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  1. [caption width="640"] Jesse ‘Rou$ey’ Elliott wrapped up 2016 NJCOOP by winning the Main Event, his second win of the series (Borgata photo)[/caption] The first ever PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker finished up this week after over two weeks of exciting action. In total, 43 events were played with over $1,200,000 in guarantees up for grabs. The action culminated on October 31 when Jesse ‘Rou$ey’ Elliott took down the $500 buy-in, $200,000 Guarantee No Limit Hold‘em Main Event for $38,380. Elliott earned the title after defeating a final table that included Darren ‘oldmoneyD’ Elias and PokerStars Team Pro Victor Ramdin. The event drew 425 players, leaving a slight overlay to the guarantee. That win marked Elliot’s second of NJCOOP as he shipped the Event 21 $350 No Limit Hold'em “Sunday Special.” After agreeing to a deal with PokerStars Team Pro Chris Moneymaker, Elliot walked away with $17,817.72 while Moneymaker took home $15,942,72 The highest buy-in event of NJCOOP saw 115 players enter the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em High Roller. ‘babooshk’ found his way to the top of the final table mountain and $25,011.89 richer after beating ‘HoodP0PE’ to ship the event. While most of the mixed game events took place during the first week of the series, the $100 No Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha Six Max started the second week off strong with 210 entries creating a prizepool of just under $20,000. In the end it was ‘icrackstick’ winning the event along with $4,434.05 Following five starting flights, Day 2 of the $150 No Limit Hold‘em Six Max kicked off on Thursday, October 27 with 32 players remaining from the 307 who entered across the opening flights. It was a “Who’s who” of PocketFivers at the final table as Jeremy ‘FunkyJesus’ Danger, Fred ‘ScoobyD0O’ Ferrell, Matt ‘el binko’ Iles and Joshua ‘YogaGrandma’ Berardi were among those who made it to the final six. In the end, Danger defeated Ferrell heads-up to win the title and the $9,467.40 first place prize. The $300 No Limit Hold‘em Four Max drew a field of 179 players that ended in a three-way deal. Kevin ‘sofcknsickk’ Campbell and Steve ‘7douche’ Madara were among those in the deal with Madara winning first place and $9,322.18 while Campbell took second and $9,329.53. ‘HoodP0PE’ took third place and $11,352.65. The final event of NJCOOP was a $150 No Limit Hold’em Hyper-Turbo Six Max which drew 164 entries. First place was $5,420, which was won by ‘Three6Latvia.’ With this series now in the books, the official leaderboard has been netted out. Players battled it out looking to earn their share of a $10,000 prize pool. Finishing on top and the recipient of $T2,000 is ‘Ken Kratz’ who finished just a few points ahead of Jeremy ‘FunkyJesus’ Danger. For his finish, Danger earns $T1,500. A listing of the top five finishers on the NJCOOP series leaderboard is below. Ken Kratz - 595 Points - $T2,000 Jeremy ‘FunkyJesus’ Danger - 545 Points - $T1,500 David ‘supadphat’ Cheng - 485 Points - $T1,000 Daniel ‘AvaGray’ Lupo - 455 Points - $T900 loxonbagel - 440 Points - $T800 Event #20: $100 Mixed No Limit Hold’em/Pot Limit Omaha ($15,000 Guaranteed) 123 entries (87 re-entries), $22,674.60 paying 36 places icrackstick - $4,434.05 GUUUULP - $3,084.48 SlaynEryDay - $3,084.48 HowieWelper - $1,542.24 BBQBill7 - $1,156.68 Gay4Tray - $790.39 Event #21 : $350 No Limit Hold'em “Sunday Special” ($75,000 Guaranteed) 194 entries (111 re-entries), $99,735 paying 45 places Jesse ‘Rou$ey’ Elliott - $17,872.72 Chris ‘Money800NJ’ Moneymaker - $15,942.72 Skrelnick - $10,970.85 HowieWelper - $8,228.13 skeemer1 - $5,684.89 Matt ‘el binko’ Iles - $4,388.34 (papamat25) David ‘coles93’ Coleman - $3,390.93 (dehhhhh) Hangman4444 - $2,393.64 WoAtSnJoEs11 - $1,745.36 Event #24: $150 No Limit Hold’em Six Max ($35,000 Guaranteed) 309 entries, $42,549.30 paying 32 places Jeremy ‘FunkyJesus’ Danger - $9,467.40 Fred ‘ScoobyD0O’ Ferrell - $6,807.88 CiceBru - $5,156.97 Matt ‘El binko’ Iles - $3,510,31 Joshua ‘YogaGrandma’ Berardi - $$2,680.60 3betsolight - $1,808.34 Event #25: $300 No Limit Hold‘em Four Max ($30,000 guaranteed) 97 entries (82 re-entries), $50,100 paid to 24 places Steve ‘FadeOrHolz’ Madara - $9,322.18 Kevin ‘T1111111111M’ Campbell - $9329.50 HoodP0PE - $11,352.65 MacheteSpray - $3,181.11 Event #28: $1,000 No Limit Hold‘em Highroller ($100,000 Guaranteed) 68 entries (47 re-entries), $109,250 paying 18 places Babooshk - $25,011.89 HoodP0PE - $22,511.89 Rimmer27 - $14,202.50 7Mickey - $9,826.25 TheChosen175 - $7,101.25 Craig ‘YourPetCat’ Rubinstein - $4,916.25 (craigruby) Event #40: $500 No Limit Hold‘em Main Event, ($200,000 Guaranteed) 314 entries, (111 re-entries) $200,000 paying to 54 places Jesse ‘Rou$ey’ Elliott - $38,380 (No_Xcape) LookAtMyDabx - $28,500 TheBurrSir - $21,000 WoAtSnJoEs11 - $16,000 AnteUpPlease - $11,200 BOnEheAd109 - $8,500 jimmyk99 - $6,500 VRamdinNJ - $4,500 Darren ‘oldmoneyD’ Elias - $3,320 Event #43: $150 No Limit Hold’em Hyper-Turbo Six Max ($15,000 Guaranteed) 68 entries (53 re-entries), $22,582.80 paying to 24 places Three6Latvia - $5420.00 theman_mot - $3737.45 Mr.A.Iverson3 - $2,822.85 finest021 - $1919.53 1234 fifffff - $1467.80 BOnEheAd109 - $1016.22
  2. The inaugural PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker kicked off with a bang last week and has so far proven a big success, beating nearly every one of its guarantees. While 19 events have been checked off the schedule so far, players still have plenty more chances to get in on the action. That includes the festival’s much-anticipated $500 buy-in, $200,000 No Limit Hold‘em Main Event, which plays out on October 30-31. ‘FIGHT_4_F00D’ took the honor of winning the very first NJCOOP title after besting a field of 176 in the $100 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Warm-Up. The New Jersey grinder banked a $4,637 score after taking down David 'Supadphat' Cheng in heads-up play. A total of 70 players bought-in to the Event #2, $200 No Limit Hold‘em Turbo tournament, pumping up the prize pool to $14,880. ‘ShrimplyPibs’ went home with the title and a $4,092 payday after defeating Keith 'Donnysack' Donovan and Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo at the final table. Event #4, the $250 No Limit Hold‘em Sunday Special, attracted 287 entrants who made 162 re-entries. The extra buy-ins were enough to push the prize pool to just over its $100,000 guarantee. ‘BOnEheAd109’ took the top spot, along with nearly $20,000 for his first-place finish, after dispatching opponents ‘Cass N Hoes’ ($14,646) and ‘MrA.Iverson3’ ($10,723). Monday’s Pot Limit Omaha Highroller Six Max tournament garnered 51 players, creating a prize pool of $39,010. ‘iFoldN0T’ prevailed in the $500 buy-in event, beating out ‘Poppie3333’ to take home a $10,630 payday. 'ShrimplyPibs' was back on top in the $100 No Limit Hold‘em 1R1A event, winning his second first-place title of the series. The tournament’s 139 entrants made 94 rebuys and 24 add-ons, edging up the prize pool to $23,592, just over its $20,000 guarantee. For his latest victory, ShrimplyPibs added an extra $5,426 to his bankroll, leaving opponent ‘BBQbill7’ to take the $3,774 runner-up prize. The Event #11, $20,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold‘em Heads-Up CAP 128 tournament boasted a field of 87 runners, and paid out $24,360 to the top 8 places. When all was said and done, ‘Ken Kratz’ took the title and banked an $8,526 payday after taking out ‘Superflu0us1’, who took $4,872 for his second place finish. Thursday’s $500 Eight-Game Six Max event was one of only two tournaments to not meet its guarantee. New Jersey grinder Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo was the biggest beneficiary of the overlay, taking home an $8,000 payday for his first-place finish. Event #18 was a No Limit Hold‘em, Deepstack Eight Max tournament with a $15,000 guarantee. A total of 250 entrants made 73 re-entries, smashing the guarantee with a $22,950 prize pool. ‘Gay4Tray’ expertly navigated the field, taking the title and a $4,647 payout after besting ‘BigAl07094’. Event #1: $100 No Limit Hold’em NJCOOP Warm-Up 176 entries (71 re-entries), $22,674.60 paying 36 places FIGHT_4_F00D - $4,637.15 David 'Supadphat' Cheng - $3,401.19 Joseph 'B3ndTheKnee' Liberta - $2,562.22 (j_liberta17) Maynardsdik – $1,927.34 Pokerphace77 - $1,315.12 Iquitonce - $1,020.35 Cass N Hoes - $793.61 Richp10 - $566.86 AAAHustla – $430.81 Event #2: $200 No Limit Hold'em Turbo NJCOOP Warm-Up 70 entries (10 re-entries), $14,880.00 paying 12 places ShrimplyPibs - $4,092.00 Keith 'Donnysack' Donovan - $2,752.80 Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo - $2,083.20 rimmer27 - $1,413.60 (rimmer27) BADBEATSBYME - $1,041.60 PureWizardry - $781.20 Rafo 'Hyerolla777' Jan - $632.40 Hubbiee - $520.80 FlawlessBINK - $446.40 Event #4: $250 No Limit Hold‘em Sunday Special SE ($100,000 Guaranteed) 287 entries (162 re-entries), $104,617 paying 63 places BOnEheAd109 – $19.877.51 Cass N Hoes - $14,646.38 MrA.Iverson3 - $10,723.24 Asremb - $8,160.12 Justcuz77 - $5,753.93 S3lfreliance - $4,446.22 ClownUpGuy - $3,400.05 Scamfest – $2,353.88 Michael 'Systematuk' Matuk - $1,736.64 Event #9: $500 Pot Limit Omaha Highroller Six Max ($30,000 Guaranteed) 51 entries (32 re-entries), $39,010 paying 12 places iFoldN0T - $10,630.25 Poppie3333 – $7,119.32 76ersaregood - $5,461.40 LookAtMyDabx - $3,705.95 FIGHT_4_F00D - $2,730.70 Handledd - $2,048.02 Event #10: $100 No Limit Hold‘em 1R1A ($20,000 Guaranteed) 139 entries (94 rebuys, 24 add-ons), $23,592.60 paying to 18 places ShrimplyPibs - $5,426.37 BBQbill7 - $3,774.81 OldmoneyD - $2,866.50 Coles93 - $2,123.33 Chr0meKing - $1,415.55 Shadyrant04 - $1,179.63 Cjdstable123 - $9,43.70 CReinhold - $770.77 ForTheThr1ll - $589.81 Event #11: $300 No Limit Hold‘em Heads-Up, CAP 128 ($20,000 Guaranteed) 87 entries, $24,360 paying to 8 places Ken Kratz - $8,526 Superflu0us1 - $4,872 T1111111111M - $2,436 chipperrrrr - $2,436 BOnEheAd109- $1,522.50 TeethOfBags - $1,522.50 Moose4life - $1,522.50 hagz2richez - $1,522.50 Event #14: $500 Eight-Game Six Max ($20,000 guaranteed) 42 entries (7 reentries), $20,000 paid to 5 places Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo - $8,000 mrblonde2020 - $5,400 supadphat - $3,000 FunkyJesus - $2,000 loxonbagel - $1,600 Event #18: No Limit Hold‘em Deepstack Eight Max ($15,000 Guaranteed) 250 entries (73 re-entries), $22,950 paying to 32 places Gate4Tray - $4647.42 BigAl07094 - $3557.25 Tclark828 - $2639.25 Heart Tree - $1950.75 Chris31488 - $1262.25 eliozica - $1032.75 T1111111111M - $803.25 Brikhappy - $631.12
