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  1. As we turn the page to June, it's time to look back at some of the biggest winners at the high-stakes online tables in May, according to HighStakesDB. The leaderboard is chalk full of brand name poker players this time around. Ben "sauce1234" Sulsky (pictured) and Phil "Polarizing" Ivey, both playing on Full Tilt, led the way in May. Sulsky turned in 16 sessions totaling 1,157 hands for $691,213 in profit. That's an average profit of $43,200 per session and $597 per hand. Ivey had 80 sessions totaling 17,582 hands and $442,576 in profit. That's an average profit of $5,532 per session and $25 per hand. Ivey's PokerStarsscreen name, reported to be RaiseOnce, also appeared on the list and booked $278,819 in profit from 35 sessions and almost 10,000 hands. Here's how the top 10 looked in May: 1. Sauce1234: 16 sessions, 1,157 hands, $691,213 profit 2. Polarizing: 80 sessions, 17,582 hands, $442,576 profit 3. NoelHayes: 149 sessions, 20,033 hands, $378,141 profit 4. Ike Haxton: 48 sessions, 1,967 hands, $352,942 profit 5. RaiseOnce: 35 sessions, 9,480 hands, $278,819 profit 6. luvtheWNBA: 3 sessions, 479 hands, $188,487 profit 7. IReadYrSoul: 7 sessions, 1,304 hands, $186,947 profit 8. WCG|Rider: 28 sessions, 3,050 hands, $172,752 profit 9. Sauce123: 108 sessions, 12,125 hands, $170,170 profit 10. Isildur1: 65 sessions, 9,338 hands, $167,618 profit The biggest hand played in May that HighStakesDB recorded came in at $296,000 and was won by Ivey(pictured) at a $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em table. In the hand, Ivey's opponent bet $27,000 on the river of a board showing Q-8-6-5-10. Ivey shoved and his opponent called with pocket queens for top set. Ivey flipped over 9-7 for a straight. Six pots topped $200,000 for the month and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom won two of them. Impressively, Blom laid claim to five of the 10 largest pots played during May and ended the month with $167,618 in profit. Four of those five pots occurred at PLO tables. With many of the game's top pros currently located in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, we'd expect names like Ivey, Blom, and Sulsky largely to be absent from June's leaderboard, but anything is possible. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  2. In just 10 sessions from September 1 to 6, Ben Sulsky (pictured), known in the online poker world as Sauce123, is up a commanding $669,000 at the high-stakes online poker tables according to HighStakesDB. He leads fellow pro Viktor Isildur1Blom by about $150,000 in profit for the month despite Blom's recent heater and is the most profitable player HighStakesDB has tracked this month. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Sulsky's 10 sessions in September total 4,919 hands, meaning he is averaging $66,000 profit per session this month and $136 profit per hand. His heater has come on PokerStars. According to HighStakesDB, "He has netted a staggering profit in a short period of time, crossing the $1,000,000 mark just a year after he began playing online." He is up almost $5 million on PokerStars alone after HighStakesDB began tracking him four years ago. Sulsky has turned $3.5 million profit at Pot Limit Omaha and $1.5 million at No Limit Hold'em. He has bled $46,000 at Omaha High-Low and $174,000 at Draw Games. He has logged 534,000 hands all-time and is averaging about $9 profit per hand played. Not too shabby. A total of four players have profited over $100,000 since September began, according to the tracking site: 1. Sauce123– 10 sessions, 4,919 hands, $669,754 profit 2. Isildur1– 41 sessions, 9,185 hands, $523,837 profit 3. RaiseOnce– 29 sessions, 3,896 hands, $319,650 profit 4. RaulGonzalez– 9 sessions, 1,043 hands, $147,089 profit In case you're wondering how Sulsky managed to become such a prolific