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Found 3 results

  1. The final Tuesday in the GGPoker Spring Festival was a big one with seven different players walking away with High buy-in level titles and the lion's share of more than $6 million in prize pools, but nobody shined brighter - and scored bigger - than Joakim Andersson. Sweden's Andersson showed no mercy as he topped the 1,089-entry field to win the GGPoker Spring Festival MILLION$ Main Event for $1,537,605.12. The $10,890,000 prize pool exceeded the $10 million guarantee and ensured that the eventual champion wasn't going to be the only newly-minted millionaire. Runner-up Julian Stuer banked $1,185,655.13 for falling one spot short of the title. Coming in third place, Darrell Goh walked away with $914,265.78. Sami Kelopuro won his fourth GGPoker Spring Festival title after outlasting 98 other entries in Event #84 ($25,500 Super High Roller) to win $572,003.82. Wei Zhao took the consolation prize of $40,969.69 as the runner-up while Isaac Haxton finished third for $339,952.82. Canadians Michael Watson and Mark Radoja chopped up nearly $700,000 after outlasting 180 other entries in Event #83 ($10,300 Super Tuesday). Watson wound up with $361,957.15 and the title while Radoja added $333,213.42 to his bankroll for finishing in second. David Peters was left out of the chop discussion, but did take home $223,398.23 for a bronze medal performance. Arsenii Malinov went bounty hunting in Event #82 ($2,100 Bounty) and came back with a GGSF title and $114,534.71. Runner-up 'BIG HAI' earned $50,622.54 while Simon Lofberg picked up $68,983.15 and finished in third position. Other players who wrapped up Tuesday with a GGSF High title included '77Storm77' (Event #79-H), 'Schabi10' (Event #81-H), and Bernard Haider (Event #85-H). GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H ($10,300) Entries: 1,089 Prize pool: $10,890,000 J Andersson - $1,537,605.12 Julian Stuer - $1,185,655.13 Darrell Goh - $914,265.78 Event #79 ($1,050 High Rollers Main Event [2-Day Event]) Entries: 451 Prize pool: $451,000 77Storm77 - $84,526.81 Andras Nemeth - $63,385.90 RukKuRuku - $47,532.73 Event #81 ($1,050 PLO-NL) Entries: 187 Prize pool: $187,000 Schabi10 - $44,265.78 J Jouhkimainen - $32,004.92 Vitaloca - $23,140.19 Event #82 ($2,100 Bounty) Entries: 343 Prize pool: $686,000 Arsenii Malinov - $114,534.71 BIG HAI - $50,622.54 Simon Lofberg - $68,983.15 Event #83 ($10,300 Super Tuesday) Entries: 182 Prize pool: $1,820,000 Michael Watson - $361,957.35 Mark Radoja - $333,213.42 David Peters - $223,398.23 Event #84 ($25,500 Super High Roller) Entries: 99 Prize pool: $2,475,000 Sami Kelopuru - $572,003.82 Wei Zhao - $440,969.69 Isaac Haxton - $339,952.82 Event #85 ($525 Bounty Turbo [6-Max]) Entries: 458 Prize pool: $229,000 Bernard Haider - $35,605.67 Omaholic - $20,356.95 BeardOilGuy - $11,727.18
  2. Finnish poker superstar Sami Kelopuro added yet another notch in his belt on Saturday night, beating out a star-studded field in a GGPoker Spring Festival event to win $189,000 and his third title of the series. The former #1-ranked Kelopuro beat out 70 other entries, including fellow former #1-ranked Joao Simao heads up, to win Event #68-H ($10,300 PLO-NL Bounty High Roller) for $189,185.21. Simao banked $78,802.01 for coming in second place while another Finn, Lauri Varonen, came in third place for $74,235.30. Wei Zhao topped the 120-runner field in Event #67-H ($5,250 PLO-NL HR) to bank $155,417.91. One spot behind Zhao, 'Suhepx' picked up a $112,369.96 payday. Isaac Haxton took the final spot on the podium and added $81,245.73 to his bankroll. There were two events scheduled to take advantage of the Asian time zones. 