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  1. It was another busy Sunday for U.S. regulated online poker this week with no shortage of options for players to compete for healthy paydays across the board. Players in Pennsylvania and New Jersey turned to their respective PokerStars clients to participate in the ongoing Summer Series while WSOP.com provided some of the biggest prize pools of the weekend. The $320 buy-in WSOP.com $100,000 GTD Sunday nearly doubled it’s already hefty guarantee this week as 641 entries boosted the prize pool to $192,300. Long time grinder and World Poker Tour champion Justin ‘tamaratibles’ Young shipped the event for a $47,113.50 payday. ‘dunningkrugr’ had two podium finishes on the day and finished as the runner-up in this one, taking home $26,441.25 for second place. Steven ‘Resilient85’ Watson claimed the bronze, adding $16,153.20 to his bankroll. The WSOP.com $50,000 Weekly Sunday nearly broke the six-figure prize pool mark as well when 196 players posted their $500 buy-in to create a $91,532 prize pool. U.S. top-ten ranked Daniel ‘redsoxnets5’ Sewnig took down the tournament and added $25,628.86 to his over $1.4 million in career online earnings. ‘Israelavital’ fell in second place, taking home $14,828.18. ‘dunningkrugr’ made the top three in back-to-back tournaments, earning $8,512.47 for third place and finishing the day just $7 short of $35,000 in total earnings. The PokerStars Summer Series was running in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey this weekend giving players a plethora of tournaments to choose from. ‘aldirch801’ outlasted the 1,041 runners in the PokerStars PA Summer Series Sunday Special (Event #12) to take home the $16,330.11 first-place prize. ‘AlasPoorYorick!‘ lived long enough to see second place, which was good for $11,655.88. ‘TheStrider124’ also walked away with a nice payday, turning their $100 buy-in into an $8,319.57 paycheck. The $250 buy-in PokerStars PA Sunday High Roller also did big business as 123 players created a prize pool of $28,659. ‘TurkTerminator’ eliminated the competition, picked up the victory, and $6,382.49 for their efforts. ‘AshyL4rry22’ was back at a PA final table, finishing in second place for $4,627.45 while ‘love2playpoker’ likely loved earning $3,355.06 for climbing into third. Over in New Jersey, the PokerStars NJ Summer Series Sunday Special (Event #13) saw 239 runners build a prize pool of $45,000. Garden State grinder ‘JinYangPP’ picked up the win and $8,661.04 for first, one of two major final table for them on Sunday. ‘chinoloco121’ fell just one place short of the title, taking home $6,462.02 for second place and ‘xaverian412’ fell in third place, earning $4,821.43. Daniel ‘AvaGray’ Lupo picked up another career victory by taking down the PokerStars NJ Summer Series $75 NLHE (Event #12). He bested the 306 entries to add the $3,919.21 to his impressive $3.3 million in career online earnings. ‘BrigBeast06’ fell in second place for $2,824.08 while 'StephGod30' hit a trey for $2,035.08. WSOP.com $100K Gtd Sunday Buy-in: $320 Entries: 411 (230 rebuys) Prize pool: $192,300 Justin ‘tamaratibles’ Young - $47,113.50 dunningkrugr - $26,441.25 Steven ‘Resilient85’ Watson - $16,153.20 vagab0nd - $12,307.20 circleball - $10,384.20 dusty4 - $8,461.20 thewholefunk - $6,345.90 pocket10z - $4,230.60 maddogmark25 - $2,788.35 WSOP.com $50,000 Weekly Sunday [6-Max] Buy-in: $500 Entries: 116 (80 rebuys) Prize pool: $91,532 Daniel ‘redsoxnets5’ Sewnig - $25,628.96 Israelavital - $14,828.18 dunningkrugr - $8,512.47 ParxBigStax - $6,681.83 Art.Vandelay - $5,766.51 ShadowFiend1 - $4,851.19 WSOP.com $15,000 Weekly Deepstack Buy-in: $50 Entries: 199 (159 rebuys) Prize pool: $23,068.50 beastro - $6,228.49 ppp37 - $3,633.28 phatdaddy - $2,076.16 armNhammer - $1,614.79 protential - $1,384.11 LearnToSwim - $1,153.42 Kvitka - $876.60 davec933 - $553.64 GreenMonster - $392.16 WSOP.com $10,000 Weekly Sunday [KO] Buy-in: $100 Entries: 231 Prize pool: $21,714 beastro - $4,223.83 + $250 in bounties M.A.O.L.I - $2,470.54 + $200 in bounties AA_QTIP_KK - $1,410.60 + 150 in bounties pedr023 - $1,083.85 + $75 in bounties gamblegamble - $924.46 + $300 in bounties TIPnTimeBOMB - $765.07 + $200 in bounties pokermaster8 - $573.80 + $75 in bounties jenny1122 - $382.53 + $75 in bounties hagzzz021 -$270.96 + $75 in bounties PokerStars PA $75 NLHE [6-Max] Summer Series Event #11 Buy-in: $75 Entries: 346 Prize pool: $23,614.50 BlackBerlioz - $4,431.48 MR.20InchArms - $3,193.24 yaboylenny - $2,301.10 KERMIT_the_FROG - $1,658.21 RealizeRealLiez - $1,194.93 ZDUBZX - $861.09 PokerStars PA $100 NLHE [Sunday Special SE] Summer Series Event #12 Buy-in: $100 Entires: 1,041 Prize pool: 100,000 aldrich801 - $16,330.11 AlasPoorYorick! - $11,655.88 TheStrider124 - $8,319.57 phillythekid724 - $5,938.24 LZRM1111 - $4,238.51 NAAAARD - $3,025.30 alphanomasker - $2,159.36 ScottScottF - $1,541.27 bdlybldngpkrplr - $1,100.11 PokerStars PA $75 NLHE [8-Max, PKO] Summer Series Event #14 Buy-in: $75 Entries: 438 Prize pool: $29,893.50 OT_gR1d - $2,310.71 + $2,911.37 in bounties HodorHodorHodor - $2,310.49 + $995.50 in bounties Deuce9off - $1,394.42 + $491.79 in bounties bigdoritoTito - $1,004.75 + $172.63 in bounties DJHSMHBDH - $723.97 + $505.07 in bounties Pennny619 - $521.66 + $126.81 in bounties Heavyhev327 - $375.88 + $541.33 in bounties AndrewYang2020 - $270.84 + $59.68 in bounties PokerStars PA Sunday High Roller Buy-in: $250 Entries: 123 Prize pool: $28,659 TurkTerminator - $6,382.49 AshyL4rry22 - $4,627.45 love2playpoker - $3,355.06 rrobmsm1992 - $2,432.53 Quakers1991 - $1,763.67 bwb5026 - $1,278.72 PokerStars PA Nightly Stars NLHE Buy-in: $100 Entries: 219 Prize pool: $20,104.20 fredsandfor886 - $3,931.71 GTOThanos_PB - $2,908.10 md429 - $2,151.11 TryptophanMan - $1,591.17 wnunley - $1,176.98 jackspratt33 - $870.61 Manimal7985 - $643.98 A Frequent ? - $476.35 MDeals - $352.36 PokerStars NJ $75 NLHE [6-Max] Summer Series Event #12 Buy-in: $75 Entires: 306 Prize pool: $20,884.50 Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo - $3,919.21 BrigBeast06 - $2,824.08 StephGod30 - $2,035.08 nuttedd - $1,466.51 TiltedHard - $1,056.79 JETSgoJETS - $761.54 PokerStars NJ Sunday Special SE Summer Series Event #13 Buy-in: $200 Entries: 239 Prize pool: $45,000 JinYangPP - $8,661.04 chinoloco121 - $6,462.02 xaverian412 - $4,821.43 Stonniepokes - $3,597.36 sublion - $2,684.07 matt glantz - $2,002.63 Marshy7777 - $1,494.20 D.Drumpf - $1,114.85 Skrelnick - $831.81 PokerStars NJ Sunday High Roller [6-Max] Buy-in: $500 Entries: 24 Prize pool: $11,280 Pokeher299 - $5,640 JinYangPP - $3,384 J3tBl@ckP0pe - $2,256 partypoker Sunday $35K GTD No Limit Hold’em Buy-in: $215 Entries: 167 Prize pool: $35,000 ($1,600 overlay) Jonuzi - $7,455 RiverMan - $5,075 wheels4920 - $3,815 BigDickRick - $3,150 Jeremyd2 - $2,695 FellateMe - $2,310 treetrap - $1,925 supremetny - $1,575 Allyoucaneat - $1,225
  2. It's time for another look at the legal U.S. online poker scene, with results from WSOP.com, PokerStars, and partypoker across Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Memorial Day Weekend didn't slow down the online poker action around the U.S., as several big prizes were won on the virtual felt. Leading the way was Giusseppe 'Pantalette' Pantaleo's victory in the WSOP.com Money May Series Main Event that earned Pantaleo almost $60,000. Other big results were had by Nick 'Maggs' Olivieri and David 'dehhhhh' Coleman. The WSOP.com Money May Series Main Event drew a field of 494 entries and 254 entries to create a prize pool of $374,000. Pantaleo finished on top and took home $59,615.60. He beat Jonathan 'jonmon101' Miller in heads-up play, and then Gordon 'Gmoney227' Eng took third and Josh 'YoelRomero' King placed fourth. All of the top four finishers picked up more than $20,000 in prize money. In the WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL Player Appreciation, a field of 1,027 entries and 696 entries generated a $158,516 prize pool. Winning the event for $34,080.94 was Olivieri. Ari 'philivey' Engel took fourth for $9,035.41. Also of note, 'TheDawn' placed seventh in the event for $4,279.93. 'TheDawn' also finished eighth in the Money May Series Main Event for $8,153.20. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"] Winning the $1,000 buy-in WSOP.com $100,000 High Roller for $33,494.71 was Coleman, one of the top-ranked online poker players in New Jersey and the United States. Coleman topped Angel 'chromeking' Lopez in heads-up play, with Zachary 'Dabledore7' Lipeles taking third. Lopez earned $25,093.96 and it wouldn't be the last time we heard from him on Sunday. Lipeles won $18,797.26 for this score, which came in addition to the $14,174.60 he won for taking sixth in the Money May Series Main Event. In the WSOP.com $75,000 GTD NL Sunday 55 event, Andrew 'WATCHGUY42' Lichtenberger won it for $19,956. Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman took second for $10,560.05 and Katie 'katelin' Lindsay placed third for $6,901.45. Then it was Frank 'spaghettiii' Marasco winning the WSOP.com $50,000 Weekly Sunday [6-Max] for $20,496.63. In this event, Romero, who had placed fourth in the Money May Series Main Event, took fifth for $4,962.34. Also on WSOP.com, Michael 'mygame' Lavenburg won the $40,000 GTD PLO High Roller [6-Max] for $11,461.58. In Pennsylvania, it was another big Sunday on PokerStars PA. The flagship PokerStars PA Sunday Special drew a field of 1,221 entries for a prize pool of $112,087.80. There was a heads-up deal made and in the end, 'ATMEric' won $16,074 for first place and 'munson42082' took $14,381.51 for second. The PokerStars PA Sunday High Roller [6-Max] saw a field of 202 entries get topped by 'aldrich801' for $7,528.38. He actually didn’t win the most money from the event, though. A heads-up deal was made with 'tobykeith121,' who ended up with $8,411.78 for second place. In the PokerStars PA Nightly Stars event, 'soccerdad29' won it for $5,672.62. Finishing second was 'aldrich801,' who added $4,157.86 to his bankroll. In New Jersey, 'IIIIIIIIIIIII' won the partypoker Sunday $35K GTD NL for $8,000. The event had a prize pool of $40,000. Anthony 'Flawlessbinkage' Maio took second for $5,440. Also on partypoker NJ, 'supremetny' won the Daily $10K GTD NL for $4,082. The biggest prize won on PokerStars NJ belonged to Ryan 'ISlowRollYou' Hohner, who took down the Sunday Special for $9,585.38. Michael 'J3tBl@ckP0pe' Gagliano finished eighth for $1,171.80. Daniel 'monkeyman067' Sewnig won the PokerStars NJ Sunday Warm-Up for $2,170.65, and Angel 'Chr0meKing' Lopez took the PokerStars NJ Sunday High Roller [6-Max] title for $5,640. WSOP.com Money May Series $300,000 GTD Main Event Buy-in: $525 Entries: 494 entries + 254 reentries Prize pool: $374,000 Giusseppe 'Pantalette' Pantaleo - $59,615.60 Jonathan 'jonmon101' Miller - $44,132 Gordon 'Gmoney227' Eng - $32,538 Josh 'YoelRomero' King - $23,861.20 Dan 'fatdan44' Wach - $18,550.40 Zachary 'Dabledore7' Lipeles - $14,174.60 Andrew 'JinYang' Butcher - $10,733.80 TheDawn - $8,153.20 Joshua '808Grinder' Suyat - $6,133.60 WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL Player Appreciation Buy-in: $100 Entries: 1,027 entries + 696 reentries Prize pool: $158,516 Nick 'Maggs' Olivieri - $34,080.94 