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  1. The World Series of Poker has announced its plans for the return of its live, in-person Las Vegas poker festival for 2021. The series is set to take place from Thursday, September 30 through Tuesday, November 23 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel with the first flight of the $10,000 Main Event kicking off on Thursday, November 4. “This year, more than ever, we embrace our role at the WSOP to deliver memorable experiences and bring this community of poker lovers back together,” said Ty Stweart, WSOP Executive Director. While a complete schedule was not released with the announcement, the opening weekend is expected to feature a special charity event to benefit frontline health workers, a $25,000 HORSE event, and a $5 million guaranteed No Limit Hold'em tournament dubbed “The Reunion.” The $10,000 Main Event will have four starting flights - one per day from November 4-7. Day 2 for the first two flights will be on Monday, November 8, and the final two flights will reconvene for Day 2 on Tuesday, November 9. The entire field will play together for the first time on November 10 and play down to a winner, who will be crowned on November 17. All of the laid-out dates for the series are subject to change and will hinge on both state and regulatory approvals. The series will also be following any and all specific COVID-19 safety protocols, such as social distancing and capacity limits, that may be in place. “In 2021, the theme is, get vaccinated and get back to Vegas,” Stewart said. WSOP Online In addition to the return of the live festival, 2020's expanded WSOP Online series is set to return in 2021, with the first gold bracelet event taking place on WSOP.com in the U.S. on Thursday, July 1. The full schedule of domestic online gold bracelet events will be released on April 15, however, it is confirmed that the series will wrap up with a $1,000 Online Championship Event. It is also expected that there will be a 2021 WSOP Online international gold bracelet series, as there was in 2020, that will be held on GGPoker. WSOP Europe King’s Casino in Rozvadov is also preparing for the return of the World Series of Poker Europe which is set to take place from Friday, November 19 through Tuesday, December 8. “We hope and anticipate travel restrictions will ease by the fall,” said Stewart. “It’s important to us that we have an excelled tournament schedule available to our European players.” The series looks to have 15 live gold bracelet events, including a €10,000 buy-in WSOPE Main Event and a €50,000 High Roller. Like the fall WSOP series, the start of WSOPE is also subject to regulatory approval and COVID protocols.
  2. [caption width="640"] Vanessa Selbst won the ,000 Mixed Max No Limit event at the 2014 WSOP.[/caption] The World Series of Poker 2018 schedule hit the presses this month with the usual rollout of acclaim and complaints. A record 78 events are on the calendar for next summer but as is the case most years, a few events have been omitted. The WSOP isn’t shy about trying new events out but there are some that were there in recent years that are glaring in absence. #5 - Six Max Pot Limit Omaha The number of Pot Limit Omaha events has increased in events each year at the WSOP. More four-card events are on the schedule than ever before with the PLO Giant and an online tournament among them. The mark missed, though, with keeping only a single six max tournament listed. The $3,000 Six Max PLO event first appeared in 2013, as a $5,000 event before moving to $3,000 in 2015. If Twitter is any indication, there is a demand for more Six Max and PLO events. The combination of the two makes sense and the $1,500 buy-in level would be the best place to put it. #4 - Big O Building off the momentum of adding more PLO events to the itinerary, Big O feels like a natural addition. Big O is featured on both Dealers Choice events along with the $1,500 Mixed Omaha event and the $2,500 Mixed Big Bet tournament. Those three diverse player pools are comfortable enough with Big O for the WSOP to include it in five tournaments. The $2,500 price point would allow players looking to take a shot and incentivize high stakes mixed games players to head over to the Rio in search of a bracelet. Not every WSOP event needs to have a record field in order to be considered a “success” and the Big O format would prove that to be correct. It’s a game players love and would give the WSOP brass a good sweat at having a high powered final table. #3 - More Single Day Events One edge the competing series at the Wynn and Venetianhave on the World Series is the availability of single-day tournaments. The issue with this is the WSOP being concerned about the “prestige” of the bracelet being tarnished by having a one-day event resulting in a ceremony and speech. The buy-in level for bracelet events falling to $365 reduces some of the shine that comes with winning so how would multiple single-day $1,000 turbos reduce it further? The turbos would bring in both recreational players and professionals who maybe busted early on a Day 2 or are looking for one last event before skipping town. It will likely never be added to the schedule but more turbos and single-day tournaments would be well attended and received by all player genres. #2 - Online No Limit Bounty Bounty tournaments have taken over a large part of the online tournament landscape. The recycling of money back into the poker economy can serve players and operators well if executed correctly. The WSOP could use more blood in their online events and any chance to maximize that edge is being missed this summer. Players enjoy bounty events provided the structure and buy-in are done properly. A $1,000 buy-in with a Progressive Bounty seems to fit here as well as a $565 standard bounty. Either way you slice it, with the number of Bounty tournaments currently listed, there is a glaring hole in not having one available online. #1 - Mixed Max No Limit Hold'em The unique format of Mixed Max No Limit Hold’em tournaments hit the WSOP schedule for the first time in 2012 with a $5,000 buy-in event. The progression of nine-handed tables to six max all the way down to heads up for the final stage of made for a true test of a player’s skills in all realms of No Limit tournament play. The WSOP featured a $25,000 Mixed Max event to open the 2014 series and included a $1,500 buy-in event as well. Since then, the World Series has done away with the format preferring to use the space for a regular No Limit event. Experiments in No Limit tournaments have been liked by players in the past with the Four Max and Ante Only events well attended before both were eliminated after 2014. It appears the World Series is looking to have more “recreational friendly” events on the schedule but is missing a key demographic of players looking for an alternative to standard full-ring events.
  3. And just like that, the 2019 World Series of Poker schedule is complete after WSOP officials released the final piece of the schedule, the online bracelet events, on Thursday afternoon. The 2019 schedule includes nine online bracelet events that will be competed for on WSOP.com. This is a vast increase over 2018 when four events were played out online. "Just like the land-based WSOP, the annual summer series is also the best time for online poker players in the U.S. to chase big prize pools and WSOP gold bracelets," said WSOP.com head of online poker Bill Rini. "WSOP.com is offering a consistent gold bracelet schedule this year, plus non-stop satellites to both the online and live events, giving players the best opportunity to participate in the 50th Annual WSOP." The addition of these nine events means the 2019 WSOP will consist of 89 different events, another all-time high. The online events, which were available to players in Nevada and New Jersey in 2018, are currently only open to players in Nevada. WSOP officials have stated that the eligibility of New Jersey players is to be determined and is likely a result of the uncertainty regarding the new Wire Act Opinion from the Department of Justice. The nine events include eight No Limit Hold'em events and a single Pot Limit Omaha offering. Other variants aren't available in the WSOP.com client. 2019 World Series Of Poker Online Events Schedule Date Time Event Buy-in Chips Levels Re-Entry June 2 3:30 PM PT No Limit Hold'em $400 15,000 15 minutes 3X June 9 3:30 PM PT Six Max Pot Limit Omaha $600 15,000 20 minutes Unlimited June 16 3:30 PM PT KO No Limit Hold'em $600 20,000 15 minutes None June 19 3:30 PM PT Turbo No Limit Hold'em Deepstack $500 40,000 8 minutes 3X June 23 3:30 PM PT Double Stack No Limit Hold'em $1,000 30,000 15 minutes 3X June 30 3:30 PM PT No Limit Hold'em Championship $1,000 15,000 20 minutes 3X July 3 3:30 PM PT High Roller No Limit Hold'em $3,200 25,000 20 minutes 3X July 7 3:30 PM PT Six Max No-Limit Hold'em $800 15,000 15 minutes 3X July 14 3:30 PM PT Summer Saver No-Limit Hold'em $500 20,000 15 minutes 3X Along with the nine bracelet events, players can also qualify for other WSOP events online. Satellites began running two weeks ago and will culminate with the 25 Seat Scramble on June 30. For more information on the 2019 WSOP, read Everything You Need To Know About the 2019 WSOP.
  4. After five straight days of No Limit Hold'em action in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online, the four-card wizards got their first chance to shine with on Monday night with a Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better event and Nathan Gamble emerged to win his second career WSOP bracelet in this variant. Event #6 ($600 Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better) drew 833 runners for a $449,820 prize pool and when the final table began, Gamble sat right in the middle of the chip counts with a less-than-average stack. Ten minutes into the final table, action folded to Simon 'bagelbites' Lam in the cutoff and he raised to 350,000 and 'danish01' called from the button. After the [poker card="qd"][poker card="5c"][poker card="4s"] flop, Lam shoved for 576,136 and 'danish01' called. Lam showed [poker card="kd"][poker card="ks"][poker card="jc"][poker card="th"] for a pair of kings while 'danish01' turned over [poker card="ac"][poker card="7h"][poker card="6d"][poker card="3h"] for a wrap and the only low draw. The [poker card="ad"] turn actually gave 'danish01' top pair and that held up through the [poker card="4h"] river which gave both players two pair to bust Lam in sixth. From the button, 'rainman3817' raised to 350,000 and 'hansdigalo' and 'SSJTimmy' defended the small and big blinds respectively. After the [poker card="8c"][poker card="6c"][poker card="6s"] flop, 'hansdigalo' bet 120,000, 'SSJTimmy' called all in for 43,644, and 'rainman3817' called. The turn was the [poker card="8d"] and 'hansdigalo' bet 771,822 and 'rainman3817' called. The [poker card="9c"] river completed the board and 'hansdigalo' and 'rainman3817' both checked. 'rainman3817' showed [poker card="ah"][poker card="ts"][poker card="3s"][poker card="2h"] for missed flush and low draws, 'SSJTimmy' turned over [poker card="jd"][poker card="jh"][poker card="5h"][poker card="3d"] for jacks and eights, while 'hansdigalo' showed [poker card="kc"][poker card="ks"][poker card="js"][poker card="8s"] for trip eights to eliminate 'SSJTimmy' in fifth place. Twenty minutes later Gamble picked up his first elimination of the night on his way to the title. Gamble opened to 320,000 as first to act and 'hansdigalo' replied with a three-bet to 1,120,000 from the small blind. Gamble called to see a [poker card="kh"][poker card="qs"][poker card="ts"] flop. 'hansdigalo' moved all in for 1,799,668 and Gamble called. Gamble showed [poker card="ac"][poker card="qd"][poker card="th"][poker card="2s"] for two pair with multiple straight draws while 'hansdigalo' was behind with [poker card="as"][poker card="ah"][poker card="6d"][poker card="5c"]. The turn was the [poker card="5s"] and the river was the [poker card="7d"] to give Gamble the pot and eliminate 'hansdigalo' in fourth. Just five minutes passed before Gamble went back to work. 'rainman3817' opened to 320,000 and Gamble called. The flop came [poker card="td"][poker card="8d"][poker card="4c"] and Gamble bet 720,000 and 'rainman3817' called. The turn was the [poker card="9d"] and Gamble fired 1,520,000 into the pot and 'rainman3817' called for his last 1,257,760. Gamble showed [poker card="qs"][poker card="th"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2d"] while 'rainman3817' showed [poker card="kc"][poker card="qh"][poker card="jc"][poker card="9h"]. The [poker card="3d"] river changed nothing and Gamble's flush was good enough to take down the pot and eliminate 'rainman3817' in third. Gamble held a commanding 87% of the chips in play but still needed another 20 minutes to eliminate his final opponent. 'danish01' battled back during heads-up play to face only a 2-1 deficit but wasn't able to build upon that. On the final hand, 'danish01' raised to 600,000, Gamble re-raised to 1,800,000, and 'danish01' moved all in for 3,368,864 and Gamble called. 'danish01' turned over [poker card="kc"][poker card="kh"][poker card="qc"][poker card="qd"] and Gamble showed [poker card="as"][poker card="td"][poker card="5s"][poker card="3h"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6s"] flop kept 'danish01' ahead but left Gamble with a straight draw and multiple low draws. The [poker card="5d"] turn assured Gamble of at least half of the pot but the [poker card="4d"] river gave him a straight to take the high and low pots to eliminate 'danish01' in second place and give Gamble another PLO8 bracelet. Gamble's first bracelet came in 2017 when he beat 829 other entries to win the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better. Final Table Payouts Nathan 'surfbum' Gamble - $89,424 danish01 - $55,283 rainman3817 - $38,865 hansdigalo - $27,484 SSJTimmy - $19,792 Simon 'bagelbites' Lam - $14,484 Faces in the Crowd One day after making threats against another player on his YouTube live stream, Mike Matusow played his way into the money before going out in 37th for $1,754.29. Other notables who cashed include Jeremy 'Chipchecka' Ausmus (8th - $9,096.76), Max 'MaxSparrow' Pescatori (10th - $4,813.07), Randy 'StayAlive' Ohel (12th - $4,813.07), Shaun 'ddtgg' Deeb (21st - $2,518.99) Robert 'bustinballs' Kuhn (53rd - $1,529.38), and Daniel Negreanu picked up his third cash of the Series, finishing in 59th place for $1,304.47. WSOP commentator Norman Chad drove from Los Angeles to Nevada specifically to play this event and finished 112th for $899.64.
