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  1. Last weekend, Costa Rica's Chris Big HuniHunichen (pictured) came away with the win in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Upfollowing a heads-up chop with Phemo. His reward was $89,000 and he became the ninth PocketFiver ever to pass $7 million in online tournament scores for his career. PocketFives: Talk about how you're feeling. You're all the way up to #4 in the world in the PocketFives Rankingsafter your Sunday Warm-Up score. Chris Hunichen: For the most part, I feel great. As far as my game, I'm very happy with the way I have been playing the past year. I have worked extremely hard, put in a ton of hours, and the results are starting to come along with it. I have moved up the Rankings pretty fast lately and didn't realize I was up to #4. I have only gotten up to #2 before, but have never held the top spot, so it would be nice to take over the top spot. I plan on playing a lot of live poker in the next few months, however, so unless I hit some big scores on Sundays, I don't see it happening because my volume will be too low. PocketFives: How did the chopgo down? Are you still happy with it? Chris Hunichen: When we got heads-up, we pretty much had even stacks. It was almost 7:00am here in Amsterdam, so I was pretty tired and didn't feel like I was playing my best. I was also deep in the Bigger $109 and the Sunday 500, so it made more sense to play a $10,000 heads-up match instead of a $25,000 heads-up match. PocketFives: Do you have any plans for the money? Big holiday presents? Chris Hunichen: I really don't have many plans. I have taken a lot of big shots lately in some higher stakes cash games and was on a decent-sized downswing between that and buying action, so as crazy as it sounds, I kind of needed this to get back on the track I was on. I am constantly firing, so my swings are much larger than most people are aware of. I'm also playing around $100,000 to $150,000 in live buy-ins over the next three months in Europe, so the money is getting used to buy into more tournaments. PocketFives: You just passed $7 million in career tournament winnings. Did you think you'd be around as long as you have? Talk about a few of the keys to your success. Chris Hunichen: I knew going back to college that poker was what I was going to do with my life. I made some big decisions back then and lost some friends and a relationship because I chose poker over everything else and, once I made those decisions, there was no looking back. I always knew I would still be here, but am very thankful and blessed to have learned as much as I have since moving to Costa Rica and being able to improve my game over the past few years to become a top-ranked player. Once you put in the amount of time and money I have and once you start playing higher limits, you tend to lose a little respect for the value of money. When it's on the table, it doesn't seem nearly as real as if you are at a mall about to spend the same amount on items for yourself. It can be good and bad for poker players to have this mindset, but I feel like in order to play the highest stakes, you almost have to have this type of mindset to be successful. PocketFives: How has the game changed in 2014, from your perspective? Chris Hunichen: The game seems to change every day. Overall, it has gotten a lot harder. There are so many good players and sites putting out training videos and there are other tools like HUDs and Holdem Resources that have really advanced the overall play on average. Even the "weaker" players are much better and a lot of the spots are drying up. Unless there is a big change coming, online poker seems to slowly be dying. PocketFives: Do you have any poker goals for 2014? Chris Hunichen: My main goal is to hit a seven-figure score. I have several friends who have hit the million-dollar-plus tournament score and I am quite jealous. There are very few opportunities a year for me, though, so it's definitely a possibility it never happens. PocketFives: Do you play cash games? Chris Hunichen: I have played a whole lot more cash games the past year than ever before. I have been told by several high-stakes cash game players and heads-up regs to stay away from the $25/$50 tables, but I can't help myself. I think this is where the best players are and I feel the only way for me to learn as much as I want to is to play against the best players and learn from them. I started off running hot and was up around $55,000, but have recently given most of it back. It's all a learning experience for me, but I feel I will take some time away until I build my roll bigger and can handle the swings a little better. One other goal is to play more live. I really feel online is dying and drying up and I enjoy playing live tournaments. I am currently in Amsterdam playing the MCOP and will be heading to Prague after that. I plan to head to the Bahamas in January and hopefully to Australia for the first time for the Aussie Millions. Then, I may hit up more EPTs or take a break