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  1. The 2021 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker concluded as Russian online pro ‘CrazyLissy’ bested Pascal Lefrancois in heads-up play at the end of the $10M guaranteed Main Event (High) to take home the $1,499,942 top prize. Plenty of big names took to the felt for the final table of Event 91-H ($5,200 NLHE 8-Max WCOOP Main Event), including online legend Linus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger and Stevan ‘random_chu’ Chew, who went into the action with the chip lead. While Chew could approach the battle with more expectation than hope, the same could not be said for Loeliger, who busted early in seventh place for $196,792. Tyler Jardine was the first player out for $99,997 as commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton entertained fans on the PokerStars Twitch channel. He was followed from the felt by ‘necgaidziai’, with Loeliger out next. The final six players were that much closer to the top prize, but Markus Prinz soon busted, with bottom pair no good against Chew’s straight draw which came in on the turn. After Argentinian player Marco Zevola left in fifth for $387,284, ‘Rebel FishAK’ was eliminated by ‘CrazyLissy’ as the Russian began their assault on the title with pocket jacks holding against their opponent’s ace-ten. At that stage, ‘CrazyLissy’ had just 87 million chips, well below Chew on 230 million and Canadian Pascal Lefrancois on 110 million, but the elimination of ‘RebelFishAK’ changed everything. Soon after that hand, the stacks were almost even as three-handed, chew lost his chance of victory. He lost his final 122 million chips with pocket fives when Lefrancois called the shove with pocket eights and held on. Heads-up looked favorable for the Canadian, and after some early momentum for him, the former WSOP final table player had better than a 3:1 chip lead. He couldn’t make it last, however, as ‘CrazyLissy’ continued to play back at him and with the stacks close to level in Lefrancois’ favor, won the pivotal hand for almost all the chips. All-in with [poker card="Ah"][poker card="Jc"], Lefrancois was called by ‘CrazyLissy’ with [poker card="Tc"][poker card="Th"] pre-flop for a massive pot of 485 million chips, with just five million staying in front of the Canadian. The flop of [poker card="As"][poker card="Kd"][poker card="Ts"] was a dramatic one, giving the Russian a set of tens but Lefrancois a Broadway straight draw. The turn of [poker card="5d"] and river of [poker card="2s"] were as uneventful as ‘CrazyLissy’ would have hoped for, however, and the title belonged to them, Lefrancois cashing for $1,069,210 for being runner-up. ‘CrazyLissy’ won the $1,499,942 top prize and one of the most fabled online poker titles that are out there to be won, their second title after winning their first WCOOP back in 2019. 2021 PokerStars WCOOP $5,200 Main Event Final Table Results: ‘CrazyLissy’ - $1,499,942 Pascal ‘Pass_72’ Lefrancois - $1,069,210 Stevan ‘random_chu’ Chew - $762,169 ‘Rebel FishAK’ - $543,301 Marco ‘marcozevola5’ Zevola - $387,284 Markus ‘playboy99999’ Prinz - $276,069 Linus ‘LLinusLove’ Loeliger - $196,792 ‘necgaidziai’ - $140,180 Tyler ‘Juicy_J_93’ Jardine - $99,997 Low and Medium events were very popular over the concluding couple of days, with the following players winning titles: ‘pagan_junior’ (Event #91-L), ‘festen x’ (Event #91-M), ‘mime123’ (Event #92-L), ‘Nlzkm9’ (Event #92-M), ‘pardalnegro’ (Event #94-L), ‘batataxpp’ (Event #94-M), ‘GRAPEL3SS’ (Event #95-L), ‘roo_400’ (Event #95-M), ‘Valeron12344’ (Event #96-L), ‘sweetmike79’ (Event #96-M), ‘FlaviOx00’ (Event #97-L), ‘Hendurr’ (Event #97-M), ‘123wisdomtree’ (Event #98-L), ‘FAL1st’ (Event #98-M), ‘IHELPMEI’ (Event #99-L), ‘Kzzon’ (Event #99-M), ‘Znaso’ (Event #100-L), ‘BowieEffect’ (Event #100-M), ‘Don’tCryM8’ (Event #101-L), ‘URMYLeNoR’ (Event #101-M), ‘parinio77’ (Event #102-L), ‘alexxt7’ (Event #102-M). High Event Results: Event #91 (High) $5,200 NLHE 8-Max WCOOP Main Event Prizepool: $10,000,000 Entries: 1,965 ‘CrazyLissy’ - $1,499,942 ‘Pass_72’ - $1,069,210 ‘random_chu’ - $762,169 Event #92 (High) $10,300 PLO Main Event 6-Max Prizepool: $1,470,000 Entries: 147 ‘probirs' - $308,556 ‘AlexKP’ - $237,169 ‘Ben_Apart’ - $182,298 Event #94 (High) $1,050 NLHE 8-Max PKO Series Saver Prizepool: $1,516,000 Entries: 1,516 ‘LaliTournier’ - $83,366 (Bounties) $99,228 ‘darkziv’ - $16,629 (Bounties) $99,227 ‘C. Darwin2’ $24,518 (Bounties) $59,330 Event #95 (High) $530 NLHE 8-Max Freezeout Prizepool: $332,000 Entries: $664 ‘Pwndidi’ - $56,520 ‘Ant1K1lller’ - $41,390 ‘FutureofMe’ - $30,310 Event #97 (High) - $2,100 NLHE 8-Max Super Tuesday Prizepool: $600,000 Entries: 300 ‘Tydarax’ - $103,384* ‘I’MalliN.3lli’ - $94,168* ‘phounderAA’ - $63,523 *denotes heads-up deal Event #98 (High) - $1,050 NL 6+ Hold‘em Prizepool: $106,000 Entries: 106 ‘kurzatvvarz’ - $25,330 ‘SantaZzz’ - $19,447 ‘OLD TIME GIN’ - $14,930 Event #99 (High) $1,050 NLHE 8-Max PKO Prizepool: $476,000 Entries: 476 ‘utreg’ - $44,074 (Bounties) $36,778 (Prize) ‘22ehnutzz’ - $6,226 (Bounties) $36,778 (Prize) ‘lildani9’ - $2,578 (Bounties) $23,155 (Prize) Event #100 (High) $5,200 NLHE 8-Max Final Freeze Prizepool: $650,000 Entries: 130 ‘gusmaa’ - $142,470 ‘papan9_p$’ - $110,385 ‘kenny05’ - $85,525 Event #101 (High) $1,050 PLO 6-Max Prizepool: $253,000 Entries: 253 ‘beastinhngry’ - $48,886 ‘Grekzorba’ - $36,345 ‘phounderAA’ - $27,021 Event #102 (High) $1,050 NLE 7-Max Hyper-Turbo PKO Prizepool: $375,868 Entries: 370 ‘lelijk22’ - $15,071 (Bounties) $33,927 (Prize) ‘Olegent’ - $10,508 (Bounties) $33,926 (Prize) ‘!Mp!yavv’ - $19,267 (Bounties) $19,802 (Prize)
  2. The latest raft of PokerStars 2021 World Championship of Online Poker events featured a host of high-profile online pros take home titles as Finland's Samuel "€urop€an' Vousden joined Team PokerStars Pros Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg and Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot in claiming victories. The action was terrific across the board in Low, Medium, and High events the past few days on the PokerStars felt, not least in Event 73-H ($1,050 NLHE 6-Max PKO), where 629 entries created a massive $629,000 prize pool, the biggest prize from which was won by recent WSOP gold bracelet winner ‘€urop€an’ - a.k.a. Finnish poker legend Samuel Vousden. Vousden has over $9.7 million in career online winnings and has ranked as high as #3 in the world as recently as 2018. A regular in events such as GGPoker’s weekly $10,000 buy-in Super MILLION$, where Vousden finished as runner-up last week, there is sure to be more massive results to come from one of the most consistent performers in online poker. Elsewhere in the event, Russian player ‘CrazyLissy’ finished in third place, while other behemoths of the high roller circuit, Niklas Astedt (14th for a total prize of $4,688) and Diego Ventura, (21st for $3,997) also made the money. In Event #75-H ($5,200 NLHE 8-Max Midweek Freeze), Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot took the WCOOP title after outlasting 90 other players to grab over 20% of the $455,000 prize pool for a top prize worth $108,729. Getting the better of Ramiro ‘ramastar88’ Petrone heads-up, Talbot also made it past players such as ‘CrazyLissy’ and former #1-ranked Chris Oliver, both of whom narrowly missed the money, as well as Patrick Leonard ($23,162) and Fabiano Kovalski ($17,900), both of made profit. Talbot’s first victory as a Team PokerStars Pro comes a year after his first WCOOP win. Finally, Ben Spragg celebrated his recent marriage to fellow Twitch legend Marle...Spragg with yet another title in Event #83-H, the $1,050 7-Max Turbo PKO Freezeout. With a healthy prize pool of $343,000. ‘Spraggy’ broadcast the victory on his Twitch channel as he edged out Hungary's top-ranked pro ‘Wildace_hun’ heads-up, with players such as the aforementioned Patrick Leonard along with Brazilians Kovalski and Pedro Padilha all making it through the money bubble to claim bounties and a place prize. Here’s how Spraggy announced the news to his thousands of Twitter followers. https://twitter.com/spraggy/status/1436144486271365124 