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  1. [caption width="640"] Rob Yong is the brains behind Dusk Till Dawn Casino and one of the most talked about poker tournaments of 2017. (WPT photo)[/caption] Dusk Till Dawn Casino and partypokerLive aimed for the stars with their £6,000,000 guaranteed event that wrapped up last weekend in Nottingham, England. The event drew a total field size of over 8,500 entrants that played in online and live stages of the tournament before the field combined at Dusk Till Dawn. The guarantee was exceeded and in the end, Maria Lampropulos walked away with the title and £1,000,000 first place prize. Overall, the event was a huge success but none of it would have been possible with the guiding touch of Dusk Till Dawn Founder, Rob Yong. The casino set in the UK Midlands has gradually become a more popular destination for tournaments with each passing year and it is Yong who is primarily responsible for that. Yong’s passion for the game shines through in every decision he’s made since Dusk Till Dawn first opened 10 years ago, and knows that it was only a matter of time before a tournament of this magnitude took place. “It was always our target when we opened DTD to deliver a £1,000,000 for the winner event within the first five years, but it has taken us 10 years to get there, so it’s been a long time coming, I don’t think we got there earlier because of our problems finding the right online partner, I think we have changed online partners five times in the last 10 years which I would say is the reason why it’s taken so long," said Yong. "We have extended our partypoker partnership until the end of 2021 so we now have stability so I feel we can push the bar much higher both in the UK and internationally.” The initiative required by Yong to put a seven-figure first place prize up for grabs and cooperative nature to find the right online partner played a strong role in making the partypokerLIVE Millions happen. This is far from the first major tour stop to come through Yong’s casino and the learning experiences from the previous series over the years prepared him for one of the biggest events on the poker calendar. “(This event ranks) up there with the ISPT Wembley and Caribbean Poker Party, I don’t think WPT and UKIPT can really compare fairly as they were very UK focused events, whereas ISPT, CPP, and MILLIONS were global," said Yong. "ISPT Wembley had its logistical challenges which made it special, CPPs are great as they are holidays - but this MILLIONS was very special because of the atmosphere at the event. Overall, MILLIONS probably ranks at #1 because we had 2 x £1M side events which both hit, I know the £6M Main gets the headlines but the overall schedule was special.” Yong is the primary catalyst for pushing Dusk Till Dawn to reach this point but he is tremendously appreciative of his staff for their hard work. As much as he would like to, Yong isn’t able to work on every aspect of the events at his casino. The Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker staff received high praise from Yong for making sure it went off without a hitch. “It sounds a cliche, but I am more happy for the staff who have worked so hard and have taken some big hits over the years to build the reputation of the Club to a level when this type of event was possible. It’s not a massive deal for me personally, to be honest, I really just get enjoyment out of the DTD and partypoker staff feeling a sense of achievement and believing that we can do great things for the poker world if we work together. This is a decent start to a much bigger project.”
  2. [caption width="640"] Rob Yong tried to negotiate a deal between Kirk and Tsoukernik after multi-million dollar debt incurred.[/caption] Rob Yong, founder of UK card room Dusk Till Dawn, went on the record to reveal some behind-the-scenes details of the immediate aftermath of the now legendary late night high-stakes heads-up match between “Aussie” Matt Kirk and King’s Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik which has led to, now, the filing of multiple million-dollar lawsuits. In summary, on May 27, 2017 Matt Kirk and Leon Tsoukernik played multiple hours of high stakes heads-up poker in which, by match’s end, Tsoukernik had been loaned and lost back $3 million to Kirk. After receiving $1 million of the sum, Kirk filed a lawsuit to claim he was still owed the remaining $2 million. Although he received a partial dismissal of the case, Tsoukernik is still technically on the hook for the alleged debt having to defend himself against the claims of “unjust enrichment” and “fraudulent inducement.” With litigation escalating and after being named in new court documents, Yong took to his own blog to discuss everything he can recount about what went down between Kirk and Tsoukernik. According to Yong, the day after Kirk and Tsoukernik played, Yong was approached by Kirk and told about the match against Tsoukernik. Kirk expressed nervousness about not getting paid supposedly telling Yong that the game had gotten “out of hand” with Tsoukernik becoming very drunk and taking then losing back the $3 million loan. Yong goes on to state that Kirk claimed that even though he knew Tsoukernik was drunk, he didn’t quit Tsoukernik because he didn't want to ‘hit and run’ and continued to play out of pressure from Tsoukernik himself. Yong, having been in that situation with Tsoukernik himself, advised Kirk to give Tsoukernik “a small discount as a goodwill gesture” if he felt bad about the situation. The pair then settled on a proposed sum of $2 million in cash with $1 million of debt as a purse for a future heads-up match. Kirk asked Yong to mediate and Yong agreed. Yong then states that upon meeting with Tsoukernik, the King’s Casino owner made assurances he would pay “whatever I lost” and when the original deal was offered Tsoukernik said something to the effect of “fine, whatever Matty wants.” Kirk and Tsoukernik then “hugged and shook hands” on the deal. Less than a half hour later, Kirk called the deal off. Kirk was on the phone with someone, who apparently had the authority to call off the deal and did just that. Yong had to break the news to Tsoukernik, who was left exasperated. Left at that, after the Super High Roller Bowl, Yong returned home to the UK. Days later both Kirk and Tsoukernik called Yong, together, stating that they came to a mutual understanding and that Kirk was willing to accept $1 million as a final payment to the whole ordeal. Yong said, “Eh, one million? Are you serious?!” but insisted that Kirk replied that it was all good and that he simply wanted to move on. Another reversal occurred when Yong says Kirk called him via Skype later that same night, furious at Tsoukernik for lecturing him like ‘a kid’ about the perils of loaning drunk people money. Kirk reportedly said he only took the $1 million deal because he was so mad at how Tsoukernik spoke to him and that he, allegedly, vowed to use the $1,000,000 Tsoukernik paid him to “ruin Leon’s reputation around the poker world.” Yong recounted his role in the affair to clear the air about his involvement and, in the end, stated that he would be happy to tell his tale under oath in a Nevada court on behalf of either party. With that, the story takes it's latest turn. On November 8, Tsoukernik filed a counterclaim against Kirk for $10,000,000 in damages asserting that Kirk did indeed ruin his reputation, among other charges including that Kirk played Tsoukernik despite it being open and obvious that he was visibly intoxicated to the point where Tsoukernik needed assistance in counting his chips, he was misreading his hands and was induced to play large sums for a longer period of time and in a manner that he wouldn’t have done if sober. Additionally, Tsoukernik has filed to include the Aria Resort & Casino as a defendant in his counterclaim for, among other allegations, providing Tsoukernik with the alcohol to lead him to play in the manner he did, preventing the game from being an honest competition as well as claiming that there were individuals who attempted to help him leave Aria’s high stakes Ivey Room, but agents of the Aria stopped them from entering or removing him from the situation. In addition to filing the counterclaim Tsoukernik released a statement about his latest actions: “I have endured a significant amount of criticism from the poker community over the past several months. Today we filed a counterclaim against Matthew Kirk and a third-party complaint against the Aria. I have been advised to allow this matter to be resolved in court and I will. However, it is important to state my reasoning in pursuing this matter. Before any legal pleading was filed, I chose to resolve this matter amicably, with the help of several of the most respected members of the poker community. But, as a result of the behavior of Matthew Kirk and the third party defendant, I was taken advantage of and can no longer remain silent. As a casino operator, I feel it is my obligation to never allow a patron to be treated as I was and to alert the poker community of the risks they take in situations like mine. I believe that my response shines light on some of the unethical practices that target poker players. It would be easy to remain silent and make a business decision but too much has been said and too much damage has been done for me to keep quiet. I have great confidence in the United States judicial system. I will allow the legal process to speak for me from this point forward.”
