ad"]. Bhatia got now help on the [poker card="8s"][poker card="7c"][poker card="2s"][poker card="Kc"][poker card="7h"] run out. Going into heads up play the blinds were 600,000/1,200,000 and the stacks were: Garla: 102,973,521 (85.8BBs) Theologis: 58,864,219 (49BBs) But it only took Garla a few more minutes to wrap up the victory after maintaining the chip lead for the duration of the final table. Theologis was then in the danger zone after falling to 11 blinds. Garla had chipped away at the Englishman's stack but took a 10 to 1 chip lead after winning a pot of 37.8 million. Theologis called a river bet of 11.76 million into a pot of 14.28 million with [poker card="Qs"][poker card="Jd"] for second pair on the [poker card="Ts"][poker card="4h"][poker card="3h"][poker card="Qh"][poker card="Ks"] board but Garla rivered top pair with his [poker card="Kh"][poker card="5d"]. The killer blow was delivered two minutes later as both players were all in preflop. Theologis: [poker card="2c"][poker card="2s"] Garla: [poker card="Qd"][poker card="7d"] Garla sealed the win, his first career bracelet and a 3,551,611.32 HKD ($461,709.47) payday as he flopped top pair and held as the board came [poker card="Qh"][poker card="Ts"][poker card="4h"][poker card="5s"][poker card="Th"]. Final Table Payouts Luis 'Xapilskinha' Assuncao Garla - $461,709.47 Alexandros 'THE Sheriff' Theologis - $329,122.04 Kunal 'Alex_52' Bhatia - $234,609.77 Alan 'TheCockroach' Schein - $167,237.48 Wenhao 'pwhwin' Peng - $119,212.54 Divanshu 'd0rk21' Khurana - $84,978.95 Eduards 'lIlIlIlIillI' Kudrjavcevs- $60,575.74 Vladas 'Vladiator13' Tamasauskas - $43,180.48 Ignacio 'Curandero' Moron - $30,780.46 Faces in the Crowd A plethora of notable names made it to Day 2 and finished in the money. Bracelet winner Chris Moorman (159th - $3,712) added another WSOP cash to what has been an impressive series from the Englishman. Another player representing the United Kingdom was recent WSOP bracelet winner Roberto Romanello (120th - $4,234). Romanello became the first Welsh-born player to win a bracelet and latest player to join the prestigious 'Triple Crown' winners list with titles in the WPT, EPT and now WSOP. Alex Foxen (78th), Daniel Negreanu (77th) and Brandon Adams (75th) all cashed for $5,665. Kristen Bicknell (53rd - $5,665 ), Parker Talbot (34th - $7,948) and Steve O'Dwyer (25th - $11,149) all amassed big chip stacks at one stage in Day 2 but fell before the final table. The unfortunate final table boy was last years WSOP Main Event runner-up Dario Sammartino who finished in 10th place for $21,941.
  4. Over the course of the 2020 World Series of Poker, PocketFives is checking in with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay as they chase down WSOP glory. This is Episode 3 of The House of Moorman. Katie doesn't want to talk about it. Over the last week, her husband Chris put together four World Series of Poker Online cashes over four consecutive days to take over the household lead for most cashes for the first time since the Series began. Chris now leads 8-5. It's become a source of good-natured ribbing during the first three weeks of action. "It was always going to happen," Chris jokes. Katie is quick to jump to her own defense. "He gets to play games I don't play," Katie says. "Okay, you made the final table, but I don't even play PLO." The final table Katie is referencing is Event #20 ($500 PLO Six Max) where Chris finished fourth. That final table came at the end of a long day of drinking and somehow, donuts for dinner. "Joe Cheong came over. He plays more PLO than me, so his rule was you can't play PLO sober," Chris says. "He'd been out for lunch beforehand and he'd already had a few drinks so I had to catch up. We started drinking at 4 pm when we got into the tournament." Cheong got knocked out, but Chris kept pressing on - both in the tournament and the drinks. They hadn't made any dinner plans, so Cheong took matters into his own hands. "He went and got Pinkbox Doughnuts. I just kept getting a donut every hour and then I was on the final table," Chris says. That run to the final table included a hand that forced Chris to use all of his available cognitive function with just 50 players remaining. "I flopped two pair and the turn went check-check. I rivered a low full house - maybe the third nut full house - and I just bet for value," Chris says. "My opponent raised all in, which threw me off a bit, so I used almost all of my time bank time before calling because it was just a weird line for a bluff. And he just had absolute nonsense basically." That hand propelled Chris to the final table where he ran into another set of challenges entirely. After enduring a long final table bubble, Chris ended up seated on the direct left of Kevin Gerhart, the big stack and eventual winner. "I had the worst seat and in PLO, ICM is way more of a thing than in Hold'em. I had to hope to pick up hands and hold. I couldn't really do much," Chris says. The fourth place finish came with a $28,601 payday and even though he got close to winning a second bracelet, he was happy with how it all turned out. "I was pretty drunk, so to get a good score out of that felt like a free hit for me," Chris says. "I was just playing for some fun, having a a few drinks. I would never do that in a No Limit tournament. It was good to get a nice score out of it." That score came 48 hours after the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They celebrated by heading out to play golf in the morning and some pool time in the afternoon before jumping into Event #18 ($1,000 NLHE Turbo Deepstack). Katie busted before the money, but Chris built up a stack and was poised to put up a run. "I made a swap with one of Connor (Drinnan)'s friends who I've meet a couple of times. We had the same stack and so I swapped with him with like 30 left," Chris says. That friend was Scott 'BudLightLime' Hempel, who went on to win the tournament. "That was a fun one to watch. We were just sweating the coverage on the delay on the TV. Railing a Turbo is quite fun because there's action every hand. ... We were just having a few drinks, making money ladders. It was fun." The pair also had a house guest join them for a few days. Tiffany Michelle, who has been friends with Katie since before Tiffany made her deep run in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, made the trip up from Los Angeles to get in on the WSOP action. "She came for a couple of days. That was fun. Her and I played from the pool a lot, which is pretty funny. One of the days the umbrella flew over us into the pool and we thought 'okay, maybe this isn't a good idea' because it was windy that day so we had to get out." Having Tiffany around gave Katie a chance to kick back and relax, but didn't stop her from playing nearly every day. The only days she hasn't played a bracelet event was when it was a Pot Limit Omaha event and she used those days to get out of the house and see some friends. "Monday, I didn't play the PLO so I went to dinner with Kami Hudson. Then she came back over here afterwards and hung out a little bit," Katie says. "One other tournament I didn't play, the PLO8 I went to dinner with Kami and another girlfriend. I've only taken two off this whole time." Chris has been playing every day but hasn't found the workload to be too heavy. "A lot of these days, for example today it's the Turbo, I'm going to play the Turbo and then one other side event and then when I'm done I'm done," Chris says. "So it doesn't feel like a day of poker to me because I didn't play in the morning. I just sort of hung out all day and just playing the turbo, so for me that's a day off." Chris will be skipping the last few days of the WSOP.com events to get to Puerto Vallarta and start playing the events on GGPoker. Originally, the plan was to play all 31 WSOP.com events and then fly to Mexico to start things off with the Millionaire Maker. Taking a deeper look at the schedule, Chris realized he'd have to leave earlier if he wanted to get in on that specific tournament. "He's decided he wants to go earlier, because we didn't realize the Millionaire Maker is a phase tournament. We just saw Millionaire Maker Sunday so we thought boom we'll just finish out WSOP and fly out the first of August and play Millionaire Maker Sunday, but it's a phase tournament so you have to qualify before," Katie says. Katie plans to stay in Vegas for at least a week and catch up with some friends before flying down to join Chris, Connor and his fiance to play out the rest of the GGPoker events. There is, after all, a scoreboard.
  5. Kevin 'TheRealKG' Gerhart came out on top in the Event #20 ($500 PLO 6-Max) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online scoring a $97,511.65 payday and his second career bracelet. Besting 1,136 other entries, Gerhart started the final table as the chipleader and was dominant from the get-go. The first final table casualty was Shanmukha 'Shanmukha' Meruga. Meruga opened on the button to 560,000 and Gerhart completed from the big blind. Gerhart bet 1,200,000 on the [poker card="Ks"][poker card="9d"][poker card="3c"] flop to put Meruga all in. Meruga called for his tournament life. The at-risk Meruga turned over [poker card="Ts"][poker card="9s"][poker card="8c"][poker card="6s"] for second pair whilst chipleader Gerhart had bottom pair with his hand of [poker card="Ac"][poker card="8d"][poker card="4c"][poker card="3d"]. Gerhart improved to two-pair on the turn with the [poker card="4h"] and the [poker card="5h"] on the river ended the tournament for Meruga. Fifteen minutes later Adam 'AdamJ080584' Jones was sent to the virtual rail in fifth place. His 1,514,816 three-bet jam in the small blind was called by pre-flop raiser 'Duckmoney420.' 'Duckmoney420' showed [poker card="As"][poker card="Kd"][poker card="Qc"][poker card="6c"] which was behind Jones' [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Td"][poker card="Th"][poker card="4c"]. Jones was unable to hold as the board ran out [poker card="Qd"][poker card="9d"][poker card="5d"][poker card="Qs"][poker card="6s"] giving Duckmoney420 queens full of sixes. The very next hand, Gerhart claimed another final table scalp eliminating Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman for fourth. Moorman raised from the button to 600,000 and again Gerhart defended his big blind. The Englishman moved all-in for 933,119 on the [poker card="Js"][poker card="Tc"][poker card="7s"] and Gerhart snapped called with [poker card="Th"][poker card="5s"][poker card="7c"][poker card="9c"] for bottom two-pair. Moorman's [poker card="Ac"][poker card="6c"][poker card="8h"][poker card="4h"] improved to a pair on the [poker card="4d"] turn and despite making two-pair on the river with the [poker card="6d"], it wasn't enough to keep him in the running for WSOP glory. The action didn't let up as it went from three-handed to heads up in 14 minutes. Jenny 'Mobey' Svancara was denied the chance of becoming the first female 2020 World Series of Poker winner after Gerhart sent his third player from the final table to an early exit. In blind versus blind action, Gerhart raised to 600,000 from the small and Svancara called from the big. The flop came [poker card="Kh"][poker card="4h"][poker card="3c"], Gerhart bet 1,200,000, Svancara jammed her 2,665,016 stack and Gerhart called. Svancara was ahead on the flop with [poker card="8d"][poker card="4c"][poker card="Kc"][poker card="8c"] for two-pair but a [poker card="Jh"] on the turn meant Gerhart's [poker card="5s"][poker card="Ks"][poker card="7h"][poker card="Js"] improved to a bigger two-pair. The [poker card="5h"] on the river eliminated Svancara for a $41,290.15 score. After a back and forth heads up battle between Gerhart and 'Duckmoney420', both players took over the chip lead on several occasions. Even with a 7:1 chip lead for 'Duckmoney420' at one stage, it wasn't enough to put away Gerhart. Gerhart took the chip lead once again after fading the diamond draw held by 'Duckmoney420'. All the chips went in on the [poker card="7c"][poker card="6d"][poker card="4d"] flop, Gerhart flopped the straight with [poker card="Qd"][poker card="Td"][poker card="5c"][poker card="3c"]. The turn and river came the [poker card="Js"] and [poker card="4h"] respectively meaning 'Duckmoney420' missed his nut diamond flush draw with [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Kd"][poker card="8d"][poker card="2c"]. The final hand started with a 1,800,000 button raise from Gerhart which was defended by 'Duckmoney420'. The flop came [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Tc"][poker card="6s"], Duckmoney420 moved all in for 2,555,954 and Gerhart didn't hesitate calling the flop jam. 'Duckmoney420': [poker card="Ks"][poker card="Qs"][poker card="Qc"][poker card="6d"] Gerhart: [poker card="9h"][poker card="8h"][poker card="7c"][poker card="4c"] The [poker card="7s"] turn gave Gerhart the straight but 'Duckmoney420' was still alive with a flush draw. The spade didn't come on the river and the [poker card="2c"] put the proverbial final nail in the coffin for 'Duckmoney420' and eliminated him in second place for $60,323.53 while giving Gerhart his second career WSOP bracelet and a $97,571.65 payday. Final Table Payouts Kevin 'TheRealKG' Gerhart - $97,571.65 'Duckmoney420' - $60,323.53 Jenny 'Mobey' Svancara - $41,290.15 Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman - $28,601.23 Adam 'AdamJ080584' Jones - $20,210.17 Shanmukha 'Shanmukha' Megura - $14,479.69 Faces in the Crowd Notable names such as Daniel Negreanu (25th - $2,814.07), Shaun Deeb (36th - $2,302.42), Ryan 'JoeyIsAMush' DePaulo (51st - $1,381.45) and 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (95th - $920.97) all added another WSOP cash to their resume's but failed to reach the final table. Negreanu rolled back the years and eliminated Hellmuth. Negreanu, holding [poker card="8s"][poker card="4h"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5d"] called Hellmuth's all-in pre-flop shove. The 'Poker Brat' was a favorite with [poker card="Qd"][poker card="Kd"][poker card="Kh"][poker card="Ts"] on the [poker card="As"][poker card="Jd"][poker card="7c"] flop but the [poker card="4c"] on the turn and the [poker card="3s"] on the river gave Negreanu the straight to eliminate Hellmuth.
