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  1. It’s no secret that, for many, Halloween will be celebrated differently this year, with some of the world still in some form of lockdown as countries look to overcome coronavirus. Whether the thought of no trick-or-treaters brings you a smile or a tear, we can all say that we have at least one fond memory of the ‘spookiest’ day of the year. And after speaking with 888poker ambassadors Kara Scott and Sofia Lövgren, it is abundantly clear that they too look forward to the 31st of October. For Scott, growing up in Northern Canada meant that by October 31st, it was already way below zero and usually there was a lot of snow to deal with. That didn't stop any trick or treating, but it did mean having to wear a big parka and snow boots over the costume her mother had crafted for her. Whether Scott wanted to turn into a pumpkin, dragon, or witch, it seemed that her mother could turn a simple garbage bag with other everyday household items into whatever monster or ghoul her daughter desired. One thing that always fascinated Scott was the Halloween myth of finding razor blades in apples. For example, despite knowing everyone in their 600 person hometown, she, along with her brother and sister, recognized it was a longshot but that still wouldn’t deter Kara and her siblings looking for hours on end. “I loved Halloween as a kid. Dressing up and being silly has always been something that I enjoy," Scott said. “I love dress-up parties and festivals where everyone wears wild costumes and there were a few years while I lived in Brighton, UK that I got to do these things with awesome like-minded people. I threw a Star Trek party once, for someone named Kirk who had just become an airline Captain." “I made everyone dress up according to the theme and revelled in the whole thing as a huge Trekkie, I even have my own tricorder!” But having lived in Europe for the last 20 years, the face of 888poker has missed out on indulging in Halloween festivities with her most recent favourite ghoulish memory coming nearly a decade ago. “When I was in Santa Barbara about nine years ago was the last time I dressed up properly," she said. “I was Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim and it was the perfect costume. Combat boots instead of high heels, a jacket to stay warm and a cool wig. Top marks for that one.” And Kara’s fondness of Halloween is now being passed onto her young child now, with collecting costumes already it seems that Scott junior will be carrying on her mom’s fondness of the holiday. Sofia Lövgren’s early Halloween memories, like her colleague, include getting up to mischief with her family. “My brothers, sister, parents and I would buy pumpkins which we then made art with. We bought as big and heavy pumpkin as we could to carry home," Lovgren said. “We emptied the pumpkin filling and then I loved the tradition of carving evil faces onto them and then put them in our garden with candles inside.” But the Halloween highlight of Swedish born Lövgren’s childhood was always the trick-or-treating, (mainly the treating side of things) and experimenting with Halloween looks, which usually resulted in her favourite ghoulish get-up of a half skeleton face with the other half all glammed up. And Lövgren’s enthusiasm for Halloween continued into her adult life thanks to her parent's love of traditions, no matter the holiday. “I grew up with lots of decorations around me on big holidays as my mom and dad love traditions. I also try to carry on the traditions as a grown-up, especially during Christmas and Easter but also Halloween. Even today we all still love to cut Halloween pumpkins with candles.” But now more likely to been seen watching her favourite scary movie The Ring, rather than knocking on neighbours’ doors in the hopes of a waterfall of candy being dumped into her jack-o-lantern. In recent years, Lövgren usually finds herself around the poker table this time of year which has made for some more recent fond memories. “I was in Malta for the Battle of Malta 2015 which took place during Halloween. This event is always a blast and we decided to get Halloween face paintings and I made my favourite; one half evil face and half beauty face. “I actually hit the table with my face painting which was fun and then in the evening we also went out to party which turned out to be really great.”
  2. [caption width="640"] Tommy Yates turned a 1¢ satellite win on 888poker into ,500 in 2015.[/caption] The start of the 2017 World Series of Poker is right around the corner and for the third straight year, 888poker is an exclusive satellite partner of the world’s richest tournament series. As part of the partnership, 888poker is once again offering qualifiers into the World Series of Poker Main Event with steps starting at just $0.01. Last year, both Fernando Pons and Griffin Benger reached the final table of the Main Event after qualifying online at 888poker. Pons and Benger qualified for $30 and $160, respectively, but all players have the option of starting at Step 1 and repeating the feat of Tommy Yates. In 2015, Yates managed to climb his way up through all of the tournament steps and ended up cashing for $19,500 in the Main Event, making good on his initial investment of a single cent. Satellites are currently running for all steps with the $0.01 Step 1 marking the entry point for players to qualify on the smallest of bankrolls. When it comes to qualifying for the minimum, 888poker team pro Sofia Lövgren suggests examining one’s bankroll before deciding what step to enter first. “To make it easy, I calculate a bankroll of at least 100 times the tournament I try to win a ticket into whatever step I start off with. If you can’t afford it you’re not bankrolled and it’s more like taking a shot. Which could be a very good thing to do every now and then.” Compared to the later stages of the satellite steps, Step 1 provides a shallower structure and is a more fast-paced event. Based on those variables, Lövgren suggests studying opponents early on and finding weak spots to pick on to chip up as much as possible. “Study the other players carefully and try to find the weaker opponents which will then be your targets. Play many hands in the beginning without building big pots unless you have a really good hand. You want to see cheap flops with hands like small pairs and suited connectors when all have lots of big blinds. Play small ball poker against less experienced players,” said Lövgren. “They will often make the mistakes you could exploit and you can even be able to win big pots early in a satellite when they can’t fold their top pair. If you play well these early stages of the satellites you could be the one building the stack you need later.” Short stack play is also of the essence when playing turbo satellites and fellow 888poker pro, Natalie Hof, recommends players study the Nash push/fold charts or download the SnapShove app to give themselves the maximum advantage. Most importantly, the key to any satellite is to survive and advance to the next round rather than try to win. Given the how many steps it will take players to reach the WSOP Main Event seat, the saying “one step at a time” is important to be aware of. Once a player gains a large enough stack, Lövgren recommends coasting to the finish line. “If you are a big stack close to the bubble in a satellite you’re in a great position. Don’t let your ego keep you fighting for more chips than you need, risking to lose everything. You can always push people around with your stack but since there is nothing to fight for. Let the other people do the mistakes while you surf into one of the positions guaranteeing a prize.”