  3. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. If you're looking for a Global Poker Award-winning podcast - this ain't it. Lance and Donnie recap all of the winners from the 2019 Global Poker Awards and get into some of the behind-the-scenes stuff from the show. You'll also hear from Chris Moorman, the PocketFives all-time everything, who had some nice things to say in his PocketFives Legacy Award acceptance speech. The guys also get into Phil Hellmuth's latest heads-up challenge, Randy Lew's decision to leave PokerStars, trading cards for two big-time World Series of Poker champs and start getting you hyped for the 50th annual WSOP, which is just seven weeks away. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  4. As the poker world watched the 2019 World Series of Poker final table get underway, the online poker scene was in the news as well; all be it for different reasons. partypoker saw their online schedule thrown into disarray after a software crash across the entire network that affected not only poker but also their sports and casino offerings. Despite the expected player grievances, Dusk Till Dawn owner & partypoker partner Rob Yong responded via Twitter and his forthrightness approach on the situation was met with all-around positivity. Yong stated the issues surrounding the software and said he would be happy to look into any complaints submitted. https://twitter.com/rob_yong_/status/1150524660922093568 Despite this, the online poker action did occur across multiple other clients, including PokerStars, 888poker, and GGPoker. Russia and Brazil dominated the PokerStars $109 Sunday Million, after players from these two nations occupied the top five places. The guarantee was once again defeated as 10,983 entrants created a $1,098,200 prize pool. Brazil's 'DigoLuiz', 'Galochina10' and 'JúlioFantin' took fifth, fourth and third place respectively, with 'JúlioFantin' awarded the biggest prize of the three for $59,353. The Russian duo of 'Jigan7' and 'kolobcheena' then agreed to a money-deal before the final battle commenced. 'Jigan7' was the unlucky last player to hit the rail and banked $85,742 for their share of the deal, as 'kolobcheena' was crowned this champion alongside $108,759. 'NoHayMiedo*' defeated Philipp 'philbort' Gruissem heads-up to win the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller. A field of just 47 entrants created a $94,000 prize pool with the top five places paid. 'SsicK_OnE' took fifth for $6,785, 'WushuTM' fourth for $10,360 and 'WhaTisL0v3' picked up the bronze for $15,819. An extra $12,000 was on the line in the final showdown, and it was German pro Gruissem who was unable to convert his deep run into victory and settled for $24,154 as runner-up, with 'NoHayMiedo*' banking $36,881 for the win. 'ezepoker90' added another $70,000 to their steller online CV after victory in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. The former WCOOP champion came through a 782 player-field and a heads-up match against 'solanj' for the win. 'ameliaroy007' exited in third place for $17,753 + $7,089 in bounties, before 'solanj' was the final departure for $24,220 + $7,177. 'ezepoker90' picked up the gold and the final bounty prize for $33,043 + $37,535. Tomi 'elmerixx' Brouk won the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday Cooldown for $19,433 + $23,656 in bounties. World ranked #4 'C.Darwin2' claimed fourth place for $8,155 + $5,250, before 'felipebeltra' departed in third for $10,892 + $2,875. 'geokrinikali' then fell at the final hurdle for $14,549 + $9,781 and Brouk added another gold medal to his profile. The $10k Sunday Blade once again returned to the GGPoker Sunday schedule after an absence and 'Chun Lei Zhou' picked up the win from a 23 player-field for $116,569. It was also a good day for 'emb3zzle' who secured gold and bronze medals in the Blades. A third-place finish in the $10k for $36,014, was followed by victory in the $5k Sunday Blade for $59,789, after a heads-up win over 'SasukeUchiha', who banked $36,746. Below are this week's results: PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 10,982 entrants, $1,098,200 prize pool kolobcheena - $108,759* Jigan7 - $85,742* JúlioFantin - $59,353 Galochina10 - $43,073 DigoLuiz - $31,258 Graeme7777 - $22,684 alex6255 - $16,462 Voogii1990 - $11,946 FazoMisiek - $8,669 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $85k Gtd 47 entrants, $94,000 prize pool NoHayMiedo* - $36,881 philbort - $24,154 WhaTisL0v3 - $15,819 WushuTM - $10,360 SsicK_OnE - $6,785 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $300k Gtd 782 entrants, $391,000 prize pool ezepoker90 - $33,043 + $37,535 (in bounties) solanj - $24,220 + $7,177 ameliaroy007 - $17,753 + $7,089 cantstopmeAA - $13,013 + $1,875 Messiraise - $9,538 + $3,474 7betfold - $6,991 + $6,367 oldfandango - $5,125 + $3,921 69sBigLick - $3,756 + $1,898 LAP1293 - $2,753 + $2,117 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up $100k Gtd 614 entrants, $122,800 prize pool justnl2 - $21,307 mahmuttt88 - $15,462 ZeDudinho - $11,220 Tom_Poker_NL - $8,142 icedavid - $5,909 DanniDiWeedo - $4,288 ZeBaronjù - $3,112 komarolo22 - $2,258 izzy83 - $1,638 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday Cooldown [8-Max, Turbo, PKO] $100k Gtd 72 entrants, $144,000 prize pool elmerixx - $19,433 + $23,656 geokrinikali - $14,549 + $9,781 felipebeltra - $10,892 + $2,875 C. Darwin2 - $8,155 + $5,250 jutrack - $6,105 + $4,312 herr_01 - $4,571 + $1,000 ARTSchGamble - $3,422 + $1,000 cskar4e1 - $2,562 + $3,250 888poker $100,000 $215 Sunday Mega Deep 442 entrants – $100,000 prize pool _rudinhos_ - $19,350 cuadrado12 - $14,500 stormtm - $11,000 BehindSpace - $8,250 HellChicKKen - $5,700 __APO__1 - $4,400 Matuseleh - $3,400 jayzcc888 - $2,4000 n1ck805 - $1,750 GGPoker $10k Sunday Blade $100,000 Gtd 23 entrants, $223,100 prize pool Chun Lei Zhou - $116,569 pihler13 - $70,515 emb3zzle - $36,014 GGPoker $5k Sunday Blade $50,000 Gtd 23 entrants, $133,000 prize pool emb3zzle - $59,789 SasukeUchiha - $36,746 SpotOnJoe - $22,584 PyramidOfSkulls - $13,880 *denotes heads-up
