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  1. [caption width="640"] Players helped raise much-needed funds on Tuesday during 888poker's XL Eclipse[/caption] On Tuesday, 888poker's XL Eclipse offered giant guarantees with enormous payouts, but the main focus of the day was raising money for those in need. Of the 11 events on the day's slate, three were branded as “Chip-In!” tournaments – where all the tournament fees would be donated to the REG charity of choice, Against Malaria Foundation. The Against Malaria Foundation takes 100% of all donations and uses the funds to purchase long-lasting insecticidal nets, distributing them to people in need and helping ensure that they are used properly in an effort to help protect people against the very preventable disease of malaria. There was a lot of money to be raised as the biggest buy-in event of the entire series, Event #126 ($5,200 $500,000 Super High Roller Chip-In!) ensured that $200 for every player would be used to help those in need. With 87 players (and their 37 re-entries – which had the donation of fees attached) the players helped raise over $24,000 in this event alone. It was certainly a worthy cause for Belarus' 'spider4444'who took home the largest cash of the entire series thus far with his $170,500 first place prize. Russia's 'EvonmiYa' earned himself $114,700 for finishing as the runner-up and while he certainly would have liked to win it all, the score is the current largest of his profitable career. PocketFiver 'Zebest7r' also made the final table and took home a career-best cash for over $43,000, good for fifth place, as did well-known live and online pro Mike 'SirWatts' Watson, who finished in eighth. The players in Event #127 ($215 $150,000 Mini Chip-In!) were also in the giving mood. The contest drew 585 runners, 360 of which found themselves re-entering. The result of which was another generous amount of money being donated – over $14,000. Current Worldwide #6-ranked player, Joao 'Ineedmassari' Paulo Simao, ended up being crowned an XL Eclipse champion and earning $35,702.10 for first place, adding to his already impressive $6 million in lifetime earnings. The final event that had players chipping in was Event #130 ($55 $15,000 Turbo Chip-In). The turbo format brought in an additional $1,850 in donations as 277 players (and their re-entries) fought for the $3,783.25 cash up top. 'SweetDeuce' defeated the UK's 'Entropally' for the title, while the Brit cashed for $2,775 as a consolation. All told, the day brought in over $40,000 for Against Malaria Foundation. With the long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) costing $2.50 each the players at 888poker helped people in need with over 16,000 new nets. For information on the Against Malaria Foundationvisit them on their website. XL Eclipse Day 10 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 120$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]plotka_voxa$5,720 121$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Kaktus26rus$3,134.70 122$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]mr.fanera$3,163.60 123$40,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]bowdownfish$8,736.52 124$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]JonBones96kg$2,872.79* 125$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Plotsch2$4,560 126$500,000 Super High Roller NLHE$5,200][poker card="TD"]spider4444$170,500 127$150,000 Mini Chip-In NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]Ineedmassari$35,702.10 128$40,000 Tuesday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Gandalf_MRS$8,626 129$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]the_HOBIT_$3,572.67 130$15,000 Turbo Chip-In NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]SweetDeuce$3,783.25 * denotes final table deal
  2. [caption width="640"] There were 13 new tournaments on Monday during 888poker's XL Eclipse.[/caption] In addition to the return of PLO to the XL Eclipse schedule, 888poker unveiled their latest tournament theme catered to those players who always want to know “what'd you have?” A pair of “ShowMe!” tournaments added a new wrinkle to the game where every winning hand would be revealed. Every bluff, every value bet and everything in between – if it dragged the pot, the table got to see it. In Event #118 ($55 $10,000 ShowMe! NLHE) it would be Russian player 'ElGradiente' who not only showed his cards, he was showed the money. Outlasting the field of 226 and taking down 'UrBadBeat' in heads-up play, he took home $2,310.85 as well as the XL Eclipse champion title. The mini version, Event #119 ($5 $3,000 Mini ShowMe! NLHE), was one of the best bang-for-your-buck tournaments over the entire XL Eclipse series. At only $5, 641 players flocked to the fun-themed tournament whereYaDaKiss'' won it all and made 100x his buy-in with his victory. PocketFiver 'gifuhorna' joined the two-time champion club on Monday as he took down Event #117 ($109 $15,000 Tornado NLHE). The former Top-30 ranked professional from Finland claimed one of the largest cashes of the day, over $5100, when he defeated Brazil's Alexandre 'Cavalito_' Mantovani heads-up. Notable finish in this one includes 888poker ambassador Parker '888tonkaaaa' Talbotjust missing out on the final table, finishing in 14th. A pair of PocketFivers took home their first wins of the series as well. Osmas Alves 'Chipss182' Martins Junior from Brazil won over $2,000 in Event #116 ($22 $10,000 Monday Flush NLHE) while 'marko2710' ended up on top in Event #109 ($109 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish), the largest tournament of the day. XL Eclipse Day 9 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 107$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]trickeiries$4,966 108$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]nutcracker95$3,134,70 109$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]2701marko$3,340.22 110$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]bezfrke$6,450 111$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]crossthervr$3,179.18 112$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]CoCoMic$4,838.40 113$10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo PLO8$109][poker card="TD"]doyleb102$3,458 114$5,000 Mini Omaha Hi-Lo PLO8$12][poker card="TD"]lebeniss$951.27* 115$10,000 Monday Royal NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]decaff$1,569.67* 116$10,000 Monday Flush NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]Chipss182$2,056.32 117$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]gifuhorna$5,117 118$3,000 Mini ShowMe! NLHE$5][poker card="TD"]YaDaKiss$566.70 119$10,000 ShowMe! NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]ElGradiente$2,310.85 * denotes final table deal
  3. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse offers over 0,000 in guarantees on Saturday.[/caption] The penultimate day of 888poker's XL Eclipse was one of their biggest yet. With over $300,000 in guarantees spread over 13 tournaments, including a trio of 6-Max tournaments, there was plenty of money up for grabs before Sunday's super-sized schedule and the $1,500,000 XL Eclipse Main Event. While not the biggest tournament score of the day, Russia's 'Kaktus26rus' took down the first event on Saturday, Event #168 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE), for $4,576. If that screen name sounds familiar it may be because just two days ago he made headlines by taking his first XL Eclipse title along with $26,000. Saturday's victory puts the red-hot Russian in the exclusive two-time champions club and primed to make a run at Sunday's Main Event. In what has become routine over the course of the series, Sweden superstar 'tutten7' found himself at another final table, finishing in seventh place. The day's largest haul belonged to Brazil's Rui 'Grobbshinit' Rodrigues who outlasted the 310 runners in the afternoon's headlining tournament, Event #176 ($160 $60,000 6-Max). His $18,183 first place finish not only marks the largest cash of his career, it more than doubles his recorded lifetime totals which, prior to this event, was $14,000. His last recorded cash prior to Saturday: $8. 'ARARAT800' had an enviable day at the online felts as well. While the Swedish grinder, and XL Eclipse winner, didn't take home any titles today, 'ARARAT800' did make two final tables, agreeing to final table deals in both. First, in Event #173 ($55 $25,000 Saturday R&A NLHE) a three-way deal was struck. 'tTtexa' was crowned the winner taking home $4,128.33 and their first XL Eclipse title. PocketFiver 'omgjefmonier' added to his $3.2 million in lifetime earnings when he took second for just over $4,000 while 'ARARAT800' took $3,973.30, $1000 more than the original 3rd place prize. Later in the day, 'ARARAT800' chopped up Event #180 ($55 $10,000 Turbo 6-Max NLHE). In this contest, although he officially was the runner-up, he took home more money, $2,210.04, than the eventual winner, 'Ttliquorshop' who surrendered a mere $13.04, banking $2,196.96. The last of XL Eclipse's 197 events wrap up on Sunday with over $2,300,000 of guaranteed prize pools over the last 17 events. XL Eclipse Day 14 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 168$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Kaktus26rus$4,576 169$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]moments3$3,067.50 170$50,000 Octopus NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]varonislv$14,620.50 171$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]g3r4rrrr$2,835 172$25,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]ribamech15$5,063.25 173$25,000 Saturday R&A NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]tTtexa$4,128.33* 174$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]22theman22$2,850 175$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]SirHennie$3,838 176$60,000 6-Max NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Grobbshinit$18,183 177$15,000 Mini 6-Max NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]fjreis$2,495.69* 178$25,000 Saturday Challenge NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]n0sferatv$5,565.10 179$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]simonblondi$3,355.84* 180$10,000 Turbo 6-Max NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]TTliquorshop$2,196.96* * denotes final table deal
  4. [caption width="640"] A pair of PocketFivers claimed their second titles during 888poker's XL Eclipse[/caption] On Saturday, during their online mega-series XL Eclipse, 888poker offered three different versions of their popular signature “Crazy 8” event while providing over $330,000 in guarantees. The combination of both helped make Saturday one of the most popular days so far as a completed full week of XL Eclipse action is in the books. The marquee event of the day was Event #86 ($88 $88,000 Crazy 8 NLHE). Boasting the largest guarantee of the day at $88,000, the themed tournament drew 610 runners (and their 415 rebuys). In the end, it would be '_Lord_Xenu_' who defeated PocketFiver'OverTheTop43'for the largest take home cash of the evening at $16,456. 'OverTheTop43', while denied his 2nd title in as many days, earned $12,100 – almost three times as much as his victory score on Friday. The mini version of the “Crazy Eight” contest, Event #87 ($8.80 $20,000 Mini Crazy 8) became one of the more popular tournaments of the series so far attracting 1666 players. Brazil's 'caci53' ended up on top, turning less than $10 into $3781.40 in an afternoon. Chris '888Moorman' Moorman, 888poker ambassador and one of the most successful online player in history, was in the running to capture his first XL Eclipse title of this series, making the final table in Event #80 ($215 $50,000 Octopus NLHE). Moorman though would fall short, falling in third place for just over $9,000 while '1LevelAbove' would go on to defeat 'FlatTopTony' heads-up for $15,916.50, the bulk of the (aptly named) Octopus' $78,600 prize pool. PocketFivers, once again, excelled on Saturday with a pair of online pros taking their second titles of the series in the first week. Ukraine's #5-ranked player, 'Gswarrior30', was the champion of Event #79 ($55 $15,000 Breeze NLHE) for just over $3,000. His victory led to his second 4-figure score in just three days. Also a newly crowned two-time winner is Argentinian grinder Christian 'progree69' Sampaoli. Sampaoli, who was a top-10 ranked player as recent as this year, scored just over $4,000 for his win in Event #89 ($109 $15,000 Tornado NLHE). Other PocketFives.com ranked members to close out their respective tournaments included Bogdan 'Ph4N888' Nicolae who closed out a final table that included the aforementioned Sampaoli and took home $5,504. Sweden's 'Namlleh' bested the first event of the day, Event #78 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max) for over $6,600 – one of the largest cashes of the day. XL Eclipse Day 7 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 78$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Namlleh$6,656 79$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]GSwarrior30$3,067.50 80$50,000 Octopus NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]1LevelAbove$15,916.50 81$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]PascalLadale$2,835 82$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Fukuruku$4,143.12* 83$25,000 R&A NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Ph4N888$5,504 84$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]moven050$2,850 85$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]CoinShipper$3,870 86$88,000 Crazy 8$88][poker card="TD"]_Lord_Xenu_$16,456 87$20,000 Mini Crazy 8$8.80][poker card="TD"]caci532,168.32 88$25,000 Saturday Challenge NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Habilidade0$5,766.50 89$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]progree69$4,025 90$15,000 Turbo Crazy 8 NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Matheussulz$3,219.75 * denotes final table deal