  6. Over the course of the 2020 World Series of Poker, PocketFives will be checking in with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay as they chase down WSOP glory. This is Episode 2 of The House of Moorman. Katie Lindsay wants to get it on the record early. With her three cashes through the first nine events of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online, she’s still holding the lead over her husband Chris Moorman, who has just two. Not that anybody is keeping score. That second cash came on July 4, when Chris finished 124th in Event #4 ($500 NLHE Super Turbo) for $795.82. It wasn’t pretty. “I had to fold to min-cash with three big blinds,” Chris joked. That min-cash was just part of their low-key July 4th festivities. They picked up some lobster rolls from a local cafe that just opened down the street from their Las Vegas home and hung out by the pool while grinding the fastest structured tournament on the 2020 schedule. “It was weird though because it didn’t feel like a turbo at all and then all of a sudden it turned into a huge crapshoot and no on had more than ten bigs on the bubble,” Chris said. Once that was over, they hung out on their dock and watched some of the fireworks that other area residents were launching into the sky. Sunday was a good day for both of them on the tables. Katie finished fourth in the $320 WSOP.com Online Championship Sunday Special - not to be confused with the WSOP Online events - for $17,497.35 and Chris took down a $75 buy-in Knockout event. He almost didn’t register for it, knowing it’s usually a smaller event on Sundays but decided to add it to the other events he was grinding on Sunday. The win was worth nearly $6,800 but it lasted well into the night. “I’d rather win a smaller tournament then come second or third in a slightly bigger one just because it’s a nice feeling at the end to at least win it,” Chris said. If I had known how long it was going to go, I’m not sure I would have registered it in the first place.” Both Katie and Chris have been surprised to see unfamiliar names walking away with bracelets through the opening week and half of the schedule. “Everyone I know in Vegas is playing it and I’ve not really had one friend at a final table yet,” Chris said. All of that was supposed to change in Thursday’s $1,000 Six Max NLHE event. “Less recreational players like playing Six Max, it’s a slightly higher buy-in.” That’s not at all what happened. 70-year-old Ron ‘MacDaddy15’ MacMillen, playing online poker for the first time in his life, beat out 1,026 other entries to win the bracelet and $188,214. The winning moment was captured on video and shared on social media. “That video is amazing. I feel like that’s what it’s all about,” Chris said. “It brings out the magic of the World Series. It’s good to see.” The success that Chris and Katie have had at the tables the past weeks is made all the more impressive by the fact that they’ve been dealing with some early-rising, noisy house guests. For the past month, renovators have been re-doing the three bathrooms inside their house, arriving each day at 8 am - but they wanted to start earlier. “They tried to start at 7. They come one day and I said ‘You can’t start at 7’. If we’re playing poker until one in the morning, it’s too early,” Katie said. The pair have developed a routine though to help keep them sane through the renovations. Katie gets to get out of the house in the morning to get a workout in and Chris stays behind to answer any questions that the contractors have. Once Katie gets home, Chris heads out to play pickleball or golf before coming back home to start the day. Fortunately for the pair, the contractors are usually out of the house before each day’s bracelet event begins. Moorman, a former #1 on PocketFives, is quite happy returning to his roots as an online grinder while live poker is on hiatus. “I enjoy (online) more. You can’t replicate the feeling of making a live final table, but it’s just so hard,” Chris said, one year after winning a Wynn $1,600 No Limit Hold’em event for $107,590. “Live poker is quite draining for me and mentally sort of challenging, whereas online if you have a bad day, you can just come back the next day and reset.” It’s the opposite for Katie. Playing events in Las Vegas throughout the year means running into the same group of people over and over again. The tourists and recreational players that populate WSOP bracelet events each summer offer a totally different dynamic and it has nothing to do with how soft the fields become. “I love talking to people. I love meeting people. That’s why the World Series is just one of my favorites,” Katie said. “Sitting next to a 75-year-old Navy vet - my dad was in the Navy - and talking about where they were stationed and I just love stuff like that. It’s so cool hearing people’s stories. They’re excitement of just being there and you just feed off that energy.” “I miss it so much.”
  7. Over the course of the 2020 World Series of Poker, PocketFives will be checking in with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay as they chase down WSOP glory. Normally at this time of year, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman and his wife Katie Lindsay are busy making daily runs to and from the Rio Hotel as they grind the World Series of Poker and various other tournaments around town. With the 2020 WSOP postponed and 31 bracelet events available on WSOP.com, the couple is bunkered down inside their Las Vegas home ready to win a bracelet - or two - from the comfort of their kitchen, or bedroom, or sure, even the pool. The No Limit Hold’em-heavy schedule plays into the strong suits of Katie and Chris and they’ll be playing almost daily, save for maybe the Omaha 8-or-better event. While the city was shut down for a while, the pair continued to find ways to keep busy. Along with putting more volume on the virtual felt, Katie has developed an at-home workout routine and Chris has been spending as much time as possible in their backyard with their dog. They’ve also recently started spending time with their newest neighbor, another crusher who moved into the neighborhood. “We are lucky to have a house on a lake so we can go kayaking or hang out by the pool,” Katie says. “We actually started playing the first event from the pool with our neighbor Connor Drinan before eventually moving inside.” The opening day of the WSOP events on WSOP.com couldn’t have gone much better for both players. Chris made two final tables before WSOP Event #1 ($500 NLHE) even started. Katie shined brightest though. She navigated her way through a 371-runner field in the $215 WSOP Summer Special $75,000 Guaranteed event to take home $20,485.80. Then she worked her way into the money of Event #1, finishing 149th for $1,003.27. Chris wasn’t so fortunate in the bracelet event, busting before the money. Not that anybody’s actually keeping score, but that’s Katie 1, Chris 0. The Day 2 narrative felt a lot like the Day 1 narrative. Chris made one final table in a mid-afternoon event while Katie binked a satellite into that night’s bracelet event, Event #2 ($1,000 No Limit Hold’em) and, like she did on Wednesday, worked her way into the money, finishing 122nd for $1,571. Chris bricked again. Katie 2, Chris 0. And yeah, they’re keeping score. They’re both hyper-competitive and have had plenty of run-ins at the tables over the years. They’re not going to take it easy with each other, the pride at stake is too much. “People that think couples might soft-play against each other have never been at a table with Chris and I,” Katie says. “Anybody who has ever played with us knows we’re super competitive.” “She loves to try and bubble me,” Chris jokes. The competition won’t end when the 31 bracelet events do. They’ll be joining a handful of other pros heading down to Mexico the second that last event wraps up and will be immediately jumping into action on GGPoker to play the remainder of that schedule. “I think the first event we’ll play is the Millionaire Maker,” Chris says. “We have to miss a few events that I’d like to play, like the Colossus, because of the overlap.” The Mexico plans include a house with a number of other pros and on on-site chef and concierge so they can focus all of their attention on the poker. That won’t quite me the modus operandi on Saturday, however. The couple will be celebrating July 4th at their house. A few cocktails, some button clicking in the Super Turbo bracelet event on the schedule, and there are lobster rolls on the menu. And maybe, Chris will get rid of the goose egg.
  8. With the postponement of the World Series of Poker, and live poker taking a back seat in general, we decided to check in on some of the 888poker ambassadors to see how they are coping with quarantine, how they are passing the time away from the live felt, and what they are most looking forward to when the coast is finally clear. Former #1-ranked online player in the world Chris Moorman is one of the most respected and successful online tournament players of all-time. He was the first player in history to break through the $10 million lifetime earnings mark and by continually grinding he currently sits at #3 on the All-Time Online Money List with over $16.4 million in cashes. Moorman continues to hold the record for the most career Triple Crowns and in 2019 PocketFives Editor-in-chief Lance Bradley presented Moorman with the PocketFives Legacy Award at the Global Poker Awards for his achievements in both online and live poker. An 888poker ambassador since 2016, Moorman has represented the online site in events all over the world including the last 888poker LIVE London Festival, where he took down the series' High Roller Event for over $34,000 putting him just $67,000 short of $6 million in total live earnings. Other than poker, what activity have you missed the most since the lockdown began? Playing pickleball with my friends. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s essentially mini tennis and anyone can pick up the game pretty quickly. 
What's the best TV show or movie you've discovered during lockdown? Upload on Amazon Prime has been a guilty pleasure of mine. Even though it’s pretty cheesy, I ended up binging it hard. Like everyone else, I’ve also been watching The Last Dance to get my sports fix. 
