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  1. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. As family and friends gather during the holiday season, what are some of the favorite foods poker players are filling up their plates with? We caught up with Jeremy Ausmus, Shannon Shorr, 'Boston' Rob Mariano, Felipe 'mojave14' Ramos, Vince Van Patten, and Mike Sexton about their favorite holiday eats. "I grew up on this family recipe of homemade rolls that are phenomenal," Ausmus, a WSOP gold bracelet winner with more than $6 million in live tournament earnings, said. "I think it's about all I ate as a kid at holiday dinners. Now, I make them. Fresh out of the oven, with butter - nothing is better." Shorr recently relocated to Las Vegas from Alabama, and we're hoping he packed the recipe for his aunt's holiday dish that was his all-time favorite because it sounds like a great one. "Growing up in Alabama, my all-time favorite holiday food had to be sweet potato casserole that my Aunt Pat made," Shorr said, "It was loaded with all the things a 14-year-old boy loves: pecans, chocolate, marshmallows. Unfortunately, I can't get away with eating like that anymore." Mariano, winner of Survivor: Redemption Island for $1 million who now frequents poker events around the world, does not disappoint when it comes to his family’s holiday meals. It's a two-day affair across Christmas Eve and Christmas Day featuring some delicious-sounding menu items. "I'm Italian, so there's no shortage of food around my house during the holidays," Mariano said. "Christmas Eve is usually reserved for seafood - everything from lobster to crab and the traditional Italian-style salted cod dish called Baccala. Then on Christmas Day, we always have some type of macaroni with a special homemade red sauce (gravy) and usually eggplant Parmesan, which is my wife’s favorite." Ramos, a Brazilian, is also accustomed to large holiday meals with family, but a recent lifestyle change has caused him to switch up from one holiday favorite to another. "Talking about tradition, my favorite food was always whatever my Grandma was cooking," Ramos said. "In Brazil, we are very attached to the family tradition, especially because we are Christians, so this date means a lot to us. As the world's second-largest meat producer (behind the USA), we are meat lovers and tradition always told us to have a turkey at the table and many more meat options. Recently, like two-and-a-half years from now, I have been trying to go vegan, knowing of the problems that meat production are causing to the world, and much more. I have made my transition to veganism now and I still love my family and friends, but my favorite meal is not meat anymore. My favorite foods are nuts and dried fruits, truly. I love all kinds, especially cashews and walnuts, figs and apricots. Roasted cauliflowers are part of my favorite meal, with a lot of spices. I think that will be my favorite holiday food from now on." For Van Patten, the energy behind bringing the World Poker Tour TV show into homes every single week, he said his family mixes it up but that he enjoys a little traditional simplicity. "We mix it up, but for tradition, it's turkey, dressing, popovers, and gravy," Van Patten said. Van Patten's former longtime partner in the WPT commentary booth for 15 years, Sexton, said he and his family enjoy doubling down on their Thanksgiving feast but with a little bit of a twist. "My favorite holiday food is Christmas dinner, which is the same at our house as Thanksgiving but we usually substitute ham for turkey," Sexton said. "Mmmmm!" Do you have a favorite holiday food? Let us know by commenting on this article or tweet to us at @PocketFives. Don’t forget to share the recipe so we can cook it up ourselves! Happy Holidays! *Photos courtesy of Run It Up and the World Poker Tour.
