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  1. partypoker’s 2018 MILLIONS Online is set to begin on November 25 and with $20 million guaranteed, it is poised to be the largest prize pool ever for an online tournament. In 2017, the partypoker MILLIONS Online guaranteed $5 million with the eventual winner, Jon 'apestyles' Van Fleet winning a career-high score of over $1 million. This year, with the prize pool quadrupled, whoever takes down the tournament will walk with no less than $2.5 million. In 2018, everyone who finishes in the top four spots will each become an instant millionaire. Plenty of Ways To Win With such an ambitious guarantee on the line, partypoker is pulling out all the stops in helping people qualify for the $5,300 buy-in event. partypoker is offering over $10 million in satellites seats to the MILLIONS Online tournament. From working through the partypoker satellite tree to massive mega satellites, there is no shortage of ways that players can win themselves a seat into the event. MILLIONS Online Feeder Satellite The MILLIONS Online feeder satellites start at just $0.01 and provide a path to winning a ticket at the $5,300. Along the way, partypoker will be adding additional bonus tickets to the next level of Feeder tournaments. This will help players continue to keep people qualifying for the next buy-in level. MILLIONS Feeder Tournament Levels $0.01 to win $1.10 ticket $1.10 to win $5.50 ticket $5.50 to win $22 ticket $22 to win $109 ticket $109 to win $550 ticket Finally, winners of a $550 ticket will qualify for a shot into the $5,300 tournament. Players can opt to register at any price point as to start the satellite phases wherever they are comfortable with. Bonus Satellites Stepping through the partypoker phases is certainly not the only way to get into the tournament. The site is offering additional buy-in levels as the Main Event grows closer. $55 Bonus Satellites will be running daily. In each, the site adds an additional 10 $530 tickets to the prize pool. Also scheduled are daily $530 satellites that will guarantee a set number of $5,300 seats. Massive Mega Satellites The largest offering of Main Event seats will be from the $530 MILLIONS Online Mega Satellites. Each MILLIONS Online Mega will guarantee either 25 or 50 seats per tournament, with multiple tournaments running every day from November 25 - December 4. Over 1000 seats in total will be distributed during the 10-day stretch. Date Event Times (BST) 11/25 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 50 Seats 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 11/26 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 25 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 11/27 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 25 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 11/28 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 25 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 11/29 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 25 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 11/30 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 25 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 12/01 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 25 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 12/02 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 50 Seats 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 12/03 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 50 Seats 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 12/04 $530 MILLIONS Online Mega - 50 Seats 12:00 Phase Satellites $109 Phase satellites are the multi-starting flight affairs that allow players to build a stack and carry their chips into the weekly final satellite. Players can register for as many of the $109 tournaments as they like and their largest stack will be brought into the weekly Sunday tournament. Sit N’ Go Jackpot In addition to all of the satellites offered, partypoker is turning seats to the Main Event as a top prize for their $10 three-handed Sit N’ Go Jackpot tournaments. Granted, the likelihood of binking a $5,300 seat is not very high (only 20 out of every 1,000,000 played). However, there are additional satellite tickets up for grabs to help players get on their way to winning their seat. Prizes Include $5,300 MILLIONS Online Tickets $530 Satellite Tickets $109 Satellite Tickets $22 Satellite Tickets A special note about the Sit N' Go Jackpot tournaments. If the winner of the 2018 MILLIONS Online won their seat through a Sit N' Go Jackpot partypoker will double the first place prize to $5 million. In addition to all of the satellites and Sit N’ Go Jackpot tournaments, 10 seats will be given away to the top 10 players at every partypoker LIVE MILLIONS event in 2018. This includes the upcoming Caribbean Poker Party which takes place from November 9 - 18 at the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas. Step satellites and Sit N’ Go Jackpots are currently running online. A full slate of Bonus, Phase and Mega satellites registering under the Satellites tab in the partypoker client.
  2. Playing through a money bubble can be tough. This is especially true when there are millions upon millions of dollars up for grabs. That is exactly the situation during the partypoker $20M guaranteed MILLIONS Online. The field will be packed with professional players, shot takers and plenty of qualifiers. Many of those players will be playing in their very first big buy-in tournament and hoping to take home a score that could change the face of their bankroll. After successfully navigating the early levels (and fading a bad beat or two) the players remaining in the tournament watch the lobby as their fellow competitors hit the rail. Soon enough the money bubble approaches. Depending on your situation, there may be a few different ways to approach a massive money bubble like the MILLIONS. It’s going to be the largest online tournament of all time by a long shot. This means that there is a lot at stake. Playing your "A" game during the money bubble can go a long way to carving out a new career-high cash. Knowing its importance, we reached out for advice on how to handle the crucial money bubble phase. “There’s a lot of ways to look at it,” said World Poker Tour Champion Mike Leah. “You can look at it in a true ICM way where depending on your stack sometimes it’s more valuable to make sure you get into the money. So…maybe passing on marginal or close spots close to the money.” Sure, there may be an “optimal” way to perform during the money bubble but with partypoker runnings so many qualifiers and adding seats to their satellites, the MILLIONS Online field could potentially be filled with players that clawed their way into the tournament from the centrolls. A min-cash could represent a significant portion of a young grinder's bankroll. “But, you know, then there’s also emotional equity, if you want to call it that. Some people on the bubble of the World Series of Poker Main Event will fold whatever, kings, queens even aces, just because they want to make sure they cash because it’s important to them and it means a lot and they’ll never forgive themselves if they bubble. So it really depends on the person.” partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard is no stranger to making decisions on the money bubble. As one of the UK’s top grinders, he routinely smashes the high roller scene online and has seen just about every situation unfold. “Whilst there will be lots of people clinging on, there will also be lots of regular players pushing edges, getting into ego wars and making some ICM suicide too,” said Leonard. “Think about the aggressive Skandi and the aggressive German playing with six qualifiers. They will want to raise every pot, the other guy will take a stand and then ego gets in the way and ‘over collide’ this is very common in all tournaments.” The aggression from some players may be ramping up around the money bubble. That doesn't mean that an aggro style is best suited for everyone. “If the bubble is big for you, you should absolutely play a little bit tighter. The min cash can be huge if you got in from a satellite. Once you're close to the bubble that can be your first target and then you can go from there. I am old and tight though, maybe Ludo [Geilich] or Joao [Simao] will suggest a looser approach for you!” Leah understands that suggestion too. There’s no single way to grind out a money bubble because that min-cash may mean different things to different people. Tournament poker can be tough and, for some, just making the money is a very big deal. “ICM wise maybe you shouldn’t fold certain hands. But if you are going to be that upset or mentally distraught if you end up bubbling then you gotta do what’s right for you,” Leah continued. “There are a lot of chips to be made on the bubble as well. You can approach it a lot of different ways depending on what your goals are.” The partypoker $20M guaranteed MILLIONS Online takes place from November 25 through December 5. There are five starting flights and a $2.5 million guaranteed first place prize.
  3. Sometimes the adrenaline at the beginning of a big tournament can be a little overwhelming. Especially if you happened to satellite your way into a tournament that may be outside of your usual bankroll. When it comes to big online tournaments, the upcoming partypoker MILLIONS Online will undoubtedly be the biggest for some time to come. It’s $20 million guarantee will make it the largest online tournament of all time, exceeded the current largest tournament by a massive $7.5 million. In order to just meet that guarantee, the tournament will need roughly 4000 runners. That means that before you make the money there’s going to be plenty of poker to be played. “Early levels just play a lot like a cash game,” said partypoker ambassador and regular High Roller tournament player Jason Koon. “You’re playing really deep and you’re playing for chip EV because you're not concerned about any pay ladders since you’re so far away so you are just trying to accumulate as many chips as you possibly can.” As the saying goes, you can't win the tournament in the early levels but you can set yourself up for good things to happen down the line. However, Patrick Leonard, another elite player in partypoker’s stable of pros, cautions that the only thing you should expect early is the unexpected. “The structure is as close to a live tournament as you can find,” said Leonard. “Its so good it has multiple days and often when you qualify for a tournament you get so excited, you think about it all the time. You can't sleep thinking about the exciting prospect and then things go the opposite of how you imagine and you fluster and screw it up.” Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard knows the life cycle of online tournaments better than most. The #10-ranked player in the world has nearly $6 million in online tournament earnings and has been a member of PocketFives since 2010. “Be ready for disappointment, I've never played a tournament where everything has gone super smoothly, there is always ups and downs, its how you react to the downs that can make the difference between making a comeback and winning $2m or going out in level 3.” Koon offers some additional practical advice when navigating through the early levels. “For players that haven’t played a lot of deepstack poker, don’t overplay your overpairs on boards…say if you raise and two people call you and the flop comes 9-7-5 you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get in your 200bb stack with pocket aces on a board like that. If a lot of money has gone in at any point in the hand you’re probably going to be near drawing dead. “So, don’t overplay your big hands and be more careful about getting your stack in - try to make the nuts. If you’re playing big pots try to be drawing to the nuts rather than playing a big pot with an overpair bluff catcher. It’s way more valuable to be drawing at a nut open-ender or a nut flush draw when you’re playing a huge pot than having two kings and a bunch of money getting shoveled in on a nasty board.” Of course, there are multiple Day One’s for the MILLIONS Online should something go really wrong early on. But if things don’t appear to be going your way early, don’t panic and find a way to keep your head about you. “I would highly recommend starting mediating as part of your daily routine and especially before the tournament,” said Leonard. “This will really help your chances of staying chill and zen throughout.” The partypoker $20M guaranteed MILLIONS Online runs from November 25 through December 5 with five staring flights and $2.5 million guaranteed for first place.