  3. [caption width="641"] Sofia Lovgren[/caption] If you don’t have $10,000 to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event, the highlight of your poker summer may very well be a small buy-in, huge field event like the Colossus, the Millionaire Maker, or the Monster Stack. After deep runs in both the Millionaire Maker and Colossus, 888 ambassador Sofia Lovgren is the perfect person to get tips and tricks from in order to improve your chances at a deep run in a tournament with a massive field. Though her background is in cash games, her results in these type of tournaments speak for themselves in terms of her MTT results. One thing that helped Lovgren prepare for those big live events were online tournaments, though there were some adjustments transitioning from one to the other. “The biggest difference with the live event is that you can get an overwhelming feeling when you see these huge field of players in the room. You can be tempted to play extremely creatively and try to run over the players in the first levels to have a chance,” Lovgren explains. “Online, it feels totally different in front of your PC, where you have a better overview and can see the players chips stacks, etc.. This could make you less stressed about building a stack and just focus on playing with patience.” One thing Lovgren made sure to do when playing live this summer was to show up to play without distractions. “In the Millionaire Maker I was very focused, played my best poker and was running quite well at the same time. That was pretty much it. I also decided to play without bringing my phone or iPad. That could often be a distraction and you risk missing information at your table. I instead focused on the game and the other players.” Thanks to that focus, Lovgren finished in 12th place out of a field of 7,190 entries. It is difficult to wrap your head around the field size with so many entries and starting days, which is why Lovgren suggests taking a mental approach to the tournament that focuses on baby steps rather than the bracelet. “Just remind yourself that these events are like a marathon. You really need to be mentally and physically prepared to play for long hours. The starting fields are massive, but you shouldn't let that stress you. You will see that players will bust faster than you can imagine and without looking at the clock, you'll suddenly realize that the field size has shrunk very quickly. You just need to focus on the players at your table, your own stack, and the blinds. As long as you have a playable stack, don't worry about the rest. “ Lovgren didn’t have to worry too much about playing a short stack, as she spent portions of the Millionaire Maker as chip leader. For her, these “donkaments” don’t differ much from your standard $1,000 and $1,500 No Limit Hold'em fields, but they are, on the whole, a little softer, which means more opportunities in the early goings. “It’s, of course, easier to build a big stack early in these tournaments with many recreational players,” she explains. “I try to exploit their mistakes before they bust and then, when I have a big stack, I open up my game even more and play many more flops in position. Then later, when I find spots where I can get a big double up, I go for it rather than folding in order to have a chance for the top positions.” Learn how to qualify for the low buy-in, big field WSOP Circuit events through 888 poker The strategy of seeing flops stems from her cash background and served her well. She recounts one of the pivotal hands in her run which involved an aggressive defense of her big blind: “One final hand in the end of Day 2 in Millionaire Maker where I got a big double-up. I had been playing aggressively building my stack all day. The very last hand of Day 2, I saw K-5 offsuit in my big blind. The button open raised and I decided to go for a three-bet. He called me and we saw a K-10s-8s flop. I continuation bet and he pushed all-in. With all those draws out, I called. I held vs a flush draw and got a huge double-up the very last hand of the day. After this, I was one of the big stacks in the tournament with 300 players left. “ Some may be intimidated by a marginal hand like K-5, but as Lovgren points out, top pair on a draw-heavy board is an opportunity and, in this instance, she took advantage of it, knowing if it went her way she was in a position to make a run at the final table, not just an in-the-money finish. Knowing her post-flop play was one of her strengths, Lovgren set herself up to succeed in an event many think is a gamble and akin to the lottery, what with the massive field and shorter levels. She came in with a game plan though, focused on identifying weak spots at the table, building her stack early, and amassing enough chips to be able to find spots deeper in the event where she not only saw an opportunity, but had the confidence to capitalize on it. Next time someone tries to tell you these low buy-in tournaments are not about skill, remember Lovgren’s success and remind yourself that, yes, you will have to gamble in some spots, but with focused attention and selective aggression, you can take advantage of the skill gap from your starting table all the way down to the final one.
  4. [caption width="640"] After cashing the WSOP Main Event, 888poker Ambassador Sofia Lovgren is eager to get back to playing more poker.[/caption] As one of only a handful of 888poker.com ambassadors, Sofia Lövgren is used to being in the poker spotlight. She has enjoyed a great career in cash games and tournaments so far, but like all poker players, it’s the ‘Martin Jacobson Club’ she really wants to join. There’s no spotlight brighter than the one her fellow countryman and 888.com ambassador enjoyed back in 2014 when he won the World Series of Poker Main Event, and this year Lövgren made a deep run before ultimately busting in 322nd of 7,221 runners for $35K. We caught up her post-Vegas to find out more about that experience, the current poker climate in Sweden, and her plans for the future. The Main Event “I'm happy with my poker, but disappointed with the finish because I had a great stack,” Lövgren says of her Main Event, which saw her chip count peak at 1.6 million when the average 800k. “I was expecting to go much deeper. I feel that I played my A-game for 3.5 days, with no hands that I wish I had played differently. “But there are two hands from the end of Day 4 that I regret. One hand where I could have made a crying fold in a spot on the river with a rivered flush vs a full house. And another hand where I opened A10-suited on the button and the small blind called and big blind squeezed. I got a wrong read and pushed but unfortunately was called by AQ. I take this experience with me, and next year I will do my best to go all the way. I really want to make that final table!” Lövgren’s experience in deep-stacked cash games seems to make these big-field, slow-structure events a perfect match for her. Case in point, last summer she finished 12th out of 7,190 players in the Millionaire Makerfor $75K. I love the structure of Main Event,” she says. “Cash games are my bread and butter and so far this year I have played over 700 hours of cash. Many stages of these tournaments can compare with this game, so I play my best poker in these deep structured events.” Those cash games kept Lövgren busy in Asia for the first few weeks of the WSOP. She arrived for the latter half of the series, and played six events before the Main. “I was running ice cold in those, like busting the second hand of tournament with full house over full house,” she explains. “But I mainly came to play the Main. I believe experience is invaluable and until next Summer I will keep improving. I really want to join Martin Jacobson's club!” Poker in Sweden While Lövgren and Jacobson can’t play much live poker on their home soil (“The casinos are owned by the state and no commercials are allowed, hence Swedish poker championship is held in Malta,” Lövgren explains), there’s always online poker. And in case you haven’t checked the worldwide rankings recently, the Swedes are crushing. “When I'm in Gothenburg I mainly play online, as do the majority of tournament grinders in Sweden. The lack of live poker is the reason Sweden has a lot of good online tournament players these days.” Indeed. Seven of the top 10 tournament players in the world right now are all Swedish! “I'm happy to see fellow Swedish players do well and It's good for attracting new Swedish players to the game. For sure it motivates me to play more too, when good guys like Martin win big tournaments. It's great for the expansion of Swedish poker community.” Most of Lövgren’s online grinding takes place on 888.com. And after three years, she still loves being part of the 888.com ambassador team. “I'm proud to represent 888poker,” she says. “The site is continually improving and expanding and constantly looking for new opportunities and possibilities to help the growth of poker. It's a great move by 888poker to sign up as official sponsor for WSOP. “All of the best Swedish tournament players are now playing on 888 so it's good to see they sponsor the Swedish Poker Championship in Malta as well as running satellites online for many good live tournaments.” Heading back to Asia After a few days back home in Gothenburg sailing around the Swedish archipelago, Lövgren is now heading back out East, to get back on the grind. “I love my family and friends so having some off-time from poker now and then is very important for me. Now I'm on my way back to Asia, for cash games and holidays in Singapore, Macau, Malaysia and maybe a trip with friends to Vietnam mid-August.” You’ll also find her playing the 888.com festival in São Paolo in September, but after that it’s all about China for Sofia. She’ll be playing the WSOP China come December. “I will be practising my Chinese until then! I believe China is the future and I will spend lots of time in Asia in the near future. I’ll do some filming and make vlogs of my trips to share on my social media channels, so feel free to follow me!”