gupgup123 - $17,595.27 Clockwork - $12,205.73 Ari 'philivey' Engel - $9,035.41 chuckies44 - $7,450.25 Jah_Dan - $5,865.09 TheDawn - $4,279.93 Joon 'jykpoker' Kim - $2,536.25 tileman630 - $1,902.19 WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL High Roller Buy-in: $1,000 Entries: 109 entries + 53 reentries Prize pool: $154,710 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman - $33,494.71 Angel 'chromeking' Lopez - $25,093.96 Zachary 'Dabledore7' Lipeles - $18,797.26 grownstacks - $14,109.55 Joseph 'ultradonk' Alban - $10,582.16 proffmarc - $7,936.62 Brian 'bmack1335' McKinney - $5,940.86 crazeelf666 - $4,409.23 David 'AvidSmores' Somers - $3,388.14 WSOP.com $75,000 GTD NL Sunday 55 Buy-in: $55 Entries: 507 entries + 889 rebuys and 267 add-ons Prize pool: $83,150 Andrew 'WATCHGUY42' Lichtenberger - $19,956 Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman - $10,560.05 Katie 'katelin' Lindsay - $6,901.45 Christopher 'DontBluffMe1' Ryan - $5,238.45 Desmond 'deezz_nutzz' Hayes - $4,406.95 sunlight - $4,575.45 Daniel 'bunzer07' Jordan - $2,660.80 iPartyRock - $1,746.15 Robert 'bob_loblaw' Brown - $1,164.10 WSOP.com $50,000 Weekly Sunday [6-Max] Buy-in: $500 Entries: 84 entries + 74 reentries Prize pool: $71,918 Frank 'spaghettiii' Marasco - $20,496.63 hellofriend - $11,866.47 Golden2323 - $7,191.80 Glenn 'deemsta' Poole - $5,753.44 Josh 'YoelRomero' King - $4,962.34 c0nky - $,243.16 WSOP.com $40,000 GTD PLO High Roller [6-Max] Buy-in: $500 Entries: 57 entries + 44 reentries Prize pool: $47,167 Michael 'mygame' Lavenburg - $11,461.58 nicks100888 - $8,678.72 harveyhound - $6,485.46 ChegaSaudade - $4,858.20 Zachary 'lovepuddle' Schwartz - $3,570.54 Alexander 'ShadowFiend1' Condon - $2,622.48 PokerStars PA Sunday Special Buy-in: $100 Entries: 1,221 Prize pool: $112,087.80 ATMEric - $16,074* munson42082 - $14,381.51* BlurryClue - $9,158.80 AllinWithAJoff - $6,585.25 lacava1106 - $4,734.84 fubadbeatbob - $3,404.39 2hgihosmi - $2,447.78 WiredDuckss - $1,759.98 Aquatin - $1,265.43 *Denotes a deal. PokerStars PA Sunday High Roller [6-Max] Buy-in: $250 Entries: 202 Prize pool: $47,066 aldrich801 - $7,528.38* tobykeith121 - $8,411.78* fan_buzgon - $4,854.17 love2playpoker - $3,517.96 PrestigeWorld - $2,549.56 and_porter - $1,847.74 *Denotes a deal. PokerStars PA Nightly Stars Buy-in: $100 Entries: 333 Prize pool: $30,569.40 soccerdad29 - $5,672.62 aldrich801 - $4,157.86 limmieo9 - $3,047.70 jbrink22 - $2,233.95 5BETCHET - $1,637.48 UsualSuspect11 - $1,200.27 IveyTrump - $879.79 MrChillibin - $644.88 DamienSilks - $472.70 partypoker Sunday $35K GTD NL Buy-in: $215 Entries: 200 Prize pool: $40,000 IIIIIIIIIIIII - $8,000 Anthony 'Flawlessbinkage' Maio - $5,440 Rennan23 - $3,960 TopCreature - $3,280 Turkeyleg - $2,840 SharingisCaring - $2,440 KevinDurant - $2,040 mooseman1710 - $1,640 Bagels - $1,240 partypoker Daily $10K GTD NL Buy-in: $109 Entries: 157 Prize pool: $15,700 supremetny - $4,082 Heath1212 - $2,826 cashdancer - $1,884 roystalin - $1,413 WOWIE - $1,020.50 jamgi4me - $839.95 Khoury1040 - $659.40 BigOrangePants - $494.55 CRaFTe - $337.55 PokerStars NJ Sunday Special Buy-in: $200 Entries: 252 Prize pool: $46,872 Ryan 'ISlowRollYou' Hohner - $9,585.38 toddchipman - $7,030.80 Wangdoodle25 - $5,296.53 laura33188 - $3,984.12 hobroken86 - $2,718.57 Stanton 'Stonniepokes' Tentnowski - $2,109.24 KoolerU - $1,640.52 Michael 'J3tBl@ckP0pe' Gagliano - $1,171.80 Wsopboy1997 - $890.56 PokerStars NJ Sunday Warm-Up Buy-in: $50 Entries: 248 Prize pool: $11,284 Daniel 'monkeyman067' Sewnig - $2,170.65 1st.p1ace - $1,617.75 shuniyam - $1,205.81 Ryan 'ISlowRollYou' Hohner - $898.76 Zenon9000 - %669.90 matador12ku1 - $99.31 Bruiser523 - $372.17 Spyboy11100 - $277.40 flipflopdoc1 - $206.76 PokerStars NJ Sunday High Roller [6-Max] Buy-in: $500 Entries: 24 Prize pool: $11,280 Angel 'Chr0meKing' Lopez - $5,640 JJVFTW - $3,384 Michael 'J3tBl@ckP0pe' Gagliano - $2,256
  3. The legal online poker world was abuzz over the weekend with another big Sunday of action across Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. There were several six-figure prize pools dished out and plenty of players won big across WSOP.com, PokerStars, and partypoker. Let's dive into some of the top results from the U.S. online poker scene on Sunday. On WSOP.com in Nevada and New Jersey, three big six-figure prize pools were up for grabs from the $200,000 GTD NL Sunday Special, $100,000 GTD NL High Roller, and $100,000 GTD NL Player Appreciation. Winners from each event picked up nearly $40,000 each. In the WSOP.com $200,000 GTD NL Sunday Special, a prize pool of $253,800 was generated from 511 entries and 335 entries. Finishing on top was 'kazuomatsui' for $38,298.42. He beat 'papp5551' in heads-up play, with 'papp5551' taking home $28,374.84. Zachary 'lovepuddle' Schwartz won the WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL High Roller for $38,870.41. David 'premium' Stevens finished second for $29,121.38. In seventh place was Toby 'DustPistons' Lewis for $6,894.33 and then Matt 'Berkey11_s4y' Berkey placed eighth for $5,116.89. Another big first-place prize was won by 'lolololol' in the WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL Player Appreciation, who took home $36,632.56 for topping the 1,852-entry field. In second place was 'lilp181' for $18,912.62. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] On PokerStars NJ in the Garden State, 'DabledoreNJ' won the largest prize on Sunday, taking home $9,281.11 for winning the PokerStars NJ $40,000 GTD Sunday Special. The event's $40,000 guarantee was surpassed with a $45,384 prize pool from 244 entries. The partypoker US Network, played in the NJ market right now, held two events with $100,000 prize pool guarantees. The partypoker US Network Online Open $100,000 GTD Main Event was a $400 buy-in event with 270 entries. It fell just short of the guarantee and was won by 'TheKing411.' He earned $21,233.09 after a heads-up deal with 'odo23,' who took $19,016.92. In the partypoker US Network Online Open $100,000 GTD Phased NL, 726 entries were in the field and 'AvidSmores' topped them all to win $18,700. The largest event in Pennsylvania was the PokerStars PA $50,000 GTD Sunday Special. It had 836 entries and a $76,744.80 prize pool. Taking top honors was 'neverf0ld111' for $12,816.21. In the PokerStars PA $20,000 GTD Sunday High Roller [6-Max], 131 entries generated a prize pool of $30,523. 'MarcZumoff' was the winner for $6,454.96. WSOP.com $200,000 GTD NL Sunday Special Buy-in: $320 Entries: 511 entries + 335 reentries Prize pool: $253,800 kazuomatsui - $38,298.42 papp5551 - $28,374.84 jhaynes2433 - $20,938.50 Alexander 'ShadowFiend1' Condon - $15,329.52 Robert 'bustinballs' Kuhn - $11,903.22 Darren 'avocadotoast' Rabinowitz - $9,136.80 khalpapa - $6,903.36 georgeinla - $5,253.66 DanFriel - $3,984.66 WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL High Roller Buy-in: $1,000 Entries: 125 entries + 63 reentries Prize pool: $179,540 Zachary 'lovepuddle' Schwartz - $38,870.41 David 'premium' Stevens - $29,121.38 Bank24 - $21,814.11 David 'chinoloco' Lu - $16,374.04 Mitch 'paltex' Garshofsky - $12,280.53 krookdtyrant - $9,210.40 Toby 'DustPistons' Lewis - $6,894.33 Matt 'Berkey11_s4y' Berkey - $5,116.89 Michael 'LeftSid3' Haberman - $3,931.92 WSOP.com $100,000 GTD NL Player Appreciation Buy-in: $100 Entries: 1,153 entries + 699 reentries Prize pool: $170,384 lolololol - $36,632.56 lilp181 - $18,912.62 IntoTheRiver - $13,119.56 Crushingly - $9,711.88 phatdaddy - $8,008.04 TheGilroy - $6,304.20 Qi 'LINSANITY' Ha - $4,600.36 SiParaTu - $2,726.14 Anthony 'DEEZNUTZ1709' Ciccotelli - $2,044.60 PokerStars NJ $40,000 GTD Sunday Special Buy-in: $200 Entries: 244 entries Prize pool: $45,384 DabledoreNJ - $9,281.11 J3tBl@ckP0pe - $6,807.60 CMiller2580 - $5,128.39 ChiefLegs - $3,857.64 mysterion121 - $2,632.27 Batzz88 - $2,042.28 FlawlessBINK - $1,588.44 PandaJoe16 - $1,134.60 AvaGray - $862.29 PokerStars NJ $10,000 GTD Nightly Stars Buy-in: $100 Entries: 158 entries Prize pool: $14,504.40 ForTheThr1ll - $3,118.57 11usc541 - $2,248.18 Skrelnick - $1,704.26 aad0906 - $1,269.13 sjockorbavich - $870.26 kinkyjacob1 - $725.22 TPR11 - $580.17 Smilin Tom - $435.13 HeadyMoe88 - $290.08 PokerStars NJ $10,000 GTD Sunday High Roller [6-Max] Buy-in: $500 Entries: 30 entries Prize pool: $14,100 Mc_Lovin1632 - $6,345 ISlowRollYou - $4,230 Wsopboy1997 - $2,115 sketchem23 - $1,410 PokerStars NJ $10,000 GTD Sunday Warm-Up Buy-in: $50 Entries: 244 entries Prize pool: $11,102 Rhino609 - $2,135.59 bmils439 - $1,591.66 Stonniepokes - $1,186.36 C. Janicsek - $884.26 crabbycos - $659.09 sandmad - $491.26 Penguino246 - $366.17 sketchem23 - $272.92 JUNE LATATA - $203.43 PokerStars NJ $7,500 GTD Sunday Storm [6-Max] Buy-in: $10 Entries: 821 entries Prize pool: $7,500 1Panny1 - $1,322.25 evanb004 - $975 hebbs1010 - $750 August10Baby - $525 DocHollidayA - $375 andypants8 - $225 partypoker US Network Online Open $100,000 GTD Main Event Buy-in: $400 Entries: 270 Prize pool: $100,000 TheKing411 - $21,233.09* odo23 - $19,016.92* Pokeher - $10,900 spinach_kale - $8,200 chromeking - $6,050 TheSims - $4,900 Davealfa - $3,800 upayformypennys - $2,750 brownmagic - $2,000 *Denotes a deal was made. partypoker US Network Online Open $100,000 GTD Phased NL Buy-in: $109 Entries: 726 Prize pool: $100,000 AvidSmores - $18,700 FerociousPanda - $14,000 schaf4206 - $10,000 TopCreature - $7,400 ClarkWesterfeld - $5,750 Million27 - $4,500 sansara52 - $3,500 MoZZyNJ - $2,600 repyourset7 - $1,900 partypoker US Network Online Open $20,000 GTD Main Event Buy-in: $55 Entries: 436 Prize pool: $21,800 madroc - $4,076.60 Dex_Osama - $3,052 Wardmartin - $2,180 MikeDB7 - $1,613.20 PayneKilla - $1,253.50 AlwaysCheck88 - $981 JohnClark - $763 Cayogal - $566.80 Gambler16 - $414.20 PokerStars PA $50,000 GTD Sunday Special Buy-in: $100 Entries: 836 entries Prize pool: $76,744.80 neverf0ld111 - $12,816.21 tich213 - $9,214.48 Ambiter - $6,625.29 Gave-up-poker - $4,763.64 Rungood35 - $3,425.09 kdQuel - $2,462.67 Longcoats11 - $1,770.67 youbestnotmiss - $1,273.13 bigdoritoTito - $915.38 PokerStars PA $20,000 GTD Sunday High Roller [6-Max] Buy-in: $250 Entries: 131 entries Prize pool: $30,523 MarcZumoff - $6,454.96 KnightsofNight - $4,714.36 aldrich801 - $3,443.17 BirdBrain64 - $2,514.75 Dionysus1888 - $1,836.67 Lachoy - $1,102.14 PokerStars PA $20,000 GTD Nightly Stars Buy-in: $100 Entries: 262 entries Prize pool: $25,000 RiverMeDaddy - $4,301.27* wongsic - $4,003.10* 5u1ly - $2,599.84 WHATWHYNO - $1,917.52 KennytheRipper - $1,414.27 Virgil369366 - $1,043.10 aldrich801 - $769.34 rrobmsm1992 - $567.43 jbrink22 - $418.51 *Denotes a deal was made. PokerStars PA $12,000 GTD Sunday Warm-Up Buy-in: $30 Entries: 635 entries Prize pool: $17,335.50 Dionysus1888 - $3,008.50 Dikembe311 - $2,182.76 dannysek123 - $1,584.02 Danieldanielson - $1,149.52 BuffBills044 - $834.21 Simonster27 - $605.38 octobersky2345 - $439.33 nickheatonpaul - $318.82 DomeGod69420 - $231.36 PokerStars PA $15,000 GTD The Big $20 Buy-in: $20 Entries: 747 entries Prize pool: $15,000 NeillyAA74 - $1,913.54* snoppy675 - $1,913.53* KLOCEO - $1,913.53* flppdt - $973.98 PHOn0menal - $706.81 Clarky42472 - $512.93 robertpsulson - $372.23 LilMiniCoop45 - $270.13 djratdog88 - $196.03 *Denotes a deal was made.
