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  1. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Blizzard offers plenty of value opportunities for grinders on a budget.[/caption] There’s a lot that goes into creating a poker series, online or live. In general, companies want to cast the widest net possible, making the event exciting for players of every bankroll level. 888poker does a very good job of this and the 34 events of the upcoming XL Blizzard on January 18-28 is no exception. Sure, there’s a solid group of big-time tournaments for the high rolling set, but what about those players who are on a tighter budget but would still like to play for bankroll boosting score? 888poker didn’t forget about their core base of players and so we’re here to spotlight five “can’t miss” tournaments for the true grinder. When: January 18 What: $15,000 Mini Opening Buy-in: $12 If you can’t find your way into the larger Event #1 the $109 buy-in Opening Event, the Mini Opening, Event #2, is the next best thing. The buy-in to guarantee ratio is definitely in favor of the player in comparison and just because one is not playing in the latest event of the day doesn’t stop them from taking advantage of all of the extra promotions, including bonus cash for both multiple wins and cashing in eight or more tournaments. With a very likely four-figure first place prize, a victory here could put you in contention for some serious XL Blizzard money. When: January 20 What: $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 Buy-in: $8.80 Boasting the cheapest buy-in for the entire series, Event #7, the Mini Crazy 8, is sure to draw a large field. Like their World Series of Poker counterpart, the Crazy 8 tournaments seem to really draw a crowd. Again, the buy-in is 1/10th of the larger Crazy 8 tournament and but the guarantee is roughly 1/3rd making it a complete value tournament no matter what stakes you usually play. When: January 21 What: $40,000 Mini Tune Up Buy-in: $12 With only a $12 buy-in, Event #11, the Mini Tune Up, carries the largest guarantee of any tournament on the schedule at this relative buy-in. The tournament is in the middle of a day that includes the $200,000 Whale and so it’s very likely that the field could be a robust one and should the guarantee get smashed the final few will be looking at high four-figure and maybe even a five-figure payday for less than a ticket to 'Molly’s Game'. When: January 22 What: $10,000 Mini R&A Buy-in: $5 The $5 price tag is a little misleading as there are rebuys and an add-on in this tournament. But should you run hot early, while others are busting and rebuying, this could be a high-value tournament. Catch fire and practice a little bankroll management, without falling into the contagious mindset of shipping super light and crossing your fingers and in the end perhaps you 100x your buy-in. But should you get doomswitched and, in turn, stubborn, this could turn from a $5 dalliance into a minor money pit. When: January 28 What: $50,000 Micro Main Buy-in: $30 Event #34, the final event on the XL Blizzard schedule, has the lowest buy-in during the last four days of tournaments but it should be a good one. With more of a mid-stakes price point the Micro Main comes with a healthy $50,000 guarantee, which very well could be shattered as players make a last ditch effort to find their way into the Champion of Champions tournament with hopes of winning a World Series of Poker Main Event package. When all is said and done, of all the smaller buy-in tournaments, this is the most likely to pay out five-figures to the winner. If these look good but you are looking for tournaments that come with a little big of a higher risk/reward ratio, don’t fear - you can check out these Five Big-Time Tournaments on the XL Blizzard Schedule and plan your winter week accordingly.
  2. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Blizzard offers plenty of big-time opportunities to win big-time money.[/caption] Winter is here and so is another one of 888poker’s mammoth online series, this one, the final of the XL trilogy, is XL Blizzard and features 34 events and over $2.9 million in guarantees. As with all of 888poker’s online series they’ve packed it full of big money tournaments that bring out both the best players in the online scene as well as value hunters that are hoping that this will be the series where they make a name for themselves with a massive score to match. So even though the schedule for XL Blizzard has been trimmed down, giving players every opportunity to play in absolutely all events, here’s a selection of the five largest tournaments on the schedule that will most likely radically change the bankrolls of the eventual winners. When: January 18What: $80,000 Opening EventBuy-in: $109 While Event #1, the Opening Event, does not carry the biggest guarantee, nor the largest buy-in, the first event of each of the XL Series has been an event worth coming out for. Players will likely want to get a jump on the bevy of promotions that come along with XL Blizzard, including bonuses for multi-time champions, bonuses for multi-cash players and even a potential spot in the Champion of Champions tournament which is awarding a seat to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. If the promotions do their job, the $80k guarantee should be smashed as players flock to the Opening Event in hopes of getting their series off to a solid start. When: January 21 What: $200,000 Tune Up Buy-in: $160 January 21 has a number of big-ticket items but perhaps the largest with the most value is Event #10 $200,000 Tune Up. Starting just a half hour after Event #9 $120,000 Mega Deep kicks off, it boasts an additional $80,000 in guaranteed money and with a buy-in of $160, it’s $55 cheaper than the Mega Deep. While the structure is likely to be faster, the Tune Up has a great guarantee-to-buy-in ratio and will no doubt be packed with players on a day of big-time tournaments. When: January 21 What: $200,000 Whale Buy-In: $1,050 One of the largest buy-ins on the entire schedule is the $1,050 of Event #12 $200,000 Whale. The Whale, a staple of the 888poker regular weekly schedule, brings out some of the top grinders who try to navigate the slightly smaller field in search of the large five-figure payday. Back on Day 1 of the XL Eclipse schedule ‘CllsDntMttr’ took down the first Whale for almost $65,000 and one of the largest paydays of the series. This event could very well smash the guarantee and award an equivalent payout. When: January 23 What: $250,000 High Roller Buy-in: $2,100 Still all the rage, if a tournament has High Roller in the header it’s bound to bring out the biggest names in the game. Sure the field will be tough, but the payout will likely be huge. Depending on how many entrants flock to this High Roller the top spot payout could push the upper five-figures and potentially even a $100,000 score. When: January 28 What: $1,000,000 Main Event Buy-in: $1,050 A million dollar guaranteed prize pool, live or online, is a major tournament and the XL Blizzard Main Event will no doubt be a spectacle. With players being fed into the Main Event both through the standard step satellites as well as a pair of Mega satellites that take place over the course of the series, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if the guarantee is smashed. The aforementioned ‘CllsDntMttr’ also happened to be the winner of the XL Eclipse Main Event for over $273,000 and while this Main Event does not have the same guarantee, the certainty of a six-figure score, which would be a career-defining score to many grinders out there, will likely attract a healthy field making it the first major 888poker tournament of 2018. Not to worry if these big-time tournaments are out of your bankroll. Not only are there many ways to win your way into events like the Main Event, XL Blizzard is jam-packed with a variety of tournaments to fit the schedule and budget of just about every online grinder.
  3. [caption width="640"] 888poker's winter series, XL Blizzard, offers over .9 million in guarantees starting on January 18[/caption] 888poker’s XL Championship series returns for another go-around from January 18-28. Offering over $2.9 million in guaranteed money and a new, sleeker streamlined selection of tournaments, XL Blizzard is offering tournament players a winter series that sure to create massive prize pools while at the same time offering new promotions to entice players to find their way into as many tournaments as they can. XL Blizzard is the end of the XL Championship trilogy as announced by 888poker back in April. While previous iterations of the XL Series bombarded players with massive schedules, testing their tournament fortitude, the upcoming XL Blizzard has paired down its offerings to a healthy 34 events, affording players with an appetite for guaranteed prize pools the time to hop into every event they wish. While every event carries a guarantee worth playing for, highlighted events of the 11-day affair include the $80,000 Opening Event, a full day of 888poker’s trademark “Crazy 8” tournaments, a $2,100 $250,000 guaranteed High Roller as well as the $1,000,000 Main Event for which there are multiple satellites helping feed players into the big-money event. Sure, there may be fewer events during XL Blizzard than previous XL series', but 888poker is packing it full of promotions for tournament and leaderboard winners and even those who feel the sting of going out on the bubble. Winning one tournament in any given series is tough enough, winning two puts a player in an exclusive club and three, well, that might mark the heater of a lifetime. But if somehow, someway a player is about to find their way to five victories over the 34 event series, not only will they achieve instant online legend status but 888poker will also make them a millionaire. The XL Blizzard $1,000,000 Winners promotion will pay cold hard cash to those players who win multiple titles. Win two events, win an extra $1,000. Win three and they’ll make it $10,000. Four victories is a bonus $100,000 and five or more puts seven-figures in your bank account, paying $1,000,000. The bonuses don’t stop with winning multiple titles. Players who make three or more final tables in the XL Blizzard series will receive a $600 tournament ticket. Similarly, if a player cashes in eight or more of the 34 events, 888poker will gift them a $215 tournament ticket. Players who finish in the Top 50 of the series tournament leaderboard will get an additional opportunity for even more prizes. The Top 50 will be entered into the XL Blizzard Champion of Champions event, the winner of which will receive an exclusive package putting them into the $10,000 Main Event of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in July including travel expenses, a stay at the Vdara hotel and an 888Live poker kit. Beyond first place, the runner-up will also get a WSOP prize in the form of a $3,000 Crazy 8 WSOP package as well as a $1,050 tournament ticket. Third place also gets the $3,000 WSOP Crazy 8 package. Fourth and fifth get a $1,050 tournament ticket, and the rest of the final table receive a $600 tournament ticket. In fact, 10th-40th place will be getting a free $55 tournament ticket. For those 41st-50th, well, someone has to go home empty-handed. Finally, for those players who bear the burden of being the last person in the tournament not to make any money, during XL Blizzard, 888poker is offering a shot at redemption. The “Bubble of Bubbles” offers free entry to players who bubble any of the 34 events. The winner of the “Bubble of Bubbles” event will win one of those $3,000 Crazy 8 WSOP packages, second thru fourth take home a $160 tournament ticket while the rest of the final table pick up a $55 tournament ticket. Players can also expect plenty of 888poker pros to be logging on to defend their home turf. 888poker ambassadors including Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche, Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Natalie Hof, Sofia Lovgren and more will all be in the mix. Satellites a running for a variety of the events and players can get started working their way up through the steps for as little as a penny. XL Blizzard Schedule of Events EVENT #DATETIMETOURNAMENTBUY-IN 1Jan-1819:00$80,000 Opening$109 2Jan-1819:00$15,000 Mini Opening$12 3Jan-1821:00$20,000 Late Opening$55 4Jan-1919:00$20,000 Twins Royal$55 5Jan-1919:00$20,000 Twins Flush$55 6Jan-2019:00$50,000 Crazy 8$88 7Jan-2019:00$15,000 Mini Crazy 8$8.80 8Jan-2021:00$15,000 Late Crazy 8$44 9Jan-2117:30$120,000 Mega Deep$215 10Jan-2118:00$200,000 Tune Up$160 11Jan-2118:00$40,000 Mini Tune Up$12 12Jan-2119:00$200,000 Whale$1,050 13Jan-2121:00$20,000 Late Tune Up$55 14Jan-2219:00$40,000 R&A$55 15Jan-2219:00$1,000 Mini R&A$5 16Jan-2319:00$250,000 High Roller$2,100 17Jan-2319:00$100,000 Mini High Roller$215 18Jan-2321:00$30,000 Late High Roller$160 19Jan-2419:00$40,000 Eight Max$109 20Jan-2419:00$10,000 Eight Max$12 21Jan-2421:00$10,000 Late Eight Max$30 22Jan-2519:00$80,000 Quarterback$109 23Jan-2519:00$20,000 Mini Quarterback$12 24Jan-2521:00$20,000 Late Quarterback$30 25Jan-2619:00$25,000 Knockout$150 26Jan-2619:00$10,000 Mini Knockout$35 27Jan-2621:00$10,000 Late Knockout$75 28Jan-2719:00$50,000 Six Max$160 29Jan-2719:00$15,000 Mini Six Max$30 30Jan-2721:00$10,000 Late Six Max$55 31Jan-2817:30$150,000 Mega Deep$215 32Jan-2819:00$1,000,000 Main$1,050 33Jan-2819:00$200,000 Mini Main$160 34Jan-2819:30$50,000 Micro Main$30
  4. [caption id="attachment_617038" align="alignnone" width="640"] Satellites for 888poker's XL Blizzard are running now.[/caption] 888poker’s latest championship series, XL Blizzard, is set to begin on January 18. While the $80,000 Gtd Opening Event is still days away, satellites to help players qualify for the upcoming events are well underway. With $2.9 million in guaranteed prize pools over 34 different events, the online series is sure to create enormous paydays for players. The buy-ins for the series range from as little as the $5 for the Mini Rebuy & Add-On to the massive $2,100 $250,000 Guaranteed High Roller. But for players who would like to find their way into XL Blizzard events, 888poker has plenty of Step Satellites, as well as specific qualifiers, for players to enter to attempt to maximize their budgets. Step Into The Spotlight Step Satellites start for as little as a single penny. That’s right $.01. Every time you win a Step you get a ticket for the next Step. With 6 Steps in total, should you climb the complete ladder you could conceivably win your way into the XL Blizzard Main Event for one cent. Players can start on the Step of their choice. Players can win your way into any of the Steps by playing the one before it. Also, those with the means can simply buy directly into to a Step for their shot to win their way into their favorite XL Blizzard tournament. Here’s a list of your Step Options: Step 1 - $0.01buy-in to win a Step 2 entry or tournament ticket Step 2 - $0.10 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 3 entry or tournament ticket Step 3 - $1 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 4 entry or tournament ticket Step 4 - $5 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 5 entry or tournament ticket Step 5 - $30 buy-in (or ticket) to win a Step 6 entry or tournament ticket Step 6 - $160 buy-in to win (or ticket) to win a $1,050 tournament ticket Main Event Mania The XL Blizzard $1,050 $1,000,000 Gtd Main Event is almost certain to pay out over six-figures for first. In addition to winning a Step 6 tournament, there are a number of other ways for players to qualify for what is likely to be the largest event of the series. 888poker is holding two Mega Satellites during the series that, combined, promise to give away at least 65 seats to the Main Event. The first is held on Sunday, January 21 and the $160 buy-in holds a guarantee of 15 seats. The second is the massive 50 Seat Main Event Mega Satellite on Sunday, January 28 for a $215 buy-in. Additionally, 888poker is holding standard satellites on a regular basis with a $109 buy-in, which itself can be satellites into. Make It A Freeroll With First Deposit New to 888poker? The site is giving away free tickets to first-time depositors into their XL Blizzard Main Event Qualifier. The qualifier runs every day and gives away two seats to the $1,050 Main Event. First-time depositors get three free tickets. That's three shots at a $1,000,000 prize pool. Just make sure you use the promo code: BLIZZARD10. Tickets can also be used on the XL Blizzard Mini Tune-Up Qualifier where the top 20 finishers earn a $12 seat to XL Blizzard Event #11, the $40,000 Mini Tune-Up Event. The XL Blizzard action heats up starting January 18 with satellites for major events happening daily at 888poker.