  5. [caption width="640"] Knockdown, drag-out action over at 888poker during XL Eclipse on Friday.[/caption] There were bounty hunters abound during the 888poker XL Eclipse schedule on Friday. For the first time since the start of the series, players had an extra incentive to go for the kill in the form of bounty tournaments. In fact, as not to overwork players before a massive online poker weekend, there were only eleven tournaments on tap, three of which were of the popular bounty format. Current Worldwide #3-ranked player, 'tutten7', was back in action poised for his second title of the XL Eclipse series in Event #73 ($30,000 Knockout NLHE) the largest tournament on Friday's schedule. The Swedish phenom had a roughly 2:1 chip lead in the middle of heads-up play but was upended late by Lithuanian's 'Apsauginis' who, in a matter of hands, took the lead and closed out the tournament for the top prize of the day, $6135 (+$328 in bounties). As the runner-up, 'tutten7' banked $4,500 (+$328 in bounties) which should push his lifetime online total to over $7.5 million. Event #75 ($35 $25,000 Challenge NLHE) was the best bang-for-your-buck tournament of the day with its modest buy-in and aggressive guarantee. It attracted the most runners of any tournament on the schedule with 824 entries, all of which were faded by Brazil's 'Naollmin' who turned his $35 into $4,772,60 with his victory. PocketFives members were well represented in the winner's circle on this day capturing no fewer than four titles. Former top-ten ranked online player 'overthetop43' chopped up the first event of the day, Event #67 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE), capturing the title but taking a little less, $4051.13, than 'ihavenoboss', who came in 2nd. Gytis 'peledazmogis' Lazauninkas scored victory in Event #68 ($55 $15,000 Breeze NLHE) as did Ukraine's 'Bestolo4' in Event #69 ($30 $15,000 Deepstack NLHE). In the theme of the day, it was Finland's 'gifuhorna' who racked up the bounties and the win in Event #75 ($10,000 Turbo Knockout NLHE) adding $2,311.25 (+ $250 in bounties) to his already over $3 million in lifetime cashes. XL Eclipse Day 6 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 67$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]OverTheTop43$4,051.13* 68$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]peledazmogis$3,067.50 69$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Bestolo4$3,007.76 70$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]germaxii$4,708.50 71$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]GOLDandVODKA$2,910.60 72$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Ezreaal$3,838 73$30,000 Knockout NLHE$150][poker card="TD"]Apsauginis2,168.32 (+ $328) 74$15,000 Mini Knockout NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]PhilreadsU$3,271.87 (+ $82.50) 75$25,000 Friday Challenge NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]Naollmin$4,772.60 76$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Baistimo$3,613.37* 77$10,000 Turbo Knockout NLHE$75][poker card="TD"]gifuhorna$2,311.25 (+ $240) * denotes final table deal
  6. [caption width="640"] XL Eclipse continues to offer more action everyday at 888poker[/caption] XL Eclipse was in full swing on Wednesday, offering up another hefty slate of online tournaments with enticing guarantees to match. 888poker fired up another 13 events of their September poker series and with them nearly a quarter million dollars was up for grabs. While not the biggest buy-in of the day at $109, the largest prize offering was in Event #47. The Eight Max No Limit Hold’em format offered a $50,000 guarantee which was quickly annihilated as the 607 entrants (and their 325 rebuys) helped almost double the promised prize pool. The tournament went late into the night until finally ’RendOss’ defeated ‘ALLin_Ranger’ heads-up to claim the $17,428.40 payday, easily the largest of the day. Event #44 ($160 $20,000 Crocodile) saw Zimbabwe’s own ‘Triple_20’ take on a stacked final table for his first place prize of $6,159. ‘Magicooo22’, who chopped up this same tournament just two days ago, found his way to 4th place while former #1-ranked online player Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Beggren bowed out in 7th. Rounding out the final table was avid Twitch streamer Courtney ‘courtiebee’ Gee, who took 9th. A number of other PocketFivers claimed victory in Wednesday’s action including Stephen ‘sizzlinbetta’ Reynolds, who toppled the largest XL Eclipse field of the day when he outlasted the 1,143 runners in Event #48 ($12 $10,000 Mini 8-Max). Additionally, Argentina’sIvan ‘ivanascasubi’ Vilchez, Sweden’s ‘Ipool’ (who also finished 3rd in Event #47) and ‘vampa500’ from Belarus all went on to win on Day 4 . XL Eclipse Day 4 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 41$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]myhometown$5,252 42$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Ipoo1$3,217.86* 43$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Ladzsos$3,240.58* 44$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Triple_20$6,159.75 45$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]urinal42$3,693.85 46$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Fullhousebob$4,776.80* 47$50,000 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]RendOss5$17,428.40 48$10,000 Mini 8-Max NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]Sizzlinbetta$3,503.20 49$30,000 Wednesday Challenge NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]pAAdentr0$6,860.16 50$15,000 Tornado NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]Dontundersta$4,393 51$10,000 Turbo 8-Max NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]vampa500$3,244.72 52$20,000 Americas NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Mekaljevic$5,857.50 53$5,000 Turbo Americas NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]ivanascasubi$1,677.50 * denotes final table deal
  7. [caption width="640"] XL Eclipse provided an action packed Monday at 888poker[/caption] Monday brought with it a new slate of XL Eclipse tournaments over at 888poker. The online site sought to kick off the work week with $175,000 worth of guarantees spread out over 13 events, including the first Pot Limit Omaha offerings on the XL Eclipse schedule. Online players flocked to the 888poker tables, helping the series, once again, exceed their posted guarantees for the day by well over $50,000. All done, there was roughly $239,000 awarded from the XL Eclipse prize pools. 888poker ambassador Parker 'tonkaaaa' Talbot almost became the first two-time XL Eclipse winner. Talbot made a run at the top spot while of Event #27 ($109 $15,000 Tornado No Limit Hold'em). In the end though, Talbot was denied in a heads-up battle with the current #1 ranked player in the Ukraine, Roman 'Romeopro33' Romanovsky. Talbot had to settle for a second place finish and $3,844 to go along with his victory Sunday. Online legend Chris 'moorman1' Moorman also made a deep run in the event, eventually finishing in 12th. The largest tournament of the day, Event #20 ($160 $20,000 Crocodile No Limit Hold'em), was on pace to offer the largest payout of the day, having exceeded its guarantee by over $10,000. A three-way deal at the final table between 'harrrmonica', 'germaxii' and the eventual winner 'Magicooo22' flattened out the payouts at the top. Even with the deal, longtime online grinder 'Magicooo22' still walked with over $5,000, good for one of the four largest payouts of the day. Also, of note, Nicolas 'PKaiser' Fierro – the current #10-ranked online poker player in the PocketFives.com worldwide rankings – walked away with a victory in Event #17 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max) as did fellow PocketFivers Kevin 'kevlar1991' Frame and 'pokerdave128'. XL Eclipse Day 2 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 17$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]PKaiser$5,564 18$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]pokerdave128$3,780.43 20$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160Magicooo22$5,154.61* 21$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]vavilonu4$3,855.33 22$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]LarsTheGreat$5,657.55 23$15,000 Omaha PLO$109][poker card="TD"]lilcownz$3,900 24$5,000 Mini Omaha PLO$12][poker card="TD"]lebeniss$953.59* 25$10,000 Monday Royal NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]kkrotov$2,300.29* 26$10,000 Monday Flush NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]kevlar1991$2,531.25 27$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Romeopro33$5,332 28$15,000 Snap NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]F_Uuu$3,225 29$5,000 Mini Snap NLHE$5][poker card="TD"]kuro555$1,073.71 * denotes final table deal
  8. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse offers some of the biggest online buy-ins of the season.[/caption] 888poker's massive online tournament series XL Eclipse is right around the corner. With over 197 events in a scant 15 days, starting on Sunday, September 10, and over $9 million in guaranteed money up for grabs, the schedule of events has more than earned it's XL moniker. While there is something for everybody in the varied schedule, for the high-rolling online tournament community it's going to be a September to remember. So whether you are a high-stakes reg or an enthusiastic railbird, mark your calendars for these, the five biggest tournaments on the XL Eclipse schedule. When: September 10 & 17 What: The Whale Buy-in: $1,050 Essential info: 15k starting stack, 20-minute levels, 5 rebuys max allowed through 240 minutes. The Whale is a staple on the 888poker schedule as it is, being run every other week with a $150,000 guarantee. To make things a little more special, for the duration of the XL Eclipse series, the Whale will run in back to back weeks and there is an additional $100,000 in guaranteed money added to both tournaments. When: September 12 What: $500,000 High Roller Buy-in: $2,100 Essential info: 20k starting stack, 20-minute levels, 5 rebuys maximum allowed through 270 minutes. It doesn't take long for the series to bring out the elite players offering a massive guarantee on the 2nd highest buy-in of the entire series on the 2nd day. In terms of buy-ins the $500,000 High Roller is only eclipsed by... When: September 19 What: $500,000 Super High Roller Buy-in: $5,200 Essential info: 20k starting stack, 20-minute levels, 5 rebuys maximum allowed through 270 minutes. With one of the largest buy-ins of any tournament series all year, you can be sure that this tournament will bring out the best in class of tournament poker. Look no further than the first name to sign up: 'tutten7' - you might know him as 'lena900', three-time #1-ranked online poker player (current #2). Then, of course, there is the Main Event. When: September 24 What: $1,500,000 XL Eclipse Main Event Buy-in: $1,050 Essential info: 20k starting stack, 20-minute levels, unlimited rebuys allowed through 300 minutes. With a hefty guarantee like $1,500,000 and the healthy schedule of the satellites feeding into the XL Main Event, somebody is going to win life-changing money as the series wraps up. If these big time events are out of your pay grade, don't worry as there are still 192 other events that may suit your needs.
