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  1. On Sunday, Bryan bparisParis (pictured) became just the fifth PocketFiver ever to hit $7.5 million in online tournament cashesand the first to do so since November. To that end, Paris joins a prestigious group that also includes Jeremy daisyxoxoFitzpatrick, Shyam s_dot11Srinivasan, p0cket00, and Chris moorman1 Moorman. PocketFives: Thank you for joining us. How does it feel to hit $7.5 million in cashes? Bryan Paris: Pretty sweet. It kind of snuck up on me. I didn't realize I was getting so close until recently. When I saw how few people have done it, it put into perspective just how much that is. I guess I have more tolerance for online grinding than a lot of old school online pros who have since focused more on live poker. PocketFives: Did you ever think that when you started playing full-time you'd get to this point? Bryan Paris: Not consciously, but when I was starting out, I never really envisioned an end point for my online poker career. I guess I assumed I'd inevitably hit it at some point in the indeterminate future. I was pretty proud when I hit $5 million because I feel like that's a solid milestone to achieve. Prior to that point, I was always focused on hitting $5 million. Since then, I haven't paid too much attention to my pace for $7.5 million until recently, but I'm somewhat surprised I hit it this fast, as I hit $5 million a bit less than two years ago. PocketFives: What advice do you have for up-and-coming players? Bryan Paris: There are lots of things I could say, but one very important one is to make sure you're always learning, evolving, and keeping an eye out for new opportunities. What has worked for you yesterday and today will likely not work tomorrow. I know the games have changed immeasurably since I started and I've seen tons of guys who were winning regs back in the day fall off because they failed to evolve. Another one is to make sure you have more money in your bankroll than you think you need because you never know what this game will throw at you. To stick around for the long-run, you have to fade all sorts of variance both on and off the tables. PocketFives: Are you still waiting for that big live score? Is that a priority? Bryan Paris: I had a taste of that earlier this year when I won a €2K side event and then got fourth in another €2K side event on the same day at the EPT Grand Final. I also binked fourth in a Eureka tournament for €73K this March. I still haven't had that huge live score, but finally getting a taste of live success has definitely motivated me to try to get it. I've been playing every stop on the EPT since I moved to Amsterdam around September 2013 and plan on continuing that for at least another year or two. PocketFives: How is Amsterdam? Are you happy to be there? Bryan Paris: Yeah, it's a great place to live other than the winter weather. It is pretty close to most of the EPT stops and there are lots of things to do. I'm a big fan of the European lifestyle, so I've very much enjoyed my time in exile over here. With that said, I will likely move back to the US at some point once they figure out online poker. PocketFives: Remind us how you got started in poker. Bryan Paris: I was always a bit of a card game nerd. I used to play Magic growing up. Then, I played a lot of home games with my friends in high school for relatively small stakes. Once I went to college and found out about online poker in 2003, I started grinding $1/$2 NL on PokerStars back when the biggest game was $3/$6. During college, I moved from cash to MTTs and SNGs, but kept playing and paying the bills, including a study abroad program at Cambridge where I met my fiancée. Upon graduating, I stayed on the grind and it hasn't failed me yet. PocketFives: We understand you're doing some part-time coaching. Bryan Paris: After all these years grinding, I've had some desire to diversify my income streams within poker, so I'm moving into part-time coaching with a small number of students. I've set up a site at bparispoker.com, so anyone who may be interested can send me a message through the portal there. I've also started a blog about poker, travel, and whatever else crosses my mind at any given time and that will be up on the website as well. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. Eight wins. Thirty top-ten finishes. 2,981.55 points. And that was just one month. The scores have been calculated. We've made a list. We've checked it twice. 'lena900' won the PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard, or MPLB, in January with a total of 2,981.55 PLB Points. He led the second place total belonging to Bryan 'bparis' Paris by 200. After largely taking off the month of December, 'lena900' came to play in January. The Swede won the PokerStars Hot $162 for $7,500, PokerStars Big $162 for $14,000, a Winamax W Series event for $13,000, and the PokerStars $10,000 Guaranteed for $3,100. That was just the first three weeks of the month. He went on to win the PokerStars $215 Weekly Pot Limit Omaha H/L, 888 Octopus, PokerStars $8,000 Guaranteed, and PokerStars Big $82 as well. On the last day of the month, 'lena900' cashed in 16 tournaments tracked by PocketFives. What a way to close out the first 31 days of 2016. This was the first MPLB title 'lena900' has won and the fourth claimed by his home nation of Sweden. He won his first PocketFives Triple Crown in January to boot and is up to $3.8 million in career online tournament winnings. 