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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, its mistergreen, and I have some difficult situation with Virtue poker. I want to share. I played at Virtue from November 2019, when their second beta test started. Players, who grinded there , was beta testers and could earn rewards for sending logs, bug reports and other errors of their software. I played two beta (all with free chips) - second beta and final beta, there was requirements: 1. Second beta - to play 25k hands + bug reports, and you must not lose bankroll to receive reward ETH+VPP (their token) 2. Final beta more difficult - higher reward included 2000 one table sng, when you started with 50 buy ins, also sending bug reports (very few players, only 12 did that, some of them did that with penalty). I did all that. It was not simple requirements for rewards, bugs included, when you can lose many buy-ins because error and didn’t give it back, or you sit outed, when other players can play. In total i played more 100k hands from November 19 until this moment (a year). I played more than any other player. Total reward that i should get is 40 000 + 100 000 vpp (0.15$ per token ico price or 4000 vpp = 1 ETH). My bad that i played from more than one account. I mean, It was not chipdump myself and no teamplay, and no other dirty things, where i have any advantage vs other players. After mistergreen i played on accounts of my friends. Their Security team know all that, and after their review of my games, i got email:“Virtue Poker Security (Virtue Poker)May 5, 14:44 PDTHi Eugene,As you know, we conduct an in-depth Game Security review of all accounts before bonus payments are made. This is done to ensure that players are treated fairly and have complied with the rules of the Beta.In our analysis of your account, we found that you have created more than one account, and have used these multiple accounts to attempt to earn multiple awards during our Beta program. You have also provided us with questionable, incorrect or fraudulent information about those accounts. These actions are violations of our Terms and Conditions and of the Beta rules.We also recognize that you have played a huge volume of hands during the Beta, and have submitted bug reports and logs as requested. While it would be within the rules for us to disqualify you, we have chosen instead to pay the bonus you earned for this account (mistergreen). We have permanently closed the other accounts you have been using. No bonuses will be paid to those accounts.It is our strong preference not to ban you from Virtue Poker, which would also result in your losing your Final Beta bonus. Please take this as our warning to you that we know what you have been doing, and we are watching your account carefully. Any future infractions will result in your permanent expulsion from Virtue Poker.Sincerely,Virtue Poker SecurityVirtue Poker Support Team”After that, I played at Virtue and all was ok, I never violate rules after that situation. I also got some payments for their micro promos (Bust a Host). All changed 5 November, after started their new promo for real money, I got email that they want to ban me and i will not receive my biggest part of reward (I already got ETH part for beta and should get bigger part of VPP tokens after promo ends, 6 Dec). On my questions "what reason?" and “what changed?” I didn’t get concrete answer. Only same information as before. I felt some helplessness and ignoring. After few tries to get dialogue, they told that will review my situation. Nothing changed after reviewing. Also I don’t understand what changed after first decision. All my arguments was completely ignored.I agree that my bad is to play from more than 1 account, but why they changed decision after half of year, few weeks before token payments. I thought it was resolved question. I can’t find other reason, only to do not pay me for my work. By the way, I played not 25k but 40k+ in second beta, and over 2300 sng in final beta.So, if I was already approved, why they want to review that after half of year? I did all same, as other players. And I can't find reason to do not pay me for all my work for a year. If they want to ban me right now, its not a reason to cancel all my past results, which was already approved by Security team. I think its not honestly to ignore all my work. Also I was counting on that money, and their moves kicked on much sides of my life.And one more thing, the reason of testing promo was testing as itself. I did all that. And i completed all requirements without any advantage vs other players. If not, I think they couldn’t approve me earlier. So, I think their first decision was most honest, and i think they must to pay me full reward, as promised before, even more so it was already completed work, approved by Security team in past.

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