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  1. The first ever GGPoker Spring Festival wrapped up on Tuesday night with Markus Leikkonen grabbing the final High level title and a mid six-figure payday by beating a final table populated by some of the best online poker players, including the current #1-ranked player in the world. After working his way through 338 other players in Event #108-H ($10,300 Super MILLION$), Leikkonen entered the final table with the third shortest stack behind the likes of Timothy Adams, former #1-ranked Christian Jeppsson, Daniel Dvoress, and current #1-ranked Yuri Dzivielevski. Leikkonen didn't let his starting position determine his outcome as the Finnish pro chipped up early and took the chip lead with eight players remaining. He was then responsible for sending George Wolff home in seventh place and then busted Dzivielevski in third to get heads up against American David Coleman. The former #1-ranked American online poker player actually started the final table as the shortest stack but built his stack up enough to be responsible for eliminating Dvoress in fifth and Jeppsson in fourth. Leikkonen dispatched of Coleman and won his first GGSF title and $651,820.84 while Coleman walked away with a career-high $502,622.28 payday. Dzivielevski finished in third place for the third time in GGSF and earned $387,574.80. Event #108-H ($10,300 Super MILLION$) Entries: 347 Prize pool: $3,470,000 Markus Leikkonen - $651,820.84 David Coleman - $502,622.28 Yuri Dzivielevski - $387,574.80
  2. It was a super-sized week for the GGPoker Super MILLION$ in which Russian superstar and current #7-ranked online player in the world, Arsenii 'hellohellohello' Malinov took home the Super MILLION$ Week Super High Roller title and this week's massive $661,743 first-place prize. With it being the 2021 Super MILLION$ Week on GGPoker, what was normally a $10,000 buy-in for the regularly scheduled weekly high roller was bumped up to $25,500 creating a prize pool of more than $2.8 million. By Tuesday, the field of 114 runners was paired down to the final nine and, as can be counted on for this event, included many of today’s top tier online players. Joining Malinov at the final table were Americans Jason Koon, David Coleman, and Seth Davies, who entered the final table as the chip leader. Matthias Eibinger started the final table second in chips and not too far down the leaderboard was online poker savants Aleksejs ‘DamageAP’ Ponakovs from Latvia and Joao ‘Naza114’ Vieira. Daniel Dvoress also made the final day, but as the short stack with fewer than 10 big blinds was under pressure right away. Under the gun, Dvoress pushed his remaining chips in the middle holding [poker card="5h"][poker card="5s"] and was quickly called by Malinov who had [poker card="as"][poker card="ks"]. The flop came out [poker card="qc"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6d"], keeping Dvoress out in front. The [poker card="4s"] hit the turn, giving Malinov flush outs to go with his overcards. The [poker card="2s"] completed the flush for the Russian and Dvoress hit the rail in ninth place for $74,821. It wasn’t long before David Coleman also found himself at risk. The New Jersey native moved all-in from late position with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="4s"]. Joao Vieira re-shoved on the button with a dominating [poker card="ac"][poker card="tc"] and after both blinds folded the pair watched the board run out [poker card="qs"][poker card="td"][poker card="4c"][poker card="7d"][poker card="8h"]. Vieira’s paired kicker gave him the pot and Coleman exited in eighth place for $98,256. Less than twenty minutes later another American was making his last stand. After an open from Eibinger in the cutoff, Malinov three-bet his [poker card="jh"][poker card="5h"] in the small blind. Jason Koon moved all-in for less with the [poker card="ac"][poker card="qd"]. Eibinger got out of the way and the flop fell [poker card="ts"][poker card="9c"][poker card="5c"] giving Malinov bottom pair. The pair of fives held through the [poker card="3d"] turn and the [poker card="8h"] river sending Koon home in seventh place for $129,030. A big hand took place with six left when Germany’s ‘REPTAR’ put in a raise on the button with [poker card="js"][poker card="jc"]. From the small blind Eibinger shipped his nearly 25 big blind stack with [poker card="kh"][poker card="th"] and was quickly called by ‘REPTAR’ who had Eibinger covered. The flop came [poker card="9h"][poker card="8c"][poker card="4h"] giving Eibinger additional flush outs. However, the [poker card="3d"] was of no help and neither was the [poker card="7c"] river. Eibinger, who started the day second in chips, settled for a sixth-place finish for $169,444. Minutes later, Vieira was all-in after jamming his [poker card="ad"][poker card="6d"] on the button. In the big blind ‘REPTAR’ made the quick call with the [poker card="as"][poker card="qd"]. Both players paired their ace on the [poker card="ac"][poker card="8c"][poker card="2c"] flop. But kickers played after the [poker card="kd"] turn and [poker card="9h"] river and awarded a second knockout to ‘REPTAR’ and eliminated Vieira in fifth place for $222,514. Nearly 45 minutes passed as the final four players took turns shipping chips back and forth. Eventually, Ponakovs opened with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="3s"] and was called by both Davis in the small blind and Malinov in the big blind. The [poker card="8c"][poker card="5c"][poker card="4h"] flop was checked through to Ponakovs who put out a small bet. Davies called but then Malinov moved all-in holding [poker card="8s"][poker card="6h"] for top pair and a gutshot straight draw. Ponakovs decided to put the rest of his chips in the middle and Davis folded. The turn was the [poker card="3d"] giving Ponakovs a pair and some additional outs. While the [poker card="2h"] river gave Ponakovs a straight, it gave Malinov a higher one and sent Ponakovs out in fourth place for $292,207. With three left, a pair of big hands clashed when ‘REPTAR’ open-shoved his final ten big blinds from the small blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="qc"] into Seth Davies who held [poker card="kd"][poker card="kc"] in the big blind. Davies, with the larger stack, made the quick call and watched as his pocket kings held through the [poker card="qh"][poker card="8c"][poker card="7c"][poker card="5s"][poker card="js"] runout. ‘REPTAR’, who stared the day in eighth place, laddered to third and collected $383,728, by far their largest score on GGPoker. Malinov started heads-up play with a slight chip lead over Davies, but over the course of a few hands, he extended that to a nearly four-to-one advantage. On the final hand, Davies limped the button with [poker card="as"][poker card="9h"]. Malinov put in a raise with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="kd"]. Davies three-bet jammed his remaining chips and Malinov quickly clicked call. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="9d"][poker card="ts"] flop gave both players a pair but Davies was unable to catch up through the [poker card="2c"] turn and [poker card="2s"] river. Davies finished this week as the runner-up, earning $503,914, more than double his total previous Super MILLION$ earnings. Malinov picked up the victory and $661,743 in this fourth final table appearance. His new total earnings in the GGPoker Super MILLION$ tops $1.3 million, sending him into the Top 10 on the tournament’s All-Time Money List leaderboard. Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (3/2) 1. Arsenii Malinov - $661,743 2. Seth Davies - $503,914 3. 'REPTAR' - $383,728 4. Aleks Ponakovs - $292,207 5. Joao Vieira - $222,514 6. Matthias Eibinger - $169,443 7. Jason Koon - $129,030 8. David Coleman - $98,256 9. Daniel Dvoress - $74,821