  2. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. It’s that special time of year and what better way to get in the festive spirit than to take a look around the poker world at some of the favorite holidays' traditions players celebrate with. This holiday season, we spoke with Phil Hellmuth, Mike Sexton, Maria Ho, Jonathan Little, and Jeff Gross. For Phil Hellmuth's holiday tradition, poker takes center stage. There's even a gold bracelet involved, according to the 15-time World Series of Poker champion, and it sounds as though the entire Hellmuth family knows how to win on the felt. "In the Hellmuth Family, all five of us (one brother and three sisters) would bring our families to Madison, Wisconsin, for Christmas," Hellmuth said. "We did this for 25 years! Then we would have the family poker championship, usually on the evening of the 24th. We even have a gold bracelet (pictured), with all of the winners’ names engraved. Nowadays, the family is too far flung to meet in Madison, but we still have the tourney whenever we get together. "My sister Kerry won it this year, in August, in Chicago. My son Phillip won it, I won it, my wife Kat won it. And my son Nick has three second-place finishes - ouch!" For Mike Sexton, longtime poker commentator, Poker Hall of Fame member, and now chairman of partypoker, he keeps it simple with the family. "My favorite tradition is the day we get the tree, put on Christmas music, and decorate the house," Sexton said. Sexton won’t be the only poker player celebrating the holidays in Las Vegas. Maria Ho and her family traditionally travel for the holidays to spend it together in a new place, but this year that place is Las Vegas. "My family has never been too into traditional gift giving for the holidays, but in our adult years we always make time to take a family vacation together," Ho said. "The destination changes, but this year the only place that really worked for all of us happens to be Las Vegas!" We’re sure that with all of the poker happening in Vegas during the first couple weeks of December, Ho will be in the mix quite a bit, so look for her to put up some poker results this holiday season in between time with her loved ones. Jonathan Little has a handful of reasons to celebrate this holiday season, and it’s more than just celebrating this wonderful time of the year. Little’s birthday and his son’s birthday both fall close to Christmas, and he and his wife are currently expecting another child. "Our tradition is to celebrate birthdays," Little said. "My birthday is December 22 and my son James' is December 24. I am having my second child any day now, so he will be born in December as well. I should go ahead and forget about celebrating mine from now on!" Lastly, Jeff Gross said his holiday tradition also involves a bit of travel, as he heads down to Brazil every year to visit with his wife’s side of the family. It comes with a special holiday twist, though, and Gross was introduced to a new meaning of "sweating" his first trip. "A holiday tradition has been to go to visit my wife’s family in Brazil," Gross said. "Each year, someone dresses up as Santa Claus for the nephews and nieces. In 2014, it was my first time there, which meant it was me! I was a bit nervous being the first time I met Emilia’s large family and I didn’t speak much Portuguese. I remember being in Brazil during Christmas (their summer) sweating in this Santa suit in front of what is now my Brazilian family and my youngest niece at the time crying when I came out (laughs)! It felt like a Southwest Wanna-Get-Away commercial at the time, but we had a good laugh after!" Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? Let us know by commenting on this article or tweet to us at @PocketFives. Happy Holidays! *Photos courtesy of the WPT.
  3. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. It's that time of year again when gift givers scramble to pick the perfect gift for the poker player in their life. While it's impossible to give the gift every poker player really want - a healthy dose of run good, we have done our best to assemble gift ideas that show that you truly understand how deep their devotion to the game is. Not everything on this list is going to be for everyone and they won’t all be great stocking stuffers. But if you want a gift someone (or even yourself) with some killer poker presents this year here’s a few items we like. [caption id="attachment_621555" align="alignnone" width="768"] Both Kem and Faded Spade make high-quality 100% plastic coated playing cards.[/caption] Kem/Faded Spade Cards Sick of playing with cards that resemble disposable napkins like you do at some poker rooms/festivals? Want a deck that looks and feels great in your hand as you turn over the nuts in a bloated pot? Kem branded cards are widely considered a top-tier brand of plastic cards and have been around for decades. They are 100% plastic giving them a great shelf life and have a classic look that will add some class to any home game. If you want something a little more modern, Faded Spade has introduced an updated four color deck to mimic the online poker look. Faded Spade is also 100% plastic for durability and they have a non-traditional, pretty cool illustration design for the face cards. You can get a two deck set of either brand for roughly $25. [caption id="attachment_621556" align="alignnone" width="768"] AirPods are great for when poker players are on the go. Sennheiser is a high quality over the ear headphone for the online grind.