player in the first place, HighStakesDB explained, "Sauce's poker journey began as a college student on a spring break trip to Mexico. With a lot of time to kill, he immersed himself in poker books and strategy forums and developed a rudimentary strategy that he took to the online felt upon his return. He experienced a fair amount of success early on and climbed the stakes using strict bankroll requirements." Sulsky has also hit it big in the live tournament world. According to the Hendon Mob, he has $1.7 million in career live winnings and is #11 on the all-time money list for Massachusetts. He finished fourth in this year's High Roller for One Drop event at the World Series of Poker for $1.1 million. He also final tabled the Poker Player's Championship for another $353,000. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  3. [caption width="640"] Ben 'sauce123' Sulsky was the biggest winner at the high-stakes cash game tables in April[/caption] After finishing third on the high stakes cash game leaderboard in March, Ben 'sauce123' Sulsky moved all the way to #1 in April. He earned $164,642 during the somewhat quiet 30-day period, according to HighStakesDB, beating out the next closest player by $63,000. Sulsky had 39 sessions totaling 5,624 hands during the month for an average of $4,221 per session and $29 per hand. His $164,000 in profit at the high-stakes games HighStakesDB tracks boosted his lifetime profit to almost $4.6 million. His most lucrative game during the month of April: Pot Limit Omaha, which netted him almost $100,000 on its own. Sulsky was never in the red during April. Instead, he went up $40,000 early on before a run during the second half of the month took him to $164,000 in winnings. Sulsky captured the two largest pots played at the high stakes tables in April, and both came at $250/$500 Pot Limit Omaha tables against 'joiso'. Combined, they contributed over $236,000 to his bottom line. Second place in April went to 'kkopghy', who reeled in $101,980 in profit from 29 sessions and 4,074 hands. That's an average profit of $3,516 per session and $25 per hand. The strong month moved 'kkopghy' from $60,000 in lifetime winnings at the high stakes cash game tables to $172,000. All of his damage was done in Draw games and, like Sulsky, he never went negative for the month. 'Fake Love888', who is rumored to be Finnish poker proPatrik Antonius, finished in third place in high stakes winnings in April at $91,030. 'Fake Love888' boosted his bankroll after a highly successful eight sessions and 1,771 hands during April for an average of $11,378 in profit per session and $51 per hand. He had the fewest sessions of anyone in the top five and the second fewest hands. He was ninth on the cash game leaderboard in March with $56,818 in profit. 'Fake Love888' cut into his $1.4 million lifetime deficit as a result of the nearly $100,000 he earned in April. He started the month up $21,000 before plateauing until mid-April. Then, he eventually settled at $91,030 in the black on April 23, after which he didn't play. Antonius is playing at the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monaco, perhaps explaining his absence from the online ring game tables for the second half of April. Next on the high stakes cash game leaderboard was 'kjunia', who recorded $52,679 in profit from exactly 10 sessions and 300 hands. He went from an almost breakeven player on the high stakes tables to up just over $62,000 lifetime as a result. He averaged $5,267 in profit per hand in April along with $175 in profit per hand. Rounding out the top five was 'Threalmjm147', who had $48,822 in profit from 16 sessions and 2,041 hands. April was the first month that HighStakesDB recorded any data for 'Threalmjm147', who did all of his damage at Pot Limit Omaha. Here's the top 10: Sauce123 – 39 sessions, 5,624 hands - $164,642 kkopghy – 29 sessions, 4,074 hands - $101,980 Fake Love888 – 8 sessions, 1,771 hands - $91,030 kjunia – 10 sessions, 300 hands - $52,679 Threalmjm147 – 16 sessions, 2,041 hands - $48,822 AmSoGood – 8 sessions, 130 hands - $40,298 Fresh_oO_D – 109 sessions, 14,585 hands - $39,238 readas_reada – 23 sessions, 272 hands - $38,265 TCfromUB – 6 sessions, 59 hands - $34,447 uwinho312 – 4 sessions, 491 hands - $32,174
