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  1. This week in New Jersey, the $5,000 and $10,000 Guarantees ran on PartyPoker/Borgata Poker. Having a productive week was Jamie Kerstetter (mmmWaWa on PocketFives, pictured) who made three final tables. Kerstetter came in second in the $10,000 Guarantee on Tuesday, won the $5,000 Guarantee, and finished fourth in the $10,000 Guarantee on Wednesday for a total of $3,596 in winnings. Also making three final tables was acesfullrjr (acesfullrjr on PocketFives), who came in eighth, third, and first in the PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $10,000 Guarantee this week for a total of $3,303 in winnings. Mike Webb (mikewebb68on PocketFives) won the WSOP.com$5,000 Guarantee on Tuesday, banking $1,461. Four PocketFivers made the final table of the WSOP.com $10,000 Guarantee on Tuesday. Sean Sisco (sisco on PocketFives) finished in second place, winning $1,600. Recent intervieweeFrank Molinari (fnasty97on PocketFives) won the WSOP.com $10,000 Guarantee on Wednesday night, cashing for $3,053. Molinari also won the Ultimate Poker $1,000 Guarantee for $450 on Monday. Congrats to all PocketFivers who cashed this week. Visit PocketFives' New Jersey poker community for the latest news and discussion from New Jersey players. ------------------------------ PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $5,000 Guarantee for Monday, July 21st at 8 pm had 101 runners buying in for $50 ($45 + $5). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,000. The top 9 finishers were: 1 misclick - $1,000 2 drewskey - $738 3 allace10 - $550 4 Jermz - $450 5 warrior - $375 6 RobTarantino - $313 7 La_Flama_Blan27 - $263 (rimmer27) 8 SugarJ - $213 9 MikeyCasino - $163 (MikeyCasino) ------------------------------ PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $5,000 Guarantee for Monday, July 21st at 9 pm had 91 runners buying in for $50 ($45 + $5). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,000. The top 9 finishers were: 1 EataHoagie - $1,000 (EataHoagie) 2 misclick - $738 3 Blinden - $550 4 ShankU4DaPot - $450 (ThePimpOfPoker) 5 bobsterman1971 - $375 6 JrotNMint2722 - $313 7 tripod - $263 8 notoriousC - $213 9 Papo353 - $163 ------------------------------ PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $10,000 Guarantee for Monday, July 21st had 110 runners buying in for $100 ($91 + $9). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $2,302. The top 9 finishers were: 1 Arik19 - $2,302 2 Deadmau5 - $1,677 3 acesfullrjr - $1,201 (acesfullrjr) 4 Jamdizzi777 - $851 5 SBlast2711 - $651 6 SlickShoes - $501 7 romeo8880 - $415 (romeo8880) 8 JoeNuts26 - $350 9 angularjs - $285 ------------------------------- PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $5,000 Guarantee for Tuesday, July 22nd at 8 pm had 99 runners buying in for $50 ($45 + $5). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,000. The top 9 finishers were: 1 majoda2 - $1,000 2 JJ2MG - $738 3 FreddyDupe - $550 4 GMan5168 - $450 5 MikeG5 - $375 6 ntninja - $313 7 utpw63 - $263 8 BossSTIK - $213 9 twopairsofones - $163 (twopairsofones) ------------------------------- PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $5,000 Guarantee for Tuesday, July 22nd at 9 pm had 82 runners buying in for $50 ($45 + $5). 13 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,063. The top 9 finishers were: 1 twopairsofones - $1,063 (twopairsofones) 2 twelveparsecs - $813 (vetstaduim) 3 BorPoker - $600 4 JamesJBraddock - $500 5 teddywinters - $413 6 CCisaPOS - $350 7 owlking1 - $288 8 streetz718 - $238 (streetz718) 9 lolfishaments - $188 (Mikewebb68) ------------------------------- PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $10,000 Guarantee for Tuesday, July 15th at had 113 runners buying in for $100 ($91 + $9). 27 spots were paid with 1st place being $2,365. The top 9 finishers were: 1 NFLkiller - $2,365 2 JamieKerstetter - $1,722 (mmmWaWa) 3 romeo8880 - $1,234 (romeo8880) 4 jaywentz1976 - $874 5 PureGenious - $668 6 NutFlush77 - $514 7 Taormina - $427 8 Nutella - $360 9 kut_em_up - $293 ------------------------------- PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $5,000 Guarantee for Wednesday, July 23rd at 8 pm had 114 runners buying in for $50 ($45 + $5). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,026. The top 9 finishers were: 1 sjbat - $1,026 2 myGAME - $757 (lav519) 3 ThunderUp35 - $564 (ThunderUp35) 4 Ryan1991 - $462 5 olmuggins - $385 6 dave83999 - $321 7 RyleeCooper - $269 8 BINKed-It - $218 9 Beahmer - $167 ------------------------------ PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $5,000 Guarantee for Wednesday, July 23rd at 9 pm had 101 runners buying in for $50 ($45 + $5). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,000. The top 9 finishers were: 1 JamieKerstetter - $1,000 (mmmWaWa) 2 bison39 - $738 3 MikeyCasino - $550 (MikeyCasino) 4 jakep474 - $450 (jtsnakes) 5 Onallis33 - $375 6 KyleCash13 - $313 7 bullrun - $263 8 luckyduck22 - $213 9 steve88capo88 - $163 ------------------------------ PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $10,000 Guarantee for Wednesday, July 23rd had 113 runners buying in for $100 ($91 + $9). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $2,365. The top 9 finishers were: 1 JFlynn0606 - $2,365 2 MajorMalady - $1,722 3 crtbossman10 - $1,234 4 JamieKerstetter - $874 (mmmWaWa) 5 ocelot - $668 6 CrossPhase11 - $514 7 El-Chapo - $427 (AvonBarkz) 8 acesfullrjr - $360 (acesfullrjr) 9 Hitmy1outer - $293 (Hitmy1outer) ------------------------------ PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $10,000 Guarantee for Thursday, July 24th had 100 runners buying in for $100 ($91 + $9). 18 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,742 . The top 9 finishers were: 1 acesfullrjr - $1,742 (acesfullrjr) 2 wow_so_sick - $1,735 3 pst34 - $1,698 (petey3412) 4 jimmyice99 - $850 (jimmyice99) 5 hashy - $650 (hashy) 6 Jaybone - $500 (Jaybone2315) 7 misclick - $415 8 jakep474 - $350 (jtsnakes) 9 jazzyjay111 - $285 ------------------------------- WSOP.com the $5,000 Nightly Guarantee R&A for Monday, July 21st had 159 runners buying in for $11($10+$1) each, 177 re-buys for $10 and 100 add-ons for $10, for a prize pool totaling $4,360 ($640 overlay). 20 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,350. The top 9 finishers were: 1 JMangs224 - $1,350 (JMangs) 2 Mechanic237 - $800 (Mechanic237) 3 Butters11 - $500 4 areyouready - $400 5 JayRiv - $350 6 Ddumps - $245 7 RounderAK - $195 8 HeadKase - $145 (Drew1979) 9 Turster - $120 ------------------------------- WSOP.com $10,000 Guarantee for Monday, July 21st had 147 runners buying in for $27.50 ($25 + $2.50) R&A, 183 re-buys for $25, 110 add-ons for $25, totaling $11,000. 25 spots were paid with 1st place being $3,025. The top 9 finishers were: 1 bucknaked64 - $3,025 2 Stormheart - $1,760 3 cjdstable - $1,001 4 MikeyCasino - $781 (MikeyCasino) 5 Bongthatbeer - $671 6 8OchoCougar8 - $561 7 jemmaball - $429 8 kjr216411 - $275 9 randomrags24 - $198 (fnasty97) ------------------------------- WSOP.com the $5,000 Nightly Guarantee R&A for Tuesday, July 22nd had 180 runners buying in for $11($10+$1) each, 244 re-buys for $10 and 117 add-ons for $10, for a prize pool totaling $5,410. 20 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,461. The top 9 finishers were: 1 cantbeatyou - $1,461 (Mikewebb68) 2 Heaterman - $866 3 Basile28 - $541 4 NewJersey - $433 5 achilles1280 - $379 6 Bluefish - $265 7 calbear510 - $211 8 killerqueen - $157 9 PJS1090 - $130 ------------------------------- WSOP.com $10,000 Guarantee for Tuesday, July 22nd had 132 runners buying in for $27.50 ($25 + $2.50) R&A, 158 re-buys for $25, 99 add-ons for $25, totaling $9,725 ($275 overlay). 25 spots were paid with 1st place being $2,750. The top 9 finishers were: 1 TimmyKGB - $2,750 2 sisco - $1,600 (sisco) 3 TMac15 - $910 (njhockey15) 4 cjdstable - $710 5 michaeltesta - $610 6 Adversity45 - $510 7 Bongthatbeer - $390 (Bongthatbeer) 8 ryancory17 - $250 9 JoeyGomes - $180 (JoeyGomes) ------------------------------- WSOP.com the $5,000 Nightly Guarantee R&A for Wednesday, July 23rd had 166 runners buying in for $11 ($10+$1) each, 211 re-buys for $10 and 107 add-ons for $10, for a prize pool totaling $4,840 ($160 overlay). 20 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,350. The top 9 finishers were: 1 Chakde70 - $1,350 2 M.F.JU - $800 (Words I Manifest) 3 AvonBarkz - $500 (AvonBarkz) 4 metalto0l - $400 (Nater414) 5 PilarIsBack - $350 (Naluneabezshapki) 6 BillieHnatt - $245 7 Jsmoove - $195 (Tuuurrrible) 8 MahaKala108 - $145 9 CRaFTe - $120 ------------------------------- WSOP.com $10,000 Guarantee for Wednesday, July 23rd had 142 runners buying in for $27.50 ($25 + $2.50) R&A, 194 re-buys for $25, 108 add-ons for $25, totaling $11,100. 