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Found 2 results

  1. For the final three months of 2015 and the first month of 2016, Christian Jeppsson was the #1-ranked online poker player in the world. On Tuesday, the Swedish poker pro turned his final table big stack into a World Poker Tour championship and nearly $924,000. Jeppsson outlasted 2,122 other entries in the $3,200 buy-in WPT Online Championship on partypoker and took the chip lead to the final table before getting heads-up with Viktor Ustimov. The pair agreed to a deal that saw Jeppsson earn $913,783.99 while Ustimov $865,542 with $10,000 and the title left to play for. Jeppsson eventually eliminated Ustimov to claim the title and the additional $10,000. Third place finisher Jukka Koskela pocketed $477,333. The Championship Event was one of six events that played down to a champion on Wednesday. Malta-based pro Alessandro Valli topped the 185-entry field in Event #41 ($2,100 Six Max Bounty Hunter) to earn $39,411.57 from the prize pool plus another $37,054.69 from collected bounties. Jacob Verloop was the final bounty Valli collected and he earned $39,368.51 and just $4,156.25 in bounties. Third place finisher Gustavo Mastelotto picked up $27,696.10 and $12,242.19 in bounties. Dragos Trofimov earned $15,405.66 and $13,434.44 in bounties for winning Event #42 Mini ($215 Six Max Bounty Hunter). Former GPI Player of the Year David Peters defeated David Gent heads-up to win Event #43 ($10,300 High Roller) for $247,450. Gent had to settle for a $176,750 payday while another former #1 PocketFiver, Andras Nemeth, took the final podium spot and the accompanying $126,250 score. Jeppsson wasn't the online former #1-ranked online poker player who grabbed a WPT Online title on Wednesday. Costa Rica-based Christopher Oliver won Event #45 ($530 Six Max Turbo Bounty) and added $12,505.38 from the prize pool and another $15,369.20 from bounties to his bankroll. Vincenzo Lupoli finished in second place for $12,490.04 and $4,326.17 in bounties while Mateusz Miskiewicz had to settle for $9,014.67 and $4,638.58 in bounties for finishing in third place. Fabien Aguerre topped the 1,446-entry field in Event #45 Mini ($55 Six Max Turbo Bounty) to win $4,574.60 and also picked up an additional $4,161.02 in bounties. Event #20 $3,200 Championship Event 2,130 entries $6,390,000 prize pool Christian Jeppsson – $923,785.80 Viktor Ustimov – $865.542 Jukka Koskela – $477,333 Nikolay Ponomarev – $317,583 Alexander Stuart Clark – $221,733 Pascal Hartmann – $151,443 Sam Greenwood – $103,837.50 Pascal Teekens – $66,775.50 Event #41 $2,100 Six Max Bounty Hunter 185 entries $370,000 prize pool Alessandro Valli - $39,411.57 + $37,054.69 in bounties Jacob Verloop - $39,368.51 + $4,156.25 in bounties Gustavo Mastelotto - $27,696.10 + $12,242.19 in bounties Pedro Garagnani - $20,064.29 + $7,781.25 in bounties Tamas Adamszki - $14,771.25 + $5,312.50 in bounties Patrik Antonius - $9,847.50 + $15,109.37 in bounties Event #42 Mini $215 Six Max Bounty Hunter 1,207 entries $241,400 prize pool Dragos Trofimov - $15,405.66 + $13,434.44 in bounties Audrius Stakelis - $15,380.96 + $6,087.52 in bounties Vlad Stefan Lache - $11,707.05 + $4,495.32 in bounties Rusalin Dimitrov - $8,173.44 + $2,206.24 in bounties Leonardo Mattos - $5,348.42 + $1,006.25 in bounties Pablos Martin Romo Ruiz - $3,345.24 + $1,774.99 in bounties Event #43 $10,300 High Roller 101 entries $1,010,000 prize pool David Peters - $247,450 David Gent - $176,750 Andras Nemeth - $126,250 Daniil Kiselev - $88,375 Mark Davis - $65,650 Jorma Nuttinen - $50,500 Fabrizio Gonzalez - $40,400 Daniel Steven Smith - $33,825 Event #45 Mini $55 Six Max Turbo Bounty 1,446 entries $72,300 prize pool Fabien Aguerre - $4,574.60 + $4,161.02 in bounties Granit Berisha - $4,565.98 + $1,305.35 in bounties Oleg Nemchenko - $3,56.28 + $248.04 in bounties Luiz Flosi Prospero - $2,570.81 + $1,007.06 in bounties Fabio Maritan Pereira - $1,713.87 + $815.07 in bounties Maxine Williams - $1,071.17 + $405.48 in bounties Event #45 $530 Six Max Turbo Bounty 297 entries $148,500 prize pool Christopher Oliver - $12,505.38 + $15,369.20 in bounties Vincenzo Lupoli - $12,490.04 + $4,326.17 in bounties Mateusz Miskiewicz - $9,014.67 + $4,638.58 in bounties Bertil Andreas Samuelsson - $6,556.12 + $2,671.86 Klaus Zeier - $4,507.33 + $2,285.16 in bounties Umberto Ruggeri - $3,278.06 + $312.50 in bounties
