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  1. [caption width="640"] Jeff Gross and Andre Akkari made final tables on Wednesday.[/caption] The 2017 World Championship of Online Poker continued to draw massive fields on Wednesday as another three players earned WCOOP titles, along with massive paydays. The biggest winner of the day was Uruguay’s ‘IlDepredator’ who cashed in for $79,872.83 en route to his win in Event #37-High ($215 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max, Zoom). The final table included a number of PocketFivers including runner-up, former #2-ranked online player, Bjorn ‘kleath’ Kleathersson as well as Brazil’s Gustavo ‘PIUlimeira’ Ferreira and Romans ‘RovoDice’ Voitovs from Latvia. Newly minted PokerStars Online Pro, and host of the Flow Show on Twitch,Jeff Gross also made the final table, bowing out in 6th for just over $13,000. Event #33 High ($530 Four Max Progressive KO Pot Limit Omaha) also drew big numbers as 606 runners (plus their 482 re-entries) pushed the prize pool to well over $500,000, half of which was collected in bounties. Ukraine’s ‘Plspaythxbye’ took the lions share of the prize pool claiming $47,093.99 in a head-up deal with runner up ‘onlymtt748’ as well as another $30,752.22 in bounties. His healthy total of $77,846.21 was second best on a big day. Also of note, Team PokerStars Brazil’s Andre Akkarimade the final table of Event #36 High ($1,050 Limit Badugi) finishing in fourth place as Norway’s ‘paaskebaesen’ took the title and the $20,437.50 that went with it. Event #33 (High): $530 Pot Limit Omaha Four-Max (Progressive KO) Entries: 1088 Prize pool: $544,000 'plspaythxbye' - $47,093.99* + $30,752.22 in bounties 'onlymtt748' - $35,738.17* + $15,447.62 'cmontopdeck' - $18,161.44 + $8,257.54 'smir9david' - $11,081.28 + $1,875.00 Event #36 (High): $1,050 Fixed Limit Badugi Entries: 75 Prize pool: $75,000 'paaskebaesen' - $20,437.50 'sprocketsAA'- $13,875.00 'PSMozak'- $10,500.00 Andre 'aakari' Akkari- $7,125.00 'silna_rakia' - $5,250.00 'secky0222' - $3,187.50 Bernardo 'bedias' Dias - $3,187.50 'Fresh_oO_D' - $2,437.50 Event #37 (High): $215 6-Max No Limit Hold'em (Zoom) Entries: 2731 Prize pool: $546,200 'IlDepredator' - $79,872.83 Bjorn 'kleath' Kleathersson - $55,651.66 ['Korpieworm' - $38,776.54 [Gustavo 'PIUlimeira' Ferreira - $27,018.38 [Romans 'RovoDice' Voitovs - $18,825.65 Jeff 'JeffGross' Gross - $13,117.21 * denotes final table deal
  2. [caption width="640"] Jeff Gross is the newest addition to Team PokerStars.[/caption] For the last couple of years Jeff Gross has been working hard to build a social media following and Twitch audience. On Monday that hard work paid off when he showed up to play Day 1C of the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event as the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro. Gross, who has nearly 35,000 Twitter followers, 29,000 Twitch followers and almost 500,000 views on his YouTube channel, first started talking to PokerStars earlier this year about finding a way to work together. “It was a goal to get a deal with one of the major sites and pokerStars being the industry leaders it was definitely what I wanted. When they reached out I was like ‘Absolutely, let’s go let’s make it happen, I want to be a part of Team PokerStars’, and it happened,” Gross said. PokerStars is just as happy to have Gross on board. “We are delighted that Jeff has signed up to the team, joining Igor Kurganov as another top quality poker pro entering the ranks of Team PokerStars Pro this year,” said Eric Hollreiser, Director of Corporate Communications at PokerStars. “Jeff’s passion, enthusiasm and poker credibility makes this is a great partnership.” Gross’ Twitch stream, the Poker Flow Show, has grown in popularity over the last year thanks largely to Gross’ ability to engage his viewers and make them feel like their an active part of the show, not just a viewer. It’s that mentality that he’s hoping to bring to PokerStars. “I want someone to come to a PokerStars Championship event, be able to come and play, not feel intimidated, have fun, sit down and whether it’s for a hobby or they maybe want to do it more professionally, and that it’s fun,” said Gross. “That’s sort of the same direction that Stars is going with Kevin Hart, Usain Bolt and just their overall demeanor as a company it seems to moving the right way.” Gross, who will be part of the Streamboat along with good friend Bill Perkins later this fall, sees some of the things happening in the world of poker right now that have him excited. “I have some big goals and visions with poker in general, and I just see the excitement, the bigger numbers in a lot of tournaments, other venues to which are pressing and it’s making the industry a lot of fun again,” said Gross. “And I see a lot of new stops and countries like Brazil, India, China now, just expanding and I feel like the US is going to get legalized in a couple of states which never know but it seems like they’re close.” The 30-year-old knows he’s going to have critics based on some of the things PokerStars has done over the past 18 months, but part of the reason he agreed to join Team PokerStars was their willingness to take feedback from Gross. “I know they had a little bit of a year or two where there was some uncertainty, there was some complaints about some things, but everything I’ve heard internally and they’ve made some really big changes and moving the right direction,” said Gross. “I’m really pumped that they’re willing to listen to me, and that was part of what I said, i wanted to be able to talk and tell them what I think and be honest about feedback from myself and other players and they seemed really receptive.”
  3. The notion of vlogging isn’t completely new, with some of the world’s most popular vloggers, like Casey Neistat, having turned the camera on themselves for the better part of this decade. But when it comes to vlogging in poker, it’s still a little bit of the Wild West. The growing genre is finding many previously largely unknown personalities now making a name for themselves by showcasing their on-the-felt (and off) adventures for all to see. But while many of the personalities that are drawing attention in the space are of the up-and-coming variety some of the biggest stars in poker have spent time vlogging letting their fans in on what they are doing and increase their reach. Daniel Negreanu Daniel Negreanu, arguably, one of the most well-known poker players on the entire planet occasionally turns to vlogging to bring fans inside his routine while playing some of the biggest events of the year. During the 2017 World Series of Poker Negreanu’s team produced 45 days worth of behind-the-scenes content of how Daniel prepares himself to play day-in and day-out. More recently, he fired up the vlog again in his quest to capture the Poker Masters Purple Jacket. He mentioned on his podcast that despite the fact that the WSOP vlog was a ton of continuous work, there’s a good chance that his over 166,000 subscribers will get a fresh batch of WSOP footage beginning this June. Doug Polk One of poker’s more masterful marketers, Doug Polk commands the attention of a legion of fans. Not just in poker but also in the world of cryptocurrency. Nowadays, he’s been more into the world of crypto news and, on the poker side, going in-depth in breaking down televised hands. But Polk has been known to take his audience for a ride along when he’s out doing things like…winning the 2017 High Roller For One Drop at the WSOP for over $3.6 million. Polk has always seemingly been able to jump between social mediums, racking up nearly 175,000 subscribers on his Doug Polk Poker YouTube channel, 100,000 Twitter followers and roughly 70,000 followers on Instagram. It’s been a while since he’s properly vlogged but should crypto take a nose dive and Polk needs to find his way back to the Rio this summer, there’s a good chance his camera won’t be too far behind. Matt Berkey High-stakes cash game grinder Matt Berkey helped produce the eight-part Dead Money documentary on his path to the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl. The episodes are available as streaming-content on PokerGo and Berkey has continued to chronicle his adventures in poker on his YouTube channel. In addition to being a promotional vehicle for his training site, Solve For Why Academy, the vlog focuses on Berkeley and his team as they do everything from detail hand histories from tournaments to recap live cash games. Berkey’s channel is still growing, with just over 6,000 subscribers currently, but Dead Money won an American Poker Award and so it’s likely he’s in the content creation game for some time to come. Jaime Staples As one of the most prolific poker streamers, Jaime Staples is also on a near daily vlogger. Staples documents his travels around the world, looking for places to eat, houses with the best wi-fi and, of course, providing updates on one of the craziest #ultimatesweat weight loss (and gain) bets the poker world has seen since Ted Forrest’s $2 million bet with Mike Matusow. The Team PokerStars Online pro has been gaining followers while shedding pounds. He has been steadily increasing his influence in the community through his 15,000 followers of his daily vlog and the near 50,000 that follow his poker highlights YouTube channel. Jeff Gross Jeff Gross was once dubbed a “professional best friend”, hanging around with the likes of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps, original One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari and Streamboat Captain Bill Perkins. Nowadays, he’s hanging out with his viewers having secured a sponsorship deal with PokerStars, Gross spends his time streaming his Flow Show and dabbling in the occasional vlog when he’s playing live events. These are just a few of already established players who have taken to vlogging. Others like World Series of Poker bracelet winner Ryan Laplante, Team PokerStars Online pro Fintan Hand, and Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram all have taken turns breaking down hands, sharing their thoughts and peeling back the curtain of their day-to-day lives. With less than 100 days left until the World Series of Poker fans of poker vlogs can expect an avalanche of content from some of these popular poker personalities.