  4. [caption width="640"] Ben 'sauce123' Sulsky was the biggest winner at the high-stakes cash game tables in May with 2,242 in profit[/caption] Oops, he did it again. After profiting $164,642 at the high-stakes cash game tables in April, Ben 'sauce123' Sulsky did it again in May, according to HighStakesDB. This time, Sulsky added $272,242 to his bottom line, edging out Dani 'supernova9' Stern by a mere $2,000. Sulsky ended May with 117 sessions that HighStakesDB tracked. They totaled 15,931 hands, meaning that Sulsky turned a profit of $2,326 per session and $17 per hand. In April, Sulsky had 39 sessions totaling 5,624 hands for an average of $4,221 per session and $29 per hand, so his averages were cut in half in May. Nevertheless, he was the big winner once again. Thanks to his $272,242 in profit in April, Sulsky is up to $4.85 million in career winnings from tables that HighStakesDB tracks. He's up $810,000 for the year and might now head to Las Vegas for the 2016 World Series of Poker, which starts this week. Stern, who won the March high-stakes leaderboard with $352,017 in profit, finished second in May with $270,032, trailing Sulsky by only $2,000. Stern did not appear in the top 10 in April, but logged 76 sessions and 2,445 hands in May for an average profit of $3,553 per session and $110 per hand. In March, Stern raked in $352,017 in profit over the course of 131 sessions and 10,203 hands. On average that month, he profited $2,687 per session and just over $34 per hand. [caption width="640"] Dani 'supernova9' Stern was second on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard in May (photo: PokerNews, Danny Maxwell)[/caption] The month of May helped Stern pull back to almost even lifetime in the high-stakes games that HighStakesDB tracks, as headed into the month, he was over $300,000 in the hole. Stern is up almost $400,000 on the year and has been in the black for the vast majority of 2016. Tournament pro Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz got it down in the online cash game world in May. Holz, from Germany, finished in third place on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for the month with $147,934 in profit from 38 sessions and 5,002 hands. If you do the math, you'll get an average of $3,893 in profit per session and $29 in profit per hand. Holz's productive month boosted his lifetime earnings that HighStakesDB has tracked to close to $200,000. This year, he's up almost $100,000. Holz spent the first part of May in Monaco for the European Poker Tour's annual Grand Final. There, he finished fourth and fifth in High Roller events and pocketed over $500,000 total. Needless to say, it was a good month to be Fedor Holz. 'steamraise' finished in fourth place on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard in May with $142,691 in profit, trailing Holz by only $5,000. 'steamraise' logged 26 sessions and 2,221 hands during the month. Right behind him on the leaderboard was 'happyhammy', who had $84,771 in profit from 54 sessions and 12,204 hands. Dan 'w00ki3z.' Cateswas the winner of the largest high-stakes cash game pot played in May. It happened in a hand against Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom at a $250/$500 Mixed Pot Limit Omaha table. Holding [poker card="ts"][poker card="5d"][poker card="jc"][poker card="as"], Cates check-raised all-in on the turn of a [poker card="6s"][poker card="ac"][poker card="5h"][poker card="qc"] board. Blom called with [poker card="8c"][poker