  5. The penultimate day of 888poker’s XL Blizzard brought players out in full force to play some short-handed tournaments. Saturday held a trio of 6-Max tournaments with the promise of $75,000 in guarantees. As the online series winds down, these three contests were some of the last chances players had to warm-up and accumulate XL Blizzard Leaderboard points before the massive slate of events that coincide with the $1,000,000 Main Event on Sunday. Event #28 - $50,000 6-Max The top tournament of the day was the $50,000 6-Max which drew 298 players (with 151 rebuys) putting up the $160 buy-in and pushing the prize pool past the guarantee. The $67,350 prize pool ensured that at least two players would be adding five-figures to their bankrolls with the entire final table earning a minimum of over $2,500. The heads-up battle between a pair of PocketFivers went deep into the night as Sweden’s Alfred ‘Kzzon’ Karlsson and Darragh ‘CrackFiend15’ Curtin from New Zealand battled for the $14,817 first place prize. Karlsson held the chip lead from the get-go and, after a brief surrendering of the lead, ended up closing out the Kiwi. He added the over $14,000 to his over $750,000 in lifetime earnings. Currently the #108 ranked player in the world, he’s likely to see a jump in the rankings this week with the win and potentially surpass his career-best ranking of #103. For his part, Curtin, the #1-ranked player in all of New Zealand, settled for $10,338.22 for his runner-up finish. While he may be disappointed he didn’t take home the title, the five-figure cash will certainly be a welcome addition to his bankroll as his last five figure score came back in September of 2017 when he took fifth in PokerStars WCOOP Event #50 for over $13,000, which was the largest cash of his career. Canada’s ‘mixer_jr’ finished in third for $7,745.25, ‘DarkShrine’ from Ukraine finished in fourth for $5,388 and ‘ZDamian’ took fifth for $4,041. Wrapping up the final table was PocketFiver ’sewart777’ from Russia. The $2,694 cash marks his fourth in the money finish of the XL Blizzard series. Other notable finished in the 6-Max include: XL Blizzard Leaderboard leader ‘Ao1ing’ (18th), ‘Isildur1337x’ (aka ‘C_Darwin2’ - 20th) and XL Blizzard Event #18 Champion ‘LovePorn69’ (25th) Event #29 - $15,000 Mini 6-Max The Mini 6-Max did a great job of exceeding the guarantee with 678 (and their 292 rebuys) elevating the prize pool to $26,675. First place was won by Sweden’s ‘manne8080’ who cashed for $5,068.25 by winning out over ‘JacktheCpt’ during heads-up play. 'JacktheCpt’ from Romania ended up with $3,734.50 for his second-place finish. One of Belarus’ consistent grinders ‘RakDoll’ bowed out in third, cashing for $2,734.18. His consistent results throughout XL Blizzard has him sitting ranked #12 on the series Leaderboard. Russia’s ‘IMurtazin’, ‘KellerA’ from Germany and ‘tonikyalta’ from Ukraine also all made the final table , finishing fourth through sixth respectively. Event #30 - $10,000 Late 6-Max Once again, the last tournament to start was the first to finish. 259 players (with 81 rebuys) jumped into the $10,000 Late 6-Max to take one last shot at making some money for the day. The prize pool surpassed the guarantee by $7,000 and offered a first place prize of $3,910 for the $55 buy-in. Lithuania’s ‘yrkkk’ took down that top prize by beating Germany’s ‘DonMaxiQQ’ heads-up. For his runner-up finish, ‘DonMaxiQQ’ walked with $2,720. Five of the six final tablists, including ‘Moldvarpa’ (3rd), Germany’s ‘KellerA’ (4th) and ‘Laly139’ (5th) were awarded four-figures with only ‘toastmanQ’ having to settle for $697 for sixth place. A note that ’KellerA’, the fourth-place finisher in this one, ended up cashing in all three of the 6-max tournaments on Saturday making the final table of two of them. XL Blizzard Day 10 Winners # Event Winner Payout 28 $50,000 6-Max Kzzon $14,817 29 $15,000 Mini 6-Max manne8080 $5,068.25 30 $10,000 Late 6-Max yrkkk $3,910  
  6. Day Seven of 888poker’s championship series XL Blizzard is in the books and the action continues with another $60,000 of the $2.9 million overall guaranteed cash up for grabs in a trio of 8-max tournaments. Event #19 - $40,000 8-Max The $109 buy-in $40,000 8-Max was the marquee tournament of the day. With 426 players registering, and contributing 193 rebuys, the posted guarantee was crushed. The prize pool grew to $61,900 ensuring that at least one player on Wednesday was going to walk away with a five-figure score. Malta’s ‘PazzoRJ’ took home the XL Blizzard title and the top prize of the day after defeating PocketFiver Bernardo ’bsdias’ Dias heads-up for the $11,761 score. That’s quite a feat for ‘PazzoRJ’, as Dias is a former worldwide #2-ranked grinder from Brazil with over $6 million in lifetime earnings. Diaz collected $8,666 for his runner-up efforts. Just another score for a top-tier online pro who has multiple five-figure scores already in 2018. Dias wasn’t the only PocketFiver to make the Event #19 final table. Phil ‘Philgreen111’ Green from the UK collected his first four-figure score since April 2017 when the veteran poker player worked his way to fifth place for $3,095. Rounding out the 8 player finale was Russia’s #27-ranked player ‘pokanuktus’ who hit the rail in eighth for $1,238. Plenty of notable players found their way into the money in this one including: ‘GSWarrior30’ (32nd), Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren (26th), Sebastian ‘p000cket000’ Sikorski (16th), ’progree69’ (13th), ‘Iamtrying’ (12th) and ‘gifuhorna’ who just missed out on the final table by finishing in ninth. Event #20 - $10,000 Mini 8-Max The $10,000 Mini 8-Max was the most popular tournament of the day thanks in part to its accessible $12 buy-in. The $10,000 guarantee was more than doubled as 1,325 players (and 695 rebuys) helped create the $22,018 prize pool. No one benefitted from the inflated prize pool more than the UK’s ‘JohnJones34’. He was able to turn his $12 (or perhaps $24) into a major multiple by collecting the $3,963.24 first place prize. PocketFiver Joao ‘Jpvasc’ Vasconcelos from Brazil didn’t fare too badly either. His runner-up finish was good for $2,862.34, the largest recorded online cash of his career. Five players in Event #20 were fortunate enough to turn their lunch money into four-figure scores. Event #21 - $10,000 Late 8-Max The late offering, the $30 buy-in $10,000 Late 8-Max wrapped up in just over six hours as 520 players (and 172 rebuys) once again exceeded the posted guarantee, this time by $9,030. ‘CR1TCHZ’ from Austria booked the first place win for $3,596.67 by defeating the UK’s ‘warhungry90’, who logged off with $2,635.65 added to his account. A pair of PocketFivers sat this final table with Serbia’s ‘Vlada2108’ finishing in fourth for $1,427.25, his fourth four-figure score in the month of January. In sixth place was Sweden’s ‘DefiMensuel’ who won $333.02, which he can add to his over $1 million in lifetime earnings. XL Blizzard Day 7 Winners # Event Winner Payout 19 $40,000 8-Max PazzoRJ $11,761.00 20 $10,000 Mini 8-Max JohnJones34 $3,963.24 21 $10,000 Late 8-Max CR1TCHZ $3,596.67
  7. 888poker’s third XL Championship series, XL Blizzard, is in the rearview mirror. With over $2.9 million in guarantees up for grabs, players flocked to the lobbies of the daily tournaments to take their shots at grabbing a piece of the prize pools. As opposed to XL Eclipse, which took place in September 2017 and had 197 events, XL Blizzard slimmed down the tournament schedule to a more manageable 34 events, making it easier for players to get involved in as many as they’d like. So here we take a look back at 11 days of action and some of the stories that came out of yet another memorable online series. Crushing Guarantees A streamlined schedule made it easier for players to focus in on the value of XL Blizzard and they responded by pushing the prize pools of just about every tournament over the guarantee. Of the 34 events, 32 of them exceeded their guarantees. In fact, player participation helped bring approximately $400,000 more to the total overall prize pools, helping the total schedule's prize pool to swell to roughly $3.3 million. Big Names Making Moves Some of online poker’s biggest names were in action and making moves during the series. You could look up and down the resistant list of any tournament and find names like ‘Isildur1337’ (aka #1 ranked ‘C Darwin2), Fabrizio ‘DrMiKee’ Gonzalez, Sebastian ‘p000cket000’ Sikorski and 888poker ambassadors Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Chris ‘Moorman1’ Moorman, Dominik Nitsche, Sofia Lovgren and Martin Jacobson. In fact, online superstar Jans ‘Graftekkel’ Arens put his stamp on the series by taking down the very first event. The former PocketFive Triple Crown winner claimed the first XL Blizzard crown and padded his bankroll with over $17,000. Russia’s ‘msksevart’ continued his XL Championship domination as well adding a title to his resume by taking down Event #8 ($20,000 Late Crazy 8). The grinder, who also claimed an XL Eclipse title, made his way into the money four times during the series. While he didn’t end up on top in any of the events, the Worldwide #2 ranked grinder ‘tutten7’ (aka ‘lena900’) had himself one of the best overall days of any single player when on Day 4 he finished in the top three of two of the largest tournaments of the entire series. First, in Event #10 ($200,000 Tune Up) he wrapped up in third for over $19,000. Then, properly ‘tuned up’, he went on to finish as the runner-up in Event #12 ($200,000 Whale) for an additional $32,000. PocketFiver’s Top The Leaderboard Part of the allure of XL Blizzard was the bonuses one could get by winning multiple events or finishing in the top 50 of the XL Blizzard leaderboard. While in this series there wasn’t a double event winner, plenty of PocketFivers made it into the top 50 of the XL Blizzard Leaderboard. 888poker promised the top 50 a tournament of their own, the Champion of Champions tournament that includes a top prize of a $12,000 World Series of Poker Main Event package. The top points earner was PocketFiver Alfred ’Kzzon’ Karlsson. The worldwide #108 ranked player cashed in an impressive 14 events including picking up the win in Event #28 ($50,000 6-Max) for over $14,000. Just as the series was winding down, he passed up ‘Ao1ing’ who had sat atop the leaderboard for the majority of the 11 days. The Russian picked up a ton of points by going deep in events with tons of runner, especially his second-place finish in Event #5 ($20,000 Twins Flush). The top 10 on the leaderboard also included PocketFivers ‘yarik1903’ from the Ukraine - who ended up winning event #14 ($40,000 R&A Event) - and Nicklas ‘Clay_Born’ Kley. Main Event Mania The Main Event with a $1,000,000 guarantee did not disappoint. Thanks to a host of online satellites, players who may not otherwise be able to buy their way into the $1,050 tournament got to take shots at six-figure scores. In the end two players walked with life-changing money. Argentia’s ‘Pepepepe.’ won the event for over $183,000 and Lithuania’s ‘Vienas2’ took home over $130,000 for second place. As a whole, the online series was a success. No technical malfunctions, plenty of new screen names making headlines as well as well-known grinders mixing it up for large sums made it a memorable 11 days. Next up for 888poker is the first 888Live event of the year as the online site brings its live poker festival to London's Aspers Casino on February 8.