  4. There are still plenty of PokerStars Platinum Passes left to be won in 2018. However, only five more Platinum Passes are available to be earned as a part of the PokerStars Platinum Pass Adventure. The program enables PokerStars ambassadors to create unique ways for players to win their way to the 2019 $25,000 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship. Now PokerStars personalities Daniel Negreanu, Maria Konnikova, Jeff Gross, Jen Shahade and Lex Veldhuis will be handing out passes. Each ambassador tasks their fanbase to perform something unique in an effort to be one of the people selected at a shot to win millions in the Bahamas. Negreanu Asks "Who Do You Play For?" Daniel Negreanu’s challenge is asking the poker community the question “Who are you playing for?” Negreanu understands that players are likely hoping for a score to change their own lives, but he’s asking for more. His challenge requires people to create a short video discussing a motivating charity, cause or foundation that would also benefit from having you playing in the PSPC. “You can make a huge difference for yourself and make the world a better place at the same time. So…who do you play for?” Negreanu said. Submit the video using the social media hashtag #DonateWithDaniel by September 30. Negreanu will select his top five finalists and then, on October 13 award the Platinum Pass. The four finalist videos that are not selected will all earn $1,000 for the charities or causes discussed. If the winner of the challenge cashes or, even wins, they will donate 50% of their earnings to the charity in their video. Konnikova's Poker Story Maria Konnikova’s poker story is incredibly unique. After having set out to write a book about what it takes to become a professional poker player, she actually lived it out. She turned a victory in the $1,500 2018 PokerStars PCA National event for $84,000 into a sponsorship deal with PokerStars. Now, she’s giving away a Platinum Pass to someone else who has a story to tell. “I truly believe that creativity and storytelling are among the most valuable and most often overlooked skills in poker - and I can’t wait to see you embrace those skills in this challenge,” Konnikova said. Konnikova's #mypokerstory challenge is looking for the most compelling story of what it means to be a good poker player. Are You Ready For Your Close Up? The social media savvy Jeff Gross has been creating YouTube vlogs for years and now he’s looking to inspire someone else to pick up a camera and begin to document their journey. “To have the opportunity to encourage someone to create something they are passionate about and give away a once in a lifetime experience trip to the PSPC means the world to me,” said Gross. “This is an event that will go down in history as one of the most special poker tournaments of our time.” Visit Gross' YouTube Channel for more details on his challenge. Create The Ultimate Game Of Skill Chess expert Jennifer Shahade found her way to to the felt by way of the chess board. Now, she’s hoping to find the next poker superstar among those who also share a love for both games. The #MyChessPokerGame challenge is asking the community to create a new game that incorporates elements of both chess and poker. “Poker is not just a game, but a passion, a science and a community, just like my first love, chess,” said Shahade. Shahade will select the finalists and a panel of poker and chess professionals will help select the winner, including Negreanu, Live Boeree and International Chess Master Danny Mensch. Pay It Forward Team PokerStars Online Pro Lex Veldhuis has also opted for a person of charity to receive his Platinum Pass. Hoping to find someone who will pay it forward, Veldhuis is looking for someone who will take action by documenting themselves spending 20 hours for a charitable cause. “When thinking about this challenge I really wanted to encompass what makes Twitch special for me. Then it became very simple. It’s people anonymously doing stuff for others. Going out of their way to do something nice or be there for someone,” Veldhuis said. “It’s a win-win contest as those who do not win a Pass will still feel like that have won by doing something they cherish, and people will have received something nice because of them.” Winners of each of the five Platinum Passes will earn a ticket to the $25,000 tournament plus an additional $5,000. Additionally, they will receive coaching and be mentored by the Ambassador who selected them. The PokerStars’ PSPC will take place January 6-10, 2019 during the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas.
  5. Jeff Gross makes it all look easy. From lounging on the Streamboat in the Virgin Islands with Bill Perkins to strolling the halls the World Series of Poker with 23-time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, Gross is seemingly everywhere you’d want to be all the time. While it may look like Gross is living that easy life, don’t be fooled. He’s constantly hard at work earning himself the ability to live out the poker dream. Gross is a poker social media savant, constantly tweeting, posting photos and stories on Instagram, vlogging on YouTube and, of course, streaming poker on Twitch giving his fans ample opportunity to watch him grind. Gross’ work has paid off too, he’s one of the few American poker players who has been able to secure a sponsorship in the post-Black Friday landscape joining PokerStars as a Team Online Pro. As skilled as he is in social media, Gross is equally accomplished as a longtime poker grinder, having battled on the felt for over a decade. To date, Gross has earned over $3.1 million in lifetime live earnings and another $1.2 online. As a guy who’s not afraid to share his opinion, we stole a few moments from his busy day to get his thoughts on topics both poker and pop-culture. So, here are some takes from Jeff Gross that you just gotta know. Fortnite Fortnite has been dubbed the most popular game on earth with famous Fortnite and fellow Twitch streamer Ninja earning a reported $350,000 a month playing it. "I have not played but [Fortnite] seems very interesting. I’ve seen it, I’ve watched it on Twitch but it’s just one of those things that I know it’s a time suck. It would be fun, but I haven’t added any extra games or video games to my current plate." Friendship There was a time when Gross had the nickname “PBF” standing for “professional best friend” and is known as a guy everyone likes having around. "I think having friendships is one of the key pillars in life. To have supportive people, surround yourself with good people with similar interests and likes. I pride myself on having really strong relationships and long-term friendships with a great group of people. So, for me, you’re only as good as your word and having key people that are supportive and have your back is paramount for me. I think that’s something that I have a lot of strong relationships with." Extreme Sports Known to do a little night wake surfing on Lake Mead, is Jeff an adrenaline junkie off the felt? "They're cool, I respect it. I was pretty much soccer my whole life but in terms of watching and respecting the craft, I think it’s really cool. I always wonder how guys are doing what they do. Like, how do they try it for the first time? How do they get into it? But for me personally, that’s not really a go…but I respect it. "I do follow along and keep up with some of these Instagram pages. There’s a lot of crazy stuff, like parkour where people are doing these really insane type of jumps. I think it’s pretty amazing. I do find it fascinating and I would say I’m interested in it but I have no interest personally to do that stuff." Big Blind Ante The big blind ante may be the next big evolutionary rule to tournament poker as the format finds its way into cardrooms all over the world. "I love the big blind ante. To my knowledge, Cary Katz has got credit for that. I played some Aria $25k's and they used it there. I’ve done it in Florida at the Hard Rock. At the World Series obviously in some events. I gotta quote Matt Savage who was saying he believes the Main Event next year will use the big blind ante. That’s his guess and obviously, he’s one of these guys in the loop…you know, Jack Eiffel, Matt Savage, Tony Burns, Sean McCormack, these guys that are in the know and are kinda in a small group that talk and exchange ideas. He’s pretty confident on it. I love it. "It makes a lot of sense to me personally. Especially the early levels with 25 antes or 75 chips... It’s one of the bigger innovations and kinda just better all around moves in poker I think that’s happened. That’s something that actually moves the needle with recreationals and people are like ‘alright, this speeds up the game.’ In theory, you could probably cut an hour off a day, at the World Series for example, like in a $1K event or something. You could legitimately, easily, make it one less level a day you play and you would save that kind of time. I think it’s beneficial all around for the game, these types of things, like shot clock, would be great and this is also up there as absolutely a game-changing deal." Burning Man Slated to start on August 25, Burning Man 2018 will see legions of “Burners” journey to the middle of the desert to experience the yearly festival. "I’m biased, I went there in 2014. Antonio Esfandiari was the one nudging me and really pushing me to go for years. I finally went. I actually skipped an acquaintance’s wedding…it was like where I was on the fence, where it was like 'I have a wedding, do I go or not?' "I went and then I met my wife there. Walking past each other in the middle of the desert and now we’re married. That was in 2014, four years ago. "It’s a special place. Definitely one of the more magical experiences that I’ve been a part of. Not just because of meeting my wife but it’s unbelievable and I would recommend anyone to try to go once if they can." Poker Boxing Matches Antonio Esfandiari has an upcoming boxing match against comedian Kevin Hart, which will be another in a long string of poker players doing battle in the ring. "I think it’s cool. [Antonio] told me about this a while ago. I think it’s an interesting thing, I think it’s kinda one of those things people want to see things that are out of the box. He’s obviously a pretty big underdog but it’s exciting. Who wouldn’t like to see Antonio get hit in the face a few times for all the antics he does? It will be fun to watch. It’s a mixture of friendliness but also the fun and the unknown. For [Antonio], it’s going to get him in better shape and there’s a lot of positives to it: it’s good publicity, it’s fun, and lighthearted within poker. "These types of deals are generally lopsided. There’s not too many that I’ve seen that are too evenly matched. There hasn’t been a ton of really great matches but I think it’s kinda fun. It’s just different. You can bridge poker into another world and get some interest and action behind it. I think it’s a good thing." Gross routinely vlogs on YouTube, streams on Twitch, posts stories on Instagram and tweets on Twitter - all of which he can be found and followed under his username: JeffGrossPoker.
  6. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. It’s that special time of year and what better way to get in the festive spirit than to take a look around the poker world at some of the favorite holidays' traditions players celebrate with. This holiday season, we spoke with Phil Hellmuth, Mike Sexton, Maria Ho, Jonathan Little, and Jeff Gross. For Phil Hellmuth's holiday tradition, poker takes center stage. There's even a gold bracelet involved, according to the 15-time World Series of Poker champion, and it sounds as though the entire Hellmuth family knows how to win on the felt. "In the Hellmuth Family, all five of us (one brother and three sisters) would bring our families to Madison, Wisconsin, for Christmas," Hellmuth said. "We did this for 25 years! Then we would have the family poker championship, usually on the evening of the 24th. We even have a gold bracelet (pictured), with all of the winners’ names engraved. Nowadays, the family is too far flung to meet in Madison, but we still have the tourney whenever we get together. "My sister Kerry won it this year, in August, in Chicago. My son Phillip won it, I won it, my wife Kat won it. And my son Nick has three second-place finishes - ouch!" For Mike Sexton, longtime poker commentator, Poker Hall of Fame member, and now chairman of partypoker, he keeps it simple with the family. "My favorite tradition is the day we get the tree, put on Christmas music, and decorate the house," Sexton said. Sexton won’t be the only poker player celebrating the holidays in Las Vegas. Maria Ho and her family traditionally travel for the holidays to spend it together in a new place, but this year that place is Las Vegas. "My family has never been too into traditional gift giving for the holidays, but in our adult years we always make time to take a family vacation together," Ho said. "The destination changes, but this year the only place that really worked for all of us happens to be Las Vegas!" We’re sure that with all of the poker happening in Vegas during the first couple weeks of December, Ho will be in the mix quite a bit, so look for her to put up some poker results this holiday season in between time with her loved ones. Jonathan Little has a handful of reasons to celebrate this holiday season, and it’s more than just celebrating this wonderful time of the year. Little’s birthday and his son’s birthday both fall close to Christmas, and he and his wife are currently expecting another child. "Our tradition is to celebrate birthdays," Little said. "My birthday is December 22 and my son James' is December 24. I am having my second child any day now, so he will be born in December as well. I should go ahead and forget about celebrating mine from now on!" Lastly, Jeff Gross said his holiday tradition also involves a bit of travel, as he heads down to Brazil every year to visit with his wife’s side of the family. It comes with a special holiday twist, though, and Gross was introduced to a new meaning of "sweating" his first trip. "A holiday tradition has been to go to visit my wife’s family in Brazil," Gross said. "Each year, someone dresses up as Santa Claus for the nephews and nieces. In 2014, it was my first time there, which meant it was me! I was a bit nervous being the first time I met Emilia’s large family and I didn’t speak much Portuguese. I remember being in Brazil during Christmas (their summer) sweating in this Santa suit in front of what is now my Brazilian family and my youngest niece at the time crying when I came out (laughs)! It felt like a Southwest Wanna-Get-Away commercial at the time, but we had a good laugh after!" Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? Let us know by commenting on this article or tweet to us at @PocketFives. Happy Holidays! *Photos courtesy of the WPT.