  4. With the decision to postpone or cancel all current live WSOP Circuit events, the WSOP quickly put together an 18-event online series on WSOP.com for players in New Jersey or Nevada. The series featured 18 gold ring events, with a total of $1.24 million in combined prize pool guarantees up for grabs. The series started March 14, 2020, and ran through March 31. When it was all said and done, the guarantees were smashed thanks to 11,816 total entries generating more than $3.945 million in total prize pools. [ptable zone=“Global Poker Article Ad”][ptable zone=“GG Poker”][ptable zone=“NJ Online Poker Promos”] WSOP Super Circuit Series Results Event #1: $320 No Limit Hold'em Double Stack 409 entries + 161 reentries Prize pool: $171,000 The opening event, a $320 No Limit Hold'em Double Stack event, drew 409 entries who also fired 161 rebuys to build a $171,000 prize pool to easily surpass the $50,000 guarantee. Vijay 'Eclypzed' Para outlasted everybody else to win $41,895 and the Circuit ring that comes with the title. Runner-up Richard 'rprmoo' Ryder earned $23,512.50 and Jesse 'ugk4life' Vilchez. added $14,364 to their bankroll after rounding out the podium finishers with a third place result. The current #2-ranked online poker player in the United States, Dan 'centrfieldr' Lupo, finished in 12th place for $1,881. Daniel Negreanu, playing under the screenname 'DNegs', finished in 118th place while Ryan 'protential' Laplante, David 'dwpoker' Williams, and Jesse 'MrJesseJames' Sylvia also worked their way into an in-the-money result. Vijay 'Eclypzed' Para - $41,895 Richard 'rprmoo' Ryder - $23,512.50 Jesse 'ugk4life.' Vilchez - $14,364 Daniel 'chard' Martin - $10,944 Jeffrey 'IQ84.' Gotts - $9,234 Jonathan 'jondukes' Lampkin - $7,524 Joseph 'biueberry' Cheong - $5,643 Kathy 'Luckygal' Liebert - $3,762 Christopher 'DonyBluffMe1' Ryan - $2,479.50 Event #2: $215 No Limit Hold'em 720 entries + 221 reentries Prize pool: $188,200 The first Sunday event on the schedule, a $215 No Limit Hold'em event, also made a mockery of the guarantee. The 720 players, along with 221 rebuys, pushed the prize pool to $188,200, nearly four times the $50,000 guarantee. Matt 'RubberFist' Stout topped the 941 entries to win $43,286 and the accompanying Circuit ring. This is the fourth WSOP Circuit ring win for Stout, with three of them coming in online events. His most recent win came last September when he won a $1,000 Circuit event. Runner-up Thomas 'tdkaces' Kornechuk earned $22,866.30 for falling one spot short of the victory while James 'Meatsweats' Carroll won $15,056 as the third-place finisher. The current #3-ranked player in Nevada, Jed 'jchak' Hoffman finished in 22nd place for $752. Both Jamie "DanBilzerian' Kerstetter and Laplante cashed in a second-straight event. Laplante finished in 95th place for $357.58, while Kerstetter finished 116th for $319.94. Matt 'RubberFist' Stout - $43,286 Thomas 'tdkaces' Kornechuk - $22,866.30 James 'Meatsweats' Carroll - $15,056 Adam 'leroycash' Vogl - $11,292 David 'zuleh' Bagheri - $9,410 Matthew 'gailums' Gailums - $7,528 Bryant 'gotchasuckka' Bustamante - $5,457.80 Patrick 'PatFromEH' Dimartino - $3,387.60 Daniel 'pepperprince' Zack - $2,446.60 Event #3: $215 No Limit Hold'em Deep Turbo 484 entries + 185 reentries Prize pool: $133,800 The third event on the schedule, a $215 No Limit Hold'em Deep Turbo event, drew 484 unique players who rebought 185 times to produce a $133,800 prize pool, well past the $50,000 guarantee. Brian 'JackBogle' Altman worked his way through all 669 entries to win $32,781 and a WSOP Circuit ring. Runner-up Kanon 'Zealot710' Dewitt picked up $18,397.50 and third-place finisher Frank 'thewholefunk' Funaro added $11,239.20 to their bankroll. Brian 'JackBogle' Altman - $32,781 Kanon 'Zealot710' Dewitt - $18,397.50 Frank 'thewholefunk' Funaro - $11,239.20 Brian 'bexel' Sherrier - $8,563.20 Ted 'olmuggins' Ely - $7,225.20 Qi 'linsanitY' Ha - $5,887.20 John 'beastro' Hinds - $4,415.40 Lauren 'sycamore22' Roberts - $2,943.60 Michael 'uniman' Laufer - $1,940.10 Event #4: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em High Roller 6-Max 182 entries + 108 reentries Prize pool: $276,950 The series' fourth event was the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold'em High Roller 6-Max. It came with a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000, but that guarantee was smashed with a turnout of 182 players and 108 reentries to generate a $276,950 purse. First place was worth nearly as much as the event's prize pool guarantee, with the winner taking home $74,776.50. Shankar 'burgersssss' Pillai won the fourth event and took home the gold ring in addition to the $74,776.50 prize pool. He beat Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler in heads-up play. Just a couple weeks ago, Pillai won the WSOP.com Winter OC Main Event for $69,250. Matt 'RubberFist' Stout made the final table and was looking for his second win of the series, but he had to settle for sixth place and $13,847.50. Calvin 'projector52' Anderson finished fifth, Andrew 'RandyLerch' Kelsall took fourth, and Keith 'T1mB3y_B33F' Donovan busted fourth. Shankar 'burgersssss' Pillai - $74,776.50 Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler - $43,619.62 Keith 'T1mB3y_B33F' Donovan - $24,925.50 Andrew 'RandyLerch' Kelsall - $19,386.50 Calvin 'projector52' Anderson - $16,617 Matt 'RubberFist' Stout - $13,847.50 Event #5: $215 No Limit Hold’em 562 entries + 297 reentries Prize pool: $171,800 The fifth event on the schedule continued the trend of making easy work of the posted guarantees, with 562 entries, along with 297 rebuys, to create a $171,800 prize pool on an event which had a $50,000 guarantee. Jaime 'mooseman1710' Reyes took the event down for $41,232 - a career-high score - and his first WSOP Circuit ring. Runner-up Brandon 'horus' Eisen had to settle for $21,818.60 while third place went to Jeff 'MahaKala108' Gross for $14,259.40. Jaime 'mooseman1710' Reyes - $41,232 Brandon 'horus' Eisen - $21,818.60 Jeff 'MahaKala108' Gross - $14,259.40 unclecuh - $10,823.40 Lauren 'sycamore22' Roberts - $9,105.40 Jacob 'Timmy2Cox' Rich - $7,387.40 Tyler 'dumbram' Patterson - $5,497.60 Stephen 'DitchPlains' Brennan - $3,607.80 James 'richrdparker' Taylor - $2,405.20 Event #6: $320 No Limit Hold’em 461 entries + 295 reentries Prize pool: $217,800 Event #6: $320 No Limit Hold'em drew 461 players and 265 reentries, creating a $217,800 prize pool to smash the $50,000 guarantee. Winning the event was James "Meatsweats" Carroll, taking home $53,361. Carroll had previously finished third in the second event of the series of $15,056. Carroll defeated Brian 'bexel' Sherrier in heads-up play. Sherrier now has two final tables in the series. James 'meatsweats' Carroll - $53,361 Brian 'bexel' Sherrier - $29,947.50 Stanton 'Stonniepokes' Tentnowski - $18,295.20 Steve 'Anonymous' Mlenak - $13,939.20 Ross 'BlueTang' Gottlieb - $11,761.20 David 'limpfold247' Mowery - $9,583.20 Jonathan 'jonathannn' Su - $7,187.40 Scott 'moose4life' Lazewski - $4,791.60 Matt 'berkey11_s4y' Berkey - $3,158.10 Event #7: $215 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha 261 entries + 193 reentries Prize pool: $90,800 The great game of Pot Limit Omaha was finally represented on the WSOP Circuit schedule on Friday night with a $215 Six Max PLO event. Like the No Limit Hold'em events before it, the PLO event had little trouble making the guarantee. Thanks to 261 entries and 193 reentries, the prize pool ballooned to $90,800, more than three times the $30,000 guarantee. Thomas 'mag8500' Maguire topped the field to win $23,608 and the second Circuit ring of his career. His first ring also came in an online event in September 2019. Runner-up Sang 'outofrole80' Kim earned $13,620 while Randall 'MRmandela79' Paguio won $7,990.40 for coming in third. Thomas 'mag8500' Maguire - $23,608 Sang 'outofrole80' Kim - $13,620 Randall 'MRmandela79' Paguio - $7,990.40 Dylan 'thedogsofwar' Wilkerson - $6,174.40 Yelena 'yzas75' Zaslavskaya - $5,175.60 Orson 'borgatcha' Young - $4,267.60 Event #8: $320 No Limit Hold'em Double Stack 569 entries + 257 reentries Prize pool: $247,800 Event #8: $320 No Limit Hold'em Double Stack was a big one, drawing 569 players and adding 257 reentries for a guarantee-smashing prize pool of $247,800. The original prize pool guarantee of $75,000 was more than tripled in this one, with a $59,472 first-place prize up for grabs. Taking top honors was Kenneth 'ace710' Neri, and he pocketed the nearly $60,000 first prize and gold ring for the victory. Just a week ago, Neri topped the field in the $50,000 GTD March Mayhem on WSOP.com, winning $20,880 for that triumph. Finishing in eighth place was Joseph 'biueberry' Cheong, earning $10,655.40 for his run. Kenneth 'ace710' Neri - $59,472 Daniel 'dtmpoker' Rogers - $31,470.60 Lucas 'coolhandluke' Gatti - $20,567.40 Mark 'Nostradonkus' Liedtke - $15,611.40 Victor 'v1kk019' Pang - $13,133.40 Joseph 'biueberry' Cheong - $10,655.40 Brandon 'z00m7' Setzer - $7,929.80 Kevin 'skywalker12' Rasor - 5,203.80 Stephen 'OregonTilt' Johnson - $3,469.20 Event #9: $525 No Limit Hold'em Monster Stack 477 entries + 159 reentries Prize pool: $318,000 Just a few days after he took second in the series' Event #4: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em High Roller 6-Max for $43,619.62, Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler scored first place in Sunday's $525 No Limit Hold'em Monster Stack for $77,910. Dokler topped the field that attracted 477 players and 159 entries, including topping Nicolas 'Zskrrrrt' Zolofra in heads-up play. Also finishing at the final table was Calvin 'projector52' Anderson, who took fifth place for $17,172. Anderson also had an excellent run in WSOP.com's $100,000 GTD Sunday Special, finishing 11th for $2,208.80. Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler - $77,910 Nicolas 'Zskrrrrt' Zolofra - $43,725 James 'BagelBud' Lillis - $26,712 Eric 'bill_luga' Blair - $20,352 Calvin 'projector52' Anderson - $17,172 Ryan 'hagzzz021' Hagerty - $13,992 Keith 'kgriffi45' Griffin - $10,494 Matthew 'manjit7' Leu - $6,996 Brady 'NoRecourse' Osterman - $4,611 Event #10: $250 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout 473 entries Prize pool: $110,209 Event #10: $250 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout attracted 473 players and generated a prize pool of $110,209, which toppled the event's $30,000 guarantee. Once again, first place was nearly the amount that the original prize pool guarantee was, with $27,001.20 up top in this one. Finishing in first place was Kyle 'Kdruck' Draucker. Lacey 'ReySol' Jones placed third for $9,257.55. Jones was just a few spots away from winning her second WSOP Circuit gold ring after she won Event #2: $215 No Limit Hold'em of the WSOP.com Online Circuit Series at the end of February. Jamie 'danbilzerian' Kerstetter finished eighth for $2,424.59. Kyle 'Kdruck' Draucker - $27,001.50 Robert 'Agamerob' Gray - $15,153.73 Lacey 'ReySol' Jones - $9,257.55 Michael 'mygame' Lavenburg - $7,053.37 'KingJames302' - $5,951.28 Jack 'oneeightyt' Duong - $4,849.19 Ari 'philivey' Engel - $3,636.89 Jamie 'danbilzerian' Kerstetter - $2,424.59 Justin 'Str8_Acid' Davis - $1,598.03 Event #11: No Limit Hold'em BIG $500 314 entries + 217 reentries Prize pool: $247,977 Event #11 of the WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series saw a familiar face grab first place. The event attracted 314 players and 217 reentries to generate a $247,977 prize pool. First place was more than $63,000 and it was Matt 'RubberFist' Stout topping the field when it was all said and done. For Stout, it was his second win of the series after he won Event #2: $215 No Limit Hold'em for $43,286. Stout had a tough final table to go through, which included Yong 'LUCKYSPEWY1' Kwon, Matt 'berkey11_s4y' Berkey, and Michael 'RUA11' Michnick, among others. Matt 'RubberFist' Stout - $63,234.13 Eric '8bracelets' Vanauken - $35,956.66 Yong 'LUCKYSPEWY1' Kwon - $21,326.02 Matt 'berkey11_s4y' Berkey - $16,366.48 Jake 'tooletime13' Toole - $13,886.71 Joshua 'kenjiboi7' Faris - $11,406.94 Brett 'furofakind' Shaffer - $8,679.19 Thomas 'tdkaces' Kornechuk - $5,703.47 Michael 'RUA11' Michnick - $3,697.63 Event #12: $215 No Limit Hold'em 541 entries + 303 reentries Prize pool: $168,800 On Wednesday, March 25, Event #12: $215 No Limit Hold'em played out. The event's $50,000 guarantee was crushed thanks to a $168,800 prize pool generated from 541 entries and 303 reentries. Winning first place was William 'swaggyb' Corvino, who scored the tournament's $40,512 first-place prize. William 'swaggyb' Corvino - $40,512 Chad 'clayne' Layne - $21,437.60 Phillip 'pbrokemoney' Lazar - $14,010.40 Bradley 'Mouth1979' Hose - $10,634.40 Saurav 'blackoutmook' Desai - $8,946.40 Michael 'njnj17' Leib - $7,258.40 Yelena 'yzas75' Zaslavskaya - $5,401.60 Dan 'NoLimitNomad' Kuntzman - $3,544.80 Sammy 'poker_mamba' Paik - $2,363.20 Event #13: $320 No Limit Hold'em 6-Max 402 entries + 271 reentries Prize pool: $201,900 The 13th event of the WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series was a $320 buy-in six-max event that drew 402 players. With 271 reentries, the prize pool came in at $201,900, easily surpassing the event's $75,000 guarantee. Topping the field and taking the $49,465.50 first-place prize was 'OtB_RedBaron.' Thomas 'OtB_RedBaron' Lim - $49,465.50 Simeon 'evolved_one' Knafo - $27,761.25 Zachary 'lovepuddle' Schwartz - $16,959.60 Anthony 'heheh' Zinno - $12,921.60 Jonathan 'jonmon101' Miller - $10,902.60 Ray 'Raytrg' Villaman - $8,883.60 Joseph 'biueberry' Cheong - $6,662.70 Harrison 'harrisond33' Dobin - $4,441.80 Ryan 'LoveMy11Cats' Belz - $2,927.55 Event #14: $250 No Limit Hold'em Turbo 422 entries + 214 reentries Prize pool: $149,460 The 14th event of the WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series was another guarantee-smashing success. The $250 No Limit Hold'em Turbo tournament had a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000, but thanks to 422 players and 214 reentries, a prize pool of $149,460 was generated. Finishing in first place was Sang 'youngkoi' Lee, who scooped up the $36,617.70 first-place prize. Lee defeated Eric '8bracelets' Vanauken in heads-up play, with Vanauken taking $20,550.75 for his efforts. For Vanauken, it was his second event of the series finishing as the runner up. Vanauken finished second in Event 11 for $35,956.66, too. Also reaching the final table was Michael 'ItWasThatOr0' Gagliano, placing ninth for $2,167.17. Sang 'youngkoi' Lee - $36,617.70 Eric '8bracelets' Vanauken - $20,550.75 Vincent 'PeoplesChamp' Ciccotelli - $12,55.64 Jordan 'HFNeon' Spurlin - $9,565.44 Timothy 'tbone111' McGowan - $8,070.84 Jason 'jayriv' Rivkin - $6,576.24 Victor 'v1kk019' Pang - $4,932.18 Junho 'joros' Song - $3,288.12 Michael 'ItWasThatOr0' Gagliano - $2,167.17 Event #15: $320 No Limit Hold'em 473 entries + 258 reentries Prize pool: $219,300 Event #15: $320 No Limit Hold'em drew a field of 473 players to the mix. Add in 258 reentries and the prize pool came in at $219,300, topping the $75,000 guarantee easily. Winning the event's $53,728.50 first-place prize was Andrew 'DrDisRespect' Dean. 