and go back to Costa Rica to play online until the WSOP starts. My final poker goal is to win a WSOP bracelet, which I feel like I have been so close to. The last couple summers have been very good to me in Las Vegas and I hope to keep it up, finally securing my first WSOP win. PocketFives: What do you do away from poker? What else interests you? Chris Hunichen: I put in a lot of hours in poker and lately haven't had too much time away from the game. I believe balance is very important, but sometimes you have to go after it a little harder than normal. With the games getting harder and drying up, I have increased my workload because you never really know how much longer the money will be there. My girlfriend has a two-year-old named Derek who has been living with me since he was four months old, so away from the tables I spend time helping raise the kid and, apart from that, hang out with friends in Costa Rica. I have always been a sports fan as well, so I spend a lot of time watching games or playing sports games on Xbox with my friends. I also enjoy playing daily fantasy sports on FantasyDraft. I haven't had much success at it so far, but I have had a lot of fun with it. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  2. Another week, another update to the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. This week was a big one for longtime PocketFiver Chris Big Huni Hunichen (pictured), who moved up five spots to #4 in the world and is knocking on the door of #1. He has 7,569 PLB Points, 266 shy of being ranked #1 for the first time ever. --- PocketFives' news coverage is brought to you by William Hill Poker, one of the largest skins on the iPoker Network. The poker room offers a generous welcome package including a 200% deposit bonus up to $2,000 and a superb VIP program. Visit William Hill today! --- Hunichen's movement came as a result of a heads-up chop in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up over the weekend in which he took home $89,000. The field numbered over 3,100 entrants and Hunichen logged his third largest cash to date. He final tabled a WCOOP Super Progressive Knockout in September for almost $80,000 officially and just passed $7 million in tracked online tournament winnings. Knocking on the door of the top 10 worldwide this week is Romeopro, who moved up 13 spots to #11. He has had a productive last four days, taking down the 888 PokerTwister, the PokerStars Big $55, and the Full Tilt T-Rex for $23,000 combined. We're reasonably confident he'll crack the top 10 when the Rankings are recalculated next week. Peru's Diego Ventura Chunga, known on PocketFives as Die Ventura, rose 22 spots to settle at #49 in the world on the strength of a final table in the Sunday Million over the weekend for $29,000. He has $1.4 million in career online tournament winnings and his current ranking is his best ever. Across the Pacific from Peru in New Zealand is asjbaaaf, who moved up 19 spots and landed at #56. He has three wins in the last seven days and reached an all-time high of #21 worldwide on PocketFives last year. asjbaaaf is the top-ranked player in New Zealand. Finally, we wanted to single out Austria's king2173, who debuted in the top 100 at #76. He won the PokerStars $109 NLHE Turbo on Tuesday for $9,100, one of five in the money finishes that day. He is the fifth-ranked player in the poker mecca of Austria with $2.2 million in career winnings. Here are the top 10 players in the PocketFives Rankings this week, along with the PLB score for each: 1. p0cket00 - 7,835 points 2. PokerKaiser - 7,740 points 3. CrownUpGuy - 7,638 points 4. Big Huni - 7,569 points 5. Yuri Martins - 7,563 points 6. pleno1 - 7,420 points 7. vicenfish - 7,304 points 8. joaomathias - 6,937 points 9. jbrown8777 - 6,932 points 10. r4ndomr4gs - 6,906 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  3. For the third straight week, Chris Big HuniHunichen (pictured) is the #1 player in the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. This is his first stint at #1 and he is certainly making his presence felt, as he won the Betfair/iPoker €25,000 Grand Friday last week for $7,100 and the PokerStars Big $162 two days prior for another $18,000. He has 7,670 PLB Points, the metric used to determine the Rankings, and leads the second place player by about 300. London's Vicente Delgado Zamorano, better known as vicenfish, moved up four spots to reenter the top 10 at #8. He final tabled the Bigger $162 over the weekend for $11,000 and took third in the PokerStars $109 Cubed the same day for almost $10,000. He's two spots off his all-time high in the Rankings. Jumping 32 spots in the Rankings to land at #22, his best showing ever, is Brazil's fred_volpe. He won two tournaments on Sunday to help his cause: the Bigger $162 for $39,000 and an $82 NLHE Six-Max Hyper-Turbo for another $8,700. He received over 700 PLB Points combined and is now #3 in his home country. Russia's Blackkreentered his screen names and is now at #23 on PocketFives, his best mark ever. He has three wins in the last week, including a victory in the WinamaxHigh Roller for $6,900. Blackk is a five-time PocketFives Triple Crownwinner and plays on PokerStars and 888 Pokerunder the user name Biack88. Finally this week, we wanted to single out Rob rtinnionTinnion, who won the Sunday Million for the second time in five months over the weekend and shot up to #62 in the world, his all-time high. Tinnion banked well over $400,000 from his two Sunday Million wins and is #7 in the UK. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: 1. Big Huni - 7,670 points 2. joaomathias - 7,391 points 3. PokerKaiser - 7,163 points 4. Yuri Martins - 7,120 points 5. CrownUpGuy - 7,040 points 6. p0cket00 - 6,731 points 7. r4ndomr4gs - 6,594 points 8. vicenfish- 6,581 points 9. pleno1 - 6,545 points 10. x_zola25 - 6,532 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  4. Oh yes, the title of this article is most definitely a Nelly reference. It's relevant because earlier this week, Chris Big HuniHunichen (pictured) became the #1 player in the PocketFives Rankings for the first time ever. He's the first player from Costa Rica to top the Rankings in a year and is closing in on $7.5 million in tracked online MTT scores. PocketFives: How does it feel to be #1? We know it has been a goal of yours for a while. Chris Hunichen: As expected, it feels really good. Last year around this time, I made it as high as #2 and then was forced to take a couple months off, so I dropped down pretty far and never really had a shot at #1 again until now. Previously when I got in the top 10, I would follow the Rankings a lot, but this time around it kind of just happened. I had moved into the top 10, but was about to travel around Europe for a bit to play live and then to the Bahamas for the PCA, so I thought I wouldn't have any chance because I didn't expect to play much online. Luckily, I was able to win the Warm-Up on a Sunday while in Amsterdam during one of my first weeks in Europe. Unfortunately, I bricked pretty hard the rest of my Europe trip. At PCA, I invested a lot into myself and final table bubbled the $5K I had chopped the previous year. I bricked everything else including the $25K High Roller twice, so after an expensive couple of months, I immediately came back to Costa Rica and have been putting in a lot of hours trying to recover. I have been running pretty well since I got back and had a couple of good scores, so I had a feeling the Full Tilt Sunday Major win might would propel me to #1 even though I started the week all the way down at #4. PocketFives: Talk about winning the Full Tilt Sunday Major last weekend. Chris Hunichen: The Sunday Major is unique because it has incremental blind increases as the tournament goes on and allows one reentry. The blinds start off at 12 minutes, go up to 15, and then eventually end at 20. I feel like this benefits good players a lot and gives me an advantage over some of the recreational players and satellite winners that were still in the tournament deep. It used to be one of the best tournaments on the internet pre-Black Friday, but since Full Tilt has re-opened, there have been a lot fewer people playing and the prize pools have been much smaller, with fewer recreational players. When I got to the final table, two of my friends were there, Sean Ripp (SirCrafty) and former November Niner Joseph Cheong (subiime, pictured), who are very tough opponents, and the rest of the players I knew absolutely nothing about. Joe ended up going out in seventh, which allowed me to be able to work my position throughout the final table without any problems. I eventually got three-handed with Sean and donkno2and was fortunate to come out on top in a big all-in pre-flop flip, my 6-6 to Sean's K-Q. I won the heads-up match to get my first ever Sunday Major win on Full Tilt. PocketFives: Do you do anything to celebrate these kinds of achievements? Chris Hunichen: Not really. I play a lot of poker, have been playing high-stakes for years, and one thing that's for sure is if you play high volume like I do, you have to win consistently not to go broke. Every day I play, my tournament buy-ins range from $3K to $10K, usually around $4,500 on average, and so it's important to stay consistent in order to be successful. I also quit drinking alcohol over a year ago, so I don't do too much celebrating these days. I stay on the grind and continue to try to improve every day to stay ahead of the curve. PocketFives: Did you ever think when you started in poker that you'd come this far? Chris Hunichen: From the beginning, I always knew this is what I wanted to do. I have always been very competitive and played several sports year-round growing up. After growing up and not being able to play sports competitively anymore, poker allowed me to get that competitiveness back in my life. Add on the fact that I could make this my job if I took it seriously enough and could make a career out of poker and I knew this was for me. After getting my Bachelor's degree in four years from East Carolina University