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Found 10 results

  1. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. In this week's episode of The Fives, Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters discuss the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party and the intriguing overlay situation that is developing. They also preview the mammoth upcoming partypoker MILLIONS Online and project what - if any - overlay players can expect to find there. They also recap Patrick ‘prepprepprep’ Serda's win at WPT Montreal and talk about the dominance at Playground Poker Club shown by Ema Zajmovic before wrapping up the show with a new segment, Five Questions. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  2. Four days after Day 1A of the partypoker MILLIONS Online attracted 1,574 runners, Day 1B attracted 484 players and pushed the record-setting prize pool past the halfway mark of the guarantee. Topping the Day 1B chip counts is Argentinian 'patrondelmal' with 21,904,963. Right behind him is New Zealanders 'Beezneez360' with 21,808,451. They were the only two players to surpass the 20,000,000 chip mark on Thursday and they were the only two Day 1B players to crack the top 10 overall chip counts. Troy 'good player' Quenneville finished third with 15,442,304. The #1-ranked player in the world, 'lena900', playing under his partypoker screenname 'Drulitooo' finished with 9,684,050, the 17th biggest Day 1B stack. Just 73 players advanced from Day 1B meaning a total of 303 players are on to Day 2. Philipp Gruissem still holds the overall chip lead with 26,865,379. Day 1B Top 10 Chip Counts patrondelmal - 21,904,963 Beezneez360 - 21,808,451 good player - 15,442,304 iTILTuu - 14,909,429 S_dot111 - 13,678,675 rnggodx - 13,353,378 Equilibirium_x - 13,308,311 SirStanleyRoyce - 13,078,480 BlackSwordman - 12,296,575 Nuts-vs-5thNuts - 11,618,633 Overall Chip Leaders Phil_Gruissem – 26,865,379 hi_all – 24,126,018 bfzhang – 22,549,892 patrondelmal - 21,904,963 Beezneez360 - 21,808,451 M1KE1NBRAZIL – 18,884,694 CASHEEEGAMEEE – 18,682,668 marcosminini – 17,276,420 party_KEKIMISU – 16,826,075 omgitsgiraf – 16,648,546 Overlay Tracking The $2,420,000 prize pool generated Thursday puts the total prize pool at $10,290,000 and is currently 1,942 players short of meeting the guarantee with three starting flights still to come on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. partypoker MILLIONS Online Schedule Sunday, Dec. 2 – Day 1C Monday, Dec. 3 – Day 1D Tuesday, Dec. 4 – Day 1E (Turbo) Tuesday, Dec. 4 – Day 2 Wednesday, Dec 5 – Final Day
  3. When Ronan ‘Sw33ney’ Sweeney sits down to play his normal online poker grind on Sunday, there will be nothing normal about it. Sweeney, who sits at #6 in the Irish Online Poker Rankings, will be one of the thousands of grinders playing Day 1A of the partypoker MILLIONS Online in hopes of coming out on top and winning $2.5 million. While he normally plays 40-45 tournaments on a normal Sunday, Sweeney plans to dial that schedule back significantly just for this one week. “I think I will pay a lot less and I'll still multi-table, maybe four to six tournaments, but it won't be more than that for sure because this is obviously a huge event,” said Sweeney, who won his way into the MILLIONS Online from a $109 Phase 1 event. “I do think you definitely have a better chance of doing well if you're playing fewer tournaments.” While the volume he puts in this week will change, the former engineering student has no intention of messing with his normal routine. “I think for myself specifically, I just want to sort of approach it like any other day because once you start mixing up routines, personally I feel that it doesn't really work so well,” said Sweeney. “You almost have a lot of adrenaline, which you don't really want in this sort of situation, you want to just stay calm and make as well decisions as you can.” This is the second time that Sweeney is playing an online event with a $5,300 buy-in. In 2017, he played the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event. After failing to cash in that event, he’s hoping for a different result this time around. Most poker players will point to a big win as being a significant moment in their career. For Sweeney, it was actually a pair of runner-up finishes that let him know he was on the right path. After turning pro in the summer of 2017, Sweeney satellited into the partypoker Grand Prix Killarney in September where he made the final table of the €340 buy-in partypoker-sponsored event. He eventually finished second to Thomas Gallagher and walked away with $45,777 after chopping it three-handed. That wasn’t all he won though. “Before the (2017) Caribbean event, (partypoker) did a Golden Chip promotion, where if you final tabled one of their live events, and you qualified online, they'd have this Golden Chip, which would award you a $12,000 package,” said Sweeney. “So, I final tabled (Grand Prix Killarney), and I finished second and I had this Golden Chip, so it was a $12,000 freeroll over there.” Exactly one week later, full of confidence and playing with a little bit bigger bankroll, Sweeney decided to take a few shots online. One of the events he entered was the $215 PokerStars WCOOP Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition. After hours of battling through the 6,156-player field, Sweeney had a heads-up chip lead against Thiago ‘Thiago Wks.’ Wildener. That lead evaporated quickly and Wildener took the title. Sweeney earned $61,860.28 in what was a career-best online poker cash for him. It took some time for Sweeney to be able to fully appreciate what had happened to him. “It was just incredible. It was so surreal, I remember at that stage as well. It was one of those things where you almost, you don't believe it for like a week or week and a half. You're like, 'Wow, I've actually I've just won this amount of money,' and this confidence against these players. It was a really, really good experience,” said Sweeney. With an opportunity to win life-changing just some 16 months after turning pro, Sweeney has allowed himself to daydream about winning $2.5 million and how it would change things for him. “I think if I won two and a half million dollars, I would definitely try and play the live circuit over the next year, maybe the next two years, and see how that goes. Travel to a lot of different areas in the world playing poker. That would be a fantastic goal for me, a fantastic way for me to use the money and maybe hopefully be successful there as well,” said Sweeney.
  4. The final numbers are in and the partypoker MILLIONS Online is now officially the largest online poker tournament in history. A whopping 490 players registered for Day 1E early Tuesday morning, pushing the field size to 4,367 and producing a $21,780,000 prize pool. When Day 2 action began, there were 687 players still in contention for the $2.5 million first place prize but through 18 additional levels of play just 29 survived and partypoker wasn't the only one putting up big numbers. Mexico-based 'wheatforsheep' finished Day 2 with 566,295,824 - a staggering 68% more than the second biggest stack belonging to 'j2805667'. 'Albert_77' finished with the third biggest stack at 299,620,916. Christopher 'Ad_Finem' Kruk bagged up 258,930,640 while Chance 'ChanceSeeYou' Kornuth finished with 165,392,851. Kornuth was happy to survive the day and is lookin forward to Day 2. Included in the 658 casualties on Tuesday were Fedor Holz (31st), Philipp Gruissem (37th), Sam 'bestindabiz51' Panzica (46th), and Kenny 'Spacey1891' Hallaert (99th). The #1-ranked player in the world, 'lena900' finished in 381st place. Ronan 'Sw33ney' Sweeney, who qualified via a $109 Phase 1 tournament, ended up in 289th place for $16,376.25. The final day of play begins at 2 pm EST on Wednesday. Top 10 Chip Counts wheatforsheep - 566,295,824 j2805667 - 336,914,608 Albert_77 - 299,620,916 COL_Moutarde - 285,730,071 Christopher 'Ad_Finem' Kruk - 258,930,640 orginALUS - 250,269,195 MilkMan0011 - 225,345,359 ICMslut99 - 186,956,522 senchilko - 185,418,851 ChanceSeeYou - 165,392,851
  5. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters are back for another episode of The Fives and this week they're talking about the great turnout for Day 1A of the partypoker MILLIONS Online. They also preview the upcoming WPT Five Diamond at The Bellagio and share concerns over this year's attendance. They wrap up the show talking about the latest crazy prop bet that a poker player has found themselves involved in. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  6. Tom Waters can be forgiven if he hasn't had much good sleep this week. Waters, partypoker's Managing Director, has been focusing and, in some cases, sweating the numbers for the partypoker MILLIONS Online which finally got underway on Sunday after nearly 12 months of hype. "It was very stressful in the run-up to Day 1A because we didn't know what to expect, really," said Waters. The opening Day 1 flight eventually drew 1,574 runners to get the online poker operator 39% of the way to its record-smashing $20 million guarantee. It was in the hours after the 2017 MILLIONS Online that Waters and Rob Yong started thinking about how to make a big splash in 2018. They looked at the numbers and knew that the biggest tournament ever held online came in at just over $12.4 million. "We did MILLIONS Online last year and it was $5 million and we always had plans