card="8s"][poker card="ah"][poker card="3c"] and the river was the [poker card="5c"], giving Cates a boat and a $138,612 hand. It was one of six pots to cross $100,000 in May at the high-stakes cash game tables. Despite the cash influx from the pot against Blom, Cates did not finish in the top 10 for the month. The top 10 high-stakes cash game winners in May: Sauce123 (117 sessions, 15,931 hands) - $272,242 supernova9 (76 sessions, 2,445 hands) - $270,032 CrownUpGuy (38 sessions, 5,002 hands) - $147,934 Steamraise (26 sessions, 2,221 hands) - $142,691 Happyhammy (54 sessions, 12,204 hands) - $84,771 Educa-p0ker (45 sessions, 2,977 hands) - $72,014 Fresh_oO_D (71 sessions, 8,804 hands) - $61,880 buck21 (11 sessions, 463 hands) - $56,905 Fake Love888 (6 sessions, 459 hands) - $53,640 Vaga_Lion (21 sessions, 892 hands) - $44,515
  5. [caption width="640"] Mike 'SirWatts' Watson added another WCOOP title to his list of accomplishments. (PokerStars photo)[/caption] We’re at the stage of the 2016 World Championship of Online Poker where the time remaining can reasonably be measured in hours, not day. With the end of the online series nearing, Mike Watson went to work on Sunday in adding another WCOOP title to his credit. Watson, who won the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event beat out 119 other players to win the $10,300 buy-in Eight Game Championship. Watson beat out Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky to win $280,238.52 and add another WCOOP title to his collection. The final table included not only Watson and Sulsky, but Matthew Ashton, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Calvin ‘cal242688’ Anderson and Sami Kelopuru. Dutch pro ’maggess88’ beat Yuri ‘theNERDguy’ Martins, who famously finished second in the WCOOP Main Event in 2014 to one Fedor Holz, to win Event #73, Heads-Up Pot Limit Omaha. ‘maggess88’ ended up with $37,885.10 and the title - the third COOP win of his career. The final four were rounded out by ‘Ti0373’ and Rory ‘Mafews’ Mathews. Event 75, $700 Six Max No Limit Hold’em (Progressive KO), attracted 1,360 players and the final two players, Michel ‘FreeLancerZZ’ Dattani and ‘Leonidus1988’, agreed to a chip after outlasting the rest of the field. Dattani ended up with $75,193.88 and the WCOOP title after a brief heads-up battle while ‘Leonidus1988’ had to settle for $65,193.88. Simon 'ministerborg' Ravnsbaek was eliminated in third place. With a TCOOP and SCOOP title already to his credit, Ravnsbaek was hoping to become the latest member of the PokerStars Triple COOP winner club but was ultimately denied after being eliminated by Dattani. ‘€urop€an’ made yet another WCOOP final table, finishing sixth for $10,131.67. One day after Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom finished runner-up in a WCOOP event, a player who clearly took inspiration from the Swedish poker pro when choosing his screenname managed to close out a WCOOP as champion. Leo ‘ISILDRooN’ Nordin outlasted 636 other players to win Event #76, $320 Pot-Limit Omaha (Six Max, Mix-Max) and earn $34,397.90. The final WCOOP event to wrap up on Sunday saw ‘Noogaii’ earn $120,008.69 after outlasting 2,256 other players, including eventual runner-up Dulek_jason, who walked away with $87,216.59 after chopping with ‘Noogaii’. Event 73: $700 Pot Limit Omaha Heads-Up 211 entries - $140,315 paid out to 32 places maggess88 - $37,885.10 Yuri ‘theNERDguy’ Martins - $21,047,25 Ti0373 - $11,225.20 Rory ‘Mafews’ Mathews - $11.225.20 Event 74: $10,300 Eight Game Championship 120 entries - $1,200,000 paid out to 11 places Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson - $280,238.52 Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky - $212,729.16 Matthew ‘MUSTAFABET’ Ashton – $161,482.80 Calvin ‘cal42688’ Anderson - $122,581.68 Sami ‘ Lrslzk’ Kelopuru - $93,051.84 Iteopepe88 - $70,635.72 Event 