  9. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse heads into its final mammoth weekend.[/caption] With only two days until 888poker's XL Eclipse $1,500,000 Main Event gets underway, players flocked to the 11 events on Friday's schedule to try and get some momentum heading into the mammoth final weekend of the series. Highlighted by a trio of Knockout tournaments, there were $180,000 in guarantees up for grabs and every single contest exceed their fair share of that amount. Latvia's 'Whispering_w' kicked things off by taking down the very first contest of the day, Event #157 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE) for $3,413.28. His road to his first XL Eclipse title wouldn't be easy though as he had to go heads-up against PocketFiver, former Worldwide top-20 player from Sweden, 'myhometown'. The pair ended up making a deal, one which actually paid the Swede about $500 more than 'Whispering_w', but in the end, the victory would go to the Latvian. Also at this stacked final table was the current Worldwide #2-ranked player 'tutten7' who fell in 4th place adding about $1,500 to the over $40,000 he's made during the XL Eclipse series. The largest score of the day belonged to Canadian grinder'alexos888' who punched his way to a victory in Event #163 ($150 $30,000 Knockout NLHE). The tournament carried with it the largest guarantee of the day and 'alexos888' claimed $6,308.10 of it as well as an extra $369 in bounties. Nearly as nice as the payday is the title, his 2nd of the series, which puts him in the elite XL Eclipse two-time champion club. With this win, 'alexos888' is approximately $10,000 away from achieving $1 million in lifetime earnings. Even more PocketFivers took down tournaments on Friday including Alberta, Canada's #1-ranked player'popsnpoker' who defeated the largest field of the evening in Event #165 ($35 $25,000 Friday Challenge NLHE) for $4,766.81. The UK's 'Sw33ney' took home $4,800 for first in Event #166 ($109 $15,000 Tornado NLHE) while'guialves27' took his first XL title in Event #159 ($30 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish). XL Eclipse Day 13 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 157$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Whispering_w$3,413.28* 158$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Openpunks$2,921.85 159$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Guialves27$2,863.82 160$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]kevkevvv$5,192.25 161$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]grindanugets$2,879.41 162$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]tikkapekka$4,001.11 163$30,000 Knockout NLHE$150][poker card="TD"]alexos888$6,308.10 + $369 164$15,000 Mini Knockout NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]M4eek115$3,239.06 + $97.50 165$25,000 Friday Challenge NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]popsnpoker$4,766.81 166$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Sw33ney$4,800 167$10,000 Turbo Knockout NLHE$75][poker card="TD"]germaxii$2,268.25 + $280 * denotes final table deal
  10. [caption width="640"] Chris Moorman has some great tips for how to take advantage of long online series'.[/caption] One of the busiest periods of online poker tournaments is in the home stretch with many more massive guarantees yet to be paid out in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and the 888poker XL Eclipse. Former #1-ranked PocketFiver and current 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman has played in more major online series than nearly anyone in history and has multiple suggestions for players looking to improve their online performance. For starters, Moorman is a fan of the occasional day off. There are major tournaments going off every day and taking a session away to mentally recharge is something Moorman approves of. “I try to identify a day or two during the series which has tournaments that don't interest me as much and pencil them in for a day off. This way everyday I do play I'm excited to logon and register rather than starting to dread it if a series is going poorly which can easily happen with all of the variance involved with tournament poker” The variance portion of an online series can rear its ugly head in high equity spots and Moorman preaches that players pay more attention to their play rather than results, no matter how bad the downswing. “I try to separate how I rate my overall performance that session in comparison to the actual results. If I'm happy with how I'm playing then I know the results are just around the corner as I'm very honest with myself and actually often too hard on myself rather than some players who can bemoan their luck without actually realizing they are making some huge mistakes.” With all of the volume that players put in during a series, basic body functions, like sleep, are put on the wayside. Moorman used to not sleep much in the midst of a three-week series but soon realized its importance and stresses that players try to get as much of it as possible. “Sleep is important! I used to play sessions after only a few hours sleep but now as I've got older and more sensible I know the importance of being both physically and mentally on top of things can give you that extra 5-10% you need in order to close out those deep runs.” The all-time winningest tournament player in online history didn’t make it there by accident and the 2017 WSOP bracelet winner is as competitive as ever to add to his lengthy career resume. Already, Moorman is cashing at a high rate during XL Eclipse and finished third in the $50,000 guaranteed Octopus for $9,039 over the weekend. Winning tournaments is what sets Moorman apart from his other competition and while he doesn’t have any specific goals, he does intend to use his decade of experience as much as he can to close out a big event should he have the chance. “My aim is to put myself in the best position to close out a big tourney and then try to execute in the latter stages to the best of my ability.”
  11. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse provided a super-sized Sunday slate of tournaments.[/caption] It was another gigantic Sunday slate of tournaments on 888poker's XL Eclipse schedule. With over $1 million dollars in guarantees on the table, players flocked to compete for the crazy amount of value offered over the course of the 16 contests. It wouldn't be a Sunday without at least one major in the mix and Event #100 ($1,050 $250,000 Whale NLHE) brought out the online high-rollers. The prizepool was pushed to over $300,000 as 217 runners jumped into one of the biggest tournaments of the week. Well-known online pro from the Netherlands, 'Graftekkel' managed to take the top spot and, along with his first XL Eclipse title, the $64,930 first place award. Runner-up 'LOST_FAN' still fared well, cashing for $46,810. Two of the world's Top-5 ranked players also went deep in this stacked field as Sweden's Robin 'Inho' Ylitalo and 'tutten7' both finished just outside of the final table in 10th and 13th respectively. Event #97 ($160 $200,000 Tune Up) also boasted a massive prizepool and five-figure paydays. Malta was well represented as players from island country went one-two, claiming a pair of the biggest payouts of the day. 'Farrugia_1' defeated countryman 'A.Merone' for more than $41,000 while the runner-up took home $29,348.62 for his time at the table. Deal-making was prominent on Sunday as there was plenty of payouts to be divvied up. Of interest, in the first three events of the day, Events #91-93, heads-up deals were made in all three and, in each, the eventual winner took less money than the player they defeated. 'PAS2HOFF','zhzhzh10' and 'MakeMeHold' all may have given up a little extra cash at the time but their titles as XL Eclipse champions are officially in the books. Once again, Chris '888Moorman' Moorman came close but just missed out on his first victory of this XL Eclipse series. Event #99 ($55 $45,000 Sunday Monsoon NLHE) saw the 888poker ambassador deep into the final table, including holding the chip lead at one point, but he ended up settling for third place and another $5,256.90 drop into his already impressive bucket of over $14 million in lifetime earnings. 'KofeBryant' ended up on top, earning nearly $10,000 with the win. XL Eclipse Day 8 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 91$30,000 Sunday Lightning NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]PAS2HOFF$9,021.82* 92$45,000 Sunday Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]zhzhzh10$7,715.65* 93$30,000 Sunday Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]MakeMeHold$4,759.19* 94$150,000 Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]PokerMogo$39,325.86* 96$20,000 Sunday Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]hyper_beast$3,570.56* 97$200,000 Tune Up NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Farrugia_1$41,175 98$25,000 Mini Tune Up NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]buldos$5,118.37 99$45,000 Sunday Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]KofeBryant$9,743.85 100$250,00 Whale NLHE$1,050][poker card="TD"]Graftekkel$64,930 101$100,000 Sunday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]evianwater1$21,430.20 102$25,000 Sunday Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]bienemajo$5,375 103$50,000 Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]abmarin$10,773 104$20,000 Mini Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]Ov3rTiLt$3,916.84 105$20,000 Turbo Tune Up NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]levelingmode$4,160.25 106$10,000 Super Turbo Tune Up$75][poker card="TD"]msksevart$2,636.76 * denotes final table deal