'DrDisRespect' defeated Justin 'tamaratibles' Young in heads-up play, with second place being worth $30,153.75. Daniel 'chard' Martin, who finished fourth in the first event of the series, took sixth in this one for $9,649.20. Calvin 'projector52' Anderson finished eighth for $4,824.60. Andrew 'DrDisRespect' Dean - $53,728.50 Justin 'tamaratibles' Young - $30,153.75 Chad 'clayne' Layne - $18,421.20 Pierce 'victoria53' McKellar - $14,035.20 Joseph 'melonhead' Bartholdi - $11,842.20 Daniel 'chard' Martin - $9,649.20 Bryan 'mug15' Elliott - $7,236.90 Calvin 'projector52' Anderson - $4,824.60 Anthony 'shipit1991' Marchese - $3,179.85 Event #16: $525 No Limit Hold'em Main Event 763 entries + 371 reentries Prize pool: $567,000 The series' $525 Main Event attracted a huge field of 763 players. Those players added 371 reentries to the mix to create a prize pool of $567,000. The event's original guarantee was $200,000. Up top to the winner was $130,410 in prize money. Walking away with that first-place prize was Champie 'kiddchamp' Douglas. Douglas defeated Scott '2Due4U' Blumstein in heads-up play. The event was packed full of notables and so was the final table. Brian 'JackBogle' Altman finished fourth for $34,020, Gordon 'veilleux' Vayo took fifth for $28,350, and David 'dwpoker' Williams placed sixth for $22,680. Finishing just outside the final able in 10th place was Eric 'CircleBall' Baldwin and Jeff 'MahaKala108' Gross took 12th. Champie 'kiddchamp' Douglas - $130,41 Scott '2Due4U' Blumstein - $68,890.50 Gage 'greypoupon' Doyne- $45,360 Brian 'JackBogle' Altman - $34,020 Gordon 'veilleux' Vayo - $28,350 David 'dwpoker' Williams - $22,680 Marcus 'MJL56' Laffen - $16,443 Robert 'Bob_Loblaw' Brown - $10,206 Jose 'deposit' Noboa - $7,371 Event #17: $300 No Limit Hold'em Knockout 435 entries Prize pool: $122,670 In the second-to-last event of the series, Valentin 'tiktakonelov' Shabelnyk topped a field of 435 players to win Event #17: $300 No Limit Hold'em Knockout. In addition to winning the $19,396.65 first-place prize, Shabelnyk scored seven and a half knockouts for an additional $750. That put the total haul at $20,146.65. In heads-up play, Shabelnyk defeated Anthony 'heheh' Zinno. David 'dehhhhh' Coleman finished fifth and Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler took seventh. Valentin 'tiktakonelov' Shabelnyk - $19,396.65 + $750 in bounties Anthony 'heheh' Zinno - $10,885.87 + $700 in bounties Edward 'Eddiegood598' Espino - $6,650.28 + $400 in bounties Sebastian 'Messi10' Choi - $5,066.88 + $800 in bounties David 'dehhhhh' Coleman - $4,275.18 + $400 in bounties Timothy 'Tgl702' Glass - $3,483.48 + $400 in bounties Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler - $2,612.61 + $1,400 in bounties Irfan 'DieselEngine' Azhar - $1,741.74 + $500 in bounties Longsheng 'Allentan' Tan - $1,147.96 + $1,000 in bounties Event #18: $1,000 Grand Finale High Roller 6-Max 232 entries + 126 reentries Prize pool: $341,890 The final event of the WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series closed out the festival with a bang, as Event #18: $1,000 Grand Finale High Roller 6-Max destroyed its $75,000 guarantee with a prize pool of $341,890. In fact, the first-place prize of $90,600.85 was more than the original prize pool guarantee. Finishing in first place was Gage 'greypoupon' Doyne, who was coming off a third-place finish in the $525 Main Event. Doyne defeated Chad 'clayne' Layne in heads-up play. Layne previously finished second and third in other events earlier in the series. Also reaching the final table was Katie 'katelin' Lindsay and David 'dehhhhh' Coleman. Gage 'greypoupon' Doyne - $90,600.85 Chad 'clayne' Layne - $52,922.95 Brandon 'horus' Eisen - $30,257.26 Katie 'katelin' Lindsay - $23,248.52 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman - $19,829.62 Thomas 'carter12' Carter - $16,410.72 Super Circuit Casino Championship Leaderboard The WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series qualifies for the Global Casino Championship. The series' main event winner will receive an automatically qualification to the Global Casino Championship, as will the winner of the WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Casino Championship Leaderboard. You can find the latest leaderboard below, per WSOP.com. Player Points Gold Rings Cashes Earnings 1. Matt 'RubberFist' Stout 140 2 6 $122,389 2. Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler 107.5 1 7 $124,200 3. James 'meatsweats' Carroll 95 1 5 $71,025 4. Brian 'bexel' Sherrier 87.5 0 5 $44,385 5. Eric '8bracelets' Vanauken 80 0 4 $57,180 6. Chad 'clayne' Layne 77.5 0 4 $41,375 7. Andrew 'DrDisRespect' Dean 75 1 5 $56,803 8. Thomas 'mag8500' Maguire 72.5 1 5 $28,503 9. Calvin 'projector52' Anderson 70 0 4 $38,933 10. Sang 'youngkoi' Lee 67.5 1 4 $39,298 Super Circuit Series By the Numbers Event Players Reentries Total Entries Guarantee Prize Pool 1 409 161 570 $50,000 $171,000 2 720 221 941 $50,000 $188,200 3 484 185 669 $50,000 $133,800 4 182 108 290 $75,000 $276,950 5 562 297 859 $50,000 $171,800 6 461 295 756 $50,000 $217,800 7 261 193 454 $30,000 $90,800 8 569 257 826 $75,000 $247,800 9 477 159 636 $150,000 $318,000 10 473 0 473 $30,000 $110,209 11 314 217 531 $75,000 $247,977 12 541 303 844 $50,000 $168,800 13 402 271 673 $75,000 $201,900 14 422 214 636 $50,000 $149,460 15 473 258 731 $75,000 $219,300 16 763 371 1,134 $200,000 $567,000 17 435 0 435 $30,000 $122,670 18 232 126 358 $75,000 $341,890 Totals 11,816 $3,945,356  
  5. PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is coming to Pennsylvania. The first-ever PASCOOP is set to take place from April 4-20 with a massive $2 million in guaranteed prize money. The online poker series, which starts next Saturday, has 50 events on the schedule. Just like the 2020 New Jersey SCOOP series, Pennsylvania’s will also feature both a “High” and a “Low” buy-in, for a total of 100 tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from as little as $5 up to $500. [ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Party Poker NJ"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] Of course, the schedule is heavily weighted to No Limit Hold’em events of different varieties. Standard tournaments are broken up with the addition of Progressive Knockouts, 6-Max and 8-Max events, Zoom, Big Antes and Hyper-Turbos among other formats. Other poker disciplines are also represented throughout the schedule. Pot Limit Omaha, 8-Game, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, and No Limit Omaha 8 players will all get their own PASCOOP title events to battle over. Record-Setting Main Event The series will build to a pair of two-day Main Events that start on April 19. The Main Event High carries a $300 buy-in with a $200,000 guarantee, making it twice as big as the 2020 NJSCOOP Main Event. The PASCOOP Main Event Low offers a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool for just a $50 buy-in. The $200,000 guarantee on the Main Event High is likely to set a record PokerStars PA. Even though every online poker series the company has run has been overwhelmingly successful, they have yet to see Main Event in PA hit $200,000. Back in December, the debut of the PokerStars Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker included a Main Event with a $100,000 guarantee. After seeing how players were smashing their original projections early in the series, PokerStars gave the tournament a ‘guarantee boost’ and bumped it up to $125,000. That number was no problem as a total of 640 entries pushed the PACOOP Main Event prize pool to over $179,000, making it the largest MTT in PA's brief history in regulated online poker. It should be no surprise that PokerStars is being aggressive with PASCOOP. Since Day 1, players in the Keystone State have shown a healthy appetite for online poker, routinely beating guarantees in special online series as well as the weekly Sunday Majors. Add to that the current situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the online site, which remains the only online poker operator in Pennsylvania, has seen a surge of players logging on and taking shots in online tournaments. Helping put people into the Main Event virtual seats are non-stop qualifiers with guaranteed seats running the entire week leading up to the start of PASCOOP as well as throughout the series. In addition to the super satellites, PokerStars is offering a $15K Main Event Depositor Freeroll on April 19 with 50 total seats being given away to the $300 Main Event High. In addition to the 100 tournaments of the series, for players who enter any PASCOOP event but fall short of the cash, PokerStars will be running Daily $1K Second Chance All-In Shootout Freerolls. You get entered and those lucky enough to win a series of all-in hands will have some money put back in their bankrolls. The debut of PokerStars’ PASCOOP is on Saturday, April 4. Here’s the entire 100 event schedule. PokerStars 2020 PASCOOP Schedule DATE EVENTBUY-INGUARANTEED 4-4 PASCOOP-01-H NLHE [Nightly Stars - PASCOOP Warm-Up] $100 $50,000 4-4 PASCOOP-01-L NLHE [PASCOOP Warm-Up] $10 $10,000 4-4 PASCOOP-02-H NLHE $50 $35,000 4-4 PASCOOP-02-L NLHE $5 $6,000 4-4 PASCOOP-03-H NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO] $200 $25,000 4-4 PASCOOP-03-L NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO] $20 $10,000 4-5 PASCOOP-04-H NLHE [8-Max, DeepStack] $100 $40,000 4-5 PASCOOP-04-L NLHE [8-Max, DeepStack] $10 $8,000 4-5 PASCOOP-05-H NLHE [6-Max] $50 $30,000 4-5 PASCOOP-05-L NLHE [6-Max] $5 $6,000 4-5 PASCOOP-06-H NLHE [Progressive KO] $150 $35,000 4-5 PASCOOP-06-L NLHE [Progressive KO] $15 $8,000 4-5 PASCOOP-07-H NLHE [Sunday Special SE] $100 $70,000 4-5 PASCOOP-07-L NLHE [Mini Special] $10 $10,000 4-5 PASCOOP-08-H PLO [6-Max] $100 $15,000 4-5 PASCOOP-08-L PLO [6-Max] $10 $5,000 4-5 PASCOOP-09-H NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Sunday SuperSonic SE] $50 $15,000 4-5 PASCOOP-09-L NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Mini SuperSonic] $5 $3,000 4-6 PASCOOP-10-H NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Battle Royale SE] $50 $30,000 4-6 PASCOOP-10-L NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $5 $3,500 4-6 PASCOOP-11-H NLO8 [6-Max] $150 $15,000 4-6 PASCOOP-11-L NLO8 [6-Max] $15 $3,500 4-7 PASCOOP-12-H NLHE [Super Tuesday SE] $250 $50,000 4-7 PASCOOP-12-L NLHE [Mini Super Tuesday] $25 $20,000 4-7 PASCOOP-13-H NLHE [Escalating Antes] $150 $20,000 4-7 PASCOOP-13-L NLHE [Escalating Antes] $15 $6,000 4-7 PASCOOP-14-H NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $75 $17,500 4-7 PASCOOP-14-L NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $7.50 $5,000 4-8 PASCOOP-15-H NLHE [6-Max, High Roller] $500 $50,000 4-8 PASCOOP-15-H NLHE [6-Max] $50 $25,000 4-8 PASCOOP-16-H NLHE [Progressive KO] $100 $30,000 4-8 PASCOOP-16-L NLHE [Progressive KO] $10 $7,500 4-9 PASCOOP-17-H NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE] $250 $50,000 4-9 PASCOOP-17-L NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Thrill] $25 $20,000 4-9 PASCOOP-18-H PLO [8-Max] $150 $15,000 4-9 PASCOOP-18-L PLO [8-Max] $15 $4,000 4-9 PASCOOP-19-H NLHE [Turbo] $75 $15,000 4-9 PASCOOP-19-L NLHE [Turbo] $7.50 $3,500 4-10 PASCOOP-20-H 8-Game $200 $17,500 4-10 PASCOOP-20-L 8-Game $20 $4,000 4-10 PASCOOP-21-H NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO] $150 $22,000 4-10 PASCOOP-21-L NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO] $15 $7,500 4-11 PASCOOP-22-H NLHE $100 $25,000 4-11 PASCOOP-22-L NLHE $10 $5,000 4-11 PASCOOP-23-H NLHE [4-Max] $200 $30,000 4-11 PASCOOP-23-L NLHE [4-Max] $20 $12,000 4-11 PASCOOP-24-H NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO, BigStack Turbo] $150 $25,000 4-11 PASCOOP-24-L NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO, BigStack Turbo] $15 $10,000 4-11 PASCOOP-25-H NLHE [8-Max, Turbo] $50 $12,000 4-11 PASCOOP-25-L NLHE [8-Max, Turbo] $5 $3,000 4-12 PASCOOP-26-H NLHE [Marathon] $150 $35,000 4-12 PASCOOP-26-L NLHE [Marathon] $15 $8,000 4-12 PASCOOP-27-H NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $50 $22,000 4-12 PASCOOP-27-L NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $5 $3,000 4-12 PASCOOP-28-H NLHE [Sunday Special SE] $200 $50,000 4-12 PASCOOP-28-L NLHE [Mini Special] $20 $15,000 4-12 PASCOOP-29-H NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Big Antes] $150 $25,000 4-12 PASCOOP-29-L NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Big Antes] $15 $6,000 4-12 PASCOOP-30-H NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Sunday SuperSonic SE] $75 $12,500 4-12 PASCOOP-30-L NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Mini SuperSonic] $7.50 $5,000 4-13 PASCOOP-31-H NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $200 $20,000 4-13 PASCOOP-31-L NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO] $20 $5,000 4-13 PASCOOP-32-H PLO [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo] $150 $20,000 4-13 PASCOOP-32-L PLO [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo] $15 $5,000 4-14 PASCOOP-33-H NLHE [Super Tuesday SE] $200 $45,000 4-14 PASCOOP-33-L NLHE [Mini Super Tuesday] $20 $17,500 4-14 PASCOOP-34-H NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO] $75 $17,500 4-14 PASCOOP-34-L NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO] $7.50 $5,000 4-15 PASCOOP-35-H NLHE $100 $20,000 4-15 PASCOOP-35-L NLHE $10 $5,000 4-15 PASCOOP-36-H NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom] $200 $25,000 4-15 PASCOOP-36-L NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom] $20 $7,500 4-16 PASCOOP-37-H NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE] $200 $35,000 4-16 PASCOOP-37-L NLHE [Progressive KO, Mini Thrill] $20 $15,000 4-16 PASCOOP-38-H NLHE [8-Max] $100 $12,000 4-16 PASCOOP-38-L NLHE [8-Max] $10 $2,000 4-17 PASCOOP-39-H Stud Hi/Lo [6-Max, Turbo, Fast Friday SE] $50 $10,000 4-17 PASCOOP-39-L Stud Hi/Lo [6-Max, Turbo] $5 $2,500 4-17 PASCOOP-40-H NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO] $100 $15,000 4-17 PASCOOP-40-L NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO] $10 $3,500 4-18 PASCOOP-41-H NLHE [6-Max, Deepstack] $100 $40,000 4-18 PASCOOP-41-L NLHE [6-Max, Deepstack] $10 $8,000 4-18 PASCOOP-42-H NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO] $150 $30,000 4-18 PASCOOP-42-L NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO] $15 $7,500 4-18 PASCOOP-43-H NLHE [Turbo, Zoom] $75 $25,000 4-18 PASCOOP-43-L NLHE [Turbo, Zoom] $7.50 $6,000 4-19 PASCOOP-44-H NLHE [Progressive KO, DeepStack] $100 $30,000 4-19 PASCOOP-44-L NLHE [Progressive KO, DeepStack] $10 $6,000 4-19 PASCOOP-45-H NLHE [Main Event] $300 $200,000 4-19 PASCOOP-45-L NLHE [Main Event] $50 $50,000 4-19 PASCOOP-46-H NLHE $100 $25,000 4-19 PASCOOP-46-L NLHE [Progressive KO] $10 $6,000 4-19 PASCOOP-47-H NLHE [Hyper-Turbo] $75 $15,000 4-19 PASCOOP-47-L NLHE [Hyper-Turbo] $7.50 $5,000 4-20 PASCOOP-48-H NLHE $100 $40,000 4-20 PASCOOP-48-L NLHE $10 $8,000 4-20 PASCOOP-49-H NLHE [Phase Day 2] $100 $50,000 4-20 PASCOOP-49-L NLHE [Phase Day 2] $10 $10,000 4-20 PASCOOP-50-H NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, PASCOOP Wrap-Up] $150 $20,000 4-20 PASCOOP-50-L NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, PASCOOP Wrap-Up] $15 $5,000
