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  1. While each of the four "regional" brackets in the #1 Number One contest is comprised of online poker's all-time greats, the Diamonds bracket could easily be dubbed the "group of death". Not only does it feature some of the most successful players to have ever reached #1 on PocketFives, but it also features some of the most popular players in online poker history. Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro holds the #1 seed in the Diamonds bracket, but his path to victory isn't an easy one. The 16 players have a combined $111 million in lifetime online earnings, the most of any of the four brackets, and six of the 16 players have cracked the $10 Million earnings mark. Fierro will need to navigate through the likes of Griffin 'Flush_Entity' Benger, Calvin 'cal4268'Anderson, and Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - each of whom could run into one another as the contest advances through the subsequent round. The bracket also features three of the best players that Brazil has ever produced: Yuri Martins Dzivielevski, the current #1 player, Joao 'joaomathias' Mathias Baumgarten, and Caio Pessagno. Shaun Deeb, thanks to his PocketFives Legacy Award at the 2020 Global Poker Awards, earned a first-round bye. Enter the #1 Number One Contest Now! PokerKaiser (#1) vs P0KERPR033 (#16) Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro has been ranked #1 six different times, one of just six players to have done that, and his 24 combined weeks in the top spot is the tenth best. He has earned $12.6 Million online and with 21 Triple Crowns, is the only player within striking distance of the all-time leader in that category, Chris Moorman (30). His first-round opponent, Jim 'P0KERPR033' Campbell could be a bit of a sleeper pick. He was #1 for just one week in July 2007, but with $5.7 Million in lifetime earnings, most of it earned before Black Friday, he has the OG status that could earn him an upset victory. Flush_Entity (#2) vs mindgamer (#15) Griffin 'Flush_Entity' Benger could be one of the most popular players to ever hold down the top spot on PocketFives. He did it five different times and has spent 32 weeks at #1 and has earned six Triple Crowns. He last held the #1 spot in May 2014. Since then he's gone on to have great success on the live felt, including his seventh-place finish at the 2016 WSOP Main Event. Stefan 'mindgamer' Jedlicka comes in as a #15 seed, but only because he stopped tracking his results on PocketFives. Jedlicka was #1 for two weeks in December 2013. Since then he's won the PokerStars Sunday Million, WCOOP, and SCOOP titles. Yuri Martins (#3) vs 1bigacehole (#14) Yuri Martins Dzivielevski enters the #1 Number One as a #3 seed and with a ton of momentum after taking hold of the #1 spot for a third time on March 23. Dzivielevski has more than $11 Million in lifetime earnings and has enjoyed some time in the poker spotlight the past few years thanks to his bracelet wins in 2019 and 2020 and his deep run in the 2019 WSOP Main Event. Meanwhile, TJ '1bigacehole' Ulmer is another player to have held the #1 spot for a single week. Ulmer grabbed the brass ring in August 2012. He's since cracked the $10 Million in lifetime earnings mark and continues to pile up cashes even though he's no longer tracking on PocketFives. cal42688 (#4) vs telks (#13) Any fan of March Madness will tell you that #4 seeds make it to the Final Four all time. In fact, it's happened 13 times with one of those turning into a National Championship. If you had to pick a #4 seed to follow that path, it's probably Calvin 'cal42688' Anderson. His eight different turns at #1 have him third all-time and he's spent a combine 40 weeks on top. He's dominated poker's biggest stages with 10 PokerStars SCOOP titles and another pair of WCOOP titles. His first-round opponent, Michael 'telks' Telker, was #1 for just two weeks in December 2011 but has more than $11 Million in earnings and a Triple Crown to his credit. Big Huni (#5) vs joaomathias (#12) Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen took hold of the #1 ranking in January 2015 and held on to it for five weeks in his only reign. He's earned seven Triple Crowns in his career and has nearly $13 Million in lifetime earnings. He's also successfully transitioned to playing live High Rollers against some of the other best players in the world while continuing to grind online. Joao Mathias Baumgarten isn't a cupcake opponent though. Two different times he was ranked #1 and he's won five Triple Crowns and has amassed more than $10 Million in lifetime earnings. Romeopro (#6) vs Annette_15 (#11) Seven Triple Crowns, three Monthly Leaderboard wins, $12.5 Million in earnings, and five weeks at #1 make Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky a legitimate threat to advance against any of his potential opponents. To do that though he's going to have to get through the only female player in the field, Annette 'Annette_15' Obrestad. As far as online poker legends go, Obrestad is firmly entrenched as one of the most admired. Her ascent to #1 in January 2007, followed by her 13 weeks on top, her 180-person SNG win where she didn't look at her hole cards, were all amplified by her 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event win. pessagno (#8) vs veeea (#9) For many years over the last decade, the PocketFives Rankings have been a battlefield for Russian and Brazilian grinders and this first-round match-up puts two of those players head-to-head. Brazilian Caio Pessagno took over the #1 spot for the first time in July 2013 and held onto it for three weeks. He grabbed it back from Calvin Anderson two weeks later and spent eight weeks at #1. Artem 'veeea' Vezhenkov is the most highly decorated Russian in PocketFives history. Vezhenkov has more than $10 Million in earnings, four Triple Crowns, and is the only Russian to be ranked #1. Make your picks in the PocketFives #1 Number One Contest - entries due by Midnight ET on April 2. Then make sure to follow @PocketFives on Twitter to get your votes in!"