  3. [caption width="650"] David 'dehhhhh' Coleman went back-to-back to finish #1 in New Jersey for the second consecutive month.[/caption] PokerStarsNJ NJSCOOP dominated the New Jersey online poker landscape in May and the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings were shaken up as a result. The one thing that did not change, though, is the #1 ranked player in the state, as David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman retained his top spot among New Jersey’s finest. Coleman cashed 15 times during NJSCOOP and saved his best result for the biggest event of the series. The $500 buy in $200,000 guaranteed NJSCOOP Main Event drew 435 total entrants and Coleman came up just shy of besting them all and finished second. The $27,218 Coleman earned for his finish is his largest career online score. Making a big leap from seventh all the way up to second is Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg. Lavenburg notched six NJSCOOP in-the-money finishes and also claimed 12 first place victories. The largest of those wins came at the start of the month when Lavenburg won the WSOP.com $500 Big Deal for $9,600. As a result of Lavenburg’s ascension, former NJ Online #1 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon drops to third. Kwon became the second player in New Jersey history to break the $1,000,000 mark in career earnings in May. Additionally, Kwon won eight events including the WSOP.com Spring Poker Series Main Event for $12,950. Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo and Daniel ‘wildman75’ Buzgon flip-flopped the fourth and fifth place spot, respectively. Lupo earned an NJSCOOP win in the $200 HORSE event for $3,801. Buzgon had an excellent NJSCOOP that was highlighted by two victories on May 10. Buzgon won the $200 Bubble Rush and the $50 8-Game event effectively simultaneously for a combined $5,800. Overall, Buzgon cashed a whopping 25 times in NJSCOOP. Moving down from third to sixth is Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger. The first player to hit the $1,000,000 mark in New Jersey, Danger put in his standard high volume and picked up six wins in the month of May. In seventh place is Craig ‘craigruby’ Rubenstein, who cashed nine times in NJSCOOP and won Event 27-H: $100 No Limit Hold’em $15,000 guaranteed for $5,130. For the second straight month, Mike ‘MikeyCasino’ Azzaro and Fred ‘BiggDaddy’ Ferrell. Azzaro spent most of the month playing non-New Jersey sites and Ferrell won a solid 17 events. Both players are currently in Las Vegas for the time being and will be back to New Jersey soon to return to the online grind. Jason ‘JLaw’ Lawhun rounds out the top-10. Lawhun won the NJSCOOP Heads Up High event for $7,000, the largest of his six wins in May. New Jersey Online Poker Ranking Top 10 dehhhhh – 4,273.06 (-) Lav519 – 3,777.44 (+5) ykwon17– 3,692.76 (-1) centrfieldr – 3,692.76 (+1) wildman75 – 3,388.44 (-1) Jermz – 3,311.27(-3) craigruby – 3,178.60 (-1) MikeyCasino – 3,011.63 (-) Biggdaddy – 2,985.02 (-) JLaw – 2,930.35 (-) Dropped Out of Top 10 – N/A Just Missed – shipthesherb (#11), sri100k (#12), donnysack (#13)
  4. [caption width="420"] David Coleman is already one of the top online players in New Jersey after starting to play tournaments full-time in 2016.[/caption] If you are a regular follower of the monthly PocketFives New Jersey Online Rankings, you may notice that the age group of those in the top-10 more or less meet a certain consensus. The general range spans from players in their late-20s to late-30s with the occasional outlier sprinkled in. The latest of those outliers is 23-year-old David 'dehhhhh' Coleman, who surged into the eighth place spot at the start of December and has since climbed to number six, as of publication. Coleman graduated with a degree in finance from Rutgers University in New Brunswick in December 2014 with his eyes sight on working for a major bank. When he realized his lack of work experience would prevent him from achieving that goal in the immediate future, Coleman utilized his “mathematical brain” and started playing poker professionally. If Coleman’s ascension up the New Jersey rankings comes as a surprise, it is because he did not start playing online tournaments on a consistent basis until this year. Online cash games were Coleman’s former bread and butter but the unique elements of tournament poker caused Coleman to make the shift. “In all of 2015 and most of 2016, I didn't play many online tournaments. During that time period, I put in a lot of volume playing online cash games, mostly on WSOP, where I had a lot of success. After playing almost solely online cash games for over a year and a half, I started getting a little bored of them. Tournament poker, on the other hand, excites me much more. Each decision you make in tournament poker is different than any other decision you've ever made, due to the varying stack sizes at the table, the stage of the tournament you're in, the players at your table, etc.” The transition has been a success to this point for Coleman with November marking his full arrival into the upper echelon of New Jersey’s tournament poker scene. Coleman won two events on PokerStarsNJ for a shade over $10,000 each with his current online earnings on the cusp of eclipsing $250,000. Poker is an “enormous” part of Coleman’s life but he has been able to maintain a quality balance outside of the five days a week when he is playing. Coleman is able to do this by combining his love of sports with spending time with his family, which includes three brothers. “When the weather is nice, I like to spend as much time outside as possible. I played a ton of sports in my life [and] still play basketball and soccer pickup games, which I enjoy a lot. I am currently in a men's volleyball league which plays once a week. My dad and brother are both on the team which makes it a lot of fun. It’s important to me to spend as much time with my family as I can since we all still live in New Jersey,” said Coleman. Coleman’s live experience hit a peak in 2016 when he made a few trips to the payout cage in various Borgata Poker Opens, including a near final table finish in a field of over 2,300 in the Summer Poker Open kickoff event. Expanding his horizons farther beyond the shores of Atlantic City, Coleman says he plans to travel “around the world” to play live tournaments in 2017. Since making tournaments his poker mainstay, Coleman’s success has given him plenty of reason to have high hopes for the new year. Before he gets too far ahead of himself, though, Coleman is setting moderate goals in order to keep his winning ways going at a sustainable rate. “I would like to continue to see steady improvement in my game and keep putting in lots of volume online. I don't have concrete numeric goals for 2017, you can't be 'results based' as a poker player. As long as I'm playing to the best of my ability, steadily improving my game within my bankroll, I'll live with the results.”