'lena900' is the #7 ranked player in the world. How much higher can he go in the rankings? And can he keep up his smoking hot pace? Stay tuned to find out. Bryan 'bparis' Parisfinished in second place in the January MPLB with 2,771.09 points. Paris nearly missed out on his second MPLB title, having first won the award five years ago in January 2011. Paris won the PokerStars $215 Rebuy in January for $15,000, his largest cash of the month, and, like 'lena900', he crushed the stanza's final day, cashing in 17 tournaments. Paris had two cashes during EPT Prague to close out 2015. [caption width="450"] Bryan 'bparis' Paris[/caption] "It was definitely one of my best months ever despite the biggest individual score being around $12,000," Paris said. "I'd say it was a combination of three factors: spreading out onto more sites, a lot of good regs taking the start of the year off due to PCA and Aussie Millions, and re-dedicating myself to studying a lot more towards the end of 2015. My goal is to keep up a similar pace for the rest of 2016 and make a run at getting in the top 10 again." Another Swede, 'inhoo', appeared in third in the January MPLB standings with 2,762.82 points. He is just a couple thousand dollars shy of hitting $6 million for his career and won a TCOOP $700 NLHE Eight-Max Progressive Knockout for $46,000 last month and a commanding 514 PLB Points. Also in January, 'inhoo' final tabled the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $17,000 and took second in the site's Bigger $22 for $15,000. On the 25th of the month, the Swede finished fourth in the PartyPoker High Roller. He has never earned an MPLB title, but is the holder of five Triple Crowns and is the #9 ranked player in Sweden. Four of the top five finishers in the January MPLB were from Sweden, as the country continues to dominate the worldwide rankings on PocketFives. [caption width="450"] Sweden's 'inhoo'[/caption] Fourth place belonged to Sweden's 'C Darwin2', who ascended to #1 this week worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings. 'C Darwin2' recorded his third largest cash ever during January, an $89,000 score for getting second in the PokerStars Super Tuesday on the final week of the month. He also final tabled a TCOOP Wrap-Up event for $62,000, his fifth largest score ever. All told, he had 2,649.39 points in January. Finally, Sweden's 'Ariados' landed in fifth place in the January MPLB with 2,627.32 points. He is ranked #8 worldwide on PocketFives and had 39 cashes in the first 15 days of January and finished the month with 81. His largest cash came on the last day of the month, a final table in the Sunday Second Chance for $22,000. He won his second Triple Crown of his career last month as well. Here were the top 10 finishers in the January Monthly PLB:
  3. [CAPTION=100%]Jordan 'Jymaster0011' Young, with Todd Brunson, was the #1 ranked online player on Black Friday. (PokerListings photo)[/CAPTION] Ask any member of the poker community and they can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing on April 15, 2011, a day that will forever live in poker lore as Black Friday. For the top 10 players on the the PocketFives Rankings that day, their world was forever flipped upside down. The number one ranked player at the time was Jordan 'Jymaster0011' Young, who had ascended to the top spot in the rankings for the third time just two days earlier. "When Black Friday happened, I was pretty much doing exactly what I had always done on a daily basis for the past few years," Young said. "I was playing poker, of course." A message popped up on Young's tables saying that real money games were no longer available in his area. "My life took a turn for the worse when Black Friday hit because I was forced to move out of the country," Young said. "I had never been away from my family for an extended period of time. When things aren't going well in poker, it's really easy to get down on yourself, which made being around my friends and family to pick me back up an underappreciated blessing that I no longer had." Nowadays, Young plays much less poker and makes his living in part from poker coaching. "I never wanted to spend my time coaching, but looking back on it, I wish I had done more of it," he said. Right behind Young on the worldwide leaderboard when Black Friday hit was Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe, who is now a staple of the live casino scene. Volpe was ranked #1 for three weeks ending on April 11. "My best friend and backer at the time, Mark 'dipthrong' Herm, told me the FBI closed the sites down," Volpe said. "I remember waking up and thinking, 'This won't last long.' For whatever reason, I thought it was something that would be taken care of quickly and I'd soon be playing again." [caption