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Found 2 results

  1. [caption width="400" align="alignleft"] 'Pokerfan89gr' could leave Greece in order to play online poker[/caption] Everyone hates taxes. Getting a root canal is probably preferable to forking over hard-earned money. For Americans, it was doubly painful that Black Friday in 2011 fell on April 15. For one Greek poker community member, a hefty tax burden could cause him to move permanently. 'Pokerfan89gr' chopped last weekend's PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $53,000. You'd probably think he'd be jumping for joy, doing cartwheels most Olympian gymnasts would salivate over. Instead, he's bogged down in the three-letter "t" word, killing his buzz like a cold shower. "It sucks because of the ridiculous tax," he said of the resulting burden of the biggest score of his online poker career. "Most Greek pros or people who want to play a lot have to move or stop playing entirely. (The government) tax daily. At 7:00am each day, they take 20% of your winnings. It's automatically taken from your account." Every morning, a fifth of your earnings are gone. Poof. Like that Now You See Me movie except Jesse Eisenberg is continually banging on your door. Accordingly, 'Pokerfan89gr' is seriously contemplating hitting the road too. "I have to leave Greece in order to go to the next level," he said. "If I win something big, I'm for sure getting taxed a lot. That's really bad. It's minus-EV. I would have to leave Greece, but my family and friends are here and the place is great." His family serves a major source of support, so leaving them would be a major, perhaps deal-breaking change. "My first option would be Cyprus because it's close and they speak the same language," he said of his possible destinations. "I have friends, fellow poker players, and relatives who live there. I'm talking about moving there and living with them. My family would stay behind, but you can fly back and forth in an hour or so." Now you see his dilemma. It's the ultimate Catch-22: leave Greece and pursue his dreams or stay and get milked of his profits. One of his closest compatriots in poker is Paris Dedes, who is from Athens. "He was already crushing when I was starting in poker," 'Pokerfan89gr' said. "I started talking with him because I really liked the way he was playing and realized he was very good. And by talking with him, I mean bothering him constantly about spots. He saw that I could pick things up and we started discussing poker a lot. I was watching him play all the time and asking him things. He opened my mind." Dedes high-tailed it out of dodge and went to the United Kingdom to play poker, but eventually returned. [caption width="542"] Paris Dedes left Greece to play poker in the UK[/caption] "I think the change of environment bothered him," 'Pokerfan89gr' said of Dedes coming home. "I think I'd have a lot of struggles adjusting if I were completely alone. If I had roommates who played poker, I would probably be just fine. I also have a girlfriend, but it's hard to have a stable relationship when you're playing online all the time." Further complicating the situation is the struggling Greek economy. The unemployment rate is as high as 25% and the government has received multiple bailouts from creditors. It's a mess. You'd think that guys like 'Pokerfan89gr' would be jumping for joy that they have a source of income in the first place, even if it's chock-full of variance and taxed so highly. "We're not as happy as we should be having the freedom poker gives us and making more money than others here," he said. "But, if I stay in Greece, I'd still play poker until I find something better or more interesting. I've always been interested in philosophy, for example". Cyprus seems to be the front-runner should 'Pokerfan89gr' ultimately opt for a change of scenery. The island nation of a million people has a burgeoning live poker scene to boot, which could provide him with the opportunity for some poker diversity. "I've heard the live scene in Cyprus has some good value, but I have never played there," he said. "Lots of friends of mine have been there and said it's really good." His poker career started on New Year's Eve in 2007 when his group of friends were playing card games, mostly blackjack. Bored by that game, a friend proposed that the group take on a new challenge: Five Card Draw. "We started playing Five Card Draw once a week," 'Pokerfan89gr' said. "Then, one of us found out about No Limit Hold'em on the internet and we started playing that. Then, we started playing with play money on some sites." Almost a decade later, he is up to almost $1.1 million in career online winnings and is the 20th-ranked player in Greece.