  5. [caption width="640"] Catalin Pop took home the first 888Live title in 2017[/caption] 2017 was a year of big fields and bigger prize pools for the popular series of 888Live Events. As the current 888Live Season comes to an end we look back on the major events and the players who found themselves fortunate enough to lift the 888Live trophies and call themselves champions. In February, the King’s Casino in Rozvadov played host to the first 888Live Festival of the year. In the Main Event, 531 entries put up the brand appropriate €808 +80 buy-in to create a prize pool of over €407,000. The broad coalition of international players included some big names and top-tier professionals including William Kassouf (23rd), Ludovic Geilich (4th) and Niall Farrell (3rd). But it was Germany’s affable Catalin Pop that outlasted them all to take home €80,000 ($86,246) and be crowned 888poker’s first festival champion of 2017. Just two months later, in April, 303 runners hopped into the 888Live Easter Edition at Aspers Casino Stratford in London generating a prize pool of £121,200 ($151,438). 888poker brought out their ambassadors to play host as Sofia Lovgren (30th) and Chris Moorman (13th) found their way into the money for the first time in the season. At the final table with five players left, local grinder Krzysztof Pregowski found himself at the bottom of the pack. He laddered up to make the final three where a deal was made guaranteeing him £15,000. Finally, he battled all the way to the winner's circle, defeating runner-up Terry Jordan for a grand total of £21,118 ($26,386). While Jordan didn’t get to take home the trophy, he was the chipleader when the deal was made and ended up celebrating with, basically, a first place of £21,000 ($26,239). 888Live Events continue to emerge as one of the premiere poker circuits of any given year. Now that 2017 is in the books, all that’s left is to wonder is...where will 888Live land in 2018?
  6. [caption width="640"] 888poker returns to London for the 888Live London Poker Festival[/caption] Mark your calendars and book your flights as 888Live returns to the city of London from October 5-16. Hosted once again by one of the best casinos in London, Aspers Casino in Westfield, Stratford City, 888Live in London promises perpetual poker action and over $800,000 in guaranteed prize pools spread out over 10 events. With a wide variety of buy-ins and events, there are plenty of opportunities for players to get into the action. The 12-day festival is highlighted by a number of huge-value events. The kickoff event, the '888Live London Festival Opening Event', comes with a modest £220 buy-in that carries with it a massive £120,000 guarantee. The 888Live London Festival Main Event does one better offering £400,000 in guaranteed cash for its £1,100 entry fee. The festival also contains a High Roller, Pot Limit Omaha and Ladies Tournament. Also, live versions of 888poker's popular online tournaments The Swordfish, The Whale and Lightning Six Max will run. 888poker ambassadors will be out in full force to play host and compete on the felt. Poker personality Kara Scott, Swedish superstar Sofia Lovgren, three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Dominik Nitsche and the most successful online poker player in history, Chris '888Moorman' Moorman will all be on hand, and, often times, in hands. To keep the action moving at a quick pace, 888poker is debuting their new shot clock. No more staring into oblivion while an opponent tanks incessantly for minutes at a time. The shot clock keeps the game humming right along, allowing players 30 seconds at a time to make decisions, ensuring a faster-paced game and more hands per hour. When the clock expires, so does your hand. But it's not as if there's no mercy when it comes to the shot clock as sometimes there are decisions need a little extra consideration. Players are allotted a number of time extensions, which can be used when faced with a tougher spot, like when you are unexpectedly check-raised on a river you thought you just bet for value. As is usual with 888poker, there are plenty of ways for you to qualify for the biggest events of the series. Of course, players are welcome to simply buy their tickets directly but if you are one who wants to take a shot at, as UK's William Kassouf would say, getting “in for the min to get the max” there are plenty of satellite options. Online satellites start for as little as 1¢ and you can work your way up and step into qualifiers for both the 888Live Opening Event as well as the £1,100 Main Event. Players can also head to the Aspers Caniso to participate in the live satellites. For the Opening Event players have nine shots costing only £30 and the Main Event has another seven opportunities to claim a seat for as little as £50. The 888Live London Festival is set to be one of their biggest yet with fast-paced poker action, plenty of opportunities to qualify and $800,000 up for grabs. For more information on 888Live London Festival, visit 888poker live events. 888Live London Festival Schedule of Events Start DateStart TimeTournamentBuy-InGuaranteed Prize Pool 10/215:00Satellite to Opening Event 1£303 seats 10/219:00Satellite to Opening Event 2£306 seats 10/315:00Satellite to Opening Event 3£303 seats 10/319:00Satellite to Opening Event 4£306 seats 10/415:00Satellite to Opening Event 5£303 seats 10/419:00Satellite to Opening Event 6£306 seats 10/515:00Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1£306 seats 10/518:00888Live London Opening Event 1A£220£120,000 10/615:00Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1£306 seats 10/618:00888Live London Opening Event 1B£220£120,000 10/712:00Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1£306 seats 10/714:00888Live London Opening Event 1C£220£120,000 10/718:00888Live London Opening Event 1D£220£120,000 10/813:00888 Live London Opening Event Final£220£120,000 10/818:00The Hurricane£50£5,000 10/914:00Satellite to Main Event£502 seats 10/918:00The Swordfish£60£3,000 10/920:00Satellite to Main Event£503 seats 10/1014:00Satellite to Main Event£503 seats 10/1018:00The Turbo Deepstack£80£8,888 10/1020:00Satellite to Main Event£503 seats 10/1114:00Satellite to Main Event£502 seats 10/1118:00The Lightning 8-Max£60- 10/1120:00Satellite to Main Event Day 1£503 seats 10/1119:00High Roller Day 1£2,200£50,000 10/1215:00Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1£1005 seats 10/1217:00High Roller Final Day£2,200£50,000 10/1218:00888Live London Main Event 1A£1,100£400,000 10/1315:00Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1£1005 seats 10/1318:00888Live London Main Event 1B£1,100£400,000 10/1413:00Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1£1005 seats 10/1415:00888Live London Main Event 1C£1,100£400,000 10/1420:00Omaha Pot Limit£150- 10/1514:00888Live London Main Event Day 2£1,100£400,000 10/1517:00The Whale£110£10,000 10/1519:00Ladies Event£55£10,000 10/1614:00888Live London Main Event Final-£400,000