  8. The bounty hunters were out in full force on Friday as another three tournaments from 888poker’s XL Blizzard schedule got underway. All three tournaments were of the Knockout variety, giving the player who finished off a competitor a bounty that goes straight back into their bankroll. With $45,000 in guarantees at stake, all three tiers of tournaments ($150, $75 & $35) drew plenty of willing participants and every guarantee was crushed. On the horizon, the $1,050 $1,000,000 GTD Main Event is only one day away when a six-figure first place prize will be awarded. In the meantime, there’s still prelims to get through and XL Blizzard Leaderboard points to be accumulated. Event #25 - $25,000 Knockout The Main Event of the day was the $25,000 Knockout. The guarantee was crushed by a little over $10,000 as 245 players registered to create a total prize pool of $35,045. The split of the $150 buy-in generated $25,000 for the main prize pool and $10,045 available for the bounty hunters. Every person a player knocked out was worth $41.00 This tournament was a bit of a lengthy tournament for the XL Blizzard series, pushing deep into the ninth hour of play as a three-handed battle ensued. But once PocketFiver Jerry ‘Perrymejsen’ Odeen was knocked out in third place, the final two wrapped it up in a matter of hands. The Netherlands ‘LucySagara70’ took home the top prize of the day for finishing in first. The grinder won $5,112.50 from the main prize pool and sent 10 players to the rail for an additional $410. The UK’s ‘Patsharpe’ cashed for $3,750 and an additional $348.50. The aforementioned Jerry ‘Perrymejsen’ Odeen, currently the #19 ranked player in the world, finished in third for $2,825 (+$369). For the Swedish crusher, who has over $3.6 million in lifetime earnings and four Triple Crowns, this was his first XL Blizzard result of the series. On the other hand Fabrizio ‘DrMiKee’ Gonzalez (aka ‘SixthSenSe19’), the #12 ranked player in the world, is making a habit out of racking up XL Blizzard cashes. Joining Odeen on the final table, finishing in seventh for $875 (+$492 - the most bounties of anyone in the entire tournament), Gonzalez cashed in both Event #23 and #24, gaining a head of steam right before the Main Event on Sunday. Event #26 - $10,000 Mini Knockout The $35 $10,000 Mini Knockout drew 731 players to push the prize pool to a total of $23,757.50 with $18,275 going to the main prize pool and $5,482.50 carved out for bounties. In this one, each person came with a $7.50 bounty on their heads. A heads-up deal was made between ‘grigorq77’ and Brazil’s ’SeuZezinho23’. Officially, finishing in first and taking home the XL Blizzard title, ‘grigorq77’ won $2,889.84 out of the main prize pool. He added an addition $97.50 for having knocked out 13 players. ’SeuZeninho23’ took home slightly less from the main prize pool for his second place finish, walking with $2,858.07. He did, however, earn the unofficial title of Biggest Mini Bounty Hunter, being the only person to earn triple digits in bounties - finishing with $105. A pair of PocketFivers got close to closing out this one with appearances at the final table. Brazil’s Hiran ’supertrampbr’ Bass finished in fifth place for $950.30 (+37.50). Currently ranked at #761 in the world, Bass currently has over $600,000 in lifetime earnings and this score marks his third largest cash of 2018. Right behind him is Belarus’ ‘vampa500’, finishing in sixth for $767.55 (+30). This is not the first final table for ‘vampa500’, he also finished as the runner-up in Event #4 for a career-high cash. Then he followed that up with results in Event #7 and Event #15. All told, his series has him sitting ranked #23 on the XL Blizzard Leaderboard with two days of play left. XL Blizzard Day 9 Winners # Event Winner Payout 25 $25,000 Knockout LucySagara70 $5,112.50 + $410 26 $20,000 Twins Flush grigorq77 $2,889.84* + $97.50 *denotes final table deal
  9. Another $120,000 in guaranteed money was on the line during Day 8 of 888poker’s online winter series, XL Blizzard. It was the day of the “Quarterback”, three tournaments that allow players that have busted out to buy 25% of their starting stack back for 25% of the buy-in. With the $1,000,000 Main Event right around the corner, running this Sunday, players have been flocking to the prelims to gain some momentum. Additionally, today was another chance to accumulate XL Blizzard Leaderboard points helping players hopes to play in the Champion of Champions tournament and have a shot at the $12,000 World Series of Poker Main Event package. Event #22 - $80,000 Quarterback Headlining the day’s events was the $80,000 Quarterback. The event drew 343 runners (and 318 rebuys) to generate a prize pool of $84,500. The tournament lasted just over eight hours and in the end, ‘sayqmyqname’ became the first player from Kuwait to become an XL Blizzard champion. He defeated Brazil’s ‘andrebos’ heads-up to take home $16,350.75, while the Brazilian claimed the only other five-figure score of the day receiving $12,252.50 for second place. A pair of dominant PocketFivers were seated at the final table as well. Sweden’s ‘eijseijs’ (aka ‘DeathbyQuads’) finished up in fifth place for $4,815.50. The Swede is currently ranked #23 in the world and is rapidly approaching $4 million in lifetime earnings. Joining him, bowing out in ninth place, was former ranked #1 ranked Joao ’Ineedmassari’ Simao. The partypoker ambassador is currently ranked #16 in the world and he cashed for $1,478.75 here on 888poker. Additionally, it was a second XL Blizzard final table for Jans ’Graftekkel’ Arenda, who won Event #1 for over $17,000. In this one, he took sixth for $3718. Also, PocketFiver ‘jxw311’ from the UK finished in eighth for $2,028. He last recorded cash was back in November of 2017 when he won the 888poker $60,000 Challenge for over $10,000. This is a great result for him as he only had three recorded cashes in all of 2017. Other notable finishes included: 888poker ambassador Chris ‘888Moorman’ Moorman (15th), ‘yarik1903’ (16th), Worldwide #1 ranked ‘Isildur1337x’ (aka ‘C Darwin2’ - 36th) and Worldwide #5 ranked Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren (43rd). Event #23 - $20,000 Mini Quarterback It was an interesting end in the $44 $20,000 Mini Quarterback as four of the original 680 runners decided to make a deal to split the lion share of the $31,460 prize pool. The official winner ended up being ‘bujalabujala’ who settled for $3,495.64 in the deal. The rest of the four finalists were PocketFivers including runner-up ‘Mastelzmind’, from the Netherlands, who banked the most money in the deal at $4,517.22. Latvia’s ‘eatyastack’ finished in third for $3,460 and ‘LeonBY’ from Belarus also received a sum exceeded his finishing place, taking home $4,178.45 in the agreement. Event #24 - $20,000 Late Quarterback The late tournament also attracted a slew of notable names in the 223 runner field that helped push the prize pool to exceed the guarantee by $5,825. A healthy dose of PocketFivers battled it out at the final table with some of the best in the world jockeying for position. Finishing in first, however, was Russia’s ‘petrofv5501’ who earned $5,281.21 for beating Switzerland’s ‘77DASH’ in heads-up play. ‘77DASH’ cashed for $3,873.75 for his runner-up showing, adding to his just over $600,000 in lifetime earnings. Fabrizio ‘DrMiKee’ Gonzalez (aka ‘SixthSenSe19’) added another $2,918.22 to his resume of cashes. The worldwide #12 ranked player can use this finish to ease the pain of being the bubble boy in the $200,000 Whale earlier this week. Steve ‘NoMamesWey23’ McNally, playing out of Mexico, is a top 300 ranked player and will use his fifth-place finish for $1,497.85 to help in his efforts to eclipse $6 million in lifetime earnings in 2018. Ukraine’s ‘yarik1903’ found himself at another final table. He bowed out in sixth for $1,162.12 for his second cash of the day and he adds both of those results to his XL Blizzard championship run when he finished in first in Event #14 for over $9,000. 'yarik1903' currently sits in seventh place on the XL Blizzard Leaderboard. Finally, Sweden's 'Kzzon' may use his eighth-place finish for $645.62 to edge him closer to the Worldwide top 100, he currently sits ranked #109. Canada's 'alexos888' rounded out the final table taking home $490.67 for ninth place. XL Blizzard Day 8 Winners # Event Winner Payout 22 $80,000 Quarterback sayqmyqname $16,350.75 23 $20,000 Mini Quarterback bujalabujala $3,495.64* 24 $20,000 Late Quarterback petrofv5501 $5,281.21 *denotes final table deal
  10. It was back to work on Monday for online grinders of 888poker’s winter tournament series, XL Blizzard. The schedule backed off just a bit from the massive Sunday lineup just one day prior and opted to simply offer a pair of tournaments. One for those on a budget who wanted to get in on the action and a larger Rebuy & Add-On event that drew plenty of mid-stakes grinders eager to accumulate leaderboard points and four-figure scores. Event #14 - $40,000 R&A Event The larger of the two tournaments of the day saw 414 players buy-in for $55 with 308 rebuys and 252 add-ons. The totality generated a $48,700 prize pool, exceeding the guarantee by $8,700 and promising eight of the nine final table players a four-figure payout. PocketFivers dominated the final table with the eventual winner being ‘yarik1903’, currently the #151-ranked player in the world. Having just recently surpassed $2 million in lifetime tournament scores, the Ukranian started his journey to $3 million by adding the first place prize of $9345.53, the largest XL Blizzard payout of the day. ‘yarik1903’ battled against Germany’s ‘hale_bop123’ , who finished as the runner-up cashing for $6,939.75. ‘hale_bop123’ may have been disappointed by not winning but he’s likely ecstatic by the score. The second place prize money is roughly $500 shy of his career high cash and his first four-figure cash since July 2017. Sweden's ‘creutz93’ laddered and finished in fourth place for $3,896. The Swede is ranked #18 in his extremely competitive home country and is no stranger to final tables and big scores as this marks the eighth time he’s cashed for four-figures or more in 2018. Making an appearance in his third final table of the series was Swedish phenom ‘tutten7’ (aka ‘lena900’, the #3-ranked player in the world). ‘tutten7’ just came off a day where he earned a total of over $50,000 in XL Blizzard events #10 & #12. On Monday, he continued his series heater and finished in seventh place for an additional $2,069.75. The combination of his scores has moved him into the top 10 of the XL Blizzard Leaderboard. Event #15 - $10,000 Mini R&A Players came out in force to support the lowest buy-in tournament of the entire XL Blizzard series as 1,477 runners ponied up the $5 buy-in. With the low buy-in, players decided to rebuy early and often, rebuying 1638 times with 829 add-ons. With so much action, this prize pool exceeded the guarantee as well, ending up at $17,945.20. Russia’s ‘DeltaSpider’ and PocketFiver Igor ‘Agelesss1’ Selega from Ukraine brokered a two-way deal. ’DeltaSpider’ eventually finished in first for $2,618.41 while Selega settled for runner-up. Despite finishing in second, he cashed out for slightly more money at $2,676.23, making it the largest cash of his career to date. ‘luckypanch75’ finished in fourth place for $1,220.27, adding to his previous results and pushing him into second place on the XL Blizzard Leaderboard. He’s currently sitting right behind ‘Ao1ing’ who cashed yet again in Event #15, finishing in 15th for $122.02. While Event #15 was the lowest buy-in of the tournament, Tuesday is for the high-rollers and includes the gigantic $2,100 $250,000 guarantee High Roller tournament. XL Blizzard Day 5 Winners # Event Winner Payout 14 $40,000 R&A Event yarik1903 $9,345.53 15 $10,000 Mini R&A DeltaSpider $2,618.41*