width="640"] Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe was ranked #2 on Black Friday. (Photo courtesy Borgata)[/caption] Boy, was Volpe wrong. Five years later, only three US states have regulated online gambling. PokerStars, the market leader on Black Friday, has been back in the US for less than a month. "My life has changed a lot since that day, but luckily I was able to continue to play poker for a living and continue to be successful," Volpe continued. "However, I think if Black Friday didn't happen, I'd probably have ten times the money I have made from poker now. It hurt the game a lot." Volpe has been a beast on the live felts. He had over $1 million in live winnings in both 2013 and 2015, according to the Hendon Mob, and hasn't fallen below $380,000 in a year since 2011. Another American camped out in the top ten that fateful day was Bryan 'bparis' Paris, who was 25 years old at the time and had just entered the top ten for the first time. "When the news hit, I was in shock at first," Paris said, "but blithely assumed with the innocence of youth that I’d promptly get paid my full balance." Paris stuck around through the World Series of Poker that summer and then relocated abroad, this time sans his funds from Full Tilt, which had its gaming license revoked. "The rest of that year was very hard for me, but I eventually wound up relocating first to Canada and then to the Netherlands and gradually rebuilt my online bankroll from essentially nothing," said Paris, who spent three years living in Europe post-Black Friday. Bryan 'theczar19' Piccioli was ranked #3 on Black Friday, which happened two months after a $282,000 FTOPS score he had in February 2011. He finished third at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event last month. Fourth in the world on Black Friday was Mark 'RenRad 01' Darner, who is still pouring on online results and final tabled a Six Max event at the WSOP in 2014. Just behind him was Keven 'Stamdogg' Stammen, who won last year's Hollywood Poker Open Main Event and has almost $11 million in combined live and online winnings. Shaun 'shaundeeb' Deeb, who was #6 on Black Friday, has remained a staple of the poker world and, according to many, was at one point one of the finest Open Face Chinese Poker players around. Taylor 'taypaur' Paur, ranked #7 on Black Friday, won a WCOOP Second Chance event last year and took down $25,000 Aria High Rollers in back-to-back-months shortly thereafter. Bjorn 'kleath' Kleathersson, originally from Virginia, continues to play online in Malta and was ranked #8 on Black Friday. And two spots behind him in the world was Chris 'moorman1' Moorman, the most successful online poker player in history. Five years after Black Friday, Moorman sports $13.1 million in online winnings, $4.1 million in live winnings, and 25 Triple Crowns. He has shown no signs of slowing down. The top ten on Black Friday: Jymaster0011 paulgees81 theczar19 RenRad 01 Stamdogg shaundeeb taypaur kleath bparis moorman1
  4. [caption width="640"] Bryan 'bparis' Paris won a PocketFives Triple Crown while live-streaming on Twitch[/caption] Winning a PocketFives Triple Crown is hard enough. If you want one, you need to take down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked by PocketFives within a week. Each tournament has to have at least 100 players and a real money buy-in. Satellites and qualifiers do not count. For Bryan 'bparis' Paris, winning his fifth Triple Crown was special enough. Only a handful of players have ever booked five of them, and for Paris, his fifth was also his second of the month. And as if all of that weren't impressive enough, Paris won each of his Triple Crown tournaments while live-streaming on Twitch. All of them. He wrapped up his fifth Triple Crown on Tuesday night with a win in the partypoker Heavyweight Weigh-In for $4,300. That victory came shortly after wins in the PokerStars.fr Night on Stars on June 25 and the Winamax XTASE one day after that. The latest Triple Crown bumped his career win total to 211. "It feels amazing," Paris said. "I've been aiming very high this month and I think setting goals has helped me achieve them. It was awesome getting to share it live with people too. After 10 years of doing this, I want to give back to the community. I'm in a somewhat unique position as an American player who can access all of the European sites and it seems like there is a gap for high-stakes action on Twitch. I plan on filling that gap and making America want to play poker again. Perhaps if we get popular enough, we can get some movement on the political front and get online poker legalized." Having an audience watch him roll through three Triple Crown qualifying wins helped push him along. And every cash is meaningful, as Paris is less than $50,000 away from overtaking Sebastian 'p0cket00' Sikorski for the second highest earnings total in online tournament history. Right now, Paris is at $9.41 million, while Sikorski is at $9.46 million. Whoever hits $10 million first will become just the second player ever to do so, joining Chris 'moorman1' Moorman. Also growing is his Twitch following, which