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Found 3 results

  1. [caption width="450"] Mantas Bagocius won TCOOP Event #9 (image courtesy PokerNews)[/caption] Plopping down $215 for an online poker tournament isn't an easy task for many people. Knowing whether you've made the money within a half-hour of registration closing, however, is pretty sweet. Such was the scene in the ninth event of the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Pokeron Saturday, a $215 No Limit Hold'em Zoom Re-Entry. There were 1,367 entrants and 676 re-entries at $215 a pop, pushing the total prize pool past $400,000. By the time heads-up rolled around, Lithuania's Mantas 'bagoch' Bagociusled Brazil's 'Joao Valli' by a 4:1 margin and held on to win $65,000 and his first TCOOP title. He added to an already impressive poker resume that includes two Sunday Million victories (2012 and 2015), a Super Tuesday gold medal (2013), and a Sunday 500 win (2014). Event #10 was a $7.50 Rebuy No Limit Hold'em 4X Turbo. It was complete chaos, as you'd expect, as 8,766 players showed up and, within the first two hours, the field rebought almost 44,000 times, an average of about five times per person. 'Sh4rK309' (sharkdone on PocketFives) had double the number of chips of the next closest player entering the final table and hung on for the win, earning $42,000 after a four-way chop. Event #11, also one of the five tournaments held on Saturday, was another $215 buy-in tournament. The No Limit Hold'em Heads-Up Turbo attracted 1,024 entrants and 'PULGUTIO' came out victorious among them for $32,000. 'PULGUTIO' and 'NastyMinder', two Europeans, split the prize money evenly and left $3,000 to play for. On the final hand, 'PULGUITO' flopped a set of sevens and took down his first TCOOP title. Brazil scored yet another TCOOP victory in Event #12, an $82 No Limit Single Draw Turbo with an optional re-entry. Geraldo Cesar 'GeraldoCesar' Neto took it down, pushing his career online winnings closer to $2 million. There were 451 entries and 198 re-entries and Neto won $8,200 after a heads-up chop with Chile's 'nikhil121'. It took all of 15 minutes to go from seven-handed play to heads-up. The TCOOP Saturday Speedway Special Edition, officially Event #13, had a field of 5,162 entrants and Mike 'MikeyGG3' Gentili started and ended the final table as its chip leader. The $33 No Limit Hold'em event had a nine-hand heads-up match, with the Canadian defeating Ukraine's 'po82m' for $24,000. Gentili calls Windsor home and final tabled the WCOOP Super Tuesday two years ago. TCOOP Event #9: $215 NL Hold'em Turbo Zoom Optional Re-Entry 1,367 entrants (676 re-entries), $408,600 prize pool bagoch (Lithuania) - $65,376 Joao Valli (Brazil) - $49,032 Zagalo87 (Czech Republic) - $36,744 kraftatze (Germany) - $26,211 girafganger7 (Belgium) - $18,387 hateblondies (Russia) - $14,301 Econometrist (Netherlands) - $10,215 DJeka[MD] (Moldova) - $7,150 TANGKETAN (China) - $4,086 TCOOP Event #10: $7.50+R NL Hold'em 4x Turbo 8,766 entrants (43,967 rebuys, 3,220 add-ons), $381,599 prize pool Sh4rK309 (Slovenia) - $42,349 dermot 67 (Ireland) - $39,262 nunovoelz (Brazil) - $35,801 mecco (Germany) - $29,662 Die Ventura (Peru) - $15,263 grogros (Germany) - $11,447 monoco1965 (Uruguay) - $7,631 Marc.GC (Argentina) - $4,388 schulze505 (Lithuania) - $2,957 TCOOP Event #11: $215 NL Hold'em Turbo Heads-Up 1,024 entrants, $204,800 prize pool PULGUITO (United Kingdom) - $32,220 NastyMinder (Switzerland) - $29,220 TCOOP Event 12: $82 NL 2-7 Single Draw Turbo, Optional Re-Entry 649 entrants (451 entries, 198 re-entries), $48,675 prize pool GeraldoCesar (Brazil) - $8,283 nikhil121 (Chile) - $7,075 G's zee (Canada) - $4,354 sylby88 (Japan) - $2,741 nabulon (Germany) - $1,864 aabas (Lebanon) - $1,426 GeoManousos (Austria) - $1,074 TCOOP Event #13: $33 NL Hold'em Turbo Saturday Speedway 5,162 entrants, $154,860 prize pool MikeyGG3 (Canada) - $24,297 po82m (Ukraine) - $18,041 TheCorridor (Germany) - $12,775 Maestro_Bolt (Russia) - $8,749 sorakasa (Finland) - $6,581 da Ape (Germany) - $5,032 MrWhitie (Austria) - $3,484 allan sheik (Brazil) - $1,935 3bila (Morocco) - $1,238