  7. They may run with the bulls in Pamplona, but you can swim with the sharks this summer in Barcelona. The 888poker LIVE tour is headed to Barcelona and bringing with them a two-week festival packed with affordable tournament action and over $1,000,000 in total guarantees. Something For Everyone There are 15 tournaments spread out over the course of the festival. Whether you want to play for big money at a reasonable buy-in or just grab a seat in a turbo - 888poker LIVE Barcelona has something for every poker fan. The whole series is anchored by the Main Event, a €1,100 buy-in that carries a €500,000 guarantee. Three starting flights, beginning on May 31, allow players to stumble in from the beach at their convenience. All players begin with a 30,000 starting stack and will play 12 45-minute levels on the various Day 1’s. Those who advance to Day 2 will see levels increase to a full hour and they’ll play until a final table is reached. That final table will be live-streamed with commentary by veteran poker voices David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall. Not only will the winner take home the first place prize and the coveted 888poker LIVE trophy, but an additional package to attend the 888poker LIVE festival in London later in the year. The Opener Before you make it to the Main Event though, the schedule provides a fantastic reason for showing up early. On May 24 begins the 888poker LIVE Barcelona Opening Event - a €220 buy-in with a €100,000 guarantee. This tournament gives players plenty of chances at making the big money. It has a moderate buy-in, four starting flights, 30,000 in chips and 30 minutes levels (levels increase to 40 minutes on the final day). Players who punt their stacks have two opportunities to re-enter and there will be multiple €50 turbo satellites helping pack the field with qualifiers. Special Events On May 30 there will be a €2,200 High Roller event, where the winner, in addition to the money and the glory, will also receive a package to represent 888poker in their signature World Series of Poker event - Event #62 $888 Crazy Eights. On the same day as the High Roller, the tour is also holding a €111 charity tournament in benefit of One Drop, the organization founded by Guy Laliberte that focuses on clean water initiatives. There is also a €220 Ladies Event where the winner of the event will be given an additional package to be entered in the Ladies Event at the World Series of Poker. Team Effort In addition to all of the action inside and the beautiful beaches outside, there will be plenty of stars on hand. 888poker has confirmed many of their ambassadors will be on hand to mix it up with attendees. World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Martin Jacobsen, Natalie Hof, Sofia Lövgren, Vivian Saliba and the winningest online poker player of all time, Chris 'moorman1' Moorman will be swimming in the Spanish seas - poker and otherwise. 888poker LIVE Barcelona kicks off on May 24 with their Opening Event and wraps with the conclusion of their Main Event on June 6. Complete 888poker LIVE Barcelona Schedule Date Event Number Name Buy-in (RUB) May 24 1 888poker LIVE Barcelona Opening Event Day1A €220 €100,000 GTD May 25 888poker LIVE Barcelona Opening Event Day1B €220 €100,000 GTD May 25 2 The Thunder €88 €15,000 GTD March 26 888poker LIVE Barcelona Opening Event Day1C €220 €100,000 GTD March 26 888poker LIVE Barcelona Opening Event Day1D €220 €100,000 GTD May 26 3 The Breeze €110 €20,000 GTD May 27 888poker LIVE Barcelona Opening Event Final Day May 27 4 High Noon Turbo €50 €5,000 GTD May 27 5 The Hurricane €110 €10,000 GTD May 28 6 The Swordfish €55 €10,000 GTD May 29 7 The Turbo Deepstack €77 €10,000 GTD May 30 8 The Lightning 8-max €66 €8,800 GTD May 30 9 888poker LIVE Barcelona High Roller Day 1 €2200 €100,000 GTD May 30 10 One Drop Benefit €111 March 31 888poker LIVE Barcelona High Roller Day 2 €2200 €100,000 GTD March 31 11 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event Day 1A €1100 €500,000 GTD June 1 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event Day 1B €1100 €500,000 GTD June 1 12 The Mega Knockout €100+50+15 €20,000 GTD June 2 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event Day 1C €1100 €500,000 GTD June 2 13 Pot Limit Omaha €150 €10,000 GTD June 3 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event Day 2 June 3 14 The Whale €333 €40,000 GTD June 3 15 Ladies Event €220 €2,000 GTD June 4 888poker LIVE Barcelona Main Event Final Day
  8. The new season of 888poker’s LIVE tour kicked off with the 2018 Kick-Off Event at London’s Aspers Casino on February 8. The £440 buy-in Main Event carried a £120,000 guarantee but when 366 runners showed up, creating 547 total entries, during the four starting flights the guarantee was smashed creating a prize pool of over £216,000. The field was packed with some of the UK’s top talent as well as a number of 888poker ambassadors, including Sofia Lovgren, Natalie Hof, Vivian Saliba, Dominik Nitsche and online poker legend Chris 'moorman1' Moorman. But it was local UK grinder Jonathan Bowers ended up taking down the first event of the year, taking home the trophy and the £30,630 first place prize. The victory comes just four months after Bowers finished as the runner-up in October’s 888Live London Festival £2,200 High Roller. Bowers secured the top spot after the final four players battled it out for hours, attempting