[/caption] Apple AirPods Some poker players and poker industry influencers are not really looking to promote images of a hoodied young pro plugged into their headphones, taking down pots while ignoring the table. It’s understandable, a table full of players not engaging with other, obsessed with their own media does not a “fun” game make. However, sometimes you just gotta grind. Downswinging is real and you can’t always be the affable storyteller making sure all the recs are having a blast. What you need is some “you” time at the table where you turn up your best motivational playlist, pop in some wireless headphones and get down to business. Apple AirPods are becoming a top choice for poker players due to their convenience and the ability to keep your head on a swivel, following the action, without all the wires. They sound great, allow you to move around easily and have a little more discretion than a large pair of headphones. AirPods can be picked up for around $100-$150. For the online grinder in your life, getting them a pair of great sounding headphones is a great idea. If you are looking for a suggestion here, a classic pair of Sennheiser 650 Open Back is a five-star choice and can be found for around $320 online. Honorable mention in this category: get a Spotify or Apple Music paid subscription because listening to commercials is not GTO. [caption id="attachment_621557" align="alignnone" width="768"] PokerGo's $10/mo price tag might be the best pure value in poker.[/caption] PokerGO This is a no-brainer. A yearly subscription to PokerGO will have the poker fan in your life glued to their computer (or mobile device) watching the biggest names in the game playing for the highest stakes imaginable. From the revamped Poker After Dark to the heady play in the Super High Roller Bowl, there’s always fresh content on the streaming service and it’s super cheap. $10 a month cheap or you can get a yearly subscription for as little as $89. [caption id="attachment_621558" align="alignnone" width="768"] 50 pros detail their secrets for succeeding in the world of poker.[/caption] The Pursuit Of Poker Success by Lance Bradley Wait! Before you go accusing this writer of being a homer (I am) read this. There are a ton of poker books out there - most of which focus on getting better at the game. Bradley’s The Pursuit of Poker Success has a unique slant unlike any other poker book out there. It talks to 50 of the most long-lived, success cash game and tournament players in history and has them discuss what it means to be a successful poker player. It’s more than how to play AK to a three-bet, it’s more than a simple mindset book (there are good ones for this category too) - the text reads like a motivational blueprint for upping your game from the inside out. Bradley’s book, along with a ton of amazing poker texts can be found at D&B poker. Paperback runs $29.95, ebook $19.99. [caption id="attachment_621559" align="alignnone" width="768"] If you are going to wear sunglasses at the table, wear good ones.[/caption] Ray-Ban Original Classic Wayfarers There’s been a movement in recent years to remove sunglasses from the poker table. The look is, perhaps, a little cliche and could even be intimidating to newer poker players. But here’s the real deal, for some players sunglasses are a security blanket that allows them to play their best game and hide whatever emotion is going on in their head. So we say if you are going to wear sunglasses at the table - look good doing it. There is no more classic, cool brand of sunglasses out there than a pair of RayBan’s Classic Wayfarer sunglasses. Dark lenses, sleek design and known for durability these are a pair of sunglasses that you’ll enjoy wearing away from the table when down in the Bahamas and you end up busting from the PSPC. You can fetch these in a number of designs all for around $150 online. [caption id="attachment_621560" align="alignnone" width="767"] Get your short stack game in good shape with SnapShove.[/caption] SnapShove App The SnapShove App, developed by poker pro Max Silver, is a guide to perfecting short stack play. It’s both a calculator to help players understand shoving ranges with particular stack depths. It’s also a training app that helps players make “perfect decisions every time.” Select how many players are at the table, what the big blind is, how many bigs you have left and your position. The app will give you what range of hands you should be looking to get in the middle profitably. It’s must-know concepts for all tournament players. SnapShove is available on both iOS and Android and the Pro version is only $14.99. [caption id="attachment_621561" align="alignnone" width="768"] A traveling poker player needs a good backpack to go along for the ride.[/caption] Alcatraz Laptop Backpack from Timbuk2 For the poker player who puts a ton of miles in traveling from tournament to tournament, a nice, reliable backpack is a necessity. As a carry-on item on flights and to store all their needs for a long day in the poker room, it’s great to have something that looks as good as it performs. The Custom Alcatraz Laptop back from Timbuk2 is perfect to tote around everything a poker player could want, including their laptop for when they are in countries and US States that allow for some online grinding. This rain resistant backpack allows for some killer stylistic customization. Pick this, and similar bags, up from direct from Timbuk2. The Alcatraz Laptop Backpack runs $144. [caption id="attachment_621562" align="alignnone" width="768"] Nowadays, a trip to the WSOP means much more than taking shots at a bracelet.[/caption] A Trip To The World Series of Poker If you really want to make a splash this holiday season, commit to sending that poker player in your life on what might be their first trip to the World Series of Poker. Now, we’re not suggesting that you withdraw a stack of high society and buy directly into the WSOP Main Event - not at all. While the actual WSOP is the grand attraction in Las Vegas during the summer, the surrounding properties including the ARIA, Wynn, Planet Hollywood and more run their own super series of tournaments and cash games. For a fraction of the Main Event buy-in, a player could book a cheap flight, stay in a decent hotel, grind tournaments for a few days and still get that rush of having been to the World Series of Poker. The only downside to a gift this grand is once a player makes their way to Vegas in the summer, they usually spend the rest of their poker lives trying to find a way back. Happy holidays!