stands at 748 followers and almost 5,000 total views. "To have this milestone already under my belt is great, mostly for driving interest and growing the stream as fast as I can," Paris said. "I wasn't intending to Triple Crown-chase on stream. I've actually cut volume quite a bit, but I'm happy everyone got to see it go down live. It gives me hope for more milestones and storylines to come." Grinding while streaming means a ton of positive feedback from viewers. Who doesn't want to watch the first Triple Crown ever unfold on a live stream, especially from a guy like Paris, who has been around the online poker community for a decade? "We have a lot of positive vibes in the stream chat," the five-time Triple Crown winner said. "Everyone is incredibly supportive and there are not a lot of trolls. It's a great atmosphere that seems to be conducive to success. I plan on doing it three to five days a week going forward, hopefully for a long time." Paris' stream also allows him to act as an ambassador for the game and, interestingly, throngs of Dutch poker fans have tuned in to watch him play. "There's a gap on Twitch for regular high-stakes action, and getting online poker entwined with the current boom in e-sports seems like a great way to build the game again," he said. "I'm passionate about poker and spreading it to as wide of an audience as possible. I think it's a fantastic game that deserves better than what it has gotten in America so far." With cashes on PokerStars.fr, Winamax, and partypoker in recent days, it's obvious that Paris isn't in Las Vegas chasing a dream of a World Series of Poker bracelet. In fact, he's an ocean away in the historic city of Amsterdam, where he's had his home base for the last three years. "I moved here for a combination of lifestyle, access to online poker, and a desire to travel the EPT grind," Paris said. "I've cut back on live travel since my wife's pregnancy began, but we still love living here. It's a fantastic place." His wife is due on July 14, which falls in the middle of the Main Event, and missing his son's birth probably wouldn't go over too well with the rest of the family. "I also didn't go to Las Vegas because of taxes and field strength," Paris explained. "I can only be in the USA 30 days out of the year to get a big tax write-off, and June is always my strongest month online because so many good regs are gone." And while he's busy playing tournament after tournament and hosting stream after stream, his sixth Triple Crown could be on the way in short order. In fact, he almost had a third Triple Crown in June, but ended up with two runner-up finishes and a win instead of three wins. "I'm hoping to get my sixth Triple Crown within the next month before all the regs come back," he said. "However, I know they don't come along super often, so I'm not going to call my shot or anything. I'm just going to keep playing my best and keep streaming. If I get there again, that would be tremendous."
  5. [caption width="640"] Bryan 'bparis' Paris earned the 20th largest PocketFives Triple Crown ever at 1,036 PLB Points (image: PokerNews, Danny Maxwell)[/caption] On June 7, Bryan 'bparis' Paris won the PokerStars Super Tuesday. That would be a career-defining accomplishment for anyone, and for Paris, the score was his fifth largest online ever. His Super Tuesday win also capped off the 20th largest PocketFives Triple Crown ever. It came in at 1,036.27 PLB Points and is one of just 23 Triple Crowns awarded that have hit the 1,000-point plateau. "A lot of hard work and a lot of good luck went into this, but I had a huge assist from the month of June," Paris said. "Every year, a large percentage of the top regs go bracelet hunting in Las Vegas, leaving online poker mostly to Canadians, due to withholding, and second-tier Euro regs. Accordingly, June tends to be my best month every year, as I only go to Vegas for the Main Event." "The decision was made even easier this year by my wife and me expecting our first-born son in the middle of July," he added. "I came into June of this year with a mission to maximize my best month and succeeded beyond even my wildest expectations. I'm very happy about how well it has gone so far, but also humbled to some degree by the very noticeable effect that relative field strength can have on win rate. Hopefully, the latter two-thirds of June continue along the same lines that the first third did." Paris also half-joked that he hoped to win another Triple Crown by the end of the month. The WSOP Main Event doesn't start in Las Vegas at the Rio until July 9. If you're not familiar with a Triple Crown, here's how you win one. "All" you need to do is take down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Rankings within seven days. Only tournaments with at least 100 entries count and satellites do not qualify. A total of 35 of them have been awarded in 2016. Hitting 1,000 PLB Points in three tournaments requires three big scores, and that's exactly what Paris got. First, he won the partypoker Heavyweight Uppercut on the first day of June and put back $9,500. He plays as 'sir-limpsalot' on that site and outlasted a