  3. [caption width="640"] The PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Takes Over the New Jersey ONline Poker scene for the next 16 days.[/caption] The PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker is going to fill up the calendars of New Jersey online poker players over the next couple of weeks. NJCOOP runs October 15 - 31 and includes a total of 43 events and a total of $1.2 million in guaranteed prize pools. This marks the second COOP series to run in New Jersey. The first was in May when the New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker had 52 events spread across two weeks. NJCOOP Schedule HighlightsEverything gets underway Saturday, October 15 with two warm-up events and then gets real on Sunday, October 16 with five events in one day. The marquee event that day is the $250 buy-in Sunday Special Special Edition which comes with a $100,000 guarantee. Just six of the 43 events on the schedule are Pot Limit Omaha, but the tournaments offered should offer enough value to keep the biggest PLO junkie happy. The first PLO event is Event #6, on Tuesday, October 6, and the $100 buy-in tournament has a $15,000 guarantee. There is also a $100 buy-in PLO Heads Up event on Wednesday, October 26. The second event on the calendar that comes with a six-figure guarantee is Event #28, the $1,000 buy-in Six Max High Roller. That goes Tuesday, October 25 at 6 pm. And that’s just a prelude to the Main Event. Sign-up now for PokerStarsNJ.com and get a free NBA Swingman jersey. Details here.NJCOOP Main EventThe $500 buy-in Main Event is set to run over two days beginning Saturday, October 30 and it comes with the biggest guarantee of all, $200,000. The Saturday start is designed to allow more recreational players who would otherwise be working on Monday the chance to play the two-day event without fear of having to make arrangements on Day 2. For comparison, the Main Event of the first event PokerStarsNJ Spring Championship of Online Poker last May had a buy-in of $500 and a $200,000 guarantee and drew 392 players to just meet out on the guarantee. The LeaderboardIt wouldn’t be a PokerStars COOP series without a leaderboard. Players who finish in the top 15 for the NJCOOP Leaderboard will earn their share of $10,000 in tournament dollars, with the best performer earning T$2,000. 2016 PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Schedule Start TimeEvent #TournamentGuarantee Saturday, October 15 6:00 PM1$100 Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up$15,000 8:00 PM2$200 NL Hold'em (Turbo) - NJCOOP Warm-Up$10,000 Sunday, October 16 3:30 PM3$150 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super KO)$30,000 5:00 PM4$250 Sunday Special SE$100,000 7:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1A)$50,000 8:00 PM6$100 PL Omaha (8-max)$15,000 10:00 PM7$150 Sunday SuperSonic SE (Hyper)$15,000 Monday, October 17 6:30 PM8$100 NL Hold'em (Speed-Down)$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1B)$50,000 8:00 PM9$500 PL Omaha High Roller (6-max)$30,000 Tuesday, October 18 6:30 PM10$100 NL Hold'em 1R1A$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1C)$50,000 8:30 PM11$300 NL Hold'em (Heads-Up)$20,000 Wednesday, October 19R] 6:30 PM12$100 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super-KO)$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1D)$50,000 8:00 PM13$200 Limit Hold'em (6-max)$10,000 Thursday, October 20 6:30 PM14$500 8-Game (6-max)$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1E)$50,000 8:00 PM15$50+R NL Hold'em$20,000 Friday, October 21 7:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1F)$50,000 8:00 PM16$200 TRiple Stud$10,000 9:30 PM17$50+R NL Hold'em (3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy)$7,500 Saturday, October 22 5:00 PM18$100 NL Hold'em (Deepstack, 8-max)$15,000 7:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1G)$50,000 8:00 PM19$200 NL Hold'em (Ante-Up)$10,000 Sunday, October 23 2:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1H)$50,000 3:30 PM20$100 Mixed NLHE/PLO (6-max)$15,000 5:00 PM21$350 Sunday Special SE$75,000 7:00 PM22$200 NL Hold'em (Progressive SuperKO)$35,000 8:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 2)$50,000 9:00 PM23$100 NL Hold'em (Shootout, 6-Max, Turbo)$10,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1A)$35,000 Monday, October 24 6:00 PM25$300 NL Hold'em (4-max)$30,000 8:00 PM26$75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo (Rebuy, 8-max)$10,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1B)$35,000 Tuesday, October 25 6:00 PM27$150 NL Hold'em (1R1A)$25,000 7:00 PM28$1,000 NL Hold'em (High Roller, 6-max)$100,000 8:00 PM29$100 FL Omaha Hi/Lo (8-max)$5,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1C)$35,000 Wednesday, October 26 6:00 PM30$25+R NL Hold'em (Rebuy)$20,000 8:00 PM31$100 PL Omaha HU$5,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1D)$35,000 Thursday, October 27 6:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1E, Turbo)$35,000 7:30 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1A)$50,000 8:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 2)$35,000 8:00 PM33$50+R PL Omaha (6-Max, Rebuy)$10,000 9:00 PM34$150 NL Hold'em (Turbo)$20,000 Friday, October 28 7:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1B)$50,000 8:00 PM35$100 PL 5-Card Omaha (8-max)$7,500 9:00 PM36$200 NL Hold'em (Deep, Hyper)$15,000 Saturday, October 29 6:00 PM37$300 NL Hold'em (6-max)$30,000 7:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1C)$50,000 9:00 PM38$75 NL Hold'em (Zoom)$15,000 Sunday, October 30 2:00 PM39$100 NL Hold'em (Big Antes)$15,000 5:00 PM40$500 NL Hold'em Main Event (Day 1)$200,000 7:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1D)$50,000 8:00 PM41$15+R NL Hold'em (6-max, Turbo, Rebuy)$10,000 10:00 PM42$75 Sunday Supersonic SE (Hyper)$10,000 Monday, October 31 6:00 PM40$500 NL Hold'em Main Event (Day 2)$200,000 6:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1E, Turbo)$50,000 8:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 2)$50,000 9:00 PM43$150 NL Hold'em (Deep-Hyper, 6-Max)$15,000
  4. [caption width="640"] The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker runs for 16 days in October.[/caption] While the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker winds down for the site’s global player base, New Jersey poker players will soon have a championship tournament series of their own to look forward to. The Isle of Man-based gaming giant announced the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, which plays out from October 15-31 and feature 43 events with buy-ins ranging from $15 to $1,000. The 16-day series, which is only available to players physically located in New Jersey, culminates with the $500 buy-in, $200,000 No Limit Hold‘em Main Event on October 30-31. PokerStars bills NJCOOP as New Jersey’s richest ever online poker tournament series, and highlights the event as proof of its commitment to growing online poker in the Garden State. The schedule features an array of poker variants, including Pot Limit Omaha, Eight Game and Triple Stud, to be played in a variety of structures and formats. Players can also look forward to a $100,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold‘em High Roller event with a $1,000 buy-in, and a PLO High Roller tournament with a $500 entry fee. Team PokerStars Pro and poker streaming pioneer Jason Somerville played several events in this year’s WCOOP while outside the US and broadcast all of his play on his popular Twitch channel. For NJCOOP he will be back in New Jersey hoping to win even more cash during some of his marathon streams. “I’m so excited that PokerStars is bringing the Championship of Online Poker to New Jersey,” Somerville said. “It’s great that players in the region can experience playing in this prestigious festival and the buzz that comes with chasing big prize money and major tournament titles. I’m looking forward to playing and streaming NJCOOP on Twitch in my hunt to win a title in its debut year.” Daily online qualifiers to all NJCOOP events are already running on PokerStarsNJ.com, with satellite tournaments to the larger buy-in event starting at just $1. Players can also take part in special $2.50 Spin & Go tournaments from September 26 to October 30, which award $500 Main Event tickets and cash prizes. Player of the Series Leaderboard Top performers at this year’s NJCOOP can win even more cash and prizes through the Player of the Series Leaderboard. Up to $10,000 in prizes will be given away to the site’s most consistently successful players, with the overall winner taking home $2,000 in tournament dollars. What’s more, PokerStars is also giving NJCOOP players the opportunity to win one of 20 PokerStars Festival New Jersey 2016 Main Event seats worth $1,100. Players who take part in the five NJCOOP events below will be entered into an All-in Shootout freeroll the following day to try and win their seat. 01 $100 Nightly Stars 04 $250 Sunday Special SE 08 $100 NL Hold'em [Speed-Down] 12 $100 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-KO] 21 $350 Sunday Special SE
  5. [caption width="640"] Jesse 'No_Xcape' Elliott has NJCOOP in his rearview mirror as he chases down the PokerStars Festival New Jersey Main Event title[/caption] Earlier this week Jesse ‘No_Xcape’ Elliott, the #10-ranked online poker player in New Jersey, thought he had put the exclamation point on an impressive run of poker when he took down the first ever PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Main Event for $38,380. Eight days before that he won his first NJCOOP title when he won the $350 buy-in Sunday Special Special Edition for $19,299. Sandwiched in between those two wins were two other NJCOOP final tables; an eighth place finish and a third place that came after a chop. The rarity of putting up two big wins in such a short time span isn’t lost on Elliott. “What can I say? Back to back? What are the chances of that happening? And in one of the biggest weekends in New Jersey online poker history,” said Elliott. “To win a $100K and a $200K (guarantee) and then chop (another one) and get to play it out with Chris Moneymaker? That doesn’t happen.” While the two wins were great for the bankroll and a real confidence booster, Elliott looks back at the one he chopped and has some regrets - something he chalks up to not having a killer instinct because of a moral dilemma poker gives him. “I ended up getting screwed on the deal. I chopped for third place money by like two bucks. I should have won it,” said Elliott. “Sometimes I’m too nice and chop instead, because poker is kind of weird for me because I don’t like taking other people’s money but that’s the nature of what you have to do, to hurt, to beat them. It’s kind of like a Catch 22 for me.” Now he’s on to Day 3 of the PokerStars Festival New Jersey with just 23 players remaining. He’s got the fifth shortest stack after losing a big pot late on Day 2, but considering it’s an event he almost didn’t play for a couple of reason, having a shot at the $38,220 first place prize money is basically a bonus. “I almost didn’t come but the two wins and then I told my buddy Justin ‘pocketprofits’ Wong ‘If I win big money (Tuesday night) I have to go. I have to ride it out’ and I chopped the Borgata $10K so here we are,” said Elliott. That’s right, a day after winning nearly $40K in the NJCOOP Main Event he posted another big score online and that’s when he decided to make the one hour drive from his home in Sewell, NJ to play the $1,000 buy-in PokerStars Festival Main Event. There’s also another reason he almost didn’t bother to come to Atlantic City this week. His three year old daughter, one of three kids, isn’t a big fan of daddy leaving the house to work. “I almost didn’t even come to this because I hate it when she says ‘Daddy stay”. and I say I gotta go to work. ‘Oh, okay, I’ll go up to work with you in the office”’, because she’ll lay on the floor while i’m playing online,” said Elliott. “Me and her are inseparable because I had a really rough upbringing with my father, so I try to over the top with stuff like that.” The NJCOOP Main Event win almost didn’t happen for a couple of reasons. The two-day event started on Sunday, the same day as partypoker was having massive geolocation issues right at the height of its Garden State Super Series Main Event. Elliott was playing that too but just like a number of players that kept getting disconnected from the party software. “Because of what was going on with Party/Borgata that day, I was actually blinding out of the (PokerStars) Main because I kept restarting my computer, thinking that the geo-problem was on my end,” said Elliott. “And I thought it was weird because it wasn’t happening on Stars but it was happening on Party, so I kept restarting. I restarted twice and I lost like 7,000 in the Main on Stars.” That was on his second entry in the event, which also almost didn’t happen. “I actually satellited twice, thankfully, into the Main through PokerStars. If I didn’t get that second satellite win and have the 500 tournament dollars sitting there, I don’t know if I would have re-bought,” said Elliott. “I do this for a living, I know it’s a huge prizepool, but I have a mortgage. You have to protect your money or you’re going to be gone. You hear horror stories of a lot of these guys going busto. I have three kids. But thank god I won that second one or that would have been a $38,000 mistake.”