  6. It’s been a good start to 2020 for New Jersey-based online grinder David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman who sits atop the USA Online Poker Rankings for the second month in a row. Coleman (4,496 PLB points) picked up a pair of victories early in the month, taking down the January 10 edition of the PokerStars NJ Nightly Stars for $1,925 as well as the January 12 WSOP.com $10,000 Weekly Saturday for another $2,850. However, he picked up his biggest scores of January as the end of the month booking a pair of five-figure cashes in back-to-back fashion. First up, Coleman fell just short of taking down the $400 PokerStars NJ Winter Series Main Event, finishing as the runner-up for an $11,839 payday plus 188.20 PLB points. The very next day, on January 27, he again finished in second in WSOP.com’s $50,000 Monthly Sunday for $13,466 and another 183.01 PLB points. In total Colman racked up 48 results in the month, nine of which were good for podium finishes. Coleman pulled in just over $64,000 for the month, more than four times his earnings for December 2019. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] After a long stretch in the #1 spot in 2019, Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon (4,237 PLB points) spent his second month in a row in the #2 spot. Sitting just 259 PLB points behind Coleman, Kwon picked up some impressive January results. His biggest score of the month came on January 8 when he took down WSOP.com’s $20,000 Weekly Tuesday for $8,301. He nearly matched that later in the month when he finished in fifth in the WSOP.com $50,000 Monthly Sunday for another $6,233. Kwon ended January with 12 five-figure cashes and six outright victories. He currently sits as ranked at #109 in the world. Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (3,898 PLB points) jumped up one spot to #3 in the rankings, with the help of five PLB-qualifying cashes in January. On January 22 he took down Event #9 of the PokerStars NJ Winter Series ($30 NLHE Mini Super Tuesday) for $2,072 and 107.46 PLB points. He followed that up with a runner-up finish in the Winter Series $50 Mini Main Event for $2,521 and another 90.77 PLB points. Lupo had 16 cashes in the month, seven of which were good for four-figures. In total, he earned just over $15,500. Despite not putting in a lot of volume, Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov (3,867 PLB points) had a very successful start to 2020. He earned over $36,000 on the back of just 12 cashes. Alexandrov's spotlight score was his victory in the January 15 edition of the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown for $10,788 and 189.63 PLB pints. He also picked up another $7,849 and 120.74 PLB points with his fourth-place finish in the WSOP.com $50,000 Monthly Sunday at the end of the month. He earned three victories in January and seven of his 12 results were for four-figures or more. Perhaps just one more PLB qualifying cash would have bumped him into third place for January as he finished just 31 PLB points behind Lupo. New Jersey grinder Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein slipped two spots to wrap up the top five. His decline has nothing to do with his play because Borenstein appeared to take January off. With no results to speak of in January, Borenstein kept his top five ranking thanks to the strength of past performances including his two $20,000+ scores he had in December 2019. USA Online Poker Rankings RANK PLAYER PLB POINTS 1 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 4496 2 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon 4237 3 Dan “centrfieldr” Lupo 3898 4 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 3867 5 Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein 3781 6 Michael ‘JohnnnyDrama’ Haberman Jr. 3751 7 Jason 'JLaw' Lawhun 3378 8 sri100k 3147 9 Ryan 'hags021' Hagerty 3135 10 Michael “Gags30” Gagliano 3111 ‘Bamatide88’ Rolls In Nevada Grinders from New Jersey have a grip on the top of the USA Rankings for now, but Tanner ‘Bamatide88’ Bibat (2,587 PLB points) has come out on top in Nevada. Bibat picked up nine PLB-qualifying cashes in January to wrestle the top spot away from perennial contender David ‘bewater’ Goodman. Bibat’s biggest score of the month arrived on January 4 with his final table finish in WSOP.com’s $15,000 Weekly Friday for $2,447 and 68.08 PLB points. Bibat earned over $10,000 on 18 cashes in the month. Nevada Online Poker Rankings RANK PLAYER PLB POINTS 1 Tanner ‘Bamatide88’ Bibat 2587 2 David ‘bewater’ Goodman 2496 3 Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman 2246 4 Ian ‘APokerJoker2’ Steinman 2198 5 PunnyYouSayThat 1527
  7. Sundays are for grinding. With PokerStars PA now going around the clock, the best online poker players in Pennsylvania now have their own set of Sunday Majors to look forward to each week. While those who still long for the pre-Black Friday MTT schedule might be disappointed, the players in Pennsylvania who have been waiting to get back on PokerStars since that fateful day 8.5 years ago will be excited to head into battle. There's a full tournament schedule to play with buy-ins ranging from $2 to $250 but there are five tournaments worth highlighting. Things get underway at 4 pm with the $30 buy-in Sunday Warm-Up with a $7,500 guarantee. Levels are eight minutes long and players can re-enter up to twice in the first two hours of play. An hour later, the Sunday Storm is a Six-Max event and has just a $10 buy-in and a $5,000 guarantee. Players can fire up to six total bullets into this tournament during the 95-minute late registration period. The highlight of the schedule is the $100 buy-in Sunday Special at 6 PM. The guarantee for the first week is $40,000 and players who bust in the first three hours of play can re-enter up to a maximum of three times. Players looking for a bigger buy-in can fire away at the $250 Sunday High Roller event at 7 pm. The tournament has a $10,000 guarantee and players can re-enter as many as five times during the 2.5-hour re-entry period. Lastly, the Sunday Supersonic has a hyper structure, a $50 buy-in, and a $5,000 guarantee. The tournament begins at 10 PM and late registration is only open for 45 minutes during which players can re-enter up to five times. PokerStars PA Sunday Majors Schedule Time Game Buy-in Name Guarantee 4:00 PM NLHE $30.00 Sunday Warm-Up $7,500.00 5:00 PM NLHE $10.00 Sunday Storm $5,000.00 6:00 PM NLHE $100.00 Sunday Special $40,000.00 7:00 PM NLHE $250.00 Sunday High Roller $10,000.00 10:00 PM NLHE $50.00 Sunday Supersonic (Hyper) $5,000.00 The schedule isn't an exact copy of what PokerStars NJ offers just across the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Outside of the $10 buy-in Sunday Storm, the New Jersey schedule features bigger buy-ins but smaller guarantees. Time Game Buy-in Name Guarantee 4:00 PM NLHE $50.00 Sunday Warm-Up $4,000.00 5:00 PM NLHE $10.00 Sunday Storm $3,500.00 6:00 PM NLHE $200.00 Sunday Special $2,500.00 7:00 PM NLHE $500.00 Sunday High Roller $8,000.00 10:00 PM NLHE $75.00 Sunday Supersonic (Hyper) $4,000.00
  8. It’s finally official. The weeks of rumors have finally been put to rest as PokerStars is scheduled to put their platform to the real money test on Monday, November 4 and will become the first online operator to offer online poker in Pennsylvania. For PokerStars, the soft launch testing period should take two days before it is officially approved. Once it is, poker players in the Keystone State can get back to their online grind. For a little while at least, PokerStars will be the only operator in Pennsylvania. However, it is just a matter of time before they have competition for the nearly 13 million potential players in PA. Here's a look at the online poker operators that could be next to join PokerStars in the Pennsylvania market. [ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] WSOP.com One of the most obvious choices to do battle with PokerStars is Caesars Entertainment’s online arm of the World Series of Poker, WSOP.com. Currently the leading online poker room in New Jersey, WSOP.com is powered by 888 software and partnered with Harrah’s Philadelphia, another property of Caesars. World Series of Poker officials have remained tight-lipped about their plans on entering Pennsylvania. When they do, it should only be a two-day testing process for them based on the fact that they already have up-and-running online sites elsewhere in the U.S. WSOP.com would bring a number of exciting opportunities for players in Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly, the ability to satellite into live World Series of Poker bracelet events would be a significant draw, especially in the summer months leading up to the Main Event. In addition to their satellites, WSOP.com offers its own online poker series with big guarantees including seasonal Online Championships as well as Online Circuit Events where players can win an actual ring. Party Poker partypoker’s parent company, GVC, has a deal in place with Valley Forge Casino Resort that would bring the well-known poker brand to PA. Like WSOP.com, partypoker already has a presence in New Jersey, where it shares a player pool with BorgataPoker.com and BetMGM.com. This means that whenever they decide to schedule a soft launch period, it too will only require two days of testing. Going live in Pennsylvania looks to be a piece to a larger puzzle for partypoker. Earlier this year, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved partypoker for an online poker license in Nevada. Currently, there is only one operator in Nevada, WSOP.com. The low population of three million makes it tough for the market to support multiple online poker sites. If partypoker has its sights set on taking over the #1 spot in the U.S. they would need to leverage the same multi-state compact that bolstered WSOP.com. At the same time, they will be looking forward to a time when Pennsylvania may also join the states that have legalized and regulated online poker. Dark Horses partypoker and WSOP.com are two of the most recognizable brands in poker today. But inside the state of Pennsylvania, there are some very popular poker entities that could decide to enter the market. Parx Casino is well-known for its massive Big Stax tournaments and large live poker room. They have also paid the steep $10 million fee to be able to offer online gaming. They are already offering sports betting and online casino games. Should the market warrant it, Parx could leverage their brand to expand into online poker. Rush Street Gaming is the owners of SugarHouse and their interactive arm could bring online poker to PA. Rush Street is already well-known in the poker scene with its televised live cash game Poker Night In America.
  9. American online poker players who have been patiently waiting for a presidential candidate to support the legalization and regulation of online poker in their country had their patience rewarded on Saturday afternoon. Andrew Yang, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the issue and showed a broader understanding of the issue than candidates on either sides of the aisle have shown over the past eight years while coming out in favor of federal regulation.
  10. New Jersey online grinder Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon’s reign atop the PocketFives United States Online Poker Rankings continues. After a busy October filled with both the WSOP.com’s Fall Online Championships and PokerStars NJ’s New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, Kwon sits atop the leaderboard with 5,227 points. Since our last update, Kwon accumulated eight more PLB-qualifying scores including a victory in the October 25 NJCOOP Event #37 ($150 NLHE Turbo) for $3,438 and 122.51 PLB points. His largest score over the past month came during the WSOP.com’s Fall OC $50,000 Special Tuesday Showdown where a final table finish brought him $5,382 and another 94.46 PLB points. During the month of October, Kwon racked up 19 five-figure scores for a total of more than $70,000 in earnings. In addition to being ranked #1 in the U.S., he currently sits ranked at #73 in the world and is rapidly approaching $2.7 million in career online earnings. U.S. Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon 5,227 2 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo 4,912 3 David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman 4,828 4 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 4,586 5 Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein 4,299 6 Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg 4,198 7 Ryan ‘shipthesherb’ Hohner 4,031 8 Jason ‘JLaw’ Lawhun 3,924 9 Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano 3,731 10 Michael ‘JohnnnyDrama’ Haberman 3,634 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (4,912 points) once again sits right behind Kwon in the U.S. rankings. Like all serious New Jersey grinders, Lupo was active in the major online series, putting up big results and taking down titles. On October 17, he took down the PokerStars NJCOOP Event #19 ($100, NLHE Turbo) for $2,370 and 100.00 PLB points. Then, the very next day, he claimed a WSOP.com Fall OC title by winning Event #28 ($10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Six Max) for $3,643 and 110.20 PLB points. Lupo did capture a five-figure score with his runner-up finish in NJCOOP Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) for $11,489, good for another 147.53 PLB points. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Less than 100 points behind Lupo is David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman (4,828) who not only ranks #3 in the U.S. but is sitting at a career-high ranking of #93 in the world. Coleman has been putting in heavy volume and it has been paying off. During the last week of October, Coleman finished top-three in four different NJCOOP tournaments. He won Event #32 ($200 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $6,554 and Event #47 ($75 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic SE) for $2,009. On the same day as his second NJCOOP title, Coleman also took down the WSOP.com $50,000 Monthly Sunday for another $23,408 and 270.46 PLB points. Coleman’s heater continued into the beginning of November as, since October 22, he has 12 top-three finishes - eight of which are good for wins. This includes a victory in the November 6 edition of the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown for $17,036 and another 244.49 PLB points. Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov (4,586) keeps his spot at #4 in the U.S. again this month. Alexandrov also managed to pick up a pair of titles in October. First, on October 13 he won NJCOOP Event #7 ($150 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic SE) for $2,927 and 109.54 PLB points. Then three days later, he topped the field in WSOP.com’s Fall OC Event #22 ($20,000 NLHE R&A) for $8,179 and 173.05 PLB points. Alexandrov has had a nice start to his November, picking up a final table finish in the November 6 WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown for $4,782. Wrapping up the USA top 5 is Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein (4,299), who moves up one spot from last month. Borenstein holds the honor of being the only player to capture three 2019 NJCOOP titles. His first came on October 15 in Event #10 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $7,341. He followed that up the very next day by taking down Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) for $20,893. Then he wrapped up his series by winning Event #50 ($150 NLHE Dee Hyper-Turbo Six Max) for $2,775. New Jersey Online Poker Rankings Top 5 New Jersey online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon 5227 2 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo 4912 3 David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman 4828 4 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 4586 5 Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein 4299   Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 5 Nevada online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 David ‘bewater’ Goodman 3394 2 Tanner ‘Bamatide88’ Bibat 3234 3 Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman 2823 4 PunnyYouSayThat 2207 5 Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn 1960   Pennsylvania Online Poker Rankings Top 5 Pennsylvania online poker players. PokerStars PA launched in Pennsylvania last week and PocketFives expects to have the tracking data soon. In the meantime, we are keeping up with all of the action from Pennsylvania’s Sunday Majors. If you are an online poker player in Pennsylvania and have yet to register your PokerStars PA screen name, here’s how you can set yourself up to battle to be a top-ranked player in the state.