in 2006, I went back for another three years and earned my MBA. I started playing poker my freshman year and continued to play throughout college. After receiving my degrees, I ultimately had to make a life decision whether I would get a real job or play poker professionally. I asked my first ever backer at the time, Matt Graham (mattg1983, pictured), for his thoughts and he told me he was positive I could go the poker route if I worked hard. So, that's what I did and, ever since, I have given my heart and soul to this game and put in many hours to try to give myself a chance to play at the highest level. PocketFives: What advice do you have for up-and-coming tournament players? Chris Hunichen: My advice would be to try to never get backed, always play on your own dime selling action if you need, and be really good with bankroll management. Unfortunately for me, I wish I had people to tell me this because I have made a lot of money that has disappeared in many ways. It's okay to take shots from time to time, but it's very important to keep strict bankroll management, and that has always been one of my biggest flaws. Additionally, make sure to pay your taxes and be very smart about keeping up with write-offs and deductions. If you allow taxes to get backed up, the IRS can make your life pretty miserable. One of the biggest problems I've seen in the poker industry is players getting into tax troubles. It can be very difficult to stay organized and difficult to keep up with records. Once you get behind on your taxes, the fines and fees add up and it makes it very difficult to get back on track. PocketFives: Besides yourself, who is the top online tournament player out there right now? Chris Hunichen: Poker has gotten extremely hard. It's very difficult these days and everyone has become very good. It's hard to say, but if I had to name a few of the people I thought were the best online players in the game right now, it would probably be European, p0cket00, Fresh_Oo_D, s_dot111, cal42688 (pictured), pleno1, and an honorable mention to Zackattak13 because despite a lot of hate, he has consistently crushed year after year and his graph goes straight up. PocketFives: Remind us how you got started in poker. Chris Hunichen: I started out in college playing $20 home games for fun with friends and progressed to online poker mainly for fun as well. I started off on PartyPoker before it was originally banned in the US and played on PokerRoom and Hollywood Poker. I was not very good at the time, but it was where it all started and where I first gained an addiction to play consistently. For a period of my college life, I was too dedicated, had lost touch with balance in my life, and was glued to my screen, but it was all a great learning experience and allowed me to freely live the life that I have now in Costa Rica with my friends and gorgeous girlfriend Heilyn. PocketFives: What else do you do besides poker? What else occupies your time? Chris Hunichen: I have always been a sports fanatic, so I spend a lot of time following sports. Every year, I purchase MLB TV, NFL Sunday Ticket, and the NBA package. I play some daily fantasy sports here and there, but haven't gotten into it too much. My girlfriend's kid just turned two years old and he is a little wild man these days, so most of my non-poker time goes toward my girlfriend, the kid, hanging out with my friends in Costa Rica, playing video games, and tubing or wakeboarding on the boat. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  5. The latest installment of the PocketFives Rankingswere released on Wednesday and Chris Big HuniHunichen (pictured) became our #1 player for the first time ever. Part of the reason: a victory in the Full Tilt Sunday Major over the weekend for $36,000 and 421 PLB Points. Hunichen has $7.2 million in career online tournament winnings, the eighth highest total of any PocketFiver, and is nearing 5,000 tracked scores. The Sunday Major was one of six MTTs he has taken down in January. Hunichen is the first #1 player from Costa Rica we've had in a year. We had two new entrants into the top 10 worldwide this week. The first is CrownUpGuy, who has been bouncing around the top 10 for several months now. He ticked up two spots to #9 and won the Full Tilt Tyrannosaurus Rex on the first day of 2015 for $4,100. In the last four months, he has won the WCOOP Main Event, Full Tilt Sunday Major, and PokerStars Sunday 500. Also cracking the top 10 this week was Romeopro (pictured), who, like CrownUpGuy, moved up two spots. Romeopro can be found at #10 in the world and is $8,000 shy of hitting $5 million in online tournament winnings for his career. He won a $265 NLHE Knockout on PokerStars five days ago for $8,300 and is the top-ranked Ukrainian PocketFiver. Outside of the top 10, one of the biggest jumps of the week went to Austria's mindgamer, who moved up 28 spots to #14. He has won four tournaments in the last six days on PokerStars: the $320 NLHE Six-Max, $109 Cubed, $215 Rebuy, and $82 NLHE Six-Max Hyper-Turbo. He was