field of 496 players in the $109 buy-in tournament. One day later, Paris filled out the second leg of his Triple Crown, a win in the PokerStars.fr Night on Stars. The gold medal was worth just over $5,000 and he beat a field of 242 players, each of whom ponied up $111 to enter. Paris was the highest-ranked PocketFiver to cash and found himself with two Triple Crown qualifying wins in just two days. Then the biggest score came. On June 7, Paris won the Super Tuesday on PokerStars for a mammoth $81,000, his fifth largest online score ever. The $1,050 buy-in tournament brought out some heavy-hitters and members of the PocketFives community including Apostolis 'apostolis20' Bechrakis (ranked #54 worldwide), Rhys 'floppinhel' Jones (#80), and Davide 'girex91' Marchi (#104) all finished in the top seven. Paris' Triple Crown was the 126th won by a Canadian player. He's the first Canadian and one of just two non-Europeans to win a Triple Crown since late March. The 23 Triple Crowns of at least 1,000 PLB Points: Mathclub – 1,762.83 points rakis6 – 1,632.13 points SEABEAST – 1,616.86 points Belabacsi – 1,608.86 points shaundeeb – 1,463.49 points eisenhower1 – 1,274.48 points oussale – 1,260.25 points scnoodle – 1,255.26 points Belabacsi – 1,245.90 points HITTHEPANDA – 1,238.25 points NigDawG – 1,184.55 points paulgees81 – 1,092.07 points djk123 – 1,061.40 points moorman1 – 1,060.93 points norfair18 – 1,059.57 points rwprado – 1,056.06 points moumaife84 – 1,053.81 points Ssick_one – 1,044.73 points Daisyxoxo – 1,038.83 points bparis – 1,036.27 points chaz_man_chaz – 1,033.96 points The-Toilet – 1,021.29 points dipthrong – 1,008.46 points
  6. [caption width="640"] Bryan 'bparis' Paris won the PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard in June with 3,342 points, 500 more than the next closest player[/caption] After a photo finish in May, the ending of the June Monthly PocketFives Leaderboard was anything but dramatic. Bryan 'bparis' Paris absolutely crushed the competition last month with 3,342.60 PocketFives Leaderboard Points, over than 500 more than the next closest player. "It feels fantastic," Paris said. "I have been telling myself all year that June would be a huge month and it's been fun watching that become a reality. It's been a validating experience to see that I can still achieve milestones like this. Online poker has become tougher the past couple of years, but a lot of studying and hard work have paid off. I hope to hit many more milestones going forward while helping make poker grow again." While other poker pros were in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, Paris was camped out half-a-world away in Amsterdam crushing souls on the non-US sites. He won two PocketFives Triple Crowns in June, the fourth and fifth of his career, one of which passed 1,000 PLB Points. All told, Paris piled up 117 in the money finishes over the course of the 30-day month for over $235,000 total. These included 10 wins, 39 top-10 finishes, and a victory in the PokerStars Super Tuesday on June 7 for $81,000, the fifth largest score of his career. One day before his Super Tuesday win, he finished fourth in the partypoker Heavyweight Main Event for $10,000. He booked the same payday for winning that site's High Roller on June 10, the third and final five-figure score Paris logged last month. Paris' Monthly PLB win was the 13th ever by a Canadian player on PocketFives. It was the first Monthly PLB win by a registered Canuck since Connor 'blanconegro' Drinan took down the leaderboard in March 2014. Over 500 points behind Paris in the Monthly PLB race for June is Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar, who ended up with 2,799 points, an amount that would have been good enough to take down the leaderboard in February. Korsar, who calls Sweden home, had a half-dozen five-figure scores last month, including a second place finish in the PokerStars Sunday Grand on June 19 for $37,000. It was one of 23 top-10 finishes for the Swede during June and, not surprisingly, he zoomed up to #13 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings, his all-time high. Canada's Jimmy 'JMolloy' Molloy finished in third place in the June Monthly Leaderboard with 2,767 points, just 22 behind Korsar. He had a dozen wins last month, including the partypoker High Roller, PokerStars $109 Rebuy, PokerStars Big $109, and partypoker Heavyweight Creed, which raised his career win total to 321. "It feels good," Molloy said. "I'm enjoying the softer games much more than the usual grind even if the prize pools are a bit smaller while a lot of regs are in Vegas. I'm hoping I continue to run well and put up the same results when they return." [caption width="622"] Davide 'girex91' Marchi finished fourth in the June MPLB race[/caption] Ending June with 2,731 PLB Points, good for fourth place, was Davide 'girex91' Marchi. He had a blockbuster seventh day of June, placing fourth in the Super Tuesday and winning the Big $215, both on PokerStars, for $45,000 total. Marchi is the second-ranked online poker player in Malta and a two-time Triple Crown winner. "I had a very good month," Marchi said. "I just missed a big ship, but whatever. This month started well also, so I hope (July) is going to be at least as good as June was." Rounding out the top five, and the third Canadian in the group, is 'iamthedeck ftw', who had 2,388 PLB Points. The 90th-ranked player worldwide turned in three wins during June, one of which was a $42,000 haul that came as a result of winning the PokerStars Thursday Thrill. He has $2.7 million in career online tournament winnings. The top 10 in June: bparis - 3,342.60 points Greenstone25 - 2,799.67 points JMolloy - 2,767.36 points girex91 - 2,731.48 points iamthedeck ftw - 2,388.79 points tonkaaaa - 2,250.98 points DeathbyQuads - 2,189.38 points r4ndomr4gs - 2,170.01 points alexd2 - 2,154.35 points aJarov - 2,069.10 points