  5. Over the past 50 years, for many, the World Series of Poker has grown into more than just a poker series. It’s become a pilgrimage of sorts. Players from all over the world head to Las Vegas to take their shot at battling against the best, bringing home a bracelet and possibly be crowned a World Champion. With the WSOP regularly taking place in the U.S., it’s no surprise that American players, far and away, have amassed the most bracelets in WSOP history. It’s nearly 20 times that of the next nearest country. But this year is different and the tables have turned. After the month of July, the focus of the bracelet chase will be handed over to GGPoker where the rest of the world will have the edge on grabbing gold as American players continue to be shut out of the global online poker scene. On GGPoker, players from nations from around the world who wouldn’t otherwise make it to the Rio this summer will be looking to add to their own poker resume while contributing to the WSOP legacy of their country. Brazil It’s no secret Brazilians love their poker. They also love playing online. In the history of PocketFives, four Brazilian players have climbed to the #1 worldwide ranking. But when it comes to the World Series of Poker, Brazil isn’t even in the top 10 countries when it comes to taking down WSOP events. Through the end of 2019, six players have earned a bracelet including one of those former #1-ranked online players, Yuri Martins Dzivielevski. Dzivielevski grabbed his first WSOP win just last year after taking down the $2,500 Mixed Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi/Li 8 or Better event for over $213K. Dzivielevski, partypoker ambassador Joao Simeo, WSOP bracelet winner Andre Akkari, and GGPoker ambassador Felipe Ramos are just some of Brazil's top-flight talent that make it so it wouldn’t be unthinkable for Brazil’s total bracelet count to double in 2020. Canada The truth is, it’s been hard for Canada to compete for bracelets in the U.S. Not because of a lack of talent, there’s more than enough. But because of tax ramifications. When Canadians win at the WSOP they can lose as much as 30% to the US-Canada Tax Treaty, making it hard to be profitable in tournaments. That hasn’t stopped Canada from claiming the #2 spot with 60 total bracelets. Led by Daniel Negreanu and his six wins, Canada boasts numerous multi-time bracelet winners including Greg Mueller, Mark Radoja, Kristen Bicknell and 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel, the first and only Canadian to hold that title. There’s a good chance for Canada to add to their legacy and strengthen their bracelet count in 2020. It’s well known that Negreanu, also a GGPoker ambassador, is going to charging hard for a bracelet with over $500,000 in bracelet bets on the line. Also online crushers like Bicknell, bracelet winner Mike Leah, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Sebastian ‘p0cket00’ Sikorski, and recent PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker winner Mike Watson all have full reign to win without getting punished in the wallet simply for being great. United Kingdom Some of the most colorful characters to grace the World Series of Poker stage have come from the UK. Many of which have contributed to the country’s 51 bracelets. David ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott, Luke Schwartz, Roland de Wolfe, Jake Cody, and Barny Boatman are just some of the legendary names that have posed for a WSOP winner’s photo and elevated the profile of poker in the UK. This year it will be a new crop of players who will lead the charge for England starting with the current #1 ranked online poker player in the world, Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford. In fact, four of the top 20 online players in the world play from the UK including Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard and Tyler ‘Wonderboy222’ Goatcher. In the history of the UK, only seven players have earned multiple bracelets and if there’s one player who is a favorite to join that club it would be high roller savant Stephen Chidwick. Chidwick, who holds a bracelet of his own, is one of the most talented tournament players in both the live and online arena. Provided he has the time, he could even have a shot at catching Benny Glaser, who holds the UK’s record as a three-time bracelet winner. Russia Russia and France both have 22 bracelets, but when it comes to playing online Russia gets a definitive edge. It’s impossible to forget the impact that Russian players have had on the World Series of Poker from Ivan Demidov’s runner-up finish the original November Nine for over $5.8 million to Vitaly Lunkin taking down the 40th WSOP Anniversary event for his second gold bracelet. But while Russia is another talent-rich country, it takes a lot of effort to make it from Moscow to the middle of the Amazon Room. While Dennis ‘aDrENalin710’ Strebkov made the journey in 2019 and went home with a bracelet, many of the online crushers from Russia opt to grind online through the summer. It’s those players, like former #1-ranked ‘veeea’, who could break the tie with France this year and tack on to Russia’s total. That is unless Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier has anything to say about it. The truth is that for many countries, the series on GGPoker can really impact their gold bracelet standing. In China, there are four players who have won a bracelet. With GGPoker’s wide exposure to the Asian market, there’s a very good chance that that club will be adding some new members in 2020. There’s only one bracelet winner from Uruguay, Alex Komaromi, who won his at the WSOPE in 2015. Top-ranked players from Hungary, like ‘Wildace_hun’ have the chance to break a long-standing five-country tie of five bracelets. While none of these countries are going to make up much ground on the 1,1132 bracelets earned by Americans, the gold they take home this summer will be an important part of WSOP, and their countries, legacy in poker.
  6. The opening event of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online events had a little bit everything that makes the WSOP so special. A huge field, a deep run by none other than Mr. WSOP himself, Phil Hellmuth, and a final table that saw a new member, Jonathan Dokler, join the bracelet winner club. Event #1 ($500 No Limit Hold'em Kickoff) drew 1,715 total entries from 1,195 unique players to create a $771,750 prize pool. Dokler's eventual first place prize of $130,426 is the largest single prize on WSOP.com this year, beating the $130,410 score that Champie Douglas earned in the $525 Main Event of the Super Circuit Series earlier this year. As the field dwindled down to two tables, the field included Hellmuth gunning for a 16th bracelet, former World Poker Tour champ Taylor von Kriegenberg looking to add a WSOP bracelet to his resume, and WPT commentator and WSOP bracelet winner Tony Dunst hoping for a second bracelet. Hellmuth was the only one of those three to not make the final table. Taylor von Kriegenbergh moved all-in from the hijack for 751,580 with [poker card="kd"][poker card="ts"] only to have Justin 'MadTitan' Turner call from the cutoff with [poker card="ac"][poker card="kh"]. The board ran out [poker card="tc"][poker card="6c"][poker card="4c"][poker card="2c"][poker card="jh"] to give von Kriegenbergh top pair on the flop before Turner made the nut flush on the turn to pick up the first elimination of the night. A few minutes later, Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler picked up his first victim of the final table. Action folded to Mark 'NostraDonkus' Liedtke on the button and he moved all-in for 1,017,824 with [poker card="qh"][poker card="7s"]. Dokler called from the big blind with [poker card="9h"]][poker card="9s"]. The [poker card="ad"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2d"] flop missed Liedtke and he could do nothing but watch as the [poker card="2h"] turn and [poker card="9c"] river gave Dokler a full house to send Liedtke out in eighth place. The fast pace of eliminations continued as a blind versus blind battle two hands later ended one player's tournament. Michael 'DDSpade' Balan opened to 390,000 from the small blind and 'djp1006' defended his big blind. The flop came [poker card="qc"][poker card="tc"][poker card="8s"] and Balan bet 460,000. 'djp1006' moved all-in behind him for 1,470,536. Balan called and tabled [poker card="th"][poker card="7d"] for middle pair while while 'djp1006' was ahead with [poker card="ac"][poker card="ah"]. The turn was the [poker card="jh"] but the river was the [poker card="td"] to give Balan trip tens to bust 'djp1006' in seventh. No one player was able to seize control of the final table to this point with the fourth elimination of the night coming at the hands of a fourth unique player ten minutes later. 'ChefShap' moved all-in from the cutoff with [poker card="ac"][poker card="5c"] with Shawn 'SayGoodNight' Daniels calling from the big blind with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qs"]. Daniels stayed in control through the [poker card="kh"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2c"][poker card="8h"] run out to send 'ChefShap' to the rail in sixth place. The final five players battled for 20 minutes with Dunst holding the chip lead despite not having been responsible for a single final table elimination. Two other players who had sent players packing battled in the next bustout. From the small blind, Balan raised to 555,000 and Dokler re-raised to 1,200,000 from the big blind. Balan called and the two players saw a flop of [poker card="kh"][poker card="td"][poker card="4d"]. Balan checked, Dokler bet 680,000 and Balan called. The turn was the [poker card="2d"] and Balan shoved his last 2,840,000 into the middle and Dokler called. Balan showed [poker card="qd"][poker card="ts"] for second pair and the third nut flush draw only to be shown [poker card="kd"][poker card="4h"] by Dokler for two pair and a better flush draw. The [poker card="3c"] river offered Balan no help and he was sent packing in fifth. Down to four players, Dunst finally found himself a victim. From the button, Dunst raised to 560,000 with [poker card="kc"][poker card="ks"]. Daniels moved all-in for 1,538,586 from the small blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="td"] and Dunst called. The [poker card="9d"][poker card="8s"][poker card="6d"] flop gave Daniels all kinds of outs. The [poker card="6h"] turn was not one of them and neither was the [poker card="jc"] river to send him home in fourth place. Unfortunately for Dunst, his run didn't last much longer after an all-in preflop flip didn't go his way. Dunst bet 560,000 from the button with [poker card="9c"][poker card="9d"] and Dokler responded by three-betting to 1,800,000 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kd"]. Dunst moved all-in for 9,450,881 and Dokler called. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="5c"][poker card="2s"] flop was a safe one for Dunst and the [poker card="th"] turn kept him in control. The [poker card="kh"] river however gave Dokler top pair and eliminated Dunst in third place. Heads-up play lasted just 20 minutes thanks largely to Dokler holding a better-than 3-1 lead over Turner after Dunst's elimination. On the final hand Turner bet his last 4,765,824 with [poker card="ts"][poker card="6s"] and Dokler called with [poker card="4h"][poker card="4s"]. The [poker card="6c"][poker card="5s"][poker card="3d"] flop gave Turner top pair but Dokler was now drawing to an open-ended straight. The [poker card="2h"] turn completed that draw and all Dokler could do was watch as the meaningless [poker card="5d"] river completed the hand to eliminate him and award Dokler the win and his first career WSOP bracelet. The win comes three months after Dokler picked up a WSOP Circuit Ring in the Super Circuit Series on WSOP.com and five months after his win in the Borgata Winter Poker Open High Roller for $100,829. Final Table Payouts Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler - $130,426 Justin 'MadTitan' Turner - $80,416 Tony 'Panoramic' Dunst - $57,881 Shawn 'SayGoodNight' Daniels - $42,060 Michael 'DDSpade' Balan - $30,947 'ChefShap' - $22,998 'djp1006' - $17,287 Mark 'NostraDonkus' Liedtke - $13,120 Taylor 'ZeroTo100' Von Kriegenbergh - $10,110 Notable Finishes Hellmuth was certainly the biggest name to make the money on opening day but not the only familiar face starting off the Series with a cash. Jonathan 'havuuuuuc' Turner (12th - $7,782), Ryan 'Toosick' Tosoc (25th - $3,935.92), Dan 'feeltheflow' Sindelar (29th - $3,164.17), Mike 'mouth123' Matusow (44th - $2,623.95), Jesse 'MrJesseJames' Sylvia (137th - $1,003.27), Katie 'katelin' Lindsay (149th - $1,003.27), Napun 'javatini' Java (159th - $926.10), and Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo (247th - $771.75) and managed to work their way into the money on Wednesday night.
  7. Over the course of the 2020 World Series of Poker, PocketFives will be checking in with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay as they chase down WSOP glory. This is Episode 2 of The House of Moorman. Katie Lindsay wants to get it on the record early. With her three cashes through the first nine events of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online, she’s still holding the lead over her husband Chris Moorman, who has just two. Not that anybody is keeping score. That second cash came on July 4, when Chris finished 124th in Event #4 ($500 NLHE Super Turbo) for $795.82. It wasn’t pretty. “I had to fold to min-cash with three big blinds,” Chris joked. That min-cash was just part of their low-key July 4th festivities. They picked up some lobster rolls from a local cafe that just opened down the street from their Las Vegas home and hung out by the pool while grinding the fastest structured tournament on the 2020 schedule. “It was weird though because it didn’t feel like a turbo at all and then all of a sudden it turned into a huge crapshoot and no on had more than ten bigs on the bubble,” Chris said. Once that was over, they hung out on their dock and watched some of the fireworks that other area residents were launching into the sky. Sunday was a good day for both of them on the tables. Katie finished fourth in the $320 WSOP.com Online Championship Sunday Special - not to be confused with the WSOP Online events - for $17,497.35 and Chris took down a $75 buy-in Knockout event. He almost didn’t register for it, knowing it’s usually a smaller event on Sundays but decided to add it to the other events he was grinding on Sunday. The win was worth nearly $6,800 but it lasted well into the night. “I’d rather win a smaller tournament then come second or third in a slightly bigger one just because it’s a nice feeling at the end to at least win it,” Chris said. If I had known how long it was going to go, I’m not sure I would have registered it in the first place.” Both Katie and Chris have been surprised to see unfamiliar names walking away with bracelets through the opening week and half of the schedule. “Everyone I know in Vegas is playing it and I’ve not really had one friend at a final table yet,” Chris said. All of that was supposed to change in Thursday’s $1,000 Six Max NLHE event. “Less recreational players like playing Six Max, it’s a slightly higher buy-in.” That’s not at all what happened. 70-year-old Ron ‘MacDaddy15’ MacMillen, playing online poker for the first time in his life, beat out 1,026 other entries to win the bracelet and $188,214. The winning moment was captured on video and shared on social media. “That video is amazing. I feel like that’s what it’s all about,” Chris said. “It brings out the magic of the World Series. It’s good to see.” The success that Chris and Katie have had at the tables the past weeks is made all the more impressive by the fact that they’ve been dealing with some early-rising, noisy house guests. For the past month, renovators have been re-doing the three bathrooms inside their house, arriving each day at 8 am - but they wanted to start earlier. “They tried to start at 7. They come one day and I said ‘You can’t start at 7’. If we’re playing poker until one in the morning, it’s too early,” Katie said. The pair have developed a routine though to help keep them sane through the renovations. Katie gets to get out of the house in the morning to get a workout in and Chris stays behind to answer any questions that the contractors have. Once Katie gets home, Chris heads out to play pickleball or golf before coming back home to start the day. Fortunately for the pair, the contractors are usually out of the house before each day’s bracelet event begins. Moorman, a former #1 on PocketFives, is quite happy returning to his roots as an online grinder while live poker is on hiatus. “I enjoy (online) more. You can’t replicate the feeling of making a live final table, but it’s just so hard,” Chris said, one year after winning a Wynn $1,600 No Limit Hold’em event for $107,590. “Live poker is quite draining for me and mentally sort of challenging, whereas online if you have a bad day, you can just come back the next day and reset.” It’s the opposite for Katie. Playing events in Las Vegas throughout the year means running into the same group of people over and over again. The tourists and recreational players that populate WSOP bracelet events each summer offer a totally different dynamic and it has nothing to do with how soft the fields become. “I love talking to people. I love meeting people. That’s why the World Series is just one of my favorites,” Katie said. “Sitting next to a 75-year-old Navy vet - my dad was in the Navy - and talking about where they were stationed and I just love stuff like that. It’s so cool hearing people’s stories. They’re excitement of just being there and you just feed off that energy.” “I miss it so much.”
  8. For almost two decades, poker fans have been pestering Brian Koppelman and David Levien to write a sequel to Rounders. In the final scene Mike McDermott jumps in a taxi in New York City and tells the driver to take him to the airport. "So where you headed?" "I'm going to Vegas." "Vegas, huh?" "Yup." "Good luck man." The cab drives off into the distance and the credits roll as Counting Crows' Baby, I'm a Big Star Now plays, but what happens after Mike gets to Las Vegas? Well, Kopelman and Levien are busy with their hit show Billions, and a sequel seems highly unlikely, but 2020 World Series of Poker Online Event #1 winner Jonathan Dokler might just be writing it on his own. Six months ago, the 27-year-old had a good-paying job at a trading firm in New York City. "I decided it wasn't the life for me. I quit my job, moved out to Vegas," Dokler said. He didn't take a cab to Kennedy though - he took a train to Newark and then flew to Las Vegas. Everything started coming together about a month earlier though. Still working his 9-5, Dokler went to Atlantic City to play in some Borgata Winter Poker Open events. "I took a Greyhound from New York to Atlantic City for a quick trip, a couple of days before I had to get back to work. I hadn't even quit my job yet but I was planning to very soon," Dokler said. Dokler, with all of four live cashes to his credit totalling a little more than $21,000 in earnigns, beat out 76 other entries to win a $5,000 High Roller event for $100,829. Some of the players that he outlasted included former #1-ranked PocketFiver Paul Volpe, Faraz Jaka, Ian O’Hara, Jerry Wong, Christian Harder, and Jake Schwartz. "It was a small field, only 77 people, so it's nothing crazy, but it was cool to play that event, against that class of field and have a good result," Dokler said. Having picked up the game in college in 2013, Dokler's competitive side fueled his desire to get better at the game. He began playing more, watching Run It Once videos, and talking over hands with friends. As time went by, Dokler grew more and more passionate about the game and he kept flirting with the idea of playing professionally. The bus ride back to New York City gave Dokler time to think and the Borgata win made it crystal clear to him that he needed to follow his gut. In early March, Dokler packed up his stuff and left for Las Vegas. His original plan was to use Las Vegas as a home base of sorts as he travelled the world playing poker. "I was actually planning on travelling for a lot of tournaments. I was going to be in South America for some of the big PokerStars stuff, and I wanted to play the Irish Poker Open, WPT Amsterdam," Dokler said. That’s when Dokler's 2020 story - and everybody else's - really lost the narrative. "I got out here, I had an Airbnb for a couple of days and one of the places I went to go eat after finishing a session, they'd shut down. That's how I found out about the shut down in Vegas," Dokler said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered casinos and many Las Vegas businesses. He did not bring many personal belongings with him to Las Vegas, so he quickly ditched the Airbnb and found an apartment to rent and began getting set up to play as much online poker as possible. He had the necessities though, even if he didn't have the essentials. "I didn't have toilet paper for the first month or so, but I had a computer and an internet connection, enough to keep me happy," Dokler said. Happy indeed. In late March, Dokler earned $77,910 and a Circuit ring for winning WSOP Circuit Super Series Event #9 ($500 NLHE Monster Stack) on WSOP.com. That was really just a pre-cursor to last Wednesday when Dokler kicked off the WSOP Online by beating 1,714 other entries to win Event #1 ($500 NLHE Kickoff) for $130,425.75 and a WSOP bracelet. But even as Dokler was grinding his way towards the win, he was multi-tabling events across multiple sites and didn't think anything would come of it. "I was playing a lot of tables so I wasn't even paying super close attention to the bracelet event until it was actually getting kind of close," Dokler said. "I had some more interesting spots that didn't really pan out and I was able to run up a bunch of chips in the bracelet event and make that happen." So inside of six months, Dokler won six figures in a live event, quit his job, moved across the country, quarantined himself in a new apartment, won a WSOP Circuit ring and then became the first WSOP bracelet winner of 2020. He might be relatively new to the scene, but he understands his recent run is thanks to a combination of his skill and some luck. "I have friends who are much better at poker than me that don't have any bracelets and there are also players that are worse than me that have multiple bracelets," Dokler said. "I'm glad I won but the bracelet itself I don't attach any particular significance to it." With three weeks of events left, Dokler plans to continue to grind as much of the WSOP.com schedule as possible and hasn't yet made up his mind about leaving the country to play the GGPoker bracelet events. "I actually haven't decided yet. It's tough because you've gotta get set up in a different country and all that," Dokler said. "And I'm not sure if the borders are going to be open yet. We'll see."