In low and medium events, there were plenty of big names buried among the first-time winners, as well as one player, ‘Fisherman FV’ taking home two titles. Winning WCOOPs were the following players: ‘Lystig’ (Event#67-L), ‘tubatalevski’ (Event#67-M), ‘anelka79’ (Event#68-L), ‘Fisherman FV’ (Event#68-M), ‘S.GabrielR’ (Event#69-L), ‘2outerjames’ (Event#69-M), ‘omaha4lol’s’ (Event#70-L), ‘Supermassa1’ (Event#70-M), ‘Popiedejopie’ (Event#71-L), ‘sousinha23’ (Event#71-M), ‘Mulatin181’ (Event#72-L), ‘Fisherman FV’ (Event#72-M), ‘SAFADA1’ (Event#73-L), ‘atredezini’ (Event#73-M), ‘PippoHDX’ (Event#74-L), ‘Scarmak3r’ (Event#74-M), ‘MAIRONFO’ (Event#75-L), ‘SmilleThHero’ (Event#75-M), ‘borygo’ (Event#76-L), ‘thomber26’ (Event#76-M), ‘DonDwan’ (Event#77-L), ‘yagrebulave’ (Event#77-M), ‘marcelr0x’ (Event#79-L), ‘DonVIPoker’ (Event#79-M), ‘phlowzen’ (Event#82-L), ‘Giant_Santos’ (Event#82-M), ‘JefersonBonfim’ (Event#83-L) and ‘boss_bobo’ (Event#83-M). High Event Results: Event #67 (High) $1,050 NLHE 8-Max PKO Prizepool: $874,000 Entries: 874 ‘elliottpet’ - $64,116 (Bounties) $63,655 (Prize) ‘Fukuruku’ - $5,921 (Bounties) $63,654 (Prize) ‘iLcAmello’ - $14,375 (Bounties) $39,512 (Prize) Event #68 (High) $530 Mixed NLHE/PLO 6-Max Prizepool: $161,000 Entries: 322 ‘mrAndreeew’ - $30,166 ‘wizowizo’ - $21,963 ‘beastishngry’ - $15,991 Event #69 (High) $530 NLHE 7-Max Prizepool: $389,500 Entries: 779 ‘FutureofMe’ - $68,766 ‘Luciano S.H’ - $48,636 ‘SOUFODAMS’ - $33,294 Event #70 (High) $530 PLO8 6-Max Prizepool: $162,500 Entries: 325 ‘Arttyomka’ - $30,447 ‘bedias’ - $22,167 ‘Fabahaba’ - $16,140 Event #71 (High) $2,100 NLHE 8-Max Super Tuesday SE Prizepool: $738,000 Entries: 369 ‘gnetaren’ - $134,907 ‘hellzito’ - $101,614 ‘NL_Profit’ - $76,537 Event #72 (High) $1,050 Stud 8-Max Prizepool: $75,000 Entries: 71 ‘YordanPetrov’ - $17,454 ‘mistere3’ - $16,858 ‘guilherme’ - $10,500 Event #73 (High) $1,050 NLHE 6-Max PKO Prizepool: $629,000 Entries: 629 ‘€urop€an’ - $35,164 (Bounties) $46,248 ‘Sajanas23’ - $24,476 (Bounties) $46,247 ‘CrazyLissy’ - $4,519 (Bounties) $27,267 Event #74 (High) $530 NL 6+ Hold‘em 6-Max Prizepool: $67,500 Entries: 135 ‘kurzatvvarz’ - $14,168 ‘FONBET_RULIT’ - $10,890 ‘RunGodlike’ - $8,370 Event #75 (High) $5,200 NLHE 8-Max Midweek Freeze Prizepool: $455,000 Entries: 91 ‘tonkaaaa’ - $108,729 ‘ramastar88’ - $84,027 ‘Camilancefieldg’ - $64,937 Event #76 (High) $2,100 5-Card NL08 6-Max Prizepool: $276,000 Entries: 138 ‘kubapol1990’ - $52,106 ‘bokkie87’ - $50,356 ‘gangstachel9’ - $34,227 Event #77 (High) $1,050 NLHE 4-Max Turbo Prizepool: $295,000 Entries: 295 ‘LordTBird’ - $55,721 ‘kZhh’ - $37,590 ‘luckyfish89’ $25,358 Event #82 (High) $2,100 NLHE 6-Max Prizepool: $422,000 Entries: 211 ‘Lrslzk’ - $82,808 ‘zerodeda’ - $63,576 ‘Zurgok’ - $48,810 Event #83 (High) $1,050 7-Max Turbo PKO Freezeout Prizepool: $343,000 Entries: 343 ‘Spraggy’ - $37,484 (Bounties) $30,484 (Prize) ‘Wildace_hun’ $13,437 (Bounties) $30,484 (Prize) ‘Killer_ooooo’ $3,203 (Bounties) $17,793 (Prize)
  3. The PokerStars 2021 World Championship of Online Poker schedule is massive, diverse, and packed with value. It has to be. With over $100 million in guaranteed prize money, PokerStars is looking to make this year’s WCOOP the biggest in the series 20-year history. It features 102 events, each with three buy-in levels (Low, Medium, High), for a total of 306 tournaments giving players plenty of opportunities to boost their bankrolls and battle for a trophy. But sometimes, with a schedule that features something for everyone, knowing where to focus your time and attention can be a little intimidating. So, here’s a little help. Pick and choose a schedule that features your favorite games, but make sure you include these five “must-play” events from the 2021 WCOOP. Event #01 - [Phase Tournament] Buy-ins: $5.50 (Low), $22 (Medium), $109 (High) Date: various The first event of the series is really one of the last events as it’s a Phase tournament. That means that starting flights for the tournament are running throughout the duration of the series and what makes it an event