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  1. [caption width="640"] Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman is the new #1 ranked player in Nevada[/caption] There's a new top dog in town in Nevada. After entering the top 10 of the PocketFives Rankings for Nevada in the beginning of January, Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman is now the new #1 player in the state. Steinman has 2,245 PLB points after goin on a tear of epic proportions in February. He won 13 online MTTs during the month, the largest of which was worth $2,200 for the WSOP.com $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly on February 12. Steinman is up to 51 wins for his Nevada career and $157,000 in total winnings. He's the #21 ranked player in the entire US and lives in Carson City. Entering February, he trailed the #1 ranked player in the Silver State by 56 points. Two-hundred points behind Steinman on the leaderboard in Nevada is 'ChaosTheory', who was last month's #1 player. 'ChaosTheory' was quiet during the 29 days of February, only recording 11 cashes, but he won the WSOP.com $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly for $1,600, his 44th career win. 'ChaosTheory', who lives in Henderson, is seven cashes away from hitting 600 for his career and was #1 in Nevada to open 2016. David 'MastAAce08' Goodman held strong at #3 this month in Nevada with 1,896 PLB Points. He turned in 17 in the money finishes last month, including a win in the WSOP.com $1,500 Guaranteed Weekend Sprint. He has $662,000 in career online MTT winnings and is the top-ranked player in the city of Las Vegas. Moving up two spots this month in Nevada to #4 is 'wsopfreezer', who reentered the top 10 in the beginning of February. He's trending upwards thanks to a final table in the WSOP.com Big Deal on Sunday for $4,400 as well as a win in the site's Weekend Warm-Up last month for $2,600. 'wsopfreezer' has 1,773 PLB Points, and this is the highest he has ever been ranked in Nevada. He plays as simply 'freezer' on WSOP.com. Dropping one spot in the Nevada rankings in March to #5 is 'DatDude', who calls Las Vegas home and has 1,648 PLB Points. He took fourth in the WSOP.com Big Deal over the weekend for $3,500, his second largest cash all-time, and owns almost 200 top three finishes. His largest online tournament score came last year in the WSOP.com Weekly Sunday for $3,600. Moving into the top 10 in Nevada this month is Bobby 'bcm4924' McLawhorn, who can be found at #9. After not recording a score since last August, McLawhorn came back with a vengeance in February. He recorded 20 cashes during the month, seven of which were wins. He won the WSOP.com $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly six times last month and also took down the site's $2,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'em Deepstack. He now has 107 tracked wins and could easily be ranked in the top five by next month. [caption width="300" align="alignright"] Jed 'JCHAK' Hoffman is #10 this month[/caption] Rounding out the top 10 in Nevada is Jed 'JCHAK' Hoffman. Hoffman, who was also ranked #10 through January, recorded just nine cashes in February, but two-thirds of them were top 10 finishes. He has $148,000 in career online winnings on WSOP.com and is the second-ranked player in Reno. Here are the top 10 players in Nevada along with the PLB score for each: APokerJoker2 - 2,245 points ChaosTheory - 2,012 points MastAAce08 - 1,896 points wsopfreezer - 1,773 points DatDude - 1,648 points Power - 1,470 points PaulDewald - 1,470 points Freakinpoet76 - 1,431 points bcm4924 - 1,304 points JCHAK - 1,215 points