  5. [caption width="650"] David 'dehhhhh' Coleman regained the top spot in New Jersey with NJCOOP underway.[/caption] Following a few months away from the top of the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings, David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman is back into first place. With theNew Jersey Championship of Online Poker off and running in the garden state, Coleman could add more points to his lead before the end of October. Coleman played his share of live tournaments during the Borgata Poker Open but when he hit the online streets, he won 13 tournaments. The largest win for Coleman came in the PokerStarsNJ Sunday Special on September 17, where he won $10,460. He’s in first place no longer but Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon still had a productive month. Kwon won three events and reached the podium a few additional times. Already in October, Kwon has a NJCOOP title in Event #6 ($100 PLO Eight Max) For the second straight month, Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo and John ‘Selurznug’ Cosgrove are in third and fourth place, respectively. Lupo came away with two wins, including a win in the first event of NJCOOP ($100 Nightly Stars) for $5,645. Cosgrove picked up 10 wins and pushed his online tournament earnings to over $500,000. The theme of consistency held true with Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg finishing up September in fifth place. Lavenburg cashed only twice but made the most of it with a win in the partypokerNJ Sunday $40,000 guaranteed worth $9,080. Jumping up from #12 to #6 was Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano. The majority of Gagliano’s cashes came in Sunday High Roller events where he picked up five qualifying cashes for just over 523 PLB points. Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger falls one spot in the rankings to 7th place. Danger won 14 events and is on the verge of reaching $1,400,000 in career earnings.
  6. [caption width="640"] Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon is #1 in New Jersey for the second consecutive month. (Will OC photo)[/caption] Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon reclaimed his place at #1 in the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings in July, maintaining his hold over David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman for the second straight month. Kwon’s volume was down in August but he managed to collect a first, second, and third place finish with a $5,650 cash in the $50,000 guaranteed PokerStarsNJ Sunday Special marking his best result. Coleman finished the past month with seven victories, including a win in the PokerStarsNJ Super Tuesday. Additionally, Coleman crossed over the $700,000 mark in career online earnings. Coming into September, less than 70 PLB points separate Kwon and Coleman with a gap of 400 points standing between Coleman and #3 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo. Lupo moved up from #5 in August by virtue of his five wins during the month. On August 20, Lupo won the Sunday Special for $10,225 and moved his career online earnings over $1,000,000 as a result. Holding steady at #4 is John ‘Selurznug’ Cosgrove, who put in maximum volume over the course of August and finished the month with 11 victories. Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg went from #3 to #5 but made up for his fall with a major live score. Lavenburg finished second in the Parx Big Stax 1500 in a three-way deal and earned $90,000 for his performance. Former NJ #1 Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger comes in at sixth place with his online earnings all the way up to $1,350,000, keeping him as the all-time highest earner in the history of NJ online poker. Josh ‘thejberg’ Rothberg cashed only four times in August but managed to hang inside the top-10 at #7. The two newcomers to the rankings this month are Daniel ‘RedsoxNets5’ Sewnig at #8 and Andrew ‘Mergulas’ Glauberg in 10th position. After falling out of the rankings, Fred ‘BiggDaddy’ Ferrell is back in at #9. New Jersey Online Poker Ranking Top 10 ykwon17 – 3,794.06 (-) dehhhhh – 3,725.50 (-) centrfieldr– 3,319.79 (+2) Selurznug – 3,270.38 (+4) Lav519 – 3,063.81 (+2) Jermz – 2,945.67 (+1) therealjberg – 2,833.03 (-1) RedsoxNets5 – 2,793.88 (NR) BiggDaddy – 2,765.99 (NR) Mergulas – 2,761.88 (NR) Dropped Out of Top 10 – wildman75, papamat25, sri100k Just Missed – wildman75 (#11), Gags30 (#12), mjpaol (#13)
  7. [caption width="640"] Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon's is #1 in New Jersey for the first time since March. (Will OC photo)[/caption] Following a three-month stint on top of the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings, David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman is no longer ranked #1 in the state. Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon is the new #1 after putting together a spectacular July. Kwon amassed 12 wins over the course of July’s 31 days and put his career online earnings over the $1,150,000 mark. The largest prize won by Kwon came when he shipped the WSOP.com Ultimate Warrior, collecting $11,200 in the process. The win is the third-highest payout of Kwon’s online career. Coleman is in second place now for now but still had a solid month. Despite being out in Las Vegas playing live events, Coleman was still able to win eight tournaments. The cash that sticks out the most, though, came at the World Series of Poker, where Coleman made a trip to the payout cage in the Main Event. In third place for the second time in as many months is Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg. Lavenburg did not put in his usual volume but still came away with two podium finishes. Up to his career-best ranking at #4 in New Jersey is John ‘Selurznug’ Cosgrove, who followed up his 10 wins in June with eight more this past month. Cosgrove notched a win in the grueling PokerStars $200 buy in $60,000 guaranteed Sunday Special and earned $12,273 for the victory. A familiar face among the top-10, Daniel ‘centrfildr’ Lupo checks in at #5. Lupo had another solid month and took five victory laps in July. After jumping into the rankings last month at #5, Josh ‘therealjberg’ Rothberg falls to #6. It was still a productive month for Rothberg, as he put up three first place finishes and climbed onto the podium a total of seven times. Former NJ #1 Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger is in seventh place once again and has Dan ‘wildman75’ Buzgon right behind him in eighth. Matt ‘papamat25’ Iles climbs one spot to #9 despite cashing only fives times in all of July. The newest member of the rankings is Sridhar ‘Sri100k’ Sangannagar, who moves up from being just outside of the rankings last month. New Jersey Online Poker Ranking Top 10 ykwon17 – 4,054.83 (+1) dehhhhh – 3,975.57 (-1) Lav519 – 3,388.86 (-) Selurznug – 3,221.66 (+4) centrfieldr – 3,201.83 (-1) therealjberg – 3,059.60 (-1) Jermz – 2,891.12 (-) wildman75 – 2,865.56 (-2) papamat25 – 2,817.76 (+1) sri100k – 2,783.71 (NR) Dropped Out of Top 10 – craigruby Just Missed – Thatgood45 (#11), BiggDaddy (#12), shipthesherb (#13)