  9. It was just before midnight when chaos erupted in the basement of Mr. Bode’s Hampton, New Jersey house. You see, his son, 29-year old Matthew Bode, who had just driven all the way from his home in North Carolina to play a little online poker, had just won his first World Series of Poker gold bracelet. “I started screaming and yelling. I was going crazy after the win,” Matt 'Bodeyster' Bode said. “I was freaking out. It was surreal…I ran like hot fire.” Once his father and step-mom ambled down the steps, once the dogs stopped barking, he did his best to explain what had happened. After nearly predicting it just days before, Bode won Event #4 of the 2020 WSOP Online series for just over $97,000. The event which took place on July 4 was designed with fireworks in mind. It took less than six hours from start to finish for Bode to claim the gold bracelet making it one of the fastest gold bracelets won in WSOP history. He was faced with stiff competition at a short-stacked final table including Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee, Frank ‘spaghettiii’ Marasco, and eventual runner-up Brian ‘XcrazylegsX’ Frasca. Even so, he felt like he was the one with the edge. “I think I had an advantage over a lot of the crushers at the final table because they didn’t know who I was but I knew who they were,” Bode said. “There was no room for mistakes if you messed up in any spot you were out in that tournament. And I knew it too, at that moment. My hands were sweatin’, my balls were sweatin’…you name it and it was sweatin’ on me,” Bode said. “I knew how big of a moment it was.” “I just stuck to my guns and stuck to my charts and kept with it,” he said talking about his final table performance. “I just didn’t make any calls. Just stayed with the all-in button and didn’t hit the call button. Just made all the folds and hit all-in. That was my goal just not to hit call.” While he didn't make any 'calls' at the final table, Bode, who considers himself a part-time pro MTT player who mostly competes on America’s Cardroom, did take to Twitter, to call his own shot. “My goal back in January was to win a bracelet. So I slowly built up enough of a bankroll up. Going into the weekend I had $5,000 to my name to play for the weekend,” he said. “I had $1,500 to my name headed into the Super Turbo.” While those who take bankroll management seriously might shudder at that thought, Bode has never really lacked confidence when it comes to poker. He started playing young, around 12, and came up with a crew of friends, many of which turned into professional poker players. As an eighteen-year-old Bode was playing on Full Tilt and partypoker online and winning the first live tournament he ever played. He was even taken under the win of pro poker player Leif Force who helped him elevate his game. But even though Bode felt like he was just as good as anyone, especially when he was younger, he didn’t take the poker pro path. He found another competitive outlet in Ultimate Frisbee. In 2009, as a high school student, Bode won a National Championship in Ultimate Frisbee, and then in 2013, as a professional, he won a World Championship. At the same time, Bode has another job working with kids with autism, helping non-verbal kids become more verbal and assisting their families through Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy. “The work I do with children, it fills the bucket if that makes sense,” Bode said. “If I didn’t wake up and do something else, work with someone I feel like I’d be a miserable online grinder.” While he was playing poker recreationally from time to time over the last ten years, Bode was more focused on his work. It wasn’t until November 2019 that he decided to give the grind another chance. When he did decide to go for it, he buckled down and put in the work. “I’m super competitive so I just started studying and studying and studying and grinding super hard,” he said. He quickly got back into the scene, playing eight tables at a time, making deep runs online. “Everyone started seeing me on the ACR scene as I was making final table after final table. I was going deep in everything but no big binks.” That’s when he decided to make a run at a bracelet. He started to build a bankroll early in the year. He sold a little to his brother, who plays professionally, and his girlfriend but kept most of himself. Then for the Fourth of July weekend, he packed his car and made the trip to New Jersey to take his shot. “I knew it was going to happen. If you’re a poker player you know, you get that feeling and I had that feeling. I hadn’t won a tournament since January,” he said. “For me to sun run it at that time, I kinda knew I was due. I earned this moment. And a soon as we hit that min-cash, as soon as I saw it, I was like ‘ok, I’m going for the win’.” “This is that moment I’ve been waiting for. When you get to that spot and you have that absolute feeling like ‘This is my tournament, my time to win.’ and I put in all this effort. There’s a reason why I’m up to 4 a.m. every night. And after I’m losing I’m studying why the hell I lost and understanding all my mistakes.” In the end, he says he “ran well and made all the right jams and that’s all that matters.” As for what’s next, Bode can’t be sure. “I haven’t even seen the bracelet yet,” he laughed. After a nearly ten-year detour from poker, Bode is back - now with a bracelet. But he doesn’t regret taking any of that time off. “If I were to have tried to grind my way through at twenty when I knew I was really good at this game, I wouldn’t have been able to have this bracelet now,” he said. “The poker gods wouldn’t have had my back until I had gone and gotten life lessons. They wouldn’t have given me this bracelet, I had to be mature enough to embrace this.” As for what’s next Bode is still basking in the glow of a bracelet. “Leif wants me to fly out to Vegas and go to Mexico with him to finish out the whole series and try to earn a bunch of points. But I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m in this ‘what the hell just happened??’ kind of moment.”
  10. Starting the final table with the biggest stack, Allen 'Acnyc718' Chang eliminated five of his eight opponents to take down Event #5 ($1,000 NLHE Freezeout) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to win his first bracelet and a $161,286 payday. The tournament was the first freezeout on the schedule and attracted 854 runners to create an $811,300 prize pool, the second largest of through the first five events, trailing only Event #2 ($1,000 NLHE). The win was the 12th career WSOP cash for Yang and his first final table. Starting the final table with the second shortest stack at just 8.5 big blinds, Quintin 'AA_QTiP_KK' Trammell moved all-in from the cutoff for 699,132 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="qs"] after 'iseefoodtuna' opened to 120,000 from middle position with [poker card="td"][poker card="ts"]. 'iseefoodtuna' called and then sweated through a [poker card="js"][poker card="9c"][poker card="7d"][poker card="7h"][poker card="6s"] runout to eliminate Trammell in ninth. Two minutes later, Chang put his big stack to work to end the other short stack home. Action folded to 'charliefrog' in the cutoff and they moved all in for 532,132 with [poker card="as"][poker card="jh"] and Chang called from the small blind with [poker card="qs"][poker card="js"]. The [poker card="ad"][poker card="tc"][poker card="7c"] flop gave 'charliefrog' top pair and left Chang drawing to Broadway. The [poker card="5h"] turn changed nothing but the [poker card="kd"] river filled Chang's straight draw and eliminated 'charliefrog' in eighth. Alexander 'ShadowFiend' Condon raised to 200,000 with [poker card="qd"][poker card="qh"] from late position before John 'Slapshot1085' Forlenza moved all in for 790,158 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="qs"] from the cutoff. The board ran out [poker card="8s"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6s"][poker card="qs"][poker card="kc"] to give Condon middle set and eliminate Forlenza in seventh place. Condon got into another all-in preflop situation 15 minutes later that had a very different outcome. Condon raised to 240,000 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="ks"] from late position and Chang moved all in for 6,353,967 from the button with [poker card="jd"][poker card="js"] and Condon called. The [poker card="qh"][poker card="5h"][poker card="3d"][poker card="2d"][poker card="7d"] runout gave Condon no help and he was eliminated in sixth. Chang found another victim just a few minutes later. Down to just 12 big blinds, 'married' moved all in from UTG with [poker card="2c"][poker card="2s"] and action folded to Chang in the big blind who called with [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"]. The [poker card="ad"][poker card="8c"][poker card="6s"] flop kept Chang in front and 'married' was unable to pick up one of their two remaining outs through the [poker card="7s"] turn and [poker card="jd"] river and busted in fifth place. Four-handed play lasted a full 30 minutes. From UTG, 'iseefoodtuna' moved all in for 2,278,039 holding [poker card="ah"][poker card="2c"]. Philip 'tomte' Yeh moved all in for 3,305,205 from the small blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="as"]. The [poker card="tc"][poker card="td"][poker card="2d"] flop gave 'iseefoodtuna' some hope but the [poker card="ks"] turn and [poker card="5c"] river couldn't save them from a fourth place result. Chang continued to use his big stack in optimal spots and earned yet another elimination. Action folded to Chang on the button and he raised to 360,000 and Felipe 'McBain' Leme called from the big blind. The flop came [poker card="ah"][poker card="9s"][poker card="5c"], Leme checked, Chang bet 350,000 and Leme called. The turn was the [poker card="7h"] and Leme moved all in for 2,342,150 and Chang called. Leme showed [poker card="kh"][poker card="9h"] for second pair and the nut flush draw while Chang turned over [poker card="ad"][poker card="ks"] for top pair. The [poker card="2d"] river was a blank and Leme was eliminated in third. Chang started heads-up play with a 2.5-1 chip lead over Yeh. It took 25 minutes before the pair clashed in a hand the resulted in Chang's victory. Yeh moved all in for 2,900,000 with [poker card="8c"][poker card="6c"] and Chang called with [poker card="qh"][poker card="js"]. The board ran out [poker card="jh"][poker card="7c"][poker card="4h"][poker card="4c"][poker card="2d"] to give Chang top pair and eliminate Yeh in second place. Final Table Payouts Allen 'Acnyc718' Chang - $161,286 Philip 'tomte' Yeh - $99,709 Felipe 'McBain' Leme - $69,772 iseefoodtuna - $49,570 married - $35,697 Alex 'ShadowFiend1' Condon - $26,124 John 'Slapshot1085' Forlenza - $19,390 charliefrog - $14,603 Quintin 'AA_QTiP_KK' Trammell - $11,196 Faces in the Crowd Ryan 'Protential' Laplante just missed out on the final table, finishing in 11th place for $8,680.91. He wasn't the only familiar face who worked their way into the money. A few well known online grinders and players who have found success early on in the Series also cashed including Michael 'itwasthator0' Gagliano (12th - $8,680.91), Event #2 winner Louis 'PokeThese' Lynch (50th - $2,758.42), Daniel 'redsoxnets5' Sewnig (94th - $1,703.73), Jed 'jchak' Hoffman (110th - $1,622.60), Katie 'katelin' Lindsay (113th - $1,622.60), and fresh off of his fourth place finish in Event #4 on Saturday, Frank 'spaghettiii' snuck into the money with 124th finish worth $1,622.60.
  11. The second event of the 2020 World Series of Poker played out similarly to the first. One of poker's brightest shining stars made a deep run, the final table included a well-respected player who originally cut their teeth in the online arena before finding live success and the eventual winner was a bit of mystery to the audience watching at home. Louis 'PokeThese' Lynch emerged victorious from a field of 919 runners in Event #2 ($1,000 No Limit Hold'em) to win $168,585.85 while Daniel Negreanu busted in 18th place and Jason Somerville made the final table. It took nearly 10 minutes before the first elimination of the final table. Sean 'bahbababa' Prendiville moved all-in for 1,409,873 from the button with [poker card="kc"][poker card="9h"] and Matthew 'Michmeister' Mich called off his tournament life from the small blind with [aj][poker card="jd"]. The flop came [poker card="4d"][poker card="4s"][poker card="2c"] to keep Mich in control. The [poker card="kh"] turn flipped the script and gave Prendiville top pair. The [poker card="8h"] was no help for Mich and he was eliminated in eighth. A few hands later, a standard race gave Prendiville his second victim. Jon 'jonnyg93' Gisler shoved his stack of 2,200,981 all-in from early position with [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] and Prendiville called from the big blind with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qd"]. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="qs"][poker card="5s"] flop gave Prendiville middle set but left Gisler with nine outs for the nut flush. Neither the [poker card="7d"] turn nor the [poker card="6c"] river were of any help, however, and he was sent to the rail in seventh place. Six-handed play lasted 15 full minutes before Somerville's run at a second bracelet came to a screeching halt. From UTG, Lynch bet 1,000,000 with [poker card="tc"][poker card="th"] before Somerville re-raised all-in for 2,831,970 from the button with [poker card="ah"][poker card="kd"] and Lynch called. The [poker card="9h"][poker card="7c"][poker card="4d"][poker card="8h"][poker card="7d"] board offered Somerville no relief and he was out in sixth place and Lynch had his first victim. Almost 30 full minutes of five-handed ended when Prendiville clashed with Kevin 'GoneBananas' Garosshen. From the button, Prendiville shoved for 2,390,863 with [poker card="qs"][poker card="9h"] and Garosshen re-shoved from the small blind with [poker card="9c"][poker card="9s"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="8d"][poker card="5d"] flop kept Garaosshen in front but increased Prendiville's outs. The [poker card="9d"] turn gave Garosshen a set and Prendiville was unable to hit any one of the four remaining tens to make a straight after the [poker card="5s"] river completed the board and filled Garosshen's boat. Despite picking up two eliminations early, Prendiville was eliminated in fifth. Daniel 'IntoTheRiver' Fischer was the next to go. Fischer shoved all-in for 2,813,832 from the button with [poker card="kd"][poker card="td"] only to have 'KOVID19' call from the big blind with [poker card="jc"][poker card="tc"]. The [poker card="8s"][poker card="7d"][poker card="2h"] flop gave 'KOVID19' a few extra outs. The [poker card="9s"] turn was one of them and 'KOVID19' turned an unbeatable straight and all Fischer could do was watch the meaningless, if not cruel, [poker card="kc"] complete the river to officially end his tournament with a fourth place result. Twenty minutes later, 'KOVID19' sent play from three-handed to heads-up. 'KOVID19' bet 816,000 from the button with [poker card="ad"][poker card="7d"], Lynch folded the small blind, but Garosshen moved all-in from the big blind for 837,631 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="5s"]. The [poker card="qd"][poker card="7c"][poker card="7s"] flop ended all hope for Garosshen. The [poker card="jh"] turn was meaningless and the [poker card="7h"] river gave 'KOVID19' quads to officially end Garosshen's run in third. Thanks to a 3.5-1 chip lead, Lynch needed just a few hands to finish off his final opponent. From the button, 'KOVID19' bet their final 2,246,570 with [poker card="qs"][poker card="6c"] and 'PokeThese' called with [poker card="6h"][poker card="6s"]. The board ran out [poker card="th"][poker card="5d"][poker card="4s"][poker card="2d"][poker card="8d"] to completely miss 'KOVID19' and give 'PokeThese' the bracelet and $168,585.95 payday. Final Table Payouts Louis 'PokeThese' Lynch - $168,585.95 KOVID19 - $104,242.17 Kevin 'GoneBananas' Garosshen - $73,423.50 Daniel 'IntoTheRiver' Fischer - $52,383 Sean 'bahbababa' Prendiville - $37,890.37 Jason 'haderade' Somerville - $27,762.99 Jon 'jonnyg93' Gisler - $20,691.28 Matthew 'Michmeister' Mich - $15,627.59 Notable Finishes Negreanu and Somerville weren't the only familiar faces to make the money in Event #2. Three of New Jersey's top online grinders, Michael 'itwasthator0' Gagliano (13th - $7,333.62), Daniel 'redsoxnets5' Sewnig (24th - $4,801.77) and David 'dehhhhh' Coleman (86th - $1,833.40) each cashed on Friday morning. One of Nevada's top-ranked players, David 'bewater' Goodman (52nd - $2,881.06), also earned a positive result. Katie 'katelin' Lindsey (122nd - $1,571.49), and Jon 'havuuuuuc' Turner (135th - $1,484.18) each made managed to pick up their second cash of the Series while Ryan 'protential' Laplante (106th - $1,571.49) earned his first.  