  4. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. It would be nice to think that, as we grow older, the old adage of “it’s better to give than receive” is a feeling that most people come to embrace. That said, there’s an amazing feeling when the right person gives you the perfect gift. Quite often it’s not only the gift itself, but it’s the fact that there’s someone out there that knows you so well and wants nothing more than to make you happy. “This is a close one,” said PokerStars and WSOP broadcaster Joe Stapleton when thinking about the best gift he’s ever been given. “I’m gonna go with the original NES [Nintendo Entertainment System]. “Everyone on my block had one and my parents pretty much swore they weren’t going to get us one. Also, maybe Santa was still a thing then...I can’t remember. “When we finished opening our presents and the NES we so desperately wanted was not contained therein, we, my brother and I, did our best to hide our disappointment. We were good kids, (read: terrified of our parents), and it would have been rude and ungrateful to complain about not getting something for Christmas. Also, we were kinda genuinely good kids who didn’t want to make our parents feel bad.” However, not all hope was lost for Stapes. “My Grandma would always come over when we were done opening present for her non-Santa presents. You see where this is going so I’ll cut to the chase. She brought us the Nintendo. It was some real Red Rider BB Gun shit. We were thrilled.” New Jersey poker pro Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano has a similar story. For him, it was a gaming system that led him to a lifetime of playing games. “I would have to my favorite gift was when I got Nintendo 64. It was 1996, I was 11 and really into video games,” said Gags. “I had no idea what the N64 would bring. It was a video game system like I had never seen before. The games were amazing and I would spend the next seven years glued to it, playing every game imaginable. It really grew my interest and obsession with game and video games a ton, and probably is partly responsible for leading me to poker.” While some a gift may be an item that helped shape their future, for some, the best gifts of Christmas can’t be bought. Solve For Why coach and former PocketFives #1-ranked player Jordan Young didn’t have to think twice when recalling his perfect gift. “I have received the perfect Christmas gift,” Young said. “The best gift I ever received was from my parents and it was a memory book full of pictures of my dog, Doogan. That was the first time I ever received something and got emotional because I had just spent three years without him while I had moved abroad to play online poker.” For others that perfect gift isn’t an object at all. “It may sound a bit cheesy…” said partypoker Pro Kristen Bicknell “…but I think the true gift and magic of the holidays is being with family and loved ones. There really is something special and unique about the spirit of the season. One of my favorite things about Christmas that never fails is Christmas dinner. It’s definitely the best meal of the year.” World Poker Tour Executive Tour Director Matt Savage’s favorite gift falls in line with that sentiment. “My favorite gift has always been spending time with family. This year is going to be a tough one as my father recently passed away,” Savage said. “Christmas was his favorite holiday. He made every Christmas special when I was young with gifts I never needed but wanted. I always enjoy giving more than receiving and the perfect gift is the one that makes Maryann [his wife] smile.” Still looking for that perfect gift to give the poker player in your life? We have some suggestions to make their eyes light up with The Definitive Poker Player Holiday Gift Guide.