  12. [caption width="640"] Guarantees were smashed on Day 1 of 888poker's XL Eclipse[/caption] Two weeks worth of anticipated online action kicked off on Sunday as 888poker's mammoth, 197-event online poker series, XL Eclipse, finally arrived. The action got off to a fast start with 16 featured No Limit Hold'em events taking place throughout the day. The $1.2 million in Sunday's guarantees were shattered as over 15,000 entrants took their shots at the approximately $1,389,000 in prize money awarded on Sunday. Perhaps no one was more excited to have the series begin than Germany's 'CllsDntMttr', who after battling through the tough field of 218, came out on top and took home Sunday's largest prize. Not only was Event #10 ($1,050 $250,000 Whale No Limit Hold'em) marked as one of the marquee high-rolling tournaments of the series, but it carried with it a hefty $64,826.50 payday. A number notable online names joined 'CllsDntMttr' in the winner's circle on Sunday. None of those names more well-known than 888poker ambassador and popular online Twitch streamer, Parker 'tonkaaaa' Talbot. While perhaps not the largest payday of his extensive career, Talbot took down Event #12 ($109 $30,000 Sunday Tornado No Limit Hold'em), for $6,450 after besting online grinder 'neverfoldQ5' heads-up for the title. Xuan '888xuan' Liu joined Talbot at that final table, eventually finishing in fifth. The current #3-ranked online player in the world, 'tutten7' (aka 'Lena900') also found his way to finishing out a final table. The Swede took the top spot in the second largest tournament of XL Eclipse's opening day, Event #4 ($215 $150,000 Mega Deep No Limit Hold'em) defeating over 730 runners to take home the $28,050 first place prize. Plenty of PocketFives.com members had success on Day 1, including 'ivljanin', 'Tatko3' and 'LeshiyAS', all of whom started the series off right by ending up with victories. XL Eclipse Day 1 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 1$30,000 Sunday Lightning NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Lenochka83$11,109 3$30,000 Sunday Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]ivljanin$6,086.85 4$150,000 Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]tutten7$28,050 5$40,000 Mini Mega Deep NLHE$22DreamLikeMe$8,262.58 6$20,000 Sunday Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]gaingrapes$3,626.79* 7$300,000 Opening Event NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]ImTriggered$58,270.50 8$50,000 Mini Opening Event NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]Tatko3$9,091.90 9$45,000 Sunday Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]LeshiyAS$8,145 10$250,000 Whale NLHE$1050][poker card="TD"]CllsDntMttr$64,826.50 11$100,000 Sunday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]iCrushU556$20,252.10 12$30,000 Sunday Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]888tonkaaaa$6,450 13$50,000 Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]p000cket000$10,647.99* 14$20,000 Mini Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]rama4y20$3,892.15* 15$30,000 Turbo Opening Event NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]RakDoll$5,047.29* 16$10,000 Super Turbo Opening Event NLHE$75NEONTIGER$2,609.75 * denotes final table deal
  13. [caption width="640"] Number 5-ranked tournament player, 'Inho' leads the way in Day 5 XL Eclipse action.[/caption] PocketFives.com current Worldwide #5-ranked player Robin 'Inho' Ylitalo found himself atop the payouts at the end of Thursday's slate of XL Eclipse tournaments over on 888poker. The 13-event grouping brought with it over $350,000 in guarantees as the poker series has now completed one-third of its scheduled 197 events. One of online poker's most prolific players, Sweden's Ylitalo took down the tournament with the largest guarantee of the day, Event #62 ($215 $100,000 Quarterback NLHE) by defeating Germany's 'luckyr1ver', who was at his 2nd final table of the day. Ylitalo walked with $21,356 to add to his already impressive accumulation of over $8,000,000 in lifetime earnings. Of course, he wasn't the only Pocketfiver making moves on this day as a number of ranked players climbed the leaderboards for victories in their respective tournaments. Ukraine's #5-ranked tournament pro, 'GSwarrior30', toppled Event #56 ($30 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE) for $3,691.87 while Avtaliono 'kavkazbear' Ibinosov from Cyprus nearly matched a career-best cash for himself when he claimed the title in Event #61 ($55 $20,000 Monsoon NLHE) for $4,791.15. Paul 'xxCelticFCxx' Febers had a great day on the tables as the Glaswegian first place finish in Event #63 ($44 $30,000 Mini Quarterback NLHE) was good for $6,466,54, another one of the largest hauls of the day. Additionally, Brazil's Eli 'quibedoneto' Fagundes earned an XL Eclipse title by defeating the 940 runners in Event #64 ($12 $25,000 Tuesday Challenge NLHE). XL Eclipse Day 5 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 54$15,000 Lightning 6-Max$109][poker card="TD"]RKOoutofNWHR$5,616 55$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Mondaq$3,943.54 56$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]GSwarrior30$3,691.87 57$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]birdgamcray$6,675.75 58$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Marflon$3,355.80 59$50,000 R&A NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]F1SHRAPIST$10,706.50 60$10,000 Mini R&A NLHE$5][poker card="TD"]JekaSmolka$2,248.97 61$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]kavkazBear$4,791.15 62$100,000 Quarterback NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]Inho$21,356 63$30,000 Mini Quarterback NLHE$44][poker card="TD"]xxCelticFCxx$6,466.54 64$25,000 Tuesday Challenge NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]QuibeDoNeto$5,162.02 65$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]SFlinkov$4,751.50 66$25,000 Turbo Quarterback NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]TankeVicius$5,368.12
  14. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse came to an end on Sunday with over .3 million in guarantees.[/caption] The conclusion of 888poker's 197-event super-sized poker series, XL Eclipse, took place on Sunday with over $2.3 million guaranteed over the final 17 tournaments. Players registered in droves, driving prize pools to over $350,000 in excess of the already massive promised amounts. Anchored by the $1,500,000 Main Event, the day saw some of the biggest names in online poker clashing in an effort to take home some of the largest prizes of the entire series. The biggest winner of the day was 'CllsDntMttr' who outlasted all 1,149 players who took their shot at the XL Eclipse Main Event, Event #189 ($1,050 $1,500,000 guaranteed), for $273,037.60. The Main Event title was the second of the series for 'CllsDntMttr', as the German also won Event #10 for over $60,000 back on Day 1, easily making the grinder the biggest winner by far of the 15 days. Former Worldwide Top-10 ranked Alen 'thrust.' Bilic was the runner-up cashing for $198,374, his largest online cash to date. Another intense battle that lasted deep into the evening was in Event #184 ($215 $150,000 Mega Deep). In the end, it would be Malta's 'neverfoldQ5' taking the first place prize of $38,559.40 by defeating 'YourMagical' in heads-up play. 'neverfoldQ5' had been denied his first title by Parker '888tonkaaaa' Talbot earlier in the series], but on Sunday he hung on for one of the largest cashes of his career. Right behind the top two finishers was Ukrane's #1-ranked player and two-time XL Eclipse champion, Roman 'Romeopro33' Romanovsky. His third-place finish came with a payday of just over $20,000, his second largest XL Eclipse score. Former worldwide #1-ranked online professional Nicolas 'Pkaiser' Fierro showed once again why he's one of the best by taking down the stacked field of Event #192 ($109 $80,000 Sunday Challenge NLHE). The tournament carried one of the larger guarantees of the day and the Chile's #1 player took home just over $16,000 for his efforts as well as his second XL Eclipse title of the series. There were plenty of names battling it out in this event including Brazil's Marco Aurelio 'Lellusion' Fernandes who finished in 3rd, the white-hot 'ARARAT800' who bubbled the final table in 10th and 888poker ambassador Chris '888Moorman' Moorman who once again made a deep run, but ended up in 18th. Conor 'grandma1954' Beresford, the current #10-ranked Worldwide player, also found himself taking a large chunk of Sunday's prize pool when he won Event #194 ($215 $45,000 Turbo Mega Deep NLHE) for just over $10,000. The UK's #1 player defeated 'PairDrawGood' heads-up, marking his 4th top 20 finish of the XL Eclipse series and his first victory. Pocketfiver, and former Worldwide #1-ranked professional,'p000cket000', who had won this very event back on Day One of the series, battled for the top spot but ended up taking 3rd for $5,520. Pocketfiver 'matijastars' outlasted one of the largest fields of the day when he bested the 1,724 runners in Event #186 ($22 $40,000 Mini Mega Deep NLHE). With nearly $50,000 in the prize pool the Croatian player banked $8,384.19 along with his first XL Eclipse title. Additionally, the cash was an online career high for him, also putting him over $250,000 in total lifetime earnings. Other PocketFivers scoring big and taking down titles on the final Sunday of the series included Canada's Ted 'Travel99' Sorensen in Event #193 ($109 $25,000 Sunday Tornado NLHE), Poland's #1-ranked grinder 'GramNaKartke' who made a heads-up deal for $7,813.54 with previous XL Eclipse champ 'Farrugia_1'. Also wrapping up the series with big victories were 'AboldMove' in Event #196 ($109 $20,000 Turbo Main Event NLHE) and Brazil's Luis Eduardo 'EducardoGarcia' Garcia who won Event #185 ($215 $60,000 Sunday Crocodile NLHE for $12,451.21 putting him just 3 cashes shy of 1000 lifetime money finishes. XL Eclipse Day 15 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 181$30,000 Sunday Lightning NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]GramNaKartke$7,813.54* 182$45,000 Sunday Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Heroraise$8,100 183$30,000 Sunday Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]lonelystrang$5,496.44 184$150,000 Mega Deep NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]neverfoldQ5$38,559.40 185$60,000 Sunday Crocodile NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]EduardoGarla$12,451.72 186$40,000 Mini Mega Deep NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]matijastars$8,384.19 187$20,000 Sunday Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Tulutis.P$3,804.87 188$45,000 Sunday Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]PAPA_VINCENT$9,430.10 189$1,500,000 Main Event NLHE$1,050][poker card="TD"]CllsDntMttr$273,037.60 190$200,000 Mini Main Event NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]aghghghghghg$62,730 191$50,000 Micro Main Event NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]RakDoll$11,288.31 192$80,000 Sunday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]PKaiser$16,119.40 193$25,000 Sunday Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Travel99$5,375 194$45,000 Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]grandma1954$10,005 195$20,000 Mini Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]splors2$3692.02 196$20,000 Turbo Main Event NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]AboldMove$4,300 197$10,000 Super Turbo Main Event NLHE$75][poker card="TD"]Madjelly$2,669.61 * denotes final table deal