  12. The 2020 World Series of Poker Online Main Event was always going to be a big deal. Now it's official - it will have the largest prize pool in the history of online poker. GGPoker released its entire 2020 WSOP online schedule on Friday and the $5,000 Main Event comes with a $25 million guarantee. "We knew GGPoker would go BIG on the WSOP Online Series, but this is ridiculous," said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Series of Poker. "The single biggest guarantee in the history of online poker is exactly what this once-in-a-lifetime event deserves." The Main Event is clearly the highlight of the 54-event schedule, but there is also a $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha, $10,000 Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em event, a $10,000 Short Deck event, and the $25,000 NLHE Players Championship to make up the rest of the marquee events. The Main Event The $25 million guarantee on the Main Event makes it the largest online poker tournament prize pool ever. The previous high was the 2018 partypoker MILLIONS which guaranteed $20 million and ended up at $21,780,000. There are multiple starting flights, each one a freezeout, for the $5,000 buy-in Main Event beginning on August 16. Day 2 runs on August 30 and the final table will be played out on September 6. Players start with 50,000 chips and the event will be played eight-handed throughout. Two Other Eight Figure Guarantees Along with the Main Event, there are two more eight-figure guarantees, one belonging to the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Super MILLION$ and the other is the $25,000 buy-in NLHE Poker Players Championship coming in at $10 million each. The other events with guarantees are the $100 buy-in The Opener ($2 million), $400 Colossus ($3 million), $400 PLOssus ($1 million), $1,500 Millionaire Maker ($5 million - $1 million to first), HK$8,000 NLHE Asia Championship (HK$8 million), $150 GGMasters WSOP Edition ($1 million), $500 Mini Main Event ($5 million), $50 BIG50 ($1 million), and the $100 WSOP Millions ($2 million). Asian Market Focus Taking advantage of GGPoker's strong following in Asia, there are 11 events with a start time that puts it in prime time in most of that market. These events all begin at 8 am ET which puts them at 8 PM in Beijing, China, and 9 PM in Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, Japan. The highlight of that group is the HK$8,000 buy-in Asia Championship. The No Limit Hold'em event has an HK$8 million guarantee. [table id=66 /] The Great Game of Pot Limit Omaha While Hold'em makes up a bulk of the schedule, there are nine Pot Limit Omaha events on the schedule including the $5,000 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha Championship on July 21. The biggest PLO field is likely to come from the $400 PLOssus. There are 15 starting flights beginning July 19. Players can reenter each flight one time and the event has a $1 million guarantee. There are no Omaha 8-or-better events on the schedule. Familiar Events Throughout It just wouldn't be the WSOP without some of the nicknamed events on the schedule. The 2020 WSOP Online schedule includes the Millionaire Maker, the Marathon, Colossus, PLOssus, and the Monster Stack. The Millionaire Maker has a $1,500 buy-in with $1 million going to the eventual champion. Players can enter the event through the 15 starting flights that begin on July 26 and players can reenter each flight once. Players start that event with 50,000 chips and levels will be 13 minutes long. The $400 buy-in Colossus has a total of 14 starting flights beginning July 20 and players can reenter one time per flight. People's Choice One unique element of the schedule includes four events at the tail-end of the schedule that will be decided by the players through one of three methods. There are two events dubbed "People's Choice - Most Popular", a "People's Choice - Spin the Wheel" event, and a "People's Choice - Pros Vote" event. The manner in which this tournament formats and structures will be determined was not announced. Streaming Schedule Seven final tables, including the Main Event, will be streamed on PokerGO. Other PokerGO events include Event #2 ($1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief), Event #10 ($400 Colossus), Event #11 ($300 PLOssus), Event #17 ($1,500 Millionaire Maker), Event #25 ($10,000 Heads Up NLHE), and Event #38 ($25,000 NLHE Poker Players Championship). Each of these seven events will be stopped once they reach the final table and broadcast on PokerGO the following Saturday, The remaining 47 final tables will be streamed on GGPoker's Twitch channel GGPoker.TV. 2020 WSOP ONLINE SCHEDULE - GGPOKER [table id=73 /] Note: An earlier version of this article listed the number of Main Event flights. PocketFives is working to confirm this number.
  13. It took just 55 minutes on Friday morning for 'MacDaddy15' to go from middle of the final table pack to World Series of Poker bracelet winner in Event #9 ($1,000 NLHE Six Max) and in the process earn the single biggest score of the 2020 WSOP to date. A total of 1,026 entries from 658 unique players created a $974,700 prize pool with the eventual champion getting to take home $188,214 and the bracelet. When the final table began, Ruth 'crazeeelf666' Ruffman held a comfortable chip lead with 'WillowG23' in second and 'MacDaddy15' not far behind in third. Ian 'apokerjoker2' Steinman was the first player sent packing by 'MacDaddy15'. From the button, 'MacDaddy15' raised to 332,500 with [poker card="2d"][poker card="2s"] before Steinman moved all in for 1,365,109 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="9d"]. 'MacDaddy15' called and then had to sweat all the way through a [poker card="kd"][poker card="qd"][poker card="5s"][poker card="js"][poker card="jc"] runout to eliminate Steinman in sixth. Five-handed play lasted another 15 minutes before the next elimination hand occurred. 'Im.Sorry' raised to 250,000 from the cutoff with [poker card="kh"][poker card="jd"] before 'moodeez' re-raised all in for 890,486 from the small blind with [poker card="jh"][poker card="th"] and 'Im.Sorry' called. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="kc"][poker card="4d"] flop gave 'Im.Sorry' second pair and the [poker card="5c"] turn and [poker card="5h"] river failed to save 'moodeez' from a fifth place finish. A few moments later, 'Im.Sorry' raised to 254,000 from the hijack with [poker card="qh"][poker card="qs"] only to have Ruth 'crazeelf666' re-raise to 806,000 with [poker card="td"][poker card="ts"]. 'Im.sorry' continued betting, moving all in for 4,489,926 and Ruffman called all in. Ruffman was unable to improve on the [poker card="ac"][poker card="8d"][poker card="2d"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5h"] runout and was eliminated in fourth. 'Im.Sorry' continued to be the aggressor and ended another player's run five minutes later. 'Im.Sorry' called from the button and 'WillowG23' checked their big blind. The flop came [poker card="kc"][poker card="7h"][poker card="3d"] and 'WillowG23' checked and then called after 'Im.Sorry' threw in a bit of 160,000. The turn was the [poker card="jc"] and 'WillowG23' check-called after 'Im.Sorry' bet 225,000. The river was the [poker card="5c"], 'WillowG23' checked and 'Im.Sorry' moved all-in for 10,070,712 . 'WillowG23' called all in for 1,614,568 and showed [poker card="ks"][poker card="9c"] for top pair but 'Im.Sorry' turned over [poker card="7c"][poker card="6c"] for a flush to send 'WillowG23' home in third position. That both gave 'Im.Sorry' 62.8% of the chips at the start of heads up play. The play played for nearly 15 minutes before 'MacDaddy15' took over the lead thanks to winning an all in preflop hand with [poker card="tc"][poker card="ts"] against the [poker card="ad"][poker card="qs"] of 'Im.Sorry'. Two minutes later, the tournament was over. Down to 10 big blinds, 'Im.Sorry' open-shoved for 1,752,560 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="4c"] and 'MacDaddy15' called with [poker card="td"][poker card="5d"]. The [poker card="kd"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6h"] flop gave 'MacDaddy15' a flush draw and gave 'Im.Sorry' to pair. The [poker card="qd"] turn filled that flush draw and eliminated 'Im.Sorry' as the runner-up as the [poker card="2c"] completed the board to officially crown 'MacDaddy15' as the winner. Final Table Payouts MacDaddy15 - $188,214 Im.Sorry - $116,379 WillowG23 - $81,972 Ruth 'crazeelf666' Ruffman - $58,482 mooodeez - $43,301 Ian 'apokerjoker2' Steinman - $30,995 Faces in the Crowd The #1-ranked player in the United States, Yong 'LuckySpewy1' Kwon, came in 56th for $2,729.16 and was one of a handful of notable names to make it into the money. Daniel Negreanu picked up another cash, his fourth, coming in 96th for $1,851.93 and Event #1 champion Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler snuck into the top 100, finishing 99th for $1,851.93. A pair of former #1 PocketFivers also had a winning day. Ari 'philivey' Engel finished 105th for $1,754.46 and Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman was behind him, coming in 141st to take home $1,656.99. Anthony 'heheh' Zinno (22nd - $5,360.25), Shawn 'Saygoodnight' Daniels (37th - $3,703.86), Nick 'cashUSklay' Schulman (43rd - $3,703.86), and Kevin 'ImaLuckSac' MacPhee (95th - $1,851.93) also cashed.
  14. Early Friday morning, Ryan Torgersen suffered the ultimate heartbreak in poker after finishing runner-up in Event #9 of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online. A little bit more than 24 hours later, Torgersen enjoyed the ultimate joy after winning Event #10 ($600 NLHE Monster Stack) to win his first career bracelet and $172,361. He could not have picked a better event to win. For the first time in the 2020 WSOP Online, the prize pool moved into seven-figure territory with 2,074 total entries building a $1,119,960 prize pool. The first elimination of the final table came five minutes after it began. Action folded to Tom '4Logan' Dean on the button and he moved all in for 3,105,365 with [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] and 'Letsgetit888' re-shoved for 5,710,730 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="jc"]. The [poker card="qd"][poker card="jd"][poker card="9d"] flop gave 'Letsgetit888' second pair and left Dean drawing thin. The [poker card="4s"] turn and [poker card="5h"] river were both blanks and Dean was out in ninth place. Just a few minutes later, another preflop all in confrontation sent a player packing. Eric 'bill_luga' Blair raised to 1,000,000 from the cutoff with [poker card="ah"][poker card="ks"] before Nick 'DuckFlush' Pupillo moved all in for 6,192,549 from the small blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="qc"] and Blair called. Pupillo was unable to connect with the [poker card="8c"][poker card="6s"][poker card="5h"] flop or the [poker card="2h"] turn and the [poker card="kd"] river gave Blair an unnecessary improvement to eliminate Pupillo in eighth. Torgersen finally got involved in the business of eliminating players at the final table five minutes later. From the hijack, Torgersen raised to 1,095,000, Brent 'grebnrets' Roberts called from the cutoff and 'FatStax' and Sam 'texasmolly' Grizzle defended the small and big blinds respectively. The flop came [poker card="8s"][poker card="7s"][poker card="7c"] and 'FatStax' moved all in for 2,446,816. Grizzle got out of the way, Torgersen came over the top for 10,838,096 forcing Roberts to fold. 'Fatstax' turned over [poker card="td"][poker card="9d"] and Torgersen showed [poker card="ks"][poker card="ts"]. The turn was the [poker card="3d"] and the [poker card="8d"] completed the river to give Torgersen the pot and end the tournament for 'Fatstax' in seventh place. A few hands later Sam Grizzle moved into the chip lead and almost immediately put it to work. From UTG, Roberts moved all in for 7,559,235 with [poker card="8d"][poker card="8s"] and Grizzle called with [poker card="ac"][poker card="kc"]. The [poker card="6c"][poker card="5d"][poker card="3s"] flop left Roberts in control. The [poker card="7c"] turn gave Grizzle nine more outs. The river was the [poker card="ah"] to give Grizzle top pair and send Roberts home in sixth. Torgersen then ended another player's tournament in a massive pot. Action folded to 'letsgetit888' on the button and they moved all in for 11,964,504 with [poker card="kc"][poker card="qc"] only to have Torgersen call from the big blind with [poker card="ac"][poker card="kd"]. The [poker card="jc"][poker card="8s"][poker card="6d"] flop changed nothing but the [poker card="qd"] turn gave 'letsgetit888' top pair. Torgersen filled his straight draw on the [poker card="tc"] river to eliminate 'letsgetit888' in fifth place. Four-handed play lasted nearly 15 minutes. Blair raised to 1,600,000 from the button and Brandon 'Omni27' Ienn called from the big blind. The flop came [poker card="jc"][poker card="7c"][poker card="7h"], Ienn checked, Blair bet 980,000 and Ienn called. The turn was the [poker card="4s"] and Ienn bet 1,600,000. Blair moved all in for 6,590,707 and Ienn called. Blair turned over [poker card="6c"][poker card="7s"] for trip sevens while Blair was drawing to an open-ender with [poker card="5s"][poker card="6s"]. The [poker card="6h"] river gave Ienn an unneeded full house and busted Blair in fourth. Old school poker fans had their heart broken just 15 minutes later. Ienn raised to 2,000,000 from the button before Grizzle moved all in for 13,150,561 from the small blind. Torgersen then moved all in over the top for 37,667,878 and Ienn folded. Grizzle showed [poker card="qd"][poker card="jh"] to Torgersen's [poker card="tc"][poker card="td"]. The [poker card="qc"][poker card="6s"][poker card="2c"] flop gave Grizzle top pair. The turn was the [poker card="8c"] to give Torgersen more outs and the [poker card="ts"] river gave him a set to eliminate Grizzle in third. Torgersen held a nearly 2-1 chip lead over Ienn when heads up play began and needed less than five minutes to eliminate Ienn. The final hand saw Torgersen shove from the button with [poker card="ah"][poker card="8d"] and Ienn called all in for 18,761,561. The [poker card="5d"][poker card="4s"][poker card="3s"][poker card="ts"][poker card="tc"] run out meant Torgersen's [poker card="8d"] played and Ienn was eliminated in second place to give Torgersen his first WSOP bracelet. Final Table Payouts Ryan 'Im.sorry' Torgersen - $172,361 Brandon 'Omni27' Ienn - $106,508 Sam 'texasmolly' Grizzle - $77,725 Eric 'bill_luga' Blair - $57,229 letsgetit888 - $42,558 Brent 'grebnrets' Roberts - $31,918 FatStax - $24,079 Nick 'DuckFlush' Pupillo - $18,367 Tom '4Logan' Dean - $14,223 Faces in the Crowd The player who ultimately busted Torgersen in second place in Event #9, Ron 'MacDaddy15' MacMillen made a deep run in Event #10 as well, eventually busting in 65th place for $2,127.92. He wasn't the only 2020 WSOP Online bracelet winner to cash on Friday though. Robert Kuhn (19th - $5,487.80) and Louis 'PokeThese' Lynch (31st - $4,367.84) both made their way into the money. Other notables included Jesse Sylvia (27th - $5,487.80), Jason 'haderade' Somerville (51st - $3,023.89), Ian Steinman ($1,455.94), and Shawn 'Saygoodnight' Daniels (266th - $1,007.96).