  6. [caption width="650"] David 'dehhhhh' Coleman regained the top spot in New Jersey with NJCOOP underway.[/caption] Following a few months away from the top of the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings, David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman is back into first place. With theNew Jersey Championship of Online Poker off and running in the garden state, Coleman could add more points to his lead before the end of October. Coleman played his share of live tournaments during the Borgata Poker Open but when he hit the online streets, he won 13 tournaments. The largest win for Coleman came in the PokerStarsNJ Sunday Special on September 17, where he won $10,460. He’s in first place no longer but Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon still had a productive month. Kwon won three events and reached the podium a few additional times. Already in October, Kwon has a NJCOOP title in Event #6 ($100 PLO Eight Max) For the second straight month, Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo and John ‘Selurznug’ Cosgrove are in third and fourth place, respectively. Lupo came away with two wins, including a win in the first event of NJCOOP ($100 Nightly Stars) for $5,645. Cosgrove picked up 10 wins and pushed his online tournament earnings to over $500,000. The theme of consistency held true with Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg finishing up September in fifth place. Lavenburg cashed only twice but made the most of it with a win in the partypokerNJ Sunday $40,000 guaranteed worth $9,080. Jumping up from #12 to #6 was Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano. The majority of Gagliano’s cashes came in Sunday High Roller events where he picked up five qualifying cashes for just over 523 PLB points. Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger falls one spot in the rankings to 7th place. Danger won 14 events and is on the verge of reaching $1,400,000 in career earnings.
  7. [caption width="640"] Online poker players in New Jersey should be making plans for NJCOOP in early October.[/caption] Just as soon PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker is wrapping up, the world’s largest online poker site is all set to fire up a new poker series and this time...it's all for you, New Jersey. The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker returns September 30 - October 16 and they are bringing with it an all-encompassing 46-events spread out over 17 days and $1.2 million in guarantees. The New Jersey series, like the WCOOP before it, aims to provide a variety of tournaments to suit every type of poker enthusiast. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of No Limit Hold’em, but also plenty of poker variants are spread throughout the schedule. Pot Limit Omaha, Triple Stud, Eight Game Mixed and Limit Hold’em all have NJCOOP titles up for grabs. Additionally, all of the popular formats are blended into the mix as well - Progressive KO, Six Max, Turbos, Hypers and Deepstack - so no matter what you enjoy, there’s a title on the line for you to take a shot at. The buy-ins for the championship series range from $50 up to the $1,000 High Roller. While you can, of course, buy your way directly into any contest you choose, there are plenty of satellites to help you punch your ticket for less. Standard satellites, which you can jump into right now, start for as little as $1. PokerStars is also offering special edition $4 Spin & Go’s where you could find yourself awarded entry to the $500 NJCOOP Main Event on October 15. Members of Team PokerStars are also planning on being out in force to support the Garden State. According to PokerStars, Chris Moneymaker, Jason Somerville, Jennifer Shahade and one of the newest Team PokerStars Online Pros, Jeff Gross, are all set to jump in the action. Look for both Somerville and Gross to stream much of the action on Twitch. NJCOOP will also include daily Second Chance Freerolls. Players who don't make the money in any given tournament are going to get a little something extra to pick their spirits up. In any NJCOOP tournament when a player fails to cash, that will get awarded an entry into the daily Second Chance Freeroll which awards tickets into satellites or even direct entry into another NJCOOP event. While there will be plenty of money to be won online, PokerStars will be doubling down in New Jersey in October when they run the PokerStars MEGASTACK mini-series at the Resorts Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City. From October 6-8, PokerStars is putting on a pair of live No Limit Hold'em tournaments (the $220 Sunday Special and the $120 Cheap And Deep) that, combined, will have $120,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Whether you play poker online, live or both PokerStars is bringing the action to NJ and all you need to do in order to participate is simply find yourself located in New Jersey. Start DateStart Time (ET)Event #TournamentGuaranteed Prize Pool 9/3018:0001$100 Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up$20,000 9/3020:0002$200 NL Hold'em [Turbo] - NJCOOP Warm-Up$10,000 10/114:0003$200 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super KO]$30,000 10/115:3004$150 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-max]$25,000 10/117:0005$250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE]$85,000 10/120:0006$100 PL Omaha [8-max]$15,000 10/122:0007$150 Sunday SuperSonic SE [Hyper]$15,000 10/218:3008$100 NL Hold'em [Speed-Down]$20,000 10/220:0009$75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-max]$15,000 10/319:0010$250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]$30,000 10/320:0011$300 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up]$20,000 10/321:3012$100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush]$10,000 10/418:3013$100 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-KO]$20,000 10/420:0014$200 Limit Hold'em [6-max]$10,000 10/518:3015$300 8-Game [6-max]$10,000 10/520:0016$50+R NL Hold'em$20,000 10/521:3017$100 NL Hold'em [Turbo]$10,000 10/620:0018$200 Triple Stud$10,000 10/621:3019$50+R NL Hold'em [3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy]$10,000 10/717:0020$100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-max]$20,000 10/720:0021$200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack, Turbo]$15,000 10/814:0022$100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-max]$15,000 10/815:3023$150 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$20,000 10/817:0024$350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE]$80,000 10/819:0025$200 NL Hold'em [Progressive SuperKO]$35,000 10/821:0026$100 NL Hold'em - No Late Reg! [Shootout, 6-max, Turbo, CAP 216]$10,000 10/918:0027$300 NL Hold'em [4-max]$40,000 10/920:0028$500 PL Omaha [High Roller, 6-max]$30,000 10/1018:0029$150 NL Hold'em [1R1A]$20,000 10/1019:0030$1,000 NL Hold'em [High Roller]$80,000 10/1020:0031$100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-max]$10,000 10/1118:0032$25+R NL Hold'em [Rebuy]$15,000 10/1119:0033$200 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$20,000 10/1220:0034$50+R PL Omaha [6-Max, Rebuy]$10,000 10/1221:0035$150 NL Hold'em [Turbo]$20,000 10/1320:0036$100 PL 5-Card Omaha [8-max]$10,000 10/1321:0037$200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper]$15,000 10/1418:0038$300 NL Hold'em [6-max]$30,000 10/1421:0039$75 NL Hold'em [Zoom]$15,000 10/1514:0040$100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes]$15,000 10/1517:0041$500 NL Hold'em Main Event [Day 1]$200,000 10/1518:0042$50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure]$35,000 10/1520:0043$100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$15,000 10/1522:0044$75 NL Hold'em Sunday Supersonic SE [Hyper]$15,000 10/1619:0041$500 NL Hold'em Main Event [Day 2]$200,000 10/1619:0045$150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up]$20,000 10/1621:0046$100 NL Hold'em [Deep-Hyper, 6-Max]$10,000
  8. [caption width="640"] Dan DiZenzo rose above the rest of New Jersey to close out NJCOOP with a win in the main event. (Borgata photo)[/caption] The PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker series wrapped up on Monday with the last of $1,200,000 in guarantees handed out. A total of 46 events made it onto the NJCOOP calendar with the $200,000 guaranteed Main Event bringing in 420 entries, leaving a slight overlay. Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo emerged victorious Monday night to win the $36,015 first place prize. The Main Event field was filled with PocketFivers and other notable players who made deep runs. Ryan ‘ACpoker027’ Lee finished runner-up and 2017 World Series Of Poker Colossus Champion Thomas ‘PompYouUp’ Pomponio took seventh. Two former World Series of Poker Main Event winners cashed as well with Scott Blumstein and Chris Moneymaker both earning a payday. Moneymaker also earned a win in Event #28 ($500 Pot Limit Omaha) and collected $9,000, beating Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano heads up. The NJCOOP Main Event was not the highest buy-in event on the schedule with a $1,000 Six Max that carried an $80,000 guaranteed taking that honor. This event had a small overlay as well and ended in a three-way deal. The only PocketFiver to finish in the deal was Greg ‘MissAnnthr0pe’ Donatelli, who earned $15,000 for his eventual third place finish. David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman took fifth place along with $5,600. Coleman recently moved back into the #1 spot in the New Jersey rankings at the start of October and picked up nine cashes during the NJCOOP series. The month isn’t quite over yet and for now, Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon is in first place in New Jersey. Kwon put in a tremendous volume during the series and came away with 21 cashes. Two of those cashes were wins and Kwon picked up victories on both October 8 and 9. He won Event 25 ($200 Progressive KO) for $5,245 along with nearly $1,872 in bounties. Kwon followed that win up by taking down Event 27 ($300 4-Max) for $15,426 more. There was movement at the bottom of the NJ Online Rankings top 10 on PocketFives with Keith ‘donnysack’ Donovan moving back in after a few months out and ‘senorstinks’ climbing up to #8. Donovan cashed six times in NJCOOP highlighted by his win in Event #14 ($200 Limit Hold’em 6-Max) where he won $4,156. Other PocketFivers who picked up wins include 'OceansO7' in Event #5 ($85,000 guaranteed Sunday Special SE) for $15,904, Chris ‘zootsuit101’ Bilinsky in Event 10 ($30,000 guaranteed Super Tuesday SE) to win $8,980, and Andrew ‘mergulas’ Glauberg in Event #11 ($300 Heads Up), who earned $6,000. The BorgataPoker.com Garden State Super Series is underway and runs through October 22. That series combined with the rest of the standard PokerStarsNJ schedule will have plenty of say in how the rankings pan out once November hits.