  2. Sunday's action in the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker, eight players claimed championship titles, including Brazilian Geraldo Cesar 'GeraldoCesar' Neto, who pulled off his win after coming up just short of a win on Saturday. In the early hours of Sunday morning, two players, Colombia's Mayu 'marroca5' Roca and Finland’s ‘€urop€an’, came tantalizingly close to a TCOOP victory on Sunday. Both players made deep runs in the $215 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Heads Up tournament, but ultimately fell short, with Roca taking 11th and '€urop€an' settling for fifth. Instead, it was ‘Dhr. Awesome’ of the Netherlands who bested his experienced opponents to take the title and a $21,648 prize. Event 21, a $27 No Limit Hold’em Turbo tournament, drew a robust 6,278-player field and more than doubled its $75,000 guarantee. Without a doubt, Canada dominated the final table, taking the eighth, sixth, fourth and first place prizes. ‘Purkenya’ took the lion share of the cash with his $21,906 score. Up next was the $215 buy-in No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event, which featured a regular prize pool of $62,900 and just as much in bounties. Sunday Million and WCOOP titleholder Kevin 'kick32' Iacofano was looking to take a step towards a Grand Slam with his first TCOOP win, but eventually departed in fifth place. Poland’s ‘sup-sport777’ topped the field, taking home a TCOOP title and over $15,000 in prizes and bounties. Brazil’s Neto narrowly missed his shot at his second TCOOP title on Saturday, when he finished runner-up in the $82 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event. But on Sunday, he didn’t let the opportunity slip through his fingers again. The Brazilian grinder outlasted a field of 1,715 players in the $215 Six Max No Limit Hold‘em event to grab his second title along with a $51,880 prize. The win was enough to tie him for the lead with compatriot Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ Caprioli on the TCOOP 2017 Player of the Series leaderboard. The format of Event 24 was chosen by players, and it was a doozy. The Six Max No Limit Hold‘em, Win the Button Progressive KO (50%) drew 2,623 players and generated a $524,600 prize pool, including bounties. Sweden’s ‘ludd£90’ beat out final table opponents from all over Europe and Canada to claim his first TCOOP title along with $37,329 in prizes, after making a three-way deal. The TCOOP champ that followed comes from a spot in the world not exactly known for being an online poker hub – Kazakhstan. ‘vip25459’ took on final table opponents in the $700 No Limit Hold‘em Turbo, Progressive KO 50% event which included Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree. Ultimately, Boeree busted in fifth place, banking over $36,000, while the Kazakh took the title and a $131,000 payday. 2,107 players bought-into the $82 PLO Four Max, Zoom, Progressive KO (50%) event, creating a $158,025 prize pool. Peru’s ‘konway’ eventually overcame his opponent, Hungary’s ‘maddog7788’ to grab the TCOOP title and a $15,367 score. Play wrapped up yesterday with the $215 Six Max No Limit Hold‘em Hyper-Turbo event, which drew 2,696 players. PocketFiver Grayson 'gray31' Ramage made an appearance at the final table, but had to settle for the $9,633 sixth place prize. When all was said and done, it was ‘jeanfranco07’ of Uruguay who came out on top, taking home $64,269 for his efforts. Event #18 - $215 No Limit Hold‘em Entries: 5,167 Prize pool: $158,200 Dhr. Awesome $21,648.24* DeviesPro $17,500.16* igor1261 $7,611.00 HU4FU $7,611.00 €urop€an $4,239.76 Texasspici $4,239.76 NVoskob1986 $4,239.76 kalashn1kovv $4,239.76 *Denotes a two-way deal Event #21 - $27 No Limit Hold‘em Entries: 6,278 Prize pool: $154,124 Purkenya $21,906.84 ongggg $15,061.43 mariojgua $10,357.08 Ramzey23 $7,122.12 SexyFlush $4,897.58 chonseSTEE $3,367.86 tavarez04 $2,315.94 cchen16 $1,592.57 smeltchoklad $1,095.14 Event #22 - $215 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 629 Prize pool: $62,900 regular, $62,900 bounty sup-sport777 $10,818.47 + $4,846.26 Lena900 $7,283.32 + $3,469.12 IneedMassari $4,903.50 + $1,362.50 Goforitrejam $3,301.29 + $1,018.75 Kevin ‘iacog4’ Iacofano $2,222.60 + $1,273.43 NemesisMsop $1,496.37 + $2,000.77 Event #23 - $215 No Limit Hold‘em Entries: 1,715 Prize pool: $343,000 Geraldo Cesar ‘GeraldoCesar’ Neto $51,880.33 noirduck $33,911.96 Liam ‘MON3Y$HOT’ O'Rourke $22,167.30 WATnlos $14,490.17 pagiopavleas $9,471.80 Ole ‘wizowizo’ Schemion $6,191.45 Event #24 - $215 No Limit Hold‘em Entries: 2623 Prize pool: $524,600 ludd£90 $25,382.17* + $11,947.73 in bounties motreanu90 $31,288.93* + $11,415.27 in bounties Papio Papio $23,148.30* + $2,913.46 in bounties no_fun_roll $10,713.04 + $5,601.53 in bounties Graftekkel $7,002.80 + $2,407.02 in