  15. Some 21 years ago, Alan Goehring finished runner-up to Noel Furlong in the 1999 World Series of Poker Main Event. He hadn't made a WSOP final table since - until Wednesday. Early Thursday morning, Goehring conquered a final table that had two WSOP bracelet winners - including the current top player on the WSOP leaderboard - to finally earn his first career WSOP bracelet. Goehring topped the 1,479-player field in Event #8 ($500 NLHE Freezeout) of the 2020 WSOP Online to win $119,399.67 and that bracelet. He adds that bracelet to a resume that includes a pair of World Poker Tour titles, including the inaugural WPT Championship from 2003. Not long after the double elimination of Steve 'gborooo' Gross and Matthew 'MartyCohen' Weiss in 10th and 11th place respectively, a classic race situation led to the first elimination of the final table. Ross 'BlueTang' Gottlieb raised to 360,000 from UTG with [poker card="9d"][poker card="9s"] before Louis 'xILoUieIx' Torres re-raised all in to 1,625,444 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="ks"] and Gottlieb called. The board ran out [poker card="qh"][poker card="5c"][poker card="2c"][poker card="jc"][poker card="jh"] to eliminate Torres in ninth. Five minutes later, Event #3 winner and the current #1-player on the WSOP leaderboard, Robert Kuhn began an ascension to the chip lead after sending a player to the rail. From middle position, Kuhn raised to 400,000 with [poker card="4h"][poker card="4s"] and Scott 'miamicane' Davies moved all in for 2,062,092 with [poker card="as"][poker card="qh"] and Kuhn called. The [poker card="jd"][poker card="8d"][poker card="7s"] flop gave Davies no help and neither did the [poker card="5s"] turn or [poker card="th"] river and he was out in eighth place. A battle of the blinds led to the next elimination. Kuhn moved all in from the small blind with [poker card="ks"][poker card="ts"] and 'aceviper' called off their last 1,111,520 with [poker card="kd"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="qh"][poker card="9s"][poker card="8h"] flop gave 'aceviper' top pair but gave Kuhn four outs to a straight. The [poker card="4s"] turn gave Kuhn a flush draw. The [poker card="jd"] river completed Kuhn's straight draw and eliminated 'aceviper' in seventh. Just four minutes passed before yet another blind versus blind spot produced another elimination. Goehring called from the small blind with [poker card="8c"][poker card="8d"] and 'dudeguydrew' shoved for 3,803,270 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="8s"] and Goehring called. The board ran out [poker card="kh"][poker card="5d"][poker card="2c"][poker card="4s"][poker card="th"] to give Goehring the pot and end 'dudeguydrew''s run in sixth place. Kuhn then clashed with Gottlieb in a pot that changed the complexion of the final table. Kuhn lost more than 90% of his stack with pocket threes against Gottlieb's pocket queens and was the table short stack with just 3.5 big blinds. Kuhn was a spectator a few hands later when 'clembutt' moved all in for 2,802,760 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="qs"] before Randy 'StayAlive' Ohel moved all in for 5,505,426 with [poker card="as"][poker card="kd"]. The [poker card="kh"][poker card="7h"][poker card="3s"][poker card="ac"][poker card="5d"] runout secured the pot for Ohel and send 'clembutt' out in fifth. Throughout the 20 minutes of four-handed play, Goehring continued to accumulate chips and Kuhn's chip stack rode a roller coaster of ups and downs before finally hitting a hard stop. From the button, Kuhn put his last 2,753,022 at risk with [poker card="qs"][poker card="jc"] and Gottlieb re-raised all in for 8,084,752 with [poker card="jd"][poker card="js"]. Kuhn wasn't able to improve through the [poker card="9h"][poker card="4d"][poker card="3c"][poker card="7h"][poker card="ac"] runout and was done in fourth place. Three-handed play lasted just five minutes before the last remaining bracelet winner was eliminated. Ohel, who earned a bracelet in 2012 ($,500 Triple Draw 2-7), raised to 560,000 from the button and Goehring and Gottlieb defended the small and big blinds respectively. After the [poker card="ks"][poker card="jd"][poker card="3c"] flop, Goehring and Gottlieb checked, allowing Ohel to bet 800,000. Goehring clicked back with a check-raise to 2,160,000, Gottlieb folded, and Ohel moved all in for 4,083,186 and Goehring called. Ohel turned over [poker card="kd"][poker card="8c"] but was outpipped when Goehring showed [poker card="kc"][poker card="th"]. The [poker card="ah"] turn kept Goehring in front and he completed a Broadway straight on the [poker card="qc"] to earn the pot and eliminate Ohel in third. Goehring started heads-up play with 61.3% of the chips in play and it took less than five minutes for him to capture the rest. Gottlieb raised to 680,000 and Goehring called. The flop came [poker card="qh"][poker card="jc"][poker card="tc"] and Gottlieb bet 860,000. Goehring responded by raising to 1,720,000 and Gottlieb moved all in for 7,996,774. Goehring called and showed [poker card="ac"][poker card="3c"] for a nut flush draw while Gottlieb showed [poker card="kd"][poker card="9c"] for a flopped straight. The [poker card="6c"] turn completed Goehring's flush and Gottlieb could only watch as the [poker card="jd"] completed the board to make his runner-up finish official and award Goehring the first WSOP bracelet of his career. Final Table Payouts Alan 'GladiusIII' Goehring - $119,399 Ross 'BlueTang' Gottlieb - $73,942 Randy 'StayAlive' Ohel - $52,511 Robert 'bustinballs' Kuhn - $37,803 clembutt - $27,620 dudeguydrew - $20,365 aceviper - $15,307 Scott 'miamicane' Davies - $11,580 xILoUieIx - $8,918 Faces in the Crowd Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Steve 'gborooo' Gross's final table bubble finish came with a $6,921.72 payday. He was the only well-known player who finished in the money on Wednesday. Jeff 'NerdrudRelyt' Madsen (14th - $5,457.51), Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo (62nd - $1,730.43), Shawn 'Saygoodnight' Daniels (77th - $1,331.10), Kevin 'ImaLuckSac' MacPhee (93rd - $1,064.88) and veterans Phil Hellmuth (109th - $931.77) and Mike Matusow (118th - $931.77) all added to their bankroll.
  16. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Lance and Donnie recap the second week of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online which included a 70-year-old first-time online poker player winning a bracelet, 2015 Joe McKeehen winning the third bracelet of his career, and poker YouTuber Ryan Depaulo winning almost $160,000 and his first WSOP bracelet from the parking lot of a New Jersey Whole Foods. The guys also preview the upcoming WSOP events on GGPoker and the World Poker Tour Online World Championships on partypoker and discuss how some recent field sizes in the PokerStars Stadium Series might be indicative of players saving their bankroll for other things. Lastly, they discuss the latest in the Phil Ivey-Borgata lawsuit and start to get a little bit excited about the potential return of Ivey to the live poker scene - when live poker returns, that is. Make sure you subscribe to The FIVES – available everywhere you enjoy your favorite podcasts! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  17. The argument could be made that Joe McKeehen is the most successful World Series of Poker Main Event champion of the modern era. The 2015 WSOP Main Event champion added a second bracelet in 2017 and has nearly $9 million in live earnings outside of his Main Event victory. Early Wednesday morning, McKeehen added to that resume when he took down Event #14 ($3,200 High Roller) of the 2020 WSOP Online. The event, the biggest buy-in on the 2020 WSOP Online events on WSOP.com, drew 328 unique players who accounted for an additional 128 total reentries to build a prize pool of $1,507,840. McKeehen earned the bracelet after coming to the final table third in chips and was responsible for eliminating just one player. The first elimination of the final table came 10 minutes after it began. David 'newjerz05' Jackson raised to 120,000 from middle position with [poker card="kd"][poker card="qd"] before 'SoccerDJ' re-raised to 450,000 from the button with [poker card="ad"][poker card="as"]. Jackson moved all in for 1,248,229 and 'SoccerDJ' called. The board ran out [poker card="kh"][poker card="ts"][poker card="2h"][poker card="9h"][poker card="7h"] to give 'SoccerDJ' the pot and Jackson was out in eighth place. The slow pace of the final table continued for another 20 minutes for the next elimination. 'SoccerDJ' raised to 160,000 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="qc"] after action folded to them in the small blind. Nathan 'innate9' Russler moved all in for 1,312,269 from the big blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="5h"] and 'SoccerDJ' called. Russler was unable to get any help through the [poker card="kh"][poker card="8c"][poker card="2h"][poker card="ah"][poker card="6c"] runout and he was out in seventh. The final six players played for another 25 minutes before another blind versus blind battle ended with an elimination. Action folded to Clayton 'nevarlucky' Maguire in the small blind and he jammed for 1,266,984 with [poker card="jd"][poker card="3d"] only to have Frank 'thewholefunk' Funaro call from the big blind with [poker card="ah"][poker card="7d"]. The [poker card="kh"][poker card="qd"][poker card="8c"] flop missed Maguire. The [poker card="7h"] turn gave Maguire a pair to extend his lead and the [poker card="3h"] river paired Maguire but it wasn't good enough to avoid a sixth place elimination. The two players responsible for all of the final table eliminations clashed ten minutes later resulting in one of them going home. Funaro moved all in for 5,443,009 from the small blind with [poker card="ac"][poker card="3h"] and 'SoccerDJ' called off his last 1,749,327 with [poker card="jh"][poker card="th"] from the big blind. The [poker card="9d"][poker card="9s"][poker card="3d"][poker card="4d"][poker card="6h"] board gave 'SoccerDJ' no relief and they were eliminated in fifth. Funaro was back to work eliminating opponents a few minutes later. From the cutoff, Funaro raised to 240,000 and 'Jaydestar17' called from the big blind. After the [poker card="qs"][poker card="4h"][poker card="3c"] flop 'Jaydestar17' check-raised all in after Funaro bet 120,000. Funaro called and tabled [poker card="tc"][poker card="td"] while 'Jaydestar17' showed [poker card="4d"][poker card="6d"] for a pair of fours. Funaro stayed ahead through the [poker card="9h"] turn and [poker card="qc"] river to eliminate 'Jaydestar17' in fourth place. Funaro wasn't done and it took him just three minutes to send the tournament to heads up. After McKeehen folded his button, Roland 'prngls12' Isrealshvili shoved for 2,090,325 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="9s"] from the small blind and Funaro called from the big blind with [poker card="6c"][poker card="6h"]. The board ran out [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"][poker card="2c"][poker card="th"][poker card="3s"] to eliminate Israelshvili in third place for his 95 career WSOP cash and fifth of the 2020 WSOP Online. Thanks in large part to the string of eliminations he was responsible for, Funaro began heads-up play with a 2.8-1 chip lead. Over the course of the next 15 minutes, however, McKeehen's championship pedigree allowed the 2015 WSOP Main Event winner to claw his way back before ending Funaro's tournament. McKeehen min-raised to 320,000 with [poker card="as"][poker card="9h"] and Funaro responded by moving all in for 2,759,541 with [poker card="7d"][poker card="6d"]. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="8d"][poker card="4h"] flop gave Funaro an gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw to go with his six existing outs. The [poker card="4c"] turn was a blank as was the [poker card="qc"] river to eliminate Funaro in second place and give McKeehen the victory and $352,985. Final Table Payouts Joe 'fanofdapoker' McKeehen - $352,985 Frank 'thewholefunk' Funaro - $219,089 Roland 'prngls12' Israelashvili - $148,975 'Jaydestar17' - $103,136 'SoccerDJ' - $72,979 Clayton 'nevarlucky' Maguire - $52,624 Nathan 'innate9' Russler - $38,601 David 'newjerz05' Jackson - $28,951 Faces in the Crowd Two nights after winning his first career bracelet in Event #12 ($500 NLHE The Big 500), Ryan Depaulo posted another deep run, finishing 16th for $11,459.58. Other notables who earned a paycheck on Tuesday included Ryan 'sych0sId' Hohner (13th - $14,022.91), Blake 'CheeetahGirl' Bohn (15th - $14,022.91), Yong 'LUCKYSPEWY1' Kwon (23rd - $9,650.17), Ryan 'protential' Laplante (29th - $8,293,12 ), Tenzin 'tc_ownz' Chakdor (45th - $7,237.63) and for the second night in a row, David 'Twizzlers' Prociak (49th - $6,483.71).