  2. [caption width="600"] APokerJoker2 won the Sunday K Six-Max this weekend[/caption] This weekend in Nevada, 10 PocketFives members made it to 16 final tables and cashed for $9,355 collectively, or 14% of the total prize pool. APokerJoker2took down the Sunday $3K Six-Max for $1,110 and cashed in two other events, taking home over $1,900 this weekend. JCHAK cashed in three events for a total of $2,443. georgeMcflyand shaunsaville each cashed twice for $787 and $1,046 total, respectively. WSOP.com kicked off its weekend with nine major events including the Weekend Warm-Up $5,000 Guarantee and Re-Entry R&A $3,000 Guarantee on Saturday, the $2K Sunday FreezeOut, the $20,000 Sunday Guarantee, the $3,000 Guarantee Six-Max, and the $10K Sunday Reloader. Three of the nine events failed to meet their guarantees, creating overlays totaling $1,313. WSOP.com had 643 runners vying for the 88 available prizes totaling $64,962, which was $4,629 less than the previous week. The player with the highest individual cash was helionicin the Sunday $20,000 for $6,060. The following are the tournament results for this weekend from WSOP.com, one of the regulated online poker sites in Nevada. Visit PocketFives' Nevada poker community for the latest news and discussion from Nevada players. ------------------------------- WSOP.com - the $30 R&A $3,000 Guarantee for Friday, December 25 had 58 runners buying in for $30 each ($27.30+$2.70), 81 re-buys, and 35 add-ons totaling $4,750. 9 spots were paid with 1st place $1,425 and 9th place getting $175. The nine finishers were: 1. GODANDME $1,425.06 2. acewithking $831.28 3. shaunsaville $579.52 (shaunsaville) 4. georgeMcfly $484.52 (georgeMcfly) 5. DatDude $384.76 (datdude) 6. stuckonluck7 $337.26 7. gimmethaloot $289.76 8. Jhaloin.1 $242.26 9. dahani $175.75 ------------------------------- WSOP.com – the Weekend Warm-Up $50 R&A $5,000 Guarantee event on Saturday, December 26 had 61 runners buying in for $50 ($45.50+$4.50), 16 rebuys and 36 add-ons creating a prize pool of $7,189. There were 8 winners with 1st place $2,228 and 8th place $323. The eight finishers were: 1. prudence $2,228.59 2. DiaperChangr $1,509.69 3. stuckonluck7 $934.57 4. jchak $718.90 (JCHAK) 5. happymon $611.06 6. shaunsaville $467.28 (shaunsaville) 7. oilboy $395.39 8. APokerJoker2 $323.50 (APokerJoker2) ------------------------------- WSOP.com – the $30 Re-Entry $3,000 Guarantee event on Saturday, December 26 had 53 runners buying in for $30 ($27.30+$2.70), 16 re-entries, and 22 add-ons totaling $2,484, creating an overlay of $516. 6 spots were paid with 1st place $1,050 and 6th place getting $240. The six finishers were: 1. prudence $1,050 2. Ronit $660 3. katieannm1 $450 4. trustfundbaby $330 5. DLowes $270 6. BShriever5 $240 ------------------------------ WSOP.com - the $30 R&A $3,000 Guarantee for Saturday, December 26 had 75 runners buying in for $30 ($27.30+$2.70), 62 re-buys, and 51 add-ons totaling $5,132. 10 spots were paid with 1st place $1,488 and 10th place getting $143. The ten finishers were: 1. Zizi7 $1,488.39 2. DiaperChangr $872.50 3. Voltz $615.88 4. APokerJoker2 $513.24 (APokerJoker2) 5. Rexrode $410.59 6. pokerthink $354.13 7. georgeMcfly $302.81 (georgeMcfly) 8. RichrdParker $251.48 (RichrdParker) 9. oilboy $179.63 10. Luckboxbryan $143.70 ------------------------------- WSOP.com – the $50 FreezeOut on Sunday with a $3500 Guarantee December 27 had 113 runners buying in for $50 ($45.50+$4.50) creating a prize pool of $5,141. There were 15 winners with 1st place $1,439 and 15th place $107. The top nine finishers were: 1. MrMayor $1,439.62 2. Cheeks $874.05 3. ZenSatori $544.99 (ZenEnso) 4. SinCityLover $442.16 5. KettleRocks $390.75 6. MrBeaumont $272.49 (MrBeaumont) 7. Bigsky1919 $221.08 8. Infowars.com $169.66 9. mazzilla $138.82 ------------------------------- WSOP.com - the $20K Guarantee for Sunday, December 27, had 117 runners buying in for $200 ($185+$15) for a total prize pool of $21,645. 20 spots were paid with 1st place $6,060 and 20th place $346. The top nine finishers were: 1. helionic $6,060.60 2. cardstud70 $3,506.49 3. lvpapanof9 $2,012.98 4. HOUSEURMOMMA $1,580.08 5. jchak $1,363.63 (JCHAK) 6. GrnSmoothie $1,147.18 7. immoraldiety $909.09 8. bastos $606.06 9. CuracaoK $454.54 ------------------------------- WSOP.com - the $30 R&A 6-Max $3,000 Guarantee for Sunday, December 27 had 43 runners buying in for $30 ($27.30+$2.70), 26 re-buys, and 28 add-ons totaling $2,648, creating an overlay of $352. 