25 spots were paid with 1st place being $3,053. The top 9 finishers were: 1 randomrags24 - $3,053 (fnasty97) 2 Makaveli - $1,776 3 pokasmoka - $1,010 4 thePunisher - $788 5 mario17 - $677 6 liquidTLO - $566 7 Mkmar - $433 8 Cook_E - $278 (Cook_E) 9 Kick02 - $200 (KickDJ02) ------------------------------- WSOP.com the $5,000 Nightly Guarantee R&A for Thursday, July 24th had 168 runners buying in for $11 ($10+$1) each, 247 re-buys for $10 and 101 add-ons for $10, for a prize pool totaling $5,160. 20 spots were paid with 1st place being $1,393. The top 9 finishers were: 1 jtorres - $1,393 2 RaccoonMan - $826 3 Quadfours - $516 4 JaxKrakn - $413 (jaxkraken) 5 StraightCash - $361 6 The2one5th - $253 (BigMike2one5th) 7 Adversity45 - $201 8 Cook_E - $150 (Cook_E) 9 Dsquared - $124 ------------------------------- WSOP.com $10,000 Guarantee for Thursday, July 17th had 159 runners buying in for $27.50 ($25 + $2.50) R&A, 164 re-buys for $25, 126 add-ons for $25, totaling $11,225. 30 spots were paid with 1st place being $3,031. The top 9 finishers were: 1 StraightCash - $3,031 2 Ashisit - $1,768 3 Stormheart - $1,010 4 MahaKala108 - $786 5 durrrr - $674 (my2chis) 6 PoBoy1 - $561 7 Kilgore92 - $427 8 hashy4 - $269 (hashy) 9 LuckySpewy1 - $191 (ykwon17) ------------------------------- Ultimate Poker the $1,000 Nightly for Monday , July 21st had 23 runners buying in for $50 each ($45.50+4.50). 4 spots were paid with 1st place $471. The 4 finishers were: 1 speedypete - $471 (fnasty97) 2 drizzydrag0n - $262 3 toast - $188 4 JMPoker - $126 ------------------------------ Ultimate Poker the $1,000 Nightly for Tuesday , July 22nd had 20 runners buying in for $50 each ($45.50+4.50). 4 spots were paid with 1st place $450. The 4 finishers were: 1 Lucifer_C - $450 2 OsborneCox - $250 3 nowitsover - $180 4 TMac15 - $120 ------------------------------ Ultimate Poker the $1,000 Nightly for Wednesday, July 23rd had 21 runners buying in for $50 each ($45.50+4.50). 4 spots were paid with 1st place $450. The 4 finishers were: 1 nowitsover - $450 2 Brilliant27 - $250 (Brilliant27) 3 cubanmami - $180 4 rerealbo - $120 ------------------------------------------------------- Ultimate Poker the $1,000 Nightly for Thursday, July 24th had 22 runners buying in for $50 each ($45.50+4.50). 4 spots were paid with 1st place $450. The 4 finishers were: 1 MmMmMmm88 $450 2 imbluffing22 $250 3 walrus22 $180 4 cubanmami $120 ------------------------------------------------------- 888$1,500 Guarantee -$35 buy in for Monday, July 21st had 63 runners for a prize pool totaling $2,016. 10 spots were paid with 1st place $585. The top 10 finishers were: 1 Kronos - $585 2 MorganFreman - $343 3 Gregory1985. - $242 4 jimmyice99 - $202 (jimmyice99) 5 OhNevermind - $161 6 Flu5h_M3 - $139 (Flu5h_M3) 7 TBone123 - $119 8 NoMercy - $99 9 steeler - $71 10 jerseyjosh - $56 ------------------------------------------------------- 888$1,500 Guarantee - $35 buy in for Tuesday, July 22nd had 60 runners for a prize pool totaling $2,080. 9 spots were paid with 1st place $576 . The top 9 finishers were: 1 hop0019 - $576 (hop0019) 2 MushroomStmp - $336 (MushroomStmp) 3 WhoopAss - $234 4 Mr.Stick - $196 5 ExterminateU - $156 (Exterminate U) 6 flapjacks. - $136 7 courage - $117 8 paynejr - $98 9 Tommyflaco13 - $71 ------------------------------------------------------- 888$1,500 Guarantee - $35 buy in for Wednesday, July 23rd had 57 runners for a prize pool totaling $1,824. 9 spots were paid with 1st place $547 . The top 9 finishers were: 1 KickDJ02 - $547 (KickDJ02) 2 sizzlinbetta - $319 (sizzlinbetta) 3 LebanonLevi - $223 4 snlw4g - $186 5 runnethover - $148 6 DaRaz0R - $130 7 suttinlite - $111 8 Briziz - $93 9 btd1200 - $67 (btd1200) ------------------------------------------------------- 888$1,500 Guarantee - $35 buy in for Thursday, July 24th had 61 runners for a prize pool totaling $1,952. 10 spots were paid with 1st place $566. The top 9 finishers were: 1 BBell1980 - $566 2 Lgreen88 - $332 3 eddiebank - $234 4 overlimp - $195 5 KyleCash13 - $156 6 mamunez44 - $135 7 AnthonyMason - $115 8 ssssticky1 - $96 9 Kronos - $68 10 playthehitz - $55