  5. The 2019 Triton Super High Roller Series London kicks off this week with the biggest buy-in in tournament poker history as the highlight. Deemed the Triton Million: A Helping Hand for Charity, the event has a gargantuan £1,050,000 buy-in, of which £1,000,000 goes to the prize pool and £50,000 goes towards charitable causes. The Triton Million takes place at London Hilton on Park Lane and is sponsored by partypoker LIVE. It is scheduled as a three-day event from August 1-3. Charitable causes to benefit include Caring For Children Foundation, R.E.G., Healthy Hong Kong, Credit One World Charity, and One Drop. Triton Million Provides Unique Twist The Triton Million has a freezeout format with a rather unique twist to it. It’s invite-only. Invited players were issued invitations from a committee, and these players are of the recreational or businessman or woman variety. Those fortunate enough to receive invitations can then issue one invitation of their own to a guest player. The guest player can be a professional poker player. This allows for the field to be at least a 50% businessmen. For the first six hours of tournament play, the two player pools will be separated, such that the recreational/businessmen and women compete against one another and the guests/professionals play against one another. Furthermore, players will be asked to dress in formal attire for the final table. The Triton Million field has 25 businessmen signed up. Let’s take a look at them. Paul Phua [caption id="attachment_625843" align="aligncenter" width="903"] Paul Phua (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] Paul Phua has been around the ultra high-stakes poker scene for nearly a decade now, amassing more than $11,400,000 in live tournament earnings and cashing in some of the richest poker events in the world. He has two victories on record, first in the Aspers £100,000 High Roller in 2012 for £1,000,000 ($1,621,297) and second in the Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza €100,000 High Roller for €752,700 ($825,619). As for his business exploits that have earned him a fortune, Phua has been a well-known junket operator for some of the world’s richest and he’s been in the news as the "world's biggest bookie," having his Caesars Palace villa raided in July 2014 for running an illegal gambling operation. The raid came just about a month after Phua was arrested in Macau under similar charges. Phua's guest player for the Triton Million is Tom Dwan. Cary Katz [caption id="attachment_625842" align="aligncenter" width="903"] Cary Katz (photo: World Poker Tour)[/caption] Cary Katz is the man atop the Poker Central organizational chart, having founded the company in 2015. Prior to that, he was founder and CEO of one of the largest student loan companies in the United States. On the felt, Katz has nearly $20,000,000 in live tournament earnings, including a career-best score of €1,750,000 ($1,929,203) when he finished fifth in the 2016 Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza €1,000,000 Big One for One Drop. In January 2018, Katz won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller to the tune of $1,492,340, and he placed eighth in the 2014 WSOP $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop for $1,306,667. Katz's guest player for the Triton Million is Bryn Kenney. Rob Yong [caption id="attachment_625844" align="aligncenter" width="903"] Rob Yong (photo: World Poker Tour)[/caption] Rob Yong is the owner of Dusk Till Dawn Poker & Casino in Nottingham, UK. Under Yong’s watchful eye, Dusk Till Dawn was built into what is considered to be one of the best card rooms in the world, with top-tier brands such as the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, partypoker, and UK & Ireland Poker Tour holding events there. Yong is now heavily involved with partypoker and partypoker LIVE, helping to grow these two brands in the online and live realms, respectively. Although his live tournament results amount to only a little more than $330,000, Yong has been a regular at some of the highest stakes in the world, specifically when it comes to cash games. At the table, he’s an entertaining competitor who doesn’t shy away from risk and will liven up any game. Yong's guest player for the Triton Million is Sam Trickett. Talal Shakerchi [caption id="attachment_625845" align="aligncenter" width="903"] Talal Shakerchi (photo: World Poker Tour)[/caption] Talal Shakerchi is a player from the recreational/businessmen category that could likely fit into the professional poker player category. He doesn’t have the most live tournament earnings, with more than $7,300,000 won in his career, but make no mistake about it, Shakerchi is a grinder. For quite some time, Shakerchi kept his online poker name a secret so others in the high-stakes community wouldn’t realize his ability or the amount of volume he was putting in. On the business side, Shakerchi is an investment manager, running Meditor Capital Management Limited, which he founded. Shakerchi's guest player for the Triton Million is Igor Kurganov. Antanas 'Tony G' Guoga [caption id="attachment_625841" align="aligncenter" width="903"] Antanas 'Tony G' Guoga (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] Antanas Guoga, who is best known as 'Tony G' in the poker world, is another player listed in the recreational/businessmen category that could very well be considered a professional poker player. At least that’s what he used to be. Now a politician and Lithuanian Member of the European Parliament, Guoga is rarely seen on the poker scene these days. He is the founder of PokerNews.com and TonyBet. Guoga boasts more than $6,000,000 in live tournament earnings and became famous for his brash table talk. His biggest cash came at the European Poker Tour Grand Final €25,500 High Roller in 2009, when he took third for €420,000 ($552,239). He won the 2005 European Poker Championships Main Event for £260,000 ($456,822) and placed second in the World Poker Tour €10,000 Grand Prix de Paris for €339,930 ($414,478) in 2004. Guoga's guest player for the Triton Million is Fedor Holz. Additional Triton Million players from the recreational/businessmen category are listed below, with their guest players in parentheses. Richard Yong (Dan Cates) Stanley Choi (David Peters) Wai Kin Yong (Rui Cao) Bobby Baldwin (Jason Koon) Liang Yu (Mikita Badziakouski) Ivan Leow (Timofey Kuznetsov) Alfred DeCarolis (Stephen Chidwick) Chin Wei Lim (Wai Leong Chan) Chow Hing Yaung (Christoph Vogelsang) Pat Madden (Nick Petrangelo) Sosia Jiang (Sam Greenwood) Qiang Wang (Elton Tsang) Zang Shu Nu (Tan Xuan) Leon Tsoukernik (Martin Kabrhel) Orpen Kisacikoglu (Matthias Eibinger) Ferdinand Putra (Justin Bonomo) Rick Salomon (Vivek Rajkumar) Bill Perkins (Dan Smith) Winfred Yu (Danny Tang) Andrew Pantling (Andrew Robl) Ben Wu (Michael Soyza) How To Watch the Triton Million Fans from around the world can watch the Triton Million for free on PokerGO. Ali Nejad will call the action, with professional poker player Nick Schulman alongside to provide expert commentary. Action starts Thursday, August 1, at 8 am ET and PokerGO will have coverage for the entirety of the event. If you don't already have a subscription to PokerGO, sign up today using the promo code "POCKET5S" for $10 off the PokerGO annual plan.