  7. [caption width="640"] After a big TCOOP score, Bryan Paris is on the verge of becoming just the second player to reach million in online tournament earnings (PokerStars photo)[/caption] One small step for Moorman; one giant leap for mankind. That certainly seems appropriate when discussing the all-time leading money winners in online tournaments. It was back in 2013 when Chris 'moorman1' Moorman became the first player in history within touching distance of $10 million in career earnings - a feat he’d accomplish fairly soon after. At that time, the Brit had won $3 million more than the player in second place (Jon ‘PearlJammer’ Turner - who had $6.9 million in 2013). And yet here we are, more than three years later, and Moorman still has an incredible $3.8 million in winnings more than his closest rival. No one except for Moorman, who currently has $13.75 million, has reached eight figures. That'll soon change, though. With the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker currently in full swing, it’s the perfect time for a player (and one player in particular) to join the exclusive $10M+ club. Here’s a closer look at the movers and shakers in the race to $10 million. Next in line With $9.95 million in earnings, Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris is currently leading the pack approaching the $10 million mark. The Californian, who lives in Amsterdam and also has $711K in live winnings to his name, took down a big score this week improving his chances even further. Paris finished in second in Event #27 of the TCOOP - the $215 NL Six Max Hold’em Sunday Supersonic special edition. That great result added $52,766 to his career earnings, meaning he’s just $50K away from becoming only the second player in history to edge over the eight-figure milestone. Saying “just $50K” would seem uncouth in most areas of life, but with a variety of online poker festivals throughout the year with big buy-ins and scores available upwards of what Paris made this week, that means he’s essentially one great score away. He’s no stranger to five-figure cashes, as you’d expect from such a successful online presence. With two Super Tuesday wins, a Sunday Brawl victory and runner-up finish, a Bigger $109 bink, and WCOOP and now TCOOP final tables on his resume, Paris is the clear favorite to leap over $10 million in 2017. Hot on the heels While Paris currently sits at no.88 in the world rankings, the man at #10 is also the next guy along in the race to ten milly. Chile’s Nicolas 'PokerKaiser' Fierro, is a former #1-ranked player who currently has a poker resume boasting $9.831 million in online earnings. It’ll take him another $169K before he peeks over that elusive peak, but with five cashes of over $100K to his name, that’s by no means impossible in 2017. In fact, his biggest ever career score came just a few months ago in September 2016, when he took down the Winning Poker OSS #72 - Million Dollar Sunday event for $211,060, besting a 1,442-strong field. He also has a WCOOP title, a Super Tuesday win, and several large FTOPS results rounding out his top cashes. So while Fierro has a bigger distance to run than Paris, his higher world ranking suggests that he’s been putting in more volume and getting more results of late. The back of the pack The only other player who could realistically move over $10 million soon is Sebastian ‘p0cket00’ Sikorski. Another former #1, Sikorski, who lives in Canada, has $9.774 million. He has three Super Tuesday wins and many final table appearances, as well as a SCOOP final table, a win in the 888 Super XL Whale, and recently a Sunday Grand victory. He’ll need to rack together a few of those wins as soon as possible if he’s to accumulate the $226K he needs to win the race. While he’s some way away right now, it’s Shyam ‘s_dot111’ Srinivasan who rounds out the five runners. The Canadian has $9.329 million in winnings right now, which may leave him needing a miracle run to overtake Paris, but almost guarantees you’ll see him move over $10 million over the next couple of years. His incredible and consistent results over time speak for themselves. So, the race is well and truly on and entering the home straight. Can Paris continue his hot TCOOP streak this week to become the second player in history to reach $10 million in earnings?

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