  11. Day 3 of 888poker’s XL Blizzard online series brought with it some crazy good action. That's right, it was time for the signature Crazy 8 tournaments to take place and all three of the day's scheduled tournaments carried with it the now well-known theme. A carry-over from the World Series of Poker, the Crazy 8 tournaments are not only a way for the online poker site to incorporate their brand, but it’s used as a signature of a good value tournament. The trio of contests today offered just that, as all three beat their guarantees giving players opportunities for four and five-figure scores as well as XL Blizzard leaderboard points for those looking to head to the 2018 World Series of Poker on 888poker’s dime. Event #6 - $50,000 Crazy 8 The headline tournament of the day was the $88 buy-in $50,000 Crazy 8. Players flocked to register the tournament as 465 runners (and their 203 rebuys) pushed the prize pool to $53,440 - offering up a five-figure payday for the eventual winner. The only member of the final table not to earn a minimum of four-figures was ninth place finisher, PocketFiver ‘Ao1ing’. You may recognize this name by now as the Russian has been grinding out all of the XL Blizzard tournaments, making a final table in each of the first three days. This cash, along with a smaller cash in Event #8, ‘Ao1ing’ extends his lead on the XL Blizzard leaderboard, the top 50 of which gain entry into the Champion of Champions tournament. In addition to ‘Ao1ing’, a pair of PocketFivers found their way to the final table. Hitting the rail right after ‘Ao1ing’ was Peru’s Christian ‘recochi’ Altmann. The #3-ranked player in Peru received $1,068 for his eighth-place finish and the PLB points will help him inch closer to a career-high worldwide ranking for him. The UK’s Ben ‘DoobieFish’ Kett nearly made it to the end but bowed out in third place for $5,482. ‘Rekrutt1’ took home the XL title in this event, defeating Russia’s ‘Ksuna’ heads-up for $10,153 - the largest single prize of the day. For his second-place finish, ‘Ksuna’ will enjoy $7,481. Also, with 888poker is awarding each tournament’s bubble boy with a second chance tournament of their own, it should be noted that Canada’s ‘tcavallin’ made no money while finishing in 65th place, but still has a shot at a trip to the WSOP. Event #7 - $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 Smaller buy-in means more runners. The $8.80 $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 drew 1,665 runners (and a very apropos 880 rebuys) to help exceed the tournament guarantee by $5,360. ‘dankreas’ fell in 201st place, for the gut-wrenching title of bubble boy while Finland’s ‘NeveGiveUp’ stood by his (almost) namesake and closed out the tournament for $3,563. The PocketFiver added to his over $340,000 in lifetime earnings and he currently is sitting at a career-high in the Worldwide Rankings. Germany’s ‘bunder17’ finished in second for $2,545. Event #8 - $15,000 Late Crazy 8 Pocketfiver ‘msksevart’ and ‘Javierv10’ found their way to a head-up chop in the $44 buy-in $15,000 Late Crazy 8. ‘msksevart’ has made a habit of crushing 888poker events, coming in third overall on the 888poker 2017 leaderboard and claiming at least on XL Eclipse championship in September 2017. The pair outlasted the 313 registered players (and their 132 rebuys) to get to heads-up and both took home just over $3,000 for their deep run with 'msksevart' officially getting the win despite taking home $3 less at $3,024. PockerFiver ‘Am44nda’ joined ‘msksecart’ on the final table finishing in fifth for $979. ‘icf034’ will be given access to the ‘Bubble of Bubbles’ tournament, finishing first of all those who did not cash. XL Blizzard Day 3 Winners # Event Winner Payout 6 $50,000 Crazy 8 Rekrutt1 $10,153.60 7 $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 NeveGiveUp $3,563.00 8 $20,000 Late Crazy 8 msksevart $3,024.74* * denotes Final Table deal
  12. The third in 888poker’s trilogy of XL Championships got underway on Thursday as the opening slate of tournaments on the XL Blizzard schedule took place. XL Blizzard promises 11 days of non-stop action and over $2.9 million in guarantees over the course of 34 events. In addition, 888poker is offering the opportunity for extra bonuses to players who rack up victories and in-the-money finishes. The top 50 of the XL Blizzard Leaderboard will gain entry into the Champion of Champions freeroll where, among other gifts, the top prize is a $12,000 package to the World Series of Poker. With so much ready to be won, the three events that took place on Day 1 drew large fields and each surpassed their guarantees. Event #1 - $80,000 Opening Event The excitement of the XL Blizzard series drew 667 entries to the $80,000 Opening Event, all hoping to be the first to punch their ticket to the XL Blizzard Champion of Champions event. The players pushed the prize pool to $94,600 which promised at least two players five-figure paydays in the process. PocketFives.com Triple Crown winner ‘Graftekkel’ turned himself into the first big winner of the series after ending up on top of a three-way battle that lasted late into the night. The grinder from the Netherlands adds $17,737.50 to his bankroll and the title of XL Blizzard Champion to his accolades. Finishing in second place was Ireland’s ‘123magmag123’ who took home $12,771 - good for the second highest XL Blizzard cash of the day. Event #2 - $15,000 Mini Opening Event The Mini Opening Event offered up the most affordable buy-in of the day at only $12, but the large field of 1508 entries turned it a large value tournament, promising the winner a high multiplier on their investment. In the end, ‘bygavuga’, ‘VyachesLove’ and ‘APCEBAT’, all who Russia their home, made a three-way deal. For the record, ‘bygavuga’ took home the win and $3,393.54 while runner-up ‘VyachesLove’ bagged $2,963.48. However, the third wheel in the deal, ‘APCEBAT’ ended up taking home only roughly $30 less than first-place money for his third-place finish. The fourth Russian at the final table was PocketFiver ‘Ao1ing’, currently the #25-ranked Russian player in the world. ‘Ao1ing’ finished his run in sixth place, and although he missed out on the all Russian chop, he did turn his $12 into a very respectable $969.22. Event #3 - $20,000 Late Opening Event The third event of the day, the $55 buy-in $20,000 Late Opening Event, drew 441 entries and pushed the prize pool to $30,800. In the end Malta’s ‘scellone94’ claimed the XL Championship when he defeated Germany’s ‘Charlymogo’ for the win and the top prize of $5,852. A pair of PocketFivers found their way to the final table as well. Anton ‘toshapiter’ Vinokurov finished up in eighth place for $693 and Brazil’s Muller ‘Matuks’ Mathias was the first to bust the final table, hitting the rail in ninth for $511.28. Bubble Of Bubbles Certainly ‘BtM4Ever’, ‘_FALCON_’ and ‘R.nahtanoJ’ were all disappointed today, as the three were the last players to finish without making the money in their respective tournaments. But all three "bubble boys" will all get a free entry into the “Bubble of Bubbles” tournament. The tournament offered as redemption for those who get oh-so-close to the cash only to fall short offers prizes such as free tournament tickets and even a $3,000 Crazy 8 World Series of Poker package. XL Blizzard Day 1 Winners # Event Winner Payout 1 $80,000 Opening Event Graftekkel $17,737.50 2 $15,000 Mini Opening Event bygavuga $3,393.54* 3 $20,000 Late Opening Event scellone94 $5852.00 * denotes Final Table deal
  13. The high-rollers were out in full force on Day 6 of 888poker’s online poker winter series, XL Blizzard. Three tournaments were on the schedule for the day including the biggest buy-in of the entire series, the $2,100 $250,000 GTD High Roller. Overall, over $400,000 was in play on Tuesday as the XL Blizzard series hit the halfway point. Now, the series is in full swing with grinders jockying for position on the XL Blizzard leaderboard as the schedule barrels toward the $1,000,000 Main Event on Sunday. Event #16 - $250,000 High Roller Many of the top online MTT players in the world showed up to register for the $250,000 High Roller on Tuesday seeking to win one of the seven five-figure scores that were up for grabs. The field included 888poker ambassadors Dominik Nitsche, Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Sofia Lovgren and former World Series of Poker Champion Martin Jacobson. Also taking a shot at the guaranteed prize pool - the #1 and #3 ranked players in the world: Sweden’s ‘Isildur1337x’ (aka ‘C Darwin2’) and ‘tutten7’ (aka ‘lena900’). In total 84 elite players ponied up the $2,100 buy-in with 34 of them rebuying. For only the second time all series a tournament provided a little bit of overlay, as the prize pool generated by the players come up $14,000 short of the posted guarantee. The extra value went right into the pockets of the 12 players that cashed including the duo that eventually agreed to a final-two deal. Mexico’s ‘SteveyBG’, a previous XL Inferno champion, claimed his first XL Blizzard crown as well as the largest payout of the entire series. He takes home $63,697.19 for first place. Right behind him was runner-up ‘OINKoinkoink’ from Germany. In the deal, he secured himself over $5,000 better than the posted second place prize and walked away with $51,302.81. PocketFiver Sebastian ‘p000cket000’ Sikorski, a consummate grinder and regular participant in the largest online tournaments, finished in third for $35,000. Sikorski is a former worldwide #1-ranked player and currently still sits in the top 100, sitting at #57. Another player looking to make moves in the worldwide rankings is Ukraine’s ‘yarik1903’. He finished the High Roller in fifth place for $17,500 just one day after winning XL Blizzard Event #14 for over $9,000. The repeat trips to final tables have put him in the top 20 of the XL Blizzard leaderboard and in position to take a shot at the $12,000 World Series of Poker Main Event grand prize. Ben ‘jenbizzIe’ Jones from the village of Lymm in the UK also cashed for a stack of high society when his seventh place put $10,625 in his bankroll. Jones, with over $2 million in lifetime scores, has notched two five-figure scores in the past week. Fabrizio ’DrMiKee’ Gonzalez (aka ‘SixthSenSe19’), the #12 ranked player in the world hit the rail in eighth for $8,750 just one spot after Twitch sensation, the aforementioned Parker ’tonkaaaa’ Talbot departed the final table in ninth for $7,500. Event #17 - $100,000 Mini High Roller While the actual High Roller may have missed the mark on the guarantee, Event #17, the $100,000 Mini High Roller crushed its guarantee. In total, 417 players registered for the $215 tournament with 213 opting to rebuy. That meant that $126,000 was up for grabs. The winner was none other than Germany’s ‘OINKoinkoink’, the same player who finished as the runner-up in the $2,100 event. This time, there was no chop and he booked an outright win adding $24,179.40 to his $51,302.81 making him far and away the day’s biggest winner. Fellow countryman ‘Charlymogo’ finished in second