  6. Take a quick look at Siamak Tooran's Hendon Mob profile and you quickly come to understand that King's Casino in Rozvadov is basically his home field. The German poker pro has 19 career cashes and 13 of them have come at King's. None of them will likely ever compare to what he pulled off on Sunday. Tooran made his way through 110-other entries in the World Series of Poker Europe €25K Short Deck Event to win €740,996 and the first WSOP bracelet of his career. His previous best live score was for just €56,104. [ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] The final day of play started with seven players still alive and it wasn't until Jonathan Depa was eliminated in seventh place that the group had reached the official final table. Action folded to Rob Yong and he moved all in and was quickly called by Tooran. Yong showed [poker card="kh"][poker card="qc"] while Tooran had [poker card="ac"][poker card="kd"]. The board ran out [poker card="as"][poker card="qh"][poker card="jd"][poker card="9s"][poker card="js"] to give Tooran a better two pair and eliminate Yong in sixth. Just 90 minutes later another all-in preflop battle resulted in another bustout. Orpen Kisacikoglu entered the pot for the 500,000 ante and Besim Hot moved all in for 9,800,000. Kisacikoglu considered his options and called and tabled [poker card="kh"][poker card="js"] while Hot showed [poker card="ac"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="kd"][poker card="jd"][poker card="8h"] flop gave Kisacikoglu top two pair and left Hot drawing to a straight. The [poker card="7c"] turn was no help and Kisacikoglu filled up with the [poker card="kc"] river to send Hot out in fifth place. Four-handed play went on for another hour before Tooran found himself another victim. Netanel Amedi moved all in for 14,500,000 from the button and Tooran called from the hijack. Amedi showed [poker card="jc"][poker card="ts"] while Tooran had [poker card="qh"][poker card="td"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="7s"][poker card="6s"][poker card="qd"][poker card="ad"] runout gave Amedi hope but quickly took it away to give Tooran the pot and eliminate Amedi in fourth. Kisacikoglu started the day with the chip lead, but was unable to turn that into a bracelet on Sunday. Ha raised to 5,400,000 before Kisacikoglu moved all in for 32,000,000 and Ha called. Kisacikoglu flipped over [poker card="kd"][poker card="ks"] while Ha had [poker card="ah"][poker card="kh"] The [poker card="th"][poker card="ts"][poker card="9c"] flop kept Kisacikoglu in control as did the [poker card="9d"] turn. The [poker card="as"] river however gave Ha a better two pair and ended Kisacikoglu's run in third. Despite not being responsible for any of Sunday's bustouts, Thai Ha began heads-up play with a 2-1 chip lead but it didn't take too long for Tooran to change his fortune. After seeing himself down to 39% of the chips in play, Ha moved all in for 43,900,000 holding [poker card="ac"][poker card="7s"] and Tooran called with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kc"]. The [poker card="qh"][poker card="9s"][poker card="6s"] flop improved Ha's hand to include a straight draw. The [poker card="ks"] turn gave Tooran top pair but also added a flush draw for Ha. The [poker card="7c"] river improved Ha but wasn't enough to be at Tooran and the Pennsylvania poker pro was eliminated in second place. Ha also finished runner-up in the $10,000 Short Deck event in June at the 2019 WSOP. Final Table Payouts Siamak Tooran - €740,996 Thai Ha - €457,964 Orpen Kisacikoglu - €323,553 Netanel Amedi - €230,807 Besim Hot - €166,258 Rob Yong - €120,946
  7. After last Sunday's partypoker MILLIONS Online Day 1A drew 709 players, partypoker was needing to average 431 players per flight through the remaining three starting flights if they hoped to avoid any overlay on the $20 million guarantee. Day 1B got them much closer but partypoker executives are suddenly fearing an overlay. Sunday's flight say 699 entrants put up the $10,000 buy-in to bring the total number of player to 1,408, leaving them 592 short of the guarantee with Monday's Day 1C and 1D flights still to come. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Russia's 'Tuti_Frutti' topped the 115 players who survived Day 1B, ending with 21,655,138. That puts him ahead of Day 1A chip leader 'jiggidyjigjohn' who finished with 20,120,995. No other Day 1B player finished with more than 20 million. The second biggest stack from Sunday's starting flight belongs to 'lazypeach' with 18,901,624. Some of the notables who managed to bag on Day 1B and will play Day 2 on Monday include current World Series of Poker Main Event champ Hossein Ensan (8,775,983), Patrick_Leonard (7,396,791), John_Duthie (7,354,102), Joao 'XjoaosimaoX' Simao (5,389,773), and Patrick 'Egption' Tardif (4,958,134). partypoker MILLIONS Day 1A Leaderboard Tuti_Frutti - 21,655,138 lazypeach - 18,901,624 Aladjinn - 18,406.748 DontDo_IT - 16,462,215 bitw1 - 14,907,347 rndvh - 13,537,273 Babtkiye - 13,517,028 r0cknrolama - 13,484,456 Piace1992 - 13,257,902 brokeinvegas - 12,726,651 Players looking to get into action have two starting flights on Monday including the Turbo 1D flight which will be the final chance for players to qualify. Remaining partypoker MILLIONS Schedule Date Time (CET) Name December 9 2:00 pm Day 1C December 9 6:00 pm Day 1D (Turbo) December 9 9:30 pm Day 2 December 10 9:30 pm Final Day Despite needing 592 players from those two starting flights, Rob Yong is predicting an overlay. partypoker MILLIONS Day 1A Leaderboard jiggidyjigjohn 20,120,995 Triple Sexy - 20,027,055 Sharealgor - 17,064.569 aaaaaaaaaaaaa - 15,113,516 greekeye - 14,621,981 NL_Profit - 14,616.878 Langenzersdorf - 13,588,991 Brobizz - 13,455,467 LawyerUp1981 - 11,976290 Madgenius111 - 11,700,523