  9. [caption width="640"] Matt 'papamat25' Iles remembers the days of Americans playing in major online series as he takes part in New Jersey's NJCOOP(Borgata photo)[/caption] The New Jersey online poker community is immersed in the PokerStarsNJ NJCOOP series which wraps up next Monday. The series is the largest in the state and one of the few that run during the year. Matt ‘papamat25’ Iles is a PocketFives veteran dating back to 2007, who has had his fair share of battles in the former days of worldwide online series like PokerStars WCOOP. His lifetime online earnings of $3.4 million are an indicator of just how much volume Iles put in before Black Friday left him able to play only in his home state. Iles enjoys the convenience of being able to log on from his home but misses the online life he once had. There is a substantial difference between the community he used to play against and what he faces in New Jersey and Iles tries to take advantage of his experience every chance he gets. “NJ online poker is fairly different from ROW online poker. The overall level of play is very different and I think that NJ is much softer than ROW,” Iles said. “I think that has a lot to do with the U.S. being affected by Black Friday. ROW players were able to continue playing poker online at the highest of levels while the U.S. was in a blackout period that lasted for many years.” In recent weeks, Iles has moved into the top 10 of the New Jersey Online Rankings, and climbed into the top 250 all-time in tournament earnings on PocketFives. The NJCOOP Main Event starts on Sunday and Iles’s series so far includes a respectable five cashes. One of the largest scores of Iles’s career came in the Full Tilt Poker Online Series (FTOPS) in 2010 when he binked for $84,000. The NJCOOP Main Event holds a guarantee of $200,000. Iles won’t win that much money should he come out on top this weekend and has a fond perspective on the days when he would play for large sums on a daily basis. “I think my favorite memory would clearly have to be my win in an FTOPS. It is one of my biggest wins to date,” Iles said. “l also really enjoyed rooting for close friends deep in those events as they had the opportunity to have a life-changing score. The team competitions back then were also significantly larger and more intense due to the larger pool of players.” Iles still gets the itch to go play larger series when they are available. When he sees players post on social media about them, Iles is tempted to book a flight and head to a new grind destination. Iles prefers not to log the miles anymore and stay home instead where he has softer games available to him. When he did travel, Iles remarks that seeing what players across the world were doing helped him to stay sharp with his own game and that has carried over to his success in New Jersey. There is the potential for other states to regulate online poker in the near future and should that day come, Iles is on the fence about what the next step in his poker career might hold. “I will always keep every option open when it comes to my poker career. If another state offers better games i would definitely consider moving even if it was temporary. I will say, though, it is very nice to have online poker available in my home state.” When the NJCOOP Main Event kicks off on Sunday, New Jersey’s best will be in the field to take down the most prestigious online title in the state. Iles will be among them as he attempts to add another piece of online glory to his successful career.
  10. [caption width="640"] Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon is back to #1 in New Jersey following a peak-performance NJCOOP. (Will OC photo)[/caption] Two major series played out in New Jersey in October, leading to major shifts within the New Jersey Online Poker Rankings. The battle for #1 in the state continues to be feisty with Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon usurping David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman for this month. Kwon had a stellar series during PokerStars NJCOOP and walked away with an astounding 21 cashes from the 46 events on the schedule. The largest of those scores came in Event #27 ($300 Four Max) where Kwon took first place and $15,462. The win also marks the largest cash of Kwon’s online career. Coleman earned nine cashes during NJCOOP and made two final tables. Overall, Coleman’s October featured eight wins and his career online earnings are over $800,000 as a result. #3-ranked Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo ended his October in style by winning the $40,000 guaranteed Ultimate Warrior on 888poker for $11,200. Overall, Lupo won nine tournaments including two NJCOOP victories. Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano climbed up from six to four with seven wins during the month. Gagliano made sure to make his victories as profitable as possible as the smallest first place amount he ended up with was $3,280 in the NJCOOP $10,000 guaranteed Bubble Rush event. Going from four to five is John ‘Selurznug’ Cosgrove. NJCOOP was bittersweet for Cosgrove as he finished second twice in the same night. The $25 rebuy and $20,000 guaranteed Win The Button event combined to ship him $6,600. At #6 is Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger, who found himself another productive month with 11 gold medals and two NJCOOP wins. Following up in the seven-hole is Freddy ‘BiggDaddy’ Ferrell. This month, Ferrell became the third player in NJ history to reach the $1,000,000 mark in career earnings. Ferrell joins Danger and Kwon as the most lucrative trio in the state’s history. Dropping from #5 to #8 is Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg, who did not record a single cash during October. It will be interesting to see what November holds for him. Coming back into the top-10 after some time out is Keith ‘donnysack’ Donovan. The rise of Donovan back among the upper echelon of New Jersey comes following an October that resulted in three wins. One of those wins came in the NJCOOP Limit Hold’em event, earning Donovan $4,156. The final member of this month’s rankings is Matt ‘papamat25’ Iles, who picked up a win in the PokerStarsNJ $12,000 guaranteed Nightly event to close out his month. New Jersey Online Poker Ranking Top 10 ykown17– 4,080.32 (+1) dehhhhh – 3,776.66 (-1) centrfieldr– 3,744.33 (-) Gags30 – 3,702.42 (+2) Selurznug – 3,269.89 (-1) Jermz – 3,115.26 (+1) BiggDaddy – 3,034.66 (+2) Lav519 – 2,905.02 (-3) donnysack – 2,852.71 NR) papmat25– 2,841.48 (-2) Dropped Out of Top 10 – RedsoxNets5 Just Missed – Mergulas (#11), JohnnnyDrama (#12), senor stinks (#13)
  11. [caption width="641"] Freddy 'BiggDaddy' Ferrell continues to be a force on the NJ online poker scene (WSOP photo)[/caption] In the relatively brief history of New Jersey online poker, only three players can lay claim to tournament winnings in excess of $1 million within the state’s borders. On October 16, Freddy ‘BiggDaddy’ Ferrell became the third member of that club joining Jeremy ‘Jermz’ Danger and Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon. A staple of the NJ community and perennially a part of the New Jersey rankings, Ferrell’s accomplishment is a testament to the hours he has put in to better his game. When online poker first became regulated in New Jersey, Ferrell used online poker as a way to earn supplemental income and recognizes his achievement is one that didn’t happen overnight. “Over time, when the money started flowing in consistently, it was a reality check that I can really better results living. As for the million dollar badge, it just means that I play a high amount of volume of poker and the more time that you put into this game you will have better results,” Ferrell said. Prior to the start of the recently finished NJCOOP series on PokerStarsNJ, Ferrell realized he was about $100,000 short of reaching the seven-figure mark. Ferrell says the milestone was not a major target for him but he is pleased with the manner in which achieved it, even though it meant not winning a tournament that night. “The cash that made me go over the milly mark was the partypokerNJ GSSS Fall '17 #2 - $50,000 GTD NLH High Roller that I came in 2nd which was pretty cool. It would have been sweeter if I got the win, but I am happy with my performance and the result. Every day business now. Now that I reached that goal it is time for bigger and better goals.” Ferrell picked up $8,750 for second place and marked off his 10th top-three finish of the month. He says he didn’t do anything specific to celebrate the achievement and feels blessed to not have to “Wake up miserable like the people who have real jobs and hate what they do.” The game of poker is a profession for Ferrell but he still immensely enjoys the chance to play it as his primary means of a living, which differs from when he first started in 2013. “When I look at poker now I see it as a fun game that you can win a lot of money playing,” Ferrell said. “I do not look at poker the same way as I did a few years ago. I used to want to just make extra money, now I want to make all the money and be happy and get to do what I love every day of my life.” In terms of future players reaching the $1 million mark in New Jersey, Ferrell thinks there will be more who will soon break the barrier, provided they have the patience to put in the necessary hours. With the recent announcement of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada agreeing to merge player pools, grinders like Ferrell will have more money to play for in the coming months. Ferrell is not as excited about the prospect as some would expect as he says tougher players will inevitably be in the fields now, but he does look forward to larger guarantees on Sundays. For the next few months, Ferrell will continue to battle against the players in New Jersey and has a clear mindset about where poker stands in his life. “The grind is super real for the time being and poker is life.”