  18. In the first 50 years of the World Series of Poker just two players from South Africa managed to win bracelets. Early Wednesday morning, Michael 'YesPlease' Clacher became the third to do it. Clacher beat out 1,341 other entries in WSOP Online Event #36 ($1,500 Fifty Stack NLHE) to take home $297,496.30 and the jewellery. He joins Norman Keyser (1989) and Hugh Todd (1990) as bracelet winners from his home country. Clacher started the final table trailing only Olivier 'BigPapyBoss' Rebello in chips. Rebello got things started not long after the final table began. Jose 'Machenzzio' Davilla moved all in from middle position with [poker card="4c"][poker card="4s"] and Rebello called from the big blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="8c"]. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="7d"][poker card="3d"] flop gave Rebello control and Davilla found no help on the [poker card="tc"] turn nor [poker card="kd"] river and was eliminated in ninth. Three minutes later, Joao Vieira raised to 1,000,000 from middle position and Viktor 'Ryuzaki1' Zsemlye moved all in from the small blind for 5,090,054 and Joao Vieira called. Zsemlye showed [poker card="ac"][poker card="qs"] and Vieira tabled [poker card="qc"][poker card="qd"]. Zsemlye could do nothing but watch as the [poker card="3d"][poker card="2c"][poker card="2h"][poker card="kd"][poker card="8d"] run out eliminated him in eighth place. Two of the players at the final table sold action in the GGPoker client and both managed to give their investors a solid return. Rebello raised to 1,050,000 from UTG+1 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="qs"] and Rich 'DadPoker' Dixon, who sold 35% of himself, moved all in from the hijack for 4,735,158 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="qh"] before Martin 'FuTimReilly' Zamani reshoved from the button for 4,983,978 with [poker card="jc"][poker card="js"] forcing Rebello to fold. Dixon failed to connect with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="7c"][poker card="5h"] flop and was eliminated in seventh when the [poker card="4c"] turn and [poker card="4d"] river completed the board. The other player who sold action was the next to go. Neel 'Neel' Joshi sold 20% of himself at no mark-up and gave his investors a 40-1 return. Action folded to Rebello in the small blind and he moved all in for 15,159,790 with [poker card="jc"][poker card="jd"] and Joshi called all in with [poker card="jh"][poker card="th"]. The [poker card="ah"][poker card="6c"][poker card="5s"][poker card="td"][poker card="8d"] runout couldn't save Joshi from a sixth place finish. Five minutes later Zamani picked up another elimination. Zamani opened to 1,500,000 from the cutoff and Vieira moved all in for 10,215,368 from the small blind before Rodrigo 'PAPAI_PIG' Dos Santos Caprioli moved all in over the top. Zamani folded and Vieira showed [poker card="ac"][poker card="7c"] while Caprioli held [poker card="as"][poker card="jh"]. The [poker card="kh"][poker card="8c"][poker card="7d"] flop move Vieira ahead. The [poker card="4h"] turn was a safe card for Vieira but the [poker card="jd"] river gave Caprioli the pot to send Vieira out in fifth. Zamani was the next player out. First to act, Zamani raised to 4,000,000 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="9h"] and Caprioli made it 7,200,000 from the small blind with [poker card="ac"][poker card="js"]. Zamani responded by moving all in for 12,150,301 and Caprioli called. Neither player was able to make a pair on the [poker card="8c"][poker card="2c"][poker card="2h"][poker card="5s"][poker card="7h"] runout and Zamani was eliminated in fourth when Caprioli's jack kicker played. Clacher picked up his first elimination of the night after 12 minutes of three-handed play. Clacher moved all in from the button for 19,115,720 with [poker card="5c"][poker card="5s"] and Rebello called for 13,944,804 from the big blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="jd"]. The [poker card="qh"][poker card="tc"][poker card="2s"] flop gave Rebello extra outs but the [poker card="5h"] turn gave Clacher a set. The [poker card="ac"] river paired Rebello but it wasn't good enough to save him from a third place result. Heads up play began with the players nearly tied in chips and t,he pair battled for 12 minutes before Clacher ended things. Caprioli raised to 2,000,000 from the button and Clacher called. The flop was [poker card="9c"][poker card="5h"][poker card="4s"] and both players checked. The turn was the [poker card="tc"] and Clached check-called Caprioli's bet of 2,883,200. The river was the [poker card="qc"] and Clacher fired 1,250,000. Caprioli moved all in for 12,087,996 and Clacher called. Caprioli showed [poker card="8d"][poker card="7d"] for a missed straight draw while Clacher tabled [poker card="qd"][poker card="4d"] for top and bottom pair to eliminate Caprioli in second place and win his first career bracelet. Final Table Payouts Michael Clacher - $297,496.30 Rodrigo Dos Santos Caprioli - $215,892.45 Olivier Rebello - $156,673.09 Martin Zamani - $113,697.09 Joao Vieira - $82,510.25 Neel Joshi - $59,877.78 Rich Dixon - $43,453.18 Viktor Zsemlye - $31,534.07 Jose Luis Davila - $22,884.32
  19. One hour and one minute. That's all it took for Terrell 'heezahustla' Cheatham to go from third shortest stack at the final table to bracelet winner on Friday morning in Event #16 ($500 NLHE Turbo). The tournament, which had 1,528 entries, took just 7.5 hours to play down to a champion. The third hand of the final table delivered the first elimination. From the cutoff, 'cmbezz99' moved all in for 2,857.851 with [poker card="as"][poker card="6s"] and Cheatham called from the button with [poker card="jc"][poker card="js"]. THe [poker card="jd"][poker card="6d"][poker card="5h"][poker card="9h"][poker card="3s"] runout gave Cheatham set of jacks to eliminate 'cbmezz99' in ninth place. Four minutes passed before the next player hit the rail. Phillip 'AvonB' Rhodes raised to 560,000 from the hijack before Lev 'Methinks' Milman re-raised to 1,750,000 from the cutoff. Rhodes responded by moving all in for 5,045,170 and Milman called. Rhodes showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="kh"] while Milman turned over [poker card="tc"][poker card="ts"]. The [poker card="qs"][poker card="8h"][poker card="4h"] flop changed nothing and Rhodes found no help with the [poker card="2h"] turn or [poker card="js"] river and was out in eighth. It took two minutes to go from seven to six players. Down to five big blinds, 'http401' shoved for 1,464,529 from UTG with [poker card="ah"][poker card="9h"] and 'Mojoesmarc' re-shoved for 3,219,416 from the small blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="ks"]. 'http401' failed to connect on the [poker card="qc"][poker card="ts"][poker card="4d"][poker card="7c"][poker card="kd"] runout and was eliminated in seventh place. 'Mojoesmarc' ended another opponent's tournament just five minutes later. Daniel 'StayActive' Chan, who began the final table with the shortest stack, moved his last 1,259,772 into the middle from the cutoff with [poker card="ac"][poker card="6h"] and 'Mojoesmarc' re-raised all in for 3,741,067 from the small blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="kh"]. The board ran out [poker card="qc"][poker card="4h"][poker card="2h"][poker card="4c"][poker card="ad"] and giving both players two pair but 'Mojoesmarc' had the king play to eliminate Chan in sixth. 'Mojoesmarc' was not finished there. Parmann raised to 640,000 from the cutoff, 'Mojoesmarc' called from the button, and Andrea 'Andrewbull88' Buonocore moved all in for 4,072,112 from the small blind. Parmann folded but 'Majoesmarc' called and tabled [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"] while Buonocore showed [poker card="6s"][poker card="6h"]. There was no help for Buonocore and the [poker card="ts"][poker card="4c"][poker card="2d"] flop, [poker card="ac"] turn, or [poker card="jd"] river and he was out in fifth. The fast pace of the first five eliminations meant the stacks of the four remaining players were a little deeper. After 15 minutes of play, 'Mojoesmarc' was back in preflop confrontation but this one did not go their way. From UTG, 'Mojoesmarc' moved all in for 4,441,788 with [poker card="ts"][poker card="9s"] before Cheatham re-raised all in for 6,201,976 [poker card="as"][poker card="jc"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="tc"][poker card="7h"] gave 'Mojoesmarc' an inside straight draw and second pair while Cheatham picked up top pair. The [poker card="2h"] turn and [poker card="jh"] river failed to save 'Mojoesmarc' from a fourth place result. Despite holding the lead for most of the final table, Milman couldn't avoid a cold run of cards. After losing the chip lead after Cheatham rivered a flush, Milman stuck around for just two more minutes before Cheatham took the rest of his chips. Cheatham opened to 1,218,750 and Milman moved all in for 12,834,282 from the small blind. Cheatham snap-called and showed [poker card="ad"][poker card="ah"] while Milman turned over [poker card="ac"][poker card="qc"]. The [poker card="9s"][poker card="9d"][poker card="2s"] flop left Milman drawing to runner queens. The [poker card="kc"] turn and [poker card="8c"] river completed the board and made Milman's third place finish official. Those two pots allowed Cheatham to hold a nearly 3-1 chip lead when heads up play began. After 20 minutes of play, Parmann was down to just 10 big blinds and moved all for 10,134,370 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="3h"] and Cheatham called with [poker card="as"][poker card="2s"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="tc"][poker card="2c"] flop gave Cheatham contol and Parman couldn't catch up through the [poker card="9d"] turn or [poker card="6h"] river and was eliminated in second place to give Cheatham the title and $116,204.40. Final Table Payouts Terrell 'heezahustla' Cheatham - $116,204.40 Julian 'Julian' Parmann - $71,647.92 Lev 'Methinks' Milman - $51,570.00 Mojoesmarc - $37,474.20 Andrea 'Andrewbull88' Buonocore - $27,572.76 Daniel 'stayactive' Chan - $20,490.48 http401 - $15,402.24 Phillip 'AvonB' Rhodes - $11,689.20 cbmezz99 - $9,007,56 Faces in the Crowd Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Calvin 'projector52' Anderson just missed out on a final table finishing in 11th place for $7,013.52. Other familair faces who made the money in Event #16 included David 'bewater' Coleman (36th - $2,819.16), Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler (58th - $1,719), Daniel Negreanu (86th - $1,168.92), Jack Salter (101st - $962.64), Frank 'Spaghettiii' Marasco (123rd - $962.64), Darren Elias (140th - 893.88).
  20. Michael Lech is one of 13 players with at least eight World Series of Poker Circuit rings to his name. Early Tuesday morning the Arkansas native won Event #13 ($1,500 NLHE High Roller) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to become just the fifth player of that group to own a WSOP bracelet. Lech topped the 649-player field in Event #13 to win $164,248.92 for his first career bracelet and seventh cash since the Series started on July 1. The final table included Connor Drinan chasing his first career bracelet and a potential six-figure payday from a bracelet bet with Daniel Negreanu. Megan 'wolverine17' Milburn, the player Mike Matusow berated during his YouTube live stream earlier in the Series, also made the final table. The final table had barely begun and one player was shown the door. From the button, Michael 'wsopmd' Dolle moved all in for 836,123 with [poker card="ah"][poker card="7d"] and Lech called with [poker card="qd"][poker card="qs"]. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="tc"][poker card="8c"][poker card="9s"][poker card="jh"] runout gave Lech a king-high straight to beat Dolle's jack-high straight and eliminate Dolle in ninth place. A few moments later, Milburn moved all in for 775,161 from UTG+1 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="qs"] before 'Bingooo' re-shoved for 1,630,010 from the small blind with [poker card="ah"][poker card="jh"]. The [poker card="jc"][poker card="7h"][poker card="3c"] flop gave 'Bingooo' control and all Milburn could do was watch as the [poker card="2s"] turn and [poker card="3s"] river completed the board to eliminate Milburn in eighth. Ten minutes later, 'Bingooo' eliminated another opponent. From the cutoff, 'Bingooo' min-raised to 240,000 and Christopher 'pokeher2014' Fuchs called from the big blind. The flop came [poker card="ah"][poker card="7s"][poker card="4c"] and Fuchs moved all in for 342,320 and 'Bingoooo' called. Fuchs showed [poker card="8h"][poker card="6h"] for a gutshot straight draw while 'Bingooo' tabled [poker card="ac"][poker card="6c"] for top pair. Fuchs picked up a pair on the [poker card="8s"] turn but the [poker card="ad"] river made his seventh place finish official. The most high profile player at the final table was the next player shown the exit. Connor '666666' Drinan, who is one of a handful of players with a six-figure bracelet bet against Negreanu, moved all in from UTG for 1,421,573 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="8d"] before William 'SlaweelRyam' Romaine called from the big blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="kh"]. The [poker card="td"][poker card="6s"][poker card="3c"][poker card="4d"][poker card="js"] runout was of no help for Drinan and he was out in sixth. Romaine wasn't done playing executioner. From UTG, Romaine raised to 627,347 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="2h"] and Paul 'ToTheMoon' Dewald called all in from the cutoff with [poker card="5d"][poker card="5s"]. The [poker card="ah"][poker card="9s"][poker card="7h"] flop moved Romain ahead and Dewald missed his chance to improve on the [poker card="tc"] turn and [poker card="7d"] river and was eliminated in fifth place. Despite having picked up a pair of eliminations earlier, 'Bingooo' was the shortstack four-handed. Sean 'SPS8710' Seifert moved all in from the button for 2,054,764 with [poker card="6c"][poker card="6s"] and 'Bingooo' called all in from the big blind with [poker card="ah"][poker card="5d"]. Seifert moved way ahead on the [poker card="qd"][poker card="6h"][poker card="2c"] flop. The [poker card="3c"] turn gave 'Bingooo' some hope but the [poker card="tc"] river snuffed it out to eliminate them in fourth. It took 25 minutes of three-handed play to get down to just two players. Down to less than three big blinds, Seifert moved all in from the button with [poker card="qc"][poker card="7h"] and Leach called from the big blind with [poker card="8h"][poker card="5d"]. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="jd"][poker card="6s"][poker card="4d"][poker card="7s"] runout gave Lech a runner-runner eight-high straight to eliminate Seifert in third. Lech held a slight lead when heads-up play began and it took nearly 15 minutes for Lech to finish off Romaine. Lech raised to 560,000 and Romaine called. Romaine checked the [poker card="kc"][poker card="td"][poker card="3d"] flop and Lech bet 868,000. Romaine moved all in for 4,898,890 and was immediately called by Lech. Romaine showed [poker card="tc"][poker card="8s"] for second pair but got bad news when Lech tabled [poker card="ah"][poker card="ks"] for top pair. Neither the [poker card="qs"] turn or [poker card="7h"] river were able to save Romaine and he was out in second place giving Lech the title and $164,249. Final Table Payouts Michael 'miguelfiesta' Lech - $164,249 William 'SlaweelRyam' Romaine - $110,979 Sean 'SPS8710' Seifert - $77,408 Bingooo - $56,599 Paul 'ToTheMoon' Dewald - $40,600 Connor '666666' Drinan - $29,964 Christopher 'pokeher2014' Fuchs - $22,381 Megan 'wolverine17' Milburn - $18,404 Michael 'wsopmd' Dolle - $14,982 Faces in the Crowd He wasn't playing in a Whole Foods parking lot on Monday night, but Event #12 winner Ryan 'Joeyisamush' Deangelo finished 23rd for $6,381.29. Negreanu finished also earned $6,381.29 for coming in four spots behind Deangelo. Other notables who finished in the money incldued David 'bewater' Goodman (32nd - $5,456.46), David 'Twizzlers' Prociak (47th - $3,976.74), Philip 'tomte' Yeh (57th - $3,421.85), Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo (83rd - $2,219.58), Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman (86th - $2,219.58).