  7. Join PocketFives throughout the month of December as we bring you the PocketFives 12 Days of Christmas to help keep you in the spirit of giving. Get some popcorn; it's movie time. With good reason, some of the biggest blockbusters of all-time made their debut around the holidays. With extra time off, families flock to the theaters to take in a film and rewatch classics in the comfort of their home. So many great holiday films that have come out over the years, sometimes it’s hard to pick which one to throw on but there are some that are just so good they are worth watching over and over again. “My favorite movie has to be ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and I make it a point to watch it every year as it reminds me that if you do good deeds you will be repaid tenfold,” said World Poker Tour Executive Tour Director Matt Savage. “It’s also tough to beat Will Ferrell in 'Elf' or Bill Murray in 'Scrooged'.” [caption id="attachment_621631" align="alignnone" width="768"] It's A Wonderful Life, Elf and Scrooged are a trio of holiday classic films.[/caption] When it comes to taking the temperature on the poker world’s favorite holiday movie, the modern-day Christmas classic “Elf” starring Will Ferrell as a North Pole Elf making his way in New York City is clearly a top choice. “ELF! It isn’t even close,” says former #1-ranked PocketFiver and Solve For Why Academy coach Jordan Young. “Will Ferrell is just so damn hilarious and I love all the quotable lines from the movie.” Young. Team PokerStars Online pro and Twitch streamer, Jeff Gross agrees with Young. “I liked the movie and it puts a comedy spin on the holiday season, which can be stressful,” Gross said. “Bringing a lightness to the season is a nice twist.” Not everyone is looking for maximum relaxation during the holidays. An all-out action-packed Christmas classic is the favorite of online crusher ‘Girafganger7.’ “It’s easy and it’s not close - it’s 'Die Hard'. Bruce [Willis], barefoot, slaying German-accented baddies in a blaze of bullets and exposition, riddled with perfect one-liners,” Giraf said. Favorite character is Hans Gruber played by the untouchable Alan Rickman.” partypoker Ambassador Kristen Bicknell is on the opposite end of the spectrum, opting for sentimentality over swinging off a building from a fire hose. “There are so many good Christmas movies!” Bicknell said. “But if I had to pick one right now it would be ‘Love Actually.’ It’s full of emotion and charming characters.” One of which is also played by Alan Rickman. “Some other favorites of mine that come to mind are ‘The Santa Clause’ and ‘Home Alone’” [caption id="attachment_621632" align="alignnone" width="768"] Die Hard, Love Actually and Home Alone are other holiday favorites of the poker world.[/caption] One of New Jersey’s top online grinders, Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano couldn’t agree more. “Without a doubt, ‘Home Alone’,” Gagliano said. “I think I saw it when it came out in the mid 90’s. I don’t remember, but I do remember being obsessed with it as a kid and watching it over and over. The scene where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) draws the battle plans to save his house was the best, and I used to try and make ones just like his.” But not every Christmas movie is a winner, right? Sometimes, those holiday movies miss the mark and can just take you right out of the holiday mood. “Even though everyone loves it, I’ve never cared for 'A Christmas Story'. It’s probably because I don’t remember watching it as a kid. I think I first saw it when it was a little older and I didn’t have the nostalgia that others have. It was just kind of boring to me and I didn’t really think the ‘classic’ scenes were funny or interesting at all,” Gagliano said. “My least favorite Christmas movies are the corny Hallmark movies that all seem to follow true to the same script,” Savage said. For Jordan Young, he’s simply not going to let some spoiled cinema take him out of the holiday spirit. “I’m sure I have a least favorite Christmas movie but for the same of being ‘cheery’, I will pretend that I don’t have one,” he laughed. Do you have a favorite holiday movie? Let us know by commenting on this article or tweet to us at @PocketFives. Happy Holidays!
  8. Twitch streaming poker professionals Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples have announced, in back-to-back days, that they have parted ways with their mutual sponsor, PokerStars. Gross and Staples were sponsored members of Team PokerStars thanks in large part to their dedication to streaming poker on their respective Twitch channels, as well as their wide-reaching online presence on YouTube and other social media outlets. Jeff Gross Steps Down On Monday, Jeff Gross released a video announcing that he “will no longer be working with or representing PokerStars” after the two sides could not come to an agreement to move forward. Gross was signed as an ambassador for the world's largest online poker site at the start of the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2017. Gross is the host of his own Twitch channel show dubbed “The Poker Flow Show” and is also known as a consistent vlogger with videos posted on his YouTube Channel of over 25K subscribers. In addition to his inclusion on Team PokerStars, Gross was also named a member of Jason Somerville’s Team Run It Up. Somerville is a member of Team PokerStars and his Run It Up stable of streamers is a partner of PokerStars. Gross, in his statement, admits that the future of his relationship with Run It Up is uncertain. “It’s unclear where that will go with me and how that will work, whether we’ll still be working together or not.” Gross insisted that while it may be the end of his PokerStars deal, this is just the beginning for him when it comes to his poker ambitions. “Is this it for you in poker? The answer is ‘no’,” Gross stated in his announcement. “If anything, we are just getting locked in, just getting strapped in and it’s seriously about to turn up.” Staples Hopes For 'Something Bigger' One day later, former fellow Team Pokerstars Online Pro Jaime Stapes followed suit. “As of today, PokerStars and I are no longer continuing our relationship,” Staples announced in a video posted to his YouTube channel. Staples, the former “friend of PokerStars” who was elevated to a full-fledged member of Team PokerStars Online in December 2016, called it a “happy breakup.” He indicated that the decision was his to make and it was in favor of pursuing other opportunities. “I felt as if I might have an opportunity to do something bigger with my career in poker,” Staples said in his departure announcement. “It was a risk and I thought about it a lot and I decided to go on my own.” Staples rose to popularity by streaming poker on Twitch from his mother’s basement. He worked his way into becoming one of the premier stars of the medium with over 9.3 million channel views. "This is an opportunity to do something different. It's still going to be poker at the end of the day but it's a new direction. It's a scary one. It's a risky one. But I couldn't be more excited." Staples took to streaming poker immediately after his announcement, playing on both PokerStars and partypoker. The title of his Twitch stream was "Free Agent Plays Poker". Staples and Gross have more than their involvement with PokerStars in common. Both served as a two-person committee to help businessman Bill Perkins select The Thirst Lounge 10, the next batch of hosts for the expansion of Perkins' own Twitch channel.
  9. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Back from a Super Bowl party, Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters jump right back into the world of poker and discuss the deal that Bryn Kenney struck that awarded him a seven-figure score and the Aussie Millions Main Event championship. They also debate whether or not Cary Katz is still a "recreational player" after his win in the Aussie Millions $100K Challenge. Also on the show this week, a look at the second week of the $109 buy-in PokerStars Sunday Million, how 888poker's RakeLESS weekend did, and talk about what the departures of Jaime Staples and Jeff Gross from Team PokerStars might actually be leading to. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  10. Twitch Poker pioneer Jamie Staples has announced that he will be joining partypoker’s emerging Team Online. Over the past few weeks, partypoker has been incredibly active in announcing a steady stream of online poker pros to their newly formed Team Online, their squad of streaming poker players aimed at promoting play for the online site. On Friday, came the biggest announcement yet. Former PokerStars ambassador Jaime Staples will officially become part of the fledgling team as of May 4. The May 4 date falls 90 days after Staples announcement that he was leaving PokerStars. Jaime Stapes’ story is well-known to those who have followed the rise of poker streaming in recent years. He started streaming poker from the basement of his mother’s house where he cultivated a healthy online following. PokerStars took notice and he took up a position as a “friend of PokerStars”. That turned into a full-time position as a Team PokerStars Online ambassador in late 2016. Jaime and his younger brother Matt enjoyed a year of skyrocketing popularity in 2017 as they participated in the #UltimateSweat prop bet. With a significant weight discrepancy between them, the brothers were tasked by businessman and fellow poker player Bill Perkins to get within a pound of each other in a year. The duo accomplished that task, winning $150,000 in the process and the story of Jaime’s transformative weight loss made mainstream news. Then, just over a month ago, the relationship with PokerStars came to an end. Staples posted a video announcing that he was stepping away from the online poker giant to pursue a new opportunity. “I felt as if I might have an opportunity to do something bigger with my career in poker,” Staples said at the time. It appears as if that opportunity has now presented itself. According to Staples own Twitter account, he will not only be joining partypoker’s Team Online as a player but he and Jeff Gross, another former Team PokerStars Online pro who has teamed up with partypoker, will be taking a leadership role on the team, helping to grow the team. In addition to Staples’ expertise in the ‘Twitch streets’, he brings one of poker’s largest online followings to partypoker. His Twitch channel features more than 120,000 followers, while his Twitter following is over 31,000 strong. He also has a pair of Youtube channels that, combined, have over 87,000 subscribers. Although not officially a member of Team Online as of yet, Jamie Staples is the eleventh poker pro named to the team. The first streamer named in mid-February was his brother Matt Staples. He was then joined by Hristivoje ‘ALLinPav’ Pavlovic. The announcements didn’t stop as Travis ‘dramaticdegen’ Darroch, Patrick ‘XxXMLGPROXxX’ Tardif, Alan ‘hotted89’ Widmann, Ryan ‘RSchoonbaert’ Schoonbaert, Courtney ‘courtiebee’ Gee, Steven ‘DWstevie’ Kok, Monika ‘HeyMonia’ Zukowicz and Jeff Gross all signed on. Should Jaime Staples and Gross be working side-by-side to keep the partypoker Team Online roster fresh, it would not be their first time building a streaming stable. The pair were instrumental in the construction of Bill Perkins’ ‘Thirst Lounge 10’, a roster of personalities that are featured on Perkins’ own partypoker sponsored Twitch channel. In the meantime between now and May 4, Staples has implied that nothing will really change.