place and collected ‘$17,955 for his deep run. PocketFivers were out in force at the final table of the Mini High Roller including Russian crusher ‘sweet_Dr34ms’ (aka ‘papan9_p$’, the #31-ranked player worldwide) who finished in third place for $13,230. ’sivvis’ marked the third German grinder who made it to the top four, also making five-figures with his $10,080 fourth place prize. Brazil’s Victor ‘WHATaDREAM’ Hugo picked up just over $4,000 for seventh and Ben ‘DoobieFish’ Kett reached his second XL Blizzard final table, hitting the rail in eighth for $2,835. Finally, former worldwide #1-ranked player from Mexico, ‘YoureMagical’ completed the top nine, earning $2,091.60 for ninth place. Other notable players who made the money include ‘yarik1903’, Nicolas ’PKaiser’ Fierro, 'tutten7’, Roman ‘Romeopro33’ Romanovskyi, Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Sebastian ‘p000cket000’ Sikorski, and a pair of Swedish superstars Andreas ’r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren and ‘inho’. Event #18 - $30,000 Late High Roller The Late High Roller was finished in a flash, with a heads-up deal being made at just over 6 hours into the contest. This guarantee was also smashed as 212 players (with 76 rebuys) posted a prize pool of $43,200. First place finisher ’LovePorn69’ and cashed for $8,050.06 after making a deal with runner-up ‘P0vorachivay’, who won just slightly less at $7,933.94. ‘LovePorn69’ is also going to love that this cash puts him in striking distance to $900,000 in career earnings. Russian ‘P0vorachivay’ on the other hand, certainly eclipses $400,000 lifetime with the score. Again, PocketFivers crushed the final table results taking six out of the top nine spots. In addition to both players who got heads-up, Nicklas ‘Clay_Born’ Kley took third for $5,076 and Brazil’s Rafael ‘rafitia’ Freitas cashed in fifth for $2,592. Joining them were Sweden’s ’Klonkfisken’ (seventh place -$1,728) and Brazil’s Matheus ’MatheusCG’ Cunha (ninth place - $864). XL Blizzard Day 6 Winners # Event Winner Payout 16 $250,000 High Roller SteveyBG $63,697.19* 17 $100,000 Mini High Roller OINKoinkoink $24,179.40 18 $40,000 Late High Roller LovePorn69 $8,050.06* * denotes Final Table deal
  14. Every Sunday The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings. Jon ‘EMSBas’ Spinks Passes $3 Million Former top 25 grinder from the UK, Jon ‘EMSBas’ Spinks passed the $3 million in lifetime earnings this week. Technically, he got there when he finished in the money during partypoker's Powerfest Event #25-M for $845. But his big boost to put the major milestone within reach dates back to January 15 when he took down a $150K GTD tournament on partypoker for over $25,000. Spinks, a mid-stakes grinder and occasional shot taker, is currently the #55 ranked player in the UK. While his current resume of cashes consists of mostly of finishes that reward him in the hundreds of dollars, it’s clear he knows how to put a run together. His Hendon Mob has him eclipsing over $1 million in live earnings, including a final table of the April 2017 partypoker MILLIONS live event for over $275,000. A long time PocketFiver, celebrating 10 years on the site this year, Spinks has achieved the coveted online Triple Crown twice and notched multiple six-figure cashes in the course of his illustrious career. Back in 2013, PocketFives had the opportunity to talk with him after his win of the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up - check it out! $2 Million For A Trio Of P5ers A trio of PocketFivers toppled the $2 million lifetime earnings mark this week. First up is Russia’s ’nsmirnov’, the current #47 ranked player in the world. The cash that did the deed was a seemingly innocent $750 cash in a standard $150 online tournament. But his entire January was leading up to this 'level up' as he hauled in a massive 38 four-figure (or better) scores. His best result of the month came this past week when he took the bronze in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder for nearly $12,000. The solid run in 2018 has him currently sitting at a career-high standing in the PocketFives Worldwide rankings. Chile’s #2 ranked player, Javier ‘Ofbravetight’ Swett also touched $2 million. He final tabled the PokerStars $162 Bounty Builder for $502 to make the mark. Swett, a true grinder, seemingly plays every level of tournament he can register for putting up nearly 40 cashes this week alone. Finally, Nicolau ‘nicofellow’ Villa-Lobos from Brazil rounds out our $2 million crew for the week. After he made the final table of the PokerStars Daily 500 on January 27, earning $4,233 to hit $2 million, Villa-Lobos never even took a moment to enjoy the plateau. He continued to cruise in tournaments all week and has since accumulated over $20,000 more than the milestone. This comes after he took a full month away from the online tables, starting back up in 2018 on the same day he hit the $2 million mark. Two Is The Magic Number When it comes to changes in the Worldwide Top 100 this week, the most important number is 2. First, there are two new members of the top 100. Russia’s Anatoly ‘nl_profit’ Filatov breaches the ranks of the top 100 for the first time, entering at #80. He put together a string of big-time cashes during partypoker’s current online series Powerfest including a win in Event #24-H for $57,820. Joining him as a newcomer is Sweden’s Alfred ‘Kzzon’ Karlsson. For Karlsson, he made strides during 888poker’s XL Blizzard event, taking home the victory in Event #28 for $14,817. But that’s the not the only reason 2 is so special. Andreas ‘probirs’ Nemeth hit a new career high ranking of #2 in the world this week. The Hungarian absolutely destroyed the Powerfest tables this week accumulating over 1600 PLB points to jettison him up to possibly challenge the current king of the rankings, ‘C Darwin2’. More about Nemeth’s run this week can be found in this week's Worldwide Rankings column. Career High Rankings In The Top 100 rudinhos - #99 to #94 Futti18 - #96 to #88 Kzzon - #103 to #84 nl_profit - #106 to #80 Triple20 - #73 to #59 masuronike - #58 to #51 nsmirnov - #48 to #47 Flat - #43 to #49 probirs - #4 to #2
  15. The big day finally arrived. Sunday was the final day of 888poker’s online poker winter series Championship XL Blizzard. After ten days, thirty events and over a million dollars in guarantees, players were ready to compete for the six-figure first (and second) place prize of the $1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. Along with the Main Event, the XL Blizzard schedule included three additional tournaments that offered another $400,000 in guarantees making the last day worth at least $1.4 million in total. XL Blizzard was the third in the trilogy of XL Championships, that included XL Inferno and XL Eclipse, making it the last chance players had to add an XL Championship title to their resume. With it being the final day, players packed the tournament lobbies and registered in droves, helping each contest crush their posted guarantees. Event # 31 - $150,000 Mega Deep Before the start of the Main Event, the final prelim of the series the $150,000 Mega Deep. The 8-max tournament saw a total of 680 runners, and their 331 rebuys, get the day off to a lucrative start pushing the prize pool to $202,000 - over $50,000 past the guarantee. The $215 buy-in provided one of the largest prelims of the series and the beneficiary was ’TooMuchRake’. There’s no doubt he can afford a little more rake now that took home the first place prize of $38,811.40 after besting PocketFivers ‘Binkasaurus’. The UK grinder also made out, winning $27,297 for his runner-up finish. This marks the third XL Blizzard cash for ‘Binkasaurus’, who currently sits in the top 300 in the PocketFives Worldwide rankings. The reward for his runner-up finish is enough to push him up over $1.8 million in lifetime earnings. Multiple five-figure prizes were doled out at the eight-handed final table including Argentinian PocketFiver ‘_zufurduo_’ who finished in fifth place for just over $10,000. Joining him on the final table was David ‘davaman’ Lopez, the #93 ranked player in the world, finishing in seventh place for $4,549.50 Event #32 - $1,000,000 Main Event The Million Dollar Main Event lived up to it’s billing with 730 players, and 272 rebuys, posting their $1,050 buy-in. It looks like whoever scheduled this tournament was spot on with their estimate of the guarantee as, in this one, the field helped the prize pool exceed the posted guarantee by just $2,000 (or two entrants). Also, as expected, a pair of six-figure cashes were up for grabs with the winner of the event slated to take home a XL Blizzard series high score of $183,867. As the tournament approached the thirteenth hour, the heads-up duel between Lithuania’s ‘Vienas2’ and Argentina’s ‘Pepepepepe.’ lingered on. Finally though, late into the night, ‘Pepepepepe.’ closed out the Main Event, claiming the XL Blizzard Championship and taking the first place prize of $183,867. ‘Vienas2’, who started the heads-up match at a chip deficit also ended up with a massive six-figure score winning $131,262 for his runner-up finish. A pair of PocketFivers made it to the final four, both of whom secured career-high cashes in the process. Finishing in third place was ‘wellyxx’ from Finland. He walked with $99,198 which will put him over $5.8 million in lifetime earnings. Finland’s #3 ranked player, should see his worldwide rankings skyrocket after this performance and is well on his way to earning his $6 million lifetime earnings badge, perhaps, sometime in 2018. Right behind him was Germany’s ‘dr.hAni’. Before his fourth place finish his total lifetime online earnings was right around $100,000. His XL Blizzard payday was for $74,649, absolutely destroying his previous career high cash of just under $23,000. In fact, his last recorded cash was on November 2….in 2015! ‘dr.hAni’ obviously picked the right time to return to the online tables, likely celebrating a major score despite not notching the win. The rest of the final table included ‘Kamphu94’ (fifth for $52,104), ‘eight0808’ (sixth for $42,084), ’Spowi07’ (seventh for $32,064), ‘proplatish’ (eighth for $22,044) and ‘TAPIS_TAPIR’ (ninth place for $13,026. In total the top 12 all received five-figure sums with 99 players making Main Event money for no less than $2,304.60 Event #34 - $50,000 Micro Main Event The series came to a conclusion with the $50,000 Micro Main Event. Players didn’t sleep on the chance for one more shot at glory as 1931 players (with 701 rebuys) piled into the tournament and raised the prize pool to a massive $72,380. Canadian ‘jobrazeau’ claimed the final XL Blizzard title as well as $11,436.04 for first. Right behind him, finishing as the runner up was ‘dnv23’ from Germany. PocketFiver Guilherme ‘grdpoker1’ de Moura Olivera from Brazil took the bronze in this one adding $6,217.44 to his over $125,000 in lifetime earnings. Olivera is on a heater, having just scored a career high cash of over $12,000 on January 15. This cash, while half of that is well above average for for the low-to-mid-stakes grinder. And with that, XL Blizzard and the trilogy of XL Championships comes to a close. There will still be the Champion of Champions tournament where one of the top 50 finishers on the XL Blizzard Leaderboard will win a $12,000 World Series of Poker Main Event Package. Additionally, the Bubble of Bubbles tournament will fire, allowing one of the 34 players who earned the dubious distinction of the bubble boy a second chance at turning nothing into something and winning the $3,000 World Series of Poker Crazy 8 package. XL Blizzard Day 10 Winners # Event Winner Payout 31 $150,000 Mega Deep TooMuchRake $37,811.40 32 $1,000,000 Main Event Pepepepepe. $183,867 34 $10,000 Late 6-Max jobrazeau $11,436.04