What is the biggest frustration you’ve had during lockdown? I’ve not really had any to be honest. I’m pretty lucky to be at home with my wife so I haven’t been too lonely. Also, I don’t have to worry about certain things that a lot of people do, such as losing a job, so it’s important to realize how lucky you are even if it can be a bit annoying being stuck at home all the time. What's the one thing about live poker that used to tilt you that all of a sudden you miss? The awful ‘funny’ poker stories people come up with at the tables that really aren’t funny at all. What have you found to be a silver lining surrounding quarantine? The amount of online poker action has been insane and has felt a bit like the glory years pre-Black Friday playing for big money with soft fields. How are you using this time to work on your poker game? Mainly by playing at the moment as the action is just too good. What is something new that you have learned or are trying to learn during lockdown? Not necessarily something I’ve learned but I’m trying to get better at running with my goal eventually by the end of the year is to run a 6-minute mile. What's the first place you're going to travel to once we're able to? Probably back home to London to see all of my family. Fortunately, I was just there in January so the gap shouldn’t be too long
  9. 888poker LIVE is getting ready to go on the road and to kick off their 2020 live tour with their first-ever stop in Madrid, Spain. The 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival will take place from January 23 - February 3 at Casino Gran Via and includes 12 tournaments, a host of live satellites, and €1,000,000 in total guaranteed prize pools. First-Ever Madrid Main Event While there are many events to get excited about during 888poker’s festival in Madrid, undoubtedly players will be gearing up to make a deep run in the €888 buy-in Main Event. Not only does the Main Event provide players a chance to become an 888poker champion, but with its €800,000 guarantee, the first-place payday will be one of the largest 888poker LIVE prizes of the entire year. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In order to make sure they hit that guarantee, 888poker is doing everything they can to help players participate. The Main Event itself has four starting flights, all of which have unlimited re-entry and plenty of time for late entry. Additionally, for players who are looking to get in for the minimum, 888poker will be running at least three live satellites that will guarantee no fewer than five seats to the Main Event. Ambassadors On Hand The 50-minute levels and 88K in starting chips are sure to entice recreational players but just in case that's not enough, 888poker is offering the opportunity to play with some of their popular ambassadors. For their first visit to Madrid, 888poker LIVE is bringing in the bulk of the 888poker ambassador roster including 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman, WSOP on ESPN sideline reporter Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Dominik Nitsche, and their newest ambassador, Russia’s Daria Feschenko. The squad of ambassadors will, of course, be battling for the first-place prize while at the same time looking to meet and greet those who come out to take a shot in the Main Event. Win A Seat Online Participating in the live satellites is not the only way to win a seat into the Madrid Festival Main Event. Online satellites are currently running on 888poker. Players can take a shot at a $1,600 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival Package which includes the buy-in to the Main Event, three nights accommodation in Madrid from January 31 - February 3, and an additional $250 in travel expenses. The direct satellites have a $109 buy-in but super satellites that help players work their way up to the $109 buy-in level start for as little as $0.01 online. More Than The Main The Madrid Festival promises poker players even more action than just the Main Event. There are twelve total events over the course of 12 days. Everything kicks off with the €220 buy-in Opening Event with a €100,000 guarantee. The schedule also includes live versions of some popular 888poker online events including a €330 Whale, €55 Swordfish, and the €110 Hurricane. The €2,200 High Roller has a €50,000 guarantee and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the High Noon Turbo may appeal to beginners with its €50 buy-in. Also included are a Ladies Event and a Pot Limit Omaha tournament. 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN 01-23 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1A €220 01-24 Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1B - 5 Seats GTD €50 01-24 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1B €220 01-24 The Thunder - €10,000 GTD €88 01-25 Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1C - 5 Seats GTD €50 01-25 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1C €220 01-25 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1D - turbo €220 01-26 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 2 & Final Table 01-26 The Breeze - €5,000 GTD €110 01-27 High Noon Turbo €50 01-27 The Hurricane - €5,000 GTD €110 01-28 The Swordfish - €5,000 GTD €55 01-29 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1A - 5 Seats GTD €110 01-29 High Roller Day 1 - €50,000 GTD €2,200 01-30 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1B - 5 Seats GTD €110 01-30 High Roller Final Day - 01-30 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1A - €800,000 GTD €888 01-31 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1B - €800,000 GTD €888 01-31 The Mega Knockout [€50 Bounty] - €10,000 GTD €115 02-01 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1C - 3 Seats GTD €110 02-01 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1C - €800,000 GTD €888 02-01 Pot Limit Omaha €150 02-02 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1D - TURBO - €800,000 GTD €888 02-02 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 2 - 02-02 The Whale - €10,000 GTD €330 02-02 Ladies Event €55 02-03 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Final Day -
  10. After a successful 2019 season, 888poker has announced the dates and locations for their 2020 888poker LIVE tour. This year, 888poker will be making at least seven stops around the world including a return to popular poker spots in London, Bucharest, Sochi, and Barcelona. The tour will also return to Tallinn, Estonia for the first time since 2016 and kick off the entire tour by holding their first-ever Main Event in Madrid, Spain. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In addition to providing players unique poker experiences on their own tour, 888poker announced their continued sponsorships of some of the most popular poker series in the world. 888poker will be on hand as a partner with CNP Spain, The Battle of Malta in October and, of course, the 51st Annual World Series of Poker taking place this summer in Las Vegas. First Leg Of The Tour The action kicks off when 888poker travels to Madrid for the first time from January 23- February 3. 888poker is holding nothing back for their first stay at Spain's Casino Gran Via by bringing a €1M GTD series with an €800,000 GTD Main Event and the promise of getting the opportunity to play alongside a host of their ambassadors. Expected to be on hand are 2014 WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, Daria Feschenko, and Dominik Nitsche. Literally two days after the Madrid stop is in the books, the team returns to the UK from February 5-9 for the first of their stops at the Aspers Casino in Stratford for the 888poker LIVE London Weekend. From there, the tour returns to Bucharest from March 23-29 for their popular stop in Romania’s capital. Last year, local grinder Darius Neagoe picked up the first recorded cash of his career by taking down the Main Event for over $69,000 and a trip to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Barcelona then provides the backdrop for the tour’s fourth stop of the year as players enjoy the action on and off the felt from May 14-25 at 888poker LIVE Barcelona. The Main Event Then, in the middle of summer, 888poker plans to be on hand as a premier sponsor of the biggest event of the year, the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event. As a key sponsor, 888poker is one of the only place players can win a seat to the Main Event online. Not only is 888poker providing direct satellites and all-encompassing packages to the Main Event, but they are helping players win a seat to their own branded $888 Crazy Eights event at the WSOP. A Strong Second Half After players recover from the summer grind in Las Vegas, the 888poker LIVE tour continues with a return to Casino Sochi in Sochi, Russia from August 6-14. Then, it’s a return to Tallinn from September 1-7. It will mark the first time 888poker has brought a Main Event to Estonia since 2016. Right after Tallinn, in October, 888poker will once again gather their ambassadors and fight in one of the biggest live tournaments of the year, The Battle of Malta. Finally, 888poker ends their year with the 888poker LIVE London Festival from November 16-29 on their home turf in London at the Aspers Casino in Stratford. All of that action coincides with 888poker’s partnership with CNP Spain and their five live tour stops taking place all across Spain from February to November. 888poker LIVE 2020 Schedule of Events DATES EVENT Jan. 23 - Feb. 3 888poker LIVE Madrid Feb. 5-9 888poker LIVE London Weekend March 23-29 888poker LIVE Bucharest May 14-25 888poker LIVE Barcelona July 1-14 World Series of Poker, Las Vegas August 6-14 888poker LIVE Sochi Sep. 1-7 888poker LIVE Tallinn October TBA Battle Of Malta Nov. 16-29 888poker LIVE London Festival Partnership With CNP Spain 2020 DATES EVENT Feb. 17-23 CNP Valencia April 20-26 CNP Malaga June 15-21 CNP Sevilla Sept. 7-13 CNP Alicante Nov. 13-23 CNP Madrid
  11. As 2019 draws to a close, PocketFives takes a look back at the year that was in poker news, going month-by-month through the biggest and most important stories of the year. In April, there was plenty of online poker news, including one player scoring a Sunday Million victory for the second time in eight weeks and operator approvals from Pennsylvania. For Second Time in 8 Weeks, 'Lucky_Jew_17' Wins Sunday Million Most online poker players dream of winning the PokerStars Sunday Million once in their lives, but the vast majority fall short of that goal. Not only did PokerStars player 'Lucky_Jew_17' achieve the highly sought-after feat of winning online poker's most iconic event, but he did it twice in the span of eight weeks. At the beginning of March, 'Lucky_Jew_17' topped a field of 11,525 entries in the PokerStars Sunday Million, taking home a career-best score of $117,222. On April 21, he won the event again with a very similar outcome. The second time around, 'Lucky_Jew_17' bested a field of 11,212 entries to earn $114,039 in first-place prize money. Earning the second Sunday Million title was made even sweeter for 'Lucky_Jew_17' because he had to top one of the top-ranked online poker players in the world to get the win. Finishing in second place was Sweden's 'Lena900.' [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Online Operators Approved in Pennsylvania In more online poker news that grabbed headlines in April, PokerStars and partypoker were among the operators approved for licenses in the state of Pennsylvania. PokerStars had previously linked up with Mount Airy Casino Resort in August 2018 so that it could eventually offer online poker in Pennsylvania, and partypoker's potential partnership comes through Valley Forge Casino, owned by Boyd Gaming. Boyd Gaming has a strategic partnership with GVC, who is the parent company of partypoker. The two global brands weren't the only operators that received approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, though. Joining PokerStars and partypoker as approved Pennsylvania online poker operators were WSOP/888poker, GAN and Kambi for Parx Casino, IGT, Rush Street, and Sands Bethlehem. Although the word was that legal online poker would be operational in Pennsylvania on July 15, the launch date was pushed back a handful of months. Eventually, PokerStars launched on Monday, November 4, and has been operating since, including recently completing its first run of the PokerStars PACOOP. Five-Way Chop in 13th Anniversary Sunday Million One week before 'Lucky_Jew_17' won his second PokerStars Sunday Million title in eight weeks, the 13th Anniversary Sunday Million took place. The two-day event started on Sunday, April 14, 2019, and attracted an enormous field of 61,342 entries. With a buy-in of $215, a prize pool of $12.268 million was generated, which easily surpassed the tournament's $10 million guarantee. Winning the event was 'wangli0402,' although he actually took home the second most money following a five-way chop. Earning the most money was fifth-place finisher 't4rz4n_21,' who took home $625,073. The other three players involved in the five-way deal were 'xbambi' (2nd - $550,689), 'idzake' (3rd - $509,664), and 'kacer148' (4th - $520,535). Quads Over Quads for Neeme at Run It Up Reno Things were good for Andrew Neeme on April 16, 2019. That's when he held pocket nines and flopped quads against John Snyder. Unfortunately for Snyder, he held pocket fives and flopped a full house. Little did Snyder know, he was drawing dead. If you thought the [poker card="9h"][poker card="9d"][poker card="5s"] was bad for Snyder and his [poker card="5h"][poker card="5c"], things only got worse for him when the turn brought the [poker card="5d"] to give him quads fives. With Neeme holding the [poker card="9c"][poker card="9s"], Snyder was not going to win this hand despite the cartwheels he was doing inside. The result was caught on the Run It Up Reno stream and resulted in one of the most epic bad beats you will ever see. Moorman Honored with PocketFives Legacy Award Another big happening in the poker world in April was the first-ever Global Poker Awards, as the industry got together to celebrate some of the game's best across a wide variety of categories. Among those to take home hardware were Maria Ho for Broadcaster of the Year, Ali Imsirovic for Breakout Player of the Year, and Paul Campbell for Tournament Director of the Year. One of the best moments of the night focused on the presentation of the PocketFives Legacy Award. The award was presented to the one and only Chris Moorman, as an honor for a player who has collected more accolades over the course of his online poker career than any player in the 15-year history of PocketFives.com. Moorman boasts more than $16.2 million in online earnings, 30 PocketFives Triple Crowns, two Yearly PLB titles, and he's been ranked #1 in the world on 13 separate occasions.