  8. 5 Things is a column, written by PocketFives President and Editor in Chief, Lance Bradley that covers pressing topics and current events in the poker world. The 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online wrapped up with Benjamin 'frenchsniperrr' Chalot taking home the winner's share of the second-largest online poker tournament prize pool in history. It’s easy to call the event a success since the $20 million guarantee was met easily, but the event failed to eclipse the record sent one earlier by partypoker and in many ways, the hype for the 2019 event was lower than its predecessor. Partypoker has already confirmed that the event is returning in 2020. This edition of 5 Things focuses on five ways partypoker can make the 2020 MILLIONS Online the biggest one yet. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Go Back to the Future with the Buy-In The 2018 MILLIONS Online had a $5,300 buy-in and drew 4,367 entries to create a record-setting $21,385,000 prize pool. When partypoker announced they were bringing the MILLIONS Online back for 2019, they increased the buy-in to $10,300 to better align the online event with the live MILLIONS events, all of which have a $10,000 buy-in. After obliterating the previous record for the largest online poker tournament ever, partypoker wanted to do that again and upping the buy-in seemed like an obvious play. It didn't work. The $20 million guarantee meant the 2019 event was always going to be at least the second-largest online event ever, but raising the buy-in actually went against one of the biggest strengths of online poker: accessibility. The move meant that fewer recreational or aspirational players would be able to qualify for the MILLIONS Online via the robust satellite program partypoker offered (some of which included overlays). Returning the buy-in to $5,300 puts more recreational players into the event and we all know that's good for everybody. Bump Up the Bonus Program One of the more ingenious elements of the 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online marketing program was the $1 million bonus offered to the Day 1A end-of-day chip leader should they go on to win the event. It accomplished two things. First, it gave people an incentive to play Day 1A even though it was a week earlier than Day 1B. Players who were going to fire multiple bullets at this event were playing 1A anyways, but anybody who was going to wait and see if there was an overlay before jumping in suddenly had a reason - albeit a long shot - to play Day 1A. Second, it created a narrative worth following after Day 1A. When 'jiggidyjigjohn' finished with the biggest stack after Day 1A, everybody wanted to know how they did throughout the tournament. Ultimately, 'jiggidyjigjohn' was eliminated on Day 2 in 42nd place for $52,725, but had they managed to survive to Day 3, the buzz would have been incredible. Ramp it up for 2020 and aim the bonus program squarely at the players who are working their way through the satellite system. Offer any player who qualifies for the MILLIONS Online via satellite a bonus for bagging a Day 1 chip lead on that bullet. Increase the bonus based on what level of satellite that player started their journey in. There are more opportunities to offer similar bonuses to encourage satellite play and there is very little actual financial downside to them. Turn the Final Table Stream into an Event In 2018, Joey Ingram recognized the buzz and hype around the MILLIONS Online event as it was happening and streamed the final table on his own Twitch channel to a rabid audience. Clearly somebody at partypoker saw this and knew they had to own this for 2019. To their credit, partypoker streamed the final day of play with Jamie Staples and Monika Zukowicz providing commentary, but the effort put into promoting the stream clearly could have been better. The official partypoker account sent out just three tweets promoting the live stream over the 24 hours prior to the start of the final day. (There was one additional tweet sent from the @partypokerlive account). There were no tweets sent during the final table itself. The partypoker MILLIONS Online final table is an event worth celebrating and promoting. It represents the first opportunity that partypoker has to build the hype for next year’s event. Create FOMO and make sure that every player who wanted to take a shot at qualifying includes “play the MILLIONS Online” in their 2020 New Year’s resolutions. The final table stream should be an event in and of itself promoted heavily and frequently on the partypoker social media accounts and the accounts of the 40 members of Team partypoker. The first night of Rob Yong's Home Game on PokerGO was on at the same time as the MILLIONS Online live stream. With the high stakes and line-up that game featured, it became must-see programming and relegated the final table stream to second fiddle. Counter-programming against your own marquee event seems like something that needs to be avoided. The Chop A thud. That’s how the 2019 partypoker MILLIONS Online ended. There was no championship moment, no dramatic finish. Following the elimination of ‘nomeansyes’ in third place, the final two players quickly came to an agreement on a chop and ended the tournament without actually playing to a winner. It’s not a new problem. It’s an exact replica of how the 2018 MILLIONS Online final table played out. Ingram was left in disbelief watching last year as Manuel ‘Sheparentao’ Ruivo and Pim ‘ForMatherRussia’ de Goede chopped up $4.6 million. Ingram called it how he saw it on his live stream. “They’re not even going to play this out! What is this bullshit?” Having such a historic moment play out in such a manner left those watching at home disappointed. Players have every right to chop up the money and nobody can blame them given the millions of dollars at stake, but if you want to build up the long-term prestige of a tournament like this, you have to have a championship moment. In a lot of cases, deals are facilitated with the understanding that only a certain percentage of the remaining prize pool can be awarded via a chop. That functionality doesn’t exist yet on partypoker. This has to change and Rob Yong knows it. Raise Over the last three years, partypoker has shown a willingness to take risks and do things that are often in the player’s best interests even if they might go against the company’s best interests. Having already beaten the $20,000,000 guarantee over two consecutive years, the next logical thing for partypoker to do is to increase the guarantee for 2020. To $25,000,000. Pushing the envelope is what made this event so special in the first place. Partypoker knows they’ll hit the $20 million guarantee again. Players know they’ll hit the $20 million guarantee again. Still, when the 2020 event is announced, the poker world will undoubtedly be expecting to see that $20 million number once again. If partypoker starts 2020 off with the announcement that they're upping the guarantee to $25,000,000, it serves notice to the rest of the industry that they're going to continue to battle for the hearts and minds of online poker players worldwide.