  16. Day 2 of 888poker’s winter tournament series, XL Blizzard, took place on Friday as the online site offered up a pair of $20,000 guaranteed tournaments. The twin tournaments, one dubbed the “Royal” and the other “Flush”, both smashed their guarantees, allowing a total of 12 players to notch four-figure cashes and give everyone a chance to accumulate leaderboard points in the pursuit for entry into the Champion of Champions tournament. Event #4 - $20,000 Twins Royal Event #4, the $20,000 Twins Royal, contest ended up as the slightly larger event of the two tournaments held on Friday. With 463 runners and 130 rebuys, the field generated a prize pool of $29.650 and a first place prize of $5,633.50. PocketFiver ’nU3DOC’, Greece’s #12-ranked grinder, was the first to fall at the final table, bowing out in ninth place for $492.19. He was followed by ‘OscarSJS’ and ‘WarnerBrosss’. At that point, the final six players had locked up no less than $1260. After ’69Ways’ busted in sixth place, Malta’s ‘Gugulehtu’ edged closer to $500,000 in lifetime earnings with his fifth-place finish for $1,630.75. Ivan ‘ivanascasubi’ Vilchez, a former Worldwide top 50 ranked player from Argentina, finished in fourth for $2,312.70. In the end, Russia’s ‘Pasha813’ defeated ‘vampa500’ heads-up to take home the win and title of XL Champion. ‘Pasha813’ earned the $5,633.50 first place prize, an amount that would be the largest XL Blizzard cash of the day, as well as enough points to catapult him into an early fourth place on the XL Blizzard tournament leaderboard. For his runner-up finish, PocketFiver ‘vampa500’ earned $4,151, the largest online cash in his career. He also finds himself in a good position through the first five events, sitting in fifth place on the Champion of Champions leaderboard. While Sweden’s ‘youpornwnker’ didn’t earn any money in this tournament, he did earn a spot in the “Bubble of Bubbles” tournament and will get a shot at the Crazy Eights World Series of Poker prize package. Other notable finished in Event #4 include Chris ‘888Moorman’ Moorman in 36th place for $163.07 and popular Twitch streamer Courtney ‘courtiebee’ Gee who finished in 20th place for $177.90. Event #5 - $20,000 Twins Flush Even though both events started at the same time, Event #5 the $20,000 Twins Flush drew slightly fewer players and therefore took a little less time to hit the final nine. Just before the hour six break, the table was set for last of the 434 runners to play for the bulk of the $28,400 prize pool. After ’Openpunks’ busted in ninth, PocketFiver ‘ob1wahn’ added to his over $1.2 million in lifetime earnings when he finished in eighth and banked $639. Right behind him was India’s Sharad ’Sharadrao’ Rao who collected $923 for seventh place. Just like in Event #4, the final six were all promised at least four-figures for their $55 buy-in. Malta’s ‘Gugulehtu’ was the first to cash in on that promise as the PocketFiver took sixth place and put his $1,207 prize toward his pursuit of $500,000 in lifetime earnings, a mark he’s now roughly only $35,000 away from. The bustouts continued with ‘HotSauce86’ (fifth), ‘edyvpakistan’ (fourth) and ‘dimdaf’ (third) leaving Germany’s ‘Jamasutra’ to battle Russia’s ‘Ao1ing’ for the title. ‘Jamasutra’ ended up with the win and just under $5,400 for his efforts. On the other hand, while ‘Ao1ing’ came up just short of the victory, it was his second final table in as many days. In addition to the $3,976 payday, he finds himself taking the early lead in the XL Blizzard Leaderboard, sitting in the top spot, edging out yesterday’s top money winner Jans ‘Graftekkel’ Arends. ‘AKallinAA’ also nabbed himself the dubious distinction of being labeled the ‘bubble boy’ for this tournament and, like those ‘bubble boys’ before him, will get a ticket to the second chance tournament. XL Blizzard Day 2 Winners # Event Winner Payout 4 $20,000 Twins Royal Pasha813 $5,633.50 5 $20,000 Twins Flush Jamasutra $5,396
  17. The upcoming 888poker XL Blizzard series features 34 events across 10 days with more than $1.7 million in combined guarantees. Buy-ins come as low as $5, so there are plenty of accessible options for players, but it's the $250 buy-in, $500,000 guarantee Main Event that everyone has their eyes on. With a buy-in of $250, the Main Event may be a little too rich for you. But 888poker has plenty of satellite tournaments running to help you win your way in for cheap, including a special promotion that allows you to win your way to the 888poker XL Blizzard Main Event for free. All you have to do is deposit $10 or more using the promo code 'BLIZZARD10' and you'll get three tickets to 888poker's daily XL Blizzard Qualifiers. These qualifiers run every day at 21:00 GMT up until April 3, 2019. In these qualifiers, the top 12 players will win a $250 seat to the 888poker XL Blizzard Main Event. In addition to the 888poker XL Blizzard Main Event, players can qualify for the XL Blizzard Mini Tune Up that boasts a $50,000 guarantee and a $16.50 buy-in. These qualifiers take place every day at 17:00 GMT up until April 3, 2019, and the top 30 players will win a $16.50 seat into the XL Blizzard Mini Tune Up. Again, all you have to do is deposit $10 or more using the promo code 'BLIZZARD10' and you'll get three tickets to these qualifiers. READ: Five Must-Play Events on the 888poker XL Blizzard Schedule What's more is that if you play in five XL Blizzard events, you'll get a freeroll ticket to a tournament that will give out one $12,600 WSOP Main Event package and three $2,700 WSOP Crazy Eights packages. That's tremendous value simply for competing.
  18. When the calendar turns to spring each year, poker players begin to drool in anticipation of the big series' from each of the top online poker sites. Starting April 4, the 888poker XL Blizzard series is 34 events spread over 10 days with over $1.7 million in total guarantees. The schedule includes buy-ins from as low as $5 with the High Roller event being just a $320 buy-in. After poring over the schedule and the structures for each event, these are the five MUST-PLAY events on the 2019 XL Blizzard schedule. Event #1 - $100K Opening Event Buy-in: $109 Date: April 4 There's no better way to kick off a tournament series than with a deep run in the first event. The Opening Event has a $109 buy-in and promises to be one of the biggest fields of the series. You'll start with a 50,000 stack with blinds going up every 15 minutes. Players can rebuy up to three times in the first four hours, but only once your stack has gone all the way to zero. Each rebuy comes with a 50,000 stack. Satellites for Event #1 run daily for $12 and guarantee three seats each time. Event #11 - $50K Mini Tune Up Buy-in: $16.50 Date: April 7 For those looking to take a shot at a big guarantee for a small buy-in, Event #11 fits the bill. The $50,000 Mini Tune Up has a $16.50 buy-in and with a 50,000 starting stack and 12-minute levels, players will have plenty of opportunities to build a stack and pick up a big score. Should things not go your way during the first 2.5 hours of play, rebuys are available. Satellites for Event #11 run daily for just $0.50. Event #20 - $20K Mini PKO Buy-in: $16.50 Date: April 10 Online poker players have come to love playing PKO tournaments. Getting paid half of your buy-in every time you bust out another player changes the dynamic of play just enough to keep you on your toes throughout the tournament. For those who haven't had the chance to play one yet, the $16.50 price point gives players a chance to get familiar with the format without breaking the bank. Oh, and the $20,000 guarantee is nice too. Event #25 - $30K Deep Stack Buy-in: $55 Date: April 12 Goldilocks would love Event #25. The buy-in isn't too high and isn't too low. At just $55, players are going to get a chance at a $30,0000 guaranteed prize pool. Here's the best part: starting stack is 100,000 and levels last 12 minutes. Players can rebuy no more than twice inside the first four hours of play. Players can satellite into this event multiple times each day until April 12 for just $5. Event #32 - $500K Main Event Buy-in: $250 Date: April 14 Unsurprisingly, THE highlight of the XL Blizzard schedule this year is undoubtedly the Main Event. The $250 buy-in is the second biggest on the schedule (trailing only the High Roller) but also comes with an impressive $500,000 guarantee. The structure also lives up to the Main Event billing. Players start with 50,000 chips and blinds of 125/250 and levels increasing every 20 minutes. Players can rebuy up to three times in the first five hours of play. Players hoping to satellite in have a lot of selection. A $33 buy-in satellite that guarantees two seats runs every day. Players can also get in for just $1 in the LOTTO qualifier - players are all in every hand until there is a winner.
  19. 888poker continues to demonstrate that they are serious about catering to the dedicated online tournament player. After a pair of successful Sunday promotions over the past two months, including rake free and reduced buy-in tournaments, the online site has launched their latest player-friendly innovation called Rake or Break. The core of Rake or Break is a series of tournaments with a targeted prize pool. The prize pool isn't guaranteed, it's what they think it prize pool will get to as an enticement for players to register. If the tournament hits that number then the players know that they are battling over a huge prize pool with guaranteed value. However, if the target number is missed, then 888poker will refund the entry fee for every player. It’s full rakeback for everyone in the field, including on multiple entries. There’s an added bonus for players. If the target prize pool number is met by the players, then the target number will automatically go up by 10% the very next week. That means the tournament will continue to grow and tournament players will have even more reasons to register every subsequent Sunday. Then, if one week in the future it misses the new target - rakeback for all. It just goes to show that 888poker is listening to players…even if those players are sponsored by another website. In January, current #5-ranked tournament pro Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard recommended just such an idea. Well, it appears that 888poker loved the idea, so much so that they ran with it. Beginning this Sunday, March 24, 888poker is offering three different Rake or Break tournaments. That means, that every Sunday moving forward these three tournaments will either continue to grow in size or players will be playing with zero buy-in fees. It’s a win-win. 888poker Rake Or Break Sunday Schedule Event Target Prize Buy-In Time Rake or Break Main Event $100,000 $320 18:00 GMT Rake or Break Monsoon $15,000 $55 18:30 GMT Rake or Break Challenge $25,000 $109 19:35 GMT To register for any of the three Rake or Break tournaments, fire up the 888poker client and click on the Tournaments Tab. Rake or Break has its own heading right underneath. Looking for more tournament action from 888poker? Their XL Blizzard 34-event super series starts on April 4. Check out the full schedule here.