  12. The survivors of Days 1A and 1B of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event took to the Rio on Wednesday for Day 2AB. The players from Day 1A made their way to the Amazon Room, while the players from Day 1B were seated in the Brasilia and Pavilion rooms inside the cavernous convention center. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- As coverage on WSOP.com explained, there was a runaway leader after Day 2AB: "Amar Anand seized control of Day 2 almost immediately after the dinner break. Anand edged his way into the chip lead by winning a flip with ace-queen, then extended his advantage with an aggressive final two levels. He was the first player to cross the 500,000-chip mark and he's still the only player to crest 600,000. Anand finished the day with 603,500 chips, the biggest stack in the room." Fedor CrownUpGuy Holz made the most of the final level of play, doubling up after shoving on a board of J-6-5-5-8. He received a taker who had K-K and rolled over A-A for the win. Holz ended the day in 18th place with a stack of 303,900. Also still alive is Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured), the most successful PocketFiver ever. Moorman's stack shot up to 145,000 after winning a pot with 6-6 on a board of 8-5-2-8-2. The Brit ended the day just inside the top 100 at #99 with 190,700. Moorman has a record 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns, seven more than the next closest person. Then there was Brian Stinger885Hastings (pictured at top). Despite being enveloped in a multi-accounting scandal, Hastings successfully navigated through the second day of the Main Event, winning a sizable pot with K-8 on a board of 2-K-7-5-9 to nearly pass 340,000. He finished strong, ending Day 2AB with a top 10 stack of 367,300. There were numerous high-profile eliminations on Day 2AB. As coverage on WSOP.com explained, "Chris Moneymaker took an early exit when he lost a flip with ace-king against Daniel Colman's pocket queens. Jorryt van Hoofand his king-queen couldn't beat Talal Shakerchi's ace-jack during his final hand… Amit amak316Makhija got his money in even better than those two, holding pocket queens against Vivek Psyduck Rajkumar's ace-ten. Two more aces flopped, though, and Makhija joined the list of eliminations." Former November Niner Jason PBJaxx Senti was among those who made it through to Day 3 on Friday, Tweeting, "Day 2 started with a bang & ended with a whimper. Got up to as much as 150k pretty quickly, but ended up bagging 78k. Very happy with my play." Former champion Jonathan Duhamel added, "Day 2 of @WSOP Main Event is over, 177,400 in the bag, again up and down at the end, but good day overall! Back for Day 3 on Friday!" Jordan Jymaster0011Young (pictured) escaped Day 2AB, telling his followers, "Made one bad read that cost me 50k and lost a few others to end the night with 84,100. Coming back Friday to 800/1,600/200." Ryan ryanghall Hall reported, "Bagged 55,500 to end the day and I'll take it! Day 3 Friday at 800/1,600!" On Thursday, the survivors from Day 1C will migrate to the Rio for Day 2C. They'll play the same five levels that the Day 2AB players did. Then, the field will merge for Day 3 on Friday. Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP coverage, brought to you by Tournament Poker Edge. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  13. For the 13th time, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) is on top of the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. When the leaderboard was recalculated on Wednesday, Moorman rose one spot from #2 tto #1 and was last ranked atop the pack in mid-March. Did we mention that the Brit is fresh off winning the World Poker Tour's LA Poker Classic last month for $1 million? Must be nice! Moorman has been busy churning away volume online after a brief hiatus to play live poker and pen his forthcoming strategy book in Southern California. April is only nine days old and already Moorman has recorded 70 in the money finishes that are tracked for the Rankings this month for $76,000 total, an average of $1,085 each. He is the most decorated PocketFiver you'll find and has an incredible $11 million in online winnings, $4 million more than the next closest player. After moving up 12 spots to #4 last week, huiiiiiiiiiiclimbed two more places to settle at #2. He is about 60 PLB Points shy of overtaking Moorman for the #1 spot and was the runner-up in the PokerStars.fr Sunday High Roller over the weekend for $11,000 and 184 PLB Points. One of his big claims to fame came last month in a PokerStars WCOOP Challenge $215 Rebuy, a tournament he finished second in for $126,000 officially. Former #1 ranked Vinkyy shot up from #18 worldwide to #5 this week. He was last #1 in October 2013 and won the PokerStars $109 Rebuy six days ago for $11,000 and 233 PLB Points. Vinkyy has a healthy 164 tracked wins and $5.4 million in lifetime online cashes. The highest debut in the top 100 of the Rankings this week went to Jonas donut604Mackoff (pictured), who chopped an FTOPS $320 No Limit Hold'em Re-Entry event on Full Tilt for $117,000. He took down the PokerStars Super Tuesday for $121,000 last month, giving him six-figure scores, both wins, in back-to-back months worth 1,624 PLB Points combined. Mackoff is enjoying his highest position ever in the Rankings at #43. Also climbing this week was Lithuania's Merceko, who moved up 43 spots to land at #44. He won a PokerStars.fr SCOOP event three days ago for $82,000 and 707 PLB Points to help his cause and now has $1.5 million in tracked scores. Merceko is the top dog in Lithuania, where he resides in Klaipeda. Canada's ott-man87 went from #75 to #54 this week on the strength of a victory in the PokerStars $109 NLHE Turbo Cubed for $10,000 and 223 PLB Points as well as a win one day prior in the site's Hot $55 for $11,000. ott-man87 is the top-ranked player in Windsor, Ontario and just passed 3,700 tracked scores. Finally, we wanted to talk about longtime PocketFiver David Bakes Baker (pictured), who moved up 29 spots to land at #60 in the world. Baker finished fourth in an FTOPS event on Sunday for $32,000, just one week removed from taking sixth in the WCOOP Challenge Main Event for an outstanding $121,000. Those two scores were worth nearly 1,000 PLB Points combined. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB scores for each: 1. moorman1- 7,606 points 2. huiiiiiiiiii- 7,543 points 3. lukethafluke - 7,448 points 4. Sheater - 7,378 points 5. Vinkyy- 6,870 points 6. rounder63 - 6,853 points 7. bparis - 6,849 points 8. Flush_Entity - 6,785 points 9. ekziter - 6,753 points 10. VnilaVader - 6,752 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  14. Over the weekend, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) continued to dominate the online poker community, winning the PokerStars Sunday 500 outright for $87,000. He Tweeted shortly after the tournament ended, "Oi Oi won the @PokerStars Sunday 500 outright with no deals." There were exactly 1,000 entrants over the weekend in the Sunday 500 and the top five finishers were all members of the PocketFives community. In fact, PocketFivers took home almost three-quarters of the $500,000 prize pool and UK members, who included Moorman, earned $135,000. Moorman has an outstanding $12.7 million in career online tournament winnings, the most of anyone on PocketFives by over $3 million, and he just scored his record-extending 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. His largest online score came in 2011 in the Full Tilt $1K Monday for $235,000. He has won the $1K Monday twice, the Sunday Brawl twice, and his victory in the Sunday 500 marks the first time Moorman has taken down that tournament. Here's how the final table looked: 1. Moorman1: $87,400 (moorman1) 2. hneves182: $63,500 (hneves182) 3. vladulaNko: $47,500 (vladulaNko) 4. EndlessJ: $35,500 (Chipsteela) 5. Sasuke234: $25,000 (Ariados) 6. LearnToFlyy: $20,000 7. fityfmi: $15,000 8. Stammdogg: $10,000 (Stamdogg) 9. mrAndreeew: $5,750 (r4ndomr4gs) Moorman helped lead a strong showing from PocketFivers over the weekend in major online poker tournaments. Members of our community finished in the top two spots in the iPoker €25,000 Sunday Masters, PartyPoker$200,000 Guaranteed, 888 PokerMega Deep, 888 Poker Sunday Challenge, Full Tilt Sunday Major, Sunday 500, and Sunday $100 Rebuy. Check out this week's Tournament Review for more details. Congrats to Moorman on his latest Sunday Major win! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  15. [caption width="640"] Ben 'Bttech86' Tollerene was one of the Sunday Majors winners this week (WPT photo)[/caption] Ben 'Bttech86' Tollerene might be best known for being one of the best high stakes Pot Limit Omaha players online right now. Or possibly for his recent feud with Doug Polk. On Sunday he put all of that aside to take down a Sunday Major. The Vancouver resident earned $62,458 for winning the $1,050 buy-in Sunday Grand event. 'DonkCommited' finished 2nd for $46,729 and 'mamamamama70' earned $34,961 for 3rd place in that tournament. The Pot Limit Omaha version of the Sunday Grand was won by 'pantau77' who walked away with $38,657. There was a four-way final table deal in the PokerStars Sunday Million weekly flagship tournament, as 'JNETS' took home the largest score of $127,510 for his championship performance. 'Earl Hindman' was awarded a six-figure payout of $103,000 for his official 3rd place effort, 'K. Ichinose' received $81,000 for 4th place and PocketFives member 'gortsos' of Greece (ranked #460 worldwide) took home an even $78,000 for the runner-up finish. 'ImagineKing' was the winner in this weekend's $2,600 buy-in Super High Roller event on partypoker and collected $50,250. 'Nicholas_Brody' won the smaller $530 High Roller and was paid out $43,794. PokerStars player 'profit76' captured an outright victory in the Sunday Warm-Up for $59,898 following by Luke 'AlcateL00' Spalding of the United Kingdom who placed 2nd for a payday of $43,467 -- his largest career online tournament cash. 'GTGao' came out on top in the 6-max Hyper Turbo Sunday Supersonic for $36,688 and 'DrIronface' prevailed in a field of 27,500 players in the Sunday Storm for $24,193 in a deal that included PocketFiver Osmas 'osmarjnr' Alves Martins of Brazil who cashed for a career-best $19,871 in 2nd place. The $600 buy-in WHALE tournament on 888 Poker was taken down by 'dulek_jason' for $26,770 but it was 'Avskedad' who grabbed the largest payout of $30,086 in a two-way negotiation. 'IvanoBalic2' got the victory in the Mega Deep, receiving $26,644. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 5,434 entrants - $1,086,800 paid out to 764 spots JNETS - $127,510 gortsos - $78,000 Earl Hindman - $103,000 K. Ichinose - $81,000 *4-way deal bazeman - $36,423.88 Brunodellas - $25,379.17 OneTime1Time - $17,683.64 lykD - $12,321.48 $uper$ick785 - $8,585.39 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) *$325K Guaranteed 1,999 entrants - $399,800 paid out to 278 spots profit76 - $59,897.82 Luke 'AlcateL00' Spalding - $43,466.69 Powergolf - $31,543.78 (oddsbaek) markovitsus - $22,891.30 lacep - $16,612.20 JantjeBoens - $12,055.44 damourinio - $8,748.62 teambreezy - $6,348.86 STELARI198 - $4,607.37 PokerStars Sunday Grand ($1,000+50 NLHE) *$200K Guaranteed 332 entrants - $332,000 paid out to 39 spots Ben 'Bttech86' Tollerene - $62,457.85 DonkCommited - $46,728.80 mamamamama70 - $34,960.96 SamRostan - $26,156.65 manuverd0n - $19,569.54 ZeeJustin - $14,641.29 thewhippet81 - $10,954.14 Progre69 - $8,195.51 Sephirot88 - $6,131.60 (Rocco 'RoccoGe' Palumbo) PokerStars Sunday Grand PLO ($1,000+50 PLO 6-Max) *$150K Guaranteed 197 entrants - $197,000 paid out to 24 spots pantau77 - $38,656.96 azn_baller3 - $28,731.70 Unkn0wn123 - $21,354.83 SixthSenSe19 - $15,872.01 brianm15 - $11,796.89 WRUUUUM - $8,768.03 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($215 NLHE Six Max Hyper) *$150k Guaranteed 1,113 entrants - $227,898 paid out to 155 spots GTGao - $36,687.88 luk9r - $23,981.46 Ravenswood13 - $15,676.00 exposabre - $10,246.94 omaha4rollz - $6,698.14 ThinkDiffere - $4,378.37 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) *$250k Guaranteed 27,500 entrants - $275,000 paid out to 4,436 spots DrIronface - $24,193 Osmas 'osmarjnr' Alves Martins - $19,871 m4st4kill4 - $18,055 *3-way deal bosniangiza - $10,323.63 bboyjones - $7,422.80 di99k13 - $5,337.06 syleiman1990 - $3,837.40 lNormaJean - $2,759.15 wife bond - $1,983.87 partypoker Super High Roller ($2,600 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 67 entrants - $167,500 paid out to 9 spots ImagineKing - $50,250 omaha4rollz - $33,500 nicecallLOL - $25,125 (hellohellohello) FreierBoy - $12,563 advancedbetting - $12,563 cluesso70 - $9,213 D0nKanille_ - $7,538 PitschiPopo78 - $6,700 TDurdenWAR - $5,863 (joaomathias) partypoker High Roller ($530 NLHE) *$200k Guaranteed 455 entrants - $227,500 paid out to 54 spots Nicholas_Brody - $43,794 TorTor2012 - $32,533 babonatale69 - $23,888 TDurdenWAR - $18,200 (joaomathias) rdcrsnn - $12,740 Bernardo 'bedias' Dias - $9,896 Play2Parti - $7,621 Therealmoorm - $5,346 (Chris 'moorman1' Moorman) P0L4R1C3 - $3,868 (Pot4teUS) 888 Poker WHALE ($600 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 284 entrants - $160,460 paid out to 36 spots dulek_jason - $26,770 Avskedad - $30,086 *2-way deal DePittsterje - $18,132 (Bryan 'bparis' Paris) definedonk - $13,639 _Whitebear_ - $9,307 kimberslice - $7,221 flattoptony - $5,616 (Pudge714) ICrushu556 - $4,012 PokerMogo - $3,049 888 Poker Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 726 entrants - $145,200 paid out to 99 spots IvanoBalic2 - $26,644 lrdvoldemort - $19,021 JUANFRAN1973 - $14,375 asiarat - $10,817 (rataj) easylimp888 - $7,550 iGoblin1982 - $6,098 Le_Brick - $4,640 kalashnikovv - $3,194 F_uuu - $1,888
  16. Lot. Of. Action. Tuesday’s schedule in the partypoker POWERFEST was one of the most loaded yet, with two $10,300 Super High Rollers as well as ten other events in the High and High Roller tiers. When all was said and done, the day belonged to “mbtremendo”. He or she outlasted a 208-strong field full of the game’s best players to win Event #108 Super High Roller: $10,300 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event for a massive $424,112. The final table also included “Alien_Army”, who finished second for $307,840. He or she already won a title this POWERFEST, when they took down Event #082-HR: $200K Gtd PKO Mix-Max on Day 13 for $20,515 plus $5,434 in bounties. Over in the other Super High Roller, Event #112 Super High Roller: $10,300 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max Championship Event, it was “MysterioBrown” who emerged victorious. They overcame a tough final table which included partypoker ambassadors Jason Koon (2nd) and Isaac Haxton (3rd) to bank $303,421.82. Two players made multiple final tables last night. “petdet3ctive” placed fifth in Event #112 High Roller: $530 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max for $3,281.25, as well as picking up a third-place finish in Event #113 High Roller: $530 No Limit Hold’em Fast Six-Max Progressive knock-out for $6,075 plus $1,189 in bounties. Chris "therealmoorm" Moorman finished fifth in that one for $3,240 + $1,066. Meanwhile, “Doyle_B” was also having a busy night. He or she finished third in Event #107 High: $215 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max for $11,510.10, and followed that up later in the evening with another final table in Event #114 High: $109 No Limit Hold’em Turbo, finishing fifth for $1,560. Bulgria’s “SUPERSCOUSER” also took down a title, winning the Event #110 High Roller: $1,050 No Limit Hold’em for $80,675 after a heads-up chop against "TheFatMexican" ($80,675). Other winners on the day include “BateBicoPLZ”, “BateBicoPLZ”, “Watdaf”, “LaheyRandy”, “zanzibazaar”, “JaegsEZ”, “BucketsOfRain”, “CemboUnchained”, and “YOUgoValhalla”. Event #107 High: $215 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Entries: 567 Prize pool: $113,400 BateBicoPLZ - $21,262.67 MaXiMuSpkr - $15,341.65 Doyle_B - $11,510.10 Al_Magellan - $8,108.10 WhoDatt. - $5,670 KONY2012 - $3,402 Event #109 High Roller: $530 No Limit Hold’em Mix-Max Progressive knock-out Entries: 557 Prize pool: $300,000 NinjasHyper - $24,967.25* + $13,650 whofish11 - $24,673.83* + $11,930 SandaiKitetsu - $15,609.43 + $5,619 TigerVSyou - $10,995.80 + $4,880 Soupstyles - $7,689.37 + $3,662 faker432 - $4,613.62 + $5,988 Event #109 High: $109 No Limit Hold’em Mix-Max Progressive knock-out Entries: 1,614 Prize pool: $200,000 Watdaf - $16,374.99 + $9,163 holyguacamole - $11,848.62 + $3,167 batataxpp - $9,027.52 + $2,451 walkom - $6,488.53 + $967 Thanan36 - $4,400.91 + $597 whresmymind - $2,538.99 + $269 Event #108 Super High Roller: $10,300 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event Entries: 208 Prize pool: $2,080,000 mbtremendo - $424,112 Alien_Army - $307,840 ChanceSeeYou - $219,440 p0kchkmonsta - $162,240 PhileasFogg - $114,400 PlayingOnlyNuts - $87,360 MoNddLeR - $64,480 Mar10k4rt3n - $47,840 Event #110 High Roller: $1,050 No Limit Hold’em Entries: 495 Prize pool: $500,000 SUPERSCOUSER - $80,675* TheFatMexican - $80,675* Welsh187 - $46,000 polariced - $32,000 getmechips - $22,700 probirs - $16,500 NHONHOj6 - $11,750 Hahaha_Owned - $8,500 Event #110 High: $215 No Limit Hold’em Entries: 923 Prize pool: $200,000 LaheyRandy - $34,960 AstraIncognita - $24,960 Aldeberan90 - $16,620 BowserPT - $11,200 slime16 - $7,900 Wacko90 - $5,660 lippyagain - $4,000 Sa11y - $2,780 Event #112 Super High Roller: $10,300 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max Championship Event Entries: 97 Prize pool: $970,000 MysterioBrown - $303,421.82 Jason_Koon - $189,150 Ike_Haxton - $116,400 Drulitooo - $84,875 VolkZok_ - $60,625 KingJamesMVP - $41,225 Event #112 High Roller: $530 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max Entries: 105 Prize pool: $52,500 zanzibazaar - $16,422.33 slashman888 - $10,237.50 NoOnionsBlud - $6,300 Sr.Coluna - $4,593.75 petdet3ctive - $3,281.25 Badhandman24 - $2,231.25 Event #112 High: $109 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Max Entries: 123 Prize pool: $12,300 JaegsEZ - $3,098.46 CozzysDAman - $2,091 TeddybearCub1 - $1,476 cantwinapot89 - $1,045.50 ICELANDSnr1 - $768.75 DIKKEKARPER - $510.45 Event #113 High Roller: $530 No Limit Hold’em Fast Six-Max Progressive knock-out Entries: 216 Prize pool: $110,700 BucketsOfRain - $13,449.60 + $14,710 katoquny209 - $8,640 + $4,450 petdet3ctive - $6,075 + $1,189 prebzzz - $4,401 + $2,723 Therealmoorm - $3,240 + $1,066 RipRising - $2,160 + $1,443 Event #113 High: $109 No Limit Hold’em Fast Six-Max Progressive knock-out Entries: 702 Prize pool: $75,000 CemboUnchained - $6,306.18 + $5,649 IEatBears - $4,821.96 + $1,668 JusaFromUsa - $3,523.74 + $918 cbk6866 - $2,524.77 + $511 n1ceFTW - $1,761.87 + $1,212 MrWayland - $1,112.76 + $567 Event #114 High: $109 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Entries: 295 Prize pool: $30,000 YOUgoValhalla - $5,970 ANCHOAZO - $4,320 F.Bulsara - $3,030 T-BAGGIN_Felt - $2,205 Doyle_B - $1,560 birgu1530 - $1,170
  17. In the illustrious history of the PocketFives Rankings, 55 different players have managed to hold down the #1 spot. This edition of the RANK & FILE focuses on how those players did during the 2018 World Series of Poker. Paul Volpe First #1 to Grab Hardware in 2018 Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe started off his 2018 WSOP in strong fashion. He finished third in the $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty, then 15th in the $100,000 High Roller and then everything came together for him in the $10,000 Omaha 8-or-better Championship, where he outlasted 168 other players to win his third career bracelet. He is the only former #1-ranked player to have won that many. He then picked up his fourth cash of the year on Monday, finishing 15th in the $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven event. All told, Volpe has earned $757,185 this summer, the most of any former #1-ranked player. Shaun Deeb Continues Cashing While Volpe is the only one to win a bracelet so far, Shaun Deeb continues to earn visits to the payout desk. Deeb has picked up six cashes so far, two more than Volpe, for $59,808. While most of his results have been on the smaller side, he did come close to winning a bracelet in the $1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven event. Deeb made the final table, only to finish third for $36,330. Here's a closer look at all of Deeb's cashes for 2018 to date: EVENT POSITION WINNINGS $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better 44th $4,723 COLOSSUS - $565 No-Limit Hold'em 1,418th $920 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball 37th $3,937 Big Blind Antes $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 16th $11,553 $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw 3rd $36,330 $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MILLIONAIRE MAKER 965th $2,345 Deeb still has some work to do to match or beat his 2017 performance which saw him pick up 10 cashes. Fedor Holz Makes the Most of His One Event After winning his first WSOP in 2016, Fedor Holz told the poker world he was retiring from poker but would still play, just at a reduced schedule. Despite this, he's continued to play the biggest events on the calendar while skipping anything that's not a high roller. Holz played the $100,000 High Roller in the opening days of the 2018 WSOP and finished ninth for $240,265. He then took to Instagram to let people know he was headed back to Austria and won't be back in Vegas until after the Main Event. The ninth place finish marks his first WSOP cash since beating Dan Smith heads-up to win the $111,111 One Drop High Roller in 2016. Chris Moorman Only Other Former #1 to Cash Three Times Chris Moorman, who won his first bracelet last summer, is the only other former #1-ranked player to pick up at least three cashes so far this year. He won his first round match-up in the $3,000 No Limit Hold'em but couldn't win the second and ended up finishing 17th for $6,302. He followed that up by cashing in the Colossus for $1,118 and then came 191st in the $1,500 Millionaire Maker for $6,654. By The Numbers As a group, the former #1s have picked up 28 total cashes for $1,119,033 in earnings so far.
