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  1. Chris Moorman is without a doubt one of the best ever to take up online tournament poker. His resumé is the envy of many and is littered with success after success. With a World Series of Poker bracelet, countless online Triple Crowns, and over $16 million in online total earnings, the Englishman has done it all on the virtual felt. But even in his illustrious poker career, the former #1-ranked PocketFiver has encountered a couple of hands that have kept him lying awake late at night. Despite trying to stress the importance of not dwelling on hands in poker, a moment Moorman immediately looks back to is in the 2008 World Series of Poker Europe. Along with Johnny Lodden, the pair had been taking turns to bust the bubble with their big chip stacks, in this particular hand the big blind who was a short stack, decided to head to the bar to avoid being the unfortunate bubble. “Johnny and I had big stacks, with myself around the 100 big blind mark and I looked down at pocket kings," Moorman said. “I was more than happy to get all of the money in until I saw he had pocket aces. Even then I was still in shock as the situation was such a setup given the dynamics.” Fortunately for Moorman, he still had a stack of around 20 big blinds after the big clash to try and lock up a min-cash in excess of $46k which would have been his biggest live cash ever by far at the time. However, it would only be moments after that when Moorman would experience the hand that still haunts him to this day. It's one, he admits, he should have approached far differently. “An aggressive Scandinavian player opened for 3x, like everyone did back then, and I had pocket nines.” With still four players away from the money, Moorman thought best to re-raise to half his stack to give off the vibe that he was holding a premium hand to get hands like ace-queen to fold. “I was pretty sure this guy was raising wide enough to make it a profitable play, unfortunately, I misclick min re-raised which easily priced him in to see a flop.” And as one can imagine in a spot like this, how does the flop come? Of course, all the overcards came down, an ace, a king and a queen to be precise. Still, with the villain in the hand having a wide range, Moorman decided to try and end the hand with a small continuation bet. This was then met with an almost instantaneous all-in shove, after a quick eye-roll, Moorman mucked his hand whose chip stack was now on life support. “What a disaster," he said. "After the hand I was left very short and ultimately lost a flip to not even cash the tournament after three and a half days play and having been chip leader on the bubble. “It wasn’t until almost three years later that I was to beat that min-cash amount in a live tournament and I did use to wonder if I’d blown the best chance I’d ever have to win a big live tournament.”
  2. It has been a monumental week for England's Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured), and that's probably an understatement. He started off March by becoming the first PocketFiver ever to earn four Monthly PLB titles, blowing away the competition in February by over 800 points, one of the widest margins ever. On Wednesday, he ascended back to the top of the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings, his 12th stint at #1. On Thursday, one day after he became the #1 player on PocketFives, Moorman won the World Poker Tour's LA Poker Classic for $1 million. "I finally did it! #lapc2014 #champ," Moorman posted on Twitter. He started the final table second in chips and got off to a hot start, taking down the first three hands and six of the first nine. It took all of 26 hands for Moorman to overtake Michael Rocco for the chip lead, and the most successful PocketFiver ever padded his edge by dispensing of Josh Neufeld in fifth place. Neufeld 4bet all-in before the flop with A-10 of hearts and Moorman looked him up with pocket tens. No drama was in store and Moorman scooped the pot to stack 163 big blinds, more than twice the second place total. Moorman won 14 of the first 40 pots, the most of anyone, but Rocco charged ahead, claiming seven of the next 20 pots compared to Moorman's three. Then, Patrick Bruel doubled through Moorman, Glenn Lafaye doubled through Bruel, and suddenly, Moorman, albeit by a small margin, was the low man on the totem pole. On the 102nd hand of final table play, Rocco doubled through Moorman, who was left with 23 big blinds. However, Moorman managed to buck Bruel from the LAPC shortly thereafter. Bruel moved all-in on a flop of J-8-2 and Moorman called, flipping over A-J for top pair, top kicker. Bruel showed K-8 for second pair and a running 9-Q sealed the deal for Moorman, who moved into second place and scored his second knockout. A three-way all-in trimmed the table even further. Rocco was all-in pre-flop with A-8, Moorman had 10-10, and Lafaye had both of his opponents covered with Q-J of diamonds. The flop came K-Q-J, giving Lafaye two pair, and a three on the turn set up what would have been a double elimination for the LAPC title. However, an ace on the river gave Moorman Broadway and sent Rocco to the rail. Moorman Tweeted about the miracle river card, "Ace on the river! Heads-up for it all now!" Moorman and Lafaye were virtually deadlocked in chips entering heads-up play. The Brit put on a clinic from there, at one point building a 7:1 chip lead. Lafaye doubled through to cut the gap to 3:1, but couldn't gain any more momentum. On the final hand of the WPT LAPC, Lafaye pushed all-in with 5-4 for an open-ended straight draw on a flop of J-6-7. It wasn't meant to be, as Moorman woke up with aces and held on for the win. Moorman knocked out four of his five final table opponents at his first WPT final table. In addition to the million bucks, Moorman took home a WPT Champion's Trophy, a Commerce Remington trophy, and a pair of Monster 24K headphones. Not too bad. Here were the payouts from the 2014 WPT LAPC: 1. Chris moorman1 Moorman - $1,015,460 2. Glenn Lafaye - $662,840 3. Michael Rocco - $423,440 4. Patrick Bruel - $332,190 5. Josh Neufeld - $264,520 6. Adam Friedman - $200,440 Congratulations for Moorman poured in on Twitter, where poker pro Jude Ainsworth wrote, "Congrats @Moorman1, sick result and well deserved." Craig mcc3991 McCorkell added, "Woke up to some great news! Congrats @Moorman1 #winningplayer." According to the Hendon Mob, Moorman has nearly $4 million in live tournament cashes and is #12 on the all-time money list for England. The LAPC marked his second seven-figure live score; the other came as a result of a runner-up finish in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event in Cannes three years ago. He has the highest earnings of anyone in the world on PocketFives at $10.9 million. Congrats on Moorman on his WPT win! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  3. For the 13th time, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) is on top of the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. When the leaderboard was recalculated on Wednesday, Moorman rose one spot from #2 tto #1 and was last ranked atop the pack in mid-March. Did we mention that the Brit is fresh off winning the World Poker Tour's LA Poker Classic last month for $1 million? Must be nice! Moorman has been busy churning away volume online after a brief hiatus to play live poker and pen his forthcoming strategy book in Southern California. April is only nine days old and already Moorman has recorded 70 in the money finishes that are tracked for the Rankings this month for $76,000 total, an average of $1,085 each. He is the most decorated PocketFiver you'll find and has an incredible $11 million in online winnings, $4 million more than the next closest player. After moving up 12 spots to #4 last week, huiiiiiiiiiiclimbed two more places to settle at #2. He is about 60 PLB Points shy of overtaking Moorman for the #1 spot and was the runner-up in the PokerStars.fr Sunday High Roller over the weekend for $11,000 and 184 PLB Points. One of his big claims to fame came last month in a PokerStars WCOOP Challenge $215 Rebuy, a tournament he finished second in for $126,000 officially. Former #1 ranked Vinkyy shot up from #18 worldwide to #5 this week. He was last #1 in October 2013 and won the PokerStars $109 Rebuy six days ago for $11,000 and 233 PLB Points. Vinkyy has a healthy 164 tracked wins and $5.4 million in lifetime online cashes. The highest debut in the top 100 of the Rankings this week went to Jonas donut604Mackoff (pictured), who chopped an FTOPS $320 No Limit Hold'em Re-Entry event on Full Tilt for $117,000. He took down the PokerStars Super Tuesday for $121,000 last month, giving him six-figure scores, both wins, in back-to-back months worth 1,624 PLB Points combined. Mackoff is enjoying his highest position ever in the Rankings at #43. Also climbing this week was Lithuania's Merceko, who moved up 43 spots to land at #44. He won a PokerStars.fr SCOOP event three days ago for $82,000 and 707 PLB Points to help his cause and now has $1.5 million in tracked scores. Merceko is the top dog in Lithuania, where he resides in Klaipeda. Canada's ott-man87 went from #75 to #54 this week on the strength of a victory in the PokerStars $109 NLHE Turbo Cubed for $10,000 and 223 PLB Points as well as a win one day prior in the site's Hot $55 for $11,000. ott-man87 is the top-ranked player in Windsor, Ontario and just passed 3,700 tracked scores. Finally, we wanted to talk about longtime PocketFiver David Bakes Baker (pictured), who moved up 29 spots to land at #60 in the world. Baker finished fourth in an FTOPS event on Sunday for $32,000, just one week removed from taking sixth in the WCOOP Challenge Main Event for an outstanding $121,000. Those two scores were worth nearly 1,000 PLB Points combined. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB scores for each: 1. moorman1- 7,606 points 2. huiiiiiiiiii- 7,543 points 3. lukethafluke - 7,448 points 4. Sheater - 7,378 points 5. Vinkyy- 6,870 points 6. rounder63 - 6,853 points 7. bparis - 6,849 points 8. Flush_Entity - 6,785 points 9. ekziter - 6,753 points 10. VnilaVader - 6,752 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  4. There was a major shakeup this week atop the PocketFives Poker Rankingswhen the leaderboard was recalculated on Wednesday. Let's start with last week's #1, Chris moorman1Moorman, who slid to #5 with 7,225 PLB Points. It was, incredibly, Moorman's 21st stint at #1 and he remains within striking distance of the top spot, which Sweden's Anton VnilaVader Herrmann (pictured) now owns with 7,516 PLB Points. Herrmann has had quite a blockbuster week. On Sunday, he won the FTOPS Two-Day Event on Full Tilt Pokerfor $109,000 and 742 PLB Points. The tournament, which drew 787 entrants, had a prize pool that passed $550,000 and Herrmann netted the largest tracked online cash of his career in the process. He has $2.7 million in online winnings and plays as mrbraton Full Tilt and MORTIIIIIIIIon PokerStars. Swedes continue to have a death grip on the Rankings, owning three of the top four spots and half of the top 12. Since Christmas, Swedes have held the top spot in the Rankings for all but three weeks. There are 470 Swedish online poker players on PocketFives who have PLB scores. Rick TheClaimeer Trigg (pictured) moved up from #14 to #7 this week, one spot off his highest position ever. Since April began, Trigg has amassed $75,000 in tracked scores across 60 in the money finishes, an average of $1,250 each. He is from Sheffield, England and won a Grosvenor UK Poker Tour live event last November for $84,000. Sweden's inhoo also made waves this week, moving up from #22 worldwide to #8. He won the PokerStars Big $162 on April 7 for $21,000 and is up to $4.1 million in online earnings. Despite being ranked #8 worldwide, inhoo is #4 in his home nation and has been a member of PocketFives since the Beijing Olympics. As we mentioned, the top 10 received quite a makeover this week, including the addition of r4ndomr4gs, who rose 21 spots to land at #10, three off his all-time high. The Swede won the PokerStars Hot $75 on Monday for $11,000, one day after taking down the Sunday Supersonic for $56,000 officially and 566 PLB Points. He has $3.6 million in tracked scores from 2,600 in the money finishes. Outside of the top 10, PureCash25 (pictured) rocketed from #42 to #17 on the strength of three five-figure scores already in April, including wins in the PokerStars Big $22 and $215 Rebuy on back-to-back days last week for $33,000 total. He is the top-ranked PocketFiver in British Columbia, Canada. Finally, we wanted to single out Scotland's Niall firaldo Farrell, who re-entered the top 100 at #35. Usually, the highest-ranked new player in the top 100 is in the 60s or 70s, but Farrell managed to jump all the way to #35. The cause: a $236,000 victory in the FTOPS Main Event that was worth 1,238 PLB Points, one of the largest totals you'll see for a single cash. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: 1. VnilaVader - 7,516 points 2. lukethafluke - 7,485 points 3. huiiiiiiiiii - 7,481 points 4. Sheater - 7,362 points 5. moorman1 - 7,225 points 6. Flush_Entity - 6,962 points 7. TheClaimeer - 6,904 points 8. inhoo - 6,833 points 9. bparis - 6,832 points 10. r4ndomr4gs - 6,813 points Congrats to all of our ranked members this week! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  5. After a seven-week hiatus from the online poker world due to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) headed back to his computer and quickly earned his 21st PocketFives Triple Crown, extending his own record. He has ten more Triple Crowns than the next closest PocketFiver and has pretty much dominated every award we have on our site. This time, Moorman won the iPoker €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy for $3,600, the Full Tilt Poker Benjaminfor $6,500, and the Winamax High Roller for $20,000 to round out his 21st Triple Crown. Moorman told PocketFives in an exclusive interview, "I'm exhausted. I played a 19-hour session on Sunday, waking up at 5.30am to get in the Kickoff and ended up one-tabling the nightly on PokerStars to get a third place finish at 1:00am." Yes, even with the Triple Crown, Moorman is still grinding his ass off. The Winamax High Roller was the cherry on top of his Triple Crown and the two-day event on the EU-facing Winamax is played six-max. Accordingly, Moorman told us, "The Winamax High Roller is one of my favorite tourneys. I've won it four times now, two of which happened to be on a Sunday when it is much bigger." Moorman was the runner-up in the WSOP's Six-Max Championship three years ago, a game that plays to his skill set. "I've always said that six-max is my favorite game," Moorman noted. "You get to play more hands and put more pressure on your opponents because they will have marginal hands in a lot of situations. Full ring tournaments are sometimes a competition of who can get the most premiums/cooler spots in their favor, whereas in six-max, you really have to work for your chips. In six-max, you get to build stronger dynamics with your opponents and take creative lines a lot more often." He returned from Nevada last Tuesday and quickly lost $5,000. He said, "I guess that was the wake-up call I needed and fortunately it has been going much better since." He did not record an online tournament score between June 8 and July 29. Moorman had one in the money finish this year at the WSOPat the Rio and said it was due to what he called a "lack of preparation." The Brit explained, "I had some visa issues arise the week before it started. That meant that I missed the first half of the WSOP. Once I finally did arrive, I feel like I was too eager to make up for lost time and unfortunately didn't bring my A-game." Finally, Moorman has a book coming out on November 18 appropriately entitled "Moorman's Book of Poker" (not to be confused with the "Book of Mormon"). It's being published in conjunction with D&B Poker, with Moorman saying, "At first, it seemed like it was going to be a tough task to write. In all, I've written over 50,000 words, which is not a small task, but I've really enjoyed putting it together. Now that it's essentially finished, I'm really glad I decided to do it." Visit our Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to get your own award. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  6. Last month, David Quang (pictured), who goes by d.quangon PocketFives, took down the PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments Big $109 for $26,700 after a heads-up chop and earned 437 PLB Points. It was his third largest score to date, trailing two Super Tuesday final tables in back-to-back months last year. --- Follow professional sports tipsters, make your own betting tips, and compete for real cash prizes. Tipdayis the ultimate sports tipping resource. Check it out. --- "The early stages of this Carnival tournament were somewhat the same as a normal daily Big in terms of the level of difficulty," Quang told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. "The field got a little tougher as it progressed, but I'd still say it was softer than a normal daily Big, maybe because a lot of the regs were on EPT circuits or at Borgata, but I can't complain. Overall, it was a great turnout and I'm excited to continue playing every Big." The tournament drew nearly 2,000 players at $109 a pop and featured four PocketFivers in the top seven spots. "The opponent I chopped with, Bayleysa, gave me the hardest time. I think he mentioned he was a sit and go player, so he had an idea of short-stack shoving and calling ranges. He also had a lot of chips, but I had position, so I was trying to put pressure on him a lot of the time." He added, "Before the final table, I was hanging by a thread for some time. I had less than 20 big blinds and was fortunate enough to pick up some hands and ran it up to about 50 big blinds to start the final table. The table had a lot of unknowns, so I was certainly happy about that." He ultimately chopped two ways, saying, "I'll probably reinvest that back into MTTs since the variance is ridiculous in them." He has been a member of PocketFives since 2009 and nabbed his $2 million cash badgeon April 25. He was one of seven PocketFivers to accomplish that feat in the second half of the month. "It's definitely a great feeling," Quang said on getting to $2 million. "I'm catching up to you, Moorman!" At this point in our conversation, Quang said Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured), the most successful PocketFiver in history with $11.1 million in online earnings, was his idol. We weren't sure if he was being facetious or serious, so he followed that up by saying, "Chris knows how play the manipulative and optimal ways very effectively. He's very good at adapting to his opponents, which is key to winning online poker tournaments." Quang now has his sights set on Las Vegas for the 2014 WSOP, which begins at the end of May. He'll be in attendance starting in mid-June and plans to grind it out in Vancouver until then. "I am looking forward to the most prestigious tournament of them all: the WSOP Main Event," he said. "I'm 0/3 in it and still looking for a cash." As he said, he