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  1. On Sunday, the competition for the attention of the online poker player was especially heated. No matter where you play, no matter the stakes - this weekend there was an overwhelming selection of tournaments taking place looking to capitalize on the rush of players staying inside and logging on. Perhaps the wealth of options is what led some of the Sunday Majors to stake a small step backward with regards to players, while others were able to easily smash their guarantees. After more than doubling their $1 million guarantee last week in the Sunday Million, PokerStars rolled out a two-day $2 million guaranteed $109 Sunday Million. The tournament brought in 31,356 entries for a massive prize pool of $3,135,600. The winner was determined on Monday, with 'jacko111222' taking top honors and $199,128. There was a four-way deal made and each of the top four finishes earned six figures. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] PokerStars did the same with its popular $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. This week the two-day even drew 3,258 players for a prize pool of $1,620,000, just $19,500 more than last week. The top two places will secure six-figure sums and, no doubt, a hefty bonus in bounties. Even with all of the events of POWERFEST taking place, the partypoker MILLION crushed its guarantee once again as 995 players generated a prize pool of $1,285,718. The total was down a little over $25,000 but that didn’t matter to ‘TifAya13’ who turned their $215 buy-in into a $146,761 score after making a three-way deal. ‘im_fc_fish_pro’ was the official runner-up, locking up $140,648 in the deal. Finally, ‘StrA1dEr’ was the final member of the chop, and booked a $132,701 six-figure score. The GGPoker GGMasters continued to post big numbers as 3,121 played in the site’s flagship weekend event. However, that was actually 149 player drop from last week’s field which increased the overlay to just over $69,000. In the end, ‘mike4444’ struck a heads-up deal with ‘flyyy’ in which ‘mike4444’ took home $66,185.45 as the official winner. ‘flyyy’ settled for the role of the runner-up, adding $58,085.20 to their bankroll. ‘for_science’ also managed a nice payday, banking $37,373.10 for third place. PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up saw a slight uptick in participation as 1,388 players generated a prize pool of $277,600. ‘disquesi!’ walked away as the winner for $42,761 followed closely behind by ‘FrenchDawg’ who settled for $30,744 in second place. ‘sirtammel’ ended up in third place for $22,105 while online poker superstar Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar wrapped up in fourth place for $15,894. ‘picnik75’ picked up $35,018 plus an additional $21,502 in bounties by surviving the 5,808 entries field of the PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder. Finishing in second place was ‘pseftis’ who picked up $35,013 and an additional $7,476.91 in bounties. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million (2-day tournament) 31,356 Entries $3,135,600 prize pool jacko111222 - $199,128* BigFudge95 - $116,384.29* pavers88 - $130,046.68* Lord_Sultan - $162,023.12* Ares0966 - $68,211.52 MegaBobeR_55 - $50,620.81 bolsena - $37,566.68 soleeJ - $27,878.93 Matthew101 - $20,689.31 *Denotes a deal was made. PokerStars High Roller Club $530 Bounty Builder HR (2-day tournament) 3,258 Entries $1,629,000 prize pool PokerStars $215 Bounty Builder 2,019 Entries $403,800 prize pool PoWei139 - $25,835.66 + $28,614.47 B3NKR0LL3R - $24,833.73 + $5,996.88 tslugxx - $15,327.76 + $5,398.23 FreeLancerZZ - $10,926.14 + $2,559.39 akasherin - $7,788.51 + $2,089.46 PINOCIO93 - $5,551.90 + $746.88 aJarov - $3,957.58 + $896.87 milennial - $2,821.10 + $2,689.07 jeffreyPL1 - $2,010.98 + $2,260.95 PokerStars $215 Warm-Up 1,388 entries $277,600 prize pool disquesi! - $42,761.01 FrenchDawg - $30,744.72 sirtammel - $22,105.70 Greenstone25 - $15,894.18 leshark81 - $11,428.04 lasgnaaammm - $8,216.84 KKing James - $5,907.96 rodckz - $4,247.86 SerVlaMin - $3,054.23 PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder 5,808 Entries $580,800 prize pool picnik75 - $35,018.54 + $21,502.83 pseftis - $35,013.35 + $7,476.91 gushuang888 - $20,036.49 + $1,405.87 _sennj_ - $13,960.86 + $5,030.60 pucho2100 - $9,727.52 + $3,736.84 oldfandango - $6,777.84 + $1,916.78 nnanh961 - $4,722.60 + $368.75 zhangly0862 - $3,290.55 + $1,115.23 Korkmaz_mk64 - $2,292.76 + $3,587.44 partypoker MILLION Final Day 995 entries $1,285,718 prize pool TifAya13 - $146,761.04 im_fc_fish_pro - $140,648.89 StrA1dEr - $132,701.91 nema golubica - $57,175.87 feast - $39,214.39 fuchs339999 - $26,588.64 lvlup-00 - $18,655.76 Alexander_Great - $11,944.32 GGPoker GGMasters 3,121 entries 500,000 prize pool ($69,302 overlay) mike4444 - $66,185.45 flyyy - $58,085.20 for_science - $37,373.10 ThePizzaGuy - $26,871.60 luckykaky - $19,320.90 kevin8097 - $13,891.90 mikzoan12 - $9,988.40 dino622 - $7,181.75 benderbey2 - $5,163.75