'MikeAllingelo' shipped Event #65-H ($250 Asia Major) to win $20,402.47 while Aram Oganyan earned $33,609.99 as the champion in Event #66-H ($525 Bounty Hunters Asia). The final event on the day also came with a six-figure payday for the champion. Germany's Robert Heirdorn earned $101,600.07 for winning Event #70-H ($2,100 Bounty). The event drew 265 entries to build a $30,000 prize pool. Christian Rudolph added yet another top-three finish - his fifth of the series - by coming in second place for $48,547.20. Rudolph has now won one event, finished second three times, and also has a third place result. Viktor Ustimov came in third here for $46,008.51. Event #65-H ($250 Asia Major) Entries: 580 Prize pool: $133,400 MikeAllingelo - $20,402.47 SexyBaldGuy - $15,511.17 GoldFishKing - $11,792.79 Event #66-H ($525 Bounty Hunters Asia) Entries: 467 Prize pool: $233,500 Aram Oganyan - $33,609.99 JESUSYAAZY - $17,266.03 iownurmind - $14,802.23 Event #67-H ($5,250 PLO-NL HR) Entries: 120 Prize pool: $600,000 Wei Zhao - $155,417.91 Suhepx - $112,369.96 Isaac Haxton - $81,245.73 Event #68-H ($10,300 PLO-NL Bounty High Roller) Entries: 71 Prize pool: $710,000 Sami Kelopuro - $189,185.21 Joao Simao - $78,802.01 Lauri Varonen - $74,235.30 Event #70-H ($2,100 Bounty) Entries: 265 Prize pool: $530,000 Robert Heidorn - $101,600.07 Christian Rudolph - $48,547.20 Viktor Ustimov - $46,008.51
  3. A cool and calm Friday for the GGPoker Spring Festival saw three high roller events play out to a finish with each winner claiming their maiden GGSF title. Across the three tournaments, $380,000 in prizes was up for grabs with Tomas Jozonis taking home the biggest pay out of the day. Jozonis, a former aspiring beach volleyball star, picked up his first title of the GGPoker Spring Festival. The Lithuanian grinder is no stranger to the high stakes scene with over $3 million in online cashes and just shy of a million in live earnings. The former #1-ranked Lithuanian player bested 114 other entries to win Event #61-H ($2,100 Bounty) for $45,102.09, the biggest prize of the day. Romain 'Flingue' Dours was the last bounty Jozonis' claimed which saw the Frenchman take home $29,735.37 for his second place finish. Rounding out the podium was Shankar Pillai who took home $24,782.29 for his performance. The second player to pick up their first GGSF title of the day was Argentinian poker player Emiliano 'eltutuca197' Ricchini. With $75,000 (including a $4,500 overlay) in the prize pool, Ricchini won Event #63-H ($525 Turbo) for $17,060.10, overcoming Francisco ‘VaPaCooler’ Benitez in a heads up battle. It is the second time this series that Benitez fell at the final hurdle, losing to Christian Rudolph at heads up in Event #27-H ($2,100 Bounty) just a week ago. Nevertheless, his silver medal earned him $12,793.22 with Wei Zhao getting his third GGSF top three finish for a four figure pay out of $9,593.56. The final Friday tournament, Event #63-H ($525 Turbo), had another $75,000 in the prize pool and was also the fixture which saw the most entries. Of the 151 entries, it was 'nvrstd' who topped the pack and secured the final five-figure cash prize of the day. The first place finish secured the player's inaugural GGSF win and added another $15,543.64 to their bankroll. 'VekRex' who came third in the GGMasters $150, $500K GTD last month, saw their silver medal translate to $8,973.51. The last third place finish of the day belonged to 'imslowrollin' who's efforts saw $6,462.13 head their way. Event #61-H ($2,100 Bounty) Entries: 115 Prize pool: $230,000 Tomas Jozonis – $45,102.09 Flingue – $29,735.37 Shankar Pillai – $24,782.29 Event #63-H ($525 Turbo) Entries: 141 Prize pool: $75,000 ($4,500 overlay) Emiliano 'eltutuca1987' Ricchini - $17,060.10 VaPaCooler – $12,793.22 Wei Zhao – $9,593.56 Event #64-H ($525 Bounty Hyper 6-Max) Entries: 151 Prize pool: $75,000 nvrstd – $15,543.64 VekRex – $8,973.51 imslowrollin – $6,462.13

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