  4. When partypoker’s upcoming MILLIONS Online tournament takes place from November 25 - December 5, its $20 million guarantee will make it the largest online poker tournament in history. The final four players are guaranteed to walk away millionaires and first place is promised a $2.5 million payday. In order to reach such a lofty guarantee partypoker is going to need roughly 4,000 players to pay the $5,300 entry fee. So, in order to help get players into the lobby, partypoker has been running satellites. Lots of them. Players can win their way in through the MILLIONS Online feeder satellites which can be bought into for as little as one penny. They are also offering $109 Phase tournaments, $55 Bonus satellites and a series of $530 mega satellites which, over the course of ten days, will award 1000 seats. In fact, they have not only been running satellites they have been routinely adding seats to MILLIONS Online in various tournaments providing maximum value for those looking to get in on the cheap. “I’m always looking for added value. partypoker is going crazy with extra promotions and adding seats to different satellites. Whether it’s $1, $20 or $100 most of those phases have five seats added or ten seats added. There’s extra value or overlay in basically every phase,” said tournament pro Mike Leah. Leah, both a World Series of Poker bracelet winner as well as a World Poker Tour Champion, knows a thing or two about winning his way into larger events. As one of the poker world’s most prolific tournament grinders, Leah will often take shots in satellites to pick up his ticket for the Main Event. He has already won his seat into Day 1A of MILLIONS Online. “Depending on where you want to start, you can start down in the cent rolls. Myself, I usually start in the $109’s and try to win a $109 into a $500 and then the $500 into the $5K. I’m looking for that extra value for my grinding time.” For Leah, he picked up his seat in the $109 Phase satellites but with so many types of satellites to choose from, players should play to their strengths. Jason Koon, partypoker Ambassador and one of the most prolific high rollers in modern poker, feels like even if a player’s current bankroll isn’t what they’d like it to be there are still ways to find themselves in the MILLIONS Online field. “If you’re grinding a tiny bankroll I would use the incentives that partypoker has in these centrolls where you can buy into these sats for like a penny each. It wasn’t the case for me, but my longest time roommate Nick Rampone started his bankroll from a freeroll tournament and he ran it to over $1 million in about two years so it’s not impossible to do that. If you’re trying to satellite into a tournament that is going to pay multiple millions of dollars for first place - and these things happen once every couple of years, you hear the stories - it’s definitely possible,” Koon said. Koon does advise some bankroll management when taking those shots though. “But I would say play within your means. I wouldn’t try to make some heroic satellite entry. Say if you have like a $500 bankroll, I wouldn’t try to just shell $500 into a satellite and try to win the seat. I would play really really small stakes.” For top-10 ranked PocketFives member Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard he recommends yet another route. “I think the spins [Sit n’ Go Jackpot] way is good. You can win double your winnings that way which is really crazy. Even if you sat in another way, this is surely amazing to try, the value is really sick.” In one of the many promotions provided by partypoker, if a player wins their seat in a Sit n’ Go Jackpot and wins the entire MILLIONS Online tournament, the site will double the first place prize to $5 million. Whatever satellite a player decides to pursue, all three pros have a couple things that they like to keep in mind when competing for a seat. Koon keeps in mind the major differences between satellites and your standard tournaments. “Satellites are drastically different from tournaments because the late stages of a satellite everyone gets paid the same amount of money, it’s not a tiered payout structure like you would see in a poker tournament. The Independent Chip Model (ICM) effects are much much more drastic and I would try to brush yourself up on how bubbles play,” Koon said. “I’m sure there tons of different videos out there but the first bit of advice I would give to you is if you think that you’re a big favorite to get the seat you have to be extremely careful about getting your money in. There are spots, say if you’re going to win a seat 85% of the time and you’re dealt two aces and a person shows you pocket deuces and shoves, you have to fold because they are going to bust you 18% of the time. So it’s one of those spots, you’re going to be faced with extreme examples and you have to be careful calling off all your chips when you are close to making them money "Strategically on the other side of that is, if players are playing well they also have to tight calling off their chips. So if you’re put in a situation where you can shove on an opponent to pick up some chips don’t be afraid to do that because they have to be in the role that you would be in if you were shoved on. So there might be profitable opportunities for you to push all in and steal chips that can’t call off their stacks,” Koon said. Leonard’s advice for satellite play strikes a similar chord. “When you're on the bubble watch the other tables when you’re hand for hand, instead of going on Facebook whilst you're waiting, scan the stacks and see if there is anybody playing way too loose,” Leonard said. “If you are the short stack and the other short stacks are playing very tight, it’s ok to gamble if you need to get one shove through to cover them.” Leah agrees that keeping focused on the goal of the tournament is what is paramount in satellites. “You don’t have to win the tournament, you just have to survive. So changing your strategy and understanding what you are playing is a good tip,” Leah said. Satellites for partypoker’s $20 millions guaranteed MILLIONS Online are running daily with feeder satellites beginning as low as $0.01. The massive mega $530 satellites begin on November 25. There are multiple flights daily and a minimum of 25 seats guaranteed for each flight.
  5. The partypoker MILLIONS Online tournament is arguably the most can’t-miss online poker event of the last decade. With a massive $20 million prize pool guarantee and plethora of satellite qualifiers, poker players around the world cannot wait for this one to go down, including players located in the United States. Although the global partypoker client is not currently accessible for play within the confines of the United States, there are plenty of locations within a short flight or drive for you to set up shop for a week or so while you grind the partypoker MILLIONS Online event. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Many of the world’s top online poker players from the U.S. took to Vancouver as their home away from home for online poker play, such as Phil Galfond, Brian Hastings, and Jason Koon, just to name a few. Located just north of Washington state, Vancouver is a coastal city in British Columbia. It’s just under a three-hour drive from Seattle to Vancouver and a short flight from most major cities in the western U.S. Vancouver is a very state-of-the-art, diverse city, with lively nightlife, good food, and, of course, good internet. A spot in Vancouver will likely be a little more pricey than some other destinations outside of the United States, but that could fit quite well for those looking to play a $5,300 buy-in online poker tournament with a $20 million prize pool guarantee. The one drawback to Vancouver would be the weather, or at least it could be. If you’ve ever been to Seattle, you know what we mean. Overcast skies and rainy days could become aplenty, but nothing an online poker grind and an umbrella can’t fix. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Another location just north of the U.S.-Canada border is Toronto, and it’s also been a popular one for U.S. online poker players over the years. Bring a warm coat, though, because it can certainly get cold in “The 6.” Like Vancouver, Toronto will only take you a few hours to drive there from some of the larger U.S. cities located near it. Buffalo, NY, is two hours away by car, Detroit, MI, is four hours away, and Cleveland, OH, is about five hours from Toronto. There are also plenty of affordable flights available for those looking to head to Toronto from a little further away, and most major airports fly directly there. Also like Vancouver, Toronto is a big city where U.S. players won’t feel like they are no longer in their own country. It’s very modern and diverse, with good food, sights to see, lots to do, and entertaining nightlife. It’s also regarded as a good sports city. The Toronto Raptors are one of the NBA’s better teams, with home games on November 25, November 29, December 3, and December 5. The Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL are a high-flying bunch with home games on November 24, November 26, and November 28. You’ll likely find Toronto to be a tad more affordable than Vancouver, but both are pretty equal, both in terms of cost and as great locations for a week of online poker grinding. Montreal, Quebec, Canada A third popular option to the north for U.S. online poker players looking to travel to play the partypoker MILLIONS Online tournament is Montreal. Quebec has a very French-Canadian vibe to it and will likely make U.S. players feel more out of place than Vancouver and Toronto, but it’s a beautiful city that is equally elegant and modern. The people are very nice, internet quality is good, nightlife is fun, and it’s a more affordable option than Vancouver and Toronto. Montreal likely won’t be an option for you if you’re looking to drive, but flights are available from major U.S. cities for good prices and in high volume. If you’re looking to “get away” from the U.S. for the grind, Montreal will serve you better than Vancouver and Toronto. Playa del Carmen, Mexico Mexico has a few options for U.S. players, and Playa del Carmen is right up there at the top. The environment and surrounding are stunning, and it will certainly be a bit warmer than heading up to Canada. There are several apartment complexes that offer high-quality living arrangements for affordable prices, and Playa del Carmen is a place where you can walk pretty much everywhere you need to go. Of course, the beaches are a huge draw for anyone heading to Playa del Carmen, including those who travel there for the online poker grind. If going to Mexico over Canada for the warmer weather and beachfront living had a tradeoff, then it’d be the internet quality. High-quality internet will require you to prepare yourself a little more than the major Canadian cities. Plan to secure a private connection that isn’t widely shared with the public. It also wouldn’t hurt to purchase an air card as a backup in case things go wrong. Ultimately, you should be fine, and plenty of online poker players reside in Playa del Carmen, but it can’t hurt to go the extra mile to make sure everything is in order. Costa Rica Whether it’s in the city of San Jose or beach locations such as Tamarindo or Jaco, Costa Rica is an awesome location to travel to for the online poker grind. There are many options in Costa Rica, so do your research and pick the best one that suits your desires. Internet quality has very much improved over recent years, but, like Mexico, you should prepare accordingly for this and it will be a good decision to have an air card as a backup option. The cost of living is low and there are plenty of rental options available. If you pick one of the beach destinations, it’s downright gorgeous. Furthermore, Costa Rica is known as one of the safer countries in the world.