  12. It's time for another major tournament series in the Garden State. The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker returns to PokerStarsNJ from September 29 to October 15. The online series stretches over 18 days and features 47 different events with $1.5 million total guaranteed prize pool. NJCOOP offers a wide variety of tournaments with buy-ins that range from $25 up to the $1,000 No Limit Hold'em High Roller. Platinum Passes “I’m looking forward to playing and streaming another great online tournament series in New Jersey with over $1 million in guaranteed prize pools, hoping the recent success from NJSCOOP continues into this tournament series,” said Chris Moneymaker. “The Main Event, as well as the $86 Moneymaker PSPC Tournament, is a great opportunity for New Jersey players to win big and get their hands on a $30,000 PokerStars Platinum Pass.” PokerStars will be awarding three Platinum Passes to their upcoming PokerStars Poker Players Championship. For the initiated, the Platinum Pass covers the $25,000 buy-in to what is likely to be the largest tournament of that size in history as well as an additional $5,000 to cover the expenses of traveling to the Bahamas, where the event will take place. There are three ways for players to get their hands on the pass. The first Platinum Pass will be awarded to the winner of the $86 Moneymaker Tour event which takes place on Sunday, September 30 online at PokerStarsNJ. On the back end of the NJCOOP schedule, two more passes will be handed out. One pass will be awarded to the winner of the ‘NJCOOP Main Event Entrants All-in Shootout’. This tournament will take place on October 16 at 8 pm ET. The champion of the 'NJCOOP Entrants All-In Shootout' will win the final $30K pass. This event begins an hour later on the same day at 9:00 pm ET. Continued Growth NJCOOP looks to expand on their successful 2017 campaign in 2018. PokerStars is adding another event to the schedule. Additionally, the total prize pool guarantee is getting a $300,000 boost above the $1.2 million that they promised in 2017. It was just last year that PocketFiver Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo took home the Main Event title by defeating a field of 420 runners in the $200,000 NJCOOP Main Event for a career-high payday of over $36,000. Finishing right behind him in second place was Ryan ‘ACpoker0271’ Lee who also banked a career-high cash, his being for just over $26,000. The 2017 series ended up with a total prize pool of $1.45 million. PokerStars is going to need plenty of qualifiers if they want to make sure they don’t have overlay this year. Plenty of Chances To Play Satellites for events will begin on September 18 with buy-ins starting as low as $1. They will also be running Second Chance Freerolls. When a player registers for an event during NJCOOP and bust outside of the money, they will automatically receive a ticket into the Second Chance Freeroll. The freeroll awards tickets into other NJCOOP events as well as tickets into satellites. The Second Chance Freerolls run just about every day from September 30 - October 15. NJCOOP is also a good time to reload. Players who deposit $50 or more before 6:59 pm ET on October 13 will receive a free ticket into the NJCOOP $10K Main Event Depositor freeroll. This tournament gives the top 20 players a $500 NJCOOP Main Event entry. EVENT # TOURNAMENT DATE TIME GTD 1 $100 NL Hold'em (Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up) Sept. 29 6:00 PM $20,000 2 $200 NL Hold'em (Turbo - NJCOOP Warm-Up) Sept. 29 8:00 PM $12,000 3 $200 NL Hold'em (Progressive SuperKO) Sept. 30 2:00 PM $22,000 4 $150 NL Hold'em (Deepstack, 8-Max) Sept. 30 3:30 PM $20,000 5 $250 NL Hold'em (Sunday Special SE) Sept. 30 5:00 PM $60,000 6 $86 Moneymaker Tour Event ($30K Platinum Pass ADDED) Sept. 30 7:00 PM $30,000 7 $100 PL Omaha (8-Max) Sept. 30 9:00 PM $10,000 8 $150 NL Hold'em (Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo) Sept. 30 10:00 PM $15,000 9 $100 NL Hold'em (Speed-Down) Oct. 1 6:30 PM $14,000 10 $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo (8-Max) Oct. 1 8:00 PM $12,000 11 $250 NL Hold'em (Super Tuesday SE) Oct. 2 7:00 PM $30,000 12 $150 NL Hold'em Escalating Antes Oct. 2 8:00 PM $15,000 13 $100 NL Hold'em (Bubble Rush) Oct. 2 9:30 PM $10,000 14 $100 NL Holdem (Progressive SuperKO) Oct. 3 6:30 PM $22,000 15 $200 FL Holdem (6-Max) Oct. 3 8:00 PM $10,000 16 $300 Eight-Game (6-Max) Oct. 4 6:30 PM $12,000 17 $50+R NL Hold'em Oct. 4 8:00 PM $18,000 18 $100 NL Hold'em (Turbo) Oct. 4 9:30 PM $12,000 19 $200 Triple Stud Oct. 5 8:00 PM $7,000 20 $50+R NL Hold'em (3-Max, Hyper-Turbo) Oct. 5 9:30 PM $8,000 21 $100 NL Hold'em (Deepstack, 8-Max) Oct. 6 5:00 PM $15,000 22 $200 NL Hold'em (Bigstack Turbo) Oct. 6 8:00 PM $15,000 23 $100 Mixed NLHE/PLO (6-Max) Oct. 7 2:00 PM $10,000 24 $150 NL Hold'em (Win the Button) Oct. 7 3:30 PM $18,000 25 $350 NL Hold'em (Sunday Special SE) Oct. 7 5:00 PM $70,000 26 $200 NL Hold'em (Progressive SuperKO) Oct. 7 7:00 PM $35,000 27 $100 NL Hold'em (Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo) Oct. 7 9:00 PM $10,000 28 $300 NL Hold'em (4-Max) Oct. 8 6:30 PM $30,000 29 $500 PL Omaha (High-Roller, 6-max) Oct. 8 8:00 PM $18,000 30 $150 NL Hold'em (1R1A) Oct. 9 6:30 PM $12,000 31 $1,000 NL Hold'em (High-Roller) Oct. 9 7:00 PM $50,000 32 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo (8-Max) Oct. 9 8:00 PM $8,000 33 $25+R NL Holdem Oct. 10 6:30 PM $10,000 34 $200 NL Hold'em (Win the Button) Oct. 10 7:00 PM $18,000 35 $50+R PL Omaha (6-Max) Oct. 11 6:30 PM $8,000 36 $150 NL Hold'em (Turbo) Oct. 11 9:00 PM $16,000 37 $100 PL 5-Card Omaha (8-Max) Oct. 12 8:00 PM $8,000 38 $200 NL Hold'em (Deep, Hyper-Turbo) Oct. 12 9:00 PM $10,000 39 $300 NL Hold'em (6-Max) Oct. 13 6:00 PM $25,000 40 $75 NL Hold'em (Zoom) Oct. 13 9:00 PM $12,000 41 $100 NL Hold'em (Big Antes) Oct. 14 2:00 PM $12,000 42 $500 NL Holdem (Main Event, 2-Day Event) Oct. 14 5:00 PM $150,000 43 $50 NL Hold'em (Main Event Structure) Oct. 14 6:00 PM $25,000 44 $100 NL Hold'em (Win the Button) Oct. 14 8:00 PM $15,000 45 $75 NL Hold'em (Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo) Oct. 14 10:00 PM $10,000 46 $150 NL Hold'em (Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up) Oct. 15 7:00 PM $22,000 47 $100 NL Hold'em (Deep, Hyper-Turbo, 6-Max) Oct. 15 9:00 PM $10,000
  13. On day four of the third annual PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, the schedule offered Garden State players another three tournaments and $55,000 in total guarantees. With the series in full swing, players logged on and registered to helped each tournament crush its guarantee and on Tuesday over $88,000 worth of NJCOOP prizes were paid out. ‘TGfor3’ took home the biggest prize of the day. A four-way deal was made at the final table of Event #11 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) securing each of the four no less than $6,000. The tournament registered 215 runners and built a prize pool of $50,095. In the end, it was ‘TGfor3’ that took home the title of NJCOOP champion and a $7,584.32 first place prize. Even after the deal, there was $750 left to be fought for and ‘TGfor3’ eventually won that amount as he finished off the tournament. Joining‘TGfor3’ in the endgame deal was ‘moevcars83’, who walked with $6,568.68 for second place. ‘HowieWelper’ officially took third place and earned $6,021.43. Then, in fourth place but earning better than third place money was ‘You Are Tim’ who received $6,384.01. The final table of Event #12 ($150 NLHE Escalating Antes) was packed with PocketFivers. This includes Event champion ‘ForTheThr1ll’ who outlasted the 169 player field for a payday of $4,663.66 for his third cash of the series. 'ForTheThr1ll', who goes by 'JohnnyDrama' on PocketFives is currently the #17-ranked player in the U.S. and has amassed over $1.2 million in lifetime earnings. His heads-up opponent was Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo who settled for just over $3,500 as the runner-up. It was DiZenzo's second NJCOOP final table in as many days, having taken third place in Event #10 on Monday. East Rutherford, NJ’s, ’Mc_Lovin1632’ finished the tournament in seventh place for $873.61. He is less than $400 away from surpassing $40,000 in total recorded online earnings. Jason ‘TiltedHard’ Lawhun fell in eighth place for $660.82. Then, wrapping up the final table was Michael ‘DellaBarca7’ DellaBarca in ninth place adding roughly $500 to his $135,000 in lifetime earnings. In the late tournament, ’sgahr’ pulled out the victory in Event #13 ($100 NLHE Bubble Rush) for $3,105.21 while 'thatjuice' finished as the runner-up for $2,366.55 Event #11 - $250 No Limit Hold'em Super Tuesday Entries: 215 Prize pool: $50,095 TGfor3 - $7,584.32* movecars83 - $6,568.68* HowieWelper - $6,021.43* You Are Tim - $6,384.01* JohnnyMania - $3,039.42 mennatime - $2,270.76 BurntBagels - $1,696.49 WhostolemyRR - $1,267.45 s3lfreliance - $946.92 Event #12 - $150 No Limit Hold'em Escalating Antes Entries: 169 Prize pool: $23,271.30 ForTheThr1ll - $4,663.66 R@zzleDazz1e - $3,527.58 supremetny - $2,668.37 s3lfreliance - $2,018.43 WolfOFbroadSt - $1,526.80 irunthis15 - $1,154.91 Mc_Lovin1632 - $873.61 TiltedHard - $660.82 DellaBarca7 - $499.86 Event #13 - $100 No Limit Hold'em Bubble Rush Entries: 168 Prize pool: $15,422.40 sgahr - $3,105.21 thatjuice - $2,366.55 ElmerHud - $1,803.66 JinxySkunk - $1,374.66 Fartotonics - $1,047.70 RunsDeep84 - $798.50 tsax20 - $608.58 FizzEdJohn - $463.83 asremb - $353.51  