  11. Less than a month after announcing that he was stepping away from his sponsorship with PokerStars, Jeff Gross has announced he is now a member of partypoker’s quickly expanding Team Online. Gross is arguably the highest profile poker professional to be named to the new online team thus far. For well over a decade, Gross has been a fixture on the live poker scene, amassing over $3.2 million in live earnings and over $1.4 million playing online. In addition to his poker results, Gross gained next-level notoriety through his use of social media. He has a passionate online streaming community on Twitch, creating his popular Poker Flow Show channel, and is also a regular vlogger and podcaster on YouTube. READ: You Gotta Know: Jeff Gross on Poker, Boxing, Burning Man & More While Gross does not have the most followers of partypoker’s Team Online, that title belongs to Alan ‘hotted89’ Widmann, he does bring a legion of nearly 56,000 Twitch followers and another 25,000 YouTube subscribers to the team. In addition to his inclusion in partypoker’s new stable, he is also still recognized as a team member of Run It Up on the Run It Up website. The past few days have been busy for partypoker as they continued to add online talent to their ambassador list. On Wednesday, Dutch streamer Steven ‘DWstevie’ Kok was added to the team. Kok is a member of the RaiseYourEdge team and as cultivated a Twitch following of over 10,000 who tune in to hear his analytical approach to the game. On Thursday, Poland’s Monika ‘HeyMonia’ Zukowicz was officially the ninth member of Team Online. A student of poker and cash game player, the 27-year old Malta resident splits her time between grinding online and playing live tournaments. “I feel absolutely delighted and thrilled to become a part of the official Team Online,” Zukowicz said. “I have been representing partypoker as a streamer for the last few months. Ever since we have signed our first contract I have been working hard to grow as a person and as a player to represent partypoker to the best of my ability.” After two full weeks of announcements, the addition of Gross brings the count of partypoker’s official Team Online to ten players. In addition to the flood of new official ambassadors, partypoker has a partnership with Bill Perkins’ personal Twitch Channel, ‘The Thirst Lounge’ which has an additional 10 hosts, crafted in part by Jeff Gross himself, playing on the partypoker platform. Gross, Zukowicz and Kok join the previously establish streamers of Matt Staples, Hristivoje ‘ALLinPav’, Travis ‘dramaticdegen’ Darroch, Partick ‘XxXMLGPROXxX’ Tardif, Alan ‘hotted89’ Widmann, Ryan ‘RSchoonbaert’ Schoonbaert and Courtney ‘courtiebee’ Gee as the current complete roster. partypoker continues to indicate that there will be more announcements of Team Online members to come.
  12. After tabulating the votes of over 130 Nomination Panel members, the Global Poker Index, along with their partner PokerCentral, has unveiled the nominations in thirteen of the 20 categories of the first ever Global Poker Awards. The awards are set to take place on April 5 at the PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas where poker players and industry members from 10 different nations will be represented in a wide variety of categories that aims to celebrate all aspects of the poker community. PocketFives is well represented within the nominees. The Fives Podcast is one of five nominees for Podcast of the Year and PocketFives' President & Editor in Chief Lance Bradley's book, The Pursuit of Poker Success, Here are the nominees, presented in alphabetical order: Tournament Performance of the Year Justin Bonomo (Super High Roller Bowl IV) John Cynn (2018 World Series of Poker Main Event) Maria Lampropulos (2018 PCA Main Event) Dylan Linde (WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic) Breakout Player of the Year Almedin ‘Ali’ Imsirovic Maria Konnikova Ping Liu Christopher Michael Soyza Streamer of the Year Jeff Gross Jason Somerville Jaime Staples Lex Veldhuis Vlogger of the Year Marle Cordeiro Joe Ingram Andrew Neeme Daniel Negreanu Doug Polk Podcast LFG Podcast PokerCentral Podcast PokerNews Podcast The Chip Race The Fives Poker Podcast Broadcaster Maria Ho Lon McEachern Nick Schulman Lex Veldhuis Poker Journalist Drew Amato Sarah Herring Remko Rinkema Christian Zetzsche Media Content Drew Amato (photo: Brunson bids farewell to WSOP) Lance Bradley (book: The Pursuit of Poker Success) Haley Hintze (article: Vayo v. PokerStars) PokerCentral/PokerGO (Super High Roller Club: Schulman featuring Nejad) Industry Person Angelical Hael (World Poker Tour) Cary Katz (Poker Central) Matt Savage (WPT, TDA) Ty Stewart (World Series of Poker) Rob Yong (Dusk Till Dawn, partypoker) Tournament Director Tony Burns (Seminole Hard Rock) Paul Campbell (ARIA) Jack Effel (World Series of Poker) Kenny Hallaert (Unibet Open) Mid-Major Tour/Circuit 888poker LIVE RUNGOOD Poker Series Unibet Open WPTDeepStacks WSOP Circuit Event of the Year partypoker Caribbean Poker Party Main Event Super High Roller Bowl IV WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic WSOP Main Event Moment of the Year Jeremy Hilsercop received PSPC Platinum Pass via Christmas Day viral video Joe Cada wins The Closer after finishing 5th in WSOP Main Event Doyle Brunson plays his final WSOP event Justin Bonomo wins Big One for One Drop, completing Super High Roller Streak In addition to the above categories, there are seven other awards that will be given out during the ceremony. Due to their results in 2018, Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell will each be receiving awards for the 2018 GPI Player of the Year and the 2018 Female Player of the Year respectively. Along with trophies for Foxen and Bicknell the following categories will be determined by the Global Poker Awards Jury: - Lifetime Achievement in Poker Award - Charitable Initiative - Jury Prize As has been the case in previous GPI award shows, the “people” will have a voice and will vote to award the People’s Choice Award for Poker Personality of the Year. Also, PocketFives will be handing out the PocketFives Legacy Award acknowledging a player who has come from the world of online poker to make major contributions to poker’s live tournament scene. The Global Poker Awards can be watched live on PokerGO on April 5.
  13. On Wednesday, partypoker announced the addition of well-known Twitch Poker streamer Kevin Martin to their expansive stable of Team Online pros. Martin, who gained notoriety as a two-time contestant and winner of the Canadian version of the TV show Big Brother, is considered a veteran of the Twitch Poker scene. He picked up streaming back in 2015, only one year after taking up poker full time and brought his ever-growing audience along for the ride as he evolved in the game of poker. His dedication to the platform earned him an ambassadorship with PokerStars, a roster spot on Jason Somerville’s Team Run It Up and a dedicated following of over 83,000 on his Twitch channel. Back in February, at the onset of partypoker’s Team Online, Martin publicly announced that he and PokerStars had agreed to part ways. Martin is one of a number of Team PokerStars Online pros who made the jump to partypoker in recent months. Former PokerStars ambassadors Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples both made videos in February announcing that they were leaving the online giant and both have subsequently joined the partypoker ranks, with Staples making his official debut to the team on May 4. partypoker picks up a massive online presence with the addition of Martin. In addition to his 83,000 Twitch followers, Martin adds another 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and 35,000 followers on Twitter. While Martin is best-known of his online poker exploits, he has also had surging results in his own live poker game, rapidly approaching $300,000 in lifetime earnings. In 2018, Martin, who plays mostly low/mid-stakes live tournaments booked six five-figures scores among his four outright victories in the tournaments he played. With Martin on board and Staples officially joining the team later in the week, partypoker’s Team Online will consist of 12 total online personalities. The rapid growth started with the announcements of Matt Staples and Hristiivoje ‘ALLinPav’ Pavlovic as the first players named to the team. Then partypoker released a string of near-daily announcements that included Travis ‘dramaticdegen’ Darroch, Patrick ‘XxXMLGPROXxX’ Tardif, esports standout Alan ‘hotted89’ Widmann, Ryan ‘RSchoonbaert’ Schoonbaert, Courtney ‘courtiebee’ Gee, Steven ‘DWstevie’ Kok, Monika ‘HeyMonia’ Zukowicz and Jeff Gross. parrtypoker’s online strategy also includes sponsorship of poker personality Bill Perkins’ own ensemble of online players which grind online on his ‘Thirst Lounge’ channel. To catch Kevin Martin in action, check him out on his Twitch channel.