  8. [caption width="650"] David 'dehhhhh' Coleman has done well both in live and online tournaments in June.[/caption] The poker action has shifted west over the last few weeks for many of New Jersey’s top online players. Quite a few of them have come to Las Vegas to put their live skills to the test but the action has still been profitable for a few back home. For the third straight month, David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman is #1 in the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings. Coleman’s June included 11 victories across New Jersey’s online sites. He also has cashed three times in the World Series of Poker with a payday earned in the $3,333 High Roller event played on WSOP.com. In the last week alone, Coleman has cashed for $21,000 in World Series of Poker events. Up one spot from third to second is Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon, who earned 12 victories in June. Kwon’s wins were highly profitable as he won two PokerStars Sunday Specials with the each victory worth over $10,000 apiece. Rounding out the top-three is Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg. Lavenburg made seven total trips to the winner’s circle along with 10 additional podium finishes. Back in for another month in fourth place is Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo. The former NJ #1 picked up three victories with his largest score coming as a fourth place finish in the PartyPokerNJ $215 buy in $40,000 guaranteed RE + Bonus. Lupo earned $3,600 in that event. There are three newcomers to the Poker Rankings this month with Josh ‘thejberg’ Rothberg and John ‘Selurznug’ Cosgrove coming in at fifth and eighth, respectively. Rothberg won four NJ tournaments in June while Cosgrove took down 10 of his own. Dan ‘wildman75’ Buzgon and Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger each fell one spot and are now sixth and seventh. Buzgon has spent the month playing live in Las Vegas and has three cashes so far this summer. Danger took down 11 titles in June. Falling two spots from seventh to ninth is Craig ‘craigruby’ Rubinstein, who made four top-three finishes. Coming in at #10 is the final newcomer to the rankings, Matt ‘papamat25’ Iles, just edging out Sri ‘sri100k’ Sangannagari. New Jersey Online Poker Ranking Top 10 dehhhhh – 4,202.52 (-) ykwon17 – 4,060.20 (+1) Lav519 – 3,594.55 (-1) centrfieldr – 3,385.54 (-) therealjberg – 3,119.69 (NR) wildman75 – 3,100.38 (-1) Jermz – 3,062.80 (-1) Selurznug – 3,061.41 (NR) craigruby – 2,923.40 (-2) papamat25 – 2,892.85 (-) Dropped Out of Top 10 – MikeyCasino, Biggdaddy, JLaw Just Missed – sri100k (#11), JLaw (#12), Biggdaddy (#13)
  9. [caption width="650"] David 'dehhhhh' Coleman is playing in his first Main Event and is out to validate New Jersey online poker in the process.[/caption] Last year at this time, David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman was another New Jersey online grinder looking to move up in the virtual world. Fast forward a year later, and Coleman is the #1 on ranked player in the state and among the first players to break 100,000 on Day 1C of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Coleman has learned plenty both poker-wise and on the business end of the game that helped him make sure he had a seat for this year. “I definitely wanted to, but I wasn’t fully rolled for it at the time and not accustomed to selling action. This year, I sold a bunch of action and here I am. It’s going really well so far.” The preparation done by Coleman to get himself in the right state mentally for a potential two-week grind was to come out a few weeks before the start of the Main Event and play a few preliminary events. Coleman cashed in the $5,000 No Limit event and on his relative home turf in the $3,333 Online High Roller. Those events gave Coleman some wind at his back at he gets started on the longest journey in poker. “It helps gives me a little confidence because I don’t have a ton of live experience,” said Coleman. Going deep in the Main Event is a boon for any player and Coleman is looking at this tournament as an opportunity to expand his horizons outside the online world. “It would solidify me in the poker world, getting a deep cash in the Main Event. I have a lot of online experience success but not much live success. It would give me a lot of confidence going further in the live poker world. Maybe I’ll play more big buy in events and gear away from all the online I’ve played in the last two or three years.” Before he shifted his focus to online MTTs, Coleman was primarily a cash game player and is right at home in the deep structure the Main Event provides. New Jersey’s own Thomas Pomponio won the Colossus to kick off the WSOP and by making the final table, Coleman would be the second player from the state to notch a live seven-figure score this summer. Coleman appreciates the relative burden of representing the NJ online community and representing the strong play from the state. “A lot of New Jersey players have had success this summer, which is great to see, especially coming from a smaller market. The solid players that are out here seem to have success which is a testament to how much talent we have in New Jersey.” Only time will tell how Coleman’s Main Event will end but for someone who wasn’t in any part of the poker radar a year ago, there is plenty for him to look forward to regardless how what his fate holds. The Main Event offers a few great storylines each year and a 24-year-old online phenom from New Jersey competing with the best in the world would make for a great headline as the pay jumps grow by the tens of thousands.
  10. The New Jersey Online Poker Rankings continues to be topped by none other than Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano. Gagliano (4,288.22 PLB points), who routinely plays the highest online buy-ins that New Jersey has to offer, put together another impress month in March. He strung together 11 four-figure cashes, eight of which counted toward his PLB total. He cashed for over $38,000 in March, with the highlight being his runner-up finish in the PokerStars NJ Sunday Special for $6,750. Rising to the #2 ranking is David ‘dehhhh’ Coleman (3,814.89) thanks to a solid end-of-the-month heater in March. Coleman cracked the Worldwide Top 300 rankings thanks to a trio of cashes, each worth over $5,000. First up was his third-place finish on March 25 in Borgata Poker GSSS Spring ’18 Event #16 High Roller for $9,000. He followed that up the very next day by taking down the WSOP NJ BIG Deal for another $9,600. The run continued one day later with another outright win in the PokerStars NJ Super Tuesday for over $5,600. Taking a small step back into the #3 ranking is Yong ‘kwon17’ Kwon (3,636.84). Kwon was victorious in eight different tournaments in March which is the same number of four-figure scores the former New Jersey #1 raked in. Mike ‘lav519’ Lavenburg (3,527.23) retains his #4 ranking in New Jersey with the help of his mammoth victory in the partypoker NJ GSSS Spring ’18 $50,000 GTD High Roller. He took home the rare five-figure score of $15,500 and added 223.61 PLB points to his total. In addition to his big victory, Lavenburg pulled in roughly $66,000 in the month. Rounding out the top 5 in New Jersey is Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (3,413.93). Lupo amassed seven PLB qualifying cashes including an over $5,000 score for his runner-up finish in the March 26 WSOP NJ BIG Deal. ’sri100k’ (3,015.28) rose six spots to claim the #6 ranking this month thanks to playing heavy volume and working his way to 16 podium finished in March. He earned $6,356 for his victory in the PokerStars NJ Turbo Series Event #26 which was one of 14 of his four-figure cashes in the month. Atlantic City’s #7-ranked Andrew ‘Mergulas’ Glauberg (3,001.91) cashed over 50 times in March including four outright wins. Though not one of his victories, his month was capped by a runner-up finish in the March 27 PokerStars NJ Super Tuesday for over $3,700. On March 26, ‘Jermz’ (2,964. 25) scored a trio of four-figure cashes including two fourth-place finishes on WSOP NJ and a final table finish in the Borgata Poker GSSS Spring ’18 Main Event for over $3,700. In total, he added nearly $10,000 to his bankroll on that day along and three qualifying cashes to help him remain at the #8 ranking. Michael ‘JohnnnyDrama’ Haberman (2,925.11) rose one spot to the #9 ranking in March on the back of nine podium finishes including a victory in the WSOP NJ $10,000 Fierce Warrior for $2,850. Weehawken’s #1 player, ‘ol muggins’ (2,922.78) completes the current top 10 ranked players in New Jersey due to a heavy schedule and the lift he received him his runner-up finish in the NJPC II Main Event at the very end of February which brought him a career-high cash of just over $20,000. New Jersey Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Gags30 4,288.22 2 dehhhhh 3,814.89 3 ykwon17 3,636.84 4 Lav519 3,527.23 5 centrfieldr 3,143.93 6 sri100k 3,015.28 7 Mergulas 3,001.91 8 Jermz 2,964.25 9 JohnnnyDrama 2,925.11 10 ol muggins 2,922.78