last ranked #1 on PocketFives in 2013. Finally this week, we wanted to single out x_zola25, who moved up 29 spots to #24 after a weekend in which he won the PokerStars Sunday Second Chance and final tabled the Sunday $109 Rebuy for $65,000 and 732 PLB Points combined. He is now just $5,000 shy of hitting $1 million in career online tournament winnings. Here are the top 10 players in the PocketFives Rankings this week, along with the PLB score for each: 1. Big Huni - 7,664 points 2. Yuri Martins - 7,599 points 3. joaomathias - 7,384 points 4. PokerKaiser - 7,260 points 5. p0cket00 - 7,133 points 6. pleno1 - 6,865 points 7. Ssick_one - 6,779 points 8. r4ndomr4gs - 6,508 points 9. CrownUpGuy- 6,499 points 10. Romeopro- 6,474 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  6. It's Wednesday, which means the PocketFives Rankingshave been updated. Chris Big Huni Hunichen is at the top spot for the fourth straight week and seems poised to be ranked #1 again next week, as he has an almost 300-point lead on second place with 7,657 PLB Points. The top 10 was relatively unchanged this week, so we'll start at #11, where MendaLerenda(pictured) now resides after moving up 20 spots. The Bristol resident has had a rock solid last week, which included him winning the PokerStars Big $109 and $215 Weekly Six-Max for $33,000 total. He also finished second in the site's $109 Cubed for another $14,000. This is the highest he has ever been in the Rankings. Chris Gettin DaizeOliver moved up 37 spots to settle at #32. The former #1 ranked playerwon the PokerStars Bigger $162 for $39,000 three days ago and bagged almost 500 PLB Points. The Costa Rican plays on PokerStars under the user name imdanuts. Chris NigDawG Brammer moved up 38 spots after finishing second in the Sunday Warm-Up over the weekend for $75,000. On February 8, he tore through the field of the Hotter $75 and earned $25,000. Brammer, who was ranked #1 as recently as 2012, now has $4.6 million in career online tournament winnings. Denmark's Bull1967 sits at #65 in the Rankings, his highest position ever, after climbing 26 spots. He has had four wins since 2014 began along with more than 15 final tables. He also finished fourth in the Sunday Warm-Up in January for $36,000, just a few weeks after final tabling the Sunday 500. Finally this week, we wanted to single out Greece's blakjak19 (pictured), who entered the top 100 of the Rankings at #70. He has $1.6 million in online tournament winnings and has won the PokerStars $215 NLHE Turbo twice this month as well as the Bigger $109 once. blakjak19 is the top-ranked player in Greece. Here are the top 10 players in the Rankings this week along with the PLB score for each: 1. Big Huni - 7,657 points 2. joaomathias - 7,376 points 3. CrownUpGuy - 7,077 points 4. PokerKaiser - 7,013 points 5. Yuri Martins - 6,901 points 6. pleno1 - 6,711 points 7. vicenfish - 6,506 points 8. p0cket00 - 6,502 points 9. x_zola25 - 6,493 points 10. r4ndomr4gs - 6,341 points Congrats to all of our ranked players! Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed.
  7. [caption width="640"] Steve O'Dwyer beat Sam Greenwood heads-up to win the PokerStars Championship Panama K High Roller (PokerStars photo)[/caption] Steve O’Dwyer has proven himself to be one of the best poker players in the world over the last 10 years, but he’s shown a real propensity to shine brightest in High Roller events. That was on display again Monday in Panama as O’Dwyer outlasted a talented group of players to win the PokerStars Championship Panama $10K High Roller and $240,451. Just five players remained at the start of the day and the short stack when action re-started was Brazil’s Felipe Ramos. It didn’t take him long to find a spot to get his chips but he ended running into the ultimate cooler. Ramos moved all in from the cutoff and Francois Billard called from the big blind. Ramos turned over [poker card="kc"][poker card="ks"] but got the bad news when Billard showed him [poker card="ad"][poker card="ah"]. The board ran out [poker card="qs"][poker card="9h"][poker card="6s"][poker card="2h"][poker card="2c"] to eliminate Ramos in fifth. It took almost 4.5 hours before the next player was sent packing. Former #1-ranked player Chris Hunichen raised to 125,000 from the button before Billard move all in from the big blind. Hunichen called and was ahead with [poker card="8d"][poker card="8s"] against Billard’s [poker card="ah"][poker card="qh"]. The [poker card="ks"][poker card="9h"][poker card="2c"] flop kept Hunichen in control as did the [poker card="js"] turn, but the [poker card="qs"] river gave Billard a bigger pair and eliminated Hunichen. Just 20 minutes later, Billard followed Hunichen to the cashier. O’Dwyer raised from the button to 115,000 before Billard re-raised to 285,000 from the big blind. O’Dwyer moved all in and Billard called off his remaining stack. O’Dwyer showed [poker card="tc"][poker card="ts"] and Billard was racing once again with [poker card="ac"][poker card="qs"]. The board ran out [poker card="8c"][poker