  14. World ranked #1 'Lena900' continued his good form this Sunday and won the PokerStars $1,050 High Roller Club Sunday Supersonic for $48,876. The Swede came through the 249 player-field after a successful heads-up battle against 'Darwinsfish' who banked $36,338 as runner-up, with 'pm_marke' awarded $27,016 in third place. 'Anton720' collected over $98,000 as the victor in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO. The prize pool was set at $748,000 after 1,516 entrants took to the tables with 'Strz' taking the bronze medal worth $30,487 + $9,245 in bounties. 'leitalopez' was the final player to fall and exited with the silver medal alongside $42,011 + $14,394, as 'Anton720' went the distance. It was another winning Sunday for former world #1 Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard after he won the PokerStars $1,050 High Roller Club Sunday Warm-Up following a heads-up deal. 'Corlusion' finished third for $32,108 before Leonard and 'markovitsus' agreed to a money-deal. Leonard then won the final battle to score the outright win and added yet another gold medal to his online collection. partypoker Team Online pro 'JeffGross' won the partypoker $530 Sunday HR Bounty Hunter for over $33,000. The popular Twitch streamer got the better of 'SleeepWalker13' heads-up to win the top prize as well as the final bounty on offer, after the likes of 'Drulitooo' aka 'Lena900' and 'Isildur1' had departed from the final table. Former world #1 Chris 'GettinDaize' Oliver took down the partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Deepstack for $40,780. Oliver came through the 193 player-field after a heads-up match against 'BITMEXREKT' who banked $29,600 as runner-up. 'BingoBert' won a massive $194,905 after outlasting a field of 58 in the GGPoker GGS #084: $400k Gtd $10,000 Super HR. Seven places were paid and included 'LaurisL91' in third place for $85,989 and ImLividBuddy, who banked $119,115 as runner-up. 'vamossuerte' achieved a six-figure win in the GGPoker GGS #083: $300k Gtd $5,000 Super HR. 102 players took to the field and created a $484,500 prize pool. 'HogFish333' took third place for $62,912 just before 'Chun Lei Zhou' exited as runner-up for $83,552 and 'vamossuerte' banked $110,964 in first-place. PokerStars $1,050 High Roller Club Sunday Supersonic 6-Max Hyper-Turbo $200k Gtd 249 entrants, $252,949 prize pool Lena900 - $48,876 Darwinsfish - $36,338 pm_marke - $27,016 papan9_p$ - $20,085 eisenhower1 - $14,932 quiditbear - $11,102 holdplz - $8,975 bjorno2404 - $7,256 B4NKR0LL3R - $7,256 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO, $500k Gtd 1,516 entrants, $748,000 prize pool Anton720 - $57,891.58 + $41,923 leitalopez - $42,011 + $14,394.51 Strz - $30,487.83 + $9,245.60 LTUpilius - $22,124.84 + $12,263.68 Sunny847 - $16,055.99 + $6,416.02 Kelvin_FP:AR - $11,651.82 + $890.63 K0VAK - $8,455.71 + $7,862.06 GotYouRead - $6,136.31 + $988.28 luckyluck653 - $4,453.13 + $2,574.21 PokerStars $1,050 High Roller Club Sunday Warm-Up 8-Max $225k Gtd 304 entrants, $304,000 prize pool pads1161 - $50,974* markovitsus - $49,068* Corlusion - $32,108 vovtroy - $24,058 BillLewinsky - $18,026 ccyrenne - $13,506 silentm0de - $10,120 Amadi_017 - $7,583 Malaka$tyle - $6,358 partypoker $530 Sunday HR Bounty Hunter - $200k Gtd 398 entrants, $203,975 prize pool JeffGross - $14,961 + $18,596 (in bounties) SleeepWalker13 - $14,941 + $4,938 bigpescado96 - $10,258 + $6,636 SlowplayAlex - $7,202 + £3,330 ReQui3m4 - $5,151 + $2,182 brooooooooooooo - $3,755 + $1,115 Isildur1 - $2,652 + $1,066 Drulitooo - $1,931 + $2,592 partypoker $530 Sunday High Roller Bounty Hunter $150k Gtd 316 entrants, $161,950 prize pool Iveybluffallin - $12,424 + $13,189 (in bounties) WASH_MY_WILLY - $12,409 + $9,186 bebaimis777 - $8,709 + $4,829 toadstoadstoads - $6,337 + $1,279 Drulitooo - $4,483 + $1,681 nipa3p3 - $3,362 + $1,899 NinjasHyper - $2,371 + $2,625 WWWpartyCOM - $1,724 +$2,247 partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Deepstack - $200k Gtd 193 entrants, $200,000 prize pool GettinDaize - $40,780 BITMEXREKT - $29,600 KERRMODE - $21,100 HungarysHero - $15,600 ucantrybut - $11,000 Graftekkel - $8,400 METH4WEIGHTLOSS - $6,200 Derek Dumpster - $4,600 GGPoker GGS #084: $400k Gtd $10,000 Super HR 58 entrants, $562,600 prize pool BingoBert - $194,905 ImLividBuddy - $119,115 LaurisL91 - $85,989 NOMAMES - $62,075 Chun Lei Zhou - $44,812 TexasPete - $32,349 chan593 - $23,353 GGPoker GGS #083: $300k Gtd $5,000 Super HR 102 entrants, $484,500 prize pool vamossuerte - $110,964 Chun Lei Zhou - $83,552 HogFish333 - $62,912 KittysHusband - $47,371 LaurisL91 - $35,669 ekziter1 - $26,857 Picasso16 - $20,223 4eggadayMike - $15,227 goodeggplant - $13,431 GGPoker GGS #079: $150k Gtd $1,000 152 entrants, $150,000 prize pool Olekonjole - $31,092 BlindPew - $23,695 Pdawg - $18,059 ImLividBuddy - $13,763 bigdad - $10,489 Picasso16 - $7,994 Moist - $6,092 fulltilit - $4,643 random123 - $3,538 GGPoker GGS #082: $150k Gtd $2,500 109 entrants, $258,875 prize pool ravenoustrash... - $52,832* NOMAMES - $51,100* justhavingfun - $33,615 2gbenz - $25,311 chan593 - $19,058 Myone88 - $14,350.52 Picasso16 - $10,805 goodeggplant - $8,136 mbtremendo - $7,176
  15. Former world-ranked #1 Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff topped a 62-player field in the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller to win $38,529. With seven places paid, 'x_zola25', 'kissyingui', and 'jays94' all cashed before RYE's 'bencb789' hit the rail in fourth place for $14,419. Sweden's Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar then took the bronze medal for $20,009, before 'edoiler' departed at the last for $27,765 and Van Zadelhoff was crowned the victor. For the second week running, the PokerStars $109 Sunday Million played out as a progressive knockout, with 14,139 entrants taking to the virtual tables. The prize pool reached $1,413,900, although this was over $200,000 less than the previous week. When just three players remained, 'Apoutsos' saw their chances of victory ended for $36,028 + $8,609 in bounties before the final two agreed to a chop and battled heads-up for the bounties. 'Armin2188' ultimately departed as runner-up for $59,038 + $16,188, and Brazil's 'FKAXM', who won a SCOOP Low title back in May, secured the win for $59,038 + $29,705. Matthew 'mjw006' Wakeman came through a 598 player-field in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up to bank $21,081. The former WCOOP title winner defeated 'offQbert45' heads-up, who departed with $15,298 as runner-up after 'Kakiers04' took the bronze for $11,101. It was a good day at the office for many of partypoker's Team Pro with Roberto Romanello, Patrick Leonard, and Jeff Gross all achieving podium places. Romanello just missed out on the partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Terminator title after 'Greenstone25' won the heads-up battle. Fellow Team Pro Gross departed in sixth place, with 'NewYorkJimmY', 'Und4d0gsonT0P' and 'Martin Fingered' the next to exit, before 'Greenstone25' picked up $11,108 + $11,403 (in bounties) for victory, with Welshman Romanello adding $11,096 + $5,683 to his online bankroll. Gross made his second final table appearence of the day in partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator $100k Gtd. Renato Nomura of Team Pro exited in fifth place for $4,614 + $4,068 (in bounties) before Gross took the bronze for $9,558 + $3,871. 'BaBaDeBaBa' then took the title for $14,508 + $22,542, as 'NewYorkJimmY' collected $14,496 + $8,760. Patrick Leonard won $5,319 + $4,741 (in bounties) for third place in the partypoker $530 Sunday HR Bounty Hunter, but it was 'Dandelion32892' who took the glory. 172 entrants created a $88,150 prize pool and 'Dandelion32892' banked $7,295 + $10,504 (in bounties) as champion after a heads-up victory over 'happymermaid', who banked $7,286 + $3,072 in second place. Below are this week's results: PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed PKO 14,139 entrants, $1,413,900 prize pool FKAXM - $59,038* + $29,705 (in bounties) Armin2188 - $59,038* + $16,188 (in bounties) Apoutsos - $36,028 + $8,609 (in bounties) ŠQ3-Paper - $26,146 + $3,840 (in bounties) jhonne silva - $18,974 + $3,404 (in bounties) BADEXTASY - $13,769 + $1,007 (in bounties) caaaaamel - $9,992 + $2,415 (in bounties) SamuelBT - $7,251 + $ 6,652 (in bounties) dazzy2004 - $5,262 + $3,855 (in bounties) PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $100k Gtd 62 entrants, $124,000 prize pool SvZff - $38,529 edoiler - $27,765 Greenstone25 - $20,009 bencb789 - $14,419 jays94 - $10,391 kissyingui - $7,488 x_zola25 - $5,396 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $300k Gtd 779 entrants, $389,500 prize pool valdemaar74 - $32,917 + $26,913 (in bounties) Neanderthal4 - $24,127 + $14,343 (in bounties) pisky16 - $17,685 + $5,738 (in bounties) king2173 - $12,963 + $5,314 (in bounties) STWiNNeR26Ru - $9,502 + $1,445 (in bounties) thebigdog09 - $6,965 + $3,179 (in bounties) Be@trixKiddo - $5,105 + $1,945 (in bounties) x_zola25 - $3,742 + $2,289 (in bounties) Tu Ta Tenso? - $2,743 + $2,796 (in bounties) PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $100k Gtd 598 entrants, $119,600 prize pool mjw006 - $21,081 offQbert45 - $15,298 Kakiers04 - $11,101 babecallme - $8,056 SinkedShrimp - $5,846 paxantho - $4,242 Diadem1 - $3,079 geokrinikali - $2,234 edyvpakistan - $1,621 partypoker $1,050 Sunday High Roller Terminator $100k Gtd 118 entrants, $120,360 prize pool Greenstone25 - $11,108 + $11,403 (in bounties) R_Romanello - $11,096 + $5,683 (in bounties) Martin Fingered - $7,930 + $2,421 (in bounties) Und4d0gsonT0P - $5,551 + $6,085 (in bounties) NewYorkJimmY - $4,123 + $1,300 (in bounties) JeffGross - $3,172 + $0 (in bounties) kristian150 - $2,537 + $3,266 (in bounties) Benetnasch - $2,061 + $780 (in bounties) partypoker $530 Sunday HR Bounty Hunter - $75k Gtd 172 entrants, $88,150 prize pool Dandelion32892 - $7,295 + $10,504 (in bounties) happymermaid - $7,286 + $3,072 (in bounties) Patrick_Leonard - $5,319 + $4,741 (in bounties) Bulyba23 - $3,806 + $1,017 (in bounties) hummylun - $2,659 + $1,935 (in bounties) patience - $2,063 + $1,435 (in bounties) AbejlogluBele - $1,604 + $1,082 (in bounties) Vanessa23 - $1,261 + $1,558 (in bounties) partypoker $2,100 Sunday High Roller Gladiator $100k Gtd 59 entrants, $120,950 prize pool BaBaDeBaBa - $14,508 + $22,542 (in bounties) NewYorkJimmY - $14,496 + $8,760 (in bounties) JeffGross - $9,558 + $3,871 (in bounties) Saul.Goodman - $5,932 + $6,431 (in bounties) Renato_normura - $4,614 + $4,068 (in bounties) Dinmamaparty - $3,625 + $3,412 (in bounties) HennHuegele - $3,131 + $1,050 (in bounties) Dandelion32892 - $3,131 + $525 (in bounties) partypoker $320 Sunday Gladiator - $150k Gtd 628 entrants, $193,424 prize pool John Coffey13 - $13,609 + $19,521 (in bounties) akkaakkkaa - $13,590 + $6,449 (in bounties) shall not fade - $9,222 + $765 (in bounties) CogitoErgoSumUK - $6,348 + $1,333 (in bounties) SentaaPua - $4,439 + $1,972 (in bounties) Gil Wolff - $3,226 + $1,481 (in bounties) Gggiuliooooooooo - $2,323 + $3,108 (in bounties) Dark_Times - $1,649 + $1,984 (in bounties) 888poker $100,000 Mega Deep - PKO Edition 454 entrants – $100,000 prize pool sikosomatik - $10,565 + $8,232 (in bounties) KoxSkirtumas - $7,917 + $2,536 (in bounties) MASTERSH1FU - $6,006 + $1,273 (in bounties) ZDamian - $4,504 + $1,207 (in bounties) Lik3az0mbY - $3,112 + $1,865 (in bounties) donvito1960 - $2,402 + $918 (in bounties) alancoops71 - $1,856 + $218 (in bounties) zz_Myxa_zz - $1,310 + $ 459 (in bounties) Alexia911 - $955 + $743 (in bounties) GGPoker Sunday Blade $10,000 10 entrants, $97,000 prize pool ImLividBuddy - $63,050 MiMosa1 - $33,950 *denotes heads-up deal
  16. As 2019 draws to a close, PocketFives takes a look back at the year that was in poker news, going month-by-month through the biggest and most important stories of the year. When the calendar turned to February, a number of the top online poker players attempted to take a stand against PokerStars and a much-heralded new online poker site launched. The Boycott: PokerStars vs MTT Heavy Hitters Just before Valentine's Day, PokerStars broke the hearts of some of their most frequent high stakes tournament grinders. A little over 18 months after first introducing Stars Rewards, the company announced major changes to the program that meant MTT players would be earning 55% fewer reward points for any tournament fees paid. Players originally earned 100 reward points for every $1/€1 in rake paid. The changes meant players would now earn just 45 reward points for every $1/€1 in fees. The online MTT community didn't respond well to this change. One of the top-ranked players in the world, 'girafganger', organized a boycott which started out as 250 other players agreeing to sit out a $5,200 buy-in Turbo Series event on PokerStars that same week. "The nonstop rake increases and unbeatable formats they have been pushing on all of us, with the latest one pushing me over the edge, made me reach out to some of the high stakes regs to try and convince them to skip the $5K PokerStars Turbo Series event as a protest," 'girafganger' said in a statement. "The positive feedback was overwhelming and it didn’t take long for a group to naturally form." Some of the players boycotting included 'lena900', 'C Darwin2', Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas, Calvin Anderson, and Samuel '€urop€an' Vousden. PokerStars' chief competition, partypoker, even went as far as to create a special $5,000 buy-in tournament with a $1,000,000 guarantee to run against the PokerStars tournament that was subject to the boycott. The boycott didn't seem to have the impact the players were hoping for. The PokerStars event drew 187 total entries, down just seven players from the same tournament a week earlier while the partypoker event met the guarantee. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Bryn Kenney Chops Up the Aussie Millions Main Event Bryn Kenney had himself one helluva 2019 and it all started in earnest in February when he won the Aussie Millions Main Event after a three-way chop. The tournament ended as soon as the deal was agreed upon. Michael Del Vecchio actually had a slight chip lead when negotiations began, but Kenney was able to talk his way into a deal that gave him the title and a $1,272,598 AUD ($914,617 US) payday. Kenney won the title despite not being responsible for eliminating a single player from the final table. Del Vecchio took home $1,272,162 AUD while third-place finisher Andrew Hinrichsen banked $1,097,739 AUD. The event drew 822 runners to break the previous record of 800 from 2018. Kenney wasn't the biggest winner from the Aussie Millions though. Toby Lewis, who won the $50,000 High Roller and finished runner-up in the $25,000 Challenge, earned $1,607,654 AUD ($1,149,064 US) to top the 2019 Aussie Millions earnings list. Team PokerStars Loses Two In January, PokerStars was more than happy to trot out their Team Pros and Ambassadors at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for every media opportunity possible. Less than a month later, two of the most visible pros on their roster began what would be a season-long exodus. In early February, Jamie Staples and Jeff Gross both announced that they were leaving Team PokerStars. Gross and Staples each made an announcement of their own confirming their departure. For Gross, it was a matter of not being able to come to terms on a new contract to continue representing the site. “Is this it for you in poker? The answer is ‘no’,” Gross said “If anything, we are just getting locked in, just getting strapped in and it’s seriously about to turn up.” Staples was looking further ahead and had plans to take his career, poker and streaming, to a new level. “I felt as if I might have an opportunity to do something bigger with my career in poker,” Staples said at the time. “It was a risk and I thought about it a lot and I decided to go on my own.” Over the course of the next few months, Gross and Staples both signed on with partypoker to represent their brand at live events on via player-created content on YouTube and Twitch. David Peters Takes Home US Poker Open In mid-month, the PokerGO airwaves were jam-packed with the 10 events from the US Poker Open. Most of the high roller regulars were out in full force for events with buy-ins from $10,000 up to the $100,000 Main Event. David Peters closed out the by winning the Main Event for $1.32 million. That victory also allowed him to beat out Sean Winter for the overall Series title. Peters had two cashes heading into the Main Event. He finished second to Winter in Event #4 ($10,000 Short Deck) for $100,800 and then fifth in Event #9 ($50,000 No-Limit Hold’em) for $164,000 before winning the 33-player Main Event. Stephen Chidwick won a pair of USPO titles. He beat Winter heads-up to win Event #1 ($10,000 No-Limit Hold’em) and then won Event #6 ($25,000 Pot Limit Omaha). Other US Poker Open event winners included Jordan Cristos (Event #2), Lauren Roberts (Event #3), Ali Imsirovic ( Event #5), Bryn Kenney (Event #7), Nick Schulman (Event #8), and Koray Aldemir (Event #9). Run It Once Goes Live When Phil Galfond announced in 2016 that he was launching an online poker site of his own, the poker world was excited that one of their own was stepping out to give them a new place to play. It became a patience tester for both Galfond and poker community. It took two years longer than Galfond expected, but in February, Run It Once launched the Public Beta version of their software to much fanfare. Galfond, who had been transparent about the delays and hiccups experienced along the way, was more than happy to put the product out to the world in an effort to get much-needed feedback. “The deck may be stacked against us, but I believe that with just a little bit of help from you, we can make our poker dream a reality – we can conquer threats to online poker’s future through the innovations we launch with and the countless more still to come, we can be a driving force for positive change in the industry, and we can make Run It Once exactly what a poker site should be.”  