75: $700 Six Max No Limit Hold’em (Progressive KO) 1,360 entries - $547,800 paid out to 167 places Michel ‘FreeLancerZZ’ Dattani - $75,193.88* Leonidus1988 - $65,193.88* Simon ‘ministerborg’ Ravnsbaek – $36,274.22 Tagomaga - $23,711.46 BrightStripe - $15,499.56 €urop€an - $10,131.67 *heads-up deal Event 76: $320 Pot-Limit Omaha (Six Max, Mix-Max) 637 entries - $200,000 paid out to 83 places Leo ‘ISILDRooN’ Nordin - $34,397.90 Kinglune - $23,158.44 SeepdUp2 - $15,591.44 Ashley Jones - $10,496.96 Tarantaleo - $7,067.10 Lystig - $4,757.94 Event 79: $320 No-Limit Hold’em 2257 entries, 1,081 re-entries - $1,001,400 paid out to 404 places Noogaii - $120,008.69* Dulek_jason - $87,216.59* FishyMcFish0 - $87,744.87 Jutrack - $77,330.24* Tobi123456 - $37,212.62 xXOLIVATOXx - $26,526.48 Mogelwette - $18,908.93 Kanishka ‘kanishka27’ Samant - $13,478.94 Nassimovitch - $9,608.23 *Heads-up deal
  6. [caption width="640"] Justin Bonomo was one of a handful of high-profile SCOOP winners on Sunday (WPT photo)[/caption] Many observers consider Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky to be one of the best poker players in the world and on Sunday he provided more evidence to this after topping the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker $25,000 Heads-up No Limit Hold'em event. Sulsky's win was one of 15 SCOOP events that wrapped up on Sunday. Sulsky beat 'alimounda' in the Event #26 (High) final after dispatching 'donthnrmepls' in the semi-final to win $180,000. Finishing second was worth $100,000. Ben 'ben86' Tollerene lost in the semi-final to 'donthnrmepls'. Each semi-final loser won $60,000. The Medium version of the event was won by'mandza17' for $88,800 while Luke 'LFMagic' Fields took home $28,491.87 for winning the Low version. Sulsky wasn't the only high-profile winner on Sunday though.Justin Bonomo won Event #25 High ($2,100 Eight Game) for $95,680 and the second SCOOP title of his career. Bonomo overcame a stacked final table that included 'iteopepe88', Benjamin 'lulDocuments' Lukas and RaúlGonzalez. Brazilian 'fred_volpe' won the Medium version for $25,210.90 and 'phinster' topped the Low event for $11,281.02. Possibly the toughest final table of the day though came in a game not spread very often - No Limit Omaha Eight or Better. Sam 'SamSquid' Grafton won the event for $51,285 after outlasting Bernardo 'Bedias' Dias, former #1-ranked Joao 'joaoMathias' Mathias Baumgarten, mixed game specialist Richard 'CHUFTY' Ashby and Brian 'Brianm15' England. The Medium version was chopped heads-up by 'Krakukra' and 'Jp_3391' for $18,405.36 and $16,097.76 respectively with 'Krakurkra' earning the title. The Low version was won by 'SomovRulit' for $6,873.19. Ukrainian 'gunnersfun' made both the final table of the Medium and Low version of the event, finishing third and second respectively. SCOOP Event #24 (High): $530 Six Max NLHE Progressive KO Entries: 1,111 Prize pool: $277,750 + $277,750 in bounties Rino2016192 = $46,523.55 + $12,810.50 in bounties etxnl01 - $34,718.75 + $23,230.38 in bounties tomasko66 - $26,386.25 + $5,462.87 in bounties Dsavo - $18,053.75 + $3,917.96 in bounties julz1833 - $11,915.47 + $5,320.30 in bounties spwipp - $8,332.50 + $5,886.70 in bounties SCOOP Event #24 (Medium): $55 Six Max NLHE Progressive KO Entries: 5,466 Prize pool: $136,650 + $136,650 in bounties EyesNvrLie - $17,935* + $6,380.98 in bounties t1moha17 - $17,597.64* + $1,588.47 in bounties Ernão - $10,590.37 + $1,241.52 in bounties Cinguzis - $6,490.87 + $828.38 in bounties johnnycash65 - $3,874.02 + 826.31 in bounties likasor09 - $2,049.75 + $2,366.69 in bounties SCOOP Event #24 (Low): $5.50 Six Max NLHE Progressive KO Entries: 16,552 Prize pool: $41,380 + $41,380 in bounties RockyRoxin - $5,336.24 + $1,118.23 in bounties stekubuk - $3,827.65 + $135.49 in bounties Von Gerhardt - $2,586.25 + $284.29 in bounties Jab0c0 - $1,344.85 + $310.79 in bounties Mr.Lucky232 - $827.60 + $436.86 in bounties bmorn - $434.49 + $69.00 in bounties SCOOP Event #25 (High): $2,100 Eight Game Entries: 208 Prize pool: $416,000 Justin 'ZeeJustin' Bonomo - $95,680 iteopepe88- $64,560 RaúlGonzalez - $49,920 Benjamin 'lulDocuments' Lukas - $33,280 EPUBLI2005 - $24,960 Maxxx72alba - $17,056 SCOOP Event #25 (Medium): $215 Eight Game Entries: 715 Prize pool: $143,000 fred_volpe - $25,210.90 Skint Paddy - $18,590 diffsam - $14,300 kiy101 - $10,010 Boeken - $7,150 Leukotape - $4,290 SCOOP Event #25 (Low): $27 Eight Game Entries: 2,917 Prize pool: $71,612.35 phinster - $11,281.02 NarTrivedi - $8,235.42 Pius 'MastaP89' Heinz - $6,015.43 mikal12345 - $3,902.87 scuadush - $2,493.54 wr3ckl3sss - $1,271.11 SCOOP Event #26 (High): $25,000 Heads-Up NLHE High Roller Entries: 16 Prize pool: $400,000 Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky - $180,000 alimounda- $100,000 donthnrmepls - $60,000 Ben 'Ben86' Tollerene - $60,000 SCOOP Event #26 (Medium): $2,100 Heads-Up NLHE High Roller Entries: 148 Prize pool: $296,000 mandza17 - $88,800 Henrik 'kingsize86' Wahlberg - $53,280 RuckusTheJame - $29,600 weichhart - $29,600 SCOOP Event #26 (Low): $215 Heads-Up NLHE High Roller Entries: 942 Prize pool: $188,400 Luke 'LFMagic' Fields - $28,491.87 HU4FU - $18,129.73 kobmish - $9,063.92 Decidophobie - $9,063.92 SCOOP Event #27 (High): $1,050 No Limit Omaha Eight or Better Entries: 263 Prize pool: $263,000 Sam 'SamSquid' Grafton - $51,285.00 Bernardo 'Bedias' Dias - $38,135.00 Joao 'joaoMathias' Mathias Baumgarten - $28,930 Internett930 - $21,040.00 Richard 'CHUFTY' Ashby - $14,465.00 Antonio7 - $10,520.00 Brian 'Brianm15' England - $7,890.00 Robc1978 - $6,575.00 SCOOP Event #27 (Medium): $109 No Limit Omaha Eight or Better Entries: 1113 Prize pool: $111,300 Krakukra - $18,405.36* Jp_3391 - $16,097.76* Gunnersfun - $11,130.00 Ales_84 - $7,791.00 Nemisoi - $5,565.00 Mr Longhit – $3,339.00 Desslock - $2,226.00 Zombob0 - $1,113.00 SCOOP Event #27 (Low): $11 No Limit Omaha Eight or Better Entries: 4,362 Prize pool: $43,620 SomovRulit - $6,873.19 Gunnersfun - $4,786.85 Ainna88 - $3,882.18 Yakut888 - $3,009.78 Card-4-john - $2,137.38 Phillo283 - $1,264.98 Zvejyss10 - $545.25 Jonasof87 - $327.15 SCOOP Event #28 (High): $530 NLHE Progressive KO Entries: 605 Prize pool: $302,500 Dennis 'Dberglin' Berglin - $28,435.33 + $11,543.65 in bounties PanchoSuper - $20,721.25 + $11,907.66 in bounties darthVaderNL - $15.276.25 + $1,734.37 in bounties chipcomehere - $11,495.00 + $3,566.40 in bounties AppelKruimel - $8,076.75 + $5,100.56 in bounties Cinquzis – $6,428.12 + $2,812.48 in bounties Respect_Lt – $4,915.62 + $3,068.34 in bounties Arttyomka – 43,403.12 + $1,792.96 in bounties SCOOP Event #28 (Medium): $55 NLHE Progressive KO Entries: 2758 Prize pool: $137,900 morryAA - $10,861.03 + $3,914.25 in bounties Zihuatanejo3 - $8,101.62 + $3,209.00 in bounties Karafla-stam – $5,791.80 + $1,197.87 in bounties Vershinin - $3,964.62 + $1,208.71 in bounties Merceko - $2,999.32 + $367.94 in bounties Termospullo - $2,309.82 + $1,577.54 in bounties Stknsidewayz – 41,620.32 + $500.96 in bounties MACC157 - $932.20 + $516.76 in bounties SCOOP Event #28 (Low): $5.50 NLHE Progressive KO Entries: 9563 Prize pool: $47,815 Mr_Plejer7x - $3,353.47 + $744.99 in bounties Sladjan 68 - $2,438.56 + $43.38 in bounties Sindrel - $1,721.34 + $367.83 in bounties Alfonso306 - $1,195.37 + $248.74 in bounties Korobochka2 - $956.30 + $246.24 in bounties Kenny_rieger - $717.22 + $63.46 in bounties Besgod - $478.15 + $135.76 in bounties SERGEY AIS - $239.07 + $278.69 in bounties