bounties 50km $4,577.52 + $3,068.34 in bounties Event #25 - $700 No Limit Hold’em Entries: 1,733 Prize pool: $1,152,445 vip25459 $87,078.33 + $43,957.11 in bounties kleath $63,192.07 + $18,061.32 in bounties great dant $45,858.49 + $16,633.93 in bounties WayneDaBang $33,279.49 + $15,270.18 in bounties Liv Boeree $24,150.86 + $12,949.21 in bounties nadalon $17,526.26 + $1,745.61 in bounties Juliane $12,718.78 + $2,743.10 in bounties shahter98 $9,230.04 + $6,348.62 in bounties dpeters17 $6,698.18 + $6,946.08 in bounties Event #26 - $82 Pot Limit Omaha Entries: 2107 Prize pool: $158,025 konway $11,783.87 + $3,583.43 in bounties maddog7788 $7,429.75 + $2,776.63 in bounties Tilt_Avenue $4,685.08 + $1,736.01 in bounties pm_marke $2,954.33 + $450.56 in bounties Event #27 - $215 No Limit Hold’em Entries: 2,696 Prize pool: $552,032 jeanfranco07 $64,269.31* Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris $49,829.50* HereFijiFiji $53,885.21* NDQuattro $22,546.51 Ilkinopoulos $14,738.01 Grayson ‘gray31’ Ramage $9,633.80 *Denotes a three-way deal
  3. Markku 'markovitsus' Koplimaa had himself a very busy - and very fruitful - July as took down the PocketFives Leaderboard for the month. Koplimaa picked up 2,601 PLB points through his 20 qualifying cashes to win the Monthly PLB for the first time in his career. Koplimaa's biggest score came from a runner-up finish in the PokerStars High Roller Club $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up event on July 14. Not only did he win $22,826.70, but he also picked up 246.86 PLB points. His second biggest score came three days prior when he beat out 104 other players in the PokerStars High Roller Club $530 Daily Supersonic for $12,785 and 231.3 PLB points. Those were the only two times that Koplimaa picked up more than 200 PLB points. He did have 16 other cashes that earned him between 108.31 and 180.68 points. The biggest of those scores came when he finished second to former #1 'veeea' in the High Roller Club $530 Sunday 500 on July 7. He added $12,179 to his winnings and 180.68 to his PLB total. He also won a $109 NLHE (Six Max Hyper-Turbo), a pair of Big $44s, a $215 Bounty Builder Saturday Special, and a Hotter $82 all in the month of July. Only two of his 20 qualifying cashes earned him less than 100 points. All told, Koplimaa cashed 397 times in July amassing $163,496 in winnings. Geraldo Cesar 'GeraldoCesar' Neto finished one spot and 133 PLB points behind Koplimaa. Neto's biggest score came on July 28 after he beat out 3,290 other players in the PokerStars $109 Bounty Builder to win $23,679.72 and 405.65 PLB points. That same day he took down the PokerStars Hotter $215 for $16,347 and 301.33 PLB points. He also final-tabled the PokerStars Sunday Million on July 21, finishing eighth for $11,891 and 300.25 PLB points. Former #1-ranked Sebastian 'p0cket00' Sikorski rounded out the podium finishers, scoring 2,274 PLB points to finish third. Sikorski's biggest PLB score came thanks to his win in a 421-player field in the $215 Monday Six Max on PokerStars on July 22. Sikorski earned $15,185.10 and 290.17 PLB points. He also won the PokerStars Hotter $215 on July 14, and a pair of $109 Six Max events on July 18 and 31. The top-finishing American in July was New Jersey online poker grinder Vladimir 'Donate_here' Alexandrov who rode a third-place finish in the $3,200 High Roller bracelet event on WSOP.com on July 4. He won $173,241.39 and 694.53 PLB points. Playing only on regulated sites in New Jersey, Alexandrov managed a total of 23 cashes with 20 of them earning him enough points to crack the top five of the July PLB. Rounding out the top five, just nine points behind Alexandrov, was Britain's Patrick 'thebigdog09' Brooks. His biggest score came on July 14 when he took down the PokerStars Hotter $55 for $9,320 and 257.97 PLB points. Two days prior to that, he beat out the 252-player field in the High Roller Club: $530 Bounty Builder HR for $12,114 and 251 PLB points. The bottom half of the top 10 reads like a list of some of the best online players on the planet including Arsenii 'josef_shvejk' Karmatckii, and two former #1s 'girafganger7' and Chris 'Gettin Daize' Oliver. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 markovitsus 2,601 2 geraldocesar 2,468 3 p0cket00 2,274 4 Donate_here 2,244 5 thebigdog09 2,235 6 girafganger7 2,158 7 josef_shvejk 2,060 8 Gettin Daize 1,979 9 Wonderboy222 1,967 10 whatisL0v3 1,966

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