  17. Monday brought another full slate of online poker action courtesy of partypoker’s ongoing $20,000,000 guaranteed POWERFEST series. In total, 43 tournaments concluded on Monday with ‘SunTzu’ emerging as the day's biggest winner. They outlasted the 146 entries that registered for POWERFEST #17-SHR: $100K guaranteed [6-Max, PKO] to take home the $13,983.54 first-place prize. However, the real money for ‘SunTzu’ came by picking up an additional $21,566.06 in bounties, creating a total score of $35,550.14. Finishing right behind ‘SunTzu’ in this event was ‘Stolewon’ who earned $13,968.88 as the runner-up and $5,291.01 in bounties for a grand total of $19,259.89. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] ‘PayAndPlay’ had a nice day on the grind as well. They made a pair of High Roller final tables on Monday including an outright win in POWERFEST #14-HR: $75K Guaranteed [8-Max] for $23,320. 'PayAndPlay' followed that up with a deep run in POWERFEST #18-HR: $20K Guaranteed [6-Max, PLO], finishing in fourth place for another $4,361.25. 'slayerv1fanpkr' also picked up a nice boost their bankroll in POWERFEST #14, earning $16,280 as the runner-up. The largest prize pool of the day belonged to POWERFEST #17-H: $150K Guaranteed [6-Max, PKO]. Over 590 runners piled into the lobby and paid the $320 buy-in, pushing the prize pool to $182,028. ‘Kvrlee’ took home the title and $12,443.46 for first place, plus another $14,028.75 in bounties for a total score of $26,472. ‘whofish’ finished in second place, pulling in $12,425.36 but was only able to add an additional $474 in bounties. partypoker Team Online member Matthew Staples finished in ninth place in this one for a combined score of $5,194. Matthew Staples wasn’t the only partypoker Team Online pro to make a deep run on Monday. While he didn’t win it all, Jeff Gross played his way to the final table of POWERFEST #18-HR: $20K Guaranteed [6-Max, PLO] for a fifth-place finish earning him $2,593.75. Gross currently sits as the #245-ranked player in the world. However, the real story of this tournament was the victory for ‘attitydsproblem’. The POWERFEST title, for which he earned $12,961.47, arrived just days after they won the March 8 edition of the partypoker MILLION for over $153,000. POWERFEST #14-HR: $75K Guaranteed [8-Max] $1,050 buy-in 88 entries $88,000 prize pool PayAndPlay - $23,320 slayerv1fanpkr - $16,280 NoWey - $11,440 spoubledy - $7,920 Awesam - $6,160 AndreyBolkonsky - $4,620 cmiuc - $3,740 EllieRose11 - $3,080 POWERFEST #15-HR: $20K Guaranteed [PLO8 6-Max, Rebuy] $530 buy-in 38 entries $41,000 prize pool AngryKitten - $16,400.01 relentless - $10,493.74 StrawberryGirl - $5,330 StackinSlav - $3,690 AntonChigurh87 - $2,870 astenia - $2,216.25 POWERFEST #16-HR: $75K Guaranteed [8-Max, PKO, Fast] $530 buy-in 172 entries $88,150 prize pool GordonBanks. - $7,295.70 + $10,274.51 in bounties qpakup - $7,286.94 + $2,514.28 in bounties onehundredeyes - $5,319.39 + $3,888.29 in bounties Bijzettafel - $3,806.12 + $1,837.49 in bounties furlkuri - $2,659.69 + $2,666.01 in bounties R4t4_ta - $2,063.55 + $1,624.21 in bounties Greenstone25 - $1,604.99 + $1,050 in bounties kristian150 - $1,261.06 + $689.06 in bounties POWERFEST #17-H: $150K Guaranteed [6-Max, PKO] $320 buy-in 591 entries $182,028 prize pool Kvrlee - $12,443.46 + $14,028.75 in bounties whofish - $12,425.36 + $474 Noname69 - $9,347.09 + $4,287.62 Coaching - $6,695.35 + $1,821.94 anth0nypappa - $4,686.74 + $3,246.42 danludan - $2,869.43 + $681.37 POWERFEST #17-HR: $100K Guaranteed [6-Max, PKO] $1,050 buy-in 146 entries $149,650 prize pool SunTzu - $13,983.54 + $21,566.06 in bounties Stolewon - $13,968.88 + $5,291.01 in bounties Benetnasch - $9,865.54 + $2,132.81 in bounties lazypeach - $6,988.09 + $2,756.24 in bounties grootheden - $5,138.30 + $2,526.56 in bounties frenchsniperrr - $3,411.83 + $4,150.78 in bounties POWERFEST #18-HR: $20K Guaranteed [6-Max, PLO] $530 buy-in 83 entries $41,500 prize pool attitydsproblem - $12,961.47 VitoBranciforte - $8,092.50 munkkis - $4,980 PayAndPlay - $4,361.25 Jeff ‘JeffGross’ Gross - $2,593.75 notably - $1,763.75
  18. The partypoker POWERFEST kicked off on Sunday for what plans to be an incredible series of online poker tournaments. ‘SpanishFly’ was the day’s biggest winner, but plenty of other players hauled in impressive paydays. The biggest winner from Sunday was ‘SpanishFly,’ who topped the field in POWERFEST #04-SHR: $500K Gtd [Phase Final] to take home $192,359.26 in prize money. ‘SpanishFly’ defeated ‘RainMan74’ in heads-up play, who took home $139,623.20 for his runner-up performance. Also reaching the final table was Jeff ‘JeffGross’ Gross, who took seventh for $29,245.40. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] ‘RainMan74’ had himself quite a day overall. Not only did he finish second in the aforementioned event, but he took down POWERFEST #01-HR: $150K Gtd [8-Max, Grind]. In that tournament, ‘RainMan74’ topped a field of 478 entries to win $45,051.50. Another big winner on the day was ‘BaBaDeBaBa,’ who had a couple of heavy-hitting scores. First, ‘BaBaDeBaBa’ won POWERFEST #03-HR: $75K Gtd [PLO 6-Max] for $33,755.44. He also placed eighth in the POWERFEST #04-SHR: $500K Gtd [Phase Final] for $21,698.20. Another mention goes to ‘Beebo,’ who won POWERFEST #05-SHR: $250K Gtd [Phase Final] for $62,128.44. In that event, he topped 800 entries. That wasn’t the only big result for ‘Beebo’ on Sunday, though. He also took fifth in POWERFEST #02-HR: $200K Gtd [8-Max] for $18,067.50. In POWERFEST #09-HR: $100K Gtd [PLO 6-Max, PKO], which was won by ‘Raul33’ for $23,235.70 plus $21,984.38 in bounties, Joao ‘XjoaosimaoX’ Simao took fifth $7,444.05 plus $11,550 in bounties. Simao also finished second in POWERFEST #02-H: $100K Gtd [8-Max] for $24,717. POWERFEST #01-HR: $150K Gtd [8-Max, Grind] $530 buy-in 478 entries $239,000 prize pool RainMan74 - $45,051.50 trustnobody_99 - $32,073.50 mogvision. - $21,988 ambiguity - $15,296 Musavian - $10,850.60 unlucky melon - $7,887 NewYorkJimmY - $5,616.50 nobodymoveee - $4,063 POWERFEST #02-HR: $200K Gtd [8-Max] $1,050 buy-in 365 entries $365,000 prize pool Xingyun8 - $70,810 Awesam - $51,000 xmetterling - $35,405 WHOISFOLD - $25,367.50 Beebo - $18,067.50 CaseyWells - $13,395.50 StrawberryGirl - $9,307.50 Party Pooper - $6,789 POWERFEST #03-HR: $75K Gtd [PLO 6-Max] $1,050 buy-in 134 entries $134,000 prize pool BaBaDeBaBa - $33,755.44 Baccarat - $22,780 PeteZahad - $16,080 ShortSqueeze - $11,390 Achtungdiekurve - $8,375 HennHuegele - $5,561 POWERFEST #04-SHR: $500K Gtd [Phase Final] $5,200 buy-in 208 entries $934,400 prize pool SpanishFly - $192,359.26 RainMan74 - $139,623.20 Lone1 - $99,528.70 bitw1 - $73,585.20 gastrader - $51,887 neomorf - $39,622.80 JeffGross - $29,245.40 BaBaDeBaBa - $21,698.20 POWERFEST #05-SHR: $250K Gtd [Phase Final] $530 buy-in 800 entries $388,800 prize pool Beebo - $62,128.44 marcus2604121 - $56,649.96 Kot_Spartac - $33,164.64 RoseBtn - $22,472.64 No_No_No - $15,863.04 Dandelion32892 - $11,430.72 SolidAF - $8,164.80 jiggidyjigjohn - $5,676.48 POWERFEST #07-HR: $150K Gtd [8-Max, PKO, Fast] $530 buy-in 343 entries $175,787.50 prize pool SalvodorShkyrab - $13,137.67 plus $15,750.10 in bounties DarrenElias - $13,120.33 plus $5,356.68 in bounties rumplemintz - $9,096.45 plus $459.37 in bounties XXjaycXX - $6,517.56 plus $4,462.52 in bounties Zevs zeds - $4,642 plus $1,050 in bounties fumeseotro - $3,441.64 plus $4,150.79 in bounties Joe Panini - $2,391.33 plus $3,691.41 in bounties Dzmitry_Urbanov - $1,744.26 plus $1,082.82 in bounties POWERFEST #08-HR: $300K Gtd [8-Max, PKO] $2,100 buy-in 201 entries $412,050 prize pool kgroqigmqtbmqom - $32,405.59 plus $38,152.76 in bounties jiggidyjigjohn - $32,365.35 plus $10,959.38 in bounties aaaaaaaaaaaaa - $23,085.57 plus $21,418.37 in bounties NL_Profit - $17,068 plus $10,499.99 in bounties Junglemandan - $12,035.13 plus $8,055.46 in bounties StrawberryGirl - $9,190.46 plus $9,581.24 in bounties Thenut21 - $6,783.43 plus $1,837.50 MrDatt - $5,032.87 plus $3,018.75 POWERFEST #09-HR: $100K Gtd [PLO 6-Max, PKO] $2,100 buy-in 102 entries $209,100 prize pool Raul33 - $23,235.70 plus $21,984.38 in bounties CaptainThug - $23,215.26 plus $18,834.37 Carnotaurus - $14,292.59 plus $9,450 in bounties Junglemandan - $10,421.68 plus $4,068.75 in bounties XjoaosimaoX - $7,444.05 plus $11,550 in bounties Das_Mutter99 - $5,061.95 plus $4,987.50 in bounties POWERFEST #11-HR: $75K Gtd [8-Max, PKO, Turbo] $530 buy-in 165 entries $84,562.50 prize pool MoStack - $6,998.74 plus $10,157.61 in bounties bite_me - $6,990.38 plus $1,640.62 in bounties High Level - $5,102.91 plus $4,562.99 in bounties MrDreamMachine - $3,651.22 plus $787.49 in bounties Achtungdiekurve - $2,551.45 plus $2,432.23 in bounties joshuah333 - $1,979.57 plus $656.25 in bounties Zevs zeds - $1,539.67 plus $459.37 in bounties bustonutso - $1,209.74 plus $1,066.41 in bounties
  19. Saturday's partypoker POWERFEST action is in the books and there were several big scores from the day. The biggest belonged to 'relentless,' who bagged first place in the $2,100 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] tournament for $21,185.50 plus $33,764.08 in bounties. Another score worth more than $50,000 was the victory by 'trustnobody_99' in the $2,100 PLO [6-Max] event. In that one, 'trustnobody_99' topped the field of 81 entries to win $50,674.59. Jeff Gross had himself a solid day as well. The partypoker sponsored pro placed third in the $530 NLHE [6-Max, Deepstack] event for $12,727.86 and took second in the $320 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] event for $11,827.07 plus $1,204.75 in bounties. In the $530 NLHE [6-Max, Deepstack] event that Gross took third in, the winner was 'salmonfishing' for $27,142.53. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] Event: $530 NLHE [6-Max, Deepstack] 231 entries $115,500 prize pool salmonfishing - $27,142.53 unluckymelon - $17,902.50 JeffGross - $12,727.86 DontDo_IT - $9,297.75 SCUGN1ZZ - $6,930 Madgenius111 - $4,620 Event: $320 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] 502 entries $154,616 prize pool RobertYong - $11,832.44 + $13,608.44 in bounties JeffGross - $11,827.07 + $1,204.75 in bounties MR.GBB - $8,502.61 + $2,671.81 in bounties GangGangGang - $5,997.01 + $3,564.86 in bounties teddus11 - $4,271 + $1,535.57 in bounties DidicoAbensoe - $2,710.97 + $493.75 in bounties Event: $2,100 PLO [6-Max] 81 entries $162,000 prize pool trustnobody_99 - $50,674.59 Matthew_a_kirk - $31,590 JariKurri-- - $19,440 ChimneyBarrel - $14,175 MUNJOSHuHa - $10,125 Crackalackin - $6,885 Event: $2,100 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] 93 entries $190,650 prize pool relentless - $21,185.50 + $33,764.08 in bounties Dandelion32892 - $21,166.85 + $14,995.30 in bounties MR.PayAndPlay - $13,031.47 + $1,312.50 in bounties Patrick_Leonard - $9,502.12 + $2,887.50 in bounties Whoo0ps - $6,787.22 + $6,103.12 in bounties Talespin - $4,615.31 + 1,312.50 in bounties Event: $1,050 PLO [6-Max, PKO, Fast] 68 entries $69,360 prize pool Go1den.618 - $8,854.67 + $13,422.50 in bounties SnoutMySprout - $8,847.82 + $4,647.50 in bounties JariKurri-- - $4,720.65 + $2,210 in bounties ElCabanero - $3,540.49 + $2,015 in bounties theSDMsickness - $2,557.02 + $260 in bounties Madgenius111 - $1,770.24 + $260 in bounties