  11. The New Jersey Online Poker Rankings return with the most familiar of faces in first place. Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano is the clubhouse leader at the effective midway point of 2018 thanks to another stellar month. The first full month of interstate play results in more PLB points and larger prize pools. Gagliano took full advantage and leads second-place David 'dehhhhh' Coleman by a touch over 100 points. Two marquee results stand out for Gagliano in the month of May. The PokerStarsNJ Sunday High Roller on May 13 shipped to Gagliano and he earned $8,272 for the result. The following week, Gagliano won the Coast 2 Coast Classic High Roller for $28,851 on WSOP.com. Coleman earned himself five victories in May. The largest score by a wide margin was Coleman's win in the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown on May 23. A $25,000 guarantee resulted in $39,000 in the prize pool and Coleman earned $12,329 for beating the field of 54. The wide gap between Gagliano and Coleman and the rest of the state leads Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon to be in third place with about 400 points of separation. Kwon put together a solid month with 12 podium finishes and two wins. The largest score ever earned by Kwon came the Coast 2 Coast Classic $85,000 guaranteed High Roller. Kwon withdrew $19,697 from the prize pool for the silver medal. Mike 'Lav519' Lavenburg is in fourth place for another month. Lavenburg's summer is off to a quality start thanks to a Day 2 appearance in the Colossus. Online-wise, Lavenburg lowered his volume and put up only a single medal result. Lavenburg did place 10th in the Coast 2 Coast Classic Main Event in a field of 359. A new face in the rankings is Ryan 'shipthesherb' Hohner. The Borgata Winter Poker Open Event 1 runner-up put up a monster May with seven wins. Hohner climaxed in the final weekend of the month by winning the PokerStarsNJ Sunday High Roller for the first time to collect $8,272. Another player to pick up a huge win in May was Jason 'JLaw' Lawhun. The increased prize pools on WSOP.com worked to Lawhun's advantage as he won the May 28 $100,000 guaranteed Sunday event for $35,190. Lawhun earned his largest career online prize with the win. Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo and 'ol muggins' changed their positions by two spots. Lupo won the May 29 Super Tuesday but is now in seventh place over. 'ol muggins' joined the rankings last month and is up to eighth place following their 12-medal month. Michael 'JohnnnyDrama' Haberman and 'sri100k' are both in the top-10 for another month. Both players won three events and stepped on to the podium a combined 16 times. The summer should be interesting in the state with most grinders who travel to Las Vegas eligible to pick up points on WSOP.com. New Jersey Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Gags30 4,057.26 2 dehhhhh 3,954.97 3 ykwon17 3,568.49 4 Lav519 3,556.69 5 shipthesherb 3,502.03 6 JLaw 3,377.60 7 centrfieldr 3,321.48 8 ol muggins 3,120.38 9 sri100k 3,115.16 10 JohnnnyDrama 2,862.03
  12. Since New Jersey began offering regulated online poker, Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano has been one of the highest-ranked players in the Garden State. His dominance apparently knows no bounds and he's now the top-ranked player in the United States. Gagliano owns the #1 spot nationally thanks to his dominance in New Jersey. In the month of October, Gagliano picked up 12 cashes that qualified for PLB points. His biggest score came on October 8 when he took down PokerStars NJCOOP Event #28 ($300 Four Max NLHE) for $12,440 and 197.28 points. That same day he won the $25,000 Weekly Sunday event on WSOP.com for $11,507 and 189.63 points. All told, Gagliano earned 1,399.87 points and now has a 196.28-point lead over the rest of the field. Right behind Gagliano is the top-ranked player from Nevada, David 'bewater' Goodman. Just twice in October was Goodman able to find a cash big enough to add to his PLB score. He won the $15,000 Weekly on WSOP.com on October 14 and then celebrated Halloween with a third place finish in the Tuesday Showdown on WSOP.com. He added 242.89 PLB points to his total thanks to those scores. Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo rounds out the top three. Another New Jersey regular, Lupo added 1,617.06 points to his PLB score. Playing a full online schedule, Lupo won six events in October including two NJCOOP titles and a Garden State Super Series. United States Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano 4,883.36 2 David 'bewater' Goodman 4,687.08 3 Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo 4,399.59 4 Hurricane27 4,271.27 5 Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein 4,223.89 6 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 4,156.76 7 Ricky 'ratedGTO' Guan 4,097.08 8 Artim 'aceszhuited' Zhuta 3,676.09 9 Daniel 'dkonpf' Kang 3,671.84 10 engineered2eat 3,581.97
  13. David 'bewater' Goodman returned to the top spot in the PocketFives United States Online Poker Rankings, as Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo jumped into second place and Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano fell to third. United States Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 David 'bewater' Goodman 4,938.33 2 Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo 4,770.75 3 Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano 4,473.54 4 Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein 4,259.79 5 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 4,142.56 6 Hurricane27 4,134.38 7 Ricky 'ratedGTO' Guan 3,932.65 8 Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon 3,740.64 9 Artim 'aceszhuited' Zhuta 3,659.22 10 engineered2eat 3,609.70 Goodman is the top-ranked player in Nevada and makes his bread playing on WSOP.com. In the month of November, Goodman has 29 online poker cashes, including four victories and two additional top-three finishes. He captured wins in the $7,500 Weekly Wednesday [Re-entry, 6 Max] on November 1 for $2,250 and 86.60 points, the $15,000 Weekly Friday [Re-entry, 6 Max] on November 3 for $5,301 and 123.07 points, the Coast 2 Coast III #13 - $20,000 NLH - Classic Freezeout on November 8 for $5,827 and 148.28 points, and the $7,000 Daily Turbo Deepstack [R&A] on November 8 for $1,995 and 82.74 points, all on WSOP.com. His largest score of the month came from a fifth-place finish in the WSOP.com Coast 2 Coast III #33 - $85,000 NLH - High Roller [Re-entry, 6 Max] for $9,027 and 137.71 points. Lupo, who plays out of New Jersey and is currently the top-ranked player in the Garden State, has wins on partypokerNJ and WSOP.com in November and has 52 cashes in the month to date. Lupo’s largest score in November came on November 21 when he won the WSOP.com $20,000 Weekly Tuesday [Re-entry] for $8,175 and 166.51 points. Gagliano dipped back to third on the leaderboard, and he has the least amount of cashes in November among the top three players with 10. Gagliano won the same event on BorgataPoker.com twice in November, as he took down the Mega $535 Tuesday - $12,000 GTD Six-Max NLH [3x RE] on November 7 and November 21. The first time, Gagliano scored $4,830 and 109.54 points. The second time, Gagliano won $5,610 and 130.38 points.