  20. Get ready tournament grinders, the 2019 edition of 888poker’s signature series XL Blizzard is right around the corner. From April 4-14, MTT players from around the world will be logging on to compete in 888poker’s 34-event super series that will feature over $1.7 million in guarantees. The streamlined tournament schedule offers a number of staple events that players have come to enjoy, including the $100,000 guaranteed Opening Event, the $100,000 High Roller, a full slate of Progressive Knockouts, the Crazy 8's and a $500,000 guaranteed Main Event with a new, scaled-back $250 buy-in. In fact, this year the XL Blizzard schedule offers a wider variety of buy-ins making it more appealing than ever for players managing every size bankroll. The Main Event This year 888poker is looking for more players than ever to participate in the $500,000 XL Blizzard Main Event and they’ve encouraged players of every level to take their shot by lowering the buy-in to a more manageable $250 from last year’s $1,050 entry fee. Not only is the buy-in reduced, but 888poker is making it easier than ever to qualify for the Main Event in 2019. Every day, at 21:00 GMT, the online site is running the XL Blizzard Main Event Qualifier that promises the top 12 players entry into the Main Event. The free tickets to the 12-seat qualifier are reserved for depositors but if you don't have plans on making another deposit, there are plenty of other avenues to get into the Main Event for the minimum. In addition to the 12-seat qualifier, 888poker is running a whole host of satellites, including $33 multi-seat guaranteed contests. As has been the case with every XL series, players can work their way up through the steps satellites starting with a buy-in as low as $0.01. The Road To Vegas The series is also offering their players a shot at one of the largest live tournaments of the year. Once again this year, 888poker has teamed up with the World Series of Poker as the exclusive online site where players can win a seat into the $10,000 Main Event. This year, grinders of the XL Blizzard series will have one of the best chances to win a seat thanks to a series-end freeroll that will give away one of the coveted $12,600 WSOP packages. READ: Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 WSOP Every player that participates in five different XL Blizzard tournaments over the course of the series will receive a ticket to the tournament where the winner will earn themselves a flight to Las Vegas, lodging, some extra cash for expenses and a seat to the WSOP Main Event. The series end freeroll will also be giving away three seats to the 888poker branded $888 Crazy Eights, which features an overhauled structure and a brand new super deep starting stack. READ: 2019 WSOP Structure Breakdown: Crazy Eights So clear your calendar and prepare to play 888poker’s 2019 XL Blizzard and perhaps win your way to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. 888poker XL Blizzard Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN 04/04 Event #1 - $100,000 Opening Event $109.00 04/04 Event #2 - $20,000 Mini Opening Event $16.50 04/04 Event #3 - $20,000 Late Opening Event $55.00 04/05 Event #4 - $30,000 PKO $55.00 04/05 Event #5 - $20,000 Mini PKO $22.00 04/06 Event #6 - $30,000 Crazy 8 $88.00 04/06 Event #7 - $10,000 Mini Crazy 8 $8.80 04/06 Event #8 - $10,000 Late Crazy 8 $44.00 04/07 Event #9 - $120,000 Mega Deep $215.00 04/07 Event #10 - $100,000 Tune Up $160.00 04/07 Event #11 - $50,000 Mini Tune Up $16.50 04/07 Event #12 - $50,000 Micro Tune Up $5.50 04/07 Event #13 - $20,000 Late Tune Up $55.00 04/08 Event #14 - $30,000 R&A $55.00 04/08 Event #15 - $10,000 Mini R&A $5.50 04/09 Event #16 - $100,000 High Roller $320.00 04/09 Event #17 - $30,000 Mini High Roller $55.00 04/09 Event #18 - $20,000 Late High Roller $109.00 04/10 Event #19 - $50,000 PKO $109.00 04/10 Event #20 - $20,000 Mini PKO $16.50 04/10 Event #21 - $10,000 Late PKO $33.00 04/11 Event #22 - $75,000 PKO 8-Max $215.00 04/11 Event #23 - $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max $22.00 04/11 Event #24 - $20,000 Late PKO 8-Max $55.00 04/12 Event #25 - $30,000 Deepstack $55.00 04/12 Event #26 - $20,000 Mini Deepstack $16.50 04/12 Event #27 - $10,000 Late Deepstack $33.00 04/13 Event #28 - $30,000 6-Max $109.00 04/13 Event #29 - $20,000 Mini $16.50 04/13 Event #30 - $15,000 Late 6-Max $55.00 04/14 Event #31 - $120,000 Mega Deep $215.00 04/14 Event #32 - $500,000 Main Event $250.00 04/14 Event #33 - $50,000 Mini Main Event $33.00 04/14 Event #34 - $15,000 Micro Main Event $5.50
  21. Hot on the heels of their successful XL Blizzard online series, 888poker is wasting no time in running yet another value-heavy series with the return of XL Inferno. From May 16-26, XL Inferno’s 34-event schedule brings over $1.4 million in total guarantees and, like XL Blizzard before it, it features a $500K GTD Main Event with a buy-in of only $250. The Main Event isn’t the only similarity in the XL schedules. Many of the tournaments that crushed their guarantees in April are back for another go around this May. Also, the same variety in buy-ins can be seen across the two events. Buy-ins for XL Inferno range from as little as $5.50 up through the $320 buy-in of the $100K GTD High Roller. Win And You're In 888poker has satellites for all of their tournaments running 24/7 with satellite steps starting with buy-ins as little as $0.01. But during XL Inferno, they have special satellites to help players get involved in a couple of the biggest events on the schedule for a fraction of the price. Every day, at 20:00 GMT, players who have made a recent deposit can hop into the XL Inferno Main Event Qualifier where the top 12 players pick up a seat into the $500K GTD Main Event. Additionally, every day at 16:00 GMT, the XL Inferno Mini-Tune-Up Qualifier goes off. There 50 players will pick up a seat into the $16.50 Mini Tune up. Between the two freerolls, 888poker is giving players thousands of dollars of value daily, all of which is funneled into two of the biggest events on the schedule. However, if you don't have a new deposit planned, satellites for both of the above events are running regularly with buy-ins starting at $0.50. Live The Dream XL Inferno offers yet another chance for players to win their way into the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas with 888poker’s ‘Road To Vegas’ promotion. Through their partnership with the WSOP, 888poker is one of the only international online sites able to offer players satellites into WSOP events and players can play their way into one of the best ways to do that during XL Inferno. Players that participate in any five XL Inferno events will receive a ticket to play in a WSOP Qualifier freeroll which will take place at the end of the series. The value in this freeroll is massive. The winner will receive a WSOP Main Event package worth $12,600. It includes a seat into the Main Event, hotel accommodation in Las Vegas plus an extra $1,000 in cash to help cover travel and other expenses. READ: Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 WSOP Three lucky winners will pick up $2,700 packages to head to the WSOP and play in the $888 Crazy 8’s tournament. In addition to the seat, hotel and travel expenses are covered as well. READ: 2019 WSOP Structure Breakdown: Crazy Eights Finally, 888poker is adding $9.300 in cash prizes. Just added money for the freeroll going to those who make a run but come up short of winning a trip to Las Vegas for the summer series. 888Poker XL Inferno Schedule DATE TIME GMT EVENT BUY-IN May-16 6:00 PM XL Inferno #1 - $50,000 Opening Event $109 6:00 PM XL Inferno #2 - $20,000 Mini Opening Event $16.50 8:00 PM XL Inferno #3 - $20,000 Late Opening Event $55 May-17 6:00 PM XL Inferno #4 - $30,000 PKO $55 6:00 PM XL Inferno #5 - $20,000 Mini PKO $22 8:00 PM XL Inferno #6 - $10,000 Late PKO $33 May-18 6:00 PM XL Inferno #7 - $30,000 8-Max $109 6:00 PM XL Inferno #8 - $10,000 Mini 8-Max $8.80 8:00 PM XL Inferno #9 - $15,000 Late 8-Max $55 May-19 6:00 PM XL Inferno #10 - $100,000 Tune Up $160 6:00 PM XL Inferno #11 - $50,000 Mini Tune Up $16.50 6:30 PM XL Inferno #12 - $10,000 Micro Tune Up $5.50 8:00 PM XL Inferno #13 - $20,000 Late Tune Up $55 May-20 6:00 PM XL Inferno #14 - $20,000 R&A Event $33 6:00 PM XL Inferno #15 - $10,000 Mini R&A $5.50 7:00 PM XL Inferno #16 - $15,000 Late R&A $16.50 May-21 6:00 PM XL Inferno #17 - $100,000 High Roller $320 6:00 PM XL Inferno #18 - $30,000 Mini High Roller $55 8:00 PM XL Inferno #19 - $20,000 Late High Roller $109 May-22 6:00 PM XL Inferno #20 - $50,000 PKO $109 6:00 PM XL Inferno #21 - $20,000 Mini PKO $16.50 8:00 PM XL Inferno #22 - $10,000 Late PKO $33 May-23 6:00 PM XL Inferno #23 - $50,000 PKO 8-Max $160 6:00 PM XL Inferno #24 - $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max $22 8:00 PM XL Inferno #25 - $20,000 Late PKO 8-Max $55 May-24 5:00 PM XL Inferno #26 - $30,000 DeepStack $55 5:00 PM XL Inferno #27 - $20,000 Mini DeepStack $16.50 7:00 PM XL Inferno #28 - $10,000 Late DeepStack $33 May-25 6:00 PM XL Inferno #29 - $30,000 6-Max $109 6:00 PM XL Inferno #30 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max $16.50 8:00 PM XL Inferno #31 - $15,000 Late 6-Max $55 May-26 5:00 PM XL Inferno #32 - $500,000 Main Event $250 5:30 PM XL Inferno #33 - $50,000 Mini Main Event $33 6:00 PM XL Inferno #34 - $15,000 Micro Main Event $5.50