is 0/3 in the Main Event and noted, "I need to learn to fold more. And I also need to get more sleep. The first two years, I probably had a VPIP of 30%. I was playing way too aggressively and just wanted to run down my starting table like it was the final table. That was probably due to the fact that I was running on just two hours of sleep. I wasn't on my game mentally." He'll likely stay at the Rio, the host venue for the WSOP. Why? "My friends will probably have the Rio comped because they're degens, so I'll probably tag along with them to save myself some expenses." This marks the tenth year that the off-Strip Rio has hosted the annual poker gathering after moving from Binion's in Downtown Las Vegas. Speaking of moving, Quang recently relocated to Vancouver (pictured), where he enjoys exploring restaurants, running, and rooting for the far-away Toronto Raptors. He went to school in Waterloo, where he "met all of the prodigies, so that's probably why I got into poker. I chose Vancouver because I wanted a change of scenery and a new chapter in my life. Also, the online tournament schedule actually works as a 9-5 over here as opposed to a 12-8 in the Eastern Time Zone." The Carnival of Tournaments and other poker series run regularly on PokerStars. If you don't already have a PokerStars account, sign up through the links on PocketFives and get a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus along with one free month of PocketFives Trainingwith no sign-up fee. Sign up here. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  7. Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured) now has 22 PocketFives Triple Crowns, the most of anyone on our site by a mile, and just racked up his second award of August, a month that's only a dozen days old. With 22, Moorman has more Triple Crowns than the second and third place players on the Triple Crown leaderboard combined. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by Betsafe, one of the leading suppliers of online gaming products worldwide and a major sponsor of Gumball 3000. Sign up now for great bonuses, €3,000,000 guaranteed monthly, and plenty of live events! --- Here's a fun fact: Moorman accounts for 2.5% of the 892 Triple Crowns awarded in the history of PocketFives. His latest award came by virtue of winning three $10,000 prize pool tournaments in a seven-day span, each boasting at least 100 players. On August 5, he won the $82 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max Hyper-Turbo on PokerStarsfor $4,600. The same day, he took down an FTOPS event on Full Tilt Poker for another $6,200. Yes, no Triple Crown is complete without an FTOPS jersey. The final tournament tracked for Moorman's latest claim to fame came on August 11 in the PokerStars.fr Monday Night on Stars for $9,200. He is up to 264 wins in online poker tournaments and has almost 650 top-three finishes. Moorman said on Twitter after Triple Crown #22 was in hand, "Another week of poker, another Triple Crown. This time I did it on my very last tournament that was eligible, #22." That Tweet was re-Tweeted 17 times and marked as a Favorite 42 times. As we mentioned, this is Moorman's second Triple Crown of August. His first Triple Crown bidended two days before his second Triple Crown bid began with a thunderous win in the Winamax High Roller, a two-day event, for $20,000. That Triple Crown came on the heels of Moorman taking almost two months off to attend the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. All told this month, Moorman has 92 in the money finishes online for a total of $137,000, or an average of $1,500 apiece. Visit PocketFives' Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to score your own. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  8. Yet another milestone for Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured). The most decorated member of the PocketFives community just passed $12 million in tracked online tournament winnings. He is the only player in the history of PocketFives to hit $10 million and has another $4 million in live cashes according to the Hendon Mob. We caught up with the Brit to talk about his latest claim to fame. PocketFives: How does it feel to hit $12 million? Do these milestones blend together at this point? Chris Moorman: I had been aware of that target for a while even though I'm still $3 million off the next badge PocketFives offers. It was nice to get over the line with my first win of 2015, which had been a while coming. PocketFives: You've had a few five-figure scores already in 2015 and one win, as you mentioned. Why is getting that first win of the year so important? Chris Moorman: Just like everybody else, I set targets each year and it's pretty hard to achieve them without winning anything. As a tournament poker player, there is nothing better than that winning feeling, so to experience it sooner rather than later is important for morale and to show that the work you are putting into improving your game is paying off. PocketFives: We saw you cashed in an event at the Aussie Millions. Tell us about your trip. Chris Moorman: The Aussie Millions is a really fun tournament series with a more relaxed attitude among players than other stops. I have very fond memories of the place because it was where I made my first major live final table back in 2011. Overall, I think the tournament series is softer than most, as it is a long trip for pros to make so soon after the PCA. Also, there is so much going on outside of the casino, which ensures a fun trip no matter what happens at the tables. PocketFives: Have you checked out the 2015 WSOP schedule? Chris Moorman: Yes and it has made me excited for the World Series already. I think the extra chips that players will get this year will have a hugely positive impact in events such as the $1Ks and $1,500s. Also, I'm liking the look of the new $1K Hyper and $5K Turbo events. I'm thinking I can use my run good to ship my first bracelet in one of those for sure. PocketFives: There has been a ton of debate on this topic, so we wanted to ask you about it. Would you rather have a $10 million guaranteed first place prize in the WSOP Main Event or 1,000 places paid outand a first place prize around $8 million? Chris Moorman: Normally in a poker tournament, I would be all for a bigger payout for first. With a tournament such as the WSOP Main Event, with so much up top anyway, I think it is important to spread the prize pool more evenly because a min-cash is so important to such a high percentage of players in it. PocketFives: What poker player should we look out for this year? Chris Moorman: I feel like my good friend Rick Trigg (TheClaimeer) is going to build on his 2014 PocketFives Yearly PLB win and make a big splash in live poker at some point this year. Congrats to Chris moorman1 Moorman on passing $12 million in online winnings! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  9. What do you give the most successful PocketFiver in history? How about a record-extending 24th PocketFives Triple Crown, more than twice what the next closest person has? Oh yes, Chris moorman1 Moorman has now won two-dozen Triple Crowns, including four this year, blowing the rest of the poker community out of the water. Moorman's latest Triple Crown started with a win in the Full TiltBenjamin on November 25 for $4,400 and 127 PLB Points. Five days later, he turned in a victory in the William Hill €25,000 Sunday Warm-Up for another $5,800 and 176 PLB Points. To round out his week, Moorman won a $215 No Limit Hold'em Turbo tournament on PokerStars, defeating a field of almost 150 entrants en route to a $6,300 payday. In earning his Triple Crown, Moorman topped $11.8 million in career online tournament winnings and is nearing $12 million for his career. The next closest member of PocketFives in that department, by comparison, has $8.5 million. He Tweeted when all was said and done: A PocketFives Triple Crown requires a person to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments with at least 100 players across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings in seven days. Moorman has won at least one of them every year since 2007 save 2010. Here's a full list: March 7, 2007 (on Full Tilt, Party, Paradise for 353.57 points) August 17, 2007 (on Party, Stars, Full Tilt for 442.43 points) August 16, 2008 (on Full Tilt, PokerRoom, Stars for 553.50 points) October 31, 2008 (on PartyPoker, Full Tilt, PokerStars for 628.27 points) January 2, 2009 (on Full Tilt, Stars, PokerRoom for 1060.93 points) February 12, 2009 (on PokerStars, PokerRoom, Full Tilt for 700.19 points) March 11, 2009 (on Full Tilt, PokerStars, Absolute for 813.06 points) March 24, 2009 (on Titan, Full Tilt, PokerRoom for 530.31 points) November 9, 2009 (on Titan, Full Tilt, PokerStars for 637.00 points) December 8, 2009 (on Absolute, Titan, PokerStars for 664.13 points) January 18, 2011 (on Full Tilt, PokerStars, UB for 764.61 points) November 19, 2012 (on Tilt, Stars, William Hill for 611.24 points) February 12, 2013 (on Tilt, Party, Stars for 560.24 points) April 16, 2013 (on Paddy Power, Tilt, bwin for 573.89 points) September 10, 2013 (on Stars, Paddy Power, bwin for 471.33 points) October 5, 2013 (on bwin, Stars, Stars.fr for 472.83 points) October 13, 2013 (on Winamax, Stars, Full Tilt for 799.10 points) October 19, 2013 (on Tilt, bwin, Stars for 717.56 points) November 17, 2013 (on bwin, EuroPoker, Winamax for 510.64 points) February 2, 2014 (on Stars.fr, Stars, bwin for 780.87 points) August 3, 2014 (on Paddy, Full Tilt, Winamax for 571.78 points) August 11, 2014 (on Stars, Full Tilt, Stars.fr for 534.94 points) September 19, 2014 (on Stars, Stars.fr, Full Tilt for 570.82 points) December 1, 2014 (on Full Tilt, William Hill, Stars for 476.16 points) Congrats to Chris Moorman on his latest claim to fame! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  10. The survivors of Days 1A and 1B of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event took to the Rio on Wednesday for Day 2AB. The players from Day 1A made their way to the Amazon Room, while the players from Day 1B were seated in the Brasilia and Pavilion rooms inside the cavernous convention center. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- As coverage on WSOP.com explained, there was a runaway leader after Day 2AB: "Amar Anand seized control of Day 2 almost immediately after the dinner break. Anand edged his way into the chip lead by winning a flip with ace-queen, then extended his advantage with an aggressive final two levels. He was the first player to cross the 500,000-chip mark and he's still the only player to crest 600,000. Anand finished the day with 603,500 chips, the biggest stack in the room." Fedor CrownUpGuy Holz made the most of the final level of play, doubling up after shoving on a board of J-6-5-5-8. He received a taker who had K-K and rolled over A-A for the win. Holz ended the day in 18th place with a stack of 303,900. Also still alive is Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured), the most successful PocketFiver ever. Moorman's stack shot up to 145,000 after winning a pot with 6-6 on a board of 8-5-2-8-2. The Brit ended the day just inside the top 100 at #99 with 190,700. Moorman has a record 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns, seven more than the next closest person. Then there was Brian Stinger885Hastings (pictured at top). Despite being enveloped in a multi-accounting scandal, Hastings successfully navigated through the second day of the Main Event, winning a sizable pot with K-8 on a board of 2-K-7-5-9 to nearly pass 340,000. He finished strong, ending Day 2AB with a top 10 stack of 367,300. There were numerous high-profile eliminations on Day 2AB. As coverage on WSOP.com explained, "Chris Moneymaker took an early exit when he lost a flip with ace-king against Daniel Colman's pocket queens. Jorryt van Hoofand his king-queen couldn't beat Talal Shakerchi's ace-jack during his final hand… Amit amak316Makhija got his money in even better than those two, holding pocket queens against Vivek Psyduck Rajkumar's ace-ten. Two more aces flopped, though, and Makhija joined the list of eliminations." Former November Niner Jason PBJaxx Senti was among those who made it through to Day 3 on Friday, Tweeting, "Day 2 started with a bang & ended with a whimper. Got up to as much as 150k pretty quickly, but ended up bagging 78k. Very happy with my play." Former champion Jonathan Duhamel added, "Day 2 of @WSOP Main Event is over, 177,400 in the bag, again up and down at the end, but good day overall! Back for Day 3 on Friday!" Jordan Jymaster0011Young (pictured) escaped Day 2AB, telling his followers, "Made one bad read that cost me 50k and lost a few others to end the night with 84,100. Coming back Friday to 800/1,600/200." Ryan ryanghall Hall reported, "Bagged 55,500 to end the day and I'll take it! Day 3 Friday at 800/1,600!" On Thursday, the survivors from Day 1C will migrate to the Rio for Day 2C. They'll play the same five levels that the Day 2AB players did. Then, the field will merge for Day 3 on Friday. Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP coverage, brought to you by Tournament Poker Edge. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  11. Over the weekend, Chris moorman1Moorman (pictured) continued to dominate the online poker community, winning the PokerStars Sunday 500 outright for $87,000. He Tweeted shortly after the tournament ended, "Oi Oi won the @PokerStars Sunday 500 outright with no deals." There were exactly 1,000 entrants over the weekend in the Sunday 500 and the top five finishers were all members of the PocketFives community. In fact, PocketFivers took home almost three-quarters of the $500,000 prize pool and UK members, who included Moorman, earned $135,000. Moorman has an outstanding $12.7 million in career online tournament winnings, the most of anyone on PocketFives by over $3 million, and he just scored his record-extending 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. His largest online score came in 2011 in the Full Tilt $1K Monday for $235,000. He has won the $1K Monday twice, the Sunday Brawl twice, and his victory in the Sunday 500 marks the first time Moorman has taken down that tournament. Here's how the final table looked: 1. Moorman1: $87,400 (moorman1) 2. hneves182: $63,500 (hneves182) 3. vladulaNko: $47,500 (vladulaNko) 4. EndlessJ: $35,500 (Chipsteela) 5. Sasuke234: $25,000 (Ariados) 6. LearnToFlyy: $20,000 7. fityfmi: $15,000 8. Stammdogg: $10,000 (Stamdogg) 9. mrAndreeew: $5,750 (r4ndomr4gs) Moorman helped lead a strong showing from PocketFivers over the weekend in major online poker tournaments. Members of our community finished in the top two spots in the iPoker €25,000 Sunday Masters, PartyPoker$200,000 Guaranteed, 888 PokerMega Deep, 888 Poker Sunday Challenge, Full Tilt Sunday Major, Sunday 500, and Sunday $100 Rebuy. Check out this week's Tournament Review for more details. Congrats to Moorman on his latest Sunday Major win! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  12. The points have been awarded and, by the slimmest of margins, Anton AnteSvanteWigg (pictured) won the May Monthly PLB on PocketFives with 3,529 points. He was about 70 points ahead of Chris moorman1 Moorman, who finished in second place with 3,461 points. Wigg's May began with a win in the PokerStars.fr Night on Stars for $6,300 on May 5. A week later, he took down the PokerStars $44 No Limit Hold'em Turbo and $109 Cubed on back-to-back days and pocketed another $19,000. On May 16, Wigg final tabled a SCOOP Four-Max event for $13,000 and recorded another fourth place finish a day later in the Stars $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Re-Entry. His second biggest hit during the month was worth $50,000 and came after a win in the 888 Poker Volcano on May 19. That score earned him 441 PLB Points. Five days later, he banked a solid $90,000 for winning the PokerStars Sunday 500. That score was worth 723 PLB Points and helped solidify his Monthly PLB title. This was his first Monthly PLB win. He's the #2 player worldwide in the PocketFives Rankingsand #1 in his native Sweden. Incredibly, despite being a staple of the top of the PocketFives Country Poker Rankings for quite a while now, Sweden had never won a Monthly PLB title before Wigg. The second place player on the leaderboard this month was Moorman, who has a site-leading four Monthly PLB titles. Moorman last won a Monthly PLB in February 2014. Wigg's 3,529 points are the second most by any Monthly PLB winner since last September. Here's how the leaderboard looked: 1. AnteSvante- 3,529.16 2. moorman1- 3,461.26 3. hellohellohello - 3,404.00 4. Legenden - 3,396.43 5. fbg1919 - 3,389.50 6. mindgamer - 3,347.60 7. lasagnaaammm - 3,307.29 8. Puropoker - 3,278.74 9. Tiny_molester - 3,247.78 10. PokerKaiser - 3,180.54 Visit our Monthly PLB Wall of Champions to see who else has won. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  13. At this year's World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, no matter how big a tournament's field is, brand name pros are rising to the top. We've already seen pros like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Galfond, and Shaun Deebwin bracelets this year. Now, we could have bracelet #1 from Chris moorman1 Moorman (pictured), the most successful PocketFiver in history. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Kai Yang from Plano, Texas leads the way with a stack of 1.35 million in chips as we enter Day 3 of a $1,000 No Limit Hold'em event (#30). He's one of two players to bag more than one million in chips on Day 2, along with Artur jaggalo1231 Rudziankov. Twenty-one players remain. Then there's Moorman, who has the third largest stack in the tournament at 966,000. Moorman, the owner of a record 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns, already has a World Poker Tour title. He has been the runner-up in two bracelet events during his career, but is still looking for his first WSOP win. Moorman busted Ronald Lee in 25th place on Monday after his pocket sixes beat Lee's pocket fives. The money went in before the flop and both players hit full houses. That hand sent Moorman's stack to almost one million. 2012 Big One for One Drop winnerAntonio Esfandiari (pictured) is also still alive and has the 15th largest stack at 249,000. "The Magician" luck-sacked his way to an elimination of Fernando Brito late on Monday after he spiked a king with K-Q against Q-Q. He has $21.1 million in career WSOP winnings and is #2 on poker's all-time money list. Eleventh place belongs to Bertrand ElkY Grospellier, who has a stack of 471,000. The French bracelet winner will record his first 2015 WSOP cash in this tournament and is seeking his first final table since 2013. Finally, we wanted to single out PocketFivers Jordan Jymaster0011Young and Jason JAKoon1985Koon, who are at #17 and #14 on the leaderboard, respectively. Young was #1 in the PocketFives Rankings in 2011, while Koon cracked the top 40 in 2009. Both are in search of their first bracelet. The $1,000 No Limit Hold'em tournament restarts at 1:00pm Pacific Time on Tuesday from the Rio in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to PocketFives for the latest WSOP coverage, brought to you by Tournament Poker Edge. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  14. Seriously? This author came home from a delicious Mexican lunch only to see an e-mail from the agent of Chris Moorman1Moorman (pictured) saying he had won his 25th PocketFives Triple Crown. I think it's safe to say that Moorman is not human. His latest Triple Crown started on May 8 with a win in an iPOPS event on Everest Poker. The tournament was a $77 Cubed event that drew 521 players and Moorman, playing under the handle RocketMonk, took it down for $15,000. UK PocketFivers, including Moorman, finished in four of the top seven spots and took home 87% of the prize pool. One day later, Moorman was back at it, this time winning the 888 Poker Crocodilefor $6,300. The 888 tournament had 153 players and Moorman, playing under the user name WhatWudJSay, was one of two PocketFivers at the final table. Moorman wrapped up his 25th PocketFives Triple Crown with a win in the PokerStars $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo on Friday morning for $2,800. The tournament had a field of 115 and, perhaps more important than Moorman's top prize was Triple Crown #25, his second of 2015. The next closest member of PocketFives has 16 Triple Crowns. Moorman told PocketFives on Friday moments after winning the PokerStars tournament, "I felt like this Triple Crown was going to be straightforward because I had six days to win the final leg on Full Tilt, PartyPoker, or PokerStars and I was going to be playing a lot of volume with SCOOP, but then it seemed like it wasn't going to happen after many near-misses. It's nice to get off the mark for 2015. Even with everything going on in my life, this is still an important goal to me to continue winning more Triple Crowns." Congrats to Moorman on his latest claim to fame! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  15. Look out, Chris moorman1Moorman. What was thought to be a nearly unbreakable record on PocketFives could soon be broken. Nico PokerKaiserFierro (pictured) now has 20 PocketFives Triple Crowns, trailing Moorman by just five. Incredibly, Fierro has won 10 Triple Crowns this year compared to Moorman's one to close the gap. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Fierro's latest Triple Crown began on September 15 with a win in the 134-man PartyPoker Daily Major. He plays as JokerzFull on that site and walked away with $3,600. Four days later, the Chilean was back at it, winning the PokerStars.fr Hot €100 for $2,500. He plays as PKaizer on that site and defeated a field of 104 entrants. It took all of one day for Fierro to score his third and final win for the Triple Crown. It came in the PokerStars $27 No Limit Hold'em Hyper-Turbo for $5,600 and Fierro defeated a pack of over 1,200 players. The result was his 20th Triple Crown all-time and his 10th this year. Here's a recap of his Triple Crowns: May 10th, 2012 (on Carbon, bwin, Stars for 693.07 points) March 22nd, 2013 (on Stars, 888, Titan for 460.56 points) May 13th, 2013 (on Tilt, Party, MyBet for 669.56 points) October 29th, 2013 (on Winamax, Carbon, 888 for 645.32 points) November 18th, 2013 (on MyBet, Party, Stars for 434.22 points) March 17th, 2014 (on Stars, Carbon, Stars.fr for 596.66 points) August 8th, 2014 (on Stars, Tilt, MyBet for 543.73 points) September 14th, 2014 (on Tilt, Party, Stars for 540.55 points) September 22nd, 2014 (on Stars, Carbon, Stars.fr for 448.09 points) September 30th, 2014 (on Stars, Tilt, Stars.fr for 397.38 points) January 20th, 2015 (on Winamax, Stars, Party for 462.20 points) January 29th, 2015 (on Stars, Winamax, BlackChip for 389.27 points) March 2nd, 2015 (on Stars, Stars.fr, Winamax for 599.93 points) March 26th, 2015 (on 888, Stars, Stars.fr for 631.02 points) April 16th, 2015 (on BetUS, Stars, Stars.fr for 440.11 points) April 21st, 2015 (on 888, BetUS, PokerStars for 721.79 points) June 9th, 2015 (on Winamax, Stars, Aced for 465.14 points) June 16th, 2015 (on Party, Stars.fr, Tilt for 476.07 points) August 9th, 2015 (on 888, Stars, Party for 665.67 points) September 20th, 2015 (on Party, Stars.fr, Stars for 419.70 points) PocketFives has awarded 81 Triple Crowns this year, which means we're on pace for 108. Last year, there were 138 Triple Crowns. All-time, we have awarded 1,013 of them, which means Moorman (pictured) and Fierro have combined for 4.4% of all Triple Crowns awarded on PocketFives. Fierro has $8.4 million in career online tournament winnings, the third most of anyone on our site. He is currently the #2 player worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings and has been ranked #1 six times in the last 12 months. Congrats to Fierro on his 20th PocketFives Triple Crown. Visit the Triple Crown Wall of Champions to learn how to get your own. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  16. [caption width="640"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman continues to dominate the online MTT scene[/caption] Online poker's all-time tournament money leader continues to find ways to add to his already impressive resume. On Sunday Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, online poker's all-time leading tournament money winner, took down the 888 Poker $100K Sunday Challenge for $18,809 to push his career earnings total to over $13 million. The PokerStars Sunday Million weekly flagship tournament was taken down outright by player 'Sr.Rouquinho' over the weekend for a payday of $171,855. 'NEMEZIS JT' earned $128,010 for finishing runner-up in a rare final table that didn't feature a single PocketFives member. However, there was a three-way chop in the Sunday Warm-Up with two PocketFivers at the top, as 'schtruddle' of Egypt and 'Pokerfan89gr' of Greece pocketed $64,428 and $53,416 for their respective first and second place efforts. The 888 Mega Deep tournament was won by PocketFiver 'kot_spartac' of the Russian Federation for $26,864. PokerStars player 'omaha4rollz' won the Sunday 500 outright for $57,750 while 'calo88' was victorious in the Sunday Supersonic and collected $44,737. The PartyPoker $530 buy-in High Roller tournament was won by 'MrsPaintba1l' for a payday of $27,780. _____ PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 5,494 entrants - $1,098,800 paid out to 810 spots ~ Full Recap Sr.Rouquinho $171,854.75 NEMEZIS JT $128,010.20 amar11111 $90,486.18 ismo
  17. [caption width="640"] Paul 'paulgees' Volpe is one of seven former #1-ranked players hoping to score their second career bracelet this summer.[/caption] In the long and storied history of the PocketFives Rankings, there have been a grand total of 51 players who have earned the #1 spot. Chris Moorman, Annette Obrestad, Shaun Deeb, Sorel Mizzi and Yevgeniy Timoshenko are just a handful of the players who have seen their online poker play take them to the top of the rankings. But only nine of those players have ever turned their dominance online into a World Series of Poker Bracelet. Cliff 'JohnnyBax' Josephy and Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly are the only two players with more than one WSOP title to their credit. FORMER #1 RANKED PLAYERS WITH WSOP BRACELETS Cliff 'JohnnyBax' Josephy Annette 'Annette_15' Obrestad Shaun 'shaundeeb' Deeb Steve 'gboro780' Gross Taylor 'taypaur' Paur Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe Bryan 'theczar19' Piccioli Dan 'djk123' Kelly Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson As the 2016 World Series of Poker enters its second week PocketFives introduces The Rank & File: a weekly feature tracking the former #1-ranked players on their quest for a WSOP bracelet. Paul Volpe2016 WSOP cashes: 1 2016 WSOP earnings: $33,393 Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe, who was #1 just once in his online career, has already cashed once so far, making the final table of the $1,500 Dealers Choice event. Volpe was eliminated in fourth place by eventual winner Lawrence Berg. Dating back to last summer, five of Volpe’s last six cashes have been top 10 finishes. Dan Kelly2016 WSOP cashes: 1 2016 WSOP earnings: $26,632 Dan 'djk123' Kelly, who spent a total of eight weeks in the PocketFives Rankings top spot in his career, also has just a single score so far at the 2016 WSOP. Kelly finished fourth in the $1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven event after being eliminated by eventual runner-up John Monnette. Calvin Anderson2016 WSOP cashes: 2 2016 WSOP earnings: $25,329 Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson has climbed to the top of the PocketFives Rankings eight times in his career including a 22-week stint from September 2012 – February 2013. Anderson, who is two years removed from his bracelet win, has two cashes to date this summer. Like 21,612 other players, Anderson took a shot at the $1,000,000 first place prize in Colossus II but had to settle for a 1,691st place finish and a $1,187 cash. He had more success in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud championship, finishing eighth for $24,142. Steve Gross2016 WSOP cashes: 2 2016 WSOP earnings: $6,977 Steve 'gboro780' Gross also has two cashes this summer, both in lower buy-in No Limit Hold’em events. He finished 682nd in Colossus II for $2,837 and then followed that up with an 84th place finish in the first $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event. Gross had four stints as the #1 ranked player between February 2009 and August 2010. Small Blinds Bryan 'theczar19' Piccioli leads the seven former #1-ranked players who cashed in Colossus II. Piccioli finished 316th for a $5,406 score. Through Event #7, former #1-ranked players have cashed a total of 14 times for $115,583.