  6. The stage is set for the partypoker MILLIONS Online tournament. Running November 25 through December 5, 2018, the $20 million guaranteed prize pool will rewrite the online poker history books. Hundreds, if not thousands, of satellite winners will compete in the event, all in hopes of turning a minuscule satellite buy-in into life-changing millions. For satellite qualifiers, winning entry into the historic partypoker MILLIONS Online tournament should only be considered step one in the process. For many, the goal will be to make a deep run that finishes in the money. For the real dreamers out there, the ultimate prize will be walking away with a top-four finish that makes them a millionaire. "The first thing to think about is that it’s a long tournament,” said poker pro Adam 'Adamyid' Owen when asked to give advice for how satellite winners should approach the event. "You don't need to rush anything. You can take your time. You can fold for a while and still have chips. I’ve done that plenty of times. You don’t need to force anything, either. Just relax and try to enjoy it." Owen is one of the confirmed players for the event, boasting a résumé that includes a combined $4.485 million in tournament earnings between his live and online poker play. Online, Owen has booked more than $1.3 million in earnings, 55 tournament victories, and 115 top-three finishes. "Try and work out who the better players are at the table and try and avoid them if you can, even by playing a tighter range when it’s their big blind and button, and then even by making it a bigger size with the range you do choose to play," Owen advised. As mentioned, many satellite winners will simply be looking to reach the money, and that’s a very respectable achievement, especially when you’ve qualified for what could be as little as one cent. For those looking to cash, the money bubble of the partypoker MILLIONS Online tournament will be one of the most crucial points of the event. "Of course, it depends on one’s situation," Owen said of how satellite winners should approach the bubble. "If you've satellited in for one cent on partypoker, then you’re probably going to want to be a little bit more careful to secure a min-cash. If you have a stack, you’re going to want to use it. So how you approach the bubble is very sensitive to your stack size. Avoid spots where you’re not going to be sure, use less flat-calling with speculative hands, and have a plan before you enter a pot. What are you going to do if you choose to three-bet someone? Are you going to call it off? Are you going to fold? What’s your plan going in?" Once the bubble breaks, the race to the final table is on. This is when the adrenaline really kicks up and the emotional roller coaster of a deep run is in high gear. As any top professional poker player will tell you, it’s important to control your emotions throughout a deep run and to stay composed. "Just take it as it comes, as hard as that may sound," Owen said. "You've already locked up a lot of money and anything else is a bonus, so just try and play your game. Take a few zeroes off the money up top and off the chip stacks used in the partypoker MILLIONS and just try and see things as the number of big blinds and players left. Pay attention to when the pay jumps are, too, just like you would when you approach a normal tournament." In the days leading up to the partypoker MILLIONS Online tournament, satellites continue to run, with feeder satellites offered for as low as $0.01. For those with a little more money in their satellite bankroll, $530 mega satellites that feature a minimum of 25 seats guaranteed start November 25. *Photo courtesy of the World Poker Tour.
  7. Four days after Day 1A of the partypoker MILLIONS Online attracted 1,574 runners, Day 1B attracted 484 players and pushed the record-setting prize pool past the halfway mark of the guarantee. Topping the Day 1B chip counts is Argentinian 'patrondelmal' with 21,904,963. Right behind him is New Zealanders 'Beezneez360' with 21,808,451. They were the only two players to surpass the 20,000,000 chip mark on Thursday and they were the only two Day 1B players to crack the top 10 overall chip counts. Troy 'good player' Quenneville finished third with 15,442,304. The #1-ranked player in the world, 'lena900', playing under his partypoker screenname 'Drulitooo' finished with 9,684,050, the 17th biggest Day 1B stack. Just 73 players advanced from Day 1B meaning a total of 303 players are on to Day 2. Philipp Gruissem still holds the overall chip lead with 26,865,379. Day 1B Top 10 Chip Counts patrondelmal - 21,904,963 Beezneez360 - 21,808,451 good player - 15,442,304 iTILTuu - 14,909,429 S_dot111 - 13,678,675 rnggodx - 13,353,378 Equilibirium_x - 13,308,311 SirStanleyRoyce - 13,078,480 BlackSwordman - 12,296,575 Nuts-vs-5thNuts - 11,618,633 Overall Chip Leaders Phil_Gruissem – 26,865,379 hi_all – 24,126,018 bfzhang – 22,549,892 patrondelmal - 21,904,963 Beezneez360 - 21,808,451 M1KE1NBRAZIL – 18,884,694 CASHEEEGAMEEE – 18,682,668 marcosminini – 17,276,420 party_KEKIMISU – 16,826,075 omgitsgiraf – 16,648,546 Overlay Tracking The $2,420,000 prize pool generated Thursday puts the total prize pool at $10,290,000 and is currently 1,942 players short of meeting the guarantee with three starting flights still to come on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. partypoker MILLIONS Online Schedule Sunday, Dec. 2 – Day 1C Monday, Dec. 3 – Day 1D Tuesday, Dec. 4 – Day 1E (Turbo) Tuesday, Dec. 4 – Day 2 Wednesday, Dec 5 – Final Day
  8. The final numbers are in and the partypoker MILLIONS Online is now officially the largest online poker tournament in history. A whopping 490 players registered for Day 1E early Tuesday morning, pushing the field size to 4,367 and producing a $21,780,000 prize pool. When Day 2 action began, there were 687 players still in contention for the $2.5 million first place prize but through 18 additional levels of play just 29 survived and partypoker wasn't the only one putting up big numbers. Mexico-based 'wheatforsheep' finished Day 2 with 566,295,824 - a staggering 68% more than the second biggest stack belonging to 'j2805667'. 'Albert_77' finished with the third biggest stack at 299,620,916. Christopher 'Ad_Finem' Kruk bagged up 258,930,640 while Chance 'ChanceSeeYou' Kornuth finished with 165,392,851. Kornuth was happy to survive the day and is lookin forward to Day 2. Included in the 658 casualties on Tuesday were Fedor Holz (31st), Philipp Gruissem (37th), Sam 'bestindabiz51' Panzica (46th), and Kenny 'Spacey1891' Hallaert (99th). The #1-ranked player in the world, 'lena900' finished in 381st place. Ronan 'Sw33ney' Sweeney, who qualified via a $109 Phase 1 tournament, ended up in 289th place for $16,376.25. The final day of play begins at 2 pm EST on Wednesday. Top 10 Chip Counts wheatforsheep - 566,295,824 j2805667 - 336,914,608 Albert_77 - 299,620,916 COL_Moutarde - 285,730,071 Christopher 'Ad_Finem' Kruk - 258,930,640 orginALUS - 250,269,195 MilkMan0011 - 225,345,359 ICMslut99 - 186,956,522 senchilko - 185,418,851 ChanceSeeYou - 165,392,851