  15. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse enters the final quarter of its massive schedule.[/caption] 888poker's mega-series XL Eclipse officially entered the fourth quarter of their schedule on Thursday, highlighted by the six-figure guarantee of Event #152 ($215 $100,000 Quarterback NLHE). At the end of the day, 157 of the scheduled 197 events would be complete with 13 new champions being crowned. 'Kaktus26rus' topped what ended up to be big day for Russian tournament players as he topped the marquee event of the day, Event #152. With a $100,000 guarantee smashed by its 430 runners, 'Kaktus25rus' took home the bulk of the prize pool and the largest take home of the day, $21,099.40. With 20 people left, Swedish superstar Robin 'Inho' Ylitalo led the way and looked to be in full control, and while he made the final table, the Worldwide #5-ranked Ylitalo would fall in sixth place. Andrey 'drupalucker' Chernokoz took home another one of the biggest prizes of the day when the Worldwide top 100-ranked player took down Event #147 ($160 Crocodile NLHE). While he still has a little way to go, the Russian grinder's take-home of $5,740.50 helps him get ever closer to his next career milestone of $2 million in lifetime cashes. Countryman Mikhail 'zinkaa' Galitskiy added to the Russian domination of the day with his victory in the first tournament of the day, Event #144 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE). Galitskiy not only won over $5,000 but his defeating of Ukranian runner-up 'Fukuruku' denied 'Fukuruku' of a feat that has yet to be accomplished – two XL Eclipse titles on the same day. 'Fukuruku' was one of the few this series with a shot at two titles in a day as he sat at two final tables at the same time. While he wasn't able to close out the aforementioned Event #144, he did one better and won out in the 2nd biggest tournament of the day, Event #149 ($55 $60,000 R&A NLHE). In the end 'Fukuruku', with just under $3,500 locked up from the Lightning 6-Max, made a heads-up deal to take home an additional $9,658.92. While he wasn't able to capture two titles in the same day, his first place win in Event #149 was his 2nd of the series, adding the Ukranian to the short list of XL Eclipse two-time champions. PocketFivers were all over the leaderboards yet again on Thursday. Congratulations are in order for Lithuania's 'wikiwe' who officially achieved his first ever 888poker cash with his victory in Event #151 ($55 $20,000 Monsoon NLHE). His nearly $4,000 score will push his lifetime earnings to just over $40,000. Finland's 'NeveGiveUp' overcame the largest field of the day in Event #150 ($5 $10,000 Mini R&A NLHE). He bested 1,034 players for $2,111.38, one of his largest cashes to date. Finally, 'msksevart', from Russia, ended up on top in Event #155 ($109 $15,000 Tornado NLHE) for nearly $4,400 – a win that also gives him his 2nd XL Eclipse title. XL Eclipse Day 12 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 144$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]zinkAA$5,174 145$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]PushThemOver$3,289.50 146$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]zeniok30$3,257.10 147$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]drupalucker$5,740.50 148$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]StrangeRogue$2,936.58 149$60,000 R&A NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Fukuruku$9,658.92 150$10,000 Mini R&A NLHE$5][poker card="TD"]NeveGiveUp$2,111.38 151$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]wikiwe$3,881.77 152$100,000 Quarterback NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]Kaktus26rus$21,099.40 153$30,000 Mini Quarterback NLHE$44][poker card="TD"]CARRAMROD$5,675.62 154$25,000 Thursday Challenge NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]Fedorable$4,834.36 155$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]msksevart$4,393 156$25,000 Turbo Quarterback NLHE$109ARARAT800$4,640.19 * denotes final table deal
  16. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse is headed into the home stretch.[/caption] It was another action-packed Wednesday on 888poker as their popular XL Eclipse series hits the final stretch. With over $240,000 in guarantees spread over 13 contests, players got busy taking advantage of juiced prize pools and getting warmed up for the race to the Main Event this weekend. A pair of Russian players dominated the day's theme of Eight Max tournaments. 'Smithstudent' was the big winner of the day claiming $10,920.80 for his victory in Event #137 ($109 $50,000 8-Max NLHE). His heads-up win came at the expense of PocketFiver Bruno Ribeiro 'brgomes21' Gomes who walked away with just over $8,000 for his second-place finish. The “Mini” version of the Eight Max, Event #138 ($12 $10,000 Mini Eight Max NLHE) turned into the largest tournament of the day, drawing 1,190 runners and won by 'Deeagle' for over $2,300. PocketFives.com members earned XL Eclipse titles in a number of events on Tuesday. 'alexos888' took down Event #139 ($35 35,000 Wednesday Challenge NLHE). The tournament was one of the best values of the day and brought the Canadian one of the largest paydays of the evening, $8,035.20. PocketFiver 'BehindSpace' was the runner-up, taking home a sizable $5,803.20 for his $35 investment. Yet another Russian player took home the top spot when 'CalmRevolver' won Event #132 ($55 $15,000 Breeze NLHE). With his $3,318,52 prize, 'CalmRevolver' is knocking on a top-200 Worldwide PocketFives.com ranking and nearly $650,000 in lifetime earning. Additionally, 'bezfrke' and 'drbones666' also added XL Eclipse championships to their online poker resumes. XL Eclipse Day 11 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 131$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]baenaoo$6,132.40* 132$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]CalmRevolver$3,318,52 134$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]xulitooo$6,450 135$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]DrBones666$3,064.21 136$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]bezfrke$4,579 137$50,000 8-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Smithstudent$10,920.80 138$10,000 Mini 8-Max NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]Deeagle$2,334.78 139$35,000 Wednesday Challenge NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]alexos888$8,035.20 140$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]N33dCoaching$4,876 141$10,000 Turbo 8-Max NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]slkshoota$2,109.28 142$20,000 Americas NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]YAMAHA13112,168.32 143$5,000 Turbo Americas$55][poker card="TD"]DibreBruxo$1,233.86* * denotes final table deal
  17. [caption width="640"] XL Eclipse unleashed the first of the High Roller contests on Tuesday[/caption] One of the most anticipated tournaments on the 888poker XL Eclipse schedule was Event #36, the $2100 buy-in, $500,000 Guaranteed High Roller. That, along with its $215 Mini High Roller and the nine additional contests that took place Tuesday meant that there was $950,000 in guaranteed money up for grabs. In what has been a rarity during XL Eclipse, as most tournaments have been crushing their guarantees, there was a little extra value to be had in both of the day’s big buy-in events. In Event #36 ($2100 $500,000 High Roller) and Event #37 ($215 $200,000 Mini High Roller) there was a little bit of overlay, providing players fewer runners to have to defeat in order to get to the big money. And there was big money to be had. In Event #36, XL Eclipse crowned it’s first two-time winner when the #1-ranked Ukranian professional, Roman ‘Romeopro33’ Romanovsky, topped the stacked High Roller event for his second win and the first six-figure score of the series. Romanovsky, fresh off his victory over Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot yesterday, defeated Laszlo ‘lacibaby64’ Bujtas for the $107,500 prize. Runner-up Bujtas grabbed $77,500 as a consolation. Malta’s Pim ‘SuprNintend0’ de Goede emerged victorious in the second largest tournament of the day. Event #37 ($215 $200,000 Mini High Roller) saw 658 runners take their shot, but only de Goede survived, banking a healthy $37,500 score for his victory. Brazil’s Pedro ‘gusma’ Madeira also added to his already impressive $3 million+ lifetime earnings total with a victory in Event #39 ($109 $15,000 Tornado) and he was joined by fellow PocketFivers Christian ‘progree69’ Sampaoli and ‘sheikkkeri’ who also ended up with victories on Day 3 of the series. XL Eclipse Day 3 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 30$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHF$109][poker card="TD"]nomoney4ever$5,070 31$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]aaurelilo$3,076.65 32$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]sheikkkeri$3,434.06 33$40,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]PROCHRIS1$8,282.25 34$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Openpunks$3,298.66 35$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]progree69$4,810.05 36$500,000 High Roller NLHE$2100][poker card="TD"]Romeopro33$107,500 37$200,000 Mini High Roller NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]SuprNintend0$37,500 38$50,000 Tuesday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]LobBoXt$9,884.70 39$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]gusma$3,979 40$65,000 Turbo High Roller NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]WulfricB$13,292.50
  18. 888poker made waves in the spring when players from around the world congregated to play in the XL Inferno series. Starting on Sunday, XL Eclipse arrives with buy-ins available which should appeal to players of all bankroll sizes. Events start at only $5 to get in on the XL Eclipse action and thanks to a generous satellite program, players have the opportunity to play for as little as one cent. If you don’t have an 888poker account yet, sign up through this link and you’ll get a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $700. You'll also get a free $10 on top of the first $10 you deposit available to you right away! There are five steps in the XL Eclipse satellite step program with qualifiers running at all times during the day. Step 1 offers players the option to register for only a penny. One out of every ten players who enter will receive a 10 cent tournament ticket, which is the entry amount for Step 2. As with Step 1, 10 percent of the remaining field wins a ticket into Step 3, where the entry is then $1. For this step, one out of every five entrants win a tournament ticket, valued at $5 and enough to enter an XL Eclipse event with. The Step 4 buy-in is $5 and one out of every six players win a $30 tournament ticket. Finally, Step 5 is a $30 buy-in where all winning players emerge with a $160 ticket, which can be used to enter events with prize pool guarantees upwards of $300,000. All tournament tickets must be used within 30 days of winning them and can be used for any event of the respective ticket amount on 888poker. A hefty 197 events populate the current XL Eclipsed schedule and with opportunities looming at every corner to satellite in at a lower price, there is no better way to qualify for one of the best online series of the year.