to eliminate a player. According to the 888poker blog, with over £100,000 left in the prize pool and the tournament pushing very late into the night the remaining four worked out a deal that gave chipleader Bowers the victory. Local player James Simms officially took second with a career-high cash of 28,460. France’s Eric Le Goff finished in third for 24,068 pushing him close to $300,000 in lifetime earnings. The final player in the chop was Ali Sakallioglu from the UK who also celebrated a career-best cash by taking home 23,280. In addition to the top 54 players earning a minimum of £975.00, organizers extended the payouts giving places 55-63 a seat to forthcoming World Poker Tour WPT500 event taking place at multiple Aspers Casinos beginning on March 23. Moorman Cashes In During the course of the Main Event, 888poker also held their LIVE Celebrity cash game featuring 888poker ambassadors Chris Moorman and Vivian Saliba. Joining them were a slate of local players, as well as Beth Cape and longtime poker broadcaster David Tuchman. The stakes were low enough to not get too serious - 2/5 with a mandatory 10 straddle. To spice things up, the players added the well-known seven-deuce game to keep things interesting. In the end, Moorman did what he does best, swallowed up the most amount of chips - walking away as the big winner. Next up for the 888Live tour is a stop in Bucharest, Romania at the JW Marriot Hotel beginning on February 28. The 888 Main Event comes with a €288,000 guarantee and a total of nine events. Qualifiers for the 888poker LIVE Bucharest Main Event are running now on 888poker.
  9. 888poker LIVE’s 12-day festival in Barcelona, Spain came to a conclusion on Monday when Romania’s Adrian Costin Constantin closed out a win in the Main Event for €114,025 and the title of 888poker LIVE Barcelona Champion. For nearly two weeks, the on-the-felt action was fast-paced at Casino Barcelona. Big crowds and 888poker superstars like Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Sofia Lovgren and Vivian Saliba were all on hand. The 2018 PCA Main Event winner Maria Lampropulos even took down the €2,200 High Roller in the middle of the week for €63,000. After the 13 of the prelims played out to their respective winners all eyes were focused on the final table of the €1,100 Main Event and its €500,000 guarantee. Players flocked to the tournament with 709 total entries total spanning three starting days. The result generated a prize pool that annihilated the guarantee. A total of €709,000 were up for grabs with a six-figure first place prize promised to the winner. When the final nine drew for seats at the final table, Spain’s Joel Isla held a fairly commanding chip lead with Constantin firmly second in chips. Isla got busy early, taking out Poland’s Tomasz Aleksander Chmiel when Chmiel’s pocket eights jammed into Isla’s two kings. Chimel walked with €9,530 for ninth place, adding to this over $200,000 of lifetime poker earnings. As Isla continued to roll, building a massive chip lead, Constantin got busy breaking down the final table as well. Sirgiu Sirbu from Romania shoved his short stack with a suited [poker card="ac"][poker card="4c"] into the [poker card="kd"][poker card="jd"] of Constantin. After a clean flop, the [poker card="js"] dropped on the turn, leaving Sirbu with three outs. The blank river sent Sirbu to the payout desk to collect €12,250 for eighth place. Right behind Sirbu came the elimination of Italy’s Luigi Andrea Shehadeh. Shehadeh, who took this very event down one year ago, faced a small blind shove from Isla. He made the call holding [poker card="ah"][poker card="5s"] but Isla wasn’t as light as he’d hoped. Isla tabled the [poker card="ad"][poker card="jc"] and had the former champ dominated. The board ran out with neither players able to connect and Isla added to his chip surge. Shehadeh added €16,350 to his bankroll for seventh. Constantin claimed another victim when he picked off the short stack shove with [poker card="as"][poker card="jh"] of Oscar Casado Diaz. Constantin held [poker card="ad"][poker card="ks"] and although both paired their ace on the river, kickers played. The local Spaniard Diaz collected €22,150 for his sixth-place efforts. After a short break, the final five returned to play down to a winner. Isla, who had been holding a commanding chip lead all day, finally lost a big pot when Manuel Navarro Perez doubled through him. The action heated up and after that, the chip stacks evened out making it anybody’s tournament to win. Italy’s Corrado Martinelli fell in fifth for €27,200 and quickly following him out of the tournament was Romania’s Cosmic Rusu. Russ collected €38,200 for what is essentially his only real recorded cash to date. Then the final three players began to mix it up. Constantin fell into third after Perez, once again, found a double. Isla and Perez demonstrated a willingness to gamble when they played for one of the biggest pots of the tournament. Perez opened with [poker card="kc"][poker card="jh"] which invited Isla to three-bet with [poker card="9s"][poker card="9d"]. Perez put in a four-bet, Isla jammed, Perez tank called and the next thing you know - the pair are flipping for a massive chip lead. The board ran out all baby cards, giving Isla back his chip lead and putting Perez back at the bottom of the chip counts. Perez was out of the tournament 10 minutes later for €55,800. Unable to come to a deal during a break, began heads-up play with Isla holding a 3:1 chip lead. Constantin battled back and the passed chips, and the lead, back and forth for over an hour. Eventually, Constantin had Isla on the ropes with a 4:1 chip lead. However, during what would be the last break, the pair agreed to a deal. Both of them would walk with €114,025 and play for the trophy. The pair sat back down at the table and roughly 15 minutes later, Constantin’s shut the door on Isla and earned the right to be called 2018 888poker Barcelona Main Event Champion in a career-defining victory. 888poker LIVE can be seen around the halls of the the Rio in Las Vegas as an official sponsor of the World Series of Poker. The branded $888 Crazy Eights tournament is set to take flight on June 30.