  7. High stakes online cash crusher Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky took to the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables to grind out a profit of $264,686 in the month of March according to the data provided by HighstakesDB.com. Sulsky played 4,561 hands over a scant 35 sessions to be recognized as the most profitable cash game player of the month. After a slow start to the month, where he played very few sessions and fluctuated between being up $40,000 and then down $40,000 his graph took a nice spike between March 18-20 after Sulsky dueled with fellow online superstar ‘BERRI SWEET’. Sulsky climbed out of a small hole to be profitable over $160,000 after his session with ‘BERRI SWEET’ and then the pair battled again later in the month, which went Sulsky’s way once again. The gains have landed Sulsky back in the top 5 most profitable in 2018 thus far. Pot Limit Hold’em specialist ‘Grazvis1’ started March in the red. The player, of which there’s not that much known about, was roughly negative $63,000 on the year but went on a considerable upswing at throughout the month to earn $245,802 when all was said and done. At his peak performance of the period he was up nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the entire year but as this writing, he’s slipped back to being profitable to about half that. Linus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger came in only few thousand behind ‘Grazvis1’ to have the third most profitable March churning out $241,490 in winnings. Loeliger, a high stakes No Limit Hold’em specialist, lost nearly $100,000 in profit in the middle of the month, only to trend back upwards after dueling with Russian beast Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov at the $200/$400 NLHE tables. By the end of the month Loeliger had logged 10001 hands over 147 sessions and increased his 2018 earnings to over $569,000, currently tops for 2018. Finnish nosebleed player Sami ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro (aka 'LarsLuzak') played just 2266 hands but in that time won himself $155,595, all coming at the very end of the month. Having played very little at the beginning of March, Kelopuro found himself multi-tabling the high stakes Pot Limit Omaha tables in a heads-up battle against Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom. The pair started at the $100/$200 tables but over the course of a multi-hour session ended up pushing the limits to $200/$400. At the end of the day, Kelopuro had bested the legendary grinder Blom for nearly $50,000. By the very end of the month, he’d run it up to roughly $150,000 in profit. Of note: the first day of April he gave almost all of his profit back and slipped from profitability in 2018 to where he currently sits in a -$54,000 hole for the year. Capping off the top 5 cash earners of March is high stakes reg ‘RaulGonzalez’ who took in $127,505 in earnings. He played the fewest sessions of the top 5 earners, logging on only 22 times, but managed a win rate of over $40 per hand, the majority of which came while he was playing the 8-Game Mix on PokerStars. This month, his victim of choice was the aforementioned Blom who, in the middle of the month, he clashed with on both the $1k/$2k 8-Game tables as well as the $1k/$2k Triple Draw felt for a $100k score . Days later, the pair went at it again with the German ‘RaulGonzalez’ again taking nearly $160k from Blom. By the middle of the month, ‘RaulGonzalez’ was up over $230,000, but variance being what it is, he ended up giving some back in 8-Game which reduced his final figure. The profitable month brings ‘RaulGonzalez’ well into the black for the year, up over $150,000 in 2018. HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for March 2018 RANK PLAYER SESSIONS HANDS PROFIT 1 Sauce123 35 4561 $264,686 2 Grazvis1 298 13134 $245,802 3 LLinusLLove 147 10001 $241,490 4 Lrslzk 36 2266 $155,595 5 RaulGonzalez 22 3140 $127,505 6 AmSoGood 5 301 $126,540 7 probirs 137 8576 $119,592 8 limitless 230 10935 $111,087 9 BigBlindBets 81 5244 $107,919 10 0Human0 286 12061 $90,325

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