  14. The opening days of the third annual PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker had one of the regions top-ranked players walking away with a $30,000 trip to the Bahamas. Anthony 'FlawlessBINK' Maio beat out 408 other players to win Event #6 ($86 Moneymaker Tour No Limit Hold'em) to win a $30,000 Platinum Pass which includes the $25,000 buy-in to the PokerStars Players Championship this January in the Bahamas. The runner-up in that event, 'LuieAnderson', had to settle for a $5,800.49 score while third-place finisher 'CrazyIKilla' earned $4,263.27. Sunday's biggest NJCOOP score went to 's3lfreliance' after topping the 285-player field in Event #5 ($250 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Special Special Edition). That win earned him $12,663.73. Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo banked $9,418.06 for finishing second and Alex 'Ajax624' Jim banked $7,004.41 for finishing third. The first non-Hold'em event on the schedule, Event #7 ($100 Pot Limit Omaha Eight Max) drew 146 players with 'solidluck' earning $2,915.24 for the win. Michael Gagliano picked up $3,622.71 and his first NJCOOP title of the year in Event #8 ($150 Hyper Turbo No Limit Hold'em Sunday SuperSonic Special Edition) by beating 'You Are Tim' heads up. Action kicked off Saturday with 'Bornagain118' winning Event #1 ($100 No Limit Hold'em) for $4,432.13. The opening event brought in 251 runners for a $23,041.80 prize pool. Maio finished seventh in that event for $759.97. '$gt. Tibbs' took down Event #2 ($200 Turbo No Limit Hold'em) for a $4,856.38 score. Second-place finisher '09123459' earned $3,656.66 while Lupo pocketed $2,753.36 for outlasting all but those two players in the 114-player field. Event #1 - $100 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 251 Prize pool: $23,041.80 Bornagain118 - $4,432.13 T1111111111M - $3,303.43 thewholefunk - $2,462.25 Big Chips79 - $1,835.26 Schwibbs - $1,367.93 MommaBluffsBIG - $1,019.60 FlawlessBINK - $759.97 BENN DOVERR - $566.45 GUUUULP - $422.21 Event #2 - $200 Turbo No Limit Hold'em Entries: 114 Prize pool: $21,204 $gt. Tibbs - $4,856.38 09123459 - $3,656.66 AvaGray - $2,753.36 MartinChatwn - $2,073.19 iFoldN0T - $1,561.05 HowieWelper - $1,175.42 roflmfao_wp - $885.06 thewholefunk - $666.42 Event #3 - $200 No Limit Hold'em Progressive KO Entries: 168 Prize pool: $31,248 T1111111111M - $3,613.65 BabyRaizer - $2,709.79 rosseg - $2,032.05 jimmyblingz - $1,523.82 Renorick1946 - $1,142.70 roflmfao_wp - $856.91 scamfest - $642.59 HowieWelper - $481.87 Cass N Hoes - $361.35 Event #4 - $150 Deepstack No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Entries: 207 Prize pool: $28,503.90 Gay4Tray - $5,772.29 scamfest - $4,418.10 JohnnyMania - $3,277.94 cl1ckinbtns - $2,422.83 NewJerseySux - $1,567.71 loosebad - $1,282.67 D.Drumpf - $997.63 RikNmorty - $783.85 Event #5 - $250 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Special Special Edition Entries: 285 Prize pool: $66,405 s3lfreliance - $12,663.73 AvaGray - $9,418.06 Ajax624 - $7,004.41 sonboi - $5,209.32 skeemer1 - $3,874.28 tsax20 - $2,881.38 martycohen - $2,142.94 OctoberSky23 - $1,593.75 iFoldN0T - $1,185.30 Event #6 - $86 Moneymaker Tour No Limit Hold'em Entries: 409 Prize pool: $62,004.25 FlawlessBINK - $30,000* LuieAnderson - $5,800.49 CrazyIKilla - $4,263.27 AvaGray - $3,133.65 gatorgrinds - $2,303.34 HankingArown - $1,693.04 NewJerseySux - $1,244.44 Schwibbs - $914.70 hagz2richez - $672.34 *Platinum Pass includes $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship buy-in and $5,000 for travel and accomodations. Event #7 - $100 Pot Limit Omaha Eight Max Entries: 146 Prize pool: $13,402.80 solidluck - $2,915.24 $gt. Tibbs - $2,077.43 cubsters - $1,608.33 MisAnnthr0pe - $1,139.23 OptCableGuy - $737.15 iFoldN0T - $603.12 HowieWelper - $469.09 Wsopboy1997 - $368.57 Event #8 - $150 Hyper Turbo No Limit Hold'em Sunday SuperSonic Special Edition Entries: 111 Prize pool: $15,817.50 J3tBl@ckP0pe - $3,622.71 You Are Tim - $2,727.75 Wsopboy1997 - $2,053.91 aad0906 - $1,546.53 thewholefunk - $1,164.49 T1111111111M - $876.83 FunkyJesus - $660.22 KoolerU - $497.13
  15. Chris 'Money800NJ' Moneymaker has done it again. The PokerStars ambassador has won yet another title during the third annual New Jersey Championship of Online Poker. Just one day after winning Event #14 ($100 NLHE Progressive KO) the man behind the “poker boom” was at it again. Moneymaker registered all three NJCOOP tournaments that took place on Thursday and made the final table of two of them - winning one outright. In Event #16 ($300 Eight Game Six Max) Moneymaker found himself heads-up with one of New Jersey’s hottest players, Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo. DiZenzo had been crushing NJCOOP tournaments, having made the final table three times in the previous three days. On Wednesday, when Moneymaker won his first NJCOOP title, DiZenzo did as well. When the two went head to head though, it was the WSOP Main Event Champion that came out on top. Moneymaker bested the 66 player field and won $5,544 for his effort. DiZenzo added another top-three NJCOOP finished to his 2018 resume and earned $3,696.00. It was the second day in a row that Moneymaker has won the largest cash prize of the day. Joining the pair at the final table was Brian ‘Wsopboy1997’ Sherrier who finished in fourth place for $1,386 for his sixth cash of the series. Moneymaker wasn’t quite done for the evening. In Event #17 ($50+R NLHE) he fought his way to another final table. In the early morning hours on the East Coast, the final five players battled it out but Moneymaker couldn’t make it a double victory day. He fell in fourth place for $1,678.95. When the tournament got heads-up the final two players, ‘IllbILLYmAC’ and Ryan ‘hagz2richez’ Hagerty agreed on a chop. There was $450 left to play for and it was Hagerty that came from behind to pull out the win, adding $3,768.96 to his bankroll and the NJCOOP title to his accomplishments. Although he took a larger sum in the chop, ‘IllbILLYmAC’ settled for second place and $3,506.55. PocketFiver Jason ‘jayriv’ Rivkin felted ‘SaucyPaws’ in heads-up play in order to take the title in Event #18 ($100 NLHE Turbo). The late tournament brought in 153 runners and posted a prize pool of $14,045.40. Rivkin took home the lions share with his $2,911.46 first place score. It was his second NJCOOP cash of the day as he finished in ninth place in Event #16 for $739.20. ‘SaucyPaws’ battled back to even the chip counts after being at a huge deficit, but eventually ran his top pair into Rivkin’s two pair for the final hand of the tournament. ‘SaucyPaws’ settles for $2,218.79 A pair of PocketFivers joined Rivkin at the final table as ‘D.Drumpf’ battled his way to sixth place for $748.54 and ‘bub242’ fell in eighth for $434.77, his second cash of the series. Event #16 - $300 Eight Game 6-Max Entries: 66 Prize pool: $18,480 Money800NJ - $5,544.00 R@zzleDazz1e - $3,696.00 CrazyKilla - $2,772.00 Pokeher299 - $1,848.00 Wsopboy1997 - $1,386.00 loosebad - $1,016.40 Event #17 - $50+R No Limit Hold'em Entries: 139 Prize pool: $18,655 hags2richez - $3,768.96 IllblLLYmAC - $3,506.55 gdtrfb62 - $2,266.58 Money800NJ - $1,678.95 MisAnnthr0pe - $1,119.30 mocbel - $932.75 WhostolemyRR - $746.20 ForTheThr1ll - $559.65 mmenz08816 - $466.37
  16. The third annual PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker continued on Friday evening with another pair of tournaments and over $15,000 up for grabs. The first event on the schedule was Event #19 ($200 Triple Stud) with a $7,000 guarantee. The Friday night field was a bit exclusive, with only 45 players registering, but that was good enough to beat the posted guarantee. And without Chris ‘Money800NJ’ Moneymaker in the field this evening, it would be sure that someone else would be given an opportunity to take home a NJCOOP title. That player was Matthew ‘MattEMenz’ Mendez from Sicklerville, NJ. Mendez earned $3,096.90 for the victory and added it to his over $775,000 in lifetime career earnings. ‘AxyAnderson’ finished in second for $2,092.50 and PocketFiver Ted ’TobogganM.D.’ Ely survived the bubble but busted in sixth place for $460.35. In the late tournament, Event #20 ($50+R NLHE 3-Max Hyper Turbo), 64 players mixed it up to battle over the $8,000 prize pool. Only three players made the final table and it was ‘Highlightttt’ that took down the tournament. He earned $3,098.03 for first place, which was good for the largest single NJCOOP payday of the day. He also claimed to draw a little inspiration from Moneymaker himself. The runner-up in Event #20 was Anthony ‘FlawlessBINK’ Maio. Maio added another $1,988.21 to his bankroll and inched ever closer to $3 million in career lifetime online earnings, currently sitting less than $7,000 shy of the mark. It was Maio’s third cash of the series, second to his headline victory in Event #6 which earned him a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the PSPC. Yong ‘iFoldN0T’ Kwon was the third member of the final table, taking home $1,275.98 for his seventh cash of the series. In total, Kwon has earned just over $4,000 of the course of the series. Event #19 - $200 Triple Stud Entries: 45 Prize pool: $8,370 MattEMenz - $3,096.90 AxyAnderson - $2,092.50 EdgyEddie - $1,255.50 WhostolemyRR - $837.00 ABRTVAHK - $627.75 TobogganM.D. - $460.35 Event #20 - $50+R NLHE Three Max Turbo Entries: 64 Prize pool: $8,000 Highlightttt - $3,098.03 FlawlessBINK - $1,988.21 iFoldN0T - $1,275.98