you simply can’t miss is that whenever you are ready to play, there’s likely a Phase 1 kicking off. So not only is this tournament easy to fire in but for players who happen to bust out before making Phase 2, there’s always another Phase 1 around the corner to give it another shot. Another reason is the guarantee, each of the three buy-ins comes with its own $1 million guarantee making this one of the best “bang for you buck” events across the entire schedule. Event #02 - [WCOOP Kickoff] Buy-ins: $5.50 (Low), $55 (Medium), $530 (High) Date: August 22 With the Phase tournaments already in full swing, Event #02 serves, in reality, as the first event of the 2021 WCOOP. The guarantees for the events are $75K, $300K, and $400K respectively, which are solid of the series but the real value comes in knowing that the first event of most major series is a massive draw for players. It’s very likely that the excitement of a new WCOOP series will see these guarantees shattered as players pile into the lobbies looking to be among the first to take home a trophy. It goes without saying that the structure for all three tournaments is solid with plenty of starting chips for each buy-in and, for those playing in the High Event, 20-minute levels - which is more than enough playing time for online poker. Event #37 - [8-Max, Turbo Progressive Knock Out] Buy-ins: $55 (Low), $530 (Medium), $5,200 (High) Date: August 29 There’s no doubt that Progressive Knock Out events are among the most popular that PokerStars offers. Players love to have the opportunity to make big money on bounties before they even make the money. This is why this event is one of the best on the schedule. Not only is it a PKO, but it’s a Turbo - of the 306 events, just 39 tournament crown a winner in a single day. Plus this event has massive guarantees across all three tournaments of $300K, $400K, and $500K respectively - one of the highest guarantees of all the Turbo events. So, this one has everything: PKO, done in a day, and huge money up top. This should be a featured event for players who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a tournament. For a similar event, see Event #93. Event #63 - [Sunday Million PKO] Buy-ins: $109 (Low), $1,050 (Medium), $10,300 (High) Date: September 5 PokerStars biggest Sunday tournament goes even bigger during WCOOP. The marquee Sunday Million (Low) keeps its $109 buy-in and gets a guarantee bump to $1.5 million, almost ensuring that the winner turns their hundred dollar investment into a six-figure score. Plus, it’s a PKO which means that the bounties (and the stakes) will all be higher promising one of the most fun, recreational-player-filled, tournaments of the series. In addition to the Low event, the Medium also has a $1.5 million guarantee and the High event gets $1 million of its own. The Sunday Million is a three-day event, with 15-minute levels and for players who make the final table, a featured appearance on PokerStars Twitch channel is likely to take place. Event #91 - [The Main Event] Buy-in: $55 (Low), $530 (Medium), $5,200 (High) Date: September 12 This is it. The WCOOP Main Event. It’s where legends of online poker are made and shine and it’s absolutely an event that cannot be missed. This year, the $5,200 Main Event comes with an incredible $10 million guarantee with promises seven-figure scores will be at stake. With satellites for the Main Event practically running around the clock on PokerStars, even for those grinders where $5,200 is outside of proper bankroll management, there’s plenty of ways to get in on the cheap. Just last year the final three players, Andre Marques, Tonio Roder, and Teun Mulder, agreed to a deal in which all three became millionaires. In the end, Marques stood alone and booked a $1.147 million score. Although many eyes will be on the huge High prize pool, both the Medium and the Low have the ability to pay out life-changing sums. The Low comes with a $1.5 million guarantee and in 2020 it was won by ‘klimono’ who added more than $186K to their bankroll. The Medium has a guarantee of $2.5 million. In 2020, that tournament surpasses that guarantee by more than a million and ‘1mSoWeeeaK’ took home the title and $504,583. PLO fans can substitute Event #91 for Event #92, the PLO Main Event. With buy-ins coming in at $109 (Low), $1,050 (Medium), and $10,300 (High) and healthy guarantees of $275K, $750K, and $1M respectively it’s a PLO players dream tournament. So scour the schedule and pick your favorites, but circle the calendar for these five “must play” events.