  18. [caption width="640"] Former #1-ranked Chris Moorman hit a five-figure score this past week at the 2016 WSOP[/caption] The fate of former PocketFives #1-ranked players hasn’t changed much through the third week of the 2016 World Series of Poker. Paul Volpe continues to be the class of the group and is the only one to grab a bracelet this summer, but there were a few who managed to make a bit of noise in the past week including two of the most respected players in PocketFives history. Chris Moorman2016 WSOP cashes: 2 2016 WSOP earnings: $21,434 Just two weeks after signing as the newest 888poker ambassador, Chris ‘Moorman1’ Moorman finally got his first cash flying under that banner. Moorman made a deep run in the $1,500 buy-in Summer Solstice event, finishing 13th for $19,943. It’s only his second cash of the summer but, as he showed at the 2015 WSOP, Moorman is capable of turning one good score into a bunch of good results and possibly the first WSOP bracelet of his career. Cliff Josephy2016 WSOP cashes: 1 2016 WSOP earnings: $3,613 Cliff ‘JohnnyBax’ Josephy is one of the most revered players in PocketFives history. He’s already got two WSOP bracelets but had come up empty at the 2016 WSOP until this week when he finished 114th in the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em event for $3,613. He also found himself playing in the Seniors Event, which turned out to have some unique aspects to it. Aaron Gustavson2016 WSOP cashes: 4 2016 WSOP earnings: $16,662 Aaron ‘Aguskb‘ Gustavson tied for the most cashes of all former #1-ranked players in the last week with three, but was unable to turn any of them into a deep run. Gustavson finished 163rd in a $2,000 No Limit Hold’em event, 93rd in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event and then 73rd in the Summer Solstice for a total of $10,960. Yevgeniy Timoshenko2016 WSOP cashes: 6 2016 WSOP earnings: $26,793 Yevgeniy 'Jovial Gent' Timoshenko is one of just two former #1-ranked players to have secured six cashes so far at the 2016 WSOP along with Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly. Timoshenko posted three cashes in the last week for just over $12,000 in earnings. He finished 104th in the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em, 111th in the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em and then cracked the top 100 in the $3,000 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha event for $4,573, his second biggest score of the Series.
  19. [caption width="640"] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, the most successful player in online tournament history, has signed with 888poker[/caption] The most successful online tournament player in history has a new home. On Thursday, 888pokerannounced that it had signed Chris 'moorman1' Moorman to be a member of Team888. He'll play on that site under the user name '888moorman'. "888 is doing big things and really is working hard to expand their reach in poker," said Moorman. "Things like sponsoring the WSOP and the Super High Roller Bowl have shown they are committed to their growth of the brand and I can't wait to see what they have coming up in the future." Moorman is the top dog in the online tournament world any way you slice it. He has a record $13.3 million in online tournament winnings and is the only player in history to pass $10 million. He has 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns dating back to 2007, an award that requires a person to win three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked by PocketFives within a week. That's also the most of anyone. His most recent Triple Crown came in 2015. And his peers will now be able to watch him play and interact with one of the game's greats. "Now that I am an 888poker Team Pro, I will start streaming some final tables on Twitch," Moorman said. "I look forward to interacting with players as a representative of the site." Moorman joins a stable of pros at 888 that consists of players like Dominik Nitsche, who was signed to Team888 exactly a year ago, and Kara Scott. "They are all great players and ambassadors of the game," Moorman said. "Also, they all gave me such a warm welcome to the team and I am excited to represent the site alongside them. Dominik is one of the best players in the world; to have won three bracelets at his age is an incredible achievement. I've known Kara for a long time and she does an incredible job presenting and is a great poker player as well." "888poker has a good amount of play at the final tables, which is important when there are big money jumps on the line," said Moorman. "There are a good variety of buy-ins and the field sizes are great as well. I think the player pool appreciates the well-structured tournaments on 888poker. Recently in online poker, the schedules have been infused with turbo tournaments, and most of the tournaments on 888poker are regular speed rather than turbo, which allows you to actually get to play proper poker instead of watching all-ins every five seconds." Perhaps the most impressive part about Moorman's game is his longevity. He has been ranked #1 on PocketFives a record 13 times dating back to 2008. His most recent stint at #1 was two years ago and, 700 days later, he's currently ranked #14 and knocking on the door of the top 10. On Valentine's Day of this year, Moorman took down the 888poker Sunday Challenge for $18,000. It was his second largest tournament score ever on 888, dwarfed only by a win in the same tournament last December for $1,000 more. Moorman has four six-figure scores to his credit, including a third place finish in the Full Tilt $1K Monday two weeks before Black Friday for $235,000. Two years before that, he won an FTOPS event and put back $204,000, his second largest score to date. And the hits keep coming. His most recent tournament win came in the PokerStars Big $55 on May 21 for $13,000, the 325th win of his career and 789th top-three finish. He's a four-time PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard champion, having accomplished the feat twice in 2009, once in 2013, and once in 2014. He's the only player to go back-to-back in the Yearly PLB, winning the leaderboard in 2008 and 2009. Moorman hasn't been a one-trick live pony either. He's #8 on the all-time live money list for England, according to the Hendon Mob, at $4.1 million. His breakthrough live win came in the 2014 WPT LA Poker Classic for a little over a million bucks. It's only a matter of time before Moorman breaks through on the WSOP stage for his first bracelet, and if it comes this year, it'll be under the 888poker banner. He has $2.4 million in career WSOP winnings, including runner-up finishes in the 2011 WSOP Europe Main Event and that year's WSOP No Limit Hold'em Six Max Championship in Las Vegas. Moorman is a member of the London Royals of the Global Poker League and is fresh off playing one of the first matches ever held in the league's Cube against the Las Vegas Moneymakers' Scott Ball.