  18. In the illustrious history of the PocketFives Rankings, 55 different players have managed to hold down the #1 spot. This edition of the RANK & FILE focuses on how those players did during the 2018 World Series of Poker. Just past the three-quarters mark of the WSOP and Paul Volpe is no longer the only former #1 to pick up a new piece of jewelry. Shaun Deeb Earnings: $1,583,588 Cashes: 11 Shaun Deeb beat out 229 players including a final table featureing Jason Koon, defending champ James Calderaro, Scotty Nguyen and Ben Yu to win the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller event for $1,402,683. Deeb now has three WSOP bracelets and is tied with Volpe for most by a former #1. It's the largest live tournament score of his career by a factor of over four. His previous biggest cash came in the 2015 WSOP $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em Championship event. With 11 cashes at the 2018 WSOP, Deeb is now just one cash behind Chris Ferguson for the overall lead. Calvin Anderson Earnings: $35,772 Cashes: 8 Just one year after playing a very limited WSOP schedule, Calvin Anderson is back playing his normal pace and has so far managed to pick up eight cashes. His best result came in the $10,000 Triple Draw Deuce-tot-Seven event where he finished 12th for $19,428. Anderson also returned to his online roots to earn a baby cash in the $565 WSOP Online Pot Limit Omaha event. Eight is the most cashes Anderson has recorded in a single WSOP, breaking his previous best of six (2016 & 2013). Chris Moorman Earnings: $27,815 Cashes: 7 Chris Moorman sits just behind Anderson with seven cashes this summer. He picked up two cashes in the last week, the first coming in the $1,000 Big Blind Antes (30 minute levels) event where he finished 181st for $1,621. He followed that up with a 106th place finish in the $1,000 Tag Team event where he teamed with Jeremy Menard. Paul Volpe Earnings: $798,234 Cashes: 6 Since winning the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo event on June 5, Volpe has picked up just two WSOP cashes. He finished 14th in the $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven event and followed that up with a 32nd place finish in the $25,000 PLO event that Deeb won. Those two cashes earned him almost $56,000. Bryan Piccioli Earnings: $15,062 Cashes: 4 The four cashes that Bryan Piccioli has picked up so far this summer aren't exactly anything to write home about. He finished 1,406th in the Colossus ($920), 730th in the Millionaire Maker ($2,808) and 231st in the $1,500 No Limit Hold'em Bounty event. His best result came in the $1,000 Double Stack where he finished 58th for $9,758.
  19. In what felt like a flash, the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event suddenly just has 310 players left with Barry Hutter standing on top of the entire field. Sunday's play started with 1,182 players all still hoping to become World Champ, but over 5.5 two-hour levels of play, 872 players were shown the door. Hutter managed to do some damage on Day 4 and ended up bagging nearly six million and the chip lead. Four former #1-ranked PocketFivers managed to advance to Day 5 with Shaun Deeb ending with the highest chip count at 2,175,000. Cliff Josephy (1,985,000), Paul Volpe (1,070,000) and Chris Moorman (907,000) are also still alive. Kelly Minkin Makes a Big Call For Top 10 Stack A key moment for Kelly Minkin came late in Level 19. Faced with a decision for roughly 60% of her stack, Minkin eventually managed to call her opponent's all in river bet and tabled a paired king for second pair - good enough to beat Ivan Galinec's flopped third pair. Minkin finished Day 4 with 3,459,000, good enough for the sixth-largest stack. The Demise of Phil Ivey All eyes, including those of the viewers watching at home on ESPN, were on Phil Ivey on Sunday. The 10-time bracelet winner started the day with a decent size stack and was at one of the ESPN secondary feature tables. Ultimately, Ivey was unable to navigate his way through Sunday's landmines. Ivey raised to 22,000 from middle position before Brian Altman made it 75,000 to go from late position. After the blinds folded, Ivey called. The flop came [qc][js][2s] and Ivey checked. Altman bet 60,000 and Ivey called. The [8s] turn got both players to check. The river was the [3d] and Ivey checked to Altman who bet 195,000. Ivey moved all in for 629,000 total and Altman tank-called and showed [qs][jc] for top two pair while Ivey flashed pocket nines before exiting the Amazon Room. More Than Just Ivey Though Scattered throughout the bustouts on Sunday were a number of prominent players including former World Champions, the start-of-day chip leader, European Poker Tour champion and a number of other familiar faces. 357. Mustapha Kanit - $33,305 367. Darren Elias - $33,305 379. Liv Boeree - $33,305 400. In Sun Geoum - $33,305 409. Jonathan Duhamel - $33,305 424. Frank Flowers - $29,625 428. Dominik Panka - $29,625 492. Kristen Bicknell - $26,535 541. Todd Brunson - $23,940 543. Jessica Dawley - $23,940 547. Phil Ivey - $23,940 612. Johnny Chan - $21,750 685. Eugene Katchalov - $19,900 814. Patrik Antonius - $18,340 910. Maria Konnikova - $17,025 982. Jamie Kerstetter - $15,920 Top 10 Chip Counts Barry Hutter - 5,597,000 Alexander Haro - 5,031,000 Brian Altman - 4,861,000 Andres Jeckeln - 4,506,000 Hari Bercovici - 3,510,000 Kelly Minkin - 3,459,000 Franklin Azevedo - 3,410,000 Ubaid Habib - 3,300,000 Nicholas Newport - 3,269,000 Krasimir Yankov - 3,264,000 Action resumes at 11 am PT with players expected to play another 5.5 levels.
  20. Another great series heads to Barcelona with 888poker LIVE in the cockpit. The two week 888poker LIVE Barcelona opens on Thursday, May 24 and runs to Monday, June 4 at Casino Barcelona. All of the familiar elements of an 888poker LIVE festival are on the schedule with the usual tournament names and huge guarantees. In total, there are 14 events listed. Buy-ins range from €50 all the way up to €2,200. A grand total of €1 million in guarantees are up for grabs over the course of the festival. Among the name-brand events on the 888poker LIVE Barcelona schedule include the €20,000 guaranteed Breeze, €10,000 guaranteed Swordfish, and €15,000 guaranteed Thunder. The Main Event is a €1,100 buy-in with a sizable €500,000 guarantee. Day 1A is on May 31 with a flight on June 1 and June 2 follow. All levels are 45-minutes each and players start with a start bank of 30,000. The event allows for unlimited re-entry. The largest buy-in on the schedule belongs to the €2,200 High Roller. The two-day event carries a guarantee of €100,000. Expect to see 888poker pros in the field including Spain's Marti Roca de Torres, the winner of the 2017 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. Online qualifiers are running now on 888poker.com with seats awarded every day for the 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event. COMPLETE 888LIVE BARCELONA SCHEDULE Date Time Event Buy-in Guarantee May 24 18:00 Opening Event Day1A €220 €100,000 May 25 18:00 Opening Event Day1B €220 €100,000 May 25 20:00 The Thunder €88 €15,000 May 26 14:00 Opening Event Day1C €220 €100,000 May 26 18:00 Opening Event Day1D €220 €100,000 May 26 20:00 The Breeze €110 €20,000 May 27 14:00 High Noon Turbo €50 €5,000 May 27 18:00 The Hurricane €110 €10,000 May 28 20:00 The Swordfish €55 €10,000 May 29 20:00 The Turbo Deepstack €77 €10,000 May 30 18:00 The Lightning 8-max €66 €8,800 May 30 20:00 High Roller Day 1 €2,200 €100,000 May 31 18:00 Main Event Day 1A €1,100 €500,000 June 1 18:00 Main Event Day 1B €1,100 €500,000 June 1 21:00 The Mega Knockout €165 €20,000 June 2 12:00 Main Event Day 1C €1,100 €500,000 June 3 15:00 The Whale €333 €40,000 June 3 19:00 Ladies Event €220 €2,000
  21. FIVE THINGS is a column, written by PocketFives President and Editor in Chief, Lance Bradley that covers pressing topics and current events in the poker world today. It will appear periodically at PocketFives.com. Chris Moorman Continues to Dominate Online Almost four years to the day that he was last ranked as the #1 online poker player in the world, Chris Moorman showed everybody that he's still got it. Moorman beat out 1,261 other players to win the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for nearly $40,000. His win came just days after he picked up his 28th PocketFives Triple Crown award. Moorman's dominance of online poker tournaments is well documented on PocketFives, but when you consider he doesn't put in the online volume he used to, it becomes even more clear that Moorman is one of the elite tournament players in the world. There is one glaring omission on Moorman's resume though. He's never won a PokerStars COOP title. He has come close though. In 2009 he finished eighth in the SCOOP Main Event. A year later he finished third in a SCOOP Medium $215 NLH event. The next year he finished third in the SCOOP High $2,100 NLHE event. This year's SCOOP schedule includes 183 events and with Moorman clearly in top form right now, this might be the year that Moorman gets one. WSOP Continues to Tinker with Player of the Year In 2017, the orld Series of Poker revamped their Player of the Year points system. After using GPI and BLUFF scoring systems, WSOP decided to create their own system that rewarded cashing over winning more than the previous systems had. Once players realized this and saw how it worked, there was more than a few vocal opponents who were happy to make their feelings known. The WSOP apparently heard them loud and clear and has, for the fourth time in as many years, changed the scoring system. The WSOP promises that the new system will better reward deep runs and wins over building a resume full of smaller cashes through more events. There are still some players disappointed that the new system is going to reward players who can afford to play the bigger buy-in events. The WSOP Player of the Year award should reflect the best performance of the year. The award shouldn't exclude players who don't play the $10,000 and up buy-in Championship events, but it's hard to consider anybody the best when they don't post strong results against fields largely considered to be the toughest of the year. Germans Unhappy with Super High Roller Bowl Invites In a little over five weeks some of the best poker players in the world will be at the Aria for the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl. With the field limited to 49 players, and 61 players putting down