  2. [caption width="450"] Bryan Paris was one of nine players to pass .5 million in career online tournament winnings in 2015[/caption] In 2015, nine members of the PocketFives community passed $7.5 million in career online tournament winnings. It started in January with Bryan bparisParis, who passed $7.5 million and is already up to $8.5 million, meaning he has amassed about $1 million in winnings in the last year. Paris' 2015 included winning the PokerStars Sunday $109 Rebuy for $39,000. One month later, Chris Gettin Daize Oliver reached $7.5 million in lifetime winnings. Oliver is now at $8.1 million and won the Bigger $162 on PokerStars last February for $39,000, his largest score of the year. He also took third in the MiniFTOPS Main Event in February for $37,000. March saw Nico PokerKaiserFierro, from Chile, hit $7.5 million for his career. Fierro was ranked #1 on PocketFives for three different stretches in 2015 and amazingly won 11 Triple Crownsduring the year, the most of anyone. Fierro earned gold in the 888 Mega Deep in April of last year for $35,000 and continues to be the top-ranked poker player in Chile. [caption width="640"] Nico PokerKaiser Fierro, Chile's top-ranked player[/caption] Chris Big Huni Hunichen was the next player to hit $7.5 million, doing so in May. Hunichen closed out 2015 by lapping $8 million and finished second in the Super Tuesday in November for $83,000, his largest cash of the year. Hunichen is currently the top-ranked player in Costa Rica and #42 in the world. Eight days after Hunichen passed $7.5 million in online tournament winnings for his career, Jon PearlJammer Turner followed suit. He finished second in a SCOOP Triple Draw tournament for $31,000 in May, his largest score of the year, and was ranked as high as #3 on PocketFives back in 2008. Turner is currently the 25th-ranked PocketFiver in Mexico. [caption width="410"] Jon PearlJammer Turner passed .5 million in May[/caption] After a four-month summer break, eisenhower1 was the next PocketFiver to hit $7.5 million, doing so in September. Our current #1 ranked player, eisenhower1 recorded his two largest career cashes during the year: a sixth place finish in the SCOOP Main Event for $294,000 and a WCOOP No Limit Hold'em Cubed bracelet for $133,000. He has been ranked #1 worldwide since September. On October 16, Nicholas Carrillo, aka rounder63, won the award. He finished third in the Sunday Supersonic for $32,000 in June, his largest score of the year, and amazingly has over 1,100 top-three finishes. Carrillo is the fifth-ranked player in Costa Rica and plays under the user name Hooodflatteron PartyPoker. Five days after Carrillo hit $7.5 million, TJ 1bigacehole Ulmer did the same. Ulmer, who was last ranked #1 on PocketFives in 2012, turned in his largest score of 2015 in a TCOOP No Limit Hold'em Eight-Max event for $53,000. Ulmer is sitting at $7.7 million in online tournament winnings now and is ranked #57 in the world. The final player to hit $7.5 million in career winnings during the year was Zackattak13, who did so four days into December. He has $6 million in winnings on PokerStars alone and is ranked #28 worldwide. He is approaching 10,000 in career in the money finishes and has been a member of PocketFives since 2007, our second year in business. Out of the 21 players who passed $5 million in career cashesin 2015, 12 did so in the second half of the year. Five of those were formerly ranked #1 on PocketFives. Jordan Jymaster0011Young, who was the top dog on PocketFives in 2011, hit $5 million in mid-August, while Taylor taypaur Paur, who was also ranked #1 in 2011, followed suit in September. Paur won a WCOOP Second Chance event in 2015 for almost $100,000. [caption width="500"] Taylor taypaur Paur reached https://cdn.pocketfives.com/p5wp/2017/11/593300-taylor-taypaur-paur.jpg million in 2015[/caption] Mike telks Telker, who like Young and Paur was #1 in 2011, passed $5 million in November 2015. Telker won a WCOOP Second Chance tournament last year for $87,000, his largest score of 2015. Yuri Martins, who hit $5 million in November, was also ranked #1 in January, while Christopher kid_bramm Brammer, who was last #1 in 2012, hit $5 million in August. Brammer is the owner of six PocketFives Triple Crowns and won the Super Tuesday for the second time in his career in August.