5 spots were paid with 1st place $1,110 and 5th place getting $330. The five finishers were: 1. APokerJoker2 $1,110 (APokerJoker2) 2. DaSurrealist $750 3. Red_Baron $450 4. jchak $360 (JCHAK) 5. Castor $330 ------------------------------- WSOP.com - the $10K GTD Sunday Reloader, December 27, had 50 runners buying in for $100 ($91+$9), 21 re-entries, and 34 add-ons for a total prize pool of $9,555, creating an overlay of $445. 5 spots were paid with 1st place $3,700 and 5th place $1,100. The five finishers were: 1. PackRatGG $3,700 2. Leonidas $2,500 3. freezer $1,500 (wsopfreezer) 4. SilverMoon $1,200 5. FeelsGoodMan $1,100 ------------------------------- WSOP.com - the $30 R&A $3,000 Guarantee for Sunday, December 27 had 73 runners buying in for $30 ($27.30+$2.70), 64 re-buys, and 50 add-ons totaling $5,105. 10 spots were paid with 1st place $1,480 and 10th place getting $142. The ten finishers were: 1. happymon $1,480.47 2. YourNotSure $867.86 3. GODANDME $612.61 4. BShriever5 $510.51 5. KATCHUM $408.40 6. zzTOPLESS22 $352.25 7. Jyoung1 $301.20 8. Oceanic815 $250.14 9. chaiofdiamon $178.67 (chaipoker) 10. papaya $142.94
  3. [caption width="640"] Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman widened his lead in the Nevada rankings[/caption] After taking hold of top spot in the Nevada rankings in February, Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman made sure there was no changing of the guard in March. After holding down a 233-point lead last month over second place, Steinman widened his lead to over 500 points. He now sits with 2,393 points as the state's top-ranked player. Steinman had 54 in the money finishes in March, nine of which were wins. Seven days into the month, he took down the WSOP.com $10,000 Guaranteed Sunday Reloader for $4,100, his largest cash of the 31-day stanza and his fourth largest overall. Eighteen days later, he found the winner's circle of the site's $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly No Limit Hold'em and put back another $1,800, his second largest payday of the month. The nine wins in March raised Steinman's career total to 60. He is about $10,000 shy of hitting $100,000 in career winnings on WSOP.com, the lone regulated online poker room in Nevada, and calls Carson City home. At the end of the month, he was seen at the WPT DeepStacks event in Reno and won the $3,000 Guaranteed from his hotel room. Must be nice. Second place in the Nevada rankings belongs to 'ChaosTheory', who has 1,890 points. He logged two dozen in the money finishes in March, although no cash hit four-figures. His two tracked wins came in the WSOP.com $800 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'em Deep Stack on March 29 and in a Mini Fest tournament eight days before that. 'ChaosTheory' now has $107,000 in lifetime winnings on WSOP.com and is the top-ranked online poker player in Henderson. His largest Nevada cash came last year in the Sunday Reloader on WSOP.com for $3,800. 'wsopfreezer' moved up one spot in the Nevada rankings to #3. He trails 'ChaosTheory' by only 40 points and landed in the money 27 times during the month of March, four of which were first place finishes. 'wsopfreezer' won the WSOP.com $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly No Limit Hold'em twice last month for over $4,000 total to zoom his way up the leaderboard and now has 37 tracked wins. He officially passed $100,000 in winnings on WSOP.com last month. Michael 'Freakinpoet76' Mulvania was up three spots to #5, his highest position ever. He amazingly cashed almost 100 times in March and had a whopping 14 wins. He opened the month by winning the WSOP.com $2,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'em Deep Stack for $1,100 and closed it by taking second in the $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly No Limit Hold'em for another $1,300. Mulvania has 331 top-three finishes over the years and, if his volume continues, he could be a major threat to break into the top three next month. He has $121,000 in career winnings on WSOP.com and is the #3 ranked player in Las Vegas. Bobby 'bcm4924' McLawhorn moved up two spots to #7 on the strength of three four-figure cashes, including two wins in $3,000 Guaranteed tournaments for $1,700 total. McLawhorn also won the WSOP.com $2,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'em Deep Stack. He now has 109 tracked wins and $127,000 in earnings on WSOP.com, where he plays under the user name 'bcmclawh'. Daniel 'voff' Deveau entered the top 10 at #10 after taking down the $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly No Limit Hold'em for $2,200, his largest score of March. He also finished second and third in the same tournament last month and has 1,273 PLB Points, about half of what Steinman has, but over 100 more than 11th place. Deveau is over $1 million in career winnings online, much of which came on Full Tilt when that site serviced the US market. Here are the top 10 in Nevada: APokerJoker2 - 2,393.92 points ChaosTheory - 1,890.55 points wsopfreezer - 1,850.63 points MastAAce08 - 1,849.45 points Freakinpoet76 - 1,649.03 points DatDude - 1,645.48 points bcm4924 - 1,524.51 points PaulDewald - 1,502.48 points Power - 1,481.09 points voff - 1,273.99 points
  4. [caption width="369" align="alignleft"] Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman climbed to #2 in Nevada[/caption] It's amazing how quickly the PocketFives Rankings can change in one short month. It took only four weeks for Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinmanof Carson City to crack the top 10 of the rankings in Nevada and climb all the way to #2. Steinman has 2,003 PLB Points, the measure used to determine the rankings, and trails top-ranked 'ChaosTheory' by just 56. He had a dozen wins in January to help his cause, which is remarkable considering the limited tournament schedule in Nevada. His biggest cash came in the WSOP.com Big Deal on the last day of the month for $13,000 and 213 PLB Points. Steinman is up to 39 tracked wins and $138,000 in career scores across almost 1,000 in the money finishes. He is the top-ranked player in Carson City and #41 in the US. Can he ascend to #1 come March? It's certainly possible if he continues his torrid pace. 'ChaosTheory' was #1 in Nevada to open 2016 and has since added about 80 PLB Points to his score, which is now 2,059. This Henderson poker player won four tournaments in January, the largest of which was worth $3,500 and came by virtue of taking down a Six-Max Winter Poker Classic event on WSOP.com. 'ChaosTheory' has $358,000 in lifetime winnings; his five largest in the money finishes all came in 2010 on Full Tilt when the site accepted US customers. David 'MastAAce08' Goodman was down one spot in the Nevada rankings this month to #3 and has 1,931 PLB Points, 128 off first place and 72 off second. Like Steinman and 'ChaosTheory', Goodman has been winning tournaments left and right. In fact, he took down seven of them in January to lift his career total to 65. The largest tournament score for Goodman last month was a $2,700 haul for taking down a Winter Poker Classic event. Goodman is approaching $700,000 in career online tournament scores and won the PokerStars Sunday Supersonic a few years ago for $56,000, his largest cash to date. You can find him under the screen name 'BeWater' on WSOP.com. Moving up one spot in the Nevada rankings in February was 'DatDude', who lives in Las Vegas and trails Goodman by 450 points. 