to grow it this year and the obvious number to put it to was $10 million," said Waters. "We started thinking, well wouldn't it be great to have the biggest ever online poker tournament on partypoker? So we decided to go for it and the next question is well what's the guarantee and $15 million didn't feel right for some reason." Waters and Yong settled on $20 million and knew that it would take a full year of marketing and the support of nearly every poker player in the world that regularly plays tournaments with a $5,000 or bigger buy-in. "So yes, we skipped some steps from $5M to $20M, but that's why - we couldn't go from $5M to $10M because it wouldn't set the record," said Waters. "We wanted to set the record. It doesn't pay to have intermediate guarantees. It doesn't really drive anything, so $20M was the number we thought we could achieve and we went for it." While the turnout on Day 1A allowed Waters to breathe a little easier, he knew it was going to be the biggest of the starting flights because all the satellite winners to that point were forced to enter Day 1a. "We had a number [of entrants] in mind as to where we hoped we get for Day 1A," said Waters. "Well, we had a few numbers actually. There was 'disaster, we're in trouble', there was a number where, 'okay, we've got a chance,' and there was a number where we would definitely hit from there. We were right in the middle, so it was a pretty decent result. We were happy. It allowed us to get a bit of sleep on Monday night." The stress level probably wasn't helped by overlays at the last three marquee partypoker LIVE stops, including a $925,000 shortage at the recently completed partypoker Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas. "We had a phenomenal amount of support out there and we had a lot of American players that came in - many of them last minute when they saw what they were doing," said Waters. "We actually felt we got out of a bit of a hole in the Caribbean and we were really happy with the event as a whole. It was positive and, to be fair, we had a lot of conversations with a lot of players in the Caribbean about what we were doing and about MILLIONS Online and that gave us a lot of comfort that this tournament was going to be very popular." Day 1B proved to be far less popular. The 484 runners on Thursday pushed the field past the halfway mark of the 4,000 needed to hit the guarantee (without fees), but with three starting flights still to go, Waters isn't feeling too confident about hitting that number, although he still sees the overall campaign as a success. "I think right now success is hitting (the guarantee). I think getting 4,000 players in that tournament is a success. I'd think I'd be disappointed with any less, even though it's not a failure," said Waters. "I think 3,500 players in that tournament is also a success. We're relying on a lot of players playing those satellites this week to get anywhere near that number." With the finish line in sight, Waters recognizes that the prize pool guarantee that he and Yong came up with many months ago is most likely the biggest guarantee possible given current market conditions. "I think we've found that it probably is $20 million in one tournament. I don't think you can go any bigger or if you do go bigger it's going to take more than 12 months of marketing," said Waters, who doesn't think the big number guarantee will be going up for 2019. "I think it's highly unlikely. If miracles happen and we hit a $25 million prize pool this week, then maybe. But then maybe we change and limit the re-entries next year in order to again improve the ecological factor of the tournament. I think it's extremely unlikely that we grow that guarantee in 2019."
  7. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. The partypoker MILLIONS Online is done and dusted with two players walking away with record-setting payouts. Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters recap all of the action and look ahead to what the event might look like in 2019. They also handicap the field for the upcoming Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas and rail against the World Poker Tour's decision to hold an event at The Venetian. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  8. There seems to be little doubt now that the partypoker MILLIONS Online will reach the $20,000,000 guarantee. Now the focus becomes who walks away with the $2.5 million first place prize. On Monday, 707 players in the Day 1D starting flight pushed the total number of entrants to 3,877 just 123 players short of the 4,000 needed to meet the guarantee. Day 1E, a turbo flight, begins early Tuesday afternoon GMT. There were 104 players who managed to survive Day 1D with German grinder 'I am bored.' finishing the day with the biggest stack at 19,283,848. That puts 'I am bored.' right behind Day 1C chip leader Carlos ‘carlitos350’ Camargo with the seventh best stack through the first four starting flights. Ivan 'BanicIvan' Banic finished with the second-best Day 1D performance, moving 17,120,177 on to Day 2. Sam 'bestindabiz51' Panzica bagged up 8,331,309, good enough for the 31st best stack on Day 1D, while partypoker high roller crusher 'WWWpartyCOM' survived with 2,976,904. Day 1D Top 10 Chip Counts I am bored. - 19,283,848 BanicIvan - 17,120,177 Polka_Dotted - 16,594,515 MelonsAreYum - 15,958,303 Happy2k18 - 15,870,783 dbec077 - 15,811,301 THEpeecee - 13,982,985 JhonnyDrama. - 13,895,413 BobBogdanovich - 13,614,167 Lac.. - 13,450,468 Overall Chip Leaders Phil_Gruissem – 26,865,379 hi_all – 24,126,018 bfzhang – 22,549,892 patrondelmal – 21,904,963 Beezneez360 – 21,808,451 carlitos350 – 19,285,021 I am bored. - 19,283,848 M1KE1NBRAZIL – 18,884,694 CASHEEEGAMEEE – 18,682,668 JORD_GUBBEN – 18,421,926
  9. After months of hype for the largest online poker tournament in history, the partypoker MILLIONS Online finally started on Sunday with the first of five starting days and not only did it produce big numbers, but some of online poker's best players shined brightest. Day 1A attracted 1,332 players accounting for 1,574 total entrants thanks to 242 re-entries. That generated $7,870,000 towards the $20 million guarantee and makes Day 1A the largest ever prize pool offered on partypoker. Over the remaining four starting flights, partypoker will need a total of 2,426 players to make the guarantee (before fees). Leading the way after Day 1A is partypoker Ambassador Philipp 'Phil_Gruissem' Gruissem with 26,865,379. Right behind Gruissem is Finnish player 'hi_all' with 24,126,018. Ben 'bfzhang' Farrell sits third with 22,549,892. The top 10 also includes 'omgitsgiraf' and Chris 'Therealmoorm' Moorman. Other notables amongst the 230 players to advance to Day 2 include 'WWWpartyCOM', Anatoly 'NL_Profit' Filatov, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, and former #1-ranked Joao Simao. Ronan 'Sw33ney' Sweeney, the #5-ranked player in Ireland who qualified for the MILLIONS Online for $109, bagged up 2,233,249 to advance to Day 2. The average stack after Day 1A is 6,843,478. How the PocketFives Top 10 fared on Day 1A: lena900 - 615th (Did Not Advance) C Darwin2 - Did Not Play hellohellohello - Did Not Play mczhang - 597th (Did Not Advance) DamageAP - 761st (Did Not Advance) probirs - 737th (Did Not Advance) Ramiro - Did Not Play Romeopro - Did Not Play Ariados - 857th (Did Not Advance) MrTimCaum - 1,188th (Did Not Advance) Top 10 Chip Counts Phil_Gruissem - 26,865,379 hi_all - 24,126,018 bfzhang - 22,549,892 M1KE1NBRAZIL - 18,884,694 CASHEEEGAMEEE - 18,682,668 marcosminini - 17,276,420 party_KEKIMISU - 16,826,075 omgitsgiraf - 16,648,546 jochee - 15,792,679 Therealmoorm - 15,374,484 partypoker MILLIONS Online Schedule Thursday, Nov. 29 - Day 1B Sunday, Dec. 2 - Day 1C Monday, Dec. 3 - Day 1D Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Day 1E (Turbo) Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Day 2 Wednesday, Dec 5 - Final Day
  10. On Thursday, the World Series of Poker continued with its steady flow of announcements regarding its 2019 events by announcing the dates for WSOP Europe. The festival returns to King's Resort Rozvadov in the Czech Republic October 15 and runs through November 4, 2019. The 2019 WSOP Europe schedule features 10 gold bracelet events, highlighted by the €10,000 WSOP Europe Main Event. The WSOP Europe Main Event is scheduled for October 25-30. Last year's WSOP Europe Main Event attracted a field of 534 entries for a prize pool of €5,073,000. The UK's Jack Sinclair bested them all to win the €1.122 million first-place prize and coveted gold bracelet. "We love hosting WSOP Europe and treating the game's best players with our one-of-a-kind hospitality," King's Resort owner Leon Tsoukernik said in the press release. "We hope players who have participated in WSOPE come back this year, and for those yet to make it out to King's, we strongly encourage you to make plans to join us for Europe's richest annual live poker festival." The 2018 WSOP Europe festival drew 6,028 entries across its 10 gold bracelet events. Those entries generated just shy of €21 million in prize money. Although the 2019 WSOP Europe schedule of events has yet to be announced, players can likely expect a similar slate to last year's offering, which included a €550 Colossus, €1,100 Monster Stack, and €25,500 High Roller. Stay tuned to PocketFives.com for more news from the World Series of Poker.

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