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Found 2 results

  1. [caption width="640"] Upswing Poker and Fernando Habegger present PLO University, the latest learning module from the website. (Upswing photo)[/caption] Upswing Poker is dominating the poker training site landscape with access to premium content unavailable anywhere else. The No Limit Hold’em cash game and tournament lessons offered by Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, and now, Pratyush Buddiga is a step beyond the competition. No Limit is a heavily demanded game by its audience but Upswing is broadening the options available with the introduction of Pot Limit Omaha and PLO University. Leading this new course is Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger. The Swiss-born Habegger started playing online poker in 2006 and made the transition from No Limit to PLO in 2011. Primarily a cash game player, Habegger carries the extensive background required to take on the large task of teaching hundreds and potentially, thousands of students the way of Pot Limit Omaha. Use coupon code 'pocket5s' to sign up for PLO University for just $949 - a $50 savings. Fernando 'JNandez87' Habegger will teach you his closely guarded secrets and take your PLO skills to the next level. BUY IT NOW! Habegger says that the course will include basic strategy concepts for beginning players and will also contain high-level methods for already established players to take their game to the next level. “Beginners learn the fundamental structure of PLO and develop a strong base to develop strategies from. Mid and high stakes players also get a framework to structure their learning process that helps people to continuously improve after going through the course. Both kinds of player also get access to our private community which is active and supportive.” The private community that Habegger speaks of is the Facebook group available to all users with an Upswing Lab subscription. This group allows players to share hands and ideas with one another and also interact with Upswing’s coaches and get their feedback on various situations. From the time he first started playing PLO, Habegger has been on the cutting edge of how the game is advancing and staying ahead of as many learning curves as possible. There are numerous training sites available to receive PLO training from but Habegger believes what he brings to the table for Upswing is one step above the competition. “The material and data in the PLO University are based on hundreds of hours empirical research. It's also been developed after going through hundreds of coaching hours with players from all parts of the world and abilities, it is a proved and improved method of teaching poker strategy. The course also features the effective and efficient use of the most relevant poker software on the market.” Among the influences that Habegger credits for advancing his own learning of Pot Limit Omaha are Ben ‘ben86’ Tollerene and Jens ‘Jeans89’ Kyllönen. Habegger notes the two PLO standouts “have certainly influenced the way I approach and play the game.” He also says he studied each player’s game for over 100 hours each during his own career. All Upswing PLO University students can be sure to see elements of Tollerene and Kyllonen in Habegger’s training module. No Limit Hold’em remains the most popular form of poker in the world but more card rooms in the United States are offering Pot Limit Omaha than ever. The high-variance action of the game combined with the massive pots that play out always leave first time players wanting to come back for more. The players who have put in the hours grinding away know that there is always an edge and are looking to increase it with every session. So why should a novice and a high-stakes player both find themselves enrolled in PLO University? Let Habegger explain. “The PLO University is the most up to date course, based on researched data and put together in a way that makes sense and provides an effective learning path for players at any level. It also has a greatly supportive community behind it, and is the only course created from start to finish by a player with long-term success in mid and high stakes who has also coached over a hundred students.”
  2. [caption width="640"] Fernando Habegger is the leader of Upswing Poker's Pot Limit Omaha learning tool, 'PLO University'. (Upswing photo)[/caption] The introduction of Upswing Poker’s PLO University adds another immaculate training tool to what is already the top destination for those looking to become better at poker. The Upswing Lab and all of its other products have captured the imagination of thousands of customers and the task is now on Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger to continue that trend as the leader of PLO University. If Habegger’s screen name sounds familiar, it is because he is one of the most successful online Pot Limit Omaha cash game players and coaches. Habegger is a former coach with Run It Once and instead of making training videos for a certain type of student, he is now in charge of designing a system of learning that players of all skill levels can benefit from. Before he started playing PLO, Habegger was a prominent No Limit Hold’em online cash player. Habegger moved toward the four-card variety in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. Use coupon code 'pocket5s' to sign up for PLO University for just $949 - a $50 savings. Fernando 'JNandez87' Habegger will teach you his closely guarded secrets and take your PLO skills to the next level. BUY IT NOW!There is a lot on the line for Upswing in launching PLO University and the trust that the Upswing team is putting forth toward Habegger isn’t lost on him. “When Doug [Polk] first called me, my reaction was that I was very humbled that one of the best players in the world would consider me as a coach for their company. It was important to me to get to know every person that was involved, how the company worked and if we were compatible and could develop a deep relationship within ourselves and their audience.” Habegger says he did not have much of a relationship with Polk, Ryan Fee, or other members of Upswing’s leadership prior to them formally reaching out to him. That will obviously change now that Habegger is entrenched in the “lab” creating this exciting product. He has been coaching for a few years now and Habegger’s teaching methods stem, in part, from the learning he did as he rose in the poker ranks. Habegger made the switch from No Limit to PLO knowing there wasn’t an abundance of information available but because of his drive to become better, he made all the necessary investments to become better and it certainly paid off. “When I decided to get into PLO, there wasn't a lot of information out there and no one knew if the material was good, so I got my hands on every book, course, and coaching I could afford. I just took everything and tried to figure out if it was true, what worked. You could say that was my biggest adjustment. My investment in poker education went up drastically. I also became a bigger participant in forums, I activated my learning process and triggered it to be a lot stronger and intense than before.” The devotion Habegger put into his learning of the game will be a tremendous asset to his students. From all of his time spent listening and reading to coaching material, Habegger’s sense of what will be most receptive is a key in what separates him from other coaches. Habegger says the PLO University is designed for “players who have a clear ambition to become or remain consistent winning players and make money playing poker either part time or at a professional level.” His time spent conducting 1-on-1 coaching along with hundreds of hours spent conducting empirical research is the foundation of what Habegger is building learning modules on. “It's also been developed after going through hundreds of coaching hours with players from all parts of the world and abilities, it is a proved and improved method of teaching poker strategy,” said Habegger. There are few learning tools in poker as mandatory as what is available on Upswing Poker. The success stories shared by those who have invested their time in taking their game to the next step increases every day. As Pot Limit Omaha maintains its growth in popularity and available equity, the modules available within the PLO University become compulsory. Habegger saw where the game was heading years ago and is remains ahead of the curve for what is coming next. Players are making the transition from No Limit to PLO and Habegger has prime advice for them as they make the next step in their poker journey. “The most important thing I would tell transitioning players is to reach out to the best advice they can afford and go straight to that. Soak in as much as possible, learn as much as possible and stay ahead of your competition.” The Dean of Students at PLO University is ready to welcome his first class as he and his pupils get ready to set the world on fire.

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