  3. [caption width="640"] Former PocketFives #1 player Chris Hunichen was once backed himself but is now opening a stable of his own. (WPT photo)[/caption] In both the online and live arena, “stables” of players being backed by one individual or a group of benefactors are as common as three-betting with aces. There is a general understanding of this within the poker community, but what is missing in the equation, is how stables are built. Over the past few weeks, Chris ‘BigHuni’ Hunichen and a team of other top online professionals have sought out to find the best in up-and-coming online grinders as part of their new coaching and staking website, Pura Vida Staking. Hunichen along with Michael ‘MikeyG3’ Gentili and Michael ‘telks’ Telker are taking on the task of paring down hundreds of applications into a single digit number of “horses” that they will provide full backing and coaching services to. Along with the three professionals, Brad 'RamsGold' Yates is in charge of working the business and accounting end of the stable. The process is a thorough one, to say the least, as Hunichen and his team have received 200 applications so far and expect to see that number rise in the next week before the process closes. Hunichen says that Gentili is in charge of the overall selection process but all three of them are responsible for taking a player’s SharkScope graph, place it over a player’s application and deciding from there whether or not to inquire about hand histories from that specific applicant. The main detail that Hunichen says separates their stable from others is the limitation of how high of a buy-in tournaments players can enter. The primary buy-in levels that Hunichen is focused on is the $16.50 and $22 tournaments on PokerStars. “Our stable is exclusively online because of the $16.50s and $22s. Once you’re beating something, there’s no point in leaving it. We will build players up as we see fit,” said Hunichen. This far from Hunichen’s first foray into the world of backing players. Hunichen says he had a stable prior to Black Friday and was also backed himself for a few years earlier in his career, most notably by former WCOOP Main Event Champion Carter ‘CKingUSC’ King. “I’ve had a couple of different backers through the years. It’s been a good experience for me. I enjoy it both ways, it’s good for security, but not being backed is more exciting. I learned how to better manage my bankroll [playing on my own].” Hunichen’s pre-Black Friday stable featured players with whom he had personal relationships which long-term, affected the business aspect of the relationship. Although that experience didn’t work out as well as Hunichen hoped, he is confident the lessons learned will be beneficial this time around. “It was tough to intervene business with friendships. We want someone who is willing to improve on mistakes. You get stubborn and stop listening and I used to be that way as well. The game is changing all the time. The perfect student is someone who is willing to work hard and lose the ego and accept when they make mistakes.” Along with his new business venture, the 32-year-old Hunichen is plenty busy with family life and his own poker career. With over $9,300,000 in online tournament earnings, Hunichen’s goal for 2017 is to become the third player on PocketFives to hit the $10,000,000 mark in earnings. Additionally, Hunichen recently had his first child last December with his wife, Heilyn, whom he met in Costa Rica. Hunichen and his wife live with their son, Bryson Liam and Heilyn’s son from a previous relationship, Derek. Hunichen first moved to Costa Rica shortly after Black Friday and has had his life changed immensely in the five years of his residence. “I love it here, it’s been a blast. I’ve lived with friends in grind houses and had a lot of fun. But you get older and get out of the partying mood. My wife has a four-year-old from another relationship and we just had our first baby together. My wife’s family is here and we signed a year lease in a new home. The U.S. sites aren’t good enough to justify moving back.” For all of the challenges that Hunichen and the Pura Vida Staking team might face, as they build their stable, Hunichen is confident that he, his team, and his horses will all find long-term success based on the method of teaching implemented. “We’re going to teach people the right way to play poker and basic core fundamentals. There is going to be group sessions and one-on-one coaching for all those who want it.”