  17. Wednesday saw one of PokerStars’ biggest names take down a title in the third annual New Jersey Championship of Online Poker. Main Event winner and the man who started the poker boom, Chris ‘Money800NJ’ Moneymaker, was online and grinding NJCOOP on Wednesday. Moneymaker battled through the 242 runners in Event #14 ($100 NLHE Progressive KO) to the victory taking home the largest cash prize of the day with his first place prize of $2,139.88 combined with his bounty haul of $2,896.24 for a total of $5,036.12. Moneymaker was in New Jersey while still on his coast-to-coast Moneymaker PSPC Tour. The tour offers players the chance to play with the PokerStars ambassador in a $86 buy-in event with the winner earning themselves a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the $25,000 PSPC which will take place during the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Earlier during NJCOOP, East Coast grinder Anthony Maio won his way to the Bahamas the event by winning Event #6. This week, the live tour stops at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut from October 4-7 where yet another player will win their way into what is expected to be the largest High Roller in history. The runner-up for Event #14 was ‘CrazylKilla’, who settled for $1,646.72 (+ $766.29 in bounties) for finishing runner-up to Moneymaker. Also, PocketFiver Ross ‘Rosseg’ Gottlieb finished in third place, banking $1,267.72 (+$391.56 in bounties). It was another great NJCOOP day for Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo. It was DiZenzo's third final table of the series, but this time he closed it out with a victory. The grinder from Vernon, NJ earned $3,801 for overcoming the 75 players in Event #15 ($200 Fixed Limit Hold’em Six Max). The performance gives DiZenzo a first, second and third place finish in the past three days. Jon ‘toddchipman’ Borenstein also picked up his third cash of the series in Event #15. The 2017 Aria WPT500 Champions finished in second place and earned $2,545.87 to push him up over $625,000 in total online earning. Moneymaker was also looming in this contest, however, he couldn't make it into the money, falling just two places shy of a min-cash. Event #14 - $100 No Limit Hold'em Progressive KO Entries: 242 Prize pool: $22,215.60 Money800NJ - $2,139.88 (+ $2,896.24 in bounties) Crazy|Killa - $1,646.72 (+ $766.29 in bounties) rosseg - $1,267.27 (+ $391.56 in bounties) MrA.Iverson3 - $975.25 (+ $22.95 in bounties) quadman7750 - $750.52 (+ $80.33 in bounties) SaucyPaws - $577.57 (+ $487.70 in bounties) ShrimplyPibs - $444.48 (+ $80.33 in bounties) y0ug00d - $342.06 (+ $580.21 in bounties) zapzer7 - $263.24 (+ $263.94 in bounties) Event #15 - $200 Fixed Limit Hold'em 6-Max Entries: 75 Prize pool: $13,950 R@zzleDazz1e - $3,801.40 toddchipman - $2,545.87 1|11||111||| - $1,953.00 mennatime - $1,325.25 WhostolemyRR - $976.50 Millers1976 - $732.37
  18. The third annual PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker continued on Monday with another pair of tournaments that surpassed their posted guarantees. It may have taken two tries, but in the end, ‘MartinChatwn’ outlasted the 175 player field in Event #9 ($100 NLHE Speed Down) to take home the $3,234.58 first place prize. It marks the second final table in the series for ‘MartinChatwn’ having already fourth place in Event #2 for $2,073.19. Brian ‘Wsopboy1997’ Sherrier finished as the runner-up in Event #9, adding $2,465.15 to his bankroll. It marks the fifth NJCOOP cash for Sherrier, two of which were final table appearances. It has been a great week of results for the grinder from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Just one week ago he surpassed $100,000 in total career earnings. In the time since he has accumulated over $25,000 in cashes and made four high-profile final tables. There was a three-way deal made at the end of Event #10 ($75+R PLO Hi/Lo Eight Max). However, even with a done deal the final participants are required to play it out for the final $300, which went to Edwin ‘GiantGeniu$’ Roman from Bayonne, NJ. Roman took home the top prize of $4,314.11, the largest NJCOOP cash of the day. ‘fkdtshtfkdts’ and ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ both earned $4,014.11 for second and third place respectively. It was the second final table of the day for both Roman and ‘fkdtshtfkdts’ as they made the final table of both NJCOOP tournaments of the day. In event #9, it was ‘fkdtshtfkdts’ who got the better of Roman, falling in fifth place while Roman settled for sixth. Another pair of PocketFivers made the final table of Event #10. Daryl ‘jordanofpkr’ Black finished in fifth place for $1,351.35 for his first cash of the series. Right behind him on the payouts was Joshua ‘YogaGrandma’ Berardi who busted in sixth place for $990.99, making his fourth appearance in the money during NJCOOP. Event #9 - $100 No Limit Hold'em Speed-Down Entries: 175 Prize pool: $16,065 MartinChatwn - $3,234.58 Wsopboy1997 - $2,465.15 hubbiee - $1,878.82 Deansk1138 - $1,431.94 fkdtshtfkdts - $1,091.35 GiantGeniu$ - $831.77 mennatime - $633.94 captainondec - $483.15 sunsvet7580 - $368.24 Event #10 - $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo Eight Max Entries: 74 Prize pool: $18,018 GiantGeniu$ - $4,314.11 fkdtshtfkdts - $4,014.11 R@zzleDazz1e - $4,014.11 Warrior00086 - $1,801.80 jordanofpkr - $1,351.35 YogaGrandma - $990.99 EdgyEddie - $810.81 ABRTVAHK - $720.72  
  19. There was another $160,000 in total prize pools on the schedule during PokerStars third annual New Jersey Championship Of Online Poker. In the largest tournament scheduled for the day, Event #25 ($350 NLHE Sunday Special), ‘fireball1998’ captured his second NJCOOP title in as many days and $14,308.74 for the largest single score of the day for the series. He bested the 224 player field in the seven and a half hour contest, finally defeating ‘mocbel’ heads-up. ‘mocbel’ earned $10,689.97 as the runner-up making them the only other player on the day to earn five-figures in the series. The final table was stacked with talent including Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano who finished in ninth for $1,388.80 for his ninth cash of the series. Just ahead of him is the red-hot Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo fell in eighth place for $1,858.92. DiZenzo already has four top three NJCOOP finishes in 2018, including a title. The first event completed on Sunday was Event #23 ($100 Mixed NLHE/PLO Six Max) where 133 runners created a prize pool of $12,209.40. ‘JohnnyMania’ was the last player standing and ended up with a $3,174.50 first place prize. PocketFiver ’senor stinks’ finished as the runner-up, hauling in $2,136.64 for his fourth NJCOOP cash of the series. The score puts ‘senor stinks’ under $25,000 away from his $500,000 lifetime earnings badge. Also making the final six was Yong ‘iFoldN0T’ Kwon who now has five NJCOOP final tables in 2018. Kwon finished in fourth for $1,037.79. Two spots earlier Michael ‘GUUUULP’ St. John bowed out in sixth for $549.42. In Event #24 ($150 NLHE Win The Button), the #3-ranked player in the United States Daniel ‘AvaGray’ Lupo booked his first 2018 NJCOOP victory for $4,167.31. To this point in the series Lupo has a first, second and third place finish among his six cashes. The runner-up was ‘LookAtMyDabx’ for $3,175.92. Also, PocketFivers ‘ROU$EY’ and Ted ‘TobogganM.D.’ Ely climbed into the final table falling in eighth and ninth place respectively. A pair of PocketFivers went one-two in Event #26 ($200 NLHE Progressive Super KO). Daryl ‘jordanofpkr’ Black outlasted Anthony ‘FlawlessBINK’ Maio to take the title and $3,995.69 (+ $4,074.14 in bounties) for one of the largest scores on the day. Main was denied a second 2018 NJCOOP title but received $3,083.00 (+ $1,388.82 in bounties) to add to his stellar series earnings. There were 137 players in the final tournament on the schedule. Event #27 ($100 NLHE Sunday Supersonic Hyper Turbo) may have been the last to start but with its fast structure, it finished well before midnight with the winner ’cl1ckinbtns’ going to sleep with $2,697.82 more in his account. Another PocketFiver ‘ADMSnackBar’ took the silver for $2,056.02 as he continues his climb to $1 million in lifetime earnings. Daniel ‘loxonbagel’ Buzgon finished in fourth for $1,194.20 for his third NJCOOP cash. Event #23 ($100 Mixed NLHE/PLO Six Max) Entries: 133 Prize pool: $12,209.40 1. JohnnyMania - $3,174.50 2. senor stinks - $2,136.64 3. Wizard81 - $1,587.22 4. iFoldN0T - $1,037.79 5. mocbel - $793,61 6. GUUUULP - $549.42 Event #24 ($150 NLHE Win The Button) Entries: 146 Prize pool: $20,104.20 1. AvaGray - $4,167.31 2. LookAtMyDabx - $3,175.92 3. ashiXIII - $2,420.44 4. s3lfreliance - $1,844.67 5. Cass N Hoes - $1,405.87 6. JinxySkunk - $1,071.44 7. ESD03 - 816.57 8. ROU$EY - $622.33 9. TobogganM.D. - $474.29 Event #25 ($350 NLHE Sunday Special) Entries: 224 Prize pool: $73,472 1. fireball1998 - $14,308.74 2. mocbel - $10,689.97 3. Cass N Hoes - $7,986.51 4. Iraisepros - $5,966.74 5. adsanman12 - $4,457.78 6. 801108 - $3,330.78 7. scamfest - $2,488.16 8. R@zzleDazz1e - $1,858.92 9. J3tBl@ckP0pe - $1,388.80 Event #26 ($200 NLHE Progressive Super KO) Entires: 220 Prize pool: $40,920 1. jordanofpkr - $3,995.69 (+ $4,074.14 in bounties) 2. FlawlessBINK - $3,083.00 (+ $1,388.82 in bounties) 3. HuySmakuy - $2,378.86 (+ $807.21 in bounties) 4. fkdtshfkdts - $1,835.55 (+ $696.04 in bounties) 5. IATA89 - $1,416.32 (+ $377.82 in bounties) 6. donnysack - $1,092.84 (+ $337.13 in bounties) 7. JohnnyMania - $843.24 (+ $383.64 in bounties) 8. supremetny - $650.65 (+ $450.47 in bounties) 9. fireball1998 - $502.05 (+ $825.38 in bounties) Event #27 ($100 NLHE Sunday Supersonic Hyper Turbo) Entires: 137 Prize pool: $13,015 1. cl1ckinbtns - $2,697.82 2. ADMSnackBar - $2,056.02 3. MrA.Iverson3 - $1,566.94 4. loxonbagel - $1,194.20 5. T111111111M - $910.12 6. Trojan526 - $693.63 7. Highlightttt - $528.63 8. solidluck - $402.88 9. Exit_3986 - $307.04