  9. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters are back for another episode of The Fives and this week they're talking about the great turnout for Day 1A of the partypoker MILLIONS Online. They also preview the upcoming WPT Five Diamond at The Bellagio and share concerns over this year's attendance. They wrap up the show talking about the latest crazy prop bet that a poker player has found themselves involved in. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  10. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. On this episode of The Fives, Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters are raving about the turnout for the partypoker MILLIONS Online and get into some of the new details from the bathroom prop bet straight from one of the people involved in the bet, Rory Young. They also discuss whether or not the World Series of Poker will adapt the big blind ante for the 2019 Main Event. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  11. Tom Waters can be forgiven if he hasn't had much good sleep this week. Waters, partypoker's Managing Director, has been focusing and, in some cases, sweating the numbers for the partypoker MILLIONS Online which finally got underway on Sunday after nearly 12 months of hype. "It was very stressful in the run-up to Day 1A because we didn't know what to expect, really," said Waters. The opening Day 1 flight eventually drew 1,574 runners to get the online poker operator 39% of the way to its record-smashing $20 million guarantee. It was in the hours after the 2017 MILLIONS Online that Waters and Rob Yong started thinking about how to make a big splash in 2018. They looked at the numbers and knew that the biggest tournament ever held online came in at just over $12.4 million. "We did MILLIONS Online last year and it was $5 million and we always had plans to grow it this year and the obvious number to put it to was $10 million," said Waters. "We started thinking, well wouldn't it be great to have the biggest ever online poker tournament on partypoker? So we decided to go for it and the next question is well what's the guarantee and $15 million didn't feel right for some reason." Waters and Yong settled on $20 million and knew that it would take a full year of marketing and the support of nearly every poker player in the world that regularly plays tournaments with a $5,000 or bigger buy-in. "So yes, we skipped some steps from $5M to $20M, but that's why - we couldn't go from $5M to $10M because it wouldn't set the record," said Waters. "We wanted to set the record. It doesn't pay to have intermediate guarantees. It doesn't really drive anything, so $20M was the number we thought we could achieve and we went for it." While the turnout on Day 1A allowed Waters to breathe a little easier, he knew it was going to be the biggest of the starting flights because all the satellite winners to that point were forced to enter Day 1a. "We had a number [of entrants] in mind as to where we hoped we get for Day 1A," said Waters. "Well, we had a few numbers actually. There was 'disaster, we're in trouble', there was a number where, 'okay, we've got a chance,' and there was a number where we would definitely hit from there. We were right in the middle, so it was a pretty decent result. We were happy. It allowed us to get a bit of sleep on Monday night." The stress level probably wasn't helped by overlays at the last three marquee partypoker LIVE stops, including a $925,000 shortage at the recently completed partypoker Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas. "We had a phenomenal amount of support out there and we had a lot of American players that came in - many of them last minute when they saw what they were doing," said Waters. "We actually felt we got out of a bit of a hole in the Caribbean and we were really happy with the event as a whole. It was positive and, to be fair, we had a lot of conversations with a lot of players in the Caribbean about what we were doing and about MILLIONS Online and that gave us a lot of comfort that this tournament was going to be very popular." Day 1B proved to be far less popular. The 484 runners on Thursday pushed the field past the halfway mark of the 4,000 needed to hit the guarantee (without fees), but with three starting flights still to go, Waters isn't feeling too confident about hitting that number, although he still sees the overall campaign as a success. "I think right now success is hitting (the guarantee). I think getting 4,000 players in that tournament is a success. I'd think I'd be disappointed with any less, even though it's not a failure," said Waters. "I think 3,500 players in that tournament is also a success. We're relying on a lot of players playing those satellites this week to get anywhere near that number." With the finish line in sight, Waters recognizes that the prize pool guarantee that he and Yong came up with many months ago is most likely the biggest guarantee possible given current market conditions. "I think we've found that it probably is $20 million in one tournament. I don't think you can go any bigger or if you do go bigger it's going to take more than 12 months of marketing," said Waters, who doesn't think the big number guarantee will be going up for 2019. "I think it's highly unlikely. If miracles happen and we hit a $25 million prize pool this week, then maybe. But then maybe we change and limit the re-entries next year in order to again improve the ecological factor of the tournament. I think it's extremely unlikely that we grow that guarantee in 2019."
  12. Large field tournaments can be intimidating. Sometimes thousands of players need to bust before the money bubble approaches. It just feels so far away. It can be tough to wrap your head around what it’s really going to take to make it deep into the tournament and potentially to a final table. In order to make the ambitious $20,000,000 guarantee of the $5,300 MILLIONS Online tournament partypoker will need roughly 4000 runners. It’s a massive Main Event, one where the prize pool is far-and-away the largest in online poker history. So whether you have won a satellite into the tournament from the centrolls or value-added qualifiers, or are simply taking your shot on winning the $2.5 million first place prize, here are a couple suggestions from top-tier tournament pros on how to deal with those big tournament fields. With over $22 million in live cashes, partypoker ambassador Jason Koon is more than familiar with jumping into large field tournaments. He’s no stranger to taking down big-time online MTTs, having secured a SCOOP title and winning a Sunday Warm-up that had over 3,500 runners. “I think that people put a lot more emphasis on trying to walk on water and do something magical to go through these giants fields and the truth of it is that you have to run good to win one of these tournaments. You’re going to have to win tons of flips, you’re occasionally going to have to suck out of fade a big suck out,” Koon said. There’s no doubt, the winner of the MILLIONS Online is going to have to harness some luck. But there’s some skill, and research that can be employed to help boost your chances. The UK’s Jonathan 'proudflop' Proudfoot, currently the #12-ranked online player in the world, already picked up his seat to the MILLIONS Online via a qualifier. A true online grinder, he feels like scaling down the field to thinking about your own table is a good way to go, and getting some intel doesn’t hurt either. “The single most vital tool for any large field online tournament is Sharkscope. If you’re not using Sharkscope and searching players in these events you’re losing so much value,” Proudfoot said. “Being able to adjust your play based on your opponents is that I would deep the most important attribute in this tournament type.” Koon also has some more specific ideas of a proper mindset for fighting through the large fields. “I think if you go into the tournament ready to grind out the slow levels when you are really card dead that’s a great state of mind. But don’t go in there thinking ‘I’m looking to fold kings today’ or whatever there’s just going to be spots where you have to get it all-in pre-flop and if you’re beat, that’s just the way the game works,” Koon said. He reminds people to play their best poker but even though it’s a big event, not to be too precious about it. “Don’t play overly passive. Just understand that even if you’re the best player in the world it’s going to take a miracle to win a 4000 person tournament. Do your best to be detached from the idea that if you win the tournament it’s going to be a life-changing amount of money and focus more on what your hand-for-hand options are. Then hopefully you’re the person who gets lucky enough to run deep.” Proudfoot shared a couple other off-the-felt preparations that players can take to heart, to set themselves up for a long day of clicking buttons and sweating the flips. “Food prepping is probably the most important,” Proudfoot said. “Just making all your meals before you begin playing, so you’re not going hungry during the long grind. I make sure I’m always relaxed and chilled before playing. A nice shower just before starting is always a good technique. I also always look over a few hands and specific thinking I’m working on before starting as well…of, and a few decent playlists never hurt either.” The partypoker $20M GTD MILLIONS Online takes place from November 25 through December 5. There are five starting flights and a $2.5 million guaranteed first place prize.