  2. Over the last two weeks, poker players have been flocking to online poker as a means of entertainment in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, at least one operator has found a way to help the cause by working directly with a charity battling the pandemic while expanding their offering to players. GGPoker has pledged a donation to the University Health Network's Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation. The donation comes from .5% of the prize pools in the ongoing High Roller Week on GGPoker and a matching amount from GGPoker themselves. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"] High Roller Week is a series of tournaments on GGPoker running from March 22 through March 29 with buy-ins ranging from $250 up to $5,000 and total guarantees exceeding $9,000,000. GGPoker has guaranteed UHN that the donation will be no less than $100,000. GGPoker High Roller Week Events TIME (UTC) BUY-IN GUARANTEES 17:30 $210 $60,000 - $150,000 18:00 $500 $60,000 - $150,000 18:00 $5,000 $100,000 - $150,000 18:30 $525 $40,000 - $60,000 19:00 $1,000 $100,000 - $200,000 20:00 $1,000 $35,000 - $50,000 20:30 $500 $30,000 - $50,000 21:00 $500 $25,000 - $50,000 21:00 $1,000 $50,000 - $100,000 21:00 $5,000 $100,000 - $250,000 0:00 $1,000 $20,000 0:00 $5,000 $100,000 - $150,000 The news comes on the same week that GGPoker's flagship Sunday tournament, the GGMasters, broke its own prize pool record. Two weeks ago, the GGMasters had a $300,000 guarantee and beat that number for the first time in the short history of the event with 2,260 players creating a $311,880 prize pool. In response to that, GGPoker upped the guarantee to $400,000 for this past Sunday. The 3,051 players that showed up pushed past the guarantee and ended up with a $421,038 prize pool. GGPoker responded by once again upping the guarantee for Sunday, March 29 to $500,000. To avoid an overlay, the event will need to attract 3,624 players (before fees). The site has also reduced fees on all regular tournaments, dropping from the standard 10% fee to 8%. This change was quietly rolled out to the site this week. Fees on bounty and high roller events will stay at 5%. Beginning March 27, players will be able to play in hourly freerolls dubbed the #stayathome Freerolls. Each tournament has a $100 prize pool and there is no entry fee whatsoever. Players are restricted to playing in one of the freerolls per day.
  3. One of the most buzzed-about online tournaments on the Sunday Majors schedule is getting an added extra boost of star power this weekend as Daniel Negreanu is packing his bags and flying to Toronto specifically to play GGPoker's $150 buy-in GGMasters. Negreanu, who signed on as a GGPoker ambassador in November was instrumental in creating the GGMasters. Now, he's not only planning on playing it for the first time but he's going live on his Twitch channel and streaming the whole thing. “I’ve been so stoked about the growth we’ve been seeing with the GG Masters, it’s inspired me,” Negreanu said on the DAT Poker Podcast this week. “I’ve been wanting to play, but obviously, from the U.S., I can’t play. So we’ve got a streaming station set up in my brother’s house with a computer, desktop, it’s hardwired - everything should be good. “So I’m going to fly in on Saturday to Toronto, stream it all on Sunday and fly back on Tuesday.” For an online poker site known for its incredible slate of high-roller tournaments, the GGMasters is quickly becoming GGPoker’s marquee Sunday event. The tournament is a bit of an online poker throwback. The $150 price point makes it easier for casual players to afford and it’s massive $300,000 guarantee is going to provide an enormous ROI for those that make the final table. Also, it’s a freezeout. In an online poker landscape that thrives on unlimited re-entry, the GGMasters is bucking the trend. Without players blasting off for multiple re-entries, it can be hard to hit a big guarantee. That means extra value for the players. “Each and every week of the GG Masters we’ve had an overlay,” Negreanu said. “A big part of that is because after the first week when we missed the [guarantee] they decided to kick it up to $300,000. Which is very aggressive when you talk about no re-entry and a $150 buy-in. “This week, we finally crossed the 2000 player mark with 2064 players, super stoked about that…but still, an overlay.” As Negreanu indicated, the numbers for the GGMasters are on the rise. Six weeks ago, 1601 players registered for the inaugural GGMasters. When the tournament missed its $250,000 guarantee - GGPoker increased it to $300,000 anyway. The next week, 1901 players registered but there was still $37,662 in extra money for players to battle for. Despite breaking the 2000 player mark last week, there was still a healthy overlay of $15,168. While in Toronto, Negreanu will not only play in the tournament but also show off some of GGPoker’s unique features. This includes their in-game staking platform. “On GGPoker you can click on [a screen name] and be like, ‘Is this guy any good? Let’s check his ROI in past tournaments’,” Negreanu explained on the podcast. For those who find the $150 buy-in just out of reach, GGPoker has the built-in ability to sell pieces to a tournament. Players can buy, sell and even add mark-up all right within the client. Another added bonus to the GGMasters is the inclusion of rake-free ‘early-bird’ bubble protection. Those that register the tournament before the official start time are qualified for bubble protection. Depending on how many players enter the tournament, a certain amount of players will get their buy-in back if they bust on, or close to, the actual money bubble. Finally, one more item which has elevated the tournament is the GGMasters leaderboard. Grind the GG Masters, and the player who finishes on top of the leaderboard, based on year-long results, will take home a GGPoker sponsorship valued at up to $500,000. The GGMasters takes place every Sunday on GGPoker at 16:00 GMT.

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