a deposit to play, a lottery was held for the first 30 seats in March. On Wednesday another 15 names, chosen by Aria Poker management, were released and while it includes the likes of Doug Polk, Fedor Holz, Jake Schindler and Bryn Kenney, it seems that some players are upset with the names chosen. In a tweet that's since been deleted, Steffen Sontheimer pointed out that 12 of the 15 chosen were American and a number of German players who had paid the deposit were passed over. Sontheimer replaced that tweet with the following:   Whether or not the German players were excluded on purpose or not, it makes no sense for the reigning Poker Masters Purple Jacket winner to not be guaranteed a seat in the other PokerCentral events at Aria. The way to build prestige for something new, such as the Purple Jacket, is to have it mean something. Allowing Sontheimer to buy-in to the Super High Roller Bowl if he wants to, would have given the broadcast team multiple opportunities to emphasize to viewers that he is the reigning Poker Masters champion. The same goes for US Poker Open winner Stephen Chidwick. PokerGO and the Aria are building something that could be very, very special in the poker world, but this feels like a real misstep. partypoker Shows Well at MILLIONS Grand Final The Great Poker War of 2018 has partypoker doing their best to usurp PokerStars as the leader not just in the online world, but in the live tournament scene as well. The partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona last week was a showcase for exactly what they're hoping for. The €10,300 buy-in Main Event came with a €10,000,000 guarantee which they smashed with 1,175 entrants. Before the Main Event wrapped up, the schedule also included two €25,000 buy-in events, a €50,000 event and a €100,000 event. Those events drew 88, 90, 57 and 48 players respectively. All four of those events easily surpassed their €2,000,000 guarantees with the €100,000 event prize pool more more than doubling the guaranteed amount. It's a sure-fire sign that players at all levels are recognizing the financial commitment that partypoker has put behind their LIVE tour. Players weren't the only ones who benefited though. Mypartypokerlive.com provided a top-tier live stream product alongside live updates, video interviews and other content. Considering the number of years they have to make up on PokerStars in the live arena, they certainly seem to be taking huge strides. Phil Galfond Progressing with Online Poker Site In the wake of PokerStars cutting off SuperNova Elite players with no notice and the ensuing fall out from some of the impacted players, Phil Galfond began putting the wheels in motion to launch his own online poker site. He made those plans public in September 2016 and had been mostly radio silent since then. That all changed this week when Galfond announced that Phase 1 of RunItOnce would launch this summer. According to Galfond, the first phase of release will only include cash games. Multi-table tournaments and sit-n-gos are expected to be part of Phase 2, which does not have release date. In the latest update, Galfond explained his reasoning for putting out the product in various phases. We decided to stay on course and deliver part of our offering quickly while also working on changes that will allow much more flexibility in our development process going forward. This meant a sped up launch, but a slightly slower path to our final product. Whether or not Galfond can build an online poker site, and more importantly a business that can survive the online poker market of 2018 remains to be seen, but observers who are disappointed or frustrated by the pace at which they're moving forward are missing the point. Galfond could very easily have acquired the software necessary, quickly put in place the necessary marketing and customer service channels and picked up the necessary licensing to operate in some European and ROW markets, but the likelihood of failure would have been sky high. Instead, Galfond and his team are taking their time to build a quality product while also making sure the ancillary product offerings, such as the VIP rewards program, aren't just cookie cutter copies of what's out already there. In the current online poker business environment, slow and steady is bound to at least stay in the race, if not win it. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PocketFives.com or its owners.
  22. [caption width="641"] Steven van Zadelhoff followed up his great September with the #5 spot in October's PLB (PokerStars photo)[/caption] With PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and all of the other major September series' in the rearview mirror, it was back to the grind for the online regs in October. The Monnthly PLB race featured many familiar faces at the top and one of the most prominent coming out on top in a dominant performance. 'C Darwin2' ran away from the competition in October and compiled 3,930.01 PLB points. That gave him a margin of over 1,000 points versus the nearest competitor in ''. The largest score for ‘C Darwin2’ came in the partypoker $100,000 guaranteed Sunday Super High Roller. The Swede won the event for $52,246 and came away with 469.04 PLB points as a result. In total, ‘C Darwin2’ had seven results of over 200 PLB points which greatly helped his cause toward finishing as #1 and maintaining the top ranking worldwide. October for ‘josef_shvejk’ was a relatively strong one with five wins, three of which came in The Heavyweight on partypoker. #3 in the October PLB was ‘lena900,’ who is also ranked third in the world. The highest score for ‘lena900’ during the month was in the $150,000 guaranteed Whale on 888poker. ‘lena900’ earned $43,750 for first place and 418.33 points. Jonatan ‘Pot4teUS’ Hellmancomes in at #4 with a month that puts him up to the top-25 worldwide. Hellman claimed multiple wins over the course of a few dozen cashes with a win in the $150,000 guaranteed High Roller Warm Up on partypoker serving as the highwater mark. PokerStars WCOOP Main Event champion Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff is still #2 in the world and came in at #5 in the October PLB. van Zadelhoff put together a total of 2,516.35 points during October and while he didn’t have any million dollar scores, he did win four events and keep himself over 1,000 points ahead of ‘lena900’ on the worldwide rankings. The fourth Swedish player on the October PLB was ‘Discoovery.’ The #65-ranked player in the world won The Heavyweight on partypoker along with the Big 215 on PokerStars. Those two victories accounted for almost 20 percent of the month’s PLB haul. The biggest PLB score of the month came from Mike ‘Pipedream17’ Dietrich. Dietrich won the Sunday Million on October 15 for $160,168 and a whopping 1,090.69 PLB points, putting him in sixth place. The former #2-ranked player is currently 29th in career earnings with over $7.2 million. Coming in at #8 was David ‘davaman’ Lopez. Lopez shipped the $40,000 guaranteed Big 109 for 232.59 points to bring himself up to a career-high worldwide ranking of 31. Another Swede and worldwide top-10 member who made an appearance was Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren. The #3 Swedish player is top-five in the world and also top-10 in the all-time money list, making for an unofficial Triple Crown. The final member of the PLB’s 10 best was Lithuanian ‘Mikensonas.’ The best cash of the career of ‘Mikensonas’ came on October 1 when they won the Winamax Grand for $26,327. Just outside the top-10 were former #1-ranked players Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman and Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez. PLAYERPLB POINTS C Darwin23,930.01 josef_shvejk2,911.73 lena9002,816.68 Jonatan 'Pot4teUS' Hellman2,750.70 Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff2,516.35 Discoovery2,495.89 Mike 'Pipedream17' Dietrich2,465.32 David 'davaman' Lopez2,333.01 Andreas 'r4ndomr4gs' Berggren2,279.99 Mikensonas2,260.01
  23. [caption width="640"] Chris Moorman and Christopher Brammer both won their first WSOP bracelets this summer. (WSOP photo)[/caption] It took a while for the former #1-ranked players to get going at the 2017 World Series of Poker, but now that the Main Event is a little over two weeks away, the group of elite players is clearly hitting its stride. With 52 cashes and $2,561,302 in earnings through 46 events, the group still has a ways to go before matching the 2016 numbers of 110 cashes and $11,729,142 in earnings. Christopher Brammer's first bracelet win this past weekend was the second bracelet won by former #1-ranked PocketFivers this summer. It also made him the highest earning member of the group so far this year. Christopher Brammer2017 WSOP cashes: 2 2017 WSOP earnings: $528,799 Brammer beat out 504 other players to win the $5,000 No Limit Hold'em (30 minute levels) and his first career bracelet. The win was worth $527,555. It was Brammer's first WSOP final table appearance since two fifth place finishes in 2012. Brammer's only other 2017 WSOP cash was a 145th-place finish in the $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty for $1,244. Shaun Deeb2017 WSOP cashes: 7 2017 WSOP earnings: $195,198 While Shaun Deeb has yet to win a bracelet this summer, he's managed to find the cashier's cage seven times, the most of any former #1-ranked player. Of the seven cashes, just one was a final table. Deeb finished second to Ben Yu in the $10,000 Triple Draw Deuce to Seven event for $143,842. His next biggest score came in the $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship where he finished 12th for $12,318. Chris Hunichen2017 WSOP cashes: 2 2017 WSOP earnings: $363,646 Chris Hunichen made it through 572 other players in the $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em event only to lose heads-up with Russia's Nadar Kazhmazov. The $358,677 score is Hunichen's biggest at the WSOP. His previous was $229,575 for a sixth place finish in the 2013 Millionaire Maker. Yevgeniy Timoshenko2017 WSOP cashes: 3 2017 WSOP earnings: $228,746 In the same event that Brammer won, Yevgeniy Timoshenko finished third for $223,574, his third largest WSOP cash behind a 22nd place finish in the 2013 Main Event and a runner-up in the $25,000 Heads-up Championship in 2011. His other two cashes this summer were a 821st place finish in the Millionaire Maker and a 86th place finish in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha event.