  2. Former Brazil Series of Poker Sao Paulo Main Event winner Caio 'caiohey' Hey was crowned this week's PokerStars Sunday Million champion and walked away with the $165,250 first-place prize after he came through the 5,063 player field. Fellow Brazilian Luan 'pseudo fruto' Felipe was the man that Hey defeated heads-up for the title, in what would have been third time lucky for Felipe. Yesterday marked Felipe's third Sunday Million final table of 2018 after he achieved 5th place in March and 4th place in February. The Brazilian just missed out on taking the title at the third time of asking, however, but did bank a cool $115,963 for his efforts. Stephen 'woody1234321' Woodhead, who has over $3.6m in recorded online cashes took the bronze medal along with $81,379. 'WATnlos' came through a PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller final table that featured 'Remi Lebo_10', Scott 'Aggro Santos' Margereson, Samuel '€urop€an' Vousden, and 'Majin Legacy' to bank the $48,096 first-place prize. 105 entrants created a $210,000 prize pool, with 'wijken' taking third place $27,268, before 'WATnlos' defeated Michael 'imluckbox' Addamo heads-up, with the latter taking away $36,214 in second. 'Flying Smile' boosted their bankroll by over $75,000 after they claimed victory in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. 'Guajev' collected $19,614.93 + $9,195.30 in bounties, after they took third place in the 562 player field, with 'Ewokwat' the final player to fall and collected $26,759.94 + $5,691.42 in bounties as runner-up. Greece's 'Pokerfan89Gr' took down the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $33,449 after agreeing to a heads-up deal with 'christi1286'. After 'grucha7771' had exited in third-place for $18,001, the final two agreed to a money deal. 'christi1286' ultimately fell in second-place for $26,407 as 'Pokerfan89Gr' took the spoils. Russia's no. #3 ranked player 'sweet_dreammm' banked over $23,000 after they claimed the win in the partypoker $530 Super Sunday 6-Max Bounty Hunter.'Irock22' collected $5,006.25 + $2,862.89 (in bounties) in third place, with 'C12SLY' collecting the silver medal along with $7,120 + $3,449.43 (in bounties). 'MisterN411' came through a 268 player field in the partypoker $530 Sunday Major after they defeated 'lindop310' heads-up. There was a second podium finish for 'C12SLY' as they took the third-place prize worth $13,441 before 'lindop310' banked $18,521 in second which left 'MisterN411' to pick up the win alongside $25,522. Austria's no.#1 ranked player 'onehundredeyes' won $40,828 in the partypoker $2,500 Super Sunday High Roller after agreeing to a deal to with 'sk2ll_m0dr'. 'MisterN411', on their second final table of the day, banked $13,050 in fourth place, before 'pockjack0''s exit in third place for $21,025, and allowed the final two to discuss and to agree to a deal. 'sk2ll_m0dr' was awarded $38,196 for their share of the remaining prize pool before they departed in second place as 'onehundredeyes' picked up the win. In the partypoker $1,050 Deepstack-HR, 173 entrants came together to create a $173,000 prize pool with 'TorTor2012' taking the majority share. 'Iveybluffallin,' marked their third partypoker 'Sunday Major' final table of the day, by claiming the bronze medal for $20,068, as 'rdcrsnn' and 'TorTor2012' were left to do battle. It was the latter that went the distance, and the claimed the $38,284 first-place prize, as 'rdcrsnn' took away $27,507 in second place. There were a few familiar names at the 888poker $1,050 The $70,000 Whale final table as 'cuadrado12' claimed back-to-back second-place finishes, with last week's bronze medallist, Alessandro 'ZeroNineee' Valli going the distance this time around. The prize pool was set at $82,000 after 82 entrants took part, with the top eight places paid. Tomi 'wellyxx' Brouk fell in third-place for $12,300, which left two of last week's final three players in a battle for the win. 