  22. 888poker’s spring online series XL Blizzard is still going strong headed into its final week. After an action-packed Sunday, which saw 888poker ambassador Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman take home a title, the schedule slowed down - just a bit - on Monday in order to let players catch their breath before speeding to the $500,000 guaranteed Main Event next weekend. There were two smaller tournaments on tap, both employing the Rebuy & Add-On format, with $40,000 in total guarantees there for the taking. Event #14 - $30,000 R&A ($55 buy-in) The larger of the two tournaments was the $55 buy-in $30,000 R&A. 256 players registered with 161 rebuys and 150 add-ons. Minus the rake, the prize pool came up just shy of the guarantee, rewarding those who logged on Monday a little bit of an overlay. Peru’s #2-ranked player Yoshiaki ‘Yoshiaki97’ Paco made quick work of the field claiming victory in just over six hours and taking home $6,135 and the title of XL Blizzard champion. The score puts Paco just shy of $600,000 in total career earnings and will go a long way to helping the PocketFiver rise from his ranking of #182 in the world. Russia’s ‘phervian’ finished as the runner-up, taking home $4,500 for his efforts and Canada’s ‘Nordynordbrg’ finished in third place for $3,390. For ‘Nordynordbrg’ it marks the second day in a row that he’s finished with the bronze in an XL Blizzard event, taking home $2,840.25 during Sunday’s $20,000 Late Tune Up. Final Table Results 1. Yoshiaki97 - $6,135 2. phervian - $4,500 3. Nordynordbrg - $3,390 4. Mellman - $2,550 5. Beachfarm - $1,740 6. tecurat - $1,350 7. 23NoraB - $1,050 8. okokok1893 - $750 9. _Lord_Xenu_ $570 Event #15 - $10,000 Mini R&A ($5.50 buy-in) The small-stakes $5.50 Mini R&A had no problem besting the $10,000 guarantee as 1,003 players generated 637 rebuys and 470 add-on for a total prize pool of $10,550. In the end, the final three players agreed to a deal that would allow them to take their micro investment and turn it into a four-figure bankroll booster. Canada’s ‘chouinard8’ officially locked up first place, taking home the title of XL Blizzard champion, and earning $1,548.45 for the win. The runner-up was Ukraine’s ‘wildrado’ who took home $1,437.05 as part of the deal. India’s ‘abhinarg’ also earned over $1K, securing $1,308.58, nearly $300 more than the posted third place prize. Final Table Results 1. chouinard8 - $1,548.45 2. wildrado - $1,437.05 3. abhigarg - $1,308.58 4. MrTJHB - $764.87 5. JaFoiTodo - $531.72 6. dirolo_mimis - $422 7. Lyorak - $316.72 8. Sunnybeam - $211 9. IllKIllY0U - $126.60
  23. Saturday was the penultimate day of 888poker’s XL Blizzard online series and featured three 6-Max tournaments with another $65,000 worth of guarantees. It was evident that rather than take part of the weekend off before hopping in the $500,000 GTD Main Event, players opted to take their shot at claiming one of the few remaining XL Blizzard titles as all three 6-Max tournaments beat their guarantee. Event #28 - $30,000 6-Max ($109 buy-in) The largest tournament of the day was the $109 $30,000 GTD 6-Max. Latvia’s ‘Zluka2010’ outlasted the 216-player (103 rebuys) field and took home the largest portion of the $31,900 prize pool. ‘Zluka2010’ took home the largest score of the day, earning $7,656 for defeating Germany’s ‘polomichi18’ in heads up play. As the runner up, ‘polomichi18’ won $5,279.45. ‘GoinInDry’ picked up $3,987.50 for his bronze medal finish and every one of the final six took home four-figure scores. Final Table Results 1. Zluka2010 - $7,656 2. polomichi18 - $5,279.45 3. GoinInDry - $3,987.50 4. rashthecash - $2,711.50 5. elhanna17 - $2,073.50 6. pokerpal6 - $1,435.50 Event #29 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max ($16.50 buy-in) 1,047 players (362 rebuys) flocked to the $16.50 $20,000 GTD Mini 6-Max, bolstering the prize pool to $21,135. Canada’s ‘Unde_’ took home the first place prize of $3,593.51 and the XL Blizzard title by beating Lithuania’s ‘oTLIN’ who received $2,694.71 as the runner-up. Ireland’s ‘shanefry’ hit the rail in third place, earning $2,050.09. Final Table Results 1. Unde_ - $3,593.51 2. oTLIN - $2,694.71 3. shanefry - $2,050.09 4. Nejtrin0 - $1,426.61 5. popsnpoker - $1,003.91 6. milkmanas - $634.05 Event #30 - $15,000 Late 6-Max ($55 buy-in) In the final event of the day, 244 players (79 rebuys) participated in the $55 $15,000 GTD Late 6-Max generating a prize pool of $16,150. ‘zanzibar58’ collected all the chip as well as the $3,714.56 first-place prize. Canada’s ‘modmod87’ finished as the runner-up, earning $2,584 for his efforts. The #94-ranked player in the world, Russia’s ’drupalucker’, rounded out the top three, adding $1,938 to his bankroll. After the score, he sits less than $8,000 away from surpassing $3.8 million in lifetime earnings. Final Table Results 1. zanzibar58 - $3,714.56 2. modmod87 - $2,584 3. drupalucker - $1,938 4. Chunga27 - $1,292 5. fcbbadotti - $969 6. milkman_14 - $662.15
  24. It was a day for the deepstacks during 888poker’s XL Blizzard online poker series. There were three more tournaments on the schedule and over $60,000 in total prize pools for players to compete for. With the $500,000 Main Event taking place on Sunday, Friday’s slate of tournaments offers players one of the last chances to boost their bankrolls while laying claim to an XL Blizzard title. Event #25 - $30,000 Deepstack ($55 buy-in) It was an XL Blizzard first in the $55 $30,000 GTD Deepstack as the final five players agreed to a five-way deal to divvy up the lion's share of the $30,900 prize pool. Romania’s ‘concepteco’ outlasted the 461-player field (157 rebuys) and, after the five-handed deal was agreed to, took home the top prize of $4,360.66. Finishing as the runner-up, was Denmark’s ‘simoneblondi’ earning $4,175.63. Russia’s ‘Oddy772’ agreed to $3,141.56 while the UK’s ‘1PPeneus1’ secured almost $700 more than the posted fourth-place prize, walking with $3,127.45. The final participant in the deal was fifth-place finisher ’Roma3Pari’ from Russia, who locked up $2,668.65, nearly $1,000 more than the original prize for fifth. Final Table Results 1. concepteco - $4,360.66* 2. simoneblondi - $4,175.63* 3. Oddy772 - $3,141.56* 4. 1PPeneus1 - $3,127.45* 5. Roma3Pari - $2,668.65* 6. Maedhros11 - $1,313.25 7. tinchoarce - $1,004.25 8. josetecrazy - $695.25 9. Crazyboollet - $512.94 Event #26 - $20,000 Mini Deepstack ($16.50 buy-in) Despite the lower buy-in of the $16.50 $20,000 GTD Deepstack, Romania’s ‘cretzzuu93’ nearly took home the top prize of any XL Blizzard tournament on the day. After defeating 1,281 players (424 rebuys), he came up just short - earning $4,348.20 for first, roughly $12 shy of his fellow countryman ‘concepteco’ who took first in Event #25. Russia’s ‘Limonad19’ wrapped up as the runner up and earned himself $3,196.87. ‘LittleFlying’ from Brazil earned himself the bronze medal and $2,427.06. Final Table Results 1. crezzuu93 - $4,348.20 2. Limonad19 - $3,196.87 3. LittleFlying - $2,427.06 4. GodtheGr8 - $1,739.10 5. trh16 - $1,265.96 6. Alrighty2222 - $1,010.21 7. Gvazimod - $754.46 8. nikedexter - $498.71 9. 216ben216 - $276.21 Event #27 - $10,000 Late Deepstack ($33 buy-in) There was another deal made in the final tournament of the day, the $33 $10,000 GTD Deepstack. 421 players (110 rebuys) entered the contest helping the prize pool to $15,930. This made it so each of Friday's XL Blizzard tournaments exceeded their respective guarantees. Germany’s ‘1loverivers’ took home the title and $2,842 in the deal while ‘vips25’ settled for runner-up, earning $2,485.06, roughly $215 more than the posted second place prize. Brazil’s ‘tgrigoletti’ couldn’t make it to the end, however, he did finish in third place for $1,672.65. Final Table Results 1. 1loverivers - $2,842 2. vips25 - $2,485.06 3. tgrigoletti - $1,672.40 4. MttRaven - $1,274.40 5. ErikOttoL - $892.08 6. WAY2EZ. - $677.02 7. shag72 - $517.72 8. Motherpucker - $358.42 9. ole_schemion - $264.43
  25. 888poker’s XL Blizzard online series continued on Thursday with another $115,000 in guarantees up for grabs. For the second day in a row, there were three of the popular PKO tournaments on the schedule bringing out bounty hunters trying to pick up extra cash for sending their opponents to the rail. Event #22 - $75,000 PKO 8-Max ($215 buy-in) Not only were players able to enjoy the ability to pick up bounties in the $215 $75,000 PKO 8-max, but the largest event of the day also offered some overlay. 246 players (86 rebuys) created a prize pool of $66,400, $8,600 short of the $75K guarantee. Even with the rake thrown in, there was over $3,500 in extra equity for the players. ‘ZANOCI’ was the biggest beneficiary of the overlay, taking down the tournament for $8,464.50 + $4,527.69 in bounties. Finishing right behind ‘ZANOCI’ was Ukraine’s ‘YSoSerious7’. The Ukranian ended up taking home $6,479 + $3,727.74 in bounties as the runner-up. Brazil’s #6-ranked player ‘liincownz’ took finished in third place, winning $4,807 + $462.50. The score helped the worldwide #44-ranked pro to up over $1.85M in total lifetime earnings. Final Table Results 1. ZANOCI - $8,464.50 + $4,527.69 2. YSoSerious7 - $6,479 + $3,727.74 3. liincownz - $4,807 + $462.50 4. HermanMelvin - $3,553 + $609.38 5. IbetUfold_x - $2,299 _ $493.75 6. wellyxxxx - $1,881 + $1,871.11 7. omgjefmonier - $1,463 + $625 8. Leqenden - $1,149.50 + $484.38 Event #23 - $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max ($22 buy-in) The $22 $20,000 Mini PKO helped make up for some of the overlay in Event #22 as 901 players (343 rebuys) helped pushed the prize pool past the $20K guarantee to a total of $24,880. Norway’s ‘mathi8ce’ secured the victory, winning the top prize of $2,301.82 + $1,455.24 in bounties. The UK’s ‘king.abduIIV’ finished the tournament as the runner up taking home $1,618.44 + $285.85 in bounties. ‘Hala1988’ also had a podium finish, picking up $1,244 + $452.65 in bounties for third place. Final Table Results 1. mathi8ce - $2,301.82 + $1,455.24 2. king.abduIIV - $1,618.44 + $285.85 3. Hala1988 - $1,244 + $452.65 4. cretzzuu93 - $933 + $$239.23 5. weeeeeeegeeg - $622 + $258.05 6. TuDyTheAcee - $435.40 + $236.28 7. slacker11 - $279.90 + $95.63 8. kylix42 - $189.08 + $366.63 Event #24 - $20,000 Late PKO 8-Max ($55 buy-in) 363 players (93 rebuys) flocked to the $55 $20,000 Late PKO generating a prize pool of $22,800. Canada’s ‘Win.338’ defeated Switzerland’s ‘Oguen1’ heads up to take home the XL Blizzard title as well as the tournaments top prize of $2,194.50 + $2,119.02. ‘Oguen1’ settled for $1,624.50 + $202.34 as the runner up. The UK’s ‘earl1069’ also took home a four-figure score, earning $1,225.50 + $497.65 in third place. Final Table Results 1. Win.338 - $2,194.50 + $2,119.02 2. Oguen1 - $1,624.50 + $202.34 3. earl1069 - $1,225.50 + $497.65 4. motodonk - $883.50 + $191.40 5. Zent777 - $598.50 + $165.63 6. JonnyJamz - $427.50 + $326.93 7. Suic1deKing - $313.50 + $154.70 8. PaiNKilleer - $256.50 + $184.38

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