  10. Meet and greets, international flights and a steady dose of the poker grind. This is the life of a poker ambassador. Part of the job description is setting providing a positive image for the game of poker, mixing it up at the poker table and making sure that your fans can come along for the ride. For the stable of 888poker ambassadors, their social media content is how they stay connected to the poker community and provide a window into what it’s like to travel the globe, spinning it up and living your best life. Sometimes it’s about just hanging out... Table for four. While not everyone could make it out for dinner and drinks, Natalie Hof takes a photo with poker pros Felipe Ramos and Jeff Gross (and his wife Emilia) in Miami Beach.  
  11. One of Europe’s largest tournament series, The Battle of Malta, returns in October and its title sponsor, 888poker, is bringing out their big guns for an all-out war on the felt. Nearly the entire roster of 888poker ambassadors will be making the journey to the beautiful island of Malta from October 15-22 to enjoy some sun, sand, and the on-the-felt competition. [ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="888poker"] Vivian Saliba, Ana Marquez, Sofia Lovgren, World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, and the newest addition to the roster, Daria Feshchenko are headed to Malta to play host to the players and take their seat in the €555 Battle of Malta €1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. “Malta is a wonderful island and the casino is located next to the sea,” Sofia Lovgren said. “You can take a swim in the seat or a morning jog along the beach and walk there before the poker tournament. You can also enjoy a nice dinner with a nice sea view at the dinner break.” In fact, it wasn’t a difficult sell to get the 888poker pros to agree to make the trip to Malta. It’s not only the amazing weather, the fantastic food, and the island life that attracts players to the tournaments, it’s the competition and the camaraderie. “The live stops are amazing for so many reasons, being able to visit new places while playing poker and also getting to see friends and other poker players are one of those aspects,” said Vivian Saliba. “Poker is still a social game and I can say that some of the closest people in my life I’ve met in the poker world.” “It’s truly a privilege to get to travel the world and represent and give poker the attention it deserves,” Martin Jacobson added. “Interacting with fans always fuels me with energy and the passion I have for the game.” Those very same people that are happy to meet the pros away from the table are the ones that are sitting between them and the Battle of Malta trophy. It’s a minefield for the ambassadors, as most players know who they are and what they’ve accomplished in poker. “I find for the most part people tend to play more cautious but then you have others who can’t wait to run a big bluff against you. It’s important to pay close attention to be able to differentiate between the two,” said Jacobson. “I’ve experienced players acting and playing very weird against me and I’m pretty sure that was personal,” said Saliba. ”On the other hand, some players may think a pro makes magic with the cards so they decide not to play a hand against you because they might feel intimidated. “We are all there to play our best and at the table, there is no mercy,” said Lovgren. The Battle of Malta Main Event is a five-day affair but throughout the entire week, there are plenty of side events with buy-in starting as low as €60 and going as high as the €1,320 High Roller. Both in the card room and outside there’s something for everyone to look forward to. “To speak honestly, I feel like a tourist!” said Daria Feschenko who will be representing 888poker in her first event outside of her home country of Russia. “I’ve never been to Malta, but I’ve seen the pictures. The area looks great and the weather should also be awesome.” “I’m super excited to explore Malta as it will be my first time there,” Saliba said. “I am also looking forward to meeting my teammates and play live poker!” “I’m looking forward to being able to play a relatively small buy-in with a huge prize pool. I’ve never player Battle of Malta but I’ve heard that it’s a great atmosphere and a lot of fun all around.” For Ana Marquez, the weather may be nice and she enjoys hanging out but she’s got her eye on one thing and one thing only. “Getting the Battle of Malta trophy. It’s pretty cool.” The 2019 Battle of Malta takes place from October 15-22 at The Intercontinental Hotel in the seaside town of St. Julian’s. Online satellites are running right now on 888poker.
  12. 888poker LIVE is not going to let 2019 go without one final end-of-the-year poker festival. The 888poker party continues as the live tour returns to the UK from November 21 - December 2 offering players a nine-event tournament schedule that culminates in a £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. The final stop of the year is at London’s Aspers Casino in Stratford, London and 888poker is pulling out all the stops to bring recreational players and pros together to an event that is being billed as 888’s biggest live event of the year. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Nearly the entire roster of 888poker ambassadors has agreed to make the trip including World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, former #1-ranked PocketFivers Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman and the newest ambassador, Russia’s Daria Feshenko. The schedule is ideal for players looking to give their bankroll a boost without putting it all on the line. There are nine events with buy-ins that range from as little as £60 up to the £2,200 High Roller. The action kicks off with 888LIVE’s popular Opening Event, a £440 buy-in tournament with a £100,000 guarantee that gives recreational players both a deep 30K starting stack and 30-minute levels. In May, the same tournament was run and it attracted 207 runners which generated a prize pool of over £129,480. The UK’s Paul Noble took home the trophy and a career-high cash of £26,530. Of course, all eyes will be looking ahead to the £1,100 buy-in £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. The tournament features a 30K starting stack, 40-minutes Day 1 levels, 60-minute Day 2 levels and the promise of a high five-figure first-place prize. There’s five starting flights and players who end up on the wrong side of variance can re-enter at will. If that weren't enough at stake, the winner of the 888LIVE London Festival Main Event will also take home a package to the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. For those hoping to take a shot in the Main Event but perhaps don’t have the current bankroll to buy in directly, there are plenty of satellite options available on 888poker. In fact, the 888poker satellite tree starts for as little as $0.01. Players can grind their way up to, or buy-directly into, the $109 buy-in 888poker LIVE London Festival Main Event Qualifier where winners take away a $2,200 package to the festival that includes a seat to the Main Event as well as $450 for three nights accommodation and $350 of pocket money to help you get to the event. In addition to the marquee events of the festival, players can dive into live versions of their favorite online tournaments including The Hurricane, The Swordfish and The Whale. Take a look at the entire schedule below. 888poker LIVE London Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN GTD 11-21 Opening Event Day 1A £440 £100,000 11-22 Opening Event Day 1B £440 £100,000 11-23 Opening Event Day 1C £440 £100,000 11-23 Opening Event Day 1D Turbo £440 £100,000 11-24 Opening Event Final Day - - 11-24 The Hurricane £110 £5,000 11-25 The Swordfish £80 £3,000 11-26 The Turbo Deepstack £60 £3,000 11-27 High Roller Day 1 £2,200 £50,000 11-28 High Roller Final Day - - 11-28 Main Event Day 1A £1,100 £500,000 11-29 Main Event Day 1B £1,100 £500,000 11-29 Main Event Day 1C £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Main Event Day 1D £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Main Event Day 1E Turbo £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Pot Limit Omaha £125 - 12-01 Main Event Day 2 - - 12-01 The Whale £150 £5,000 12-01 Ladies Event £100 - 12-02 Main Event Final Day 2 - -  