  5. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. Get some popcorn; it's movie time. With good reason, some of the biggest blockbusters of all-time made their debut around the holidays. With extra time off, families flock to the theaters to take in a film and rewatch classics in the comfort of their home. So many great holiday films that have come out over the years, sometimes it’s hard to pick which one to throw on but there are some that are just so good they are worth watching over and over again. “My favorite movie has to be ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and I make it a point to watch it every year as it reminds me that if you do good deeds you will be repaid tenfold,” said World Poker Tour Executive Tour Director Matt Savage. “It’s also tough to beat Will Ferrell in 'Elf' or Bill Murray in 'Scrooged'.” [caption id="attachment_621631" align="alignnone" width="768"] It's A Wonderful Life, Elf and Scrooged are a trio of holiday classic films.[/caption] When it comes to taking the temperature on the poker world’s favorite holiday movie, the modern-day Christmas classic “Elf” starring Will Ferrell as a North Pole Elf making his way in New York City is clearly a top choice. “ELF! It isn’t even close,” says former #1-ranked PocketFiver and Solve For Why Academy coach Jordan Young. “Will Ferrell is just so damn hilarious and I love all the quotable lines from the movie.” Young. Team PokerStars Online pro and Twitch streamer, Jeff Gross agrees with Young. “I liked the movie and it puts a comedy spin on the holiday season, which can be stressful,” Gross said. “Bringing a lightness to the season is a nice twist.” Not everyone is looking for maximum relaxation during the holidays. An all-out action-packed Christmas classic is the favorite of online crusher ‘Girafganger7.’ “It’s easy and it’s not close - it’s 'Die Hard'. Bruce [Willis], barefoot, slaying German-accented baddies in a blaze of bullets and exposition, riddled with perfect one-liners,” Giraf said. Favorite character is Hans Gruber played by the untouchable Alan Rickman.” partypoker Ambassador Kristen Bicknell is on the opposite end of the spectrum, opting for sentimentality over swinging off a building from a fire hose. “There are so many good Christmas movies!” Bicknell said. “But if I had to pick one right now it would be ‘Love Actually.’ It’s full of emotion and charming characters.” One of which is also played by Alan Rickman. “Some other favorites of mine that come to mind are ‘The Santa Clause’ and ‘Home Alone’” [caption id="attachment_621632" align="alignnone" width="768"] Die Hard, Love Actually and Home Alone are other holiday favorites of the poker world.[/caption] One of New Jersey’s top online grinders, Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano couldn’t agree more. “Without a doubt, ‘Home Alone’,” Gagliano said. “I think I saw it when it came out in the mid 90’s. I don’t remember, but I do remember being obsessed with it as a kid and watching it over and over. The scene where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) draws the battle plans to save his house was the best, and I used to try and make ones just like his.” But not every Christmas movie is a winner, right? Sometimes, those holiday movies miss the mark and can just take you right out of the holiday mood. “Even though everyone loves it, I’ve never cared for 'A Christmas Story'. It’s probably because I don’t remember watching it as a kid. I think I first saw it when it was a little older and I didn’t have the nostalgia that others have. It was just kind of boring to me and I didn’t really think the ‘classic’ scenes were funny or interesting at all,” Gagliano said. “My least favorite Christmas movies are the corny Hallmark movies that all seem to follow true to the same script,” Savage said. For Jordan Young, he’s simply not going to let some spoiled cinema take him out of the holiday spirit. “I’m sure I have a least favorite Christmas movie but for the same of being ‘cheery’, I will pretend that I don’t have one,” he laughed. Do you have a favorite holiday movie? Let us know by commenting on this article or tweet to us at @PocketFives. Happy Holidays!
  6. Christmas Day is usually a time to spend with family, maybe open a few presents and enjoy a good meal. Of course, that’s not always the case for the online poker player who chooses to celebrate the holidays by harnessing a healthy dose of run good and grinding it out on the online tables. What could be a better present for an online poker player than to take down a massive tournament and collect huge sums of money? For the following few that’s exactly what the holiday had in store for them as we are taking a look back at some of the biggest scores to ever take place on Christmas Day. The biggest Christmas Day online tournament happened back in 2011 when the holiday landed on a Sunday. So after waking up early for a little celebration, players flocked to their keyboards to participate in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Million. An incredible 6982 players participated that day generating a prize pool of nearly $1.4M. The winner was ‘||Burkeeee!’ who earned $209,464 for the win. PocketFiver Luke ‘LFmagic’ Fields from the UK finished in third place for over $111,000. Three PocketFivers made the final table. In addition to Fields, Ukraine’s ‘Vadym1’ took home a five-figure score that day. In 2017, PokerStars hosted a holiday $100 MTT which drew 8688 players and saw ‘onebrl’ cash for $119,112 while PocketFiver Dimitrios ‘JIM_BALLAS’ Ballas finished right behind him for a career-high online score of $116,721. Two other PocketFivers celebrated final table appearances that day as the UK’s ‘LJim4’ picked up a career-high cash for over $36,000 and Ukraine’s ‘Cardanus’ earned $17,741 for his seventh-place finish. The third largest Christmas Day tournament also took place in 2017 as 484 players piled into a PokerStars $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Tournament. German crusher Arturs ‘Artschgamble’ Scerbaks, who is currently the #1-ranked player in all of Germany, took down that tournament for over $106,000 - a score that was just recently eclipsed by his 2018 Sunday Million Victory. The prize pool of the holiday $1K was $613,000 and in addition to Scerbaks, there were a host of PocketFivers that picked up big wins. Former #3-ranked player Mark ‘RenRad01’ Darner earned over $12,000 for his final table finish. The final two tables saw players like Ramiro ‘Ramiro’ Petrone, Jerry ‘perrymejsen’ Odeen and ‘girafganger7’ all make deep runs. The 2011 $215 Sunday Warm that took place on the 25th was the fourth-largest tournament on Christmas. Just like the Sunday Million, if Xmas lands on a Sunday the grinders are going to be there in force. 2700 players created a prize pool of $540,000 and ‘crossthervr’ picked up a huge $85,000 score. Sweden’s Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren fell in sixth place and earned $18,090 for a nice holiday present. Back then it would have been tough to comprehend that Berggren would eventually be one of online poker’s all-time winningest players currently sitting with nearly $11 million in online earnings. Topping off the top 5 Christmas Day tournaments was in 2012 for the $1,050 Super Tuesday ($300K guaranteed). 426 online high-rollers ran the prize pool to a massive $426,000. ‘oilmasi77’ took it down for $81,749 besting ‘kersepit’ who walked with just over $60K. Top 10 Christmas Day Tournaments Tournament Prize Pool Date Site $215 Sunday Million [$1M Gtd] $1,396,400.00 12/25/11 PokerStars No Limit Hold'em $1,139,200.00 12/25/17 PokerStars No Limit Hold'em $613,000.00 12/25/17 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up [$500K Gtd] $540,000.00 12/25/11 PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday [$300K Gtd] $426,000.00 12/25/12 PokerStars $530 Sunday 500 [$250K Gtd] $318,500.00 12/25/11 PokerStars $11 Sunday Storm [$200K Gtd] $317,850.00 12/25/11 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up, $275K Gtd $277,800.00 12/25/16 PokerStars The Bigger $55 [$200K Gtd] $276,900.00 12/25/11 PokerStars   PocketFivers have enjoyed taking home their share of holiday prize pools over the years. Here are those players who have continually made their Christmas bright. PocketFives Top 20 Christmas Day Winners PocketFiver Total Xmas Day Winnings Dimitrios 'JIM_BALLAS' Ballas $120,684.58 Luke 'Lfmagic' Field $114,788.52 Arturs 'Artschgamble' Scerbaks $111,803.20 'vadym1' $74,450.33 'bananazoo' $60,209.17 Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky $57,301.65 Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro $53,419.50 Jonathan 'xMONSTERxDONGx' Karamalikis $52,993.00 Ami 'UhhMee' Barer $52,667.35 Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford $52,543.12 Lazlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas $50,832.21 Nanos 'Wiesel' Konstantinos $48,829.05 'Mrdawwe' $47,909.91 'MortenVM' $46,266.36 Dominik 'bounatirouIMO' Nitsche $43,349.73 'Ariados' $42,341.31 'ozenc' $41,175.44 Bryan 'bparis' Paris $39,088.32 Jordan 'JWPRODIGY' Westmorland $38,411.61 'Ljim4' $36,064.51
  7. partypoker’s new ‘Team Online’ continues to take shape this week as two more prominent poker streamers have been added to the roster. In the past two days, both Travis ‘dramaticdegen’ Darroch and Patrick ‘XxXMLGPROXxX’ Tardif have been officially appointed as new partypoker ambassadors. Travis ‘dramaticdegen’ Darroch A former aspiring actor, Travis Darroch found his way into poker after his mom, knowing he was a big Matt Damon fan, showed him the iconic poker film Rounders when he was a teenager. Then, after hearing about Twitch from the Joe Rogan podcast, Darroch channeled his desire to be in front of the camera into a successful streaming channel. Now, the Canadian content creator has parlayed his poker ambition into a partnership with partypoker. “I am thrilled to come on board with partypoker and be a part of this exciting project,” Darroch said. “I’m really looking forward to creating some amazing new content over the coming weeks and months.” “I’m excited to represent the next generation of online pros and be a part of Team partypoker,” Tardif said. “When I started on this journey a little over 2 years ago, I didn’t know how it would really end up. I gave myself a year to make something of it. Now entering my third year, I’m battling at high stakes and am an ambassador for one of the most recognized sites in poker. “I’m just enjoying the ride…” Darroch and Tardif join Matt Staples and Hristivoje ‘ALLinPav’ Pavlovic, who were announced earlier this week, on the newly formed online squad. READ: partypoker Reveals First Two Members of New ‘Team Online’ The expanding team of ambassadors is an effort by partypoker to increase their attention to online streaming.This includes a previously announced partnership with Bill Perkins’ ‘Thirst Lounge’ Twitch channel, as well as promises of ramped up programming by their stable of established pros, including Fedor Holz. More online ambassador announcements by partypoker are likely to be made over the course of the week.