'DatDude' had two tournament wins in January, but recorded 29 top-10 finishes. He is on the verge of hitting $100,000 in scores for his career and is the second-ranked player in the poker hotbed of Sin City. Michael 'Freakinpoet76' Mulvania moved up three spots in the Nevada rankings this month to #5, his highest position ever. Mulvania recorded his two largest scores ever in January: a $1,300 cash for winning a WSOP.com nightly event and another $1,300 cash for taking second in the site's Weekend Warm-Up. He now has 85 tracked wins and, like 'DatDude', will likely hit $100,000 in career scores this month. Finally, 'wsopfreezer' reentered the top 10 in Nevada at #6. He turned in four wins last month, including a $6,900 cash for taking down the WSOP.com $20,000 Guaranteed. He plays as simply 'freezer' on WSOP.com and owns exactly 80 top-three MTT finishes. Here are the top 10 players in Nevada this month along with the PLB score for each. 'ChaosTheory', 'APokerJoker2', and 'MastAAce08' are all jockeying for #1, and the latter two are certainly within striking distance of the top spot: ChaosTheory - 2,059 points APokerJoker2 - 2,003 points MastAAce08 - 1,931 points DatDude - 1,482 points Freakinpoet76 - 1,441 points wsopfreezer - 1,430 points Power - 1,409 points lindeyloo22 - 1,368 points PaulDewald - 1,351 points JCHAK - 1,299 points
  5. [caption width="640"] Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman continues to lead the Nevada rankings[/caption] It seems that nothing is going to be able to shake Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman from the #1 spot in the Nevada Online Poker Rankings. Steinman finds himself sitting on top of the leaderboard for the third straight month and the group of players chasing him did their best in April to close the gap. Steinman had nine wins, five second place finishes and another nine third place finishes in April. His most impressive day was on Sunday, April 17 when he booked two small wins before finishing second in the $20,000 Guaranteed Weekly. Last month Steinman had a 500-point lead over his next nearest competitor, but Bobby 'bcm4924' McLawhorn closed the gap to just 358 points after having a month to remember. McLawhorn, who rose from #7 to #2 over the course of the month, had nine wins of his own, including four straight wins over four days from April 13 - April 16. He also took down the $10,000 Guaranteed Sunday Reloaded on April 11 for his single biggest score of the month ($3,696). Mark "wsopfreezer" Johns maintained his #3 ranking despite winning only two tournaments all month. All told, he cashed 25 times with eight of those being top three finishes. 'ChaosTheory’ dropped four #2 to #4 but cashed 29 times in the month, winning twice and finishing third five times. His biggest win of the month came in the $50,000 guaranteed Spring Poker Series Main Event where he finished third for $5,471. Rounding out the top five this month is David ‘MastAAce08’ Goodman who had five wins on WSOP.com including two $2,000 Guaranteed Nightly events and wins in the $1,500 Guaranteed and $2,500 Guaranteed Nightly events. Goodman also finished sixth in the Spring Poker Series Main Event for $2,153 – his biggest score of the month. Michael ‘Freakinpoet76’ Mulvania fell out of the top five, slipping to #6. Mulvania cashed 38 times in April, but only found the winner’s circle one time – in a $500 guaranteed event with 69 players. He too had his biggest score of the month in the Spring Poker Series Main Event, where he finished seventh for $1,795. Paul ‘PaulDewald’ Dewald moved up one spot to #7. His month was highlighted by a win in the WSOP.com Spring Poker Series $10,000 Guaranteed Six Max for $3,737.37. Right behind Dewald is ‘DatDude’, who fell from #5 despite three wins among his 27 cashes in April. ‘Power’ and ‘voff’, who were #9 and #10 respectively last month, swapped spots this month. Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 10 APokerJoker2 - 2,355.4 bcm4924 - 1,997.67 wsopfreezer - 1,973.69 ChaosTheory - 1,928.24 MastAAce08 - 1,925.61 Freakinpoet76 - 1,664.62 PaulDewald - 1,664.01 DatDude - 1,663.49 voff - 1,443.28 Power - 1,342.83