  13. After a successful 2019 season, 888poker has announced the dates and locations for their 2020 888poker LIVE tour. This year, 888poker will be making at least seven stops around the world including a return to popular poker spots in London, Bucharest, Sochi, and Barcelona. The tour will also return to Tallinn, Estonia for the first time since 2016 and kick off the entire tour by holding their first-ever Main Event in Madrid, Spain. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In addition to providing players unique poker experiences on their own tour, 888poker announced their continued sponsorships of some of the most popular poker series in the world. 888poker will be on hand as a partner with CNP Spain, The Battle of Malta in October and, of course, the 51st Annual World Series of Poker taking place this summer in Las Vegas. First Leg Of The Tour The action kicks off when 888poker travels to Madrid for the first time from January 23- February 3. 888poker is holding nothing back for their first stay at Spain's Casino Gran Via by bringing a €1M GTD series with an €800,000 GTD Main Event and the promise of getting the opportunity to play alongside a host of their ambassadors. Expected to be on hand are 2014 WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, Daria Feschenko, and Dominik Nitsche. Literally two days after the Madrid stop is in the books, the team returns to the UK from February 5-9 for the first of their stops at the Aspers Casino in Stratford for the 888poker LIVE London Weekend. From there, the tour returns to Bucharest from March 23-29 for their popular stop in Romania’s capital. Last year, local grinder Darius Neagoe picked up the first recorded cash of his career by taking down the Main Event for over $69,000 and a trip to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Barcelona then provides the backdrop for the tour’s fourth stop of the year as players enjoy the action on and off the felt from May 14-25 at 888poker LIVE Barcelona. The Main Event Then, in the middle of summer, 888poker plans to be on hand as a premier sponsor of the biggest event of the year, the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event. As a key sponsor, 888poker is one of the only place players can win a seat to the Main Event online. Not only is 888poker providing direct satellites and all-encompassing packages to the Main Event, but they are helping players win a seat to their own branded $888 Crazy Eights event at the WSOP. A Strong Second Half After players recover from the summer grind in Las Vegas, the 888poker LIVE tour continues with a return to Casino Sochi in Sochi, Russia from August 6-14. Then, it’s a return to Tallinn from September 1-7. It will mark the first time 888poker has brought a Main Event to Estonia since 2016. Right after Tallinn, in October, 888poker will once again gather their ambassadors and fight in one of the biggest live tournaments of the year, The Battle of Malta. Finally, 888poker ends their year with the 888poker LIVE London Festival from November 16-29 on their home turf in London at the Aspers Casino in Stratford. All of that action coincides with 888poker’s partnership with CNP Spain and their five live tour stops taking place all across Spain from February to November. 888poker LIVE 2020 Schedule of Events DATES EVENT Jan. 23 - Feb. 3 888poker LIVE Madrid Feb. 5-9 888poker LIVE London Weekend March 23-29 888poker LIVE Bucharest May 14-25 888poker LIVE Barcelona July 1-14 World Series of Poker, Las Vegas August 6-14 888poker LIVE Sochi Sep. 1-7 888poker LIVE Tallinn October TBA Battle Of Malta Nov. 16-29 888poker LIVE London Festival Partnership With CNP Spain 2020 DATES EVENT Feb. 17-23 CNP Valencia April 20-26 CNP Malaga June 15-21 CNP Sevilla Sept. 7-13 CNP Alicante Nov. 13-23 CNP Madrid
  14. 888poker LIVE is getting ready to go on the road and to kick off their 2020 live tour with their first-ever stop in Madrid, Spain. The 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival will take place from January 23 - February 3 at Casino Gran Via and includes 12 tournaments, a host of live satellites, and €1,000,000 in total guaranteed prize pools. First-Ever Madrid Main Event While there are many events to get excited about during 888poker’s festival in Madrid, undoubtedly players will be gearing up to make a deep run in the €888 buy-in Main Event. Not only does the Main Event provide players a chance to become an 888poker champion, but with its €800,000 guarantee, the first-place payday will be one of the largest 888poker LIVE prizes of the entire year. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In order to make sure they hit that guarantee, 888poker is doing everything they can to help players participate. The Main Event itself has four starting flights, all of which have unlimited re-entry and plenty of time for late entry. Additionally, for players who are looking to get in for the minimum, 888poker will be running at least three live satellites that will guarantee no fewer than five seats to the Main Event. Ambassadors On Hand The 50-minute levels and 88K in starting chips are sure to entice recreational players but just in case that's not enough, 888poker is offering the opportunity to play with some of their popular ambassadors. For their first visit to Madrid, 888poker LIVE is bringing in the bulk of the 888poker ambassador roster including 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris Moorman, WSOP on ESPN sideline reporter Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Dominik Nitsche, and their newest ambassador, Russia’s Daria Feschenko. The squad of ambassadors will, of course, be battling for the first-place prize while at the same time looking to meet and greet those who come out to take a shot in the Main Event. Win A Seat Online Participating in the live satellites is not the only way to win a seat into the Madrid Festival Main Event. Online satellites are currently running on 888poker. Players can take a shot at a $1,600 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival Package which includes the buy-in to the Main Event, three nights accommodation in Madrid from January 31 - February 3, and an additional $250 in travel expenses. The direct satellites have a $109 buy-in but super satellites that help players work their way up to the $109 buy-in level start for as little as $0.01 online. More Than The Main The Madrid Festival promises poker players even more action than just the Main Event. There are twelve total events over the course of 12 days. Everything kicks off with the €220 buy-in Opening Event with a €100,000 guarantee. The schedule also includes live versions of some popular 888poker online events including a €330 Whale, €55 Swordfish, and the €110 Hurricane. The €2,200 High Roller has a €50,000 guarantee and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the High Noon Turbo may appeal to beginners with its €50 buy-in. Also included are a Ladies Event and a Pot Limit Omaha tournament. 