  11. [caption width="640"] Mike 'JohnnyDrama' Haberman lead in the New Jersey rankings shrunk during January.[/caption] A lot can change in a month and it has in the PocketFives New Jersey Online Poker Rankings. Players have dropped, some farther than others, and players have risen, with the majority of that change occurring towards the middle of the top ten. That’s because Michael 'JohnnyDrama' Haberman has held his spot atop those rankings as the calendar shifts into February, albeit by a much smaller margin than the last time these rankings were updated. One of the main reasons Haberman has kept pole position on the rest of New Jersey is thanks to his two wins on WSOP.com in the middle of January. Haberman won the $2,500 NJ High-Roller on January 14th and followed that win with a 3rd place finish in the same event later that week. He wasn’t done though, as he won the $5K Nightly on WSOP.com to finish that week off, earning just under $6,000 for his scores in that week alone. That week-long stretch of success wasn’t it though, as Haberman has been one of the most successful and consistent players throughout the New Jersey sites over the last few months. He’s recorded over 45 top ten finishes over the last two months, in a wide variety of tournaments. That success put him well ahead of the rest of the field early this year but that field looks like they're starting to make a push to the top. Last month, it was Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein who was hot on Haberman’s tail but after a month of nearly no online activity, compared to his high volume standards, he’s fallen completely out of the New Jersey top 20. Borenstein’s been on the live grind and won't be too upset with his ranking downslide, as he added $86,000 to his bankroll thanks to a 6th place finish in the 5,101 player $2,000,000 Winter Poker Open event held last month at Borgata. So while 'itsmejon' falls, Keith 'donnysack' Donovan climbs and becomes the player closest to Haberman. Donovan is now just over 40 PLB points away from the top spot in New Jersey and that rise is mostly helped by Donovan’s recent WSOP.com $30K Sunday Major win, a victory that netted him $9,391 and nearly 165 PLB points. The uptick continued for players below Borenstein, as Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon moved up to the #3 slot. Kwon has nine podium finishes in 2016, including five wins, the biggest of which came in the January 12th $10K on WSOP.com. That win was good for just under $3,200 and someone who knows a little something about winning those $10K events is Daniel 'RedsoxNets5' Sewnig. [caption width="640"] Daniel 'RedsoxNets5' Sewnig enters the New Jersey rankings in the top five after a torrid January (photo credit Will O'Connor).[/caption] Sewnig has been crushing in 2016, with an insane amount of volume resulting in one of the best month-long stretches we’ve seen push himself into the #4 spot on the New Jersey rankings. Sewnig has 22 podium finishes over the last month with six outright wins, including three in the WSOP.com nightly $10K. He’s now just shy of 150 PLB points behind New Jersey’s leader 'JohnnyDrama', meaning that the next few weeks could and should only continue to shake up the leaderboard. That shakeup seems to have already begun towards the bottom half of the top ten though, as Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano has quickly moved himself into the #5 spot heading into February. Mike 'MikeyCasino' Azzaro has also moved himself into the top ten, with a complete list of the Garden State top ten listed below: JohnnyDrama - 2,552.01 donnysack - 2,510.82 ykwon17 - 2,497.02 RedsoxNets5 - 2,399.31 Gags30 - 2,300.41 ol muggins - 2,264.33 Mergulas - 2,258.67 PocketProfits - 2,194.44 No_Xcape - 2,161.60 MikeyCasino - 2,160.60
  12. [caption width="640"] The PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Takes Over the New Jersey ONline Poker scene for the next 16 days.[/caption] The PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker is going to fill up the calendars of New Jersey online poker players over the next couple of weeks. NJCOOP runs October 15 - 31 and includes a total of 43 events and a total of $1.2 million in guaranteed prize pools. This marks the second COOP series to run in New Jersey. The first was in May when the New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker had 52 events spread across two weeks. NJCOOP Schedule HighlightsEverything gets underway Saturday, October 15 with two warm-up events and then gets real on Sunday, October 16 with five events in one day. The marquee event that day is the $250 buy-in Sunday Special Special Edition which comes with a $100,000 guarantee. Just six of the 43 events on the schedule are Pot Limit Omaha, but the tournaments offered should offer enough value to keep the biggest PLO junkie happy. The first PLO event is Event #6, on Tuesday, October 6, and the $100 buy-in tournament has a $15,000 guarantee. There is also a $100 buy-in PLO Heads Up event on Wednesday, October 26. The second event on the calendar that comes with a six-figure guarantee is Event #28, the $1,000 buy-in Six Max High Roller. That goes Tuesday, October 25 at 6 pm. And that’s just a prelude to the Main Event. Sign-up now for PokerStarsNJ.com and get a free NBA Swingman jersey. Details here.NJCOOP Main EventThe $500 buy-in Main Event is set to run over two days beginning Saturday, October 30 and it comes with the biggest guarantee of all, $200,000. The Saturday start is designed to allow more recreational players who would otherwise be working on Monday the chance to play the two-day event without fear of having to make arrangements on Day 2. For comparison, the Main Event of the first event PokerStarsNJ Spring Championship of Online Poker last May had a buy-in of $500 and a $200,000 guarantee and drew 392 players to just meet out on the guarantee. The LeaderboardIt wouldn’t be a PokerStars COOP series without a leaderboard. Players who finish in the top 15 for the NJCOOP Leaderboard will earn their share of $10,000 in tournament dollars, with the best performer earning T$2,000. 2016 PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker Schedule Start TimeEvent #TournamentGuarantee Saturday, October 15 6:00 PM1$100 Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up$15,000 8:00 PM2$200 NL Hold'em (Turbo) - NJCOOP Warm-Up$10,000 Sunday, October 16 3:30 PM3$150 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super KO)$30,000 5:00 PM4$250 Sunday Special SE$100,000 7:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1A)$50,000 8:00 PM6$100 PL Omaha (8-max)$15,000 10:00 PM7$150 Sunday SuperSonic SE (Hyper)$15,000 Monday, October 17 6:30 PM8$100 NL Hold'em (Speed-Down)$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1B)$50,000 8:00 PM9$500 PL Omaha High Roller (6-max)$30,000 Tuesday, October 18 6:30 PM10$100 NL Hold'em 1R1A$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1C)$50,000 8:30 PM11$300 NL Hold'em (Heads-Up)$20,000 Wednesday, October 19R] 6:30 PM12$100 NL Hold'em (Progressive Super-KO)$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1D)$50,000 8:00 PM13$200 Limit Hold'em (6-max)$10,000 Thursday, October 20 6:30 PM14$500 8-Game (6-max)$20,000 7:30 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1E)$50,000 8:00 PM15$50+R NL Hold'em$20,000 Friday, October 21 7:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1F)$50,000 8:00 PM16$200 TRiple Stud$10,000 9:30 PM17$50+R NL Hold'em (3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy)$7,500 Saturday, October 22 5:00 PM18$100 NL Hold'em (Deepstack, 8-max)$15,000 7:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1G)$50,000 8:00 PM19$200 NL Hold'em (Ante-Up)$10,000 Sunday, October 23 2:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-max, Day 1H)$50,000 3:30 PM20$100 Mixed NLHE/PLO (6-max)$15,000 5:00 PM21$350 Sunday Special SE$75,000 7:00 PM22$200 NL Hold'em (Progressive SuperKO)$35,000 8:00 PM5$50 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 2)$50,000 9:00 PM23$100 NL Hold'em (Shootout, 6-Max, Turbo)$10,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1A)$35,000 Monday, October 24 6:00 PM25$300 NL Hold'em (4-max)$30,000 8:00 PM26$75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo (Rebuy, 8-max)$10,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1B)$35,000 Tuesday, October 25 6:00 PM27$150 NL Hold'em (1R1A)$25,000 7:00 PM28$1,000 NL Hold'em (High Roller, 6-max)$100,000 8:00 PM29$100 FL Omaha Hi/Lo (8-max)$5,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1C)$35,000 Wednesday, October 26 6:00 PM30$25+R NL Hold'em (Rebuy)$20,000 8:00 PM31$100 PL Omaha HU$5,000 9:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1D)$35,000 Thursday, October 27 6:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 1E, Turbo)$35,000 7:30 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1A)$50,000 8:30 PM24$150 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Day 2)$35,000 8:00 PM33$50+R PL Omaha (6-Max, Rebuy)$10,000 9:00 PM34$150 NL Hold'em (Turbo)$20,000 Friday, October 28 7:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1B)$50,000 8:00 PM35$100 PL 5-Card Omaha (8-max)$7,500 9:00 PM36$200 NL Hold'em (Deep, Hyper)$15,000 Saturday, October 29 6:00 PM37$300 NL Hold'em (6-max)$30,000 7:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1C)$50,000 9:00 PM38$75 NL Hold'em (Zoom)$15,000 Sunday, October 30 2:00 PM39$100 NL Hold'em (Big Antes)$15,000 5:00 PM40$500 NL Hold'em Main Event (Day 1)$200,000 7:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1D)$50,000 8:00 PM41$15+R NL Hold'em (6-max, Turbo, Rebuy)$10,000 10:00 PM42$75 Sunday Supersonic SE (Hyper)$10,000 Monday, October 31 6:00 PM40$500 NL Hold'em Main Event (Day 2)$200,000 6:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 1E, Turbo)$50,000 8:00 PM32$100 NL Hold'em (Day 2)$50,000 9:00 PM43$150 NL Hold'em (Deep-Hyper, 6-Max)$15,000
  13. [caption width="640"] The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker runs for 16 days in October.[/caption] While the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker winds down for the site’s global player base, New Jersey poker players will soon have a championship tournament series of their own to look forward to. The Isle of Man-based gaming giant announced the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, which plays out from October 15-31 and feature 43 events with buy-ins ranging from $15 to $1,000. The 16-day series, which is only available to players physically located in New Jersey, culminates with the $500 buy-in, $200,000 No Limit Hold‘em Main Event on October 30-31. PokerStars bills NJCOOP as New Jersey’s richest ever online poker tournament series, and highlights the event as proof of its commitment to growing online poker in the Garden State. The schedule features an array of poker variants, including Pot Limit Omaha, Eight Game and Triple Stud, to be played in a variety of structures and formats. Players can also look forward to a $100,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold‘em High Roller event with a $1,000 buy-in, and a PLO High Roller tournament with a $500 entry fee. Team PokerStars Pro and poker streaming pioneer Jason Somerville played several events in this year’s WCOOP while outside the US and broadcast all of his play on his popular Twitch channel. For NJCOOP he will be back in New Jersey hoping to win even more cash during some of his marathon streams. “I’m so excited that PokerStars is bringing the Championship of Online Poker to New Jersey,” Somerville said. “It’s great that players in the region can experience playing in this prestigious festival and the buzz that comes with chasing big prize money and major tournament titles. I’m looking forward to playing and streaming NJCOOP on Twitch in my hunt to win a title in its debut year.” Daily online qualifiers to all NJCOOP events are already running on PokerStarsNJ.com, with satellite tournaments to the larger buy-in event starting at just $1. Players can also take part in special $2.50 Spin & Go tournaments from September 26 to October 30, which award $500 Main Event tickets and cash prizes. Player of the Series Leaderboard Top performers at this year’s NJCOOP can win even more cash and prizes through the Player of the Series Leaderboard. Up to $10,000 in prizes will be given away to the site’s most consistently successful players, with the overall winner taking home $2,000 in tournament dollars. What’s more, PokerStars is also giving NJCOOP players the opportunity to win one of 20 PokerStars Festival New Jersey 2016 Main Event seats worth $1,100. Players who take part in the five NJCOOP events below will be entered into an All-in Shootout freeroll the following day to try and win their seat. 01 $100 Nightly Stars 04 $250 Sunday Special SE 08 $100 NL Hold'em [Speed-Down] 12 $100 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-KO] 21 $350 Sunday Special SE
  14. David 'bewater' Goodman returned to the top spot in the PocketFives United States Online Poker Rankings, as Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo jumped into second place and Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano fell to third. United States Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 David 'bewater' Goodman 4,938.33 2 Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo 4,770.75 3 Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano 4,473.54 4 Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein 4,259.79 5 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 4,142.56 6 Hurricane27 4,134.38 7 Ricky 'ratedGTO' Guan 3,932.65 8 Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon 3,740.64 9 Artim 'aceszhuited' Zhuta 3,659.22 10 engineered2eat 3,609.70 Goodman is the top-ranked player in Nevada and makes his bread playing on WSOP.com. In the month of November, Goodman has 29 online poker cashes, including four victories and two additional top-three finishes. He captured wins in the $7,500 Weekly Wednesday [Re-entry, 6 Max] on November 1 for $2,250 and 86.60 points, the $15,000 Weekly Friday [Re-entry, 6 Max] on November 3 for $5,301 and 123.07 points, the Coast 2 Coast III #13 - $20,000 NLH - Classic Freezeout on November 8 for $5,827 and 148.28 points, and the $7,000 Daily Turbo Deepstack [R&A] on November 8 for $1,995 and 82.74 points, all on WSOP.com. His largest score of the month came from a fifth-place finish in the WSOP.com Coast 2 Coast III #33 - $85,000 NLH - High Roller [Re-entry, 6 Max] for $9,027 and 137.71 points. Lupo, who plays out of New Jersey and is currently the top-ranked player in the Garden State, has wins on partypokerNJ and WSOP.com in November and has 52 cashes in the month to date. Lupo’s largest score in November came on November 21 when he won the WSOP.com $20,000 Weekly Tuesday [Re-entry] for $8,175 and 166.51 points. Gagliano dipped back to third on the leaderboard, and he has the least amount of cashes in November among the top three players with 10. Gagliano won the same event on BorgataPoker.com twice in November, as he took down the Mega $535 Tuesday - $12,000 GTD Six-Max NLH [3x RE] on November 7 and November 21. The first time, Gagliano scored $4,830 and 109.54 points. The second time, Gagliano won $5,610 and 130.38 points.