  19. Prepare to rise and grind once again as 888poker’s super-sized XL online series is right around the corner. From September 13-23, 888poker’s popular XL Eclipse returns offering over $2.8 million in guarantees over the course of 34 events. This season, as opposed to throwing themselves into the early September madness of both partypoker’s POWERFEST and PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker, 888poker have separated themselves from the pack with a later starting date and a succinct schedule allowing them to be the primary focus of the online tournament world at the end of September. Title Shots The diverse XL Eclipse schedule offers online players a shot at an XL title no matter their bankroll. Players looking for a six-figure score need look no further than the $1,050 buy-in Main Event on September 23 that comes with a $1,000,000 guarantee. Other tournaments on the schedule that promise to bring out the biggest names in the game include the $2,600 High Roller with a $200,000 guarantee and the $150,000 Whale with a $1,050 buy-in. However, the XL Eclipse also includes plenty of tournaments for those hoping to earn a huge return on a smaller buy-in with tournament entries dipping down to as little as $5. All of the popular tournament formats from previous XL series are returning including knockouts, deepstack, Six Max and Eight Max. Performance Bonus It’s an accomplishment to earn a single XL title. Earning two should bring something extra. Win five and you may just change your life. 888poker is handing out bonuses for players who are able to capture multiple titles during XL Eclipse. A player who is able to secure two titles out of the 34 events will win a bonus $1,000. Three title wins $10,000 and four is a six-figure bonus of $100,000. If someone should completely dominate the series, winning five events outright, 888poker is awarding that individual an extra $1,000,000. Hitting the $1 million bonus may seem highly unlikely but there are also a few extras that everyday grinders can achieve. A player that reaches the final table in three or more events will be gifted a $600 tournament tickets and players that cash in eight of the 34 will receive a $215 tournament ticket. XL Legacy The XL series has a history of providing some of the biggest action in online poker. It was in May 2018 that the last 888poker XL series took place when XL Inferno awarded over $3 million in earnings when all was said and done. The Main Event of the previous XL Inferno saw the break thru of one of online poker’s hottest players. Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot earned a career-high cash of over $208,000 by winning the $1 million guaranteed Main Event. At the time, Proudfoot was the 30th ranked player in the world, today the UK grinder has elevated his game and sits inside the top 5 in the world. Prior to that, it was Argentina’s ‘Pepepepepe’ that took down the XL Blizzard Main Event title in January 2018. He defeated the 730 player field and earned himself over $183,000. Then, a full year ago in the 2017 XL Eclipse Main Event ‘CllsDntMttr’ became the biggest winner of the series after the German won the Main Event and took home over $273,000 for his victory. Qualify Today In order to make the Main Event of XL Eclipse as big as it can be 888poker is offering daily online qualifiers. Every day, players can win their way into the XL Eclipse Main Event via satellite. At 21:00 GMT 888poker runs a qualifier with a three-seat guarantee. Full XL Eclipse Schedule Date Event # Buy-in Event Time (GMT) Sept. 13 1 $109 $100,000 Opening Event 18:00 Sept. 13 2 $12 $20,000 Mini Opening Event 18:00 Sept. 13 3 $55 $25,000 Late Opening 20:00 Sept. 14 4 $55 $20,000 Twins Royal 18:00 Sept. 14 5 $55 $20,000 Twins Flush 18:00 Sept. 15 6 $88 $50,000 Crazy 8 18:00 Sept. 15 7 $8.80 $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 18:00 Sept. 15 8 $44 $12,000 Late Crazy 8 20:00 Sept. 16 9 $215 $120,000 Mega Deep 16:30 Sept. 16 10 $160 $150,000 Tune Up 17:00 Sept. 16 11 $12 $50,000 Mini Tune Up 17:00 Sept. 16 12 $1,050 $150,000 Whale 18:00 Sept. 16 $160 Main Event Mega Satellite - 15 Seats GTD 18:35 Sept. 16 13 $55 $25,000 Late Tune Up 20:00 Sept. 17 14 $55 $40,000 R&A Event 18:00 Sept. 17 15 $5 $15,000 Mini R&A Event 18:00 Sept. 18 16 $2,600 $200,000 High Roller 18:00 Sept. 18 17 $215 $100,000 Mini High Roller 18:00 Sept. 18 18 $160 $30,000 Late High Roller 20:00 Sept. 19 19 $109 $50,000 8-Max 18:00 Sept. 19 20 $12 $15,000 Mini 8-Max 18:00 Sept. 19 21 $30 $15,000 Late 8-Max 20:00 Sept. 20 22 $215 $75,000 Quarterback 18:00 Sept. 20 23 $44 $25,000 Mini Quarterback 18:00 Sept. 20 24 $109 $20,000 Late Quarterback 20:00 Sept. 21 25 $150 $25,000 Knockout 18:00 Sept. 21 26 $35 $15,000 Knockout 18:00 Sept. 21 27 $75 $15,000 Late Knockout 20:00 Sept. 22 28 $160 $50,000 6-Max 18:00 Sept. 22 29 $30 $20,000 Mini 6-Max 18:00 Sept. 22 30 $55 $15,000 Late 6-Max 20:00 Sept. 23 $215 Main Event Mega Satellite - 50 Seat GTD 15:05 Sept. 23 31 $215 $120,000 Mega Deep 16:30 Sept. 23 32 $1,050 $1,000,000 Main Event 18:00 Sept. 23 33 $160 $15,000 Mini Main 18:00 Sept. 23 34 $30 $50,000 Micro Main 18:30  
  20. 888poker’s Fall super-sized online poker series XL Eclipse gets underway on September 13 and offers over $2.8 million in guarantees over the course of 34 events. Two of the most popular events on the schedule bookend the entire online festival. Event #1, the Opening Event offers a $100,000 guarantee for only a $109 buy-in. Then at the end of the 11 days, on September 23, the XL Eclipse Main Event boasts a $1,000,000 guarantee for a $1,050 buy-in. The Opening Event offers max value as players have traditionally piled into the registration lobby with an eye to taking down the first XL title of the fall. On the other end, players who are hoping to have a career-defining victory will be firing in the Main Event. The tournament is almost certainly going to award the top two finishers a six-figure score. 888poker is helping a large number of their players into both tournaments with satellite structures to fit every bankroll. Qualify For Opening Day Satellite for the $100,000 Opening Event starting for as little as $0.05. The satellite tree to earn the $109 ticket to Event #1 climbs through the ranks of the micros. There are three total tournament steps. Should a player be victorious in all of them, they earn a crack at $100,000 for 1/10,000,000th of the cost. Steps to Event #1: $100,000 Opening Event Step 1: $0.05 to win $2.22 ($100K XL Opening Event Sub-Sattelite) Step 2: $2.22 to win $22 (8 Seats Guaranteed) Step 3: $22 to win $109 Entry to Event #1 (3 Seats Guaranteed) There additional satellite tournaments that can be achieved through 888poker’s standard Step series to Live Events & Major Tournaments that start for as little as $0.01. Quarters To A Quarter Million The Main Event has a similar “Sub-Satellite” path that allows people win their way into the $1 million prize pool at a fraction of the cost. Steps to Event #32: $1,000,000 Main Event Step 1: $0.50 to win $12 ($1M XL Main Event Sub-Satellite) Step 2: $12 to win $109 (5 Seats Guaranteed) Step 3: $109 to win $1,050 (1 Seat Guaranteed) While 888poker has set up these paths specifically for these two major events, players can climb the satellite tree in a number of ways in order to earn tickets to a variety of events. If a player does not want to start at the bottom, they certainly don’t have to. Registration is open for players to buy their way into any Sub-Satellite or Step along the way. XL Eclipse Sub-Satellites, as well as the standard Satellite Steps, are running on a regular schedule every day. They can be found in both the XL Eclipse and Satellites tab in the 888poker client. 888poker’s XL Eclipse 34-event series runs from September 13-23 with registration for every event available now.