  13. Just 29 players woke up Wednesday morning with a chance to win the $2.72 million first place prize in the partypoker MILLIONS Online. Following 27 eliminations, the final two players quickly agreed to a deal that saw each of them walk away with just over $2.3 million. Manuel 'Sheparentao' Ruivo took home $2,329,943.88 and the title while runner-up Pim 'ForMatherRussia' de Goede earned $2,309,994.87. Those two scores are now the #1 and #2 biggest single scores in online poker tournament history. The previous record was held by Tyson ‘POTTERPOKER’ Marks, who pocketed $2,278,097.50 for winning the 2010 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event. Chop discussions were initiated after just one hand of heads up play. Slovenia's Blaz 'Scarmak3r' Zerjav rounded out the podium finishers, collecting $1,364,687.50 for third. Zerjav won his way into the tournament after winning a $5 satellite and working his way up. The Netherlands' 'Maddonaa' also won seven figures, picking up $1,091,750 for fourth. 'wheatforsheep', who began the final day with an impressive chip lead, was unable to turn that lead into a title but he did collect $491,287.50 for finishing seventh. Chance 'ChanceSeeYou' Kornuth finished 22nd and Christopher 'Ad_Finem' Kruk just missed the final table with a 10th place result. Final Table Payouts Sheparentao - $2,329,943.88 ForMatherRussia - $2,309,994.87 Scarmak3r - $1,364,687.50 Maddonaa - $1,091,750 j2805667 - $818,812.50 COL_Moutarde - $655,050 wheatforsheep - $491,287.50 orginALUS - $327,525
  14. There seems to be little doubt now that the partypoker MILLIONS Online will reach the $20,000,000 guarantee. Now the focus becomes who walks away with the $2.5 million first place prize. On Monday, 707 players in the Day 1D starting flight pushed the total number of entrants to 3,877 just 123 players short of the 4,000 needed to meet the guarantee. Day 1E, a turbo flight, begins early Tuesday afternoon GMT. There were 104 players who managed to survive Day 1D with German grinder 'I am bored.' finishing the day with the biggest stack at 19,283,848. That puts 'I am bored.' right behind Day 1C chip leader Carlos ‘carlitos350’ Camargo with the seventh best stack through the first four starting flights. Ivan 'BanicIvan' Banic finished with the second-best Day 1D performance, moving 17,120,177 on to Day 2. Sam 'bestindabiz51' Panzica bagged up 8,331,309, good enough for the 31st best stack on Day 1D, while partypoker high roller crusher 'WWWpartyCOM' survived with 2,976,904. Day 1D Top 10 Chip Counts I am bored. - 19,283,848 BanicIvan - 17,120,177 Polka_Dotted - 16,594,515 MelonsAreYum - 15,958,303 Happy2k18 - 15,870,783 dbec077 - 15,811,301 THEpeecee - 13,982,985 JhonnyDrama. - 13,895,413 BobBogdanovich - 13,614,167 Lac.. - 13,450,468 Overall Chip Leaders Phil_Gruissem – 26,865,379 hi_all – 24,126,018 bfzhang – 22,549,892 patrondelmal – 21,904,963 Beezneez360 – 21,808,451 carlitos350 – 19,285,021 I am bored. - 19,283,848 M1KE1NBRAZIL – 18,884,694 CASHEEEGAMEEE – 18,682,668 JORD_GUBBEN – 18,421,926
  15. If partypoker’s 2018 $20 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online plays out to a winner, that player will take home an online poker record-breaking score of $2.5 million. In fact, each of the top four players in the MILLIONS Online will become instant millionaires. That’s an amazing result especially if that player won their way through the myriad of offered satellites. One can only imagine: after winning their seat, they played through all the early levels, navigating the large fields that a massive prize pool like the MILLIONS Online will bring. When the money bubble approached, they survived the pressure of securing what could be a career-defining score. Then, it’s time for the final table - with a massive score already locked up, it’s time to play your best in order to perhaps complete one of the greatest feats in online poker history. But the truth is, when there is so much money on the line and the difference between first and second place may be as much as (or more than) a million dollars. Do you really want to play it out for that much cash? Are you prepared to get all the chips in the center and potentially ‘flip’ for a seven-figure sum? Even the most elite of players will sometimes look to make a deal at the end of a tournament. Especially when their edge is small and the money left in the prize pool is huge. We talked to some of those pros about tips for negotiating a final table deal and whether they think it’s a good idea or not. “Understanding what ICM is important so you don’t get taken advantage of in a deal,” said World Poker Tour Champions Club member Mike Leah. Leah has been in plenty of high-pressure spots and has famously negotiated a deal or two in his time. “There are some people that try to look for angles or maybe get the better part of a deal,” Leah continued. “You can just download an ICM app so you can correctly understand what your value is and also be organized so you can figure out what you should be getting in a deal. It just makes it very easy to make a deal if you can just show everyone exactly what their ICM is.” For the uninitiated, ICM stands for the Independent Chip Model. It allows players, based on the amount of money left in the prize pool, to calculate the exact worth of their stack. Not many will have been in the position of playing for such huge sums as will be on the table during the MILLIONS Online. One of those players that has is Jason Koon. Koon, who has over $22 million in lifetime live earnings, knows that it’s tough enough when you are a top-tier pro playing against other pros. But, if you are a qualifier playing for life-changing money, the option to make a deal is something to be seriously considered. “If you’re an amateur, you should be looking to chop for sure,” Koon said. “If people will chop with you, it’s a good idea if you’re there with a couple good pros to chop it up especially if it’s a gigantic sum of money for you.” On the other hand, Koon recognizes that if you are the one with the edge. You may never get an opportunity like the MILLIONS Online again. “If you’re an elite professional and you’re there and a chop will get your a big score but you’re giving up a lot of expected value by not playing it out then it’s probably a mistake to chop. “But I would just say if you’re there and the money’s huge to you and the payouts would affect what your day-to-day routine would be definitely looking to make a chop,” Koon said. partypoker Ambassador Ludovic ‘ludovi333’ Geilich has his own strategy for negotiating a potential deal. It’s not that he is opposed to dealing. Geilich is simply looking to maintain the upper hand should the subject arise. “Chop-wise it’s always tough when playing for lots of money but I’ve always been that guy that doesn’t ask for a chop,” Geilich said. “The more money you play for the better, in my opinion, as it’s a win-win. You’re getting a lot anyway and now when players ask for the chop…as I don’t do…it makes them think ‘Why isn’t he asking?’ or ‘Why isn’t he bothered?’. In my opinion that gives you an edge!” Everyone’s situation is different. Should you get lucky enough to be put in a position to take a seat at the final table, deciding on whether or not you’d be up for negotiating a deal is a good idea. Have the tools on hand necessary to not get taken advantage of. Be self-aware enough to understand your edge (or lack of) and what the amount of money being played for would mean to you if you won or lost. The partypoker $20M GTD Millions Online takes place from November 25 through December 5. There are five starting flights and a $2.5 million guaranteed first place prize.
  16. After months of hype for the largest online poker tournament in history, the partypoker MILLIONS Online finally started on Sunday with the first of five starting days and not only did it produce big numbers, but some of online poker's best players shined brightest. Day 1A attracted 1,332 players accounting for 1,574 total entrants thanks to 242 re-entries. That generated $7,870,000 towards the $20 million guarantee and makes Day 1A the largest ever prize pool offered on partypoker. Over the remaining four starting flights, partypoker will need a total of 2,426 players to make the guarantee (before fees). Leading the way after Day 1A is partypoker Ambassador Philipp 'Phil_Gruissem' Gruissem with 26,865,379. Right behind Gruissem is Finnish player 'hi_all' with 24,126,018. Ben 'bfzhang' Farrell sits third with 22,549,892. The top 10 also includes 'omgitsgiraf' and Chris 'Therealmoorm' Moorman. Other notables amongst the 230 players to advance to Day 2 include 'WWWpartyCOM', Anatoly 'NL_Profit' Filatov, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, and former #1-ranked Joao Simao. Ronan 'Sw33ney' Sweeney, the #5-ranked player in Ireland who qualified for the MILLIONS Online for $109, bagged up 2,233,249 to advance to Day 2. The average stack after Day 1A is 6,843,478. How the PocketFives Top 10 fared on Day 1A: lena900 - 615th (Did Not Advance) C Darwin2 - Did Not Play hellohellohello - Did Not Play mczhang - 597th (Did Not Advance) DamageAP - 761st (Did Not Advance) probirs - 737th (Did Not Advance) Ramiro - Did Not Play Romeopro - Did Not Play Ariados - 857th (Did Not Advance) MrTimCaum - 1,188th (Did Not Advance) Top 10 Chip Counts Phil_Gruissem - 26,865,379 hi_all - 24,126,018 bfzhang - 22,549,892 M1KE1NBRAZIL - 18,884,694 CASHEEEGAMEEE - 18,682,668 marcosminini - 17,276,420 party_KEKIMISU - 16,826,075 omgitsgiraf - 16,648,546 jochee - 15,792,679 Therealmoorm - 15,374,484 partypoker MILLIONS Online Schedule Thursday, Nov. 29 - Day 1B Sunday, Dec. 2 - Day 1C Monday, Dec. 3 - Day 1D Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Day 1E (Turbo) Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Day 2 Wednesday, Dec 5 - Final Day
  17. The upcoming partypoker $20M GTD MILLIONS Online tournament is going to be historic in both guaranteed prize pools as well as the $2.5 million that could be awarded for first place. Putting yourself in a situation to win that top prize requires some luck, a lot of skill and a good deal of preparations. First, you have to find your way into the tournament, perhaps by winning one of the value-added satellites on partypoker. Then a player has to settle in a avoid the pitfalls that can come your way in the early levels. After all, it’s not easy navigating the massive tournament fields that come looking for a historic payday. Then as the money bubble approaches, it’s time to either go on the offensive and try to accumulate chips or do what you have to in order lock up, what could be, a bankroll building min-cash. After all of that, a handful of players will find themselves on the cusp on one of the richest final tables of all time. Is there anything someone can do to prepare themselves should the opportunity arise? “I don’t like to change anything going into a final table that you’ve made yourself by playing whatever style you did to get there,” said Ludovic ‘ludovi333’ Geilich. Geilich is a current partypoker ambassador and former top 10-ranked PocketFiver with over $3 million in online earning and another $2.2 in live scores. “If you were going in with 15-40bbs I would just make sure to brush up a lot on your ICM game and make sure you’re not losing a lot of money with plays ICM wise. Going back to my first point, if making the final with a top three stack, I would just be playing the same kind of style as to how I got there as it’s worked well.” His fellow partypoker ambassador Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard has a similar message of believing in your own abilities, no matter who you face at the final table. “First, enjoy it,” Leonard said. Leonard understands what it means to both close out and celebrate a final table. He just recently took down the November 18 edition of the $2,100 High Roller Club for just over $41,000. A nice score to be sure, but the money up top on the MILLIONS Online will be a career-changer, even for Leonard. “This is the biggest online final table of all time. If you’ve gotten this far you will know a lot about all the other players from playing and watching the last few tables,” he said. “Stay composed, have faith in yourself. Just because I’m a professional doesn’t mean you have to just accept defeat. Play to your strengths. If you’ve been very tight and people know you are a qualifier, then it’s usually really great for you. You can be aggressive in clever spots. “When the chip leader is raising your big bling, you can re-raise and be aggressive. Your goal should essentially be to gain chips without ever risking your tournament life…easy, huh?” In a recent interview with PocketFives, the UK’s Adam ‘Adamyid’ Owen also talked briefly about how to handle a final table such as this. “Just take it as it comes, as hard as that may sound,” Owen said. “You’ve already locked up a lot of money and anything else is a bonus, so just try and play your game…Pay attention to when the pay jumps are, too, just like you would when you approach a normal tournament.” Owen is coming off a deep run in the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party Main Event, where he finished in 15th place for $65,000. The partypoker $20M GTD MILLIONS Online takes place from November 25 through December 5. There are five starting flights and a $2.5 million guaranteed first place prize.