  15. [caption width="640"] The PokerStarsNJ NJSCCOP schedule is officially released with 35 events on the calendar.[/caption] It seems like PokerStars owns the month of May in the online poker world, and now that includes New Jersey. After opening PokerStarsNJ shop last March, the site quickly unveiled the NJ Spring Championship of Online Poker to great adoration from those within the state and the temporary transplants who made their way in from the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast regions. Now in its second year, the 2017 NJSCOOP schedule has been released and contains more than $1,200,000 in guarantees in 35 events running from May 6-22. Similar to the three buy-in tiers of its worldwide big brother SCOOP, NJSCOOP offers a High and Low variety for each event on the schedule. Players have asked for a variety of games to be offered and have been granted their wish. Outside of the many, No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha MTTs that line the calendar, HORSE, Eight Game, Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud Hi-Lo, and Five Card PLO are all available for mixed game lovers. The NJSCOOP Main Event, as with all NJCOOP finales, is a two-day event with both a High and Low option. The High variation is a $500 buy-in $200,000 guaranteed event while the Low is offered at $50 with a $30,000 guarantee. Both main events start on May 21 and conclude on May 22. Satellites are already underway on PokerStarsNJ for the main event with Spin & Gos also awarding seats starting at just $4. Among some of the highest buy-in and guaranteed events on the schedule are the $300 buy in $20,000 guaranteed NLHE Heads Up event, $300 buy in $40,000 guaranteed NLHE Four Max on May 15, and the $1,000 buy in $85,000 guaranteed NLHE Six Max on May 16. Additionally, there are two Sunday Specials in play, both with guarantees knocking on the door of six figures. The first one is running on May 7 with a $300 buy-in and $85,000 guarantee with the next one in the air on May 14 with a $350 buy-in and $65,000 guarantee. Once the series gets started, PocketFives will provide recaps of all major events along with updates to the New Jersey rankings that are sure to be shaken up during the series. Check out the complete 2017 NJSCOOP schedule.
  16. Hosted by PocketFives President and Editor in Chief Lance Bradley and poker writer Matt Clark, The Fives runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Lance and Matt are back this week to talk all about the latest additions to the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl field, the success of the partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final and the World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown and talk all about the much-celebrated news that WSOP.com will be launching inter-state liquidity in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada on May 1.The Fives Podcast: DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE IN ITUNES
  17. [caption width="640"] PalaPoker.com announced it is out of "Beta" and adds new Mega tournaments to their schedule[/caption] New Jersey poker players have yet another choice on where to play online with Monday's announcement that Pala Interactive, the online, real money gaming arm of the Pala Casino Spa & Resort, are officially removing the “beta” tag from their new online poker product, PalaPoker.com, making it an official entry into the Garden State marketplace. The initial slate of tournaments, Sit & Go’s and cash games includes Texas Hold’em, Omaha as well as Seven Card Stud. Mike O’ Malley, Pala Interactive’s Chief Operating Officer, seems to understand that while they are off to a good start it will be through the feedback of their customers that their product will continue to expand. “While we still have a robust roadmap of features and functionality to add to our online poker product, we are encouraged enough by the stability and performance of our platform to move past the beta stage,” said O’ Malley. "We look forward to continue to work with New Jersey poker players to refine our offering.” One of the first things PalaPoker.com did when taking off the “beta” tag was also announce three new weekly Mega tournaments with bankroll building guaranteed prize pools. Each of the three Mega tournaments will have a $2,000 guaranteed prize pool and an initial buy-in of $30, with rebuys available. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night these guaranteed tournaments will run at 7:30pm ET and for those who would like to try and win their way into the Megas, PalaPoker.com will be offering daily Hyper Turbo satellite tournaments for only $3.30. In addition to the three Mega tournaments, the initial schedule of tournaments features over 60 weekly guaranteed tournaments in an effort to be a part of the New Jersey players daily grind. “The Pala Mega events will provide a constant opportunity for players to have a destination tournament on PalaPoker.com where they can substantially add to their bankroll,” O Malley continued. “The new feeder structure we have created will allow players of all bankroll levels an opportunity to participate.” The initial tournament schedule on PalaPoker.com starts everyday at 4:00pm ET and consists of roughly 14 daily tournaments. But for those looking to put in some volume just for fun, there's at least one freeroll per day. As an incentive to give their new platform a try PalaPoker.com is offering new players a 100% match deposit bonus up to $500 as well as $50 in registration bonuses. The free $50 sign-up bonus includes poker tournament dollars to register for MTTs or Sin & Go’s as well as $5 to splash around in their cash games. PalaPoker.com is available as a downloadable client for Mac/Win, to play on a mobile device or as an in-browser experience. Sign-up now for Sign-up now for PalaPoker to get a $50 registration bonus and 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to $500.
  18. [caption width="640"] 888poker.com's New Jersey Poker Classic Series starts on November 10[/caption] 888poker.com is making waves in the New Jersey market with the upcoming New Jersey Poker Classic Series. The online festival runs from November 10-20 and features 38 events with $500,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Recent numbers in the PokerStarsNJ NJCOOP series and partypokerNJ Garden State Super Series suggest the state has a market that can support multiple major events and 888poker.com is putting that to the test this month. The largest guarantee on the schedule is the $500 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed Main Event. 888poker.com has put a Championship Beltup for grabs to the winner of the event. Also on the schedule is a $1,000 Six-Max event with a $50,000 guarantee. This tournament runs on November 14 and should feature some of New Jersey’s best battling at the final table. As is expected, the Sunday schedule is jam-packed with major events and large prize pool warranties. The Sunday Biggy on November 12 is just that event with a $320 buy-in putting a $65,000 minimum prize pool to battle over in Event 7. Also on November 12 is Event 8, a $4,500 guaranteed Six-Max featuring a small buy-in of $20. This event is likely to attract one of the largest fields in the New Jersey Poker Classic Series. The majority of the NJPCS schedule is comprised of No Limit Hold’em events. The exception to the rule is Event 10 and 21, which are Pot Limit Omaha tournaments. Event 10 is a $100 8-Max $8,000 guarantee. Event 21 is a $50 buy-in with an add-on option and rebuy availability. Satellites are currently running for all events on the schedule, with freeroll qualifiers in play every day of the series. At least five seats are awarded each day to an event running the following day. In total, over $8,000 in freeroll seats are being given away through the freerolls. The freeroll satellites run through November 19 and start at 6:00 pm ET. EVENTDATETIMEBUY-INGUARANTEE #1 - The Deep$tack [Re-entry]10/11/20177:00 PM$75$6,000 #2 - NJPC Warmup [Re-entry]10/11/20178:00 PM$150$10,000 #3 - The Super Addon [R&A]10/11/20179:00 PM$20$6,000 #4 - The Classic Freezeout11/11/20177:00 PM$50$3,000 #5 - 8 Max at 8 [Re-entry]11/11/20178:00 PM$250$15,000 #6 - Saturday's Turbo [R&A]11/11/20179:00 PM$75$6,000 #7 - Sunday Biggy [Re-entry]12/11/20175:00 PM$320$65,000 #8 - 6 Max at 6 [R&A]12/11/20176:00 PM$20$4,500 #9 - Sunday Spectacular [Re-entry]12/11/20177:00 PM$500$30,000 #10 - The Omaha 100 [Re-entry, 8 Max]12/11/20178:00 PM$100$8,000 #11 - Turbo Deep$tack [Re-entry]12/11/20179:00 PM$100$8,000 #12 - The Classic 50 [R&A]13/11/20176:00 PM$50$4,000 #13 - The Classic 100 [Re-entry, 8 Max]13/11/20177:00 PM$100$8,000 #14 - Little Monday [R&A]13/11/20178:00 PM$30$7,000 #15 - Knock 'em Out14/11/20176:00 PM$75$2,500 #16 - NJPC High Roller [Re-entry, 6 Max]14/11/20177:00 PM$1,000$50,000 #17 - Tuesday Throwdown [Re-entry]14/11/20178:00 PM$250$15,000 #18 - The Show Me [R&A]15/11/20176:00 PM$10$1,000 #19 - The Deep$tack II [R&A]15/11/20177:00 PM$75$6,000 #20 - Wednesday 2AND115/11/20178:00 PM$50$5,000 #21 - The Omaha 50 [R&A, 8 Max]15/11/20179:00 PM$50$3,000 #22 - The Deep$tack III [R&A]16/11/20176:00 PM$20$3,000 #23 - Thursday 2AND116/11/20177:00 PM$30$2,500 #24 - For The Win [4 Max, R&A]16/11/20178:00 PM$50$5,000 #25 - Turbo Deep$tack II [Re-entry]17/11/20176:00 PM$50$4,000 #26 - Knock 'em Out II17/11/20177:00 PM$150$5,000 #27 - The Classic 100 II [Re-entry]17/11/20179:00 PM$100$8,000 #28 - Deep$tack & Super Addon [R&A]18/11/20177:00 PM$50$8,000 #29 - Saturday's Best [Re-entry]18/11/20178:00 PM$320$25,000 #30 - Saturday's 6 Max [Re-entry]18/11/20179:00 PM$150$10,000 #31 - The Main Event [Re-entry]19/11/20175:00 PM$500$100,000 #32 - Just 30 [R&A]19/11/20176:00 PM$30$7,500 #33 - The Sunday Funday [Re-entry]19/11/20177:00 PM$250$25,000 #34 - The Classic 100 III [1R1A]19/11/20178:00 PM$100$10,000 #35 - Sunday's Late [Re-entry, Turbo]19/11/201710:00 PM$75$5,000 #36 - The Last 100 [1R1A]20/11/20177:00 PM$100$10,000 #37 - Monday's 6 Max [R]20/11/20178:00 PM$50$4,000 #38 - Fast and Last [Re-entry, Super Turbo]20/11/20179:00 PM$75$5,000 When the series gets started on Friday, New Jersey’s online community will be attempting to get their hands on a piece of the $500,000 in play over the span of two weeks.
  19. [caption width="640"] Mike Azzaro made Day 2C of the Main Event and is looking to better his Day 5 finish of a year ago.[/caption] Over 7,000 entrants jumped in this year’s WSOP Main Event and roughly half of them returned Wednesday for Day 2C. Mike Azzaro is one of those players and is making his second straight Day 2 appearance. Last summer, Azzaro made a Day 5 run that wound up with him earning his best tournament result from his 187th place finish. Azzaro brings 30,300 into Day 2 and despite being under starting stack, knows that it’s a long road ahead to best or exceed his place from a year ago. “It's hard not to think about where I was last year. I'm going to take it one hand at a time and focus on bagging one day at a time. I bagged 30,000 which is below starting stack but I still have 50 big blinds. My intention for Day 2 is to bag again.” The Main Event is different from nearly all other tournaments in that it doesn’t reach the money until Day 3 or Day 4, compared to others that reach that checkpoint by Day 2. With so many players returning for Day 2C, it’s effectively another Day 1 and Azzaro recognizes the importance of having to put another good day of poker together in order to reach the $15,000 min-cash. “Both days are very important as you need to play well and bag chips if you want to reach the money and eventually the final table.” In the week leading up to his Day 1C Main Event entry, Azzaro cashed in three events, his best streak of consistent success in the last few weeks. Azzaro believes the “momentum” of reaching the payout cage helps in confidence heading into the best tournament of the year. In order to best prepare himself for what will be an arduous grind, Azzaro is planning to relax, take his time, and be mentally prepared for whatever might lay in front of him. He’s made the climb up the mountain before and Azzaro has the tools at his disposal to chip up on Day 2 and potentially leave Las Vegas in the black for the summer.