  2. [caption width="638"] Jamie Kerstetter is hoping to find success in the partypoker Garden State Super Series.[/caption] The East Coast is home to some of the biggest tournament series and events in the country, with regionally-based casinos rolling out massive guaranteed events on a nearly month-to-month basis. Over the next few weeks, though, save for a few WSOP Circuit stops, that live tournament schedule takes a short break before the spring, but for players in New Jersey, the action isn’t slowing down. That’s because the partypoker and BorgataPoker Garden State Super Series just returned with another massive slate of action, offering over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools across 62 events that are going to run throughout the next few weeks. The first GSSS Sunday has just passed and for Jamie Kerstetter, the break in the live schedule is certainly welcomed. The partypoker Team Pro admits that the early live schedules, where most events start at either 11 AM or noon, can be tiresome, especially when juggling an online schedule that, hopefully, lasts late into the night. She’s hoping that she’s able to recharge over the next month before heading back on the live tournament circuit that picks back up before the summer. "Online keeps poker fresh for me. I’m excited to hang around in my PJs with Crouton the puppy and grind online without having to travel anywhere." She adds that one form of poker, in short, can get "dull". Dull isn’t exactly how you’d describe the fourth version of this GSSS schedule, one that includes massive guarantees and buy-in levels that every player can afford. Along with a revamped satellite schedule, this is the first GSSS to not run alongside a Borgata Poker Open series. "I think partypoker was a little hesitant to guarantee big prize pools the first time GSSS ran without a WPT alongside it, but it turned out to be a huge success." she said. "The first Sunday was a huge success and it looks like all the guarantees will be met, even in some of the bigger buy-in events like the $500 and $1,000 events." That could mean some softer fields in those events as well, as players aren’t traveling from across the country or world and logging on in New Jersey, something Kerstetter isn’t upset about. She also realizes that this series, not only for her but everyone in New Jersey, is an opportunity to make some, as she calls it, "serious money". Unfortunately, that money didn’t come in this weekend. "I had an unsuccessful first Sunday," Kerstetter said bluntly, adding, "Not only did I bust out of the Parx $1,600 on Day 2 to get home in time to play a full schedule, I also only cashed in one event." "I should have just let Crouton walk all over my keyboard and I’d probably have had better results," she joked, referencing her new puppy. If Kerstetter’s PocketFives GSSS draft team had a name, 'Crouton' would likely be involved as well. She was a team captain, as the New Jersey online community came together for second GSSS online draft to up the stakes on an already massive series. This year, the draft was run auction-style and Kerstetter admitted that seeing the parallels between a player’s playing and drafting style was interesting. "I like to think I was pretty TAG. I bid on a few people to start and spent a good chunk on a couple players I really wanted, but was able to pick up some cheap sleepers at the end," she said, adding, "I think I ended up with a really good team." That team is made up of Chris Horter, Alex Queen, Vinny Pahuja, who is coming off a Parx Big Stax XV 500 victory, Alex Jim and a handful of other PocketFives members. Their captain admits that they had a rough first weekend, but it’s a long series and she’s confident that they can take down the $150 per player prize that is winner-take-all at the end of the series. Regardless of how the GSSS goes, Kerstetter is going to enjoy the next month at home doing what she loves, which is online poker. She’ll get back on the road towards the end of the spring, playing some regionally-based WSOP Circuit stops and then most of the Run Good Series in the Midwest after that. Clearly, the grind doesn’t stop, but at least for this month, there is a pretty stacked event to play in the comfort of her own New Jersey home.