  24. [caption width="640"] Chris Moorman has finally crossed his name off of the 'Best Players Without a Bracelet' list after capturing the K Six Max on Friday (WSOP photo)[/caption] Wow, what a day. Friday at the 2017 World Series of Poker saw the all-time leading money winner in online tournaments win his very first bracelet, having endured multiple runner-up finishes over the years. Two more bracelet winners were also crowned, two new events got going, and three more tournaments chalked up another day. Oh, and Daniel Negreanu is close to his seventh bracelet yet again. Here’s a look at all of Friday’s action. Chris Moorman adds a WSOP bracelet to his epic resume If there’s one name synonymous with online poker tournaments, it’s Chris ‘Moorman1’ Moorman. The 31-year-old Brit has won more than anyone in the format - more than $14 million to be precise - as well as more than $5 million in live earnings and a WPT title. You can now add a WSOP bracelet to his accomplishments, after he took down the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed for $498,682. It almost wasn’t to be, though. When play reached the official final table, Moorman was all-in with ace-king against the pocket jacks of Steve Sung. A miracle ace on the river saved his tournament life. From there they saw the start-of-day chip leaderMax Silver bow out, followed by John Gorsuch, Sung, and Michael Gagliano in third. Moorman had slightly more than a 2:1 chip lead when he got heads up against Brazil’s Bernardo Dias, and that meant two rowdy rails as the Brazilians and Brits are known for their side-stage support. The Brit never lost the chip lead throughout the battle, but every time Dias got short he found a double. In the end though, he open jammed for around 20 big blinds with king-ten, and Moorman snap-called with ace-king, which held up. Moorman then celebrated in style with a ‘shoe bomb’ (a jaegerbomb shot drunk out of his own shoe) alongside his rail, which included his wife Katie, and some of the UK’s leading players such as Craig McCorkell, Toby Lewis, Niall Farrell, Chris Brammer, and Tom Middleton. “I feel like anytime you win live, it's just a lot more real,” Moorman said. “All your friends are there celebrating with you and particularly a lot of my online success was when I was living in the U.K. I would be playing all through the night and maybe win a tournament about five or six in the morning and I would just be there on my own.” Having the bracelet under his belt, Moorman’s optimistic for the rest of the series. “The series is still young, there are plenty of more events out there,” he added. “I’ve already had three cashes, including this one, and I feel great and confident. Hopefully, I can make a final table and if not, hopefully, some more Brits do and I can be on the rail and support them and I would be just as happy, to be honest." Final table payouts: Chris Moorman - $498,682 Bernardo Dias - $308,166 Michael Gagliano - $210,139 Steve Sung - $145,634 John Gorsuch - $102,605 Max Silver - $73,510 Venezuela’s first bracelet comes as Joseph Di Rosa Rojas wins The Marathon Joseph Di Rosa Rojas is the first player from Venezuela to win WSOP gold (WSOP photo)[/CAPTION] The unknown player from Venezuela came into the home straight of the $2,620 Marathon with the lead, and he never lost it, running that chip lead all the way to victory. Joseph Di Rosa Rojas not only captured his first gold bracelet and $690,469 - more than ten times his career earnings before tonight; he also took down the first ever bracelet for his home country of Venezuela. It was by no means an easy final table, what with the likes of Tim Reilly, Julien Stuer, Faraz Jaka and Maurice Hawkins all taking seats. But by the time Rojas found himself heads-up against Alexander Lynskey, he had built up an impressive 8:1 chip advantage. In the final hand, Rojas limped on the button only for Lynskey to shove with the [poker card="9c"][poker card="6c"]. Rojas snap-called with the [poker card="tc"][poker card="td"], leaving Lynskey in dire straits. That is, until the [poker card="qc"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6d"] flop hit the felt, giving him two pair. Now it was Rojas who needed to improve, and he did so quickly on the [poker card="qh"] turn, giving him a bigger two pair. The [poker card="5h"] completed the board, and that meant victory for Rojas. When asked how he felt about capturing the first bracelet for Venezuela, Rojas laughed, "I don't know, maybe tomorrow I will know!" Final table payouts: Joseph Di Rosa Rojas- $690,469 Alexander Lynskey - $426,663 Jeffrey Tomlinson - $307,728 Tim Reilly - $224,316 Julian Stuer - $165,277 Faraz Jaka - $123,105 Andrew Jernigan - $92,705 Pratik Ghatge- $70,590 Maurice Hawkins - $54,356 Brian Brubaker takes down $1,500 Triple Draw Deuce for $109,967 [caption width="640"] Brian Brubaker topped the 326-player field in the ,500 Triple Draw Deuce to Seven (WSOP photo)[/caption] While he’s not a household poker name like Moorman, Los Angeles-based mixed game pro Brian Brubaker showed his worth on Friday by winning the $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw. First prize in this event was $109,967, and it would take two hours of heads-up play against start-of-final table chipleader Brendan Taylor before Brubaker could capture his first gold bracelet. The entire final table only took five hours, showing how much of a battle the final duel was. Rewinding back to the start of the final table, the first players to fall wereRick Fuller and Dean Kerl in sixth and fifth respectively, before professional German soccer player Max Kruse exited in fourth, taking his rowdy rail with him. Jason Riesenberg then busted in third, leaving Taylor - seeking his second gold bracelet - up against Brubaker. The lead swung back and forth several times, but ultimately Brubaker began to pull away, grinding down his opponent. In the final hand Brubaker patted a nine-low, and Taylor held a four-card eight-low before drawing one. He had outs, but it came an eight on the river to pair his hand, giving Brubaker the victory. "It was a lot of fun. Pretty intense, there were a lot of swings throughout the final table," Brubaker said. "Luckily, I pretty much just won the majority of the [heads-up] pots and went straight up. "I guess I'm pretty good at draw altogether, especially in a tournament," he added. "I make some adjustments in tournaments I think are successful. I don't know if they're necessarily what other people would say are good. But, I've been successful with it and now I have something to prove it.” Final table payouts Brian Brubaker - $109,967 Brendan Taylor - $67,952 Jason Riesenberg - $43,597 Max Kruse - $28,740 Dean Kerl - $19,482 Rick Fuller - $13,591 Eddy Sabat bags chip lead in $2,500 No Limit Hold’em Day 2 of Event #29 has seen the 1,086 starting field decrease to just 30 players, all of whom with return on Saturday. Eddy Sabat holds the most chips with 1.86 million, followed by Asi Moshe (921K) and Tom Thomas(861K). Scott ‘Aggro Santos’ Margereson is also still in contention (712K), as is Chi Zhang (674K), Giuseppe Pantaleo (568K), Curt Kohlberg(376K), John Dolan(305K), Jonathan Abdellatif(252K), 2015 November Niner Federico Butteroni (236K), and start-of-the-day chip leader Pablo Fernandez(132K). The prize pool of $2,443,500 has created a healthy first-place prize of $456,822. Play resumes on Saturday with all players guaranteed $10,868. Top 10 chip counts: Eddy Sabat - 1,866,000 Asi Moshe - 921,000 Tom Thomas - 861,000 Jamie Armstrong - 756,000 Scott Margereson - 712,000 Henric Stenholm - 676,000 Chi Zhang - 674,000 James Calvo - 572,000 Giuseppe Pantaleo - 568,000 Charalampos Lappas - 526,000 Daniel Negreanu leads $10K H.O.R.S.E finale As Day 2 neared its end, Daniel Negreanu managed to increase his chip lead and will come into Saturday’s Day 3 of the $10,000 HORSE Championship way out in front. Just 15 of the 150 players who started remain, including recent two-time bracelet winner David Bach, three-time bracelet winner Brian Rast, and five-time bracelet winner Jason Mercier, who also happens to be the defending champion. There’s $383,208 for the winner, but all that will be on Negreanu’s mind after several close calls will be the gold bracelet. If he can capture it, it’ll be his seventh. Play resumes at 2pm Saturday. Final 15 chip counts Daniel Negreanu - 1,213,000 Scott Bohlman - 756,000 Don Zewin - 704,000 Richard Chase - 647,000 David Bach - 572,000 Brian Rast - 553,000 Jason Mercier - 541,000 Yuebin Guo - 513,000 Jerry Wong - 457,000 Eric Rodawig - 334,000 Mack Lee - 319,000 Anthony Zinno - 283,000 Andrew Brown - 282,000 Phillip Wallace - 226,000 Mark Gregorich - 137,000 Senior’s Event and $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo kick off Two more tournaments got started on Friday: the $1,000 Senior’s No Limit Hold’em Championship, and the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Mix. A massive starting field of 5,389 entered the Senior’s, with 809 making the money. Well, we ended Day 1 with just 694, meaning the bubble burst on Day 1 and everyone is already guaranteed $1,587, but all have their eyes set on the $617,303 first-place prize. The mean leading the way when the chips were bagged was Kevin Dowling, who managed to spin his 5,000 starting stack up to 160,800. Also returning for Day 2 will be Georgios Karakousis (158,300), Martinus Kaspers (157,300), Jim Earnest (142,600), David James (135,000),Greg Raymer (101,400), defending champion Johnnie Craig (95,000), Dan Heimiller (22,500), Bill Klein (23,300), Cliff Josephy(19,900) and Joe Somerville (7,000). Chris Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen, Billy Baxter, Mike Sexton, Men Nguyen, and Barry Greenstein all entered, but failed to bag chips. Top 10 chip counts Kevin Dowling - 160,800 Georgios Karakousis - 158,300 Martinus Kaspers - 157,300 David James - 142,600 Jim Earnest - 135,000 Bill Maness - 121,300 Jim Ernest - 114,000 Gina Bacon - 108,500 Greg Raymer - 101,400 Dan Schmiech - 101,400 Meanwhile over in the Omaha event, it was Daniel Zack who ended the day on top with 92,375. The 688 field was whittled down to 224, and there are plenty of well-knowns returning tomorrow. A few of those who made it through include Igor Sharaskin (85,500), Allen Kessler (73,450), Leif Force (70,050), Sam Farha (43,775), Lee Markholt (32,900), Nikolai Yakovenko (32,800), Yuval Bronshtein (28,125), Mike Matusow (23,175), Phil Hellmuth(21,650), Rob Mizrachi (18,850), Mike Sexton (18,450) and Benny Glaser(15,300). Top 10 chip counts Daniel Zack - 92,375 Igor Sharaskin - 85,500 Allen Kessler - 73,450 Leif Force - 70,050 David Brookshire - 58,300 Alan Sternberg - 44,000 Sam Farha - 43,775 Orlando Romero - 41,575 Regina Hampton - 37,300 Stephen Johnson - 36,100
  25. [caption width="640"] One bracelet win in the books already for Former #1s thanks to Chris Moorman (WPT photos)[/caption] In the storied history of the PocketFives Rankings, no player is more decorated than Chris Moorman. He’s hit the #1 spot 13 times in his career, he’s won over $14,000,000 in online poker tournaments, he’s collected a total of 25 Triple Crown wins. He’s never been able to take that success and transfer it to the World Series of Poker though. Until now. Moorman’s win in the $3,000 Six Max No Limit Hold’em event was the only bracelet won by former #1-ranked players on PocketFives as the group inches closer and closer to more than $1 million in cashes this summer through 31 events. Chris Moorman2017 WSOP cashes: 3 2017 WSOP earnings: $505,759 Moorman beat out 958 other players, including a final table with Max Silver, Steve Sung and Bernardo Da Silveira Dias, to win the first bracelet of his career and $498,682. It’s the fourth largest score of his career and biggest he won the World Poker Tour LA Poker Classic in 2014. It was his fifth career WSOP final table and third in a Six Max tournament. He also picked up two smaller cashes earlier in the Series. He picked up $4,418 for a 285th place finish in Colossus and another $2,659 in the Millionaire Maker where he finished 834th. Jordan Young2017 WSOP cashes: 1 2017 WSOP earnings: $242,160 The earliest sign of a big score from the former #1s came from Jordan Young in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event in the first week. Young took home $242,160 but ultimately fell one spot short of winning his first WSOP bracelet with a second place finish. It was his first WSOP final table since 2011 and just the second of his career. Shaun Deeb2017 WSOP cashes: 4 2017 WSOP earnings: $23,852 Shaun Deeb leads the way with the most cashes so far this summer (4) but with earnings of $23,852 over those four events, and a number of $10,000 Championship events already come and gone, Deeb might be on the net-negative side of the ledger so far. Deeb had a small cash in the $565 Pot Limit Omaha event for a 248th place finish but has had three close calls with 26th, 13th and 20th place showings so far. One or two hands go a different direction in any of those three and we could be talking about a much bigger score. The group of 40 players has cashed just 33 times so far for a total of $959,686 in earnings. That’s far cry from last year when the same group combined for $11,729,142 from 110 cashes, including three bracelet wins (Fedor Holz, Paul Volpe and Deeb).

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