  6. [caption width="640"] Ian Steinman has had a very good summer compared to his last few. =[/caption] Ian ‘APokerJoker2’ Steinman, the #4-ranked online poker player in Nevada, has had himself a decent 2017 World Series of Poker. He’s cashed five times, including a final table, and now starts Day 1B of the Main Event with an above average stack of 94,300. It’s a stark difference from years past for Steinman. “I think I played 10 or 11 tournaments (this year). One was Lowball, ten were Hold’em and I had five cashes and a final table which is pretty crazy for me, because I’ve had terrible summers the last six or seven years,” said Steinman. The numbers don’t lie. Prior to this year he had two WSOP cashes and just $6,729 in earnings. This summer he’s earned $70,658, with $48,276 coming from his seventh place finish in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event in late June. He gives one of his friends, Taylor Black, a some of the credit for giving him the confidence to play better. “I think it all started because one of my best friends made the Colossus final table and ended up doing really well and it felt like a freeroll for me, and I didn’t even have a piece,” said Steinman, of Black’s $545,430 score for finishing second in the $565 buy-in event. “Just seeing him make it I was like ‘well if he can do it, then I can do it’. I’ve just been crushing since then, it’s been crazy. I’m running well and I think I’m probably playing well.” Looking back now at his own final table appearance this summer, Steinman can’t help but wish things had gone better for him. His elimination hand saw him racing with [poker card="ac"][poker card="kh"] against Brandon Ageloff’s [poker card="qs"][poker card="qh"] for a pot worth over 75 big blinds. “It hurts. It’s the standard conundrum where, I made a lot of money and I made the final table and I enjoyed every second of it but then it’s like I flipped for all the chips in play for a massive chip lead. Had I folded my way there it would (hurt) less, but the fact that I flipped a coin, I got in a $100,000 real money equity coin flip was brutal, ” said Steinman. “I’m super happy with all of it honestly, because money comes and goes, I would have liked to have won the bracelet, but other than that I’m super happy.” Even though he’s had some success this summer, don’t expect to see him playing bigger buy-in events all over the world. It’s not necessarily an issue of bankroll, it’s about the travel required. Steinman isn’t comfortable flying thanks to a scary incident in his teenage years. “I used to fly all the time. I took a plane trip when I was 15 with my high school band and there was a few of us that got stuck on a second plane. It ended up getting hit by lightning, all the lights went out, it dropped and people were praying,” said Steinman. “It totally traumatized me. I’ve flown once since then and it was a horrible experience.” Even with that, he does want to travel more and has talked about doing hypnosis and other forms of therapy to get him past the fear. “It’s like the final table. In the moment you can’t think about what’s really happening. You’re in a gigantic metal tube flying at 600 miles. I’m playing for more people make in eight years for first place, I can’t think about that. I just have to play,” said Steinman. Even with the profitable summer he’s had, Steinman still wasn’t sold on playing the Main Event. “Everybody was asking me if I was going to play it and I didn’t have any plans to play it, but I answered yes every single time and my friends were like, ‘You’re an idiot, you’re professional poker player, you’re going to play the Main Event’,” said Steinman. He played the Main Event last summer, and even found himself flirting with a top stack late on Day 2. The next day his run was over and he had nothing to show for three days of effort. “Last year I made Day 3, with 300,000 with the 2,400 big blind and I didn’t make the money, which is like six hours into Day 3 so it’s hard to say I played well. I feel like I played well but it had to be some kind of punt,” said Steinman.