  3. [caption width="640"] Jamie Kerstetter lives in New Jersey but makes a point to travel around the country and take part in the tournament circuit. (WSOP photo)[/caption] This month alone, there are tournament series going on across all regions of the country. For starters, the LA Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles is nearing its World Poker Tour Main Event, and West Palm Beach, FL just finished playing host to the World Series of Poker Circuit. In between both of those destinations sits Blackhawk, CO and the Golden Gates Casino. Hundreds of players made their way “up the mountain” to play in the Heartland Poker Tour event with New Jersey’s Jamie ‘mmmWawa’ Kerstetter among them. The newest member of the BorgataPoker.com roster makes her way across the country year-round to play in tournaments and uses poker as a vessel to see new places. A former lawyer, Kerstetter says she enjoys the freedom that poker gives her to travel after she first started gaining air miles as an adult. “The most alluring thing for me (and probably for most people who hate their jobs) was free time and the autonomy to make my own decisions. But I also enjoy being able to make some last minute impulsive trips when I get the itch to go somewhere new,” said Kerstetter. “I used to experience pangs of homesickness when I traveled, but lately I get bored very quickly when my life is routine at home and I enjoy planning the next trip.” The new year has been a busy one for Kerstetter with trips to Oklahoma and Colorado along with a stint in New Jersey already on her odometer. As a means of saving on expenditures such as hotels, poker players will travel together in pairs and Kerstetter’s travel companion for most of the last full year has been fellow New Jersey pro, Chris Horter. Horter has accompanied Kerstetter to a few stops this year and the two made waves on social media last year as they made their way cross-country in an RV from New Jersey to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. Accompanied by their dog, Crouton, Kerstetter, and Horter chronicled their trip across America’s heartland and had their relationship grow as a result. [caption width="640"] Kerstetter's dog, Crouton, plays the role of co-pilot with NJ online pro Chris Horter. (Submitted photo)[/caption] “It's definitely a bonding experience to deal with the ups and downs of planning trips and spending 24/7 with each other. We're already planning another cross country adventure and taking a different route to hit up new campgrounds and hikes this time around.” Kerstetter has become known for her work off the felt and inside the broadcasting booth as live streams have grown in popularity in the past few years. Most of the streams she participates in are at The Borgata but her first time participating in commentary came in Venice, Italy which Kerstetter also claims is her favorite place that she has traveled to during her career. “I had the time of my life at WPT Venice. The fear of being in a new place by myself where I didn't know anyone and didn't know the language led to some serious anxiety at first. Getting over that and then exploring the city, making a lot of new friends, and getting to try out commentary for the first time was a huge growth opportunity for me.” Given how many travel destinations there are to choose from on the poker calendar, Kerstetter says the things that bring her back to places a second time are the field quality, how well the tournament is run, and if the “location offers something unique that I can't get at home.” Kerstetter is often on the move and she keeps her Twitter followers plenty abreast of where she is headed next. As the poker season shifts toward the spring, there are many tournament stops to visit and it’s a safe bet that Kerstetter will be on the grind searching for new treasure.
  4. [caption width="640"] Thomas Pomponio is poker's latest darling after winning the WSOP Colossus III[/caption] Thomas ‘pompyouup’ Pomponio walked into the Rio last week as just another face among the 18,054 entrants in Colossus III. Fast-forward a few days later, Pomponio is the newest millionaire at the WSOP after beating the field to collect the seven-figure first place prize. Pomponio’s name is will forever be remembered now among the winners of Colossus but his game is already reckoned with online in New Jersey. Playing on New Jersey’s regulated websites, Pomponio has racked up over $130,000 in tournament earnings despite not playing that consistent of a schedule. Going back to the days of PokerStars being available in the United States, Pomponio’s account was successful to the tune of over $300,000 in cashes including a final table finish in one of the last Sunday Millions before Black Friday. A “guy of principle” as he describes himself, Pomponio makes his primary living as a butcher and plays online in his spare time. “I try to play as much as I can. I have a girlfriend and a full-time job so I really don’t play as much as I would like to, but I try to play at least twice a week online and tournaments at night.” His deep run took four bullets to officially get going but once it did, Pomponio was off to the races in one of poker’s largest gold rushes. He bagged 295,000 to put himself in the top-50 heading into Day 2’s 634 player restart. From there, he ran his stack up to 4,265,000 to come into Day 3 in sixth place out of 41 remaining lottery participants. It was at that point where the first place prize became a distinct possibility for Pomponio. “I ran well at the start and it just evolved. At the start of Day 3, I was telling my parents and my girlfriend there’s only 40 players between me and a million bucks. In your life, you’re not going to have too many chances to win a million bucks now you only have to outlast 40 players. It became real, I outlasted 18,000, another 40…” The New Jersey community is always full of support when one of their own goes deep and Pomponio says he was receiving countless messages wishing him well as he made his deep run. Pomponio was spotted wearing a BorgataPoker.com patch during the final table and he found a way to sport the logo through the help of a friend and a BorgataPoker.com ambassador. “My friend, Tyler Rogers...he knows a few of the guys on the site. He asked me if I wanted him to reach out and see about getting the patch and I talked to him today [and then]received the patch from Jamie Kerstetter.” Now that he’s officially won the title and million dollars, the next phase of Pomponio’s life begins as he gets ready to head back to New Jersey. His job is waiting for him when he returns home but he might need one or two days to settle in before officially getting everything back to normal. “I’m supposed to fly home on Thursday [and then] I’m scheduled for work on Saturday. Now, I’m a guy of principle, I don’t really like to screw over my coworkers. I might ask my boss if I can just have off Saturday to give me more time to get home and relax.” Pomponio’s poker career might never hit a higher point than what it did on Wednesday. He lived the reality of every player who ever enters an event like Colossus and will need to keep pinching himself to make sure his life really is what it became overnight. “I’m just waiting to wake up from the dream but I don’t think I’m going to anytime soon.”