  4. ‘C Darwin2’ is the #1 ranked online poker player in the world and locked up the Monthly PLB title for a second consecutive month in December. It was a close race to end the year. ‘C Darwin2’ edged out worldwide #2 Steven ‘SvZff’ van Zadelhoff by only 55 points and managed to escape with a win. December finished with ‘C Darwin2’ holding 3,283.45 points and an average of 164.17 per result. ‘C Darwin2’ completed their month with a flourish by winning a $500 MTT on PokerStars on December 28. The win came with $72,833 and 664.83 PLB points. 2017 concluded with ‘C Darwin2’ winning five PLB titles and they are already working on the first of 2018. The reigning WCOOP Main Event winner van Zadelhoff started his December strong in the PokerStars High Roller series. van Zadelhoff earned the silver medal in the $500,000 guaranteed Progressive KO event to add $89,818 to his account. The hardware included 517.39 PLB points. The Maltese-living van Zadelhoff wrapped up his 2017 with a month of 13 podium finishes and three wins. van Zadelhoff won September’s PLB title thanks in large part to his Main Event win. Former PocketFives #1 from 2017 ‘lena900’ had the third-best December. ‘lena900’ won PLB titles in January and March and took in 3,125 more points to end the year. The best performing result for ‘lena900’ came at an opportune time on December 1. ‘lena900’ placed second in the $400,000 guaranteed Six Max event in the High Roller Series to start their month with 421.42 points on the board. The third Swede in the December rankings is Jerry ‘perrymejsen’ Ödeen. The four-time Triple Crown winner closed out 2017 with a consistent month and a hair over 3,000 PLB points. Ödeen reached as high as #12 worldwide in 2017 and will look to break into the top-10 as January moves forward. The legendary Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet joins in at #5. Van Fleet won the partypoker MILLIONS Online for $1.027 million and put his career earnings within striking distance of $10 million. The win produced 2,266 points for Van Fleet and allowed him to ease off the gas for the rest of the month. Van Fleet is the only player who calls Canada their virtual home to make December’s top-10. Brazilian ‘sitpro2011’ is in the PLB top-10 for the first time in their career. The second-ranked player from Brazil used a win in the Half Price Sunday Million to accumulate 1,377.43 points. ‘Sitpro2011’ defeated a field of 18,973 and an award of $197,163 for their efforts. The second former PocketFives #1 to earn elite PLB status is Michael ‘telks’ Telker. Telker averaged 140.93 points in December and used seven wins to carry him to the finish line along with a high volume rate. ‘hellohellohello’ ended November third in PLB points and wrapped up December in the eighth position. The first Russian player on this month’s list won the Sunday 500 to achieve their highest point total for December. The 406.82 points racked up by ‘hellohellohello’ came along with $30,836. The trend of former #1s ending the year strong continues with Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren. The worldwide #6 is the fourth player from Sweden to appear on December’s PLB rankings. Berggren missed the top-10 in November, placing 11th, and comes back in after placing ninth in October. United Kingdom’s top dog Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford completes his second consecutive month of PLB prestige. Beresford’s top December score of 369.70 came in the December 28 $2,000 event on PokerStars. The former worldwide #2 currently ranks 10th in the world. PLAYER PLB POINTS C Darwin2 3,283.45 SvZff 3,228.69 lena900 3,125.89 perrymejsen 3,000.37 apestyles 2,890.01 sitpro2011 2,850.16 telks 2,818.66 hellohellohello 2,674.38 r4ndomr4gs 2,664.51 1_conor_b_1 2,483.80