'cuadrado12' and Valli agreed to the deal before the former was eliminated and took the silver medal for the second time in as many weeks, banking $20,445, as Valli took the title along with $23,424. Below are this week’s Sunday final table results: PokerStars Sunday Million ($200 + $15 NLHE) $1M Guaranteed 5,063 entrants, $1,0012,600 prize pool Caio 'caiohey' Hey - $165,250.47 Pseudo Fruto - $115,963.47 woody1234321 - $81,379.59 tomekato - $57,109.63 DUALMTN - $40,077.79 oppvask - $28,125.31 VAlehandro - $19,737.48 Kracken73 - $13,851.27 Frimodt - $9,720.39 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $100k Gtd 105 entrants, $210,000 prize pool WATnlos - $48,096.08 imluckbox - $36,214.85 wijken - $27,268.71 Majin Legacy - $20,532.51 €urop€an - $15,460.36 Aggro Santos - $11,641.18 Remi Lebo_10 - $8,765.46 shabalinvlad - $6,600.13 shahter98 - $5,821.68 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $200k Gtd 562 entrants, $281,000 prize pool Flying Smile - $36,507.94 + $38,780.15 (in bounties) Ewokwat - $26,759.94 + $5,691.42 (in bounties) Guajev - $19,614.93 + $9,195.30 (in bounties) Chester20o - $14,377.70 + $2,664.06 (in bounties) Chopper100 - $10,538.82 + $2,375.00 (in bounties) rojorulez - $7,724.91 + 3,445.31 (in bounties) Beshenuj - $5,662.35 + $4,652.35 jayjayme - $4,150.49 + $2,250.01 mrAndreeew - $3,042.29 + $4,652.31 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $175k Gtd 1,073 entrants, $214,600 prize pool Pokerfan89Gr - $33,449.25* christi1286 - $26,407.51* grucha7771 - $18,001.01 EduardoGarl@ - $12,942.89 icebearrr - $9,306.04 Reikka89 - $6,691.14 SsicK_OnE - $4,810.98 Penny280190 - $3,459.15 bb830 - $2,487.17 *denotes heads-up deal partypoker $530 Super Sunday 6-Max Bounty Hunter $75k Gtd 178 entrants, $91,225 prize pool sweet_dreammm - $11,083.47 + $12,120.18 (in bounties) C12SLY - $7,120 + $3,449.43 (in bounties) Irock22 - $5,006.25 + $2,862.89 (in bounties) mmmmRektUWillBe - $3,626.75 + $1,591.41 (in bounties) KaaeTheJuicer - $2,670 + $2,132.80 (in bounties) proudflop - $1,780 + $1,517.58 (in bounties) Iveybluffallin - $1,223.75 + $2,460.94 (in bounties) LamboCarlos - $1,223.75 + $1,574 (in bounties) SouhftfW - $1,223.75 + $853.12 (in bounties) partypoker $530 Sunday Major – HR $100k 268 entrants, $134,000 prize pool MisterN411 - $25,522.45 lindop310 - $18,521.48 C12SLY - $13,441.13 MAM0HT_T - $9,754.26 Ignent - $7,078.68 iveybluffallin - $5,137.02 whresmymind - $3,726.40 CoffeeCortado - $2,705.32 megustaestrecha - $2,705.32 partypoker $2,500 Super Sunday High Roller $100k Gtd 58 entrants, $145,000 prize pool onehundredeyes - $40,828.24* sk2ll_m0dr - $38,196.77* pockjack0 - $21,025 MisterN411 - $13,050 psycoelios - $10,150 Alien_Army - $7,975 proudflop - $6,887.50 uwannagobud - $6,887.50 *denotes heads-up deal partypoker $1,050 Deepstack-HR $150k Gtd 173 entrants, $173,000 prize pool TorTor2012 - $38,284.90 rdcrsnn - $27,507 Iveybluffallin - $20,068 HanzooKid - $14,359 sergewiceq - $10,034 Ewokwat - $7,785 MoNddLeR - $6,055 Dzmitry_Urbanovich - $4,757.50 888poker $1,050 The $70,000 Whale 82 entrants – $82,000 prize pool ZeroNineee - $23,424.13* cuadrado12 - $20,445.87* wellyxx - $12,300 Hanzokid - $8,200 AriGold17 - $6,150 t54_is_a_fag - $4,510 olekonjole - $3,690 Chssk - $3,280 *denotes heads-up deal 888poker $215 Sunday Mega Deep 503 entrants – $100,600 prize pool HomoDeus - $19,365.50 chssk - $14,335.50 ezmoniesss - $10,814.50 nelisschuif - $7,796.50 lasochobi - $5,281.50 lebeniss - $3,772.50 888tonkaaaa - $2,766.50 Kannwas - $2,263.50

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