  5. Some of the biggest names in poker will put a target on their back as the World Poker Tour returns to Jacksonville, Florida for the WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble. The WPT’s $5,000 Main Event will take place from October 19-23 at bestbet Jacksonville and feature 24 players with a $2,500 bounty on their head. The Main Event A staple of the WPT Main Tour, the bestbet Jacksonville has been a key stop for the past seven seasons. The Bounty Scramble Main Event carries a $5,000 buy-in ($4,630 + $290 entry fee + $80 staff) and a $1 million guarantee. Players have the option of two starting days beginning on October 19 with both starting days allowing players unlimited re-entry. The four-day structure has the final table playing out on a lifestream on Friday, October 23. Additionally, the WPT has incorporated the big blind ante as well as a 30-second Action clock which starts when the tournament is only one table away from the money. Capture A Bounty The standard structure of a WPT event is normally enough to get players excited to attend an event. However, the bestbet Bounty Scramble gives players an extra incentive to grab a seat and make a loose call. There will be (at least) 24 players in the field that, if they are eliminated of the tournament, will give the player that knocked them out $2,500 on the spot. This year, bestbet Jacksonville has taken a positive step in continuing to promote the game of poker to women. They have doubled the number of women invited to participate as bounties from 2017. In 2018, ten of the 24 players that have been selected as bounties are not only some of the best players on the planet but they also happen to be women. The list includes 2018 World Series of Poker Ladies Champion Jessica Dawley, 2-time WSOP bracelet winner Loni Harwood, Kitty Kuo, Jamie Kerstetter, WSOP Main Event standout Kelly Minkin and more. Joining them are some of poker’s most notable names. A sampling of those with a price tag on their backs includes 4-time WPT Champion Darren Elias, Bryan Kaverman, Martin Rettenmaier, Matt Affleck, 3-time NFL Super Bowl Champion Richard Seymour, actor Kevin Pollack and 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event runner-up Tony Miles among others. A Look Back Bounty tournaments at the highest level come with an extra level of adrenaline. The idea that after taking out an opponent, the tournament director may be giving you four-figures on the spot gives players extra incentive to get in the mix. bestbet Jacksonville has appeared on the WPT schedule since Season 10 (2011-2012). It wasn't until Season 13 that they formally changed the name to the Bounty Scramble and increased the buy-in to $5,000. In that year, Ryan Van Sanford from Colorado Springs, CO took down the field of 461 players to win a career-high cash of $421,668. Tyler Patterson, who returns again as a bounty in 2018, took down the title in 2014 besting Benjamin Zamani heads-up for $375,270. Patterson returned to the final table of the very next year in what was a stacked final table that included Noah Schwartz, Ankush Mandavia and eventual winner Sam Panzica. Panzica won over $350,000 for his first WPT title. He would go on to win a second WPT title in another bounty tournament - the 2017 Bay 101 Shooting Stars for over $1.3 million. Like Patterson before him, Panzica also made the final table the year after he won it. Just last year, Panzica finished runner-up to Paul Petraglia. Petraglia, a Florida local, defeated the 323 player field for a cash of over $315,000. Prior to his win, his largest recorded cash was for just over $3,000. What To Watch For It’s still early in WPT season 17 with WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble as only the fifth event, but the WPT Player of the Year race is in full swing. After his victory in the WPT Maryland Live! Main Event, two-time WPT Champion Tony Ruberto has taken the POY lead. If he makes the trip to Jacksonville, he will be looking separate him from the field of other Season 17 winners. Keep an eye on the core group of bounties as well. The WPT has chosen a refreshing group of young pros as well as players who have traditionally done well in this event. Minkin, Miles and Dawley will be mixing it up with players who have multiple WPT titles like Elias and Rettenmaier to vie for the title of last bounty standing. With so much talent, it’s not altogether unlikely that a bounty (maybe two) will make