  5. Every week The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings. ‘telks’ Makes $9 Million It’s another major milestone for longtime PocketFives player ‘telks’. He becomes just the 15th person to surpass $9 million in lifetime earnings, joining an elite group of grinders that mark themselves as some of the best players of all time. The big moment happened when he finished in the top 50 of the PokerStars Sunday Million for $1,654. Also adding to his lifetime total this week was his first-place finish in the partypoker Monday Main Event for $11,305. A former #1 ranked player in the world, ‘telks’ currently sits ranked at #53. His impressive resume includes a PocketFives Triple Crown as well as over $1.2 million in live earnings. He's earned victories in side events at the PokerStars PCA, European Poker Tour and the Punta Cana Poker Classic. Next up for the Missouri native is the long march to $10 million to join the likes of Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman, Nicholas ‘PKaiser’ Fierro and Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen. World’s #1 Tops $8 Million ‘C Darwin2’ gets twice the coverage this week. Once again, the Swede topped the PocketFives Worldwide Rankings - as he has for every week thus far in 2018 - and he also flew past the $8 million lifetime earnings threshold. Officially he hit the target in his final table finish in the partypoker High Roller on February 20 where he picked up $2,195 for his efforts. Aside from that, he had a massive week earning over $92,000 in total with three five-figure cashes. This included a fourth-place finish in the PokerStars Sunday High Roller for $21,119, a victory in the 888poker Volcano for over $17,000 and a final table finish in Event #22 of the PokerStars Turbo Series for an additional $24,123. $4 Million For ‘fviana’ Brazil’s Fernando ‘fviana’ Viana da Costa topped the $4 million lifetime earnings mark this week. He was on the grind all week which included a runner-up finish for $12,424 in the $215 Fat Thursday on PokerStars to help him make it happen. da Costa, a mid-stakes MTT specialist from the city of Aruja, is currently ranked #62 in all of Brazil. Joining da Costa in celebrating million dollar markers this week are Zimbabwe’s ‘Rakietman’, ‘nareee’ from Brazil, ‘etxnl01’ from the Netherlands and the #26 ranked player in the world, ’sitpro2011’ from Brazil all of whom passed $1 million in earnings. Making Moves In the Top 25 There were ten players this week who earned career-high rankings within the top 100, four of which occurred in the top 25. Uruguay’s ‘kofi89’, binked a major six-figure score which propelled him to the #13 spot while Argentina’s Ramiro ‘rayastar’ Petrone stepped up one rung to #7. Petrone is in position, with a solid week, to potentially crack the top 5. Estonia’s Aleksei ‘LeshiyAS’ Smirnov broke through to the top 100 for the first time in his career thanks to a victory in the Winamax High Roller for over $10,000 and 195.65 PLB points. Career High Rankings In The Top 100 LeshiyAS - #113 to #99 mzzl83 - #96 to #94 MATTHOLVIK - #97 to #90 Storimos - #82 to #77 OempaLoempah - #78 to #75 dennysramos2 - #83 to #61 proudflop - #24 to 20 Flat - #23 to #18 kofi89 - #31 to #13 rayastar - #8 to #7
  6. Costa Rica is home to many displaced American online grinders in the post-Black Friday world. The result of the changed landscape is a rankings list that is a “who’s who” of the online community. Former PocketFives #1 players fill Costa Rica's top 10. Grinders who have honed their game as it has changed in front of them dominate in Costa Rica. The #1 ranked player in Costa Rica is Chris ‘BigHuni’ Hunichen. The North Carolina-born Hunichen passed the $10 million mark in career earnings and is sixth on the all-time money list. Hunichen reached #1 in the world in January 2015 and he is currently #20. Hunichen has increased his volume in live High Roller events in the last year and started his 2018 by competing in the PCA $100,000 Super High Roller. Behind Hunichen is Michael ‘Telks’ Telker. Telker achieved #1 status in December 2011 and closed his 2017 by making the top-10 of the PLB Monthly Leaderboard. In terms of the all-time money list, Telker is 14th all-time and a shade over $1 million from becoming the seventh player ever to reach the $10 million mark. Kurt ‘kurt23x’ Fitzgerald is on the podium at number three. Fitzgerald put together