  18. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. This week's episode includes a full recap of all of the big winners at the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party including Filipe Oliveira's big win in the Main Event and Roger Teska conquering the $25K MILLIONS World. Lance and Donnie also discuss Gordon Vayo's decision to drop his lawsuit against PokerStars and what the accusations of forgery might mean for the former Main Event runner-up moving forward. They wrap up the show with another edition of Five Questions, this time with Donnie on the hot seat talking pizza, prop bets, Survivor Series and more. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  19. The highlight of the final day of the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure might have been the final table of the Main Event, but on one of the outer tables, Martin Zamani was putting on a show of his own in the $25,000 High Roller event. Zamani beat out a final table that included Thomas Muehlocker, Sean Winter and Dominik Nitsche to pick up $895,110 and just the second win of his career. Following Sam Greenwood's elimination in ninth place, the official final table was ready for action. It took just 10 minutes for a short-stacked Davidi Kitai to find a hand to attempt to double up with. Thomas Muehlocker raised to 45,000 from middle position before Kitai moved all in for 165,000. Muehlocker called and showed [poker card="jd"][poker card="td"] which put him well behind Kitai's [poker card="qd"][poker card="qc"]. The [poker card="kd"][poker card="ts"][poker card="8c"] flop was a safe one for Kitai as was the [poker card="5c"] turn. The [poker card="js"] river, however, gave Muehlocker two pair and sent Kitai to the rail in 8th place. Five minutes later, Sean Winter joined him in the payouts line. Winter raised to 100,000 from middle position, Tom-Aksel Bedell called from the cutoff before Zamani re-raised to 280,000 from the button. Winter called all in, Bedell also moved all in forcing Zamani to fold. Bedell tabled [poker card="ac"][poker card="ah"] while Winter showed {as][poker card="th"]. The [poker card="kc"][poker card="4s"][poker card="3h"] flop changed nothing and after the [poker card="4c"] turn, Winter could only collect his things and watch the meaningless [poker card="9d"] hit the river to confirm his seventh place finish. The pace of play took a significant hit as six-handed play continued for 2.5 hours before the next elimination occurred. Nitsche raised from the button to 60,000 and Gianluca Speranza called from the big blind. After the [poker card="qh"][poker card="3h"][poker card="2s"] flop, Speranza check-raised Nitsche from 50,000 to 185,000 and Nitsche called. The turn was the [poker card="5s"] and Speranza bet 220,000 and Nitsche called. Speranza then moved all in after the [poker card="6c"] and Nitsche called and showed [poker card="6d"][poker card="4d"] for a six-high stright while Speranza tabled [poker card="qs"][poker card="5h"] for two pair. Just 15 minutes later, two more players were sent to the rail. Markus Durnegger moved all in from the button, Bedell moved all in over the top for 1,625,0000 and Zamani called from the big blind. Durnegger showed [poker card="5c"][poker card="5s"], Bedell had [poker card="ah"][poker card="9h"] and Zamani was well ahead with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. The board ran out [poker card="8d"][poker card="3c"][poker card="2s"][poker card="js"][poker card="8s"] to give Zamani the pot and eliminate Durnegger in fifth and Bedell in fourth. A little over an hour later, Muehloecker's run was cut short. Nitsche folded the button, Muehlocker completed from the small blind before Zamani raised to 250,000 from the big blind. Muehloecker responded by moving all for 1,055,000 and Zamani called. Zamani had [poker card="ah"][poker card="8s"] while Muehloecker tabled [poker card="ks"][poker card="ts"]. The [poker card="6s"][poker card="3c"][poker card="3h"] flop was no help for Muehloecker and neither was the [poker card="9c"] turn or [poker card="8c"] river and Muehloecker was out in third. Heads-up play began with Zamani holding a 2.5-1 chip lead over Nitsche and it took just 20 minutes for Zamani to have all the chips. After Nitsche limped his button, Zamani raised to 360,000 and Nitsche called. The flop came [poker card="ac"][poker card="td"][poker card="7h"]. Zamani bet 300,000 and Nitsche called. The turn was the [poker card="9d"] and this time Zamani bet 2,000,000 and Nitsche called all in. Zamani showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="7d"] for two pair and Nitsche tabled [poker card="js"][poker card="9s"] for a pair and a gutshot straight draw. The river was the [poker card="2h"], completely missing Nitsche and eliminating him in second place and giving Zamani the first six-figure score of his career. Final Table Payouts Martin Zamani - $895,110 Dominik Nitsche - $606,360 Thomas Muehloecker - $404,240 Tom-Aksel Bedell - $331,100 Markus Durnegger - $265,640 Gianluca Speranza - $205,980 Sean Winter - $152,460 Davidi Kitai - $112,040
  20. One year ago, Gianluca 'Tankanza' Speranza emerged from relative obscurity to win the 2018 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event for a little over $1.1 million. On Tuesday, he thrust himself further into the spotlight and etched his name in online poker history by doing it again. Speranza topped the 622-player field and earned $1,028,203.24 after agreeing to a heads-up chop - something he rejected last year on his way to an outright win. Runner-up 'OMGitshunt' banked $924,096.07 while third place finisher Dinesh 'NastyMinder' Alt won $604,383.49. Through both SCOOP Main Events, Speranza outlasted 1,276 players and won $2,161,363.27. There were 26 other SCOOP titles awarded on Monday. Ivan 'Negriin' Luca wrapped up Event #1 High ($215 No Limit Hold'em (Phase 2)) on top and earned $200,005.44. Sweden's 'ShipitFTW911' earned a win after chopping Event #61 High ($2,100 No Limit Hold'em) with Dietrich '2pacnrw16' Fast. 'ShipitFTW911' pocketed $197,703.45 while Fast had to settle for $165,913.61. Bengt 'pkrbt' Sonnert topped the 150-player field in Event #63 High ($10,300 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Main Event) for $285,762.77. Runner-up 'luckykurac23' wound up with $249,662.23 after striking a heads-up deal with Sonnert. Mike 'SirWatts' Watson finished third for $176,128.20. Mike Leah became the 14th player to win two 2019 SCOOP titles. Other winners included 'lucascostaf', 'Shansovne415', 'Neanderthal4', 'TiltMeBig', 'clapjkspit', 'Kamikase1805', 'tonn22', 'Bashov', 'Tralllle', 'Kkidmoney', 'ShipitFTW911', 'Jack Wastes', 'jakobgold', 'tvtotallwin', 'PeiMaiPano93', 'hajardu', 'Jokerstar377', and 'gytmiyashiro'. Event #1 (Low): $2.20 No Limit Hold'em (Phase 2) Entries: 13,848 Prize pool: $285,115 lucascostaf - $21,407.85* b-balldude28 - $18,320.71* Kaivosmies69 - $15,986.05* d_leithal - $9,130.30 MtotheC135 - $6,526.16 woodiejr - $4,664.77 baradavid - $3,334.31 Devolve_PS - $2,383.33 inter pato72 - $1,703.57 Event #1 (Medium): $22 No Limit Hold'em (Phase 2) Entries: 6,903 Prize pool: $1,318,640 Shansovne415 - $95,674.97* bananeFfm - $77,685.65* gorillabaz - $53,394.34 DPlay2 - $38,877.41 ScoobyNL - $28,307.42 jantjevAdam - $20,611.10 newguy89 - $15,007.30 kotonstar - $10,927.05 Paranoik_UK - $7,956.13 Event #1 (High): $215 No Limit Hold'em (Phase 2) Entries: 1,251 Prize pool: $2,297,600 Negriin - $200,005.44 leozerag - $15,0329.53 mindgamer - $112,585.11 gizzetti - $84,317.22 AA DOCTOR - $63,146.98 1MTM91 - $47,292.27 menglong - $35,418.39 RuiNF - $26,525.62 aaurelio - $19,865.74 Event #60 (Low): $5.50 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em (Mini Sunday Kickoff SE) Entries: 11,943 Prize pool: $58,521 Kamikase1805 - $7,638.60 R3V3NGE_911 - $5,437.38 voidPSkkk - $3,875.96 sonikki - $2,762.91 mucalolo - $1,969.49 Mr.Doomguy - $1,403.92 Sinxfoxzero - $1,000.76 lucassalim1 - $713.37 Event #60 (Medium): $55 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em ( Sunday Kickoff SE) Entries: 5,797 Prize pool: $289,850 tonn22 - $37,557.43* Pauli elTopo - $32,557.43* Solarr - $20,289.50 rezdavid - $14,238.56 ninworld - $9,992.17 jokkee_apart - $7,012.22 ZZZZZZZZED - $4,920.95 Benfica10 - $3,453.38 Event #60 (High): $530 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Entries: 1,168 Prize pool: $584,000 clapjkspit - $84,032.90* markan991 - $76,346.47* Greenstone25 - $48,752.67 Kennethmedh - $35,292.40 theczar19 - $25,548.48 silskyer - $18,494.75 L1VeYRdrEamS - $13,388.49 Airdraken - $9,692 Event #61 (Low): $22 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 12,655 Prize pool: $253,100 Bashov - $32,322.35 ovemind13 - $22,675.15 zharkaef - $15,912.70 gbaap - $11,167.02 Lionet - $7,836.63 genuk00006 - $5,499.48 mindgamer - $3,859.37 hustle03 - $2,708.37 s2Banchs - $1,900.62 Event #61 (Medium): $215 No Limit Hold'em (Sunday Warm-Up SE) Entries: 3,954 Prize pool: $790,800 Tralllle - $106,801.76* Z-ENERGIES - $86,192.21* Muntjesvader - $56,525.83 Poeira4 - $39,969.87 Pendall - $28,262.95 jaacsin - $19,985.011 que_te_crio - $14,131.59 Elisey87 - $9,992.54 GabiMuguruza - $7,065.87 Event #61 (High): $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 590 Prize pool: $1,180,000 ShipitFTW911 - $197,703.45* 2pacnrw16 - $165,913.61* iwantsomenasty - $115,813.34 Striker33333 - $86,356.41 hellzito - $64,391.77 prebz - $48,013.84 Joao Valli - $35,801.55 7Phenom1991 - $26,695.49 Adrijan_S - $19,905.53 Event #62 (Low): $109 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Main Event Entries: 33,987 Prize pool: $3,398,700 Jack Wastes – $315,955.11* Silden4filho – 246,669.14* bencb789 – 169,867.70 xPastortcitox - $121,087.52 retrytm - $86,315.41 5agittariu5 - $61,528.36 NerATION - $43,859.54 pistecaloze - $31,264.30 Event #62 (Medium): $1,050 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Main Event Entries: 5,475 Prize pool: $5,475,000 jakobgold – $688,558.42* 4BETBRICK – $636,030.41* Daenarys T – $383,333.22 krissyb24 - $269,011.38 martin12389 - $188,783.47 VICTOR TXR1 - $132,482.40 NUMBJkE- $92,971.52 MastaP89 - $65,244.48 Event #62 (High): $10,300 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Main Event Entries: 662 Prize pool: $6,620,000 Gianluca 'Tankanza' Speranza – $1,028,203.24* OMGitshunt – $924,096.07* Dinesh 'NastyMinder' Alt – $604,383.49 Tomatee - $442,597.31 nailuj90 - $324,119.17 felipebeltra - $237,356.79 Korrinho - $173,819.35 caecilius - $127,290.02 Event #63 (Low): $109 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Main Event Entries: 4,300 Prize pool: $430,000 tvtotallwin - $46,501.33* WhatifGod - $47,168.62* O'Konel - $40,169.58* WhooooKidd - $20,746.33 SurullinenKlovn - $14,455.48 HuaN13 - $10,072.23 Event #63 (Medium): $1,050 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Main Event Entries: 900 Prize pool: $900,000 PeiMaiPano93 - $148,257.72 BackDoorovic - $103,301.91 shaundeeb - $71,977.95 Sasuke234 - $50,152,32 IReadB00ks - $34,944.75 JuliaPPoker - $24,348.60 Event #63 (High): $10,300 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Main Event Entries: 150 Prize pool: $1,500,000 pkrbt - $285,762.77* luckykurac23 - $249,662.23* Mike 'SirWatts' Watson - $176,128.20 madsamot - $134,057.25 Jeans89 - $102,035.55 raconteur - $77,662.80 Event #65 (Low): $11 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 28,459 Prize pool: $278,898.20 hajardu - $13,763.80 + $5,919.03 in bounties w1n@w4r - $9,796.73 + $921.80 in bounties tunderraiden - $6,983.45 + $1,215.12 in bounties m@rgodl - $4,978.05 + $1348.40 in bounties Strax4444 - $3,548.54 + $657.84 in bounties Dinlo123 - $2,529.52 + $692.41 in bounties romashka2496 - $1,803.13 + $664.52 in bounties diamondsir - $1,285.35 + $289.65 in bounties Event #65 (Medium): $109 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 9,692 Prize pool: $969,200 Jokerstar377 - $50,895.46* + $29,330.29 in bounties TheDrunkLife - $48,639.50* + $5,150.77 in bounties Ivo Neto 12 - $47,098.16* + $8,884.95 in bounties Daler777 - $23,913.07 + $2,544.20 in bounties DKtunA - $17,046.04 + $7,452.42 in bounties koelnrome - $12,150.95 + $3,062.76 in bounties zhongkun2001 - $8,661.59 + $3,467.35 in bounties rubak787 - $6,174.28 + $1,137.10 in bounties markovitsus - $4,401.23 + $2,221.31 in bounties Event #65 (High): $1,050 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 1,395 Prize pool: $630,300 Neanderthal4 - $94,184.95 + $83,447.19 in bounties MnDBreaker - $89,994.27 + $21,734.37 in bounties luckylukas13 - $54,691.81 + $8,359.38 in bounties Nolet20 - $39,010.05 + $17,210.94 in bounties TheLipoFund - $27,824.73 + $18,544.91 in bounties gortsos - $19,846.59 + $8,984.39 in bounties marcelomig - $14,156.04 + $8,921.88 in bounties Sebasmch - $10,087.07 + $15,425.77 in bounties OhHeyCindy - $8,117.22 + $5,265.63 in bounties Event #66 (Low): $5.50 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha w/antes Entries: 6,251 Prize pool: $35,000 gytmiyashiro - $4,978.72 minister009 - $3,465.59 raul abidal - $2,414.73 MonsieurK6nO - $1,682.51 Goffrey_P - $1,172.33 139826845 - $816.85 Event #66 (Medium): $55 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha w/antes Entries: 2,567 Prize pool: $150,000 Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah - $21,922.95 miszczunio85 - $15,275.13 Chris 'moorman1' Moorman - $10,643.29 fOLDN94 - $7,415.97 riverpaigow - $5,167.24 holtekila - $3,600.40 Event #66 (High): $530 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha w/antes Entries: 589 Prize pool: $300,000 TiltMeBig - $52,745.88 NoHayMiedo - $37,813.86 YRWTHMELTHR - $27,108.99 Odonkor1 - $19,434.57 dpsd05 - $13,932.75 bigbadwolfLT - $9,988.47 Event #67 (Low): $5.50 Six Max Turbo No Limit Hold'em Entries: 13,471 Prize pool: $66,007.90 Sick’nSocial - $8,254.24 lcsanyl - $5,745.07 Mr.phuong - $4,003.01 Fler121 - $2,789.19 dirtyPKR - $1,943.43 NorbertasP - $1,354.13 Event #67 (Medium): $55 Six Max Turbo No Limit Hold'em Entries: 5,343 Prize pool: $267,150 seserman01 - $37,987.06 ybmistake - $26,466.04 applemuun - $18,440.80 Fakhish - $12,849.06 oxide8888 - $8,952.86 SirLuxemburg - $6,238.11 Event #67 (High): $530 Six Max Turbo No Limit Hold'em Entries: 792 Prize pool: $396,000 Kkidmoney - $67,218.19 t4t0PAGAU - $47,328.09 SaoPaulolad - $33,323.79 VICTOR TXR1 - $23,463.35 dantegoyaF - $16,520.60 droulis9 - $11,632.22
  21. It was a career day for Vinicius ‘viniperri’ Perri as the Brazilian grinder earned his first-ever six-figure score by winning Sunday’s PokerStars $109 Sunday Million for $111,769.63. Perri outlasted the field of 10,890 entries and took home the largest piece of the $1.089M prize pool in an effort that propelled him over $500,000 in lifetime online cashes. Bulgaria’s ‘noob3r’ finished as the runner-up, earning $81,103.38 for the effort and ‘luvictor88’ from Vietnam took home the bronze and $58,856.74. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] The finale of the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller was an online poker star-studded affair as Russian crusher ‘hellohellohello’ added to his over $10 million in career earnings by defeating Gianluca ‘Tankanza’ Speranza heads up for the $38,866.98 first-place prize. Speranza, the two-time Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event winner, took home $30,486.65 as the runner up. Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet finished in third place picking up another $23,913.31 to add to his over $16 million in career earnings, an amount good for fourth on the All-Time Online Money List. The #9-ranked player in the world Tomi ‘elmerixx’ Brouk defeated the field of 745 entrants in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up for a $25,315.68 payday. Brouk, who hit as high as #3 on the worldwide rankings this year, sits less than $120K away from eclipsing $10 million in total career cashes. Right behind him in the Warm-up was Brazil’s ‘pitaoufmg’ who earned$18,370.98 in his runner-up effort. ‘psyhoagromor’ finished in third place for $13,331.81 partypoker ambassador Roberto ‘R_Romanello’ Romanello collected a nice six-figure score by winning the partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game $500K GTD for $129,625. ‘YouGotTheDud’ also took home a healthy score, walking with $91,875 as the runner-up. Only a few players made more money on Sunday than the #1-ranked player in Hungary, ‘Wildace_hun’. The online pro had a spectacular Sunday making the final table of three Sunday Major final tables. His sun run included a sixth-place finish in the $109 Sunday Million for $22,494.27, a seventh-place finish in the $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $9,052.28 and a fourth-place finish in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO for $16,404.78 + $3,292.97 in bounties. ‘Wildace_hun’ currently sits as the #34 ranked player in the world and with these results, he can expect to jettison higher than his previous career-high of #32 in the world. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 10,890 entrants, $1,089,000 prize pool 1. viniperri - $111,769.63 2. noob3r - $81,103.38 3. luvictor88 - $58,856.74 4. Hitthehole - $42,712.43 5. asker444 0 $30,996.53 6. Wildace_hun - $22,494.27 7. GabiMuguruza - $16,324.21 8. timetopop87 - $11,846.57 9. 1mDonuts - $8,597.00 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller $85K Guaranteed 80 entrants, $160,000 prize pool 1. hello_totti - $38,866.98 2. Tankanza - $30,486.65 3. apestyles - $23,913.31 4. bencb789 - $18,757.26 5. house800 - $14,712.92 6. omaha4rollz - $11,540.60 7. Wildace_hun - $9,052.28 8. simon1471 - $7,100.48 9. tonkaaaa - $5,569.52 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO $350K Guaranteed 1,024 entrants, $512,000 prize pool 1. NatasBG - $41,655.30 + $28,226.11 in bounties 2. Pendall - $30,532.78 + $8,487.89 in bounties 3. BillLewinsky - $22,380.44 + $3,771.49 in bounties 4. Wildace_hun - $16,404.78 + $3,292.97 in bounties 5. gangst3m1 - $12,024.65 + $8,441.40 in bounties 6. husajn54 - $8,814.02 + $7,427.01 in bounties 7. BruinBeer - $6,460.64 + $1,027.43 in bounties 8. ImTheNuts1 - $4,735.65 + $968.75 in bounties 9. kelvin - $3,471.23 + $3,312.50 in bounties PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up $115K Guarantee 745 entrants, $149,000 prize pool 1. elmerixx - $25,315.68 2. pitaoufmg - $18,370.98 3. psyhoagromor - $13,331.81 4. slarki1 - $9,674.91 5. stilchuka - $7,021.07 6. Gutlaufen - $5,095.18 7. DonCorleone - $3,697.56 8. Pser33 - $2,683.32 9. Rashad 42412 - $1,947.28 partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game $500K Guaranteed 105 entrants, $525,000 prize pool 1. R_Romanello - $129,625 2. YouGotTheDud - $91,875 3. games123456 - $65,625 4. Player1234560423 - $45,937 5. El_Cucuy - $34,125 6. PunchlineEnBata - $26,250 7. sims_or_sins - $21,000 8. Porsche911 - $17,062 partypoker $2,100 High Roller Gladiator $200K Guaranteed 133 entrants, $272,650 prize pool 1. CharlesBarkley - $25,476.84 + $32,361.35 2. NewYorkJimmY - $25,450.15 + $22,123.82 3. ThinnusButyrum - $17,974.20 + $10,910.15 4. Player1234560423 - $12,731.72 5. EmpireMaker - $9,361.56 + $2,100 6. CocaineKiller - $6,216.07 + $8,622.50 7. mogvision. - $4,189.50 + $6,464.06 8. Quantum_Leap - $4,189.50 + $6,464.06 partypoker $530 High Roller Bounty Hunter $250K Guaranteed 483 entrants, $250,000 prize pool 1. jojopoker236 - $18,200.35 + $25,364.31 2. NewYorkJimmY - $18,175.39 + $4,355.88 3. happymermaid - $12,468.47 + $3,822.66 4. MahmoudMokhtar - $8,673.72 + $5,857.04 5. BRAER_71RUS - $6,152.92 + $6,488.70 6. Double_UP - $4,472.38 + $1,689.84 7. HennHuegele - $3,184.88 + $1,632.42 8. TomHuls99 - $2,303.95 + $1,607.81
  22. When Christopher Puetz made his way back to King's Casino in Rozvadov on Sunday for the final day of play in the World Poker Tour Germany stop, he was in the middle of the pack with nine players left including two reigning World Champions. Eight hours later he was a WPT champ. [ptable zone=“Global Poker Article Ad”][ptable zone=“GG Poker”][ptable zone=“Borgata Poker”] Puetz topped the 510-player field to win his first major title and €270,000 including entry to the WPT Tournament of Champions in June in Las Vegas. Rifat Gegic and Renato Nowak were eliminated in ninth and eighth place respectively before reigning World Series of Poker Main Event champ was eliminated by Puetz in Hossein Ensan in seventh place to send the final six players to the official WPT final table. It took 24 hands before the first elimination. Farukh Tach moved all in from UTG for 1,200,000 with [poker card="jc"][poker card="ts"] before Laszlo Papai moved all-in over the top for 4,000,000 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kc"]. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="9h"][poker card="3c"] gave Tach an open-ended straight draw but neither the [poker card="6h"] turn or [poker card="4h"] river were able to improve Tach's hand and he was eliminated in sixth. Gianluca Speranza, the reigning PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Main Event champion, was the next to go. From the cutoff, Speranza moved all in for 1,900,000 with [poker card="5c"][poker card="5s"] before Laszlo Papai called from the small blind with [poker card="7c"][poker card="7s"]. The [poker card="8s"][poker card="7h"][poker card="5h"] flop gave both players a set but Speranza was eliminated after the [poker card="kc"] turn and [poker card="ks"] river completed the board. Just 19 hands later, Josef Gulas raised to 325,000 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="7c"], Papai called with [poker card="ad"][poker card="6h"] before Joep van den Bijgaart moved all in for 5,600,000 with [poker card="9c"][poker card="9d"]. Gulas called all in before Papai folded. The board ran out [poker card="jh"][poker card="6c"][poker card="2s"][poker card="tc"][poker card="qh"] to eliminate Gulas in fourth place. Three-handed play lasted 39 hands before van den Bijgaart saw his tournament run cut short. From the button, Papai raised to 400,000 with [poker card="as"][poker card="qc"] before van den Bijgaart moved all in for 3,200,000 from the small blind with [poker card="6c"][poker card="6d"]. Papai called and then moved ahead on the [poker card="ac"][poker card="8c"][poker card="5d"] flop and then stayed there through the [poker card="kd"] turn and [poker card="4s"] river to eliminate Bijgaart and head to heads-up play with a slight lead over Puetz. It took just seven hands for Puetz to turn things around and eliminate Papai. The penultimate hand was saw Papai lose a significant amount of chips after going to battle with [poker card="ad"][poker card="td"] against Papai's [poker card="as"][poker card="jc"]. Even though Papai was left with less than one big blind, the final hand still had plenty of drama. Papai was all in with [poker card="4d"][poker card="4h"] and Puetz called with [poker card="qd"][poker card="9c"]. The [poker card="qs"][poker card="9h"][poker card="4c"] flop gave Papai bottom set while Puetz had top two pair. The turn was [poker card="qh"] to give Puetz the nut full house and the [poker card="7h"] was no saving grace for Papai to eliminate him in second place and give Puetz his first major title. The €3,300 buy-in event drew 510 players to create a €1,530,000 prize pool, just surpassing the €1,500,000 guarantee. WPT Germany Final Table Payouts Christopher Puetz - €270,000 Laszlo Papai - €174,500 Joep van den Bijgaart - €125,000 Josef Gulas - €91,000 Gianluca Speranza - €68,000 Farukh Tach - €52,000

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