it to the final table of six. Finally, the industry will be watching for the number of runners bestbet Jacksonville will register in 2018. Over the past three years, entries and the prize pool have been on the decline in Jacksonville. The $1 million guarantee placed on the Main Event is the lowest guarantee on tour (WPT Choctaw also had a $1 million guarantee which was more than doubled). Even though there’s $60,000 taken out for the bounties, the hopes are that there is an uptick at the Bounty Scramble. A prize pool of over $1.5 million, exceeding 2017, should be considered a win. Follow Along Live updates for the event will be provided by the World Poker Tour on their website. Also, the final table will be broadcast on a live streamed on Tuesday, October 23. The final table will start at 4:00 pm ET on a 30-minute delay. Complete List of Bounties $2,500 Bounty Player Allison Hollander Byron Kaverman Darren Elias Ester 'Etay' Taylor James Calderaro Jamie Kerstetter Jessica Dawley Jo Kim Kelly Minkin Kevin Pollack Kitty Kuo Lacey Jones Lexy Gavin Loni Harwood Marvin Rettenmaier Matt Affleck Matt Glantz Matt Savage Nabil (Doc) Hirezi Paul Petraglia Richard Seymour Tony Miles Tristan Wade Tyler Patterson
  6. Nominations for the second annual Global Poker Awards were announced on Friday with popular poker personality Joey Ingram leading the way with four nominations. The Global Poker Awards, slated to take place at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas on March 6, celebrates the poker industry by recognizing the game of poker's top talent both on the felt and behind the scenes. This year, awards will be handed out in 19 different categories including two that are voted on by the fans. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="BetMGM NJ"] Multiple Nods Sixteen former award winners are back in contention this year with a number of them recognized in multiple categories. Poker personality and podcast/video producer Joey Ingram picked up nominations in the People’s Choice for Poker Personality of the Year, Podcast of the Year (Poker Life Podcast), Journalist of the Year and Media Content of the Year for his extensive work investigating the Mike Postle cheating allegation story. PocketFives’ own three-time GPI award winner Lance Bradley earned another three nominations for Journalist of the Year, Media Content of the Year, and Podcast of the Year for The FIVES Poker Podcast, alongside PocketFives own Managing Editor Donnie Peters. Daniel Negreanu, Jamie Kerstetter, Lex Veldhuis, Hayley Hochstätter and tournament director Matt Savage each earned two nominations. Alex Foxen, Andrew Neeme, Barny Boatman, Brad Owen, Bryn Kenney, Cary Katz, Joe Giron, Joe Stapleton, Kevin Mathers, Nick Schulman, and Paul Campbell join Bradley, Ingram, Negreanu, Savage, and Veldhuis as previous award winners who find themselves back in the running for even more hardware at the upcoming ceremonies. In addition to the 18 awards that will be voted on and the Global Poker Index Player of the Year awards, the PocketFives Legacy Award will once again be handed out to a PocketFives player who has shown success in both the online and live poker arenas. Previous award winners include Ari Engel, Cliff Josephy and Chris Moorman. 2019 Global Poker Award Nominees GPI BREAKOUT PLAYER OF THE YEAR Robert Campbell (AUS) Ramon Colillas (ESP) Ben Farrell (UK) George Wolff (USA) FINAL TABLE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR Hossein Ensan (GER), WSOP Main Event William Alex Foxen (USA), WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Phillip Hui (USA), WSOP Poker Players Championship Bryn Kenney (USA), Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Montenegro TWITTER PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Barny Boatman (UK) Jamie Kerstetter (USA) Kitty Kuo (TAI) Kevin Mathers (USA) PLAYERS CHOICE FOR TOUGHEST OPPONENT Michael Addamo (AUS) Kahle Burns (AUS) Stephen Chidwick (UK) Ali Imsirovic (BIH) STREAMER OF THE YEAR Hristivoje Pavlovic (AUS) Benjamin Spragg (UK) Matthew Staples (CAN) Lex Veldhuis (NED) VLOGGER OF THE YEAR Jaman Burton (USA) Andrew Neeme (USA) Daniel Negreanu (CAN) Brad Owen (USA) PODCAST OF THE YEAR DAT Poker Podcast: Terrence Chan, Ross Henry, Adam Schwartz, Daniel Negreanu (CAN) Poker Life Podcast: Joey Ingram (USA) The Fives, a PocketFives Podcast: Lance Bradley (CAN), Donnie Peters (USA) The Grid: Jennifer Shahade (USA) INDUSTRY PERSON OF THE YEAR Phil Galfond (USA), Run it Once Poker Cary Katz (USA), Poker Central/PokerGO Paul Phua (MAS), Triton Poker Matt Savage (USA), WPT/TDA TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR Tony Burns (USA), Seminole Hard Rock Paul Campbell (USA), Aria Jack Effel (USA), World Series of Poker Matt Savage (USA), WPT/TDA EVENT OF THE YEAR PokerStars Players Championship Bahamas Triton London Million for Charity World Series of Poker Main Event World Series of Poker BIG 50 MID-MAJOR TOUR/CIRCUIT OF THE YEAR Road to PSPC RUNGOOD Poker Series WPTDeepStacks WSOP Circuit JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR Lance Bradley (CAN) Haley Hintze (USA) Joey Ingram (USA) Nick Jones (UK) BROADCASTER OF THE YEAR Jamie Kerstetter (USA) Jeff Platt (USA) Nick Schulman (USA) Joseph Stapleton (USA) MEDIA CONTENT OF THE YEAR: WRITTEN A Fight for Fatherhood: The Biggest Win of Jason Young’s Life, Lance Bradley (CAN) for PoketFives Kevin Roster Spread Sarcoma Awareness at WSOP, Wants to End Life on His Terms, Aleeyah Jadavji (CAN), Hayley Hochstetler (USA) for PokerNews Poker and Pop Culture, Martin Harris (USA) for D+B Publishing The Unabridged Story of The Hendon Mob, Paul Seaton (UK) for PokerNews MEDIA CONTENT OF THE YEAR: PHOTO Antonio Abrego (USA): Ryan Laplante in deep thought at the WSOP (PokerNews) Drew Amato (USA): Dario Sammartino folds at the WSOP (Poker Central) Joe Giron (USA): WPT Champion Frank Stepuchin is lifted in victory (WPT) Hayley Hochstetler (USA): Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion at WSOP celebration (WSOP) MEDIA CONTENT OF THE YEAR: VIDEO Investigating Mike Postle Hand Histories from Stones Live, Joey Ingram (USA) Legends of the Game – Stu Ungar (PokerGO) The Big Blind w/Jeff Platt featuring Mike Matusow, Normand Chad, Sarah Herring (PokerGO) Who Makes Money from Professional Poker, Sam Rega (USA) for CNBC PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR POKER PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR Joey Ingram (USA) Jonathan Little (USA) Ryan DePaulo (USA) Lex Veldhuis (NED) PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR HAND OF THE YEAR Bryce Yockey takes a historic hit against Josh Arieh in the WSOP Poker Players Championship Ryan Riess makes 10-high all-in call at EPT Monte Carlo final table Sam Trickett makes Stephen Chidwick fold best hand at Triton London 1M event Thi Xoa Nguyen folds full house to Athanasios Polychronopoulos at PSPC
  7. On Saturday, April 11, Run It Once Poker is hosting a 32-player heads-up tournament in an effort to raise money for coronavirus (COVID-19) relief. The initiative will raise money for GiveDirectly COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to support low-income families in Las Vegas, Nevada. For every player who plays a hand on Phil Galfond’s Run It Once Poker on Saturday, April 11, the site will donate €10 to the relief fund. So fire up some Run It Once Poker on Saturday, play some hands, and help the site raise as much money as possible. Further assisting in this effort is Dan Smith’s Double Up Drive, which has pledged $250,000 in matching funds. The tournament will feature 16 popular poker professionals. Galfond, Smith, Parker Talbot, John Cynn, Jamie Kerstetter, and Marle Cordeiro are some of the confirmed players. The other 16 spots are open to the public and will be selected based on charitable donations. Eight spots will go to the eight people who make the largest donations between now and Thursday, April 9, at 23:59 UTC. The other eight spots will be randomly awarded and selected from people who make a donation of any amount between now and Thursday, April 9, at 23:59 UTC. The event will be hosted in one of Run It Once Poker’s testing environments, so players from the US, Italy, Spain, and other countries regularly restricted to real-money play on Run It Once Poker will be able to play. For details on the tournament and information on how you can donate, head over to the event’s dedicated page. The winner of the tournament will take home all the bragging rights as well as access to Run It Once Training’s A-Game Poker Masterclass, three months of RIO’s Elite plan, and three months access to RIO’s Vision GTO Trainer. The tournament will be broadcast on the Run It Once Poker Twitch channel starting on Saturday, April 11, at 16:00 UTC. Joe Stapleton, David Tuchman, and Henry Kilbane will handle the event’s commentary.

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