  20. [caption width="640"] Ben 'Bttech86' Tollerene was one of the Sunday Majors winners this week (WPT photo)[/caption] Ben 'Bttech86' Tollerene might be best known for being one of the best high stakes Pot Limit Omaha players online right now. Or possibly for his recent feud with Doug Polk. On Sunday he put all of that aside to take down a Sunday Major. The Vancouver resident earned $62,458 for winning the $1,050 buy-in Sunday Grand event. 'DonkCommited' finished 2nd for $46,729 and 'mamamamama70' earned $34,961 for 3rd place in that tournament. The Pot Limit Omaha version of the Sunday Grand was won by 'pantau77' who walked away with $38,657. There was a four-way final table deal in the PokerStars Sunday Million weekly flagship tournament, as 'JNETS' took home the largest score of $127,510 for his championship performance. 'Earl Hindman' was awarded a six-figure payout of $103,000 for his official 3rd place effort, 'K. Ichinose' received $81,000 for 4th place and PocketFives member 'gortsos' of Greece (ranked #460 worldwide) took home an even $78,000 for the runner-up finish. 'ImagineKing' was the winner in this weekend's $2,600 buy-in Super High Roller event on partypoker and collected $50,250. 'Nicholas_Brody' won the smaller $530 High Roller and was paid out $43,794. PokerStars player 'profit76' captured an outright victory in the Sunday Warm-Up for $59,898 following by Luke 'AlcateL00' Spalding of the United Kingdom who placed 2nd for a payday of $43,467 -- his largest career online tournament cash. 'GTGao' came out on top in the 6-max Hyper Turbo Sunday Supersonic for $36,688 and 'DrIronface' prevailed in a field of 27,500 players in the Sunday Storm for $24,193 in a deal that included PocketFiver Osmas 'osmarjnr' Alves Martins of Brazil who cashed for a career-best $19,871 in 2nd place. The $600 buy-in WHALE tournament on 888 Poker was taken down by 'dulek_jason' for $26,770 but it was 'Avskedad' who grabbed the largest payout of $30,086 in a two-way negotiation. 'IvanoBalic2' got the victory in the Mega Deep, receiving $26,644. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 5,434 entrants - $1,086,800 paid out to 764 spots JNETS - $127,510 gortsos - $78,000 Earl Hindman - $103,000 K. Ichinose - $81,000 *4-way deal bazeman - $36,423.88 Brunodellas - $25,379.17 OneTime1Time - $17,683.64 lykD - $12,321.48 $uper$ick785 - $8,585.39 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) *$325K Guaranteed 1,999 entrants - $399,800 paid out to 278 spots profit76 - $59,897.82 Luke 'AlcateL00' Spalding - $43,466.69 Powergolf - $31,543.78 (oddsbaek) markovitsus - $22,891.30 lacep - $16,612.20 JantjeBoens - $12,055.44 damourinio - $8,748.62 teambreezy - $6,348.86 STELARI198 - $4,607.37 PokerStars Sunday Grand ($1,000+50 NLHE) *$200K Guaranteed 332 entrants - $332,000 paid out to 39 spots Ben 'Bttech86' Tollerene - $62,457.85 DonkCommited - $46,728.80 mamamamama70 - $34,960.96 SamRostan - $26,156.65 manuverd0n - $19,569.54 ZeeJustin - $14,641.29 thewhippet81 - $10,954.14 Progre69 - $8,195.51 Sephirot88 - $6,131.60 (Rocco 'RoccoGe' Palumbo) PokerStars Sunday Grand PLO ($1,000+50 PLO 6-Max) *$150K Guaranteed 197 entrants - $197,000 paid out to 24 spots pantau77 - $38,656.96 azn_baller3 - $28,731.70 Unkn0wn123 - $21,354.83 SixthSenSe19 - $15,872.01 brianm15 - $11,796.89 WRUUUUM - $8,768.03 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($215 NLHE Six Max Hyper) *$150k Guaranteed 1,113 entrants - $227,898 paid out to 155 spots GTGao - $36,687.88 luk9r - $23,981.46 Ravenswood13 - $15,676.00 exposabre - $10,246.94 omaha4rollz - $6,698.14 ThinkDiffere - $4,378.37 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) *$250k Guaranteed 27,500 entrants - $275,000 paid out to 4,436 spots DrIronface - $24,193 Osmas 'osmarjnr' Alves Martins - $19,871 m4st4kill4 - $18,055 *3-way deal bosniangiza - $10,323.63 bboyjones - $7,422.80 di99k13 - $5,337.06 syleiman1990 - $3,837.40 lNormaJean - $2,759.15 wife bond - $1,983.87 partypoker Super High Roller ($2,600 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 67 entrants - $167,500 paid out to 9 spots ImagineKing - $50,250 omaha4rollz - $33,500 nicecallLOL - $25,125 (hellohellohello) FreierBoy - $12,563 advancedbetting - $12,563 cluesso70 - $9,213 D0nKanille_ - $7,538 PitschiPopo78 - $6,700 TDurdenWAR - $5,863 (joaomathias) partypoker High Roller ($530 NLHE) *$200k Guaranteed 455 entrants - $227,500 paid out to 54 spots Nicholas_Brody - $43,794 TorTor2012 - $32,533 babonatale69 - $23,888 TDurdenWAR - $18,200 (joaomathias) rdcrsnn - $12,740 Bernardo 'bedias' Dias - $9,896 Play2Parti - $7,621 Therealmoorm - $5,346 (Chris 'moorman1' Moorman) P0L4R1C3 - $3,868 (Pot4teUS) 888 Poker WHALE ($600 NLHE) *$120k Guaranteed 284 entrants - $160,460 paid out to 36 spots dulek_jason - $26,770 Avskedad - $30,086 *2-way deal DePittsterje - $18,132 (Bryan 'bparis' Paris) definedonk - $13,639 _Whitebear_ - $9,307 kimberslice - $7,221 flattoptony - $5,616 (Pudge714) ICrushu556 - $4,012 PokerMogo - $3,049 888 Poker Mega Deep ($215 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 726 entrants - $145,200 paid out to 99 spots IvanoBalic2 - $26,644 lrdvoldemort - $19,021 JUANFRAN1973 - $14,375 asiarat - $10,817 (rataj) easylimp888 - $7,550 iGoblin1982 - $6,098 Le_Brick - $4,640 kalashnikovv - $3,194 F_uuu - $1,888
  21. [caption width="640"] Chris Moorman won over 0,000 in November playing live events in the United States[/caption] Chris 'moorman1' Moorman is easily the most decorated player in PocketFives history. He's the only player to earn more than $10,000,000 in lifetime online earnings and has more than $4,000,000 earnings than any other player. He's won the PocketFives Triple Crown a record 25 times and he's been the #1-ranked player in the world 13 times. With all of that success on the virtual felt, do not sleep on Moorman's track record on the live tournament scene. Over the last three weeks he has managed to add three more cashes to his resume, including the fifth runner-up finish of his career. The 31-year old 888 poker Ambassador started the month off by being part of a group of 17 players that qualified from The Commerce for December's SoCal Poker Championship. Moorman outlasted 3,498 other players in the $350 SCPC qualifier at The Commerce Casino to make his way to the SCPC Main Event which takes place at The Bike December 14-15. He followed that up two weeks later with a second place finish in the2016 LA Poker Open, also at The Commerce. The $1,650 buy-in event had a field of 345 and Moorman was able to outlast all of them except for Scott Stewart, the eventual champion. During heads up play, the final two players agreed to a deal that added $10,000 to second place, allowing Moorman to walk away with $85,510 for his efforts. As if putting in a dominating performance on the West Coast wasn't enough, Moorman then hopped a plane and headed to Florida to play the Seminole Rock N Roll Poker Open where he found himself at yet another final table. Moorman made his way through 72 other players in the $1,100 NLHE Turbo event to reach the final table before eventually finishing fifth for $5,670. The final table included November Niner Jerry Wong as well as Jean Gaspard and eventual champ, Peter Eichhardt. 888Live London Festival Main Event Is a Big Success Counting the $10,800 SCPC seat that he won, Moorman earned $101,980 in the month of November to bring his 2016 live earnings to $423,247. The bulk of that coming from his third place finish in the Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event in Barcelona, Spain in August. His recent scores pushed his lifetime live earnings to $4,524,426. He's cashed 53 times with 16 of those being final table appearances. His biggest score came in 2014 when he won the World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic for $1,015,460.