  7. New Jersey grinder David 'dehhhhh' Coleman had a strong December on the virtual felt and as a result has taken over the #1 spot on the USA Online Poker Rankings. Coleman cashed 30 times in December but picked up a bulk of his points with impressive back-to-back wins in the PokerStars Sunday Special. On December 15, Coleman topped the 116-entry field in the $200 buy-in event to win $6,250 and lockup 158.11 PLB points. One week later, he beat out 114 other players to win another $6,250 and 158.11 PLB points. He also managed to pick up 102.7 points thanks to a runner-up finish in the WSOP $15,00 Weekly Saturday on December 8. His total earnings for December were $15,272. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] One spot behind Coleman was former #1-ranked American Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon. Kwon cashed just 14 times but managed to win the PokerStars NJ Nightly Stars on two separate occasions for 95.33 and 96.29 PLB points respectively. Sandwiched between those two scores was a sixth-place finish in the WSOP.com Sunday Weekly for 71.5 points. Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein holds down the #3 spot following a massive month in terms of PLB points earned. He cashed just nine times and just three of those counted towards his PLB total. He won the WSOP.com $100,000 GTD Sunday on December 2 for $29,256 and 332.26 points. Three weeks later he did it again, this time winning $28,859 and 330 points. He also picked up 60.17 points for an eighth-place finish in the WSOP.com $30,000 Weekly Sunday on December 2 and 96.22 points for coming in third. USA Online Poker Rankings Rank Name Points 1 David 'dehhhhh' Coleman 4,654 2 Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon 4,357 3 Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein 4,200 4 Dan "centrfieldr" Lupo 4,128 5 Vladimir 'Donate_here' Alexandrov 4,064 6 Mike 'Lav519' Lavenburg 3,690 7 Michael 'JohnnnyDrama' Haberman Jr. 3,567 8 Michael "Gags30" Gagliano 3,432 9 Tenzin 'tc_ownz' Chakdor 3,357 10 sri100k 3,298   David Goodman Continues to Dominate Nevada There isn't a single player from Nevada in the top 14 of the USA rankings. The #1 player from the Silver State is David 'bewater' Goodman at #15. He is currently sitting on 2,944 points - 1,710 points behind Coleman for top spot. Goodman continues to hold on to the top spot despite taking nearly all of December off. He cashed just once and it wasn't a strong enough finish to count towards his PLB total. Tanner 'Bamatide88' Bibat sits at #2 after having three of his five December cashes boost his PLB points total to 2,783. On December 17, Bibat finished second in the $5,555 Weekly Monday for $1,071 and 52.37 points. Then, on December 23, he finished 11th in the WSOP.com $15,000 Weekly Sunday Deepstack for $262 and 33.68 points before taking down the WSOP.com $7,000 Daily Turbo Deepstack for $2,179 and 87.43 points. Rounding out the podium for Nevada is Jed 'JCHAK' Hoffman. He started December off with a fifth-place finish in the WSOP.com $10,000 Weekly Saturday event for $885 and 43.13 points. He then picked up 45.42 points in the Sunday $100,000 to finish off the month. Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman moved up to #4 in Nevada after having four of his five December cashes add 212.59 points to his PLB total. Steinman now sits at 1,056th in the world - an all-time high for him. Nevada Online Poker Rankings Rank Name Points 1 David 'bewater' Goodman 2,944 2 Tanner 'Bamatide88' Bibat 2,783 3 Jed 'JCHAK' Hoffman 2,434 4 Ian 'APokerJoker2' Steinman 1,942 5 PunnyYouSayThat 1,828