  14. After turning a Platinum Pass he won for $86 into a $35,000 score in the PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship, Anthony 'tonydatiger' Maio now finds himself atop the PocketFives United States Online Poker Rankings. Maio currently has 5,134.21 points and is ahead of David 'bewater' Goodman in second and Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano in third. United States Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Anthony 'tonydatiger' Maio 5,134.21 2 David 'bewater' Goodman 4,716.53 3 Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano 4,596.22 4 Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein 4,497.39 5 Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo 4,196.83 6 Justin 'Lappy' Lapka 3,992.79 7 'Hurricane27' 3,978.63 8 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 3,914.59 9 Chance 'Chances Cards' Kornuth 3,770.43 10 'jordanfrog' 3,665.53 Maio has a handful of recent four-figure scores, including a good number of those coming from WSOP.com and PokerStars NJ. Maio’s biggest score on WSOP.com recently was a first-place finish in the $20,000 Monthly Saturday [PLO, 6 Max] for $6,400 and 141.42 points on January 27, 2019. Just a few days before that, Maio took fourth in the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown - $30,000 GTD [Re-entry] for $5,137 and 98.65 points on January 23. On PokerStars NJ, Maio recently finished runner-up in the Sunday Special - $200, $25,000 Gtd for $4,000 and 104.32 points on February 3. Also on PokerStars NJ, but back in the middle of January, Maio won the Winter Series 6: $1,000 NL Hold'em [High-Roller,6-Max], $25,000 Gtd for $11,020 and 165.98 points. Goodman’s recent results have all been on WSOP.com, highlighted by scores of $8,336 (146.09 points), $4,387 (98.09 points), and $6,893 (129.11 points) in the month of January. For Gagliano, all but one of his cashes in 2019 have come from WSOP.com or PokerStars NJ, and he already has five victories in online poker tournaments this year. He won the BorgataPoker.com Mega $535 Tuesday - $12,000 GTD Six-Max NLH [3x RE] for $6,975 and 150 points on January 23, the PokerStars NJ Winter Series 13: $200 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO,6-Max], $18,000 Gtd for $3,458 and 115.32 points on January 20, the PokerStars NJ Winter Series 4: $150 NL Hold'em [4-Max], $20,000 Gtd for $7,222 and 153 points on January 14, the PokerStars NJ Sunday High Roller [6-Max] - $500, $10,000 Gtd for $5,405 and 103.97 points on January 13, and the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown - $30,000 GTD [Re-entry] for $11,357 and 188.39 points on January 2.
  15. The final events of the PokerStars 2019 New Jersey Championship of Online Poker wrapped up on Monday as New Jersey’s Tenzin ‘tc_ownz’ Chakdor won the $300 buy-in $100,000 GTD Main Event for a career-high online score of $19,111.88. Chakdor’s victory capped off over two weeks worth of online action in New Jersey as grinders battled in the 50-event series that paid out over $1 million in total prize pools. Chakdor (playing under his PokerStarsNJ screen name ‘Mc_lovin1632’) navigated his way through the 373-entry field to lock up the biggest payday of the entire series. This isn’t the first time Chakdor has found success during NJCOOP. While it may be his largest cash in terms of money in his pocket, just last year he was the winner of the PSPC Main Event All-in Shootout which awarded him a $25K Platinum Pass and a trip to the Bahamas for the 2019 PSPC. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] Multiple NJCOOP Titles With over 50 events, Chakdor has plenty of company when it comes to NJCOOP title winners. Some of those players were lucky enough to take down more than one. New Jersey’s current #5-ranked player Jon ‘toddchipman’ Borenstein racked up the most NJCOOP victories by taking down three tournaments. He earned his first victory in Event #10 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $7,341.17. Then he followed that up with a first-place finish in Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) after a deal for $16,892.70. Finally, Borenstein captured his third title of the series in the final event of the series, Event #50 ($100 NLHE Hyper-Turbo Six Max) for an additional $2,775.44. His NJCOOP rush will send him up over $1.3 million in lifetime earnings and a career-high ranking of #166 in the world. Borenstein wasn’t the only player to lock up more than one title. He was joined by Anthony ‘FlawlessBINK’ Maio, ‘angel zera’ and ‘snapcallzzz’ all of whom each took down two tournaments. New Jersey’s former #1-ranked grinder David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman also booked a couple of wins when he took down Event #32 ($200 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $6,553.67 and Event #47 ($75 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic Hyper-Turbo) for $2,008.92. Non-Stop Value Added The 2019 NJCOOP also offered plenty of added value for New Jersey online poker players as aggressive guarantees were routinely missed throughout the entire series. Of the 50 events, 28 tournaments played for the guarantee. In one instance, they hit the guaranteed number right on the nose. In seven others, the prize pool surpassed the guarantee, but the online site needed the rake to cover the number. In these cases, players basically played for a reduced rake as part of their rake was used for the prize pool. In 20 events, PokerStars needed to add money to the prize pool to cover the guarantee. The total amount over the course of the series is just over $39,000 worth of overlays with 13 events needing an infusion of at least $1,000. The largest overlay came in Event #30 ($300 NLHE Four Max) where PokerStars added $5,700 to hit the $30K guarantee. In 2020, NJCOOP may find that it is not PokerStars' only major US online poker series. PokerStars is reportedly on the verge of launching its second regulated online poker site in the state of Pennsylvania. When PA online poker finally does go live, perhaps a PACOOP won't be too far behind. PokerStars 2019 NJCOOP Winners # EVENT ENTIRES PRIZE POOL WINNER WINNINGS 1 $100 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 242 $22,215.60 sareeBAcoMEHH $4,273.28 2 $200 NL Hold'em [Turbo - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 67 $16,000.00 bgrif32 $4,400.21 3 $200 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 134 $27,500.00 TeethOfBags $5,725.84* 4 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 148 $22,500.00 angel zera $2,847.24 5 $250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 201 $55,000.00 CoonG23 $10,814.85 6 $100 PL Omaha [6-Max] 84 $10,000.00 Bortzork $2,404.55 7 $150 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 78 $12,000.00 D.Drumpf $2,926.93 8 $100 NL Hold'em [4-Max, Progressive KO] 213 $19,553.40 DaBirds23 $1,919.90 9 $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 48 $12,500.00 grinder03 $4,904.43 10 $250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 152 $35,416.00 toddchipman $7,341.17 11 $30 NL Hold'em [Mini Super Tuesday] 397 $10,838.10 BrigBeast06 $1,964.58 12 $150 NL Hold'em [Escalating Antes] 122 $16,799.40 L!ghtSout $3,670.44 13 $100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush] 122 $12,000.00 supremetny $2,630.33 14 $100 NL Holdem [Progressive KO] 216 $19,828.80 FlawlessBINK $2,172.31 15 $1,000 NL Hold'em [High-Roller, 6-Max] 46 $50,000.00 toddchipman $16,892.70* 16 $150 NL Hold'Em [6-Max] 100 $13,770.00 J3tBl!ckP0pe $3,182.85 17 $200 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 109 $22,000.00 zapzer7 $3,036.53 18 $50+R NL Hold'em 74 $12,000.00 rosseg $3,900.00 19 $100 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 100 $10,000.00 AvaGray $2,369.95 20 $300 Eight-Game [6-Max] 55 $15,400.00 D0naldTrump8 $4,620.00 21 $150 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush, 6-Max] 75 $10,327.50 rosseg $3,050.98 22 $100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 146 $13,402.80 1EveryDay1 $2,778.23 23 $200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack Turbo] 54 $10,044.00 R@zzleDazz1e $3,479.64 24 $100 NL Hold'em [Marathon] 104 $10,000.00 snapcallzzz $2,077.31* 25 $100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-Max] 74 $10,000.00 KoolerU $2,954.25 26 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO, 6-Max, Big Antes] 143 $20,000.00 snapcallzzz $2,131.50 27 $350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 174 $60,000.00 MisAnnthr0pe $12,080.33 28 $200 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 140 $32,000.00 bluesnj $4,658.77 29 $100 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 90 $10,000.00 ForTheThr1ll $2,369.95 30 $300 NL Hold'em [4-Max] 81 $30,000.00 angel zera $7,317.22 31 $500 PL Omaha [High-Roller, 6-max] 35 $18,000.00 mmenz08816 $8,072.53 32 $200 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 175 $32,550.00 coles93 $6,553.67 33 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 71 $8,000.00 1234 fifffff $2,180.00 34 $30+R NL Holdem [6-Max] 118 $10,000.00 hubbiee $2,600.00 35 $200 NL Hold'em 97 $20,000.00 laura33188 $4,739.85 36 $250 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 118 $28,000.00 TiltedHard $3,498.54 37 $150 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 109 $15,009.30 iFoldN0T $3,437.65 38 $200 FL Holdem [6-Max] 37 $8,500.00 MacBlackwood $3,400.00 39 $200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo] 55 $10,450.00 JerseyRU $3,726.94 40 $300 NL Hold'em [6-Max] 80 $25,000.00 MartinChatwn $6,812.50 41 $75 NL Hold'em [Zoom] 198 $13,513.50 rayteddy93 $2,653.80 42 $100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes] 126 $12,500.00 Bout2shove $2,739.89 43 $300 NL Hold'em [Main Event, 2-Day Event] 373 $104,440.00 Mc_Lovin1632 $19,111.88 44 $50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure] 500 $22,750.00 cl1ckinbtns $4,042.37 45 $100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button] 148 $13,586.40 FlawlessBINK $2,816.28 46 $150 PL Omaha [6-Max] 58 $12,500.00 notabuyer $4,458.02 47 $75 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 130 $9,165.00 coles93 $2,008.92 48 $150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up] 223 $20,471.40 RatherBinAC $3,718.38 49 $100 NL Hold'em [Phase Day 2] 44 $31,212.00 Wsopboy1997 $6,382.91 50 $100 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo, 6-Max] 81 $11,542.50 toddchipman $2,775.44  
  16. New Jersey grinder David 'dehhhhh' Coleman had a strong December on the virtual felt and as a result has taken over the #1 spot on the USA Online Poker Rankings. Coleman cashed 30 times in December but picked up a bulk of his points with impressive back-to-back wins in the PokerStars Sunday Special. On December 15, Coleman topped the 116-entry field in the $200 buy-in event to win $6,250 and lockup 158.11 PLB points. One week later, he beat out 114 other players to win another $6,250 and 158.11 PLB points. He also managed to pick up 102.7 points thanks to a runner-up finish in the WSOP $15,00 Weekly Saturday on December 8. His total earnings for December were $15,272. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] One spot behind Coleman was former #1-ranked American Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon. Kwon cashed just 14 times but managed to win the PokerStars NJ Nightly Stars on two separate occasions for 95.33 and 96.29 PLB points respectively. Sandwiched between those two scores was a sixth-place finish in the WSOP.com Sunday Weekly for 71.5 points. Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein holds down the #3 spot following a massive month in terms of PLB points earned. He cashed just nine times and just three of those counted towards his PLB total. He won the WSOP.com $100,000 GTD Sunday on December 2 for $29,256 and 332.26 points. Three weeks later he did it again, this time winning $28,859 and 330 points. He also picked up 60.17 points for an eighth-place finish in the WSOP.com $30,000 Weekly Sunday on December 2 and 96.22 points for coming in third. USA Online Poker Rankings Rank Name Points 1 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 4,654 2 Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon 4,357 3 Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein 4,200 4 Dan "centrfieldr" Lupo 4,128 5 Vladimir 'Donate_here' Alexandrov 4,064 6 Mike 'Lav519' Lavenburg 3,690 7 Michael 'JohnnnyDrama' Haberman Jr. 3,567 8 Michael "Gags30" Gagliano 3,432 9 Tenzin 'tc_ownz' Chakdor 3,357 10 sri100k 3,298   David Goodman Continues to Dominate Nevada There isn't a single player from Nevada in the top 14 of the USA rankings. The #1 player from the Silver State is David 'bewater' Goodman at #15. He is currently sitting on 2,944 points - 1,710 points behind Coleman for top spot. Goodman continues to hold on to the top spot despite taking nearly all of December off. He cashed just once and it wasn't a strong enough finish to count towards his PLB total. Tanner 'Bamatide88' Bibat sits at #2 after having three of his five December cashes boost his PLB points total to 2,783. On December 17, Bibat finished second in the $5,555 Weekly Monday for $1,071 and 52.37 points. Then, on December 23, he finished 11th in the WSOP.com $15,000 Weekly Sunday Deepstack for $262 and 33.68 points before taking down the WSOP.com $7,000 Daily Turbo Deepstack for $2,179 and 87.43 points. Rounding out the podium for Nevada is Jed 'JCHAK' Hoffman. He started December off with a fifth-place finish in the WSOP.com $10,000 Weekly Saturday event for $885 and 43.13 points. He then picked up 45.42 points in the Sunday $100,000 to finish off the month. Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman moved up to #4 in Nevada after having four of his five December cashes add 212.59 points to his PLB total. Steinman now sits at 1,056th in the world - an all-time high for him. Nevada Online Poker Rankings Rank Name Points 1 David 'bewater' Goodman 2,944 2 Tanner 'Bamatide88' Bibat 2,783 3 Jed 'JCHAK' Hoffman 2,434 4 Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman 1,942 5 PunnyYouSayThat 1,828