  9. It was just over four years ago that Christian 'eisenhower1' Jeppsson relinquished his grasp on the #1 ranking on PocketFives, but on Sunday the Swede put himself back into the spotlight by winning the PokerStars Sunday Million. Jeppsson beat out the 10,890-player field in the Sunday Million to win $111,769.63. Brazilain 'EricBolis' finished one place behind Jeppsson for an $81,103.38 score while 'seegul65' rounded out the podium finishers, coming in third for $58,856.74. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Borgata Poker"] For the second time in just over three months, partypoker server issues lead to the cancellation of their recently re-launched flagship tournament, the partypoker MILLION as well as the rest of the Sunday slate. Dusk Till Dawn owner and partypoker partner Rob Yong took to Twitter to offer an explanation of sorts for the crash that left many players unable to register for any tournament or, in some cases, unable to see any tournament lobbies. The Bounty Builder Series continued on PokerStars with Francisco 'Tomatee' Benitez beating current #1-ranked 'Lena900' to take down Event #89 ($5,200 NLHE High Roller) for $65,634.72 plus an amazing $101,972.65 in bounties. 'Lena900', who wrestled the #1 ranking back from fellow Swede Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar on December 28, picked up $65,634.58 and another $5,937.50 in bounties. Tomi 'elmerixx' Brouk earned $44,341.43 from the prize pool and secured $23,066.41 in bounties before being eliminated in third place. For the first time in the short history of the GGPoker GG Masters, the field broke through the 2,000-player barrier. There was still an overlay, but the 2,064 players meant that the $15,168 out of pocket expense was the smallest ever. once 2,062 players were eliminated, the final two players came to an agreement on a deal. Croatia's 'G0spRaf0' took home $39,962 as the champion while 'Bullet-proof' earned $36,809 in the runner-up position. Third place finisher 'LUCKYFISH567' won $22,775. GGPoker ambassador Felipe Ramos made a final table appearance, busting in sixth place for an $8,249 cash. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million 10,890 entries $1,089,000 prize pool eisenhower1 - $111,769.63 EricBolis - $81,103.38 seegul65 - $58,856.74 F1oba - $42,712.43 Scouse_AA - $30,996.53 Melo Jr - $22,494.27 pyszalek - $16,324.21 suarez_BG - $11,846.57 yehpoyi888 - $8,597.00 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up 722 entries $144,400 prize pool naitsirhc90 - $24,941.72 Patosplayer - $18,099.73 MiracleQ - $13,134.97 Poeira4 - $9,532.06 justcrucial - $6,917.40 JSUIS PAS SHOVE - $5,019.95 BOKPOWER - $3,642.97 mrAndreeew - $2,643.70 pvigar - $1,918.52 PokerStars Bounty Builder Series Event #89 $5,200 NLHE High Roller 141 entries $705,000 prize pool Tomatee - $65,634.72 + $101,972.65 in bounties Lena900 - $65,634.58 + $5,937.50 in bounties elmerixx - $44,341.43 + $23,066.41 in bounties a.urli - $34,326.27 + $24,843.75 in bounties twirlpro - $26,573.17 + $12,812.50 in bounties OYHEMAMUT - $20,571.23 + $10,156.25 in bounties €urop€an - $15,924.92 + $13,125.00 in bounties Tankanza - $12,328.05 + $3,125.00 in bounties PokerStars Bounty Builder Series Event #92 $215 NLHE Turbo 2,127 entries $425,400 prize pool tcblade - $27,176.03 + $18,538.78 in bounties Heinz114436 - $27,174.57 + $10,149.78 in bounties john_korda91 - $16,123.31 + $5,686.31 in bounties jdtjpoker - $11,493.26 + $6,046.86 in bounties BuckFitchez - $8,192.77 + $1,140.63 in bounties Black88 - $5,840.08 + $837.50 in bounties juarnes - $4,163.00 + $1,546.88 in bounties Wolverine.x4 - $2,967.52 + $4,120.32 in bounties rasmus639 - $2,115.34 + $550.00 in bounties PokerStars Bounty Builder $109 3,018 entries $301,800 prize pool JamsLaNoche - $18,587.14 + $10,239.66 in bounties ivanvilchez8 - $18,584.78 + $5,694.81 in bounties pantoflas1313 - $10,886.74 + $2,818.54 in bounties tonn22 - $7,698.08 + $1,017.18 in bounties DeLaBijen - $5,443.28 + $1,537.00 in bounties kapca75 - $3,849.06 + $957.03 in bounties Stiffler8818 - $2,721.69 + $1,063.28 in bounties max15183 - $1,924.53 + $892.97 in bounties GGPoker GG Masters $150 NLHE 2,064 entries $300,000 prize pool ($15,168 overlay) G0spRaf0 - $39,962* Bullet-proof - $36,809* LUCKYFISH567 - $22,775 Specknacken - $16,234 JusstRelaxx - $11,572 Felipe Ramos - $8,249 whoyesdoor? - $5,880 tl9841 - $4,191 kahe1 - $2,988 888poker XL Blizzard #1- $100,000 Tune Up $109 2,350 entries + 307 rebuys $117,600 prize pool CabecaTilt - $19,091.66* kukadjamba - $14,179.72* cosmiNik - $14,591.82* MurningB4n - $8,526.00 yaewn - $5,927.04 proker29 - $4,751.04 carmen.1957 - $3,575.04 bsdias - $2,410.80 deeman1823 - $1,470.00
  10. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe, a number of poker events have been postponed or cancelled. This article will be updated regularly as tournament organizers make announcements. UPDATE 3/17/20: PokerStars announced today that EPT Sochi, originally scheduled to take place March 20-29, has been postponed. UPDATE 3/17/20: World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska issued a statement to announce the postponing of the WPT's three televised final tables set to play out March 31-April 2 at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The tentative plan is to finish these events in May with the WPT's second set of televised final tables. The three event final tables postponed are the WPT Gardens Poker Championship, the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, and the WPT L.A. Poker Classic. UPDATE 3/17/20: Playground Poker Club announced that the upcoming WPTDeepStacks Montreal tournament has been postponed. The event was originally scheduled for April 16-27. New dates will be made public once decided. UPDATE 3/16/20: The Irish Poker Open was previously postponed. On Monday, March 16, partypoker announced that have partnered with the Irish Poker Open to play the series online April 6-12. UPDATE 3/16/20: Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, said that it will temporarily suspend operations by 8 p.m. ET on Monday, March 16. The 2020 Borgata Spring Poker Open, originally scheduled for April 7-24, is cancelled. UPDATE 3/16/20: The Venetian poker room released a statement on Monday that the poker room will operate with a maximum of three players per table. UPDATE 3/16/20: The Orleans poker room stated that all cash and tournament tables will have a maximum of five players, starting Monday, March 15. Included in the announcement was messaging that stated cash games will have reduced rake during this time. UPDATE 3/16/20: Following the closing of the Wynn poker room, the entire Wynn Las Vegas resort will close temporarily started Tuesday, March 17. MGM Resorts also announced it would be temporarily closing its Las Vegas casinos. UPDATE 3/16/20: Commerce Casino, located in Los Angeles and home to one of the largest card rooms in the world, closed on Saturday, March 14, and will remain closed until at least Sunday, March 29. UPDATE 3/15/20: The WSOP announced that the WSOP Circuit St. Maarten stop, scheduled for March 25-April 6, is postponed indefinitely. UPDATE 3/15/20: Wynn poker room in Las Vegas closed on Sunday, March 15, at 6 a.m. PT and will remain closed until further notice. Access to deposit boxes will be available Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. PT to 6 p.m. PT. Players have been asked to visit the casino cage