  8. The stable of partypoker’s newly established Team Online continues to grow with the addition of Canada’s Ryan ‘RSchoonbaert’ Schoonbaert. Schoonbaert, like the rest of Team Online, is a professional online poker player and regular Twitch Poker streamer. What separates him though is his affinity for more than just No Limit Hold’em. He plays all the games. Schoonbaert is considered a mixed-game specialist, regularly switching up his stream by hopping into Pot Limit Omaha, H.O.R.S.E, Omaha 8 and 8-Game tournaments. He gives his audience a breath of fresh air from the standard online grind. Prior to dedicating his time to his online stream, the now 27- year old Schoonbaert cut his teeth in the live card rooms of Calgary, Alberta where, from the age of 18, he worked his way up from the low-limit $1/$2 live games up to regularly playing at $10/$25. He currently has just over $100,000 in career recorded tournament earnings as well. Now, he turned that experience into an ambassadorship with partypoker. “I really believe in what partypoker is doing in the poker community and am thrilled to be a part of their team,” Schoonbaert said. “I’m very proud and excited to be on of the initial members to join Team Online, and can’t wait to continue moving up the stakes while streaming the entire journey on Twitch.” In addition to being a go-to stream for mixed games, Schoonbaert is also known for marathon streaming sessions with total transparency of his wins and losses. This isn’t Schoonbaert’s first brush with online poker ambassadorship. As recently as mid-January this year, he announced that he had joined online site HighStakes as a representative. However, unlike the recent public announcements of former ambassadors like Jaime Staples, Jeff Gross, and Kevin Martin, Schoonbaert does not, at this time, have an announcement on his status as a HighStakes ambassador in the wake of his new position with partypoker. Schoonbaert is the sixth online pro announced as part of partypoker's team in the past eight days. He joins the likes of Matt Staples, Hristivoje ‘ALLinPav’ Pavolic, Travis ‘dramaticdegen’ Darroch, Partick ‘XxXMLGPROXxX’ Tardif, and professional esports superstar turned poker player Alan ‘hotted89’ Widmann as the first wave of streamers to be a part of partypoker’s new dedication to online streaming. As previously announced, partypoker’s plans to expand into the world of Twitch Poker include a partnership with Bill Perkins’ revamped ‘Thirst Lounge’ Twitch channel. The site also has planned streaming sessions with members of their established team of pros including online poker's top-5 ranked Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard, Ludovic Geilich and Fedor Holz. partypoker will be announcing new additions to Team Online in the coming days.