  2. It was a career day for Russia’s Andrey Kotelnikov on Tuesday as he navigated his way through the final table of the $3,200 World Poker Tour Online Mix-Max Championship to capture the $488,508 first-place prize and his first WPT title. At the start of the day only seven players from the 146 that made Day 2 of the event remained with the experienced Kotelnikov finding himself bunched up in the middle of the chip counts with some work to do. The final table started with plenty of play left and as a result it took over an hour before the first player hit the rail. After an open by Maciej Gasior in late position, Jerry Wong three-bet from his ten big blind stack with [poker card="ad"][poker card="th"]. The UK’s Stuart Guite, who earlier doubled through Wong and now had him covered, then shipped his stack with [poker card="qh"][poker card="qd"]. It folded back to Wong who made the call with his tournament on the line. The [poker card="2h"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6h"][poker card="7h"][poker card="2c"] board ran out clean for the pocket queens and Wong was eliminated in seventh place. Half an hour later, the bustouts picked up. From the small blind, Dimitar Danchev shipped his twenty big blind stack holding [poker card="ac"][poker card="6s"] right into Sweden’s Sven Joakim Andersson’s [poker card="ah"][poker card="as"]. Danchev, at risk, was looking for serious help. He picked up a few extra out on the [poker card="4d"][poker card="qd"][poker card="6c"] flop. But the [poker card="7d"] turn and [poker card="td"] turn gave the hand to Andersson’s pocket aces and sent Danchev to the rail in sixth place. Just a few hands later, Kotelnikov put in a raise from the button with his [poker card="8d"][poker card="8s"]. It folded through to Gasior in the big blind who shoved his final seventeen big blinds in with [poker card="3s"][poker card="3c"]. Kotelnikov quickly called. The table watched as the board ran out [poker card="jc"][poker card="td"][poker card="2h"][poker card="6h"][poker card="ks"] never really giving Kotelnikov a sweat and ending Gasior’s tournament in fifth place. With four players left, Ukraine’s Oleg Vasylchenko open-shoved his nearly 20 big blind stack from the small blind holding [poker card="kh"][poker card="qc"]. Kotelnikov, who had him out-chipped also had him out-pipped with his [poker card="ac"][poker card="qs"]. Kotelnikov made the call and put the Ukrainian at risk. Again, the [poker card="3c"][poker card="3s"][poker card="5h"][poker card="9d"][poker card="8d"] run out never really gave Kotelnikov much to worry about. Vasylchenko, a satellite winner into the event, finished in fourth place. On the very next hand, Kotelnikov involved yet again. Guite folded his button and Kotelnikov shipped his big stack from the small blind with [poker card="qs"][poker card="jc"]. Andersson, in the big blind with 16 big blinds behind, made the call holding the [poker card="ac"][poker card="9d"]. Kotelnikov took the lead in the hand on the [poker card="qd"][poker card="8h"][poker card="7s"] flop but Andersson still had some backdoor outs and his over card. All of those outs evaporated when the [poker card="qc"] hit the turn, leaving Andersson drawing dead to the [poker card="2s"] river. Andersson, also a satellite winner, exited in third place. The heads-up match between Kotelnikov and Guite lasted over an hour and saw both players hold the chip lead at one point. In a battle that looked like it could last a lot longer than it did, a bit of a cooler decided the tournament. On the final hand, Guite put in a raise from the button with [poker card="jd"][poker card="4s"] and was called by Kotelnikov in the big blind with [poker card="6s"][poker card="3c"]. The flop came [poker card="jh"][poker card="5c"][poker card="4d"] giving Guite two pair and Kotelnikov an open-ended straight draw. Kotelnikov checked it over to Guite who put in a bet. Kotelnikov called. The turn came the [poker card="2c"] and with his made straight, Kotelnikov checked. Guite bet again, this time Kotelnikov check-raised big and Guite made the call. The [poker card="kd"] hit the river and Kotelnikov moved all-in on Guite. With his two pair, Guite made the call and as a result, ended up as the runner-up. Andrey Kotelnikov is the winner of the WPT Online Mix-Max Championship for $488,508, a $15,000 entry into the WPT Tournament of Champions, and a spot on the WPT Mike Sexton Champions Cup. Final Table Payout Andrey Kotelnikov - $488,508 Stuart Guite - $366,604.80 Sven Joakim Andersson - $271,903.20 Oleg Vasyichenko - $190,500 Maciej Gasior - $124,500 Dimitar Danchev - $89,016 Jerry Wong - $69,300

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