  22. [caption width="640"] King's Casion in Rozvadov, Czech is the next stop for 888Live[/caption] In October, 888poker held its first ever 888Live Festival in London’s Aspers Casino, drawing players from across the globe for a 10-day live poker tournament experience. Now, the site is gearing up to visit the second destination on the series’ schedule, Rozvadov, Czech Republic, and this time promises players even more guaranteed cash. The festivities begin January 26 at Europe’s biggest card room, Kings Casino Rozvadov, and culminate with the €300,000 guaranteed Main Event on February 6. Players will vie for a total of €600,000 in prizes and have their choice of 13 total events, with entries starting from just €60. 888 will kick things off with a bang on Thursday with a €225 buy-in, €150,000 guaranteed Opening Event. Players will receive 30,000 starting chip stacks and will be allowed two re-entries, with late registration staying open for 11 levels. On Wednesday, February 1, the €5,300 buy-in High Roller tournament begins. Participants start with 100,000 chips and will battle for at least €100,000 in guaranteed cash over two days. That event allows for late registration up until the beginning of Day 2. The 888Live Main Event is slated to start on February 2, and is comprised of three starting flights. Players begin with starting stacks of 30,000 chips and can also register late up until the start of Day 2. Hosting duties will be split between 888 Ambassadors Kara Scott and Natalie Hof, with the latter taking over the German language content. 888 pros Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche, and Sofia Lövgren will also make appearances, and will each have an $888 bounty on their head. Those who can’t make the trip can still catch a glimpse of greatness, as 888 will livestream feature tables throughout the series. 888Live London Festival Main Event Is a Big SuccessFestival qualifiers are already up and running on 888poker, with entries starting at just $0.01. Players can try and win their way to the Czech Republic the hard way in 24/7 satellites, or win Opening Event and Main Event entries in $30 and $109 tournaments respectively. Kings Casino, which only permits players 18 years of age and up, is located just five minutes from the German border at Waidhaus and offers more tournaments and cash games than any other card room in Europe. 888Live Festival concept After recognizing the popularity of recent live poker festivals, 888poker went back to the drawing board to revamp its own live offerings. As a result, the company created 888Live Festivals, which feature longer structures, a larger variety of tournaments and buy-ins, and bigger guarantees. The upcoming Kings Casino event will be the site’s second Live Festival, and is just one of three planned for 2017. Take a look at the full Kings Casino Festival schedule below: TOURNAMENTBUY-INGUARANTEE Opening Event€ 225€ 150,000 The Breeze€ 100€ 10,000 The Hurricane€ 115€ 15,000 High Roller€ 5,300€ 100,000 The Main Event€ 888€ 300,000 The Monsoon€ 100€ 6,000 The Swordfish€ 100€ 7,000 The Whale€ 110€ 15,000 The Thunder€ 60€ 5,000 The Mega Knockout€ 170€ 15,000 Turbo Deepstack€ 80-- Pot Limit Omaha€ 150-- The Lightning Six Max€ 110€ 6,666
  23. On Sunday, November 27, 888poker will celebrate the fifth anniversary of its popular Mega Deep tournament. To mark the special occasion, the site is boosting the event’s normal guarantee nearly fivefold to an impressive $500,000. The inaugural Mega Deep launched in January 2012, and started out as something of a well-kept secret amongst poker pros who frequented the event. Eventually, the $215 buy-in tournament attracted a mainstream following, and would soon become a leading weekly event. For the upcoming fifth anniversary tournament, the site has made a few notable changes. Aside from the increased prize pool, 888 will lower the length of blind levels from 30 to 20 minutes, while also allowing for one re-entry. The special Mega Deep event comes on the heels of the site’s Super XL Series VI, which played out in September and featured $4 million in guaranteed cash. That series is also quite popular with the poker community, and has seen continual yearly increases in its prize pool. A Favorite Amongst Pros Several 888 poker pros and ambassadors will be on hand for the Mega Deep celebration, including accomplished tournament specialist Chris Moorman. The British grinder, who boasts $4.4 million in all-time winnings, has played in countless events, but still considers the Mega Deep to be one of his favorites. Is Bitcoin Part of the Future of Poker? "With the amazing structure allowing for great flexibility of play, the Mega Deep has always been one of my favorite tournaments of the week," said Moorman. "Upping the prize pool to half a million dollars makes this a must-play for any aspiring or professional poker player." Poker pro Jonathan ‘jgjg3000’ Gill, who once made three Mega Deep final tables in a period of six weeks, will also be in attendance. "I will certainly be looking to play this event," said Gill. "The Mega Deep is a special tournament. Realistically it is what I believe to be the best structured MTT across all major sites, which I believe is partly the reason for my success in it. Weekly it attracts many players, whether online regulars or recs who have satellited in. It is hard to find a better weekly tournament." The Mega Deep also regularly draws some of the biggest names in the industry. Poker pros Felipe ‘mr.salgado’ Salgado, Peter ‘joeychestnut’ Murphy, and Marcelo ‘CHELitw’ Garcia Gonzalez are amongst the event’s past winners. The exclusive tournament is just a part of 888’s strategy to woo customers with creative promos and special events. In January, the site will kick off its second 888Live Festival, inviting players to Rozvadov, Czech Republic for what is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The 10-day event will take place at the biggest poker room in Europe, King’s Casino Rozvadov, and feature a €600,000 prize pool.
  24. [caption width="640"] Eliot Hirn won the 888Live event in Innsbruck, Austria earlier this year[/caption] For 10 days in October the city of London is going to be overrun by some of the smartest value-seeking poker players on the planet as 888poker brings the 888Live series to the English capital for the very first time. The Aspers Casino is hosting the 10-day festival beginning on October 13 with buy-ins ranging from £120 to £2,000. The opening event is a £220 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament with a £100,000 guarantee. Players will have their choice of three starting days to play the event and grab their share of the first six-figure guarantee of the festival. Don't have an 888poker account yet? Sign up through PocketFives and get a $88 free and get started qualifying for 888Live London. The Main Event gets underway a week later on October 20. The £880 buy-in event has two starting days and comes with a £200,000 guarantee. And if that’s not a big enough event, the £2,000 buy-in High Roller event gets cards in the air on October 19. Players can begin the qualifier process on 888poker for as little as 1₵.. With the event being held in his hometown, you can bet that the all-time leader in online tournament earnings, and one of the most popular players in PocketFives history, 888poker pro Chris Moorman, will be in attendance. Other 888poker ambassadors who may be in attendance include Dominik Nitsche, Kara Scott and Sofia Lovgren. Previous 888Live events have been held in Innsbruck, Austria, Sao Paulo Brazil and most recently in Tallinn, Estonia. FULL 888Live London Schedule DATEEVENTBUY-INGUARANTEE October 13Opening Event Day 1A£220£100,000 October 14Opening Event Day 1B£220* October 15Opening Event Day 1C£220* Six Max Lightning£120* October 16Turbo Mega Deep£120* Six Max Lightning£120* October 18Turbo Mega Deep£120* Six Max Lightning£120* ctober 19High Roller£2000* Turbo Mega Deep£120* Six Max Lightning£120* October 20Main Event Day 1A£880£200,000 Turbo Mega Deep Omaha£250* Six Max Lightning£120* October 21Main Event Day 1B£880* Six Max Lightning£120* Mega Knockout£400* October 22Super High RollerTBD* Six Max Lightning£120* Two Day 25K£220* October 23Turbo Mega Deep£120* Six Max Lightning£120* Learn more about 888Live London on 888Poker.com.
  25. 888poker’s popular Super XL Series returns in September for its six edition and features $4 million in guaranteed cash with a $1.5 million Main Event prize pool. This iteration of the online poker festival is the site’s richest yet, boasting a one million-dollar increase in payouts from its May series, and double the prizes handed out in its fourth edition in January. The action kicks off on Saturday, September 17 with the $100,000 Crazy 8 Super XL Kickoff and culminates with the $1,050 buy-in Main Event on Sunday, September 25. This year, players will once again have their choice of playing a Main, Mini and Turbo version of each event. With entry fees starting at five dollars and rising into the thousands, 888 hopes to attract lower limit players and high-stakes grinders alike. The site’s $500,000 guaranteed, $2,100 buy-in High Roller event – the highest priced tournament on the schedule – is set to play out on September 20 Other standout tournaments include the $215 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed Quarterback event, the $160 buy-in, $75,000 guaranteed Six Max event and the $150 buy-in, $30,000 guaranteed Knockout Event. In addition to the series’ regular priced Main Event, 888 will offer Mini, Micro, Turbo and Super Turbo Main Events, giving away a combined $210,000 in guaranteed cash. 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman is looking forward to playing in the September series and hopes to add to his more than $4.1 million in tournament winnings. "I can't wait to play the upcoming 888poker Super XL Series," Moorman said. "There is a great selection of tournaments every day with great structures and a wide variety of tournament types to keep it fresh. I'm hoping I can take one down as the newest 888poker ambassador." 888 sponsored pro Dominik Nitsche is anxious to get started and says fits right into his schedule. "I just think it's a great series scheduled at the perfect time,” Nitschesaid. “In my opinion scheduling is the most important factor for any online tournament series. For a lot of other players and myself, there is just not very much to play in September so the XL Series fits in very nicely. A lot of people will be at home and will have a chance to compete for big prizes." The poker pro plans to play in nearly every event, but called the $2,100 High Roller tournament his favorite of the series. Sign-up for 888 Poker through PocketFives and get $88 free - No deposit required. Click here to get started. The Super XL Series has been a rousing success for 888. In January, the series covered all of its guarantees by an average of 210% and saw its Main Event prize pool climb to $1.2 million, the biggest ever offered on 888poker. In that battle, Finland's 'jnevanli' struck a final table deal with UK's 'carmen.1957' to take the largest slice of the pool. This year’s May series was also a big hit, attracting 1,268 players and creating a Main Event prize pool of $1.268 million. Sweden's 'Gr33nApples' took the top spot in the tournament and banked the $183,869 first-place prize. Moorman sees the series’ success as a great sign for the industry. "I think the growth of the Super XL Series shows the demand there is for poker," added Moorman. "People want to play big events for big money online. I'm so glad 888poker is helping to fulfill this." The site is running daily qualifiers for the series every day of the week along with satellites that start as low as 1¢. For the full schedule and more details head over to 888poker.

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