  21. 888poker’s XL Eclipse weekend schedule got underway with a trio of their signature Crazy 8’s tournaments on Saturday. Day 3 offered players another $57,000 in guaranteed prize pools and plenty of four-figure paydays to be won. ‘LeetRunGoot’ Ran Good Canada’s ‘LeetRunGoot’ did what his name implies and ran good all the way to the winner’s circle in Event #6: $30,000 Crazy 8. As one of the more popular tournaments on the schedule, 305 players put up their $88 buy-in to help push the prize pool to $35,280. This being the biggest tournament of the day, meant that ‘LeetRunGoot’ was the biggest XL Eclipse winner with the victory. They cashed for $6,879.68 while runner up ‘Unclemonty12’, from the UK, also finished with over $5,000 in prize money. There was a head-up deal made in Event #7: $15,000 Mini Crazy 8. The final two of the 1,004 runners opted to chop it up with Russia’s ‘Petos00’ getting credit for the victory, earning $2,489.85 and taking home the XL Eclipse title. Canada’s ‘kurtcccc’ deal was worth roughly $250 more than second place would have taken home. He negotiated for a final payday of $2,224.65. In the late tournament, Event #8: $12,000 Late Crazy 8, PocketFiver Feargus ‘EZ.PZ’ Murphy from the UK won the day. He headlined a final table that included five total PocketFivers. The score marks Murphy’s second four-figure cash on 888poker in September. Saturdays Results   Event Buy-In Entries Prize Pool Places Paid Winner Country Prize Event #6: $30,000 Crazy 8 $88 305 $35,280 40 LeetRunGoot Canada $6,879.68 Event #7: $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 $8.80 1,004 $15,000 128 Petos00 Russia $2,489.85* Event #8: $12,000 Late Crazy 8 $44 220 $12,000 32 EZ.PZ UK $2,430.00 Celebrity Sightings A quick scan of the XL Eclipse fields on Saturday would yield a few notable names grinding the series. 888poker ambassador Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot hopped in the field for Event #6, however he but made a quick exit busting out early in 280th. On the other end of the spectrum Kenny ‘SpaceyFCB’ Hallaert made a deep turn in the same event. He had a seat at the final three tables but ended up busting in 22nd for $352.80. He’ll add that drop in the bucket to his $4.7 million in lifetime earnings. Other notable names including ’Ti0373’, ‘msksevart’ and yesterday’s $20,000 Twins Royal winner ‘alexos888’ all played in Event #6 but ended up finishing just outside of the money. PocketFivers Going Deep While some of those notable names were unable to make the money, a number of PocketFivers did make the final table on Saturday. In Event #8 the final table was overrun by PocketFive members. Getting heads up with the aforementioned ‘EZ.PZ’ was ’GramNaKartke’ from Poland. The former top 100 grinder won $1,860 for his runner-up finish. Ending up in fourth place ‘im’deaf’ also secured a four-figure score taking home $1,020. ‘kingoftilt94’ finished in sixth and Finnish player ‘Gutti88’ laddered when he ended up in eight place. Russia’s ‘mr.pampers’ represented PocketFives at the final table of Event #7, finishing in fourth for $1,125. While ‘joaobarb’ fell in sixth place in Event #6 for over $1,400. Sunday’s Schedule Sunday is shaping up to be the biggest day yet on the XL Eclipse schedule. It includes five total events, plus a $160 mega satellite into the $1,000,000 Main Event. There will be $315,000 in guarantees up for grabs and we will likely see some of the biggest winners of the series thus far. XL Eclipse Event #9 - $100,000 Mega Deep - $215 XL Eclipse Event #10 - $125,000 Tune Up - $160 XL Eclipse Event #11 - $50,000 Mini Tune Up - $12 XL Eclipse Event #12 - $15,000 Micro Tune Up - $5.50 XL Eclipse Event #13 - $25,000 Late Tune Up - $55
  22. 888poker’s multi-million dollar online series XL Eclipse kicked off on Thursday. Three starting events were on the schedule and a total of $145,000 in guaranteed money was up for grabs. Check out some of the headlines and highlights from XL Eclipse Day 1. ChipsFool Takes Closes Out The Opener PocketFiver Richard ‘ChipsFool’ Hoadley surpassed $1.4 million in lifetime earnings by winning XL Eclipse Event #1: $100,000 Opening Event for $18,787.50. He topped the field of 707 runners to claim the first title of the 34 XL Eclipse events. The five-figure score was the largest payday of Day 1. Currently sitting at a career-high worldwide ranking of #187, Hoadley will likely inch closer even closer to the top 100 with the victory. Germany’s ‘resilience32’ finished as the runner-up, taking home the second largest haul of the day, just over $13,500. In Event #2: $20,000 Mini Opening Event, 1,223 players helped generate a prize pool of $25,650. Romania’s ‘seserman02’ turned his $16.50 buy-in into a payday of over $4,427. Joining ‘seserman02’ as a newly minted XL Eclipse Champion is ‘KelevraJesus’, the winner of Event #3: $25,000 Late Opening Event. They wrapped the tournament up in six hours and 37 minutes and the Maltese grinder added $4,951 to their bankroll. PocketFivers At The Final Table A number of PocketFivers went deep in XL Eclipse Day 1 action as grinders at every buy-in level managed to make the final table. Joining 'ChipsFool' at the final table of Event #1 was Eng 'chrolloluc' Soon. Soon was the first to bust out in ninth place but took home a four-figure score of $1,412.82. A significant cash for the Malaysian who currently sits with under $20,000 total lifetime earnings. In Event #2, Slovenia’s #11-ranked player, ‘toby1805’ picked up a third-place finish for over $2,400. He was just ahead of Exequiel ’79maravilla’ Pablo Ferrety who busted in fifth place for $1,239.67. Joining them in the final nine was Russia’s ‘Leo059’, a recreational player who picked up $756.67 for seventh place which was a career-high cash for him. Canada’s ‘SoftCotton’ eased his way into a sixth-place finish in the final event of the day. He took home $1,096.50 in Event #3, which helped propel him to over $2 million in lifetime earnings. Leocir ‘LeoJose’ Jose Carneiro managed to go a little deeper in this content, earning the bronze medal for $2,709. Moorman (Barely) Makes The Money 888poker ambassador Chris ‘888Moorman’ Moorman narrowly avoided being the bubble boy in Event #1: $100,000 Opening Event. The $100,000 guarantee was just barely met, with 707 players helping push the prize pool to just $200 over the $100K mark. With 90 players making the money, it was a close call for the $15 million man who held on while the bubble burst. He then quickly bowed out in 89th place for a $260.52 min-cash. Maybe that’s not a major victory for the online legend but it’s better than World Series of Poker champion and fellow 888poker ambassador Martin Jacobson fared. Jacobson played in the $100K Opener but ended up busting in 259th place, well out of the money. Big Names Show Up For Opening Event All three of XL Eclipse events managed to break their guarantees, thanks in part to some of online poker’s biggest names. Top tier professional like Roman ‘Romeopro33’ Romanovsky, ‘Graftekkel’ and former #1-ranked Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren (who managed a 77th place finish for $280.56) were battling in out in Event #1. Another pair of former XL title holders, ‘Kaktus26rus’ and ‘msksevart’, also nearly took down the first events. Russia’s ‘Kaktus26rus’ finished in 65th for $300.60 while fellow countryman ‘msksevart’ nearly made the final table, falling in 12th for just over $1,100. Two More Fire On Friday Friday’s XL Eclipse tournament action continues with a pair of matching tournaments. It’s time again for the Twins Royal and Twins Flush. A pair of $55 buy-ins, each guaranteeing $20,0000. XL Eclipse #4 - $20,000 Twins Royal - $55 XL Eclipse #5 - $20,000 Twins Flush - $55 Day 1 Results XL Eclipse Event #1: $100,000 Opening Event Entries: 707 Prize pool: $100,200 1. ChipsFool - $18,787.50 2. resilience32 - $13,537 3. Palmenwedler - $10,020 4. randichuj - $7,515 5. Pepepepepe. - $5,260.50 6. F_Uuu - $4,258.50 7. vibrogmand - $3,256.50 8. HomoDeus - $2,254.50 9. chrolloluc - $1,412.82 XL Eclipse Event #2: $20,000 Mini Opening Event Entries: 1,223 Prize pool: $25,650 1. seserman02 - $4,427.66 2. rodrigovin1 - $3,206.25 3. toby1805 - $2,436.75 4. luccas.pie - $1,785.24 5. 79maravilla - $1,269.67 6. MrDrogo - $1,103.17 7. Leo059 - $756.67 8. AlchemisXIII - $500.17 9. LrdofDonkTwn - $282.28 XL Eclipse Event #3: $25,000 Late Opening Event Entries: 383 Prize pool: $25,800 1. KelevraJesus - $4,951.02 2. avo1990 - $3,676.50 3. jmsantos10 - $2,709 4. LeoJoseCarne - $2,064 5. A.Umanec - $1,444.80 6. SoftCotton - $1,096.50 7. Legenden - $838.50 8. bernardino23 - $580.50 9. Twnr777 - $428.28