  20. For the second time in two days, 'loosebad' found himself heads-up for a New Jersey Championship of Online Poker title on Saturday and just like Friday night, he finished one spot shy. 'LINSANITYY' came out on top of the 124-player field to win Event #39 ($300 Six Max No Limit Hold'em) for $9,027.20 while 'loosebad' ended up earning $6,076. Daryl 'jordanofpkr' Black took home $4,513.60 for finishing in third place. The other title won on Saturday went to 'jumbomom5' after he outlasted 239 other players in Event #40: $75 Zoom No Limit Hold'em. He earned $3,150.81 while 'quadman7750' scored $2,348.35. NJCOOP's Sunday Action includes five events including the $500 buy-in Main Event that includes a $150,000 guarantee. Event #39: $300 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Entries: 124 Prize pool: $34,720 LINSANITYY - $9,027.20 loosebad - $6,076.00 jordanofpkr - $4,513.60 wxg1989 - $2,951.20 FizzEdJohn - $2,256.80 IstillfoldAK - $1,562.40 Event #40: $75 Zoom No Limit Hold'em Entries: 240 Prizepool: $16,380 jumbomom5 - $3,150.81 quadman7750 - $2,348.35 Scooby-D0O - $1,750.37 watchout - $1,304.65 DagNasty - $972.43 moosedeer17 - $724.81 jayman918 - $540.25 TradmarkTer - $402.68 Shaybawa - $300.14
  21. Three-quarters of the way through the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, 'SaucyPaws' had gotten as close as a player can to winning a title without winning it not just once, but twice. That all changed on Wednesday night as 'SaucyPaws' beat Michael 'J3tBl@ckP0pe' Gagliano heads-up to win Event #33 ($200 No Limit Hold'em [Win the Button]) for $5,136.92. Gagliano, who already has two titles this NJCOOP, earned $3,907.52 for his runner-up finish. Edwin 'GiantGeniu$' Roman banked $2,972.40 for coming in third place. 'PokrStarsWIN' outdueled 'Big Chips79' to take down Event #33 ($25 No Limit Hold'em [w/rebuys]) for $2,595.35. 'Big Chips79' pocketed $1,805.44 while third place finisher 'jimmy2xtimes' had to settle for $1,371.00. NJCOOP continues daily until Sunday when the $500 buy-in, two-day Main Event begins. Event #33: $25 No Limit Hold'em (w/rebuys) Entries: 175 + 236 rebuys + 85 add-ons Prize pool: $11,284 PokrStarsWIN - $2,595.35 Big Chips79 - $1,805.44 jimmy2xtimes - $1,371.00 SaucyPaws - $1,015.56 DosQuattros - $677.04 MisAnnthr0pe - $564.20 mmenz08816 - $451.36 BUTTERTHEPUP - $338.52 funnybottom7 - $282.10 Event #33: $200 No Limit Hold'em (Win the Button) Entries: 126 Prize pool: $23,436 SaucyPaws - $5,136.92 Michael 'J3tBl@ckP0pe' Gagliano - $3,907.52 GiantGeniu$ - $2,972.40 HuySmakuy - $2,261.06 solidluck - $1,719.96 phly you - $1,308.35 WhostolemyRR - $995.24 coles93 - $757.06 AvaGray - $575.89
  22. The #9-ranked player in New Jersey picked up a big title on Tuesday night and came oh-so-close to a second. Jon 'toddchipman' Borenstein won Event #31 ($1,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller) for $16,207.03 after coming to terms on a chop with eventual runner-up 'You Are Tim' who pocketed $14,667.97. Third place finisher Ricky 'ratedGTO' Quan earned $9,262.50. The event drew 65 entries. That wasn't Borenstein's only heads-up chop of the night though. Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo and Borenstein made a heads-up deal in Event #30 ($150 No Limit Hold'em [1 rebuy/1 add-on]). Lupo topped the 62-player field to win $4,630.27 while Borenstein had to settle for $4,000 as runner-up. 'Tilt-Donkeyy' ended up with $2,251.39 for finishing third. The final event, and largest field, on Tuesday's schedule, was Event #32 ($100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo) and 'SnashuaJ' beat 'SaucyPaws' heads-up to win $2,631.51. A total of 117 players entered the event to create a prize pool of $10,740.60. It's yet another second place finish for 'SaucyPaws'. Last week he finished second to Jason ‘jayriv’ Rivkin in Event #18 ($100 NLHE Turbo). Matthew 'MattEMenz' Mendez wound up third for $1,396.27. Event #30: $150 No Limit Hold'em (1 rebuy/1 add-on) Entries: 62 Prize pool: $15,009.30 AvaGray - $4,630.37* toddchipman - $4,000* Tilt-Donkeyy - $2,251.39 supremetny - $1,500.93 TobogganM.D. - $1,125.69 loxonbagel - $825.51 iFoldN0T - $675.41 Event #31: $1,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 65 Prizepool: $61,750 toddchipman - $16,207.03* You Are Tim - $14,667.97* ratedGTO - $9,262.50 J3tBl@ckP0pe - $6,175 AvaGray - $4,631.25 $gt. Tibbs - $3,396.25 SaucyPaws - $2,470 laura33188 - $2,470 HuySmakuy - $2,470 Event #32: $100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 117 Prize pool: $10,740.60 SnashuaJ - $2,631.51 SaucyPaws - $1,825.90 MattEMenz - $1,396.27 OrganicHG - $966.65 dogtag - $698.13 aad0906 - $537.03 Trojan526 - $429.62 $gt. Tibbs - $322.21
  23. PokerStars' New Jersey Championship of Online Poker is in full swing with another pair of tournaments on the schedule for Saturday night. There was $30,000 in guarantees up for grabs and New Jersey grinders made a point of staying in on a weekend night to fight for a piece of it. The first tournament of the evening was Event #21 ($100 NLHE Deepstack Eight Max) with 169 registered players. After seven hours of play ‘fireball1998’ and Jameson ‘wujamie’ Reagan found themselves heads up for the title. Reagan held a better than 2:1 lead when the pair called for a moderator to facilitate a deal. However, they agreed that if after five minutes a moderator did not show up they would play on. Five minutes passed and they continued to play. This ended up being good for ‘fireball1998’ who erased the deficit and claimed first place and the $3,374.50 prize. Reagan settled for second place and received $2,404.70. Although Event #22 ($200 NLHE Big Stack Turbo) started later, it wrapped in under three and a half hours as 81 players battled for their share of the $15,066 prize pool. PocketFiver Ted ‘TobogganM.D.’ Ely added to his $1.2 million in career lifetime earnings as he went the distance and took home $3,674.75 for first place. It is Ely’s fifth cash of the series and the win comes just one day after making the final table of Event #19 ($200 Triple Stud) where he finished in sixth place. A number of PocketFivers joined Ely at the Turbo final table including ‘FizzEdJohn’ who bowed out in fourth place for $1,624.29. Right behind him in fifth place is the #2-ranked player in the United States, Anthony 'FlawlessBINK' Maio. Maio continues to earn cashes, including a runner-up finish in Event #20 as well as his victory in Event #6 which brought him a $30,000 PSPC Platinum Pass. Richard ‘maddoggrik’ Allen fired two bullets into Event #22 and made it pay off with a seventh place finish for $717.97. The score helps him exceed $120,000 in lifetime earnings. Event #21 – $100 NLHE Deepstack Eight Max Entries: 169 Prize pool: $15,514.20 1. fireball1998 - $3,374.50 2. wujamie - $2,404.70 3. Shailbel - $1,861.70 4. RNigro_1105 - $1,318.70 5. hubbies - $853.28 6. pd55473 - $698.13 7. ROU$EY - $542.99 8. miskate10923 - $426.64 Event #22 – $200 NLHE BigStack Turbo Entries: 81 Prize pool: $15,066 1. TobogganM.D. - $3,674.75 2 .s3lfreliance - $2,799.21 3. PlzMuk - $2,132.30 4. FizzEdJohn - $1,624.29 5. FlawlessBINK - $1,237.31 6. zapzer7 - $942.52 7. maddoggrik - $717.97 8. LCC102515 - $546.91 9. mocbel - $494.94
  24. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. In this week's episode Lance and Donnie recap all of the action from partypoker MILLIONS UK, including Steve O'Dwyer's two wins and Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong's strange comments in the aftermath of the festival. They also discuss Chris Moneymaker's NJCOOP wins , Haralabos Voulgaris' new job with the Dallas Mavericks, Shaun Deeb's decision to chase World Series of Poker Player of the Year and wrap up the show by lamenting the lack of marketing and promotion from the WSOP in regards to some of their marquee events. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  25. The 2018 edition of the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker is entering its final weekend but not before handing out a couple more titles on Thursday evening. Michael 'DellaBarca7' DellaBarca started things off by coming out on top of the 60-player field in Event #35 ($50 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha [w/rebuys]) to pocket $2,866.51. Runner-up 'laura33188' earned $1,911. Daniel Lupo, currently the #2-ranked player in New Jersey, finished third for $1,433.25. Lupo has picked up 13 NJCOOP cashes this year, including two wins, a runner-up finish and two third-place results. 'UIGEA2016' picked up the win in Event #36 ($150 Turbo No Limit Hold'em) and $3,884.68 after coming to terms on a heads-up deal with Paul 'rimmer27' Scaturro. Scaturro wound up with $3,508.81. Third place finisher David Coleman earned $2,437.02 and his fourth NJCOOP cash this year. The 147-player field created a prize pool of $20,241.90. Event #35: $50 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha (w/rebuys) Entries: 60 Prize pool: $9,555 DellaBarca7 - $2,866.51 laura33188 - $1,911.00 AvaGray - $1,433.25 GUUUULP - $955.50 JinxySkunk - $716.62 POPPIE3333 - $525.52 Event #36: $150 Turbo No Limit Hold'em Entries: 147 Prize pool: $20,241.90 UIGEA2016 - $3,884.68* rimmer27 - $3,508.81* coles93 - $2,437.02 Schwibbs - $1,857.31 CrazylKilla - $1,415.50 vandiesel - $1,078.78 TULLYTIME14 - $822.16 801108 - $626.59 mrblonde2020 - $477.54

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