a strong November with four wins in the neighborhood of 200 PLB points. The largest was on November 14 when Fitzgerald won the Sunday 500 on PokerStars for $22,697.Fitzgerald ranks 50th in the world. The third former #1 to crack the rankings is Chris ‘Gettin Daize’ Oliver. The 2010 Yearly PLB Leaderboard champion is on his way to hitting $10 million in the early part of 2017. Oliver stands less than $250,000 away from the landmark and is continuing to put in strong volume to reach that target. Brian ‘brianm15’ England achieved #1 status in 2014 and is over $6 million lifetime. England is a consistent online player and has increased his live volume as of late. In 2017, England won $144,901 in live tournaments with a few highlights mixed in. England made a Day 5 appearance in the WSOP Main Event and won a Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open tournament for $31,109. At #6 is Steve ‘Illini213’ Barshak. 2017 was kind to Barshak with a SCOOP title and movement over the $7 million career earnings checkpoint. Barshak won SCOOP Event 46-M ($109 Rebuy $150,000 guaranteed) and added $51,024 to his bankroll in the process. Robert ‘PlayaPlz’ Lipkin has the largest amount of immediate bragging rights of any player on this list. Lipkin shipped the PokerStars High Roller Series $10,300 $1 million guaranteed on November 28 for $258,639. Lipkin picked up 1,086.28 PLB points with the victory and notched the second six-figure score of his career. In the eighth spot is Grayson ‘gray31’ Ramage. The duel TCOOP and WCOOP winner ranked as high as #2 in 2016. Ramage closed out his 2017 with a third-place finish in the PokerStars Sunday High Roller to claim $26,490. The top-10 concludes with two more Americans in Michael ‘MindSlaver’ Acevedo and Mike ‘Flippa42’ Carter. Both players are under 3,000 PLB points and have a chance to cross that mark soon with more consistent volume. Costa Rica Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 BigHuni 6,446.64 2 Telks 5,573.02 3 kurt23x 5,491.13 4 Gettin Daize 4,765.64 5 brianm15 4,325.19 6 Illini213 4,250.50 7 PlayaPlz 3,937.22 8 gray31 3,240.39 9 MindSlaver 2,904.23 10 Flippa42 2,871.08
  7. PokerStars resumed its normal Sunday tournament schedule after their 2018 World Championship of Online Poker series came to its conclusion last week, with PocketFives ranked-#1 'Lena900' taking down the $2,100 Sunday High Roller. This week saw 'Lena900' face a new challenger for the rankings top spot after Russia's 'hellohellohello' jumped into #2 place and pushed the current number one's fellow Swede 'C.Darwin2' into #3 for the first time this year. But 'Lena900' was clearly not in the mood to let his place at the top be taken easily and was able to go the distance in the Sunday High Roller and bank $50,851 in the process. 'caecilius' claimed the bronze medal for $29,424, with America's Alex 'bigfox86' Foxen banking $38,681 as runner-up. Former PocketFives #1 Michael 'munchenHB' Telker came through a 6,103 player field to win the PokerStars Sunday Million for $164,789 after a heads-up battle with Brazil's Joao 'djjazz222' Perez. When the final table of nine was set there were five PocketFivers in action with Greece's Dimitrios 'JIM_BALLAS' Ballas taking seventh place for $19,682, Poland's 'jaworlegia' banking $28,047 in sixth place and well-known American player Chance 'ChanceCU' Kornuth exiting in fifth place for a $39,966 score. The final three was confirmed after 'pokerturo' was sent to the rail in fourth place for $56,950, with 'david owie' the player to miss out on the heads-up play after they could only manage a bronze medal worth $81,153. The Brazilian Perez had already locked up by far his biggest online score to date but was looking to add the title to his name also. But Telker, who has over $9.7m in online earnings, put his vast experience to use and was able to secure his first six-figure score on the PokerStars client since he won the Super Tuesday in December of 2014, with Perez taking away $115,641 in second place. 