  21. Ajay Chabra entered the World Series of Poker Online $1,500 Limit Hold’em Championship on Tuesday with 11 cashes already in the Series with four of those coming via top-ten finishes. Chabra cracked the top ten again on Tuesday night, and this time he converted his deep run into a tournament win and his first career WSOP gold bracelet. Event #72 drew 337 players for a total prize pool of $480,225. Chabra, who entered the final table sixth in chips, spun his stack up to take down the tournament’s top prize of $77,475. After 15 minutes of nine-handed play at the final table, the action folded around to Shannon Shorr in the small blind who had less than three big blinds left in his stack. He made the raise and was called by Apti Dzhabrailov in the big blind. The flop came down [poker card="js"][poker card="7s"][poker card="5h"] which prompted a continuation bet from Shorr and a raise from Dzhabrailov. Shorr called off his remaining 31,334 chips with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="th"] and found himself up against Dzhabrailov’s [poker card="7c"][poker card="4c"]. The [poker card="ks"] on the turn and Jh on the river brought no help for Shorr who was eliminated in ninth place. Another 15 minutes later, Rich Dixon raised from under the gun with [poker card="jh"][poker card="ts"] to leave himself with less than one big blind behind. Dzhabrailov called from the cutoff with [poker card="ad"][poker card="9d"] and Dzmitry Yasiukevich made the call from the big blind with [poker card="5d"][poker card="3d"]. Yasiukevich checked it over to Dixon who moved all in for his final 64,124. Both of his opponents called the flop and checked through on the [poker card="4d"] turn and [poker card="7s"] river. Dzhabrailov’s ace-high was good and Dixon was out in eighth place. Seven-handed action continued for 20 minutes before Kevin Liu raised his short stack from the cutoff with [poker card="3h"][poker card="3d"]. Mike Watson raised from the button with [poker card="jh"][poker card="jd"] and quickly called when the action folded back around to Liu, who went all-in with his last 349,970. Liu was eliminated in seventh place when the board ran out [poker card="8h"][poker card="8s"][poker card="5h"][poker card="8d"][poker card="tc"] to keep Watson’s pocket jacks in the lead. The final table remained six-handed for nearly 30 minutes before three eliminations came less than 10 minutes apart. The first came when the action folded around to Yasiukevich in the small blind who moved his 227,290 stack all-in with the [poker card="9h"][poker card="8h"]. He was quickly called by Chabra in the big blind who rolled over [poker card="ad"][poker card="ac"]. The board ran out [poker card="9d"][poker card="7d"][poker card="3d"][poker card="3c"][poker card="th"] to eliminate Yasiukevich in sixth place. Moments later, Watson raised for virtually the rest of his stack when the action folded to him on the button. Carter Swidler raised from the big blind to put Watson’s last 34,086 in the pot. Watson’s [poker card="qd"][poker card="9s"] was ahead of Swidler’s [poker card="jh"][poker card="7h"] and stayed ahead on a [poker card="ks"][poker card="td"][poker card="5s"] flop. But the [poker card="7c"] put Swidler in the lead and the [poker card="th"] ended Watson’s night in fifth place. Swidler’s good fortune continued a few hands later when he made a raise with the [poker card="ah"][poker card="5h"] in the small blind and was faced with a three-bet from Natural8 ambassador Kosei Ichinose in the big blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="jh"]. Swidler put in the fourth bet and Ichinose moved all-in to 518,877, prompting a call from the small blind. The [poker card="7c"][poker card="6h"][poker card="2h"] flop gave Swidler a draw to the nut flush that he completed on the turn when the [poker card="th"] fell. The meaningless [poker card="2s"] on the river knocked Ichinose out in fourth place. Three-handed action lasted for about 20 minutes before Swidler raised from the button with [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] and was three-bet by Dzhabrailov in the small blind with [poker card="5s"][poker card="5c"]. Swidler elected to smooth call instead of putting in a fourth bet and saw a favorable flop of [poker card="ad"][poker card="8c"][ts'. Dzhabrailov bet and Swidler continued his slow play with a call. When the [poker card="9c"] fell on the turn, Dzhabrailov bet again and Swidler finally sprung the trap to raise and put Dzhabrailov all-in for his last 107,382. The [poker card="8h"] on the river brought no help to Dzhabrailov and sent the final table into heads up play. Chabra opened heads up with a 2-to-1 chip lead over Swidler. Swidler won a big pot early to take over the chip lead with a 5,331,994 to 3,093,006 advantage. But after some back and forth action with roughly even stacks, Chabra took a nearly 3-to-1 chip lead after winning a big pot with a full house over Swidler’s top pair. Shortly after Chabra took back his lead, Swidler raised from the button with [poker card="2h"][poker card="2s"] and was three-bet by Chabra who was holding [poker card="ks"][poker card="qh"]. Swidler four-bet and Chabra called, sending the two players to a [poker card="th"][poker card="8c"][poker card="5s"] flop. Chabra check-raised Swidler’s bet and Swidler moved in for his last 531,994 which Chabra called. Swidler’s pocket deuces were ahead, but a [poker card="qd"] on the turn gave Chabra the lead and the [poker card="5c"] on the river sealed his $1,500 Limit Hold’em Championship victory. Final Table Payouts 1. Ajay Chabra - $77,475 2. Carter Swidler - $65,737 3. Apti Dzhabrailov - $48,296 4. Kosei Ichinose - $35,483 5. Mike Watson - $26,069 6. Dzmitry Yasiukevich - $19,153 7. Kevin Liu - $14,071 8. Rich Dixon - $10,338 9. Shannon Shorr - $7,595
  22. No matter what happens, the 2020 World Series of Poker Online Main Event will have the largest prize pool in online poker history. The $5,000 buy-in event, which has 22 starting flights, features a $25 million guarantee, allowing it to surpass the 2018 partypoker MILLIONS which had a $21,780,000 prize pool. Slapping a guarantee on an event is one thing, putting enough butts in seats to make it is another entirely. To avoid an overlay, the tournament needs to draw 5,264 entries or an average of 240 per flight. PocketFives will be keeping an eye on this tournament as it pushes through the 22 starting flights throughout August. Current Numbers Updated: August 31, 9 AM ET Flights Completed: 22 of 22 Total Entries: 5,802 Prize Pool: $27,559,500 Players Advancing to Day 2: 1,145 Current Overall Top 10 Chip Counts Kahle Burns 1,387,292 Serenity - 1,021-967 stamina22 - 994,190 Shikamaru - 931,221 TlLTTTT1999 - 908,569 easy game1 - 892,346 Depaulainspt - 871,335 james5388 - 849,104 Jahad - 845,928 CheckEtoFold - 819,099 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight A August 16, 2020 Entries: 464 Prize pool: $2,204,000 Players Advancing: 99 Top 10 Chip Counts Samuel Vousden - 717,497 CharlieD23 - 602,774 Julien Martini - 576,965 BigPavelski - 547,536 waransan - 498,741 PJGecko - 472,434 TurdFerguson - 441,567 Altbbb - 400,263 slayerv1fan - 392,596 DaanOss - 385,661 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight B August 17, 2020 Entries: 114 Prize pool: $541,500 Players Advancing: 25 Top 10 Chip Counts scplayer - 620,372 Dan Smith - 421,653 Tourmination - 384,569 shadinho94 - 362,238 Stefan Burakov - 339,041 JPC123 - 329,361 VitinhoLeao - 308,882 Simon Higgins - 304,491 72neverloose - 264,443 Laurynas Levinskas - 220,587 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight C August 18, 2020 Entries: 110 Prize pool: $522,500 Players Advancing: 19 Top 10 Chip Counts elhareefff - 656,260 TheCockroach - 455,015 Almedin Imsirovic - 444,538 Horseshack - 422,022 JOhn Mcclean - 368,769 Preben Stokkan - 357,743 SPARK1207 - 306,049 ILUCKuHARD - 301,298 Timothy Nuter - 285,994 Ez4ENCE - 269,089 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight D August 19, 2020 Entries: 68 Prize pool: $323,000 Players Advancing: 7 Top 10 Chip Counts bigdad - 625,267 TTVTT - 594,852 21_Pirlo - 582,309 Oliver Weis - 411,446 goguma - 407,814 newclearfish - 402,403 Mark Radoja - 375,909 CheckEtoFold - 819,099 Christopher Brewer - 557,457 calderOn77 - 368,981 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight E August 20, 2020 Entries: 83 Prize pool: $394,250 Players Advancing: 16 Top 10 Chip Counts CheckEtoFold - 819,099 Christopher Brewer - 557,457 calderOn77 - 368,981 pelaguacha - 308,011 Holidaywer - 289,022 pakisoze911 - 281,093 papochka - 259,788 Elli25 - 231,492 TheWildHunt - 190,752 professor06 - 171,574 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight F August 21, 2020 Entries: 129 Prize pool: $522,500 Players Advancing: 19 Top 10 Chip Counts M. Vaskaboinikau - 796,176 MikePrice82 - 621,949 Adrien Delmas - 605,052 govegan - 463,605 PAPAI_PIG - 459,958 DerekJanick - 413,156 DNSFD - 410,525 BLUPHD-U - 400,354 An0n1m112 - 296,446 Much0Gust0 - 280,846 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight G August 22, 2020 Entries: 194 Prize pool: $921,500 Players Advancing: 32 Top 10 Chip Counts bemyfriend - 649,699 chokitin - 624,071 NastyMinder - 620,747 WhoAteABat - 592,161 LinusLove - 549,529 li_xiaolong - 508,932 Esganiss - 505,361 H0dler - 493,714 Petronio - 486,672 ExoticJoe - 466,107 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight H August 22, 2020 Entries: 113 Prize pool: $536,750 Players Advancing: 18 Top 10 Chip Counts Serenity - 1,021,967 Nirvana76 - 663,411 pipostinkt - 513,521 Danelk - 379,980 MarraKechy - 373,755 zyxel777 - 342,142 Ronalauc - 324,100 digopapel - 249,755 naturalMENTE - 213,683 Manig Loeser - 211,370 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight I August 23, 2020 Entries: 233 Prize pool: $1,106,750 Players Advancing: 41 Top 10 Chip Counts Freez112 - 749,186 s3c378 - 660,721 Benjamin Rolle - 587,506 TaiwanNumba1 - 552,443 upDraft - 535,148 DuanChao - 518,838 WaldRambo - 407,611 Gaug1nho - 396,652 cyphellus - 371,739 TheFlaneur - 371,063 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight J August 23, 2020 Entries: 349 Prize pool: $1,657,750 Players Advancing: 66 Top 10 Chip Counts RambaZamba - 757,963 AntreVolt - 737,254 Noceur - 615,595 Farid Jattin - 612,978 Moosey - 606,598 Chasseneige - 544,236 Drygo 1 - 512,765 ShipitFedEX - 475,204 Fedor Holz - 464,791 PokerPro69 - 458,818 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight K August 24, 2020 Entries: 72 Prize pool: $342,000 Players Advancing: 9 Top 10 Chip Counts Gr33d13 - 735,959 MrLeeeee - 678,625 RaiseVoice - 627,325 PolarFish - 457,281 kid1591 - 440,106 Boomboompig - 205,756 Arwizzz - 177,943 iosif stalin - 149,434 BIG CHI - 127,571 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight L August 24, 2020 Entries: 88 Prize pool: $418,000 Players Advancing: Top 10 Chip Counts Kahle Burns - 1,387,292 kastaban - 678,259 EzzzGame - 623,230 Arbutus77 - 416,374 betcheckbet - 393,881 PatoAgro88 - 337,315 Mike Leah - 295,485 FiestaPagana - 268,164 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight M August 25, 2020 Entries: 98 Prize pool: $465,500 Players Advancing: 18 Top 10 Chip Counts james5388 - 849,104 somebodyelse - 623,401 Matsuzaka - 466,775 Sam Greenwood - 344,355 Calvin Lee - 294,090 Rage Monkey1 - 291,901 smbdySUCKme - 250,346 tali19677 - 231,028 unknownfear - 221,286 Arsh Grover - 188,832 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight N August 25, 2020 Entries: 159 Prize pool: $755,250 Players Advancing: 36 Top 10 Chip Counts Estudiante - 689,711 yarsk - 462,120 JejuKingCrab - 446,595 NevSlater - 388,316 tonij - 338,772 MadFox89 - 321,431 Brian Green - 318,091 R4d054v - 318,090 Poch0Loc0 - 310,883 GTOExploiter - 263,406 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight O August 26, 2020 Entries: 118 Prize pool: $560,500 Players Advancing: 21 Top 10 Chip Counts Maznacik - 791,634 Johtajaberg - 529,649 unobet - 521,586 KT90 - 410,430 KEN-C - 403,853 Redondez@ - 377,856 Moist - 373,673 Martiroca - 305,140 OhhhNo - 270,694 bibi zay - 260,192 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight P August 27, 2020 Entries: 239 Prize pool: $755,250 Players Advancing: 44 Top 10 Chip Counts stamina22 - 994,190 ZryjGruz - 592,607 Nator - 570,606 Pearblossom - 566,302 TheKid101 - 532,977 BluffMeNot - 432,907 You Kaisheng - 413,289 jerbi9999 - 390,180 KING0FCARDS - 378,355 Rainer Kempe - 371,292 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight Q August 27, 2020 Entries: 126 Prize pool: $598,500 Players Advancing: 23 Top 10 Chip Counts TwoPairTom - 724,747 RhyzmP - 665,586 MadSwitch - 473,473 FTBG - 452,070 TopRegUK - 412,729 Kingkramer88 - 348,523 Euro10 - 339,873 meiiYunqi - 323,640 Knossi Fan - 309,388 Decent! - 305,262 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight R August 27, 2020 Entries: 247 Prize pool: $1,173,250 Players Advancing: 54 Top 10 Chip Counts MisterPro - 577,772 Isaac Haxton - 526,156 DeniseGrober - 470,548 Hookaholic - 455,609 dirtynude - 423,782 retemax1 - 417,192 LUTULUM - 411,586 Ana Marquez - 389,189 David Peters - 357,981 nocomprendoo - 350,246 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight S August 28, 2020 Entries: 237 Prize pool: $1,125,750 Players Advancing: 44 Top 10 Chip Counts TlLTTTT1999 - 908,569 Conor Beresford - 531,367 tIot - 514333 Prodigal Sen - 510,618 fsousa - 461,111 UknowWhoIam - 408,469 PKmaster911 - 383,199 PequenoPony - 377,902 s2pni - 377,651 arigatou - 376,297 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight T August 28, 2020 Entries: 437 Prize pool: $2,075,750 Players Advancing: 83 Top 10 Chip Count Shikamaru- - 931, 221 easy game1 - 892,346 Jahad - 845,928 NikolaCokesa - 752,355 MiguelFiesta - 671,675 kellyyy - 554,720 TuttiARsUG0 - 486,099 TheRayGuy - 478,143 NewGambler - 467,681 km123 - 444,946 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight U August 29, 2020 Entries: 506 Prize pool: $2,403,500 Players Advancing: 101 Top 10 Chip Counts Ruslan234 - 718,427 wolverine27 - 655,314 Luckyshiba - 538,177 Shankar Pillai - 528,890 Emotion 98 3 - 523,092 KingPu - 496,007 colinchow - 480,286 bulemashina - 479,594 Nutshell31- 469,256 duckquack - 467,287 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight V August 29, 2020 Entries: 760 Prize pool: $3,610,000 Players Advancing: 155 Top 10 Chip Counts Depaulainspt - 871,335 Adamwia - 668,354 SickPapa - 653,316 Shershnyaga - 643,282 Guidoo - 636,759 Wizardofodds - 612,730 ProteinBaby - 585,548 deadman1100 - 581,248 Freddyf86 - 546,995 Iconic - 540,688 2020 WSOP Online Main Event Flight W August 30, 2020 Entries: 858 Prize pool: $4,075,500 Players Advancing: 242 Top 10 Chip Counts mrdemidov - 668,033 Phachara W - 649,813 Mcalaiii - 644,587 ExclusiveA - 524,783 PMA888 - 478,268 Tara@0z - 471,061 Craig Timmis - 457,188 xoxotic ACID - 429,580 sazan - 425,224 Tien_Dau79 - 424,208