  20. [caption width="640"] Online poker players in New Jersey should be making plans for NJCOOP in early October.[/caption] Just as soon PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker is wrapping up, the world’s largest online poker site is all set to fire up a new poker series and this time...it's all for you, New Jersey. The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker returns September 30 - October 16 and they are bringing with it an all-encompassing 46-events spread out over 17 days and $1.2 million in guarantees. The New Jersey series, like the WCOOP before it, aims to provide a variety of tournaments to suit every type of poker enthusiast. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of No Limit Hold’em, but also plenty of poker variants are spread throughout the schedule. Pot Limit Omaha, Triple Stud, Eight Game Mixed and Limit Hold’em all have NJCOOP titles up for grabs. Additionally, all of the popular formats are blended into the mix as well - Progressive KO, Six Max, Turbos, Hypers and Deepstack - so no matter what you enjoy, there’s a title on the line for you to take a shot at. The buy-ins for the championship series range from $50 up to the $1,000 High Roller. While you can, of course, buy your way directly into any contest you choose, there are plenty of satellites to help you punch your ticket for less. Standard satellites, which you can jump into right now, start for as little as $1. PokerStars is also offering special edition $4 Spin & Go’s where you could find yourself awarded entry to the $500 NJCOOP Main Event on October 15. Members of Team PokerStars are also planning on being out in force to support the Garden State. According to PokerStars, Chris Moneymaker, Jason Somerville, Jennifer Shahade and one of the newest Team PokerStars Online Pros, Jeff Gross, are all set to jump in the action. Look for both Somerville and Gross to stream much of the action on Twitch. NJCOOP will also include daily Second Chance Freerolls. Players who don't make the money in any given tournament are going to get a little something extra to pick their spirits up. In any NJCOOP tournament when a player fails to cash, that will get awarded an entry into the daily Second Chance Freeroll which awards tickets into satellites or even direct entry into another NJCOOP event. While there will be plenty of money to be won online, PokerStars will be doubling down in New Jersey in October when they run the PokerStars MEGASTACK mini-series at the Resorts Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City. From October 6-8, PokerStars is putting on a pair of live No Limit Hold'em tournaments (the $220 Sunday Special and the $120 Cheap And Deep) that, combined, will have $120,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Whether you play poker online, live or both PokerStars is bringing the action to NJ and all you need to do in order to participate is simply find yourself located in New Jersey. Start DateStart Time (ET)Event #TournamentGuaranteed Prize Pool 9/3018:0001$100 Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up$20,000 9/3020:0002$200 NL Hold'em [Turbo] - NJCOOP Warm-Up$10,000 10/114:0003$200 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super KO]$30,000 10/115:3004$150 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-max]$25,000 10/117:0005$250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE]$85,000 10/120:0006$100 PL Omaha [8-max]$15,000 10/122:0007$150 Sunday SuperSonic SE [Hyper]$15,000 10/218:3008$100 NL Hold'em [Speed-Down]$20,000 10/220:0009$75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-max]$15,000 10/319:0010$250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]$30,000 10/320:0011$300 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up]$20,000 10/321:3012$100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush]$10,000 10/418:3013$100 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-KO]$20,000 10/420:0014$200 Limit Hold'em [6-max]$10,000 10/518:3015$300 8-Game [6-max]$10,000 10/520:0016$50+R NL Hold'em$20,000 10/521:3017$100 NL Hold'em [Turbo]$10,000 10/620:0018$200 Triple Stud$10,000 10/621:3019$50+R NL Hold'em [3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy]$10,000 10/717:0020$100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-max]$20,000 10/720:0021$200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack, Turbo]$15,000 10/814:0022$100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-max]$15,000 10/815:3023$150 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$20,000 10/817:0024$350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE]$80,000 10/819:0025$200 NL Hold'em [Progressive SuperKO]$35,000 10/821:0026$100 NL Hold'em - No Late Reg! [Shootout, 6-max, Turbo, CAP 216]$10,000 10/918:0027$300 NL Hold'em [4-max]$40,000 10/920:0028$500 PL Omaha [High Roller, 6-max]$30,000 10/1018:0029$150 NL Hold'em [1R1A]$20,000 10/1019:0030$1,000 NL Hold'em [High Roller]$80,000 10/1020:0031$100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-max]$10,000 10/1118:0032$25+R NL Hold'em [Rebuy]$15,000 10/1119:0033$200 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$20,000 10/1220:0034$50+R PL Omaha [6-Max, Rebuy]$10,000 10/1221:0035$150 NL Hold'em [Turbo]$20,000 10/1320:0036$100 PL 5-Card Omaha [8-max]$10,000 10/1321:0037$200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper]$15,000 10/1418:0038$300 NL Hold'em [6-max]$30,000 10/1421:0039$75 NL Hold'em [Zoom]$15,000 10/1514:0040$100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes]$15,000 10/1517:0041$500 NL Hold'em Main Event [Day 1]$200,000 10/1518:0042$50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure]$35,000 10/1520:0043$100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$15,000 10/1522:0044$75 NL Hold'em Sunday Supersonic SE [Hyper]$15,000 10/1619:0041$500 NL Hold'em Main Event [Day 2]$200,000 10/1619:0045$150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up]$20,000 10/1621:0046$100 NL Hold'em [Deep-Hyper, 6-Max]$10,000
  21. [caption width="640"] Playing on playMGMpoker this month could send you to the WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic (WPT photo)[/caption] For November only, PocketFivers in New Jersey can win one of three $535 World Poker Tour Five Diamond super satellite tickets simply by playing tournaments on playMGMpoker.com. Players can earn leaderboard points by cashing in tournaments on PlayMGMpoker.com throughout the month of November. Points are awarded based on the PocketFives.com Leaderboard Formula and only results from PlayMGMPoker count towards the leaderboard. Points are earned only AFTER players opt in to the leaderboard. The three players who earn the most leaderboard points during this time will each win a $535 WPT Five Diamond Super Satellite ticket good for entry to the December 3 Super Satellite. That Super Satellite awards one $12,000 WPT Five Diamond package, including $10,400 buy-in and $1,600 travel, for every 24 players entered and at least one seat is guaranteed. This is the first time that New Jersey players have been able to qualify for a Las Vegas WPT event. "The leaderboard is just another way for us to give back to our loyal New Jersey community," said Lance Bradley, PocketFives President and Editor in Chief. "We'd love nothing more than for one of our members to turn that $535 ticket into a World Poker Tour title." One of the most prestigious WPT events on the schedule, the Five Diamond Poker Classic, which has a $10,400 buy-in, is set to take place December 5-10 at the Bellagio Resort and Casino. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to extend this to a national offering, with playMGMpoker sponsoring our online satellite program into the WPT Bellagio Five Diamond Poker Classic; allowing for participants in New Jersey to compete amongst the best players at an MGM Resorts Destination in Las Vegas,” said Ray Stefanelli, Executive Director of Online Gaming for playMGMpoker. Players who finish 4th - 10th on the leaderboard each receive a PocketFives hooded sweatshirt. To be eligible for this promotion you must have your PlayMGMpoker screen name listed on your PocketFives.com profile. Click here to do that (be sure to select “PlayMGM” from the list of sites). Once you've done that, make sure you visit the PlayMGMpoker WPT Five Diamond Leaderboard and click the green OPT IN button.
  22. [caption width="640"] The Bellagio plays host to the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic[/caption] Through the recently announced partnership between the World Poker Tour and playMGMPoker, New Jersey players have the unique opportunity to satellite online into one of the most esteemed live tournaments in any given year - the World Poker Tour Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event. For the first time, New Jersey residents can qualify for the major Las Vegas tournament by winning a $12,000 package that includes an entry into the $10,400 Main Event, $1,600 in cash to help cover travel and accommodations, and the first-night-free stay at one of the flagship MGM properties, the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Whether you are a deep-pocketed shot taker or a value-seeking grinder there are a number of ways for playMGMpoker players to earn their shot at what will likely be the seven-figure first place prize at the WPT Five Diamond. It all starts for as little as $10. Looking to work your way to the top? playMGMPoker is running $10 Daily Qualifiers into the $55 Bellagio Qualifier. The first step starts every day at 5:40pm and 8:40pm ET where the $10 tournament guarantees at least two entries into the $55 step. Roughly one out of roughly every six entries into the $10 starter tournament will win entry into the $55 Bellagio Qualifier. The $55 Bellagio Qualifier is also running every day. At 7:20pm ET, players compete to win their way into main $535 Bellagio Super Satellite to WPT Bellagio Five Diamond. With at least one seat to the main satellite guaranteed, approximately one out of every 11 participants will gain entry and get their shot at the $12,000 package. In addition to the daily $55, there is a once-a-week Turbo Qualifier taking place on Sundays at 5:20pm. The turbo takes place right before the $535 Super Satellite is set to begin. Players can win or buy their way into the to the final step, the $535 Super Satellite to WPT Bellagio. There are four more opportunities left to vie for the grand prize at 6:20pm ET on the following Sundays: November 12 November 19 November 26 December 3 Roughy one out of every 24 will pick up a $12,000 package, escape the New Jersey winter and be on their way to sunny Las Vegas for the Main Event. Whether it's daily qualifiers or buying directly into the Super Satellite, playMGMPoker has a path for those looking to make their dreams of playing the WPT Five Diamond a reality.
  23. The #9-ranked player in New Jersey picked up a big title on Tuesday night and came oh-so-close to a second. Jon 'toddchipman' Borenstein won Event #31 ($1,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller) for $16,207.03 after coming to terms on a chop with eventual runner-up 'You Are Tim' who pocketed $14,667.97. Third place finisher Ricky 'ratedGTO' Quan earned $9,262.50. The event drew 65 entries. That wasn't Borenstein's only heads-up chop of the night though. Daniel 'AvaGray' Lupo and Borenstein made a heads-up deal in Event #30 ($150 No Limit Hold'em [1 rebuy/1 add-on]). Lupo topped the 62-player field to win $4,630.27 while Borenstein had to settle for $4,000 as runner-up. 'Tilt-Donkeyy' ended up with $2,251.39 for finishing third. The final event, and largest field, on Tuesday's schedule, was Event #32 ($100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo) and 'SnashuaJ' beat 'SaucyPaws' heads-up to win $2,631.51. A total of 117 players entered the event to create a prize pool of $10,740.60. It's yet another second place finish for 'SaucyPaws'. Last week he finished second to Jason ‘jayriv’ Rivkin in Event #18 ($100 NLHE Turbo). Matthew 'MattEMenz' Mendez wound up third for $1,396.27. Event #30: $150 No Limit Hold'em (1 rebuy/1 add-on) Entries: 62 Prize pool: $15,009.30 AvaGray - $4,630.37* toddchipman - $4,000* Tilt-Donkeyy - $2,251.39 supremetny - $1,500.93 TobogganM.D. - $1,125.69 loxonbagel - $825.51 iFoldN0T - $675.41 Event #31: $1,000 Six Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 65 Prizepool: $61,750 toddchipman - $16,207.03* You Are Tim - $14,667.97* ratedGTO - $9,262.50 J3tBl@ckP0pe - $6,175 AvaGray - $4,631.25 $gt. Tibbs - $3,396.25 SaucyPaws - $2,470 laura33188 - $2,470 HuySmakuy - $2,470 Event #32: $100 No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Entries: 117 Prize pool: $10,740.60 SnashuaJ - $2,631.51 SaucyPaws - $1,825.90 MattEMenz - $1,396.27 OrganicHG - $966.65 dogtag - $698.13 aad0906 - $537.03 Trojan526 - $429.62 $gt. Tibbs - $322.21
  24. On day four of the third annual PokerStars New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, the schedule offered Garden State players another three tournaments and $55,000 in total guarantees. With the series in full swing, players logged on and registered to helped each tournament crush its guarantee and on Tuesday over $88,000 worth of NJCOOP prizes were paid out. ‘TGfor3’ took home the biggest prize of the day. A four-way deal was made at the final table of Event #11 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) securing each of the four no less than $6,000. The tournament registered 215 runners and built a prize pool of $50,095. In the end, it was ‘TGfor3’ that took home the title of NJCOOP champion and a $7,584.32 first place prize. Even after the deal, there was $750 left to be fought for and ‘TGfor3’ eventually won that amount as he finished off the tournament. Joining‘TGfor3’ in the endgame deal was ‘moevcars83’, who walked with $6,568.68 for second place. ‘HowieWelper’ officially took third place and earned $6,021.43. Then, in fourth place but earning better than third place money was ‘You Are Tim’ who received $6,384.01. The final table of Event #12 ($150 NLHE Escalating Antes) was packed with PocketFivers. This includes Event champion ‘ForTheThr1ll’ who outlasted the 169 player field for a payday of $4,663.66 for his third cash of the series. 'ForTheThr1ll', who goes by 'JohnnyDrama' on PocketFives is currently the #17-ranked player in the U.S. and has amassed over $1.2 million in lifetime earnings. His heads-up opponent was Dan ‘R@zzleDazz1e’ DiZenzo who settled for just over $3,500 as the runner-up. It was DiZenzo's second NJCOOP final table in as many days, having taken third place in Event #10 on Monday. East Rutherford, NJ’s, ’Mc_Lovin1632’ finished the tournament in seventh place for $873.61. He is less than $400 away from surpassing $40,000 in total recorded online earnings. Jason ‘TiltedHard’ Lawhun fell in eighth place for $660.82. Then, wrapping up the final table was Michael ‘DellaBarca7’ DellaBarca in ninth place adding roughly $500 to his $135,000 in lifetime earnings. In the late tournament, ’sgahr’ pulled out the victory in Event #13 ($100 NLHE Bubble Rush) for $3,105.21 while 'thatjuice' finished as the runner-up for $2,366.55 Event #11 - $250 No Limit Hold'em Super Tuesday Entries: 215 Prize pool: $50,095 TGfor3 - $7,584.32* movecars83 - $6,568.68* HowieWelper - $6,021.43* You Are Tim - $6,384.01* JohnnyMania - $3,039.42 mennatime - $2,270.76 BurntBagels - $1,696.49 WhostolemyRR - $1,267.45 s3lfreliance - $946.92 Event #12 - $150 No Limit Hold'em Escalating Antes Entries: 169 Prize pool: $23,271.30 ForTheThr1ll - $4,663.66 R@zzleDazz1e - $3,527.58 supremetny - $2,668.37 s3lfreliance - $2,018.43 WolfOFbroadSt - $1,526.80 irunthis15 - $1,154.91 Mc_Lovin1632 - $873.61 TiltedHard - $660.82 DellaBarca7 - $499.86 Event #13 - $100 No Limit Hold'em Bubble Rush Entries: 168 Prize pool: $15,422.40 sgahr - $3,105.21 thatjuice - $2,366.55 ElmerHud - $1,803.66 JinxySkunk - $1,374.66 Fartotonics - $1,047.70 RunsDeep84 - $798.50 tsax20 - $608.58 FizzEdJohn - $463.83 asremb - $353.51  
  25. PokerStars' New Jersey Championship of Online Poker is in full swing with another pair of tournaments on the schedule for Saturday night. There was $30,000 in guarantees up for grabs and New Jersey grinders made a point of staying in on a weekend night to fight for a piece of it. The first tournament of the evening was Event #21 ($100 NLHE Deepstack Eight Max) with 169 registered players. After seven hours of play ‘fireball1998’ and Jameson ‘wujamie’ Reagan found themselves heads up for the title. Reagan held a better than 2:1 lead when the pair called for a moderator to facilitate a deal. However, they agreed that if after five minutes a moderator did not show up they would play on. Five minutes passed and they continued to play. This ended up being good for ‘fireball1998’ who erased the deficit and claimed first place and the $3,374.50 prize. Reagan settled for second place and received $2,404.70. Although Event #22 ($200 NLHE Big Stack Turbo) started later, it wrapped in under three and a half hours as 81 players battled for their share of the $15,066 prize pool. PocketFiver Ted ‘TobogganM.D.’ Ely added to his $1.2 million in career lifetime earnings as he went the distance and took home $3,674.75 for first place. It is Ely’s fifth cash of the series and the win comes just one day after making the final table of Event #19 ($200 Triple Stud) where he finished in sixth place. A number of PocketFivers joined Ely at the Turbo final table including ‘FizzEdJohn’ who bowed out in fourth place for $1,624.29. Right behind him in fifth place is the #2-ranked player in the United States, Anthony 'FlawlessBINK' Maio. Maio continues to earn cashes, including a runner-up finish in Event #20 as well as his victory in Event #6 which brought him a $30,000 PSPC Platinum Pass. Richard ‘maddoggrik’ Allen fired two bullets into Event #22 and made it pay off with a seventh place finish for $717.97. The score helps him exceed $120,000 in lifetime earnings. Event #21 – $100 NLHE Deepstack Eight Max Entries: 169 Prize pool: $15,514.20 1. fireball1998 - $3,374.50 2. wujamie - $2,404.70 3. Shailbel - $1,861.70 4. RNigro_1105 - $1,318.70 5. hubbies - $853.28 6. pd55473 - $698.13 7. ROU$EY - $542.99 8. miskate10923 - $426.64 Event #22 – $200 NLHE BigStack Turbo Entries: 81 Prize pool: $15,066 1. TobogganM.D. - $3,674.75 2 .s3lfreliance - $2,799.21 3. PlzMuk - $2,132.30 4. FizzEdJohn - $1,624.29 5. FlawlessBINK - $1,237.31 6. zapzer7 - $942.52 7. maddoggrik - $717.97 8. LCC102515 - $546.91 9. mocbel - $494.94

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