  8. It took just 55 minutes on Friday morning for 'MacDaddy15' to go from middle of the final table pack to World Series of Poker bracelet winner in Event #9 ($1,000 NLHE Six Max) and in the process earn the single biggest score of the 2020 WSOP to date. A total of 1,026 entries from 658 unique players created a $974,700 prize pool with the eventual champion getting to take home $188,214 and the bracelet. When the final table began, Ruth 'crazeeelf666' Ruffman held a comfortable chip lead with 'WillowG23' in second and 'MacDaddy15' not far behind in third. Ian 'apokerjoker2' Steinman was the first player sent packing by 'MacDaddy15'. From the button, 'MacDaddy15' raised to 332,500 with [poker card="2d"][poker card="2s"] before Steinman moved all in for 1,365,109 with [poker card="ad"][poker card="9d"]. 'MacDaddy15' called and then had to sweat all the way through a [poker card="kd"][poker card="qd"][poker card="5s"][poker card="js"][poker card="jc"] runout to eliminate Steinman in sixth. Five-handed play lasted another 15 minutes before the next elimination hand occurred. 'Im.Sorry' raised to 250,000 from the cutoff with [poker card="kh"][poker card="jd"] before 'moodeez' re-raised all in for 890,486 from the small blind with [poker card="jh"][poker card="th"] and 'Im.Sorry' called. The [poker card="ac"][poker card="kc"][poker card="4d"] flop gave 'Im.Sorry' second pair and the [poker card="5c"] turn and [poker card="5h"] river failed to save 'moodeez' from a fifth place finish. A few moments later, 'Im.Sorry' raised to 254,000 from the hijack with [poker card="qh"][poker card="qs"] only to have Ruth 'crazeelf666' re-raise to 806,000 with [poker card="td"][poker card="ts"]. 'Im.sorry' continued betting, moving all in for 4,489,926 and Ruffman called all in. Ruffman was unable to improve on the [poker card="ac"][poker card="8d"][poker card="2d"][poker card="6h"][poker card="5h"] runout and was eliminated in fourth. 'Im.Sorry' continued to be the aggressor and ended another player's run five minutes later. 'Im.Sorry' called from the button and 'WillowG23' checked their big blind. The flop came [poker card="kc"][poker card="7h"][poker card="3d"] and 'WillowG23' checked and then called after 'Im.Sorry' threw in a bit of 160,000. The turn was the [poker card="jc"] and 'WillowG23' check-called after 'Im.Sorry' bet 225,000. The river was the [poker card="5c"], 'WillowG23' checked and 'Im.Sorry' moved all-in for 10,070,712 . 'WillowG23' called all in for 1,614,568 and showed [poker card="ks"][poker card="9c"] for top pair but 'Im.Sorry' turned over [poker card="7c"][poker card="6c"] for a flush to send 'WillowG23' home in third position. That both gave 'Im.Sorry' 62.8% of the chips at the start of heads up play. The play played for nearly 15 minutes before 'MacDaddy15' took over the lead thanks to winning an all in preflop hand with [poker card="tc"][poker card="ts"] against the [poker card="ad"][poker card="qs"] of 'Im.Sorry'. Two minutes later, the tournament was over. Down to 10 big blinds, 'Im.Sorry' open-shoved for 1,752,560 with [poker card="kh"][poker card="4c"] and 'MacDaddy15' called with [poker card="td"][poker card="5d"]. The [poker card="kd"][poker card="7d"][poker card="6h"] flop gave 'MacDaddy15' a flush draw and gave 'Im.Sorry' to pair. The [poker card="qd"] turn filled that flush draw and eliminated 'Im.Sorry' as the runner-up as the [poker card="2c"] completed the board to officially crown 'MacDaddy15' as the winner. Final Table Payouts MacDaddy15 - $188,214 Im.Sorry - $116,379 WillowG23 - $81,972 Ruth 'crazeelf666' Ruffman - $58,482 mooodeez - $43,301 Ian 'apokerjoker2' Steinman - $30,995 Faces in the Crowd The #1-ranked player in the United States, Yong 'LuckySpewy1' Kwon, came in 56th for $2,729.16 and was one of a handful of notable names to make it into the money. Daniel Negreanu picked up another cash, his fourth, coming in 96th for $1,851.93 and Event #1 champion Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler snuck into the top 100, finishing 99th for $1,851.93. A pair of former #1 PocketFivers also had a winning day. Ari 'philivey' Engel finished 105th for $1,754.46 and Chris 'Robotbob47' Moorman was behind him, coming in 141st to take home $1,656.99. Anthony 'heheh' Zinno (22nd - $5,360.25), Shawn 'Saygoodnight' Daniels (37th - $3,703.86), Nick 'cashUSklay' Schulman (43rd - $3,703.86), and Kevin 'ImaLuckSac' MacPhee (95th - $1,851.93) also cashed.

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