card="7s"][poker card="3s"][poker card="ks"][poker card="7d"] to eliminate Billard. Heads-up play began with O’Dwyer holding a 4-1 chip lead over Sam Greenwood. After just a few hands of action Greenwood had nearly evened the counts when the two players began talking about a chop. The pair eventually agreed to a deal that gave O’Dwyer $213,862 and Greenwood $223,149, leaving $8,589 to play for. Post-deal play lasted just over 20 minutes before O’Dwyer elminated Greenwood. O’Dwyer raised to 130,000 and Greenwood called. After the [poker card="7d"][poker card="3d"][poker card="2h"] flop, Greenwood checked, O’Dwyer bet 140,000 and Greenwood made it 400,000 to go. O’Dwyer eventually announced he was all in and Greenwood called. O’Dwyer showed [poker card="5s"][poker card="4s"] and Greenwood was ahead with [poker card="qc"][poker card="3s"]. The turn was the [poker card="4h"] putting O’Dwyer ahead and when the [poker card="th"] fell on the river, Greenwood was out and O’Dwyer picked up another high roller win. Final Table Payouts Steve O’Dwyer - $240,451* Sam Greenwood - $223,149* Francois Billard - $123,780 Chris Hunichen - $100,300 Felipe Ramos - $80,560 Anthony Zinno - $62,690 Damian Salas - $49,620 Sam Chartier - $37,880 *reflects deal made heads up.
  8. Even over $500,000 in earnings so far this summer, Chris Hunichen is looking to cap things off with another deep WSOP Main Event run (PokerStars photo)[/CAPTION] Almost three weeks ago, Chris ‘Big-Huni’ Hunichen was heads-up for a World Series of Poker bracelet against Nadar Kakhmazov. Hunichen started with the chip lead, watched Kakhmazov even things up and eventually shook the Russian’s hand to congratulate him on his victory. “It’s still a little salty because winning a bracelet means so much to me. To get that close, I think that’s my fourth or fifth WSOP final table, so I’ve had my shots and that was the closest and I really feel like if I had it again, I have a small edge over my opponent but that’s how it goes,“ said Hunichen. “The last hand has been eating me alive, I kinda misplayed it a little bit, it was a little bit of a cooler but I still shouldn’t have stacked off an had a chance to rebuild back up.” The pair actually agreed to a chop heads-up, giving Hunichen $450,000 for his efforts. That’s a big part of the reason Hunichen, a former #1-ranked player on PocketFives, believes this summer has been one of his best yet and it started early on with a six-figure score away from the Rio. “I got fourth in the $10K at the Venetian for just under $100K, I think that was the third or fourth tournament of the summer, so that was nice. Covered a lot of my buy-ins, gave me a lot of confidence going forward,” said Hunichen. “ He’s also picked up some smaller cashes along the way and believes that as the Main Event begins, he’s in a great spot to put up a result better than the 114th place finish he had last year. “I believe that might have been my first cash in the Main out of five attempts. I had a couple of bad years and then I had some years where I just ran really bad in the Main. But I think I’m on top of my game now, I’m playing the best that I’ve ever had before so I think this year I’m set up for another deep run,” said Hunichen. The results this summer are the result of a shift in Hunichen’s focus when it comes to stuff away from the felt. He’s dedicated more of his time to studying the game than he ever had before. “I used to play lot of but never put in a lot of work off the felt. I really put in time studying, started a stable and we’ve we’ve done a lot of coaching for that, so that helps too, to kind of fine tune and refresh,” said Hunichen. “Other than that, I really think that a lot of the off the felt work is just so important in poker nowadays because it’s just constantly evolving, it gets harder and harder everyday. You can’t get content with your skill level because you’re just never where you need to be.” Hunichen was one of those players who decided to move to Costa Rica after Black Friday to continue to play online poker. it’s been home now for six years for him. He’s married and six months the couple had their first baby to add to the son, Derek, his wife had before they met. With all that in mind, Hunichen things big changes are coming for the family of four. “I think we’re going to move, maybe out here to Las Vegas, sometime in February or March or something. The school systems (in Costa Rica) aren’t where I want my kid to be growing up, and now that Derek’s four, he’ll be five in October, so he’s going to be starting school,” said Hunichen. “I think a year or two would be fine in Costa Rica, but anything after that I want to get him into some good public schools or maybe even some good private school around here or something.” A move to Las Vegas would mean no longer being able to play online on PokerStars, partypoker and 888poker. Hunichen’s okay with that though, he’s ready to take a new challenge that might see him playing in something a bit bigger than the PokerStars $215. “Out here I can actually