  17. Had this been any other summer under a normal set of circumstances, the poker world would be in the midst of the World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas. That madness would surely have included some of poker's brightest stars owning the stage for their victories, but it also would have featured a number of lesser-known players finding a way to claim their first gold bracelet and thrusting themselves into poker's biggest and brightest spotlight. As everybody is well aware, there isn't really anything normal about this summer. Wednesday marks the beginning of the 31 2020 World Series of Poker online bracelet events on WSOP.com. The big names will all be battling for bracelets and their share of the glory that comes with yet another title. This year, maybe more than any other in the 51-year history of the WSOP, players who have been flying below the radar will have plenty of opportunities to join the exclusive club of bracelet winners. Here are five American players who could put on a show worthy of a little slice of the poker world's attention over the next 31 days. David Coleman David Coleman gets the advantage of starting off the 2020 WSOP with a marquee win fresh in his rearview. On Sunday, Coleman topped the 868-entry field in the World Poker Tour Online Poker Open on the partypoker US Network for a $56,585.70 score. He's not some kid on a heater though. In January, the 27-year-old Livingston, New Jersey resident took over the #1 spot in the USA Rankings for the first time in his career. In April, he earned a New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker title by beating 242 other entries in the $350 Sunday Special SE. Coleman has won the PokerStars NJ Sunday Special a staggering eight times since November 2016. All told, Coleman has earned over $3 million playing online in New Jersey and has picked up 257 wins and a 180 second-place finishes. Coleman has had only a small sampling of WSOP success thanks to nine total cashes with just five of them coming on the live felt. In 2017, he picked up a 726th place finish in the Main Event for $18,693. His next best live result came last summer when he finished 27th out of 1,083 players in the $2,620 Marathon event for $13,780 WSOP.com Screenname: 'dehhhhh' Tenzin Chakdor The #19-ranked player in the United States, Tenzin Chakdor was a relatively well-kept secret on the New Jersey online scene until October when he topped the 373-runner field in the PokerStars NJ New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Main Event to win $19,111.88. He's also managed to pick up three cashes in June that rank in his top five all-time scores. He won the WSOP.com $40,000 Weekly Tuesday and the WSOP.com $50,000 Tuesday Showdown for nearly $30,000. Sandwich in between those was a third-place finish in the WSOP.com Online Finale Circuit High Roller for $25,011. He has one previous WSOP.com online bracelet event result, finishing 141st in Event #46 ($500 Turbo No-Limit Hold'em Deep Stack) in 2019. By choice, Chakdor remains a real mystery on the live scene. The New Jersey grinder has had some live success, most notably at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania, but has chosen to keep his live results private. WSOP.com Screenname: 'tc_ownz' Jed Hoffman Jed Hoffman may be one of the most accomplished online grinders in the state of Nevada and very few casual poker fans have ever heard of him. Hoffman has spent a good chunk of the last four years as the #1-ranked online poker player in Nevada and has over $1.1 million in earnings on WSOP.com alone. On June 1, Hoffman beat 483 of the best online players in Nevada and New Jersey when he won the WSOP.com $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday event for $55,198.50. In 2019, Hoffman won a WSOP Circuit ring online - his fourth ring overall - for $22,170. The Reno native is limited to a single online poker site but has 99 wins from 1,346 cashes on WSOP.com. His three previous WSOP Circuit wins all came in the live arena. His first two came in 2013 (Choctaw and Lake Tahoe) and his third 2019 (Thunder Valley). He has 22 WSOP cashes to his credit and in 2013 made the final table of a $1,500 No Limit Hold'em event where he finished in seventh place. WSOP.com Screename: 'jchak' Ryan Dodd Sitting just outside of the top five ranked players in the country, Ryan Dodd has been piling up online results throughout 2020. Seven of his top eight lifetime online scores have come in the last six months, all of them coming on WSOP.com. In January, he won the WSOP.com $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday event for $29,574. He followed that up with a third-place finish the New Years Kick-off Series Main Event on WSOP.com for $16,368. He won a $20,000 Weekly Monday in March before crushing in April. Dodd picked up three big wins; $20,000 Weekly Monday, WSOP.com Spring Online Championships event #28, and the $40,000 Weekly Tuesday for $45,000 total. He also won the $30,000 Weekly Saturday in early June for $10,765. The Runnemede, New Jersey native has never cashed in a live WSOP event but does have $141,552 live cashes on his Hendon Mob profile. Almost all of his live results are from events in Atlantic City including a pair of wins at the Borgata in the summer of 2019. His biggest live cashes also come from the Borgata. He finished second in a $1,090 Borgata Summer Poker Open event for $24,500 in 2019 and in a WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open in 2020 for $17,431. WSOP.com Screename: 'Whosyourdodd' Tyler Sumrall The #2-ranked player in Nevada, Tyler Sumrall has put in an incredible amount of volume on WSOP.com over the past three months. In June alone, Sumrall has cashed 35 times with four of them being victories. In May he cashed 52 times with two wins. On April 9, the Texas native won a WSOP.com Spring Online Championship and earned $10,870.81 for the largest single cash on the regulated site. His total winnings on WSOP.com of $262,086 might pale in comparison to some of his New Jersey-based colleagues, but most of that has come over the past 12 months alone. He's also eight live cashes at the WSOP including two in the Main Event. In 2011, he finished 304th for $35,492 and last summer he bested that, coming in 280th place for $43,935. His other live WSOP cashes all been in lower buy-in, bigger field No Limit Hold'em events. His only live result that paid more than the Main Event cashes came in 2009 when he finished 11th in the WinStar $2,100 Main Event for $48,000. WSOP.com Screename: 'TIPnTimeBOMB'

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