  23. Jim Lefteruk entered the final table of World Series of Poker Online Event #73 ($1,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed) as the only player at the table without a single registered result on Hendon Mob. He emerged from the final table with a first place prize of $299,511 and a WSOP gold bracelet. Lefteruk, a Canadian, outlasted a field that drew 2,202 players for a total prize pool of $2,091,900. The final table began with nine players and the blinds at 80,000/160,000 with an ante of 20,000. Jorge Abreu (2,228,653), Lefteruk (2,274,944), and Ivan Luca (2,552,832) all had right approximately 15 big blinds at the start of the final table, but despite their relatively short stacks, nine-handed play lasted for just under an hour. Anant Prohit entered the final table second in chips with 9,271,334, but after nearly an hour of play he was down to just under 13 big blinds. Lefteruk raised to 400,000 from the cutoff with [poker card="kh"][poker card="jh"] and Prohit moved all in to 2,526,982 from the big blind holding the [poker card="as"][poker card="5s"]. The [poker card="js"][poker card="9d"][poker card="8d"] gave Lefteruk the lead and the [poker card="kc"] turn left Purohit drawing dead. A meaningless [poker card="5c"] on the river eliminated Purohit in ninth place. Another half hour passed before Andrii Derzhypilskyi made an under-the-gun raise to 480,000 with [poker card="ks"][poker card="kc"]. Former final table chip leader Patrick Kennedy went all-in for his last 5,089,945 to Derzhypilskyi’s immediate left with [poker card="jc"][poker card="jd"]. Derzhypilskyi quickly called after the action folded back around to him, and a [poker card="5s"][poker card="4s"][poker card="4d"][poker card="3c"][poker card="7s"] runout offered no help to Kennedy who was knocked out in eight place. Just three minutes later, Abreu raised over four times the big blind to 1,080,000 with [poker card="js"][poker card="jd"]. Derzhypilskyi three-bet on the button with [poker card="ah"][poker card="jh"] to 4,383,300 which was enough to put the remaining players in the hand all in. Seungmook Jung called off his remaining 3,676,430 from the small blind with [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] and Abreu completed his all-in to 2,240,612. The case jack fell on a [poker card="jc"][poker card="4h"][poker card="6s"] board to put Abreu way out in front. Jung turned some straight outs with the [poker card="qs"], but was eliminated in seventh place when the [poker card="9s"] gave Abreu a clean triple-up. Six-handed play went on for 50 minutes until Markku Koplimaa raised on the button to 1,600,000 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="8h"]. Luca three-bet shoved from the big blind with [poker card="ad"][poker card="qs"] to move Koplimaa all in, and Koplimaa called off his remaining 1,501,826. An uneventful [poker card="jc"][poker card="4s"][poker card="2d"][poker card="th"][poker card="5h"] board was enough to knock Koplimaa out of the tournament in sixth place. After about 15 minutes of five-handed play, two knockouts came within five minutes of one another. Derzhypilskyi raised to 2,944,000 on the button with [poker card="kd"][poker card="qc"] and faced an all-in raise from Endrit Geci in the big blind with [poker card="tc"][poker card="td"]. Derzhypilskyi called for his remaining 2,677,429 and couldn’t find the help he needed on an [poker card="8h"][poker card="8s"][poker card="5c"][poker card="2d"][poker card="9c"] runout. Moments later, Luca limped in on the button, Geci completed his small blind, and Lefteruk raised to 1,400,000 in the big blind. Luca and Geci both called and the flop came down [poker card="ac"][poker card="qh"][poker card="qc"]. All three players checked through to the turn, which brought the [poker card="2d"]. Geci checked, Lefteruk bet 1,452,000, Luca called, and Geci folded. The [poker card="2s"] on the rover completed the board and Lefteruk bet enough to put Luca all-in for his last 6,567,556. Luca tanked for over two minutes before calling with [poker card="as"][poker card="js"]. Lefteruk’s flipped over the [poker card="2h"][poker card="2c"] to eliminate Luca in fourth place with quad deuces. Lefteruk dominated three-handed play to accumulate over 75% of the total chips in play. Abreu shoved from the button with 6,701,344 with [poker card="jh"][poker card="ts"] and was called by Lefteruk in the big blind holding [poker card="Ac"][poker card="4c"]. The [poker card="7h"][poker card="6h"][poker card="2h"] brought in some flush outs for Abreu, who would need that flush to win when Lefteruk hit the [poker card="Ad"] for top pair on the turn. The [poker card="2s"] on the river knocked Abreu out of the tournament in third place. Lefteruk entered heads up play with a massive lead of 49,664,832 to 5,385,168. Geci lasted for about 10 minutes until Lefteruk limped in from the button with [poker card="jh"][poker card="jd"] and which drew an all-in raise to 6,380,336 from Geci, who held the [poker card="ks"][poker card="tc"]. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="qc"][poker card="4d"] gave Geci some straight outs to go along with his king, and the [poker card="ts"] on the turn brought in two more outs. But the [poker card="qd"] fell on the river to leave Lefteruk as the last man standing. Final Table Payouts Jim Lefteruk - $299,511 Endrit Geci - $223,978 Jorge Abreu - $161,042 Ivan Luca - $115,791 Andrii Derzhypilskyi - $83,254 Markku Koplimaa - $59,861 Seungmook Jung - $43,040 Patrick Kennedy - $30,946 Anant Purohit - $22,250
  24. Trygve Leite entered the World Series of Poker $300 Double Stack No Limit Hold’em event with 14 career WSOP cashes including five in this year’s Online Series on GGPoker. Earlier this month he finished in 12th place in the $300 Monster Stack for $6,637 but did considerably better on Saturday with a first-place finish, a $130,100 and a WSOP gold bracelet. Event #75 drew 3,552 players to yield a total prize pool of $991,008. Before Saturday’s win, the biggest recorded cash of Leite’s career came in a PPPoker Live High Roller event in Manila last February for $23,998. Leite took down the first pot of the final table pre-flop with a three-bet from the cutoff and then took down the second pot preflop as well with a standard open raise. Leite made another raise open raise in the third pot of nine-handed play and was met with an all-in shove to 11,649,317 from Connor Drinan in the big blind with [poker card="5h"][poker card="5c"]. Leite quickly called and turned over the [poker card="as"][poker card="ac"], keeping his red-hot start at the final table going as the board ran out [poker card="jh"][poker card="jc"][poker card="3d"][poker card="4h"][poker card="2c"] to eliminate Drinan in ninth place. David Mitchell entered the final table with the shortest stack and found a spot to get the chips in just three minutes after Drinan’s elimination. Mitchell raised to 2,800,000 from early position leaving himself only 737,736 left behind, and he called that off when Eliyahu Elyshiv made an isolating raise to 9,600,000 from the cutoff. Elyshiv held the [poker card="8d"][poker card="8s"] and was flipping against Mitchell’s [poker card="ad"][poker card="ts"] before the [poker card="ks"][poker card="jd"][poker card="8c"] moved Elyshiv way out in front with a set. Mitchell couldn’t catch the queen he needed on a [poker card="3d"] turn and an [poker card="as"] river and was out of the event in eighth place. Leite picked up his second elimination of the final table on the very next hand. Jiahuan He raised all-in for his last 8,467,462 with [poker card="3d"][poker card="3c"] on the button and Leite re-shoved to isolate with the [poker card="5h"][poker card="5c"]. Gregory Ronaldson folded in the big blind and the board came [poker card="ah"][poker card="js"][poker card="2h"][poker card="7d"][poker card="8h"], bringing no help to He and knocking him out in seventh. Six-handed play lasted for about 15 minutes before Leite was on the destruction path again. The action folded around to Paul Lozano who moved all-in from the small blind for 8,105,847. Leite called in the big blind to see that his [poker card="ad"][poker card="tc"] was ahead of Lozano’s [poker card="ks"][poker card="jd"]. A [poker card="7c"][poker card="5d"][poker card="4s"][poker card="qs"][poker card="2d"] board eliminated Lozano in sixth place and extended Leite’s heater. Just five minutes later, Leite folded under the gun and Ronaldson went all in for his last 10,471,700 with [poker card="as"][poker card="5s"]. He was called by Emanuele Monari, who had entered the final table with the chip lead and was still second in chips when he made this call with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="7c"]. Both players hit top pair on an [poker card="ah"][poker card="9h"][poker card="8d"] flop, but Monari’s kicker played as the turn brought the [poker card="2c"] and the [poker card="3d"] on the river completed the board to knock out Ronaldson in fifth. The final table’s fast pace continued as the next elimination came with five minutes again. This time, Monari min-raised to 2,000,000 as the first player to act and Elyshiv raised to 7,000,000 on the button with just 1,078,346 left behind. The action folded back to Monari who moved Elyshiv in for his remaining stack. Monari’s [poker card="ah"][poker card="7h"] remained ahead of Elyshiv’s [poker card="kh"][poker card="ts"] on a [poker card="6s"][poker card="4s"][poker card="4d"] flop. The [poker card="9s"] on the turn brought in some flush outs for Elyshiv, but he was eliminated in fourth place when he bricked out with the [poker card="5c"] on the river. Three-handed play lasted for about 10 minutes before Leite min-raised to 2,000,000 from the small blind and Anjali Agrawal made a stand from the big blind with an all-in shove to 17,119,944. Unfortunately for Agrawal, Leite had the goods this time with the [poker card="as"][poker card="kc"] and quickly called. Agrawal’s [poker card="jh"][poker card="8s"] was behind before the flop and completely crushed when the flop came [poker card="kd"][poker card="9d"][poker card="9c"]. The [poker card="4c"] on the turn left Agrawal drawing dead and the meaningless [poker card="5h"] on the river sent the final table to heads-up. Leite entered heads-up play with a roughly 2-to-1 chip lead. It took only 55 minutes for the final table to whittle down from nine players to two, and Leite and Monari went to war for another 55 minutes before a champion was finally crowned. On the final hand of the tournament, Monari limped in on the button and called Leite’s raise to 6.4 million. The flop came [poker card="qh"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5s"] which prompted a bet of 4,356,000 from Leite and a call from Monari. Leite bet 16,434,000 when the [poker card="jc"] came on the turn and Monari quickly called. The [poker card="8d"] on the river completed the board and Leite checked. Monari moved all-in for his last 44,617,657 after rivering two pair with the [poker card="qc"][poker card="8c"]. But Leite snap-called and revealed that the river had helped his hand as well as his [poker card="th"][poker card="9d"] had improved to the nut straight to clinch the win. Final Table Payouts 1. Trygve Leite - $130,100 2. Emanuele Monari - $101,292 3. Anjali Agrawal - $72,204 4. Eliyahu Elyshiv - $51,470 5. Gregory Ronaldson - $36,689 6. Paul Lozano - $26,154 7. Jiahuan He - $18,643 8. David Mitchell - $13,290 9. Connor Drinan - $9,473
  25. As the 2020 World Series of Poker Online draws to a close with just a few tournaments left on the schedule, Event #85 ($500 The Closer [Last Chance]) tournament drew 4,012 to generate a prize pool of $1,905,700. Two-time World Series of Poker Bracelet winner Shankar Pillai and three-time WSOP Bracelet winner Michael Gathy both found their way into the final three in this massive field. And in the end, it was Gathy who came out on top to earn a first-place prize worth $260,504 and his fourth WSOP Bracelet. Gathy already had an impressive WSOP resume coming into this event. The Belgium native had 32 WSOP cashes worth $1,874,375 before Sunday’s big score. His last bracelet and biggest career cash came in 2016 when he won the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Event #35 for $560,843. The whole final table started with shallow stacks and took only 45 minutes to complete. The first elimination came within five minutes of reaching nine-handed play when action folded around to Vitor Adiron in the cutoff who raised to 3,184,066, leaving himself 500,000 chips behind. Gathy raised to 5,368,132 on the button and Yuan Yuan Li moved all-in from the small blind for 8,020,851. Adiron called with [poker card="5s"][poker card="5c"] and Gathy called with [poker card="ac"][poker card="7h"] and both found themselves behind Li’s [poker card="kh"][poker card="ks"]. Gathy flopped a pair on a [poker card="qd"][poker card="8c"][poker card="7s"] flop and Adiron turned an open-ended straight draw when the [poker card="6d"] fell, but a [poker card="3h"] on the river delivered a massive pot to Li and eliminated Adiron in ninth place. Just four minutes after the players returned from break, Li min-raised to 2,000,000 in early position with [poker card="5c"][poker card="5d"] and faced an all-in shove from Toni Ojala in the cutoff for Ojala’s last 9,845,965. The button and blinds folded and Li called to see the bad news that Ojala was holding [poker card="as"][poker card="ad"]. But a [poker card="qc"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5h"] flop shot Li into the lead with a set of fives, and Ojala failed to catch up when the [poker card="kh"] came on the turn and the [poker card="9d"] completed the board on the river. Seven-handed play lasted for about five minutes before Li would claim yet another victim. Gathy min-raised from the hijack position with [poker card="kd"][poker card="8d"] and Li called in the cutoff with [poker card="kh"][poker card="qh"]. The action folded to Paul Hockin who went all-in for 11,591,938 in the big blind with [poker card="ac"][poker card="js"]. Gathy folded and Li called, taking the lead away from Hockin on a [poker card="qs"][poker card="td"][poker card="2s"] flop that gave Li top pair. The [poker card="jc"] turn and [poker card="7d"] river completed another winning board for Li and eliminated Hockin in seventh place. Ten minutes later, two eliminations occurred on back-to-back hands. The action folded to Craig Mason in the small blind who had [poker card="qs"][poker card="7c"] and just over two big blinds left. He went all-in for his last 2,749,096 and was quickly called by Erik Von Buxhoeveden in the big blind who held the [poker card="as"][poker card="8c"]. An [poker card="ah"][poker card="5c"][poker card="2d"] flop provided little drama and Mason was drawing dead when the [poker card="kd"] fell on the turn. A meaningless [poker card="8d"] on the river knocked Mason out in sixth place. The action folded around to the small blind again where Luis Gustavo Kamei raised to 4,222,222 with [poker card="ac"][poker card="2d"]. Gathy raised his big stack from the big blind with [poker card="tc"][poker card="6s"] to put Kamei in for the 671,446 he had left behind. Kamei called and fell behind on a [poker card="7h"][poker card="6d"][poker card="2s"] flop that gave both players a pair but put Gathy’s pair of sixes in the lead. The [poker card="5d"] on the turn and [poker card="qs"] on the river changed nothing and eliminated Kamei in fifth place. It took less than five minutes to narrow the field from four players down to two. Von Buxhoeveden went all-in for 12,254,336 with [poker card="6h"][poker card="6c"] on the button and was called by Gathy’s [poker card="ts"][poker card="tc"] in the small blind. The board ran out [poker card="as"][poker card="9c"][poker card="2d"][poker card="5s"][poker card="7s"] to bring Gathy’s stack up to just under 60,000. Moments later, Li raised enough from the small blind with [poker card="kd"][poker card="8c"] to virtually put Pillai all-in, and Pillai shoved with [poker card="ac"][poker card="3h"] in the big blind for 6,194,434. Li called and was still behind when the flop fell [poker card="7d"][poker card="5c"][poker card="4d"] and the turn came the [poker card="ts"]. But the [poker card="6c"] on the river completed Li’s gutter-ball straight draw and sent Li and Gathy to heads up. Gathy entered heads up play with a 3-to-2 chip advantage. He held over 80% of the chips in play after about 10 minutes of heads-up play when Li moved all-in with the [poker card="qs"][poker card="7s"]. Gathy called with [poker card="as"][poker card="3c"] and a safe runout of [poker card="kd"][poker card="5c"][poker card="4d"][poker card="th"][poker card="4s"] earned him a fourth career WSOP Bracelet. Final Table Payouts 1. Michael Gathy - $260,504 2. Yuan Yuan Li- $194,248 3. Shankar Pillai - $138,467 4. Erik Von Buxhoeveden - $98,704 5. Luis Gustavo Kamei - $70,359 6. Craig Mason - $50,154 7. Paul Hockin - $35,751 8. Toni Ojala - $25,485 9. Vitor Adiron - $18,166

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