'mandza17' banked over $64,000 for victory in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller with Austria's current #1-ranked player 'WushuTM' taking the silver medal. 'LintyontheLash' took the bronze medal alongside $21,471 + $1,703 in bounties before the final battle got underway. 'WushuTM', who took down the SCOOP Super Tuesday special for $288,603 back in 2015, ultimately fell at the final hurdle but still banked an impressive $29,587 + $19,536 in bounties, before 'mandza17' was crowned the winner. This week's PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up title went to 'Poeira4' after getting the better of 'slarki1' heads-up. Bulgaria's 'AchoBogdanov' took third place from the 1,238 player field for a payday worth $20,231 and set the way for the final two players to face-off with an extra $11,000 on the line. 'slarki1' was the final player to fall and banked $28,138, with 'Poeira4' claiming the $39,135 first-place prize. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200 + $15 NLHE) $1M Guaranteed Entries: 6,103 Prize pool: $1,220,600 munchenHB - $164,789.54 djjazz222 - $115,641.35 david owie - $81,153.54 pokerturo - $56,950.99 ChanceCU - $39,966.47 jaworlegia - $28,047.19 JIM_BALLAS - $19,682.66 vasilikos7 - $13,812.79 sjaak2afhaak - $9,693.39 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller, $100k Gtd Entries: 116 Prize pool: $232,000 Lena900 - $50,851.20 bigfox86 - $38,681.75 caecilius - $29,424.69 Naza114 - $22,382.96 OempaLoempah - $17,026.43 riversouza - $12,951.77 Str8$$$Homey - $9,852.22 blanconegro - $7,494.45 Sasuke234 - $5,700.93 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, $200K Gtd Entries: 991 Prize pool: $495,500 mandza17 - $40,771.27 + $23,911.05 WushuTM - $29,587.32 + $19,536.11 LintyontheLash - $21,471.50 + $1,703.13 och_jong - $15,581.86 + $3,946.36 bartowskiFR - $11,307.75 + $3,812.50 ale6ka - $8,206.02 + $7,669.91 J.Creutz - $5,955.14 + $4,273.44 Chester20o - $4,321.62 + $4,261.73 who8myDog - $3,136.21 + $3,140.63 PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-Up, $150K Gtd Entries: 1,238 Prize pool: $247,600 Poeira4 - $39,135.71 slarki1 - $28,138.25 AchoBogdanov - $20,231.64 T0X16- - $14,546.72 atrocitas1 - $10,459.19 hotfils77 - $7,520.25 jack kincaid - $5,407.11 cwirek1982 - $3,887.76 APonakov - $2,795.32 PokerStars $215 Bounty Builder, $150K Gtd Entries: 1,229 Prize pool: $245,800 lbd.pkr - $17,465.47* + $11,158.79 jknack10 - $15,927.44* + $702.34 SnowmanTony - $10,042.28 + $6,559.64 jani890311 - $7,220.48 + $1,442.19 Timonpoika - $5,191.57 + $1,934.37 subiime - $3,732.79 + $3,536.47 1_conor_b_1 - $2,683.90 + $2,084.38 makoutm - $1,929.75 + $1,634.38 theChiffre_S - $1,387.50 + $5,490.12 PokerStars Bigger $109, $100k Gtd Entries: 1,599 Prize pool: $159,900 funkyphaquir - $20,635.93 1BigAceHole - $21,132.20 lylechek - $12,560.96 KuuL - $9,031.43 que_te_crio - $6,493.68 Partorg - $4,669.01 DeM!st3r - $3,357.06 flipmm - $2,413.75 SpaceBonyiga - $1,735.50
  8. partypoker’s POWERFEST continued to bring in big numbers on Thursday as 18 new tournaments took place and over $3.4 million in total prize pools were up for grabs. It doesn’t seem to matter if it's live on online, Hungary’s #1-ranked player Andras ‘probirs’ Nemeth knows how to conquer Super High Roller tournaments. He bested the 127 entries in Event #21 ($1M GTD Championship Event, 8-Max) for $311,150, far-and-away the largest score of the day. The cash will push the #9 ranked player in the world up over $12.5M in lifetime career earnings, good for #5 on the All-Time Online Money List. The Championship Event was replete with some of the brightest stars in online poker. Former #1-ranked player ‘telks’, playing under his partypoker screen name ‘ilove2fish’ took home $222,250 as the runner-up. The UK’s Conor ‘ADRIEN_BRODY’ Beresford, currently the #8 ranked player in the world, finished in third, capturing $158.750 for the bronze. partypoker ambassadors fared well in Event #21 as well with Brazilian superstar Joao ‘joaosimaobh’ Simao taking fourth place for $111,125. Renato 'renaton' Nomura just missed out on the final table, finishing in ninth for $31,750 and Sam Trickett picking up $31,750 for 11th place. Speaking of partypoker ambassadors, Bertrand ‘ElKy_’ Grospellier picked up a POWERFEST title after making a heads up deal in Event #24 ($530 Deep, Turbo, 8-Max). The former PokerStars pro picked up $14,458 for the win, just one day after finishing third in Event #17-HR for over $18,000. Sweden's ‘haddoken’ picked up one of the largest scores of the day, outside of the Championship Event, by taking down Event #23-Super High Roller ($5,200 PLO, 8-Max) for $156,403. POWERFEST #20 (High Roller) $1,050 Deep, 8-Max 209 entries, $209,000 prize pool 1. jizonhisniz - $42,615.10 2. LoSientoGrace - $30,932 3. haddoken - $22,049.50 4. s1xKoMoDe - $16,302 5. NoisiaRadio - $11,495 6. BeforeSunrise - $8,778 7. MOTHERSMATTERS - $6,479 8. PhileasFogg - $4,807 POWERFEST #20 (High) $215 Deep, 8-Max 765 entries, $153,000 prize pool 1. HU_ACE - $27,310.50 2. XINBAMA - $19,431 3. Banicivan - $13,050.90 4. KPitts34 - $8,843.40 5. TaoTeBink - $6,242.40 6. IIIIIIIIIII - $4,498.20 7. ABCpoker911 - $3,213 8. petdet3ctive - $2,233.80 POWERFEST #21 (Super High Roller) $1M Championship Event 127 entries, $1,270,000 prize pool 1. probirs - $311,150 2. llove2fish - $222,250 3. ADRIEN_BRODY - $158,750 4. joaosimaobh - $111,125 5. PokerGirl69 - $82,550 6. shlongoperator - $63,500 7. iTILTuu - $50,800 8. TimeToPardy - $41,275 POWERFEST #22 (High Roller) $2,100 PKO, 8-Max 178 entrants, $364,900 prize pool 1. n1ceFTW - $30,200.31 + $68,184.39 in bounties 2. JWPRODIGY - $30,164.56 + $6,168.75 in bounties 3. Ike_Haxton - $22,019.83 + $7,415.62 in bounties 4. mantelis38 - $15,755.57 + $2,493.75 in bounties 5. rudiga1 - $11,009.91 + $6,890.62 in bounties 6. seijistar - $8,542.17 + $4,528.12 in bounties 7. JimyTransaction - $6,643.91 + $7,481.25 in bounties 8. HellmuthTheGr8 - $5,220.22 + $2,100 in bounties POWERFEST #22 (High) $320 PKO, 8-Max 670 entrants, $206,360 prize pool 1. meatbulmeantula - $14,380.43 + $17,554.76 in bounties 2. llijix133 - $14,360.29 + $5,116.49 in bounties 3. GiGioDoNNa99 - $9,698.32 + $3,563.64 in bounties 4. luffynated - $6,631.61 + $2,478.63 in bounties 5. ICMslut99 - $4,627.73 + $592.50 in bounties 6. kalfucil - $3,365.62 + $2,604.52 in bounties 7. kashmir_uzi - $2,435.65 + $1,239.31 in bounties 8. goiaba22 - $1,704.95 + $1,362.74 in bounties POWERFEST #23 (Super High Roller) $5,200 Pot Limit Omaha, 6-Max 100 entrants, $500,000 prize pool 1. haddoken - $156,403 2. p7p7p7p7 - $97,500 3. CHUFFTY - $60,000 4. Loewe80 - $43,750 5. Skrillexer - $31,250 6. U_goT_BanANa - $21,250 POWERFEST #24 (High Roller) $530 Deep, Turbo, 8-Max 137 entires, $70,212 prize pool 1. ElkY_ - $14,458.39* 2. mantelis38 - $13,268.60 3. backdrunk - $8,425.50 4. rdcrsnn - $5,968.06 5. Iveybluffallin - $4,212.75 6. madgenius87 - $3,335.09 7. JimyTransaction - $2,654.03 8. GreenNaugahyde - $2,106.37 POWERFEST #24 (High) $109 Deep, Turbo, 8-Max 414 entries, $43,056 prize pool 1. neckbre4k - $8,223.99 2. StoreNodder1231 - $5,898.67 3. KKurbel - $4,047.26 4. Hanifbali1 - $2,841.69 5. RuiBouquet - $2,032.24 6. clocolatabianca - $1,481.12 7. Gancas09 - $1,046.26 8. fishdelicious - $762.09 POWERFEST #25 (High Roller) $1,050 PKO, Fast, 8-Max 196 entries, $199,920 prize pool 1. do or die - $15,799.76 + $22,823.13 in bounties 2. AussieOsbourne - $15,780.12 + $3,120 in bounties 3. dotcotton1939 - $11,255.65 + $12,260.62 in bounties 4, Krissyb24 - $8,321.71 + $6,256.25 in bounties 5. seotaij86 - $5,867.87 + $3,087.50 in bounties 6. WhyAlwayzMe -$4,480.92 + $3,802.50 in bounties 7. SouhftfW - $3,307.34 + $3,607.50 in bounties 8. lqq1974 - $2,453.83 + $0.00 in bounties POWERFEST #25 (High) $109 PKO, Fast, 8-Max 705 entries, $73,320 prize pool 1. shortymo03 - $4,939.19 + $6,649.87 in bounties 2. Durdyyy - $4,931.67 + $634.50 in bounties 3. BenRichards1 - $3,314.74 + $1,842.12 in bounties 4. HATE007 - $2,246.09 + $1,031.49 in bounties 5. jaimestaples - $1,585.48 + $474.19 in bounties 6. hondacivic669 - $1,142.47 + $952.59 in bounties 7. ElCHapo14 - $816.05 + $276.75 in bounties 8. tatinho01 - $567.35 + $401.62 in bounties

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