  20. More booming partypoker POWERFEST action took place on Sunday and there were plenty of big prizes awarded. The biggest of them all went to 'NotDarwin' for taking down Event #137-SHR: $5,200 $1M Gtd [Phase Final] for $283,237. Just two days prior, 'NotDarwin' had the biggest score on Friday when he won Event #119-HR: $530 Mix Max NLHE PKO Fast for $9,332.81 plus $15,426.12 in bounties. In Sunday's Event #137-SHR: $5,200 $1M Gtd [Phase Final] that 'NotDarwin' was victorious in, the top four players each earned more than $100,000 in prize money. Finishing in second place was 'nomeansyes' for $204,955.92. If the name 'nomeansyes' rings a bell, it might be because in December 2019 he finished third in the partypoker MILLIONS Online for $1.370 million. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Elsewhere, 'CAPN_Crunch' won $97,487 for winning Event #135-HR: $1,050 $400K Gtd [8-Max] and 'kuukuna66' took top honors in Event #136-SHR: $5,200 $250K Gtd [PLO 6-Max] for $129,814. Team partypoker's Jeff Gross finished second in Event #140-HR: $530 $150K Gtd [8-Max, PKO, Fast] for $12,448.43 plus $3,420.73 in bounties. Event #134-HR: $530 $300K Gtd [8-Max, Grind] 713 entries $356,500 prize pool earthworm - $55,551.34 GringoSSa - $53,359.42 Kanchenjunga - $30,409.45 Fun Guy. - $20,605.70 Madgenius111 - $14,545.20 HajMat - $10,481.10 Kronktheman - $7,486.50 stakelevic24 - $5,204.90 Event #135-HR: $1,050 $400K Gtd [8-Max] 523 entries $523,000 prize pool CAPN_Crunch - $97,487.20 PayAndPlay - $69,297.50 Kaikki rahat - $47,226.90 Player654 - $32,687.50 Benetnasch - $23,012 F3ww3_D3_lux3 - $16,631.40 Plush0 - $11,976.70 tsuipen - $8,577.20 Event #136-SHR: $5,200 $250K Gtd [PLO 6-Max] 83 entries $415,000 prize pool kuukuna66 - $129,814.49 Carnotaurus - $80,925 Robbery9999 - $49,800 LakersLebron23 - $36,312.50 SamTrickett - $25,937.50 Crackalackin - $17,637.50 Event #137-SHR: $5,200 $1M Gtd [Phase Final] 319 entries $1,423,305 prize pool NotDarwin - $283,237.96 nomeansyes - $204,955.92 JailWallet - $143,753.80 iRunStims - $104,612.91 WatchMeDance - $74,011.86 BlueMagic1 - $55,508.89 buck21 - $39,140.88 RainMain74 - $28,466.10 Event #138-HR: $530 $400K Gtd [Phase Final] 1,078 entries $522,650 prize pool m0rd1sc0 - $89,896.37 Cagggmen - $64,390.48 Jackychannnn - $42,595.97 googleit185 - $28,536.69 aaaaaaaaaaaaa - $20,226.55 akkaakkkaa - $14,320.61 Martin Fingered - $10,034.88 RichHomiePK_ - $6,794.45 Event #140-HR: $530 $150K Gtd [8-Max, PKO, Fast] 317 entries $162,462.50 prize pool Pablos - $12,464.44 + $19,962.50 in bounties JeffGross - $12,448.43 + $3,420.73 in bounties Adamm - $8,736.75 + $2,748.04 in bounties FamilyMan72 - $6,357.93 + $1,074.61 in bounties Super-Saiyajin - $4,498.13 + $1,657.04 in bounties Mirrors8177 - $3,373.59 + $2,661.92 in bounties WiNeGUy - $2,378.81 + $4,560.92 in bounties Thenut21 - $1,730.04 + $2,034.38 in bounties Event #141-HR: $2,100 $500K Gtd [Main Event, 8-Max, PKO] 367 entries $752,350 prize pool Executioner_ - $56,226.94 + $62,456.57 in bounties CarpePiscis - $56,153.49 + $18,028.42 in bounties Tigerbluff - $38,931.77 + $21,717.78 in bounties googleit185 - $27,894.41 + $13,592.58 in bounties Stolewon - $19,867.24 + $3,084.37 in bounties DasIstMirWurst - $14,729.85 + $12,075 in bounties TopGirl - $10,234.64 + $16,192.96 in bounties xmetterling - $7,465.26 + $9,975 in bounties Event #142-HR: $2,100 $250K Gtd [PLO Main Event, 6-Max, PKO] 133 entries $272,650 prize pool Junglemandan - $25,476.84 + $42,311.73 in bounties sukamibosak - $25,450.15 + $2,231.25 in bounties MUNJOSHuHa - $17,974.20 + $6,874.22 in bounties UniqueDNA - $12,731.72 + $3,150 in bounties Gettomasa - $9,361.56 + $4,035.94 in bounties CaptainThug - $6,216.07 + $7,875 in bounties
  21. More partypoker POWERFEST action came our way on Monday. The biggest win of the day came from 'eccone,' who took first place in the $530 NLHE [8-Max, PKO] tournament to earn $15,600.82 plus $21,545.70 in bounties for a total of $37,146.62. In the event 'eccone' was victorious in, two partypoker sponsored players made the final table. Jeff 'JeffGross' Gross finished fifth for $5,371.24 plus $3,133.59 in bounties and Josip 'JozinhoPP' Simunic took sixth for $3,914.63 plus $3,199.21 in bounties. Another big winner was 'attitydsproblem,' who finished first in the $1,050 NLHE [8-Max] for $34,714.90. After winning a $39,394.22 score on Sunday, 'Madgenius111' was back hitting it big on Monday, too. He finished fourth in the $1,050 NLHE [8-Max] event for $12,835 and took eighth in the $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, Fast] event for $1,922.04 plus $715 in bounties. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"] Event: $320 NLHE [8-6 Mix-Max, PKO] 546 entries $168,168 prize pool DonDaLong74 - $12,193.43 + $14,974.27 in bounties CAPN_Crunch - $12,176.82 + $5,355.97 in bounties Xingyun8 - $9,141.82 + $3,290.83 in bounties Basiliski83 - $6,439.80 + $1,518.27 in bounties Phil Hellmuth - $4,503.36 + $1,920.68 in bounties patrick - $2,702.01 + $493.75 in bounties Event: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max] 151 entries $151,000 prize pool attitydsproblem - $34,714.90 Cagggmen - $24,915 Xingyun8 - $18,120 Madgenius111 - $12,835 PunchlineEnBata - $9,060 Johnnie_blue99 - $7,172.50 mbnlfg - $5,707.80 bitw1 - $4,530 Event: $109 NLHE [8-Max] 1,014 entries $101,400 prize pool Wages - $17,440.80 Didit1337 - $12,492.48 TheOne - $8,264.10 WorldInDisarray - $5,536.44 IwillTr1pleU - $3,924.18 jack-torpedo - $2,778.36 MOKA1971 - $1,946.88 DailyGrind - $1,318.20 Event: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, Fast] 110 entries $112,200 prize pool onehundredeyez - $10,355.03 + $13,276.25 in bounties AfroJackal - $10,343.96 + $2,973.75 in bounties IlProfessore - $7,392.47 + $5,752.50 in bounties NOLIMITHOLDEM - $5,174.73 + $5,005 in bounties Dandelion32892 - $3,844.08 + $1,690 in bounties Benetnasch - $2,956.98 + $1,690 in bounties RentCollection - $2,365.59 + $1,430 in bounties Madgenius111 - $1,922.04 + $715 in bounties Event: $530 NLHE [8-Max, PKO] 415 entries $212,687.50 prize pool eccone - $15,600.82 + $21,545.70 in bounties relentless - $15,579.88 + $1,246.87 in bounties R4t4_ta - $10,696.96 + $6,757.36 in bounties s.k.. - $7,510.63 + $3,943.67 in bounties JeffGross - $5,371.24 + $3,133.59 in bounties JozinhoPP - $3,914.63 + $3,199.21 in bounties DontDo_IT - $2,765.27 + $2,563.49 in bounties Sitt Ner - $2,014.21 + $1,780.07 in bounties
  22. More partypoker POWERFEST tournaments wrapped up on Thursday in what was another entertaining day on the virtual felt. The biggest win of the day went to 'ChimneyBarrel,' who won $88,000 for topping the field in the $5,200 PLO [6-Max] tournament. 'ChimneyBarrel' beats 'PpPlayer1357' in heads-up play. 'PpPlayer1357' won $56,307.90 for the runner-up result. A few members of team partypoker did well on Thursday, too. Hristivoje 'All_In_PAV' Pavlovic took first place in the $530 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] event to win $17,606.56 plus $17,893.76 in bounties. Ludovich 'Gr4vyBo4t' Gelich finished fifth in the $2,100 PLO [6-Max, PKO, Fast] event for $4,437.18 plus $6,693.75 in bounties. Jeff 'JeffGross' Gross placed sixth in the $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, Fast] event for $2,849.46 plus $2,470 in bounties. In the $2,100 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] event, it was 'Forrest_guuump' coming out victorious for $25,285.27 plus $38,227.36 in bounties. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] Event: $530 NLHE [8-Max, Deepstack] 226 entries $113,000 prize pool Nicky_Larson90 - $23,040.70 PositiveMind7 - $16,724 relentless - $11,921.50 TheNakedMan - $8,814 PUCKBOUCHARD - $6,215 OMGKentaNuts - $4,746 UnifromHokkaido - $3,503 I am there - $2,599 Event: $1,050 NLHE [6-Max] 134 entries $134,000 prize pool R_D3ck4rd - $33,755.44 High Level - $22,780 Johnnie_blue99 - $16,080 tsuipen - $11,390 Plarize - $8,375 I am there - $5,561 Event: $5,200 PLO [6-Max] 44 entries $220,000 prize pool ChimneyBarrel - $88,000 PpPlayer1357 - $56,307.90 Cacacacacacaca - $28,600 DONKEY6666 - $19,800 Carnotaurus - $15,400 JailWallet - $11,892.10 Event: $530 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] 448 entries $229,600 prize pool Hristivoje 'All_In_PAV' Pavlovic - $17,606.56 + $17,893.76 in bounties ITISBAKINGDAVE - $17,584.14 + $10,752.92 in bounties Lachicarosa - $12,646.65 + $3,072.08 in bounties Dhr. Dogsome - $8,919.86 + $1,423.24 in bounties RiverOffice - $6,353.87 + $6,475.35 in bounties Madgenius111 - $4,032.26 + $557.81 in bounties Event: $2,100 NLHE [6-Max, PKO] 132 entries $270,600 prize pool Forrest_guuump - $25,285.27 + $38,227.36 in bounties Quantum_Leap - $25,258.80 + $12,993.75 in bounties PayAndPlay - $17,839.06 + $3,675 in bounties ExuperySaint - $12,636 + $6,068.72 in bounties MoStack - $9,291.17 + $6,759.37 in bounties R_D3ck4rd - $6,169.34 + $7,678.12 in bounties Event: $2,100 PLO [6-Max, PKO, Fast] 59 entries $120,950 prize pool San holo1 - $15,365.43 + $22,968.76 in bounties Dandelion32892 - $15,353.58 + $9,581.24 in bounties PayAndPlay - $8,191.72 + $1,837.50 in bounties hotPIMIENTO - $6,143.79 + $5,118.75 in bounties Ludovich 'Gr4vyBo4t' Gelich - $4,437.18 + $6,693.75 in bounties AAAces - $3,071.89 + $0 in bounties Event: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, Fast] 106 entries $108,120 prize pool High Level - $9,978.48 + $16,835 in bounties PunchlineEnBata - $9,967.81 + $5,980 in bounties ElCabanero - $7,123.65 + $2,665 in bounties patience - $4,986.55 + $520 in bounties PayAndPlay - $3,704.30 + $1,235 in bounties Jeff 'JeffGross' Gross - $2,849.46 + $2,470 in bounties WhaledShark - $2,279.56 + $1,430 in bounties Emveer101 - $1,852.15 + $1,820 in bounties

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