at Encore for chip redemption. UPDATE 3/14/20: Starting Saturday, March 14, Bay 101 Casino in Northern California is temporarily suspending all casino operations, the company said in a statement. The plan is to close for at least three weeks until April 4. UPDATE 3/13/20: The World Series of Poker issued a bevy of announcements regarding its events. Live WSOP Circuit stops at Harrah's Atlantic City in New Jersey, King's Resort in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, and the Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles have been suspended, with expectations that the festivals and events will resume when appropriate. WSOP Circuit stops at Bally's Las Vegas, Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina, and Casino Barriere Le Croisette in Cannes, France, have all been postponed, with new dates to be announced should they be established. In response to the changes, the WSOP announced a WSOP.com Online Super Circuit Series for March 14-31. The festival features 18 gold ring events and more than $1 million in prize pool guarantees. The 18 events are said to count for the Global Casino Championship leaderboard points standings. UPDATE 3/13/20: Jason Somerville's very popular Run It Up Reno scheduled to take place in April has been cancelled. In the company statement, Run It Up said that it looks forward to seeing players at the Run It Up Reno event scheduled for October 30-November 9 later this year. UPDATE 3/13/20: PokerStars announced updates for the Brazilian Series of Poker São Paulo and the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino European Poker Tour events. Both of these events have been postponed. An update for EPT Sochi is said to come in the coming days following the company's review. UPDATE 3/13/20: The World Poker Tour has updated its groups of events that have been affected by COVID-19. The list of postponed events now includes WPT Venetian, WPT Barcelona, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, WPTDeepStacks Maryland, WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville, the WPTDeepStacks Championship at Thunder Valley, and the WPTDeepStacks European Championship. WPTDeepStacks Vietnam and WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam have been cancelled. UPDATE 3/13/20: The MSPT tournament scheduled to take place at Meskwaki Casino in Iowa from March 20-22 has been postponed. UPDATE 3/13/20: The WSOP Circuit event at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City has cancelled the rest of its events. "In the interest of protecting the health and well-being of players and staff, the decision was made to cancel the rest of the events for the series." The series was scheduled to run through March 16. UPDATE 3/13/20: King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, announced today that the venue will be closed until further notice "in compliance with the Czech government-issued restrictions." At the time of the announcing, King's Casino was hosting a WSOP International Circuit series, originally scheduled to run through March 23. UPDATE 3/12/20: The Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles has announced it is postponing the remainder of the WSOP Circuit series currently running at the venue and originally scheduled to take place through March 18. UPDATE 3/12/20: Thunder Valley announced that the WPTDeepStacks Championship, scheduled for March 19-April 7, has been postponed. UPDATE 3/12/20: WPT Venetian, a $5,000 buy-in event scheduled for March 13-17 with a $2 million guaranteed prize pool, has been postponed. UPDATE 3/12/20: Wynn Poker announced they will postpone the Wynn Spring Classic events scheduled for March 13-18. The suspension includes the series' $5,300 Championship. At the time of the announcement, the $1,100 No Limit Hold'em event was currently playing and is planned to complete its Day 2 on Friday, March 13. UPDATE 3/12/20: PokerCentral announced that the US Poker Open, which was set to run March 19-31 at the PokerGO studios at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas, has been indefinitely postponed. UPDATE 3/12/20: The RunGood Poker Series at Horseshoe Bossier City, originally scheduled for March 31 - April 5, was postponed with no date announced. UPDATE 3/12/20: The WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam event began as scheduled on March 12, only to have the host property, Holland Casino, cancel the event midway through the first day of play after Dutch officials barred large gatherings of people. On March 8, PokerStars announced that all European events on the calendar before April 10, 2020, have been postponed. This included three Road to PSPC events in Hamburg, Germany, La Grande Motte, France, and Madrid, Spain. The European Poker Tour event in Sochi, Russia, scheduled for March 20-29 will go ahead as planned, as will the Okada Manila Millions, and the Brazilian Series of Poker event in Sao Paulo. According to sources within the company, The Stars Group has also restricted all of its employees from traveling until further notice. [ptable zone=“888poker”][ptable zone=“Party Poker NJ”][ptable zone=“Global Poker Article Ad”] On March 2, King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech has responded to the widespread outbreak in Italy by banning all players from that country until further notice. A WSOP Circuit event, with 15 Circuit rings up for grabs, is currently underway. "We have chosen to completely limit access in all areas of the casino, not even accepting hotel reservations, to all residents and coming from Italy indefinitely, cancelling from now all the events of March and April 2020 that target mainly target the audience mentioned above," a King's staff member wrote on the King's official Facebook page. On March 10, the WPT and partypoker LIVE have postponed the WPT event scheduled for March 22 - April 5 in Barcelona, Spain . The decision to postpone came just days after the two organizers announced the event would go on as planned without the €5,000,000 guarantee. Players who qualified online will be offered opportunities to use that seat for another event. That wasn't the first WPT event to feel the effect of concerns over the coronavirus. On February 17, the WPT Deepstacks event in Vietnam, originally scheduled for March 13 -22, was cancelled and WPT Taiwan, March 27-April 6, was postponed. Triton Poker has also been impacted. Back in early February, Triton announced the Jeju Super High Roller Series, which was scheduled for March 2-9, was postponed. On March 4, organizers made the decision to cancel the event altogether. On March 9, partypoker announced that players who have won seats into partypoker LIVE events will be afforded some flexibility and will be able to use their seat at a later date should they decide to not play. "I think we've got a responsibility to players and staff to not expect them to travel," said Rob Yong, partypoker partner and Dusk Till Dawn owner. "I know a lot of people's wives and families have said I prefer you not to go and we need to respect that." The Irish Poker Open, the second-longest running poker tournament in the world, was postponed on March 10 with no future date announced. Players who won their seat into the event via online or live satellites will have the seat honored for the future date. The World Series of Poker has yet to make an official statement in regards to the 2020 WSOP, but their verified