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Found 2 results

  1. After an exciting end to the action, a dominant performance from ‘POTtheRIVER’ sealed a memorable World Series of Poker bracelet victory as they overcame a final table featuring Jason Rivkin to win $27,592. Pennsylvania WSOP Online Event #2 ($500 NLHE PKO) action saw bounties as well as finishing places create a diverse prize pool, with ‘POTtheRIVER’ leading from the start of the final table to clinch a heads-up win to claim only the second WSOP bracelet awarded in Pennsylvania. As the nine-handed final table kicked off, ‘POTtheRIVER’ held the chip lead with 1.06 million chips, albeit a marginal one over ‘m1kecr0ss’ (1.05m) and Rivkin (1.02m), with Rivkin already having cashed three times in 2021 WSOP Online events, including a runner-up finish in Event #32 for $90,811 which was won by Drew O’Connell. It took just a couple of minutes for the first victim to fall at the final table, with ‘bkellssc’ losing their stack after moving all-in pre-flop with [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Qc"]. They were called by both ‘Snacks22’ with [poker card="Qs"][poker card="Qd"] and ‘LooseChangee’ with [poker card="Ts"][poker card="Td"], and with the board coming [poker card="7s"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6s"][poker card="Jh"][poker card="5d"], ‘Snacks22’ doubled up through ‘LooseChangee’, busting ‘bkellssc’ in the process for a total result of $2,820. It took some time for another player to bust and during that time, Rivkin rose up the ranks. The most decorated player at the final table won a series of small pots to become chip leader with 1.2 million chips, but that lead was overtaken by the eventual winner when ‘POTtheRIVER’ began their charge to victory by eliminating ‘PineCreek’. The at-risk player was all-in with [poker card="Kd"][poker card="9d"] and was called by ‘POTtheRIVER’ with [poker card="As"][poker card="Jd"]. The flop of [poker card="Qh"][poker card="Qc"][poker card="Js"] was dramatic enough, giving ‘POTtheRIVER’ the lead, but on the [poker card="Kc"] turn that switched, giving ‘PineCreek’ a better two-pair. All ‘PineCreek’ needed to do after hitting the turn was to fade the river, but the [poker card="Jc"] fell to give ‘POTtheRIVER’ the pot and live up to their catchy name in the most literal of senses. ‘PineCreek’ had been one card away from survival but instead cashed for a prize of $1,611 for finishing in eighth place and $1,209 in bounties won. Almost immediately, the field was reduced further. Despite heading into the final table second in chips, ‘m1kecr0ss’ lost their tournament life after moving all-in for around 14 big blinds with [poker card="Ad"][poker card="Ks"]. It was ‘POTtheRIVER’ who made the call with [poker card="Ah"][poker card="7s"] and the flop of [poker card="Ac"][poker card="7h"][poker card="5c"] instantly gave the chip leader top two pair. The turn of [poker card="4h"] and river of [poker card="8d"] couldn’t help ‘m1kecr0ss’ and ‘POTtheRIVER’ moved into a commanding chip lead. The run of ‘Snacks22’ came to an end in sixth place for $4,467 after they were eliminated by ‘LooseChangee’. ‘Snacks22’ had moved all-in pre-flop with [poker card="Ah"][poker card="2c"] and was ahead when ‘LooseChangee’ called with [poker card="Kh"][poker card="7c"]. The flop of [poker card="9c"][poker card="8s"][poker card="4d"] kept ‘Snacks22’ ahead, but they were out of luck on the [poker card="Ks"] turn and the [poker card="5d"] river couldn’t save them. Just a few minutes later, play was suddenly four-handed after ‘PeachesParty’ left in fifth place for a total result worth $5,940. ‘PeachesParty’ shoved from the button with [poker card="Ad"][poker card="2h"], but ‘PA_iTiltHard’ called it off from the big blind with [poker card="Ac"][poker card="Qc"] and the queen-high board of [poker card="Qh"][poker card="5s"][poker card="4h"][poker card="6s"][poker card="9c"] only