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN 01-23 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1A €220 01-24 Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1B - 5 Seats GTD €50 01-24 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1B €220 01-24 The Thunder - €10,000 GTD €88 01-25 Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1C - 5 Seats GTD €50 01-25 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1C €220 01-25 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 1D - turbo €220 01-26 888poker LIVE Madrid Festival - €100,000 GTD Opening Event Day 2 & Final Table 01-26 The Breeze - €5,000 GTD €110 01-27 High Noon Turbo €50 01-27 The Hurricane - €5,000 GTD €110 01-28 The Swordfish - €5,000 GTD €55 01-29 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1A - 5 Seats GTD €110 01-29 High Roller Day 1 - €50,000 GTD €2,200 01-30 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1B - 5 Seats GTD €110 01-30 High Roller Final Day - 01-30 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1A - €800,000 GTD €888 01-31 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1B - €800,000 GTD €888 01-31 The Mega Knockout [€50 Bounty] - €10,000 GTD €115 02-01 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1C - 3 Seats GTD €110 02-01 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1C - €800,000 GTD €888 02-01 Pot Limit Omaha €150 02-02 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 1D - TURBO - €800,000 GTD €888 02-02 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Day 2 - 02-02 The Whale - €10,000 GTD €330 02-02 Ladies Event €55 02-03 888poker LIVE Madrid - Main Event - Final Day -
  15. With the postponement of the World Series of Poker, and live poker taking a back seat in general, we decided to check in on some of the 888poker ambassadors to see how they are coping with quarantine, how they are passing the time away from the live felt, and what they are most looking forward to when the coast is finally clear. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly ten years since Sweden’s Sofia Lövgren first started her poker career by rising through the ranks of the online poker cash games. After impressive runs in events during the European Poker Tour in 2012 and 2013, Lövgren signed on to become a brand ambassador for 888poker in 2014. Since that time, Lövgren has quickly become a force in the live tournament scene, traveling the circuit with 888poker, interacting with fans, and putting up impressive scores at stops all over the world. Last year, Lövgren could be seen running deep in 888poker events in Bucharest, Barcelona, Portugal, London, and the Battle of Malta. Other than poker, what activity have you missed the most since the lockdown began? I use to travel around every month for live poker, in combination with exploring different places. Traveling, exploring, and learning about cities and cultures is my favorite thing to do when I am not playing poker. I am also a big foodie and love to try different food in different cities. I really miss this. What's the best TV show or movie you've discovered during lockdown? I liked Fauda and Money Heist. I have been watching a lot of documentaries on YouTube too. What is the biggest frustration you’ve had during lockdown? I am not able to be with my boyfriend. He is on lockdown in India since February and not able to leave the country. Besides this, I miss hanging out with good friends. I don’t have any other frustrations because Sweden is not on lockdown and it is still possible to live a normal life here. I am spending a lot of time with my parents and siblings in Gothenburg. Having a great time with them chilling at home, cooking good food, watching movies, and playing online poker. What's the one thing about live poker that used to tilt you that all of a sudden you miss? Live poker swings… ;P (: What have you found to be a silver lining surrounding quarantine? Family time. I am spending a lot of time with my family in Gothenburg and cooking good food and baking. Also going out sailing in the archipelago and I have more time to read books. Since there's no live poker lately, I just love being at home playing poker in my pajamas. How are you using this time to work on your poker game? I am playing a lot of online poker these days. There is more action than ever online and more cash game tables and bigger tournament fields. I am watching YouTube videos, including poker videos, which helps to sharpen the game. What is something new that you have learned or are trying to learn during lockdown? I love dancing and right now I am learning Bollywood dance. It is a really fun happy dance and it is sooo much fun! What's the first place you're going to travel to once we're able to? I want to go on a vacation for one week to Greece, Mykonos and Santorini. Then I want to travel to Los Angeles to play live poker. I am also looking forward to flying back to Asia to vacation in Thailand or Vietnam. I’m looking forward to playing live tournaments soon again.
  16. For many who take the game of poker seriously, they can point to another player who has had a profound effect on their game. Whether it’s emerging from obscurity to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, pulling off heart-stopping bluffs on High Stakes Poker, or crushing the nosebleed stakes of online poker, some of the best poker players in the world have helped to inspire generations of new players find their way in poker. We've spoken with some of the biggest stars in the game today about who it their poker idols are. For the better part of 10 years, Sweden’s Sofia Lövgren has been in the poker spotlight as an ambassador for online poker site 888poker. During that time she has earned over $425,000 in a tournament career that shows her putting up results all around the world in prestigious events including the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, Asian Poker Tour, and 888poker LIVE. Her career-high cash came back in 2016 when she went on a deep run in the WSOP Millionaire Maker, an event with 7,190 players where she took 11th place for over $75,000. Since that time, Lövgren has continues to travel the globe playing poker while also spending time grinding online in the deep stack cash games she originally came up playing. When you first started playing poker, who was the player you admired the most? I remember back in the days when I used to watch Poker After Dark on TV at home with my dad and brothers. Patrik Antonius was playing there and it was a lot of fun to watch him. He was also very exciting to rail when he was crushing sky-high levels online. What was it about that player that you liked or admired? I liked his unpredictable style and cool poker face. Totally impossible to get a read from. When did you first get to see them play (either on TV, or live)? I was watching Poker After Dark at home on TV, already before I started playing poker. It was exciting to watch and I decided that I would like to learn poker myself. Did you ever get to meet that player and what was that like? I have met him several times and he is really a super nice guy. Cool, always friendly, and very relaxed. Can you tell us about something either on the felt or off of the felt that you learned from them? I have definitely picked up knowledge and poker moves by watching YouTube videos. TV tables where hole cards are shown is a very good way to learn from and improve your game. Next to playing poker myself, I find watching videos of people who are better than myself the most effective way to learn. How does it feel to know somebody out there looks at you the way you looked up to your favorite player? It always makes me happy when people come up to say hi and that they admire my poker. I also like to talk to any poker player and listen to their poker stories.

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