  4. The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, one of online poker’s premier tournament series, returns for its 20th year, kicking off on August 22 and featuring more than $100 million in overall guaranteed prize money. Running from August 22 through September 15, PokerStars aims to make the 2021 version of WCOOP its biggest and best yet. The schedule features 102 events, each with PokerStars’ signature three-tiered buy-ins of High, Medium, and Low. That’s 306 total tournaments with entry fees ranging from as little as $5.50 and running up through the $25,000 buy-in Super High Roller. The series will conclude with six Main Events, three No Limit Hold’em and three Pot Limit Omaha, at each of the different buy-in tiers. However, traditionally, all eyes will be on the NLHE Main Event High - a $5,200 buy-in event with a $10 million guarantee. The tournament, which begins on September 12, will instantly become one of the largest online tournaments of all time with the winner almost assuredly earning more than a million dollars for first. In 2020, the WCOOP High Main Event drew 1,977 runners (providing a $115,000 overlay) and ended with Andre Marques, Tonio Roder, and Tuen Mulder agreeing to a three-handed deal that secured each of them at least $1 million. After playing it out for the win, Marques emerged as the champion and not only took home the WCOOP trophy but a career-high score of $1,147,270. Players can, once again, expect a No Limit Hold’em heavy schedule but one of PokerStars’ strengths is the ability to offer a wide variety of poker tournaments and the WCOOP schedule obliges. Titles will be awarded in nearly every variant including Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit 2-7 Single Draw, Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, PLO8, Badugi, Seven Card Stud, Short Deck (6+), and H.O.R.S.E. among others. The schedule brings players in with Event #02 (WCOOP Kickoff), a pair of major $700K GTD Progressive KnockOut tournaments in Event #03 Medium and High (PKO, Sunday Warm-Up), and Event #4, a trio of 8-Max events that all boast no less than $1 million guarantees. The action in the early events will help PokerStars reach the incredible milestone of more than $1 billion in lifetime WCOOP prize pools. There is likely to be a tournament of interest for every poker enthusiast over the course of WCOOP’s 25 days. For those looking to play for a trophy on a budget, the series has 62 tournaments that can be entered for less than $11. On the other end of the scale, online poker’s elite will have plenty to fight for with five tournaments with a buy-in of $10,300 as well as the aforementioned $25,000 Super High Roller. The schedule also caters to players who are short on time. Most WCOOP events are (at least) two-day affairs but in 2021 there are 13 Turbo events (39 tournaments) all of which will complete on the same day. Everything gets started with Event #-01, the series long Phased tournament which has starting flights throughout the duration of the series and ultimately wraps up on September 13. The Phased tournament buy-in are $5.50, $22, and $109 for Low, Medium, and High respectively and each comes with a $1 million guarantee. Players are permitted to enter as many Phase 1 flights as it takes in order to survive with chips to Phase 2, which plays as a freezeout. Satellites for the Main Event, as well as other WCOOP events, will be available in the lobby to help players on a budget find their way into an event on the cheap. PokerStars 2021 WCOOP Complete Schedule [table id=259 /]

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