  9. The momentum from a dynamic Day 1 of partypoker’s $30M GTD POWERFEST carried over into Day 2 of the spring series. Fifteen total tournaments from the massive 255-event schedule were on tap on Monday and players helped push the total prize pool north of $945,000 as 14 of the 15 events crushed their guarantee. The largest event of the day was the Event #09-HR ($1,050 Progressive Knockout 8-Max) which saw 191 players vying for a piece of the $200K guarantee. There was a small bit of overlay in this tournament which benefitted the eventual winner ‘KONY2012’ who picked up $17,081.91 for first place plus $19,207.50 in bounties for the largest score of the day. ‘ch1ck3nrobb3rr’ finished in second, taking home $17,061.61 + $11,407.50 in bounties. Finland’s #1-ranked player Sami ‘LarsLuzak’ Kelopuro fell in fourth place for $8,911.63 + $2,275. The $123,500 prize pool of Event #08-HR ($530 Mix-Max) smashed the $100K guarantee as Ciao ‘CPessagno’ Pessagno bested the 247-entry field to take home the top prize of $27,161.21. A heads-up deal was made that gave ‘Beachfarm95’ just over $21,000 for his runner-up finish. Maszat ‘Grunwalsk1’ Marci took home $13,609.45 in third place. Event #09-H ($320 Progressive Knockout 8-Max) also proved to be extremely popular as 597 entries pushed the prize pool $33,876 over the posted $150K guarantee. In the end Ninel ’club12trs’ Toma took home the largest score, earning $12,937.67 for finishing in first and adding $16,214.82 in bounties. ‘Machacante66’ earned nearly first place money for finishing in second, picking up $12,919.59, he added another $2,767.46 in bounties. A pair of prolific streamers faced off in Event #11-HR ($530 Progressive Knockout, Fast, 6-Max) as Parker ‘brooooooooooo’ Talbot defeated newly-minted partypoker Team Online member ‘All_In_PAV’ heads-up banking $9,669.62 + $13,937.22 in bounties. Pavolic was forced to settle for second place on his home turf, earning $9,659.01 + $3,379 in bounties. The tournament drew 211 players and exceeded the $100K guarantee with over $108K in the prize pool. POWERFEST $530 #08-HR [Deep, Mix-Max], $100,000 Gtd 247 entrants, $123,500 prize pool 1. CPessagno - $27,161.21 2. Beachfarm95 - $21,003.86 3. Grunwalsk1 - $13,609.45 4. Machacante66 - $9,941.75 5. Sheparentao - $7,410 6. chaAat - $4,940 POWERFEST $1,050 #09-HR [PKO, 8-Max], $200,000 Gtd 191 entrants, $200,000 prize pool 1. KONY2012 - $17,081.91 + $19,207.50 in bounties 2. ch1ch3nrobb3rr - $17,061.61 + $11,407.50 in bounties 3. BeforeSunrise - $12,454.81 + $6,500 in bounties 4. LarsLuzak1 - $8,911.63 + $2,275 in bounties 5. MOTHERSMATTERS - $6,227.40 + $390 in bounties 6. Iveybluffallin - $4,831.60 + $3,250 in bounties 7. MinhVanTruong - $3,757.91 + $1,885 in bounties 8. EmilioSurita - $2,952.65 + $3,640 in bounties POWERFEST $320 #09-H [PKO, 8-Max], $150,000 Gtd 597 entrants, $183,876 prize pool 1. club12trs - $12,937.67 + $16,214.82 in bounties 2. Machacante66 - $12,919.59 + $2,767.46 in bounties 3. SouhftfW - $8,766.96 + $2,377.40 in bounties 4. Bov-George - $6,035.29 + $730.75 in bounties 5. NoisiaRadio - $4,220.76 + $3,076.06 in bounties 6. Ottakringer1837 - $3,066.95 + $1,214.62 in bounties 7. gutter. - $2,208.99 + $1,313.38 in bounties 8. A23456789 - $1,567.99 + $2,444.07 in bounties POWERFEST $109 #10-H [Deep, Turbo,8-Max], $30,000 Gtd 369 entrants, $38,376 prize pool 1. ACHSO8000 - $7,445.15 2. Flompe - $5,372.64 3. ICMslut99 - $3,772.47 4. Otaxark0aggbr0 - $2,667.13 5. brogenemo - $1,899.61 6. 1Chris1986 - $1,408.39 7. parksy1066 - $978.58 8. ynwa1988 - $713.79 POWERFEST $530 #11-HR [PKO, Fast,6-Max], $100,000 Gtd 211 entrants, $108,137.50 prize pool 1. broooooooooo - $9,669.62 + $13,937.22 in bounties 2. All_In_PAV - $9,659.01 + $3,379.69 in bounties 3. SchlampigaUhu - $6,795.20 + $2,854.68 in bounties 4. TheRepoMan86 - $4,922.75 + $492.19 in bounties 5. RovoDice - $3,624.11 + $1,755.46 in bounties 6. wisimaki - $2,416.11 + $2,748.05 in bounties POWERFEST $109 #11-H [PKO, Fast,6-Max], $50,000 Gtd 667 entrants, $69,368 prize pool 1. Mrakobes20 - $4,681.42 + $5,751.26 in bounties 2. AreUSrs - $4,674.40 + $1,125 in bounties 3. marko198711188 - $3,516.36 + $1,837.90 in bounties 4. Ofbraveheart - $2,518.78 + $550.12 in bounties 5. BoutonCliquer - $1,763.14 + $1,249.18 in bounties 6. Atizando - $1,079.47 + $1,181.25 in bounties

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