Twitter account has replied to some people who have asked, "We are monitoring COVID-19 developments very carefully and have no plans to cancel WSOP at this time." Meanwhile, betting site PokerShares.com has posted odds on if the 2020 WSOP Main Event will be played out as scheduled. Originally opening with the No side as a +495 underdog, the line current line is the opposite, with Yes being a +235 underdog. Poker Tournaments Postponed Due to Coronavirus Irish Poker Open (April 6-12 online at partypoker) Road to PSPC Hamburg (Date TBD) Road to PSPC La Grande Motte (Date TBD) Road to PSPC Madrid (Date TBD) Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final (Date TBD) WPT Barcelona (Date TBD) RunGood Poker Series Horseshoe Bossier City (Date TBD) US Poker Open (Date TBD) Wynn Spring Classic (Date TBD) WPT Venetian (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Championship at Thunder Valley (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Maryland (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks European Championship (Date TBD) WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown (Date TBD) BSOP São Paulo (Date TBD) PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Harrah's AC (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Bally's Las Vegas (Date TBD) WSOP International Circuit King's Resort (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Bicycle Hotel & Casino (Date TBD) WSOP Circuit Harrah's Cherokee (Date TBD) WSOP International Circuit Casino Barriere Le Croisette (Date TBD) WSOP International Circuit St. Maarten (Date TBD) WPTDeepStacks Montreal (Date TBD) WPT TV final tables (Date TBD) EPT Sochi (Date TBD) Poker Tournaments Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju WPTDeepStacks Vietnam Golden Poker Million Marrakech Bounty Poker Tour 888poker LIVE Bucharest Netbet Open Craiova Unibet DeepStack Open Aix en Provence Norwegian Championships LEX LIVE 3 Barriere Poker Tour Ribeauvillé WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam Run It Up Reno X Borgata Spring Poker Open
  11. “Not only am I on partypoker but I’m here to party.” This week, Kevin Hart, one of the biggest stars in show business, was named a new global ambassador for partypoker. Hart, well-known the world over for his comedy and starring roles in blockbuster movies like Jumanji and Central Intelligence, is known as an avid poker fan and a grinder of some of the biggest Hollywood home games available. “Expect the world of poker to get a lot more fun,” Hart declared in a video announcement posted by partypoker’s Rob Yong. “Expect it to get real…and expect us to get rid of all of the people that make it so f*****g technical, man. It’s a community sport, goddamnit. I’m big on community, I’m big on people.” This is by no means Hart’s first foray into poker. Starting back in 2017, Hart had a role with PokerStars as an ambassador. He appeared on the televised poker shows PokerStars Shark Cage and the Championship Cash Challenge as well as famously raced Usain Bolt in the Bahamas for a PokerStars promo. Outside of his relationship with PokerStars, Hart’s been known to have close ties to poker. In 2017, Hart was cracking jokes as he played in the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl. In 2018, he was back in the Bahamas battling some of the toughest players in the world in the PokerStars $100K Super High Roller. “He’s the highest stakes amateur poker player in the world,” Rob Yong said of Hart. In fact, Hart’s amateur status is one of the things that partypoker and Rob Yong like best about Hart. The partypoker stable is already packed with big-name pros including Jason Koon, Kristen Bicknell, Sam Trickett, and Isaac Haxton. However, the entire squad’s combined star power pales in comparison to the over 36 million Twitter followers available to Hart. His Instagram account has even further reach with 88.7 million people taking a look into his day-to-day life as a movie star. As for what Hart will exactly be doing for partypoker, those details "will be revealed in the near future" according to a press release. Yong is hoping that Hart will help him "promote mature poker and promote poker to the masses." So whether it's showing up and bringing the party to a future partypoker MILLIONS event or even just wearing a partypoker patch in a boxing re-match against Antonio Esfandiari, whatever his role is it will likely draw a lot of attention.
  12. The 2020 World Series of Poker on GGPoker is less than two weeks away and on Sunday some of the game's brightest stars appeared more than ready to get after a bracelet a two. Stephen Chidwick dominated on partypoker, earning wins in the High Roller Club The Big Game and $10,300 High Roller Club Mix-Max 2nd Chance beating 165 and 44 players respectively to win a total of $367,727.71. Chidwick wasn't the only high stakes regular who picked up a pair of wins on Sunday. Artur 'mararthur1' Martirosian beat out 99 other entries in the PokerStars $5,200 High Roller to win $88,459.85 and then another 39 in the PokerStars $2,100 High Roller Club Sunday High Roller to earn $34,653.40. In both events, fellow Russian 'hello_totti' finished runner-up and was left to console himself with $110,606.71. The biggest single score on the day belonged to Ali Imsirovic. Beating 37 other entries in the partypoker High Roller Club Main Event, Imisorovic banked $387,125. Runner-up Rob Yong walked away with $251,750 while Martirosian added another $156,750 to his Sunday haul after coming in third place. 'mathouse' defeated 'Martin Pineiro' heads-up to win the GGPoker GGMasters outright for $71,947.50. The event had a $35,768 overlay on the $500,000 guarantee after drawing 3,364 players. PokerStars High Roller Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 100 Prize pool: $500,000 Artur 'mararthur1' Martirosian - $115,217.45 hello_totti - $88,459.85 Malaka$tyle - $67,916.35 PokerStars High Roller Club Sunday High Roller Buy-in: $2,100 Entries: 40 Prize pool: $80,000 Artur 'mararthur1' Martirosian - $34,653.40 hello_totti - $22,146.86 WATnlos - $14,153.98 PokerStars Bounty Builder Buy-in: $109 Entries: 3,051 Prize pool: $305,100 exitonlyKK - $18,791.21 + $10,649.42 in bounties yAAwn - $18,787.99 + $5,191.15 in bounties Marto115 - $11,005.78 + $3,499.16 in bounties partypoker High Roller Club Main Event Buy-in: $25,500 Entries: 38 Prize pool: $950,000 Ali Imsirovic - $387,125 Rob Yong - $251,750 Artur Martirosian - $156,750 partypoker High Roller Club Mix-Max 2nd Chance Buy-in: $10,300 Entries: 44 Prize pool: $440,000 Stephen Chidwick - $176,000 Dan Shak - $112,615.80 Jake Schindler - $57,200 partypoker High Roller Club The Big Game Buy-in: $5,200 Entries: 165 Prize pool: $866,370 Stephen Chidwick - $191,727.71 Thomas Boivin - $137,752.83 Michael Watson - $100,498.92 GGPoker GGMasters Buy-in: $150 Entries: 3,364 Prize pool: $500,000 ($35,768 overlay) mathouse - $71,947.50 Martin Pineiro - $50,874.60 eggt8rt - $35,973.80 GGPoker Global MILLION$ Buy-in: $100 Entries: 1,639 Prize pool: $1,000,000 1kkwinner - $82,359.39* BigToeJoeBeiso - $78,579.86* Drupada - $109,484.08* Raisetwice1994 - $70,795.17* GGPoker Bounty Hunters Main Event Buy-in: $210 Entries: 1,910 Prize pool: $382,000 michael79 - $43,612.13* + $21,133.19 in bounties BanBang! - $23,522.92* + $3,888.28 in bounties NocturnalSagitario - $27,957.93* + $6,619.84 in bounties

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