  23. Day two of 888poker’s fall online poker super series XL Eclipse offered a pair of twin tournaments and $40,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Friday’s action may have been limited, but even with only two events on the schedule, the players flocked to the tournaments and helped both tournaments exceed their posted guarantees. Canada’s ‘alexos888’ Wins The Day PocketFiver ‘alexos888’ took home the largest payday of the day with his victory in Event #4: $20,000 Twins Royal. Though both tournaments were identical in every way in terms of buy-in and structure, the first of the two events brought in a few extra runners pushing the prize pool to $27,950. ‘alexos888’ outlasted the 401 runners earning himself the $5,363.67 first place prize. While this is ‘alexos888’s first XL Eclipse title of 2018, it certainly isn’t his first victory in such a series. Last year at this time, he earned two titles during the 2017 XL Eclipse Series. Back then, he was just $10,000 shy of surpassing $1 million in lifetime earnings. It’s one year later and the Montreal resident is now $10,000 over $1.3 million. It would only make sense that the second biggest winner of the day was the first place finisher in Event #5: $20,000 Twins Flush. Malta’s ‘okokok1893’ outlasted the 381 players that entered the tournaments en route to a $5,095.01 cash. Friday’s Results Event Buy-In Entries Prize Pool Places Paid Winner Country Prize Event #4: $20,000 Twins Royal $55 401 $27,950 54 alexos888 Canada $5,363.67 Event #5: $20,000 Twins Flush $55 381 $26,550 54 okokok1893 Malta $5,095.01 Resilience is resilient Over the course of XL Eclipse, 888poker is giving away bonuses for anyone who is able to win multiple titles over the course of the 34 event series. Players who win two titles, earn a $1,000 bonus. Win three and they’ll make it $10,000. Four will get you six-figures, $100,000. Should a player get hot enough to take down five of the 34 - 888poker will make them a millionaire. In order to even be in contention for the bonuses, a player has to have what it takes to make multiple final tables. In the early going, there’s only been one player who has made it to the final nine more than one in the first five events and that's Germany’s ‘resilience32’. He was the runner-up in Event #1 on Thursday for $13,537 and then on Friday he made his second final table, finishing in fifth place in Event #4 for $1,565.20. While 'resilience32' hasn’t yet earned himself a bonus, or even a title, should he (or anyone) reach a final table three times or more they will receive a $600 tournament ticket. Additionally, make the money in eight or more events and receive a $215 tournament ticket. So far, the odds are good for ‘resilience32’ to qualify for one or both bonuses. Plenty of PocketFivers PocketFives members made their way to the final table of both of Friday’s events. In Event #4, in addition to ‘alexos888’, Russia’s ‘SergeyRusko’ made the final nine. He finished in fourth place for $2,236 which was just enough to put him over $500,000 in lifetime career earnings. The cash was his largest since May 2018. Joining them was Argentina’s ‘Nemesis_25’ who finished in ninth place for $463.97. Ben ‘DoobieFish’ Kett made a deep run in Event #5, falling in fourth place and turning his $55 into $2,124. The score will help him as he attempts to grind out the last $50,000 needed before he hits $1 million in total earnings. Romania’s ’oldgrinder66’ finished in eighth place for $597.37. Perhaps for many longtime grinders this would be considered a small cash, but ‘oldgrinder66’ is actually new to online poker as the score will put him just over $7,000 in lifetime earnings and is the second largest cash in his young career. Saturday’s Schedule The series begins to heat up over the weekend as 888poker offers their Crazy 8 branded tournaments. Three tournaments in total with $57,000 in total guarantees. Included is one of the cheapest tournaments on the schedule, Event #7 with a buy-in of only $8.80. XL Eclipse Event #6 - $30,000 Crazy 8 - $88 XL Eclipse Event #7 - $15,000 Mini Crazy 8 -$8.8 XL Eclipse Event #7 - $12,000 Late Crazy 8 - $44
  24. There was another $45,000 in guarantees up for grabs during Day 5 of 888poker’s online poker series XL Eclipse. Monday’s theme was Rebuy & Add-on. Two tournaments were on the schedule that allowed players to buy their way in for as little as $5 and win themselves four-figure sums. Let’s Make A Deal In the larger of the two events, Event #14: $30,000 R&A Event the final two players made a deal heads-up that guaranteed both of the player's paydays of over $6,000. After the deal was made the pair player it out to determine the official winner of the tournament and it was Switzerland’s ‘onyvapapaa1’ that took home the win. He earned $6,089.54 for victory but that turned out not to be the day’s largest score. Finishing as the runner-up, Lithuania’s ‘PiktasVilkas’ negotiated himself the bulk of the prize pool. The PocketFiver banked $6,477.59 for the silver finish, a career-high cash. There were 922 players that jumped into Event #15: $15,000 Mini R&A hoping to get max value for their $5. Russia’s ‘Artdom’ made the most of his money, turning his initial investment into a $2,700 payday. Of the 117 players that cashed four of them managed to 200x their money and pull in a four-figure score. Monday's Results Event Buy-In Entries Prize Pool Places Paid Winner Country Prize Event #14: $30,000 R&A $55 288 $35,450 36 onyvapapaa1 Switzerland $6,089.54* Event #15: $15,000 Mini R&A $5 922 $15,000 117 Artdom Russia $2,700.00 Another Final Table For ‘resilience32’ Monday was Day 5 of the series and after 15 events had been completed Germany’s ‘resilience32’ has found his way to three final tables. That makes the PocketFives member the first to do so in 2018. He's is also the first to earn one the bonus $600 tournament tickets. ‘resilience32’ finished in seventh place in Event #15 for $456. Another notable name featured at one of the final tables was Swedish savant Jonathan ‘Pot4teUS’ Hellman (playing under his 888poker screen name ‘Namlleh’). The former top-10 ranked grinder wrapped up Event #14 in eighth place for $886.25. He'll add that amount to his already over $6.3 million in career earnings. PocketFivers Firing On Monday In addition to Hellman and ‘resilience32’ a number of PocketFivers made deep runs on Monday. Matveychuk ‘EyeofSkadi’ Roman finished in third place in Event #14 for just over $4,000. The Russian pro, not only has over $5 million in career earnings, but is one of the most prolific earners of online Triple Crowns, currently tied for eighth on the list. The UK’s James ‘BL1NDRAZOR’ Walsh busted in fifth place behind Roman for $2,056 and completing that final table was Austria’s #2-ranked player ‘iBustYa888’ who earned $673 for making it to ninth place. Tuesday’s Schedule One of the biggest days on the XL Eclipse happens on Tuesday as the $200,000 High Roller gets underway. The $2,600 buy-in is the largest of the series. If history repeats itself, all of the top tier online professional will be firing in an effort to earn a healthy five-figure score. XL Eclipse Event #16 - $200,000 High Roller - $2,600 XL Eclipse Event #17 - 100,000 Mini High Roller - $215 XL Eclipse Event #18 - $30,000 Late Hight Roller - $160
  25. 888poker’s 2018 XL Eclipse online series took place in September resulting in huge scores for plenty of PocketFivers. At the top of the list is the winner of the XL Eclipse $1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event, Roman ‘Romeopro33’ Romanovsky. It’s no surprise really as he binked the largest score of the entire series by defeating fellow top-10 ranked pro ‘C Darwin2’ for the mammoth $187,500 payday. Romanovsky cashed in four different XL Eclipse events and along with a final table appearance in the September 16 edition of the $50,000 Whale, racked up a total of $194,111 in earnings on 888poker. His month on September was enough to help catapult him over $10.5 million in lifetime earnings. It’s simple math that if Romanovsky is #1 with his six-figure payday that the runner-up in the Main Event would also win enough money to be a top earner. That man is former #1-ranked ‘C Darwin2’ who finished second to Romanovsky in the Main Event for $135,000. That single score, put a min-cash in the Mini Main Event was good enough to put the Swedish sensation on the top earners for September. Brazil’s ‘GM_VALTER’ won $100,000 for his third-place finish in the XL Eclipse Main Event, good for third for the month. A former top-20 player, the Sao Paulo grinder used the score to push himself up over $5 million in lifetime earnings. 888poker Top 10 Earners In August PLAYER WINNINGS Romeopro $194,111.68 C Darwin2 $135,380.00 GM_VALTER $100,000.00 machiavelli3 $80,551.00 felipesalgado30 $52,500.00 jadedjason $49,644.40 wisoooo $44,931.00 DamageAP $32,500.00 zcedrick $31,125.00 AloofRevolver $26,324.75   In terms of pure cashes on 888poker in September, no one comes close to Flavio ‘LendaFlavio’ Costa. Costa was in the top three of 888poker cashes last month but outdid himself with making the money 132 times. Costa is a low-limit grinder, but with that many times in the money, he was able to accumulate over $7,300 in earnings. A full 48 cashes behind Costa, but still impressive, Austria’s #19-ranked player ‘LockerI71’ posted a remarkable 84 cashes in September. Another small-stakes grinder, the Austrian posted a monthly-best score of $788 in the September 22 edition of $15,000 Mega Deep with a sixth-place finish. In total, he earned over $5,100 and increased the number of times he cashed by 26 from August. Third on the most cashes list is ‘DoperHarley’ from Russia with 81 cashes. In total, he earned little over $2,200 while climbing the ladder to his first $50,000 in earnings. 888poker Top 10 Cashers In August PLAYERS CASHES Flavio Felipe 132 Lockerl71 84 DoperHarley 81 machkonti 81 GagiiX 80 hudfoter 80 sizzlinbetta 76 gailius46 63 BlaaZeKuSH 60 jlaku 54   Along with being in the top 10 in pure cashes, Lithuania’s ‘gailius46’ topped the list for the number of times he finished first. He recorded 11 outright victories which accounted for nearly $6,000 of his $10,700 September earnings. ‘gailius46’ more than doubled the number of times he earned the gold medal month over month, recording five total in August. Tied with ‘gailius46’ is Flavio ‘LendaFlavio’ Costa, with 11 victories. It makes sense, with 132 cashes in a month, one would hope that a number of them would be outright wins. For Costa, that number puts him at an 8% rate of closing out a tournament. To prove the importance of going deep, his 8% victory rate accounts for nearly 30% of his earnings for the month, taking home $2138 of his $7338 in victories. Canada’s ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ locked up a win in six tournaments on 888poker in September, good for third on the list of victories. The Canadian also made the top 10 in the number of cashes with 60 and earned $7,239 in total cash during the month. He is less than $25,000 away from earning the prestigious $1,000,000 lifetime earnings badge and if continues to grind the last quarter the way did in September, there’s a good shot he’ll hit it by the New Year. 888poker Top 10 Winners In August PLAYERS WINS gailius46 11 Flavio Felipe 11 BlaaZeKuSH 6 CNAFish 5 GagiiX 5 EZPZ 5 alyssonspfc 4 lucassacul94 4 hudfoter 4 xXromMmeoXx 4

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