offered ‘PeachesParty’ a gutshot from the flop which never arrived. As the final four players gathered their thoughts after a very busy hours play, it was ‘LooseChangee’ in the lead, with Rivkin bringing up the rear, but everything would change, with the stacks again evening up. That led to a massive pot where two players busted simultaneously. In the pivotal pot, ‘POTtheRIVER’ raised to three times the big blind with [poker card="Ac"][poker card="9c"] and when ‘PA_iTiltHard’ moved all-in with [poker card="Ad"][poker card="3c"] for just a shade more, Rivkin made the call with [poker card="7c"][poker card="6c"], as did ‘POTtheRIVER’. On the flop of [poker card="9d"][poker card="6d"][poker card="5c"], Rivkin led out, and ‘POTtheRIVER’ shoved, leaving Rivkin to call of his stack and see that he needed a lot of help. Another nine on the [poker card="9h"] turn left Rivkin needing an eight only to survive, but the [poker card="Th"] river couldn’t save him and both he and ‘PA_iTiltHard’ were busted at the same time, Rivkin earning a touch more than his counterpart. Heads-up began with ‘POTtheRIVER’ ahead, but not by an insurmountable pile of chips, with 3.8 million playing ‘LooseChangee’s 2.7 million. The stacks would even up to the point where just a solitary big blind separated the two players and ‘LooseChangee’ even moved ahead by nine big blinds. Those were all the chips they were left with, however, after ‘POTtheRIVER’ doubled up with [poker card="Ah"][poker card="3h"] holding against [poker card="Kh"][poker card="9h"] when all the chips were committed on the [poker card="9c"][poker card="7h"][poker card="4h"] flop and the [poker card="6d"] turn was followed by an [poker card="Ad"] river that prevented ‘LooseChangee’ claiming the bracelet. A short time later, it was all over, with ‘LooseChangee’ shoving from the button with [poker card="2s"][poker card="2h"] and ‘POTtheRIVER’ making the call with [poker card="9s"][poker card="8d"]. The flop of [poker card="8h"][poker card="6d"][poker card="5s"] moved the eventual winner into the lead and both the [poker card="3s"] turn and [poker card="Ks"] river did nothing to change the outcome of what would be the final hand. ‘LooseChangee’ cashed for a total prize of $14,690. With 327 total entries comprising of 262 players and 65 rebuys, the second WSOP Online event to award a bracelet in Pennsylvania paid out a prize pool of $147,150, with ‘POTtheRIVER’ winning a total of $27,592, a massive $14,176 of which was made up of the bounties of other players. WSOP PA Online Braelet Event #2 Final Table Results ‘POTtheRIVER’ - $27,592 ($12,846 place, $14,716 bounties) ‘LooseChangee’ - $14,690 ($12,846 place, $1,843 bounties) Jason ‘sandjay’ Rivkin - $9,945 ($7,835 place, $2,109 bounties) ‘PA_iTiltHard’ - $9,132 ($5,672 place, $3,459 bounties) ‘PeachesParty’ - $5,940 ($4,112 place, $1,828 bounties) ‘Snacks22’ - $4,467 ($3,001 place, $1,466 bounties) ‘m1kecr0ss’ - $4,407 ($2,192 place, $2,214 bounties ‘PineCreek’ - $2,820 ($1,611 place, $1,209 bounties) ‘bkellssc’ - $2,119 ($1,184 place, $935 bounties)
  2. When the final table of the 2021 World Series of Poker Online $1,000 Championship began late Saturday night, Drew O'Connell probably had dreams of spinning up his short stack and turning it into a WSOP bracelet. Over the 95 minutes that followed, O'Connell lived out that dream and earned nearly $147,000 for it. Kyle Phillips raised to 125,000 from UTG+1 with [ac][qd] before Millard Hale shoved his 372,438 stack into the middle in the small blind with [as][kd]. Phillips called and then moved ahead on the [qs][jd][7d] flop. The [jh] turn changed nothing and the [6h] river made Hale's ninth place finish official. Despite picking up the first elimination, Phillips wasn't able to stay around much longer. Just 17 minutes later, Phillips shoved for 1,234,307 with [9c][9s] before Jason Rivkin re-shoved for 1,933,619 with [jc][jh]. The rest of the table folded and Phillips could only watch the [4h][4s][2h][9c][ac] runout to end his run in eighth. After starting the final table with the second smallest stack, O’Connell's race to the bracelet began in earnest a few moments later when he doubled through Michael Trivett. On the next hand, Rivkin raised to 214,500 from UTG with [ad][kd] and Trivett called off his last 68,098 from the button with [qd][2d]. Dan Gallegos moved all in for 1,573,824 in the big blind with [tc][ts] and Rivkin called to put both players at risk. The [jc][9d][5d] flop kept Gallegos in front but gave Rivkin the nut flush draw. The [ks] gave Rivkin top pair and left Trivett drawing to a single out while Gallegos was down to three outs. The [5c] river missed both players and Trivett was eliminated in seventh place with Gallegos going out in sixth. Action folded to Alex Foxen on the button and he raised to 200,000. Kfir Nahum called from the big blind. After the [kd][qd][jc] flop, Nahum check-called Foxen's 125,000 bet. The turn was the [qs] and Nahum moved all in for 840,007 and Foxen called. Nahum showed [qh][9d] for trip queens but Foxen tabled [kc][qc] for a full house and Nahum was drawing dead as the [3s] river completed the board to eliminate Nahum in fifth. With Rivkin leading, the other three players all sat with a very similar stack. Just a minute after busting Nahum, Foxen saw his tournament come to an end in a clash with one of the other players chasing Rivkin. Foxen called from the small blind and O'Connell checked his option. The flop came [9d][7h][4d] and Foxen bet 189,521 only to have O'Connell raise to 643,042. Foxen tanked briefly before moving all in for 3,323,789 and O'Connell called. Foxen tabled [ah][9s] for top pair but O'Connell showed [9h][7d] for top two pair. Neither the [2c] turn or the [4s] river were of any help for Foxen and he was eliminated in fourth place. That pot moved O'Connell into the chip lead for the first time. Three-handed play went on for 42 minutes before reaching heads-up. Rivkin called from the button with [ac][td] and Felix Van De Put moved all in from the small blind for 2,767,618 with [as][2h]. Rivkin called and then watched the [qs][7h][3h][6c][kd] runout provide no relief for Van De Put to eliminate him in third. When heads up play began, O'Connell held 8,999,534 and Rivkin was behind with 7,520,466. Rivkin battled back to retake the lead briefly before losing a critical pot with [ks][6s] against O'Connell's [as][js] on a [jd][6d][4h][3s] board. The money went in on the turn and the [jh] river wasn't able to improve Rivkin's hand. Down to just 10 big blinds, Rivkin drew a line in the sand on the very next hand and was shown the exit. Rivkin moved all in for 2,480,832 with [as][3h] and O'Connell called with [ac][qh]. Rivkin found no relief on the [9d][8h][2h][6s][2d] runout and was eliminated in second place to give O'Connell the victory. The win came just 48 hours after O'Connell made the final table of Event #30 ($600 Six Max NLHE Championship) before busting in sixth place. The event drew 537 unique entries who added 284 rebuys for 821 total entries and a $738,900 prize pool. The 2020 WSOP.com Championship event had 2,126 entries and a $2,019,700 prize pool. Martin Zamani (126th - $1,477.80), Yueqi Zhu (92nd - $1,551.69), Ryan Leng (81st - $1,773.36), Ryan Depaulo (43rd - $2,881.71), Landon Tice (28th - $3,398.94), and Manig Loeser (23rd - $4,137.84) all managed to make it into the money on Saturday. Defending champion Nahrain Tamers finished 325th and did not cash. Event #30 Final Table Payouts Drew 'dudeguydrew' O’Connell - $146,893 Jason 'jayriv' Rivkin - $90,811 Felix 'madenspauwke' Van De Put - $63,545 Alex 'OrcinusOrca' Foxen - $45,147 Kfir 'Nahumus' Nahum - $32,512 Dan 'omg_its_dan' Gallegos - $23,793 Michael 'annie_r_u_ok' Trivett - $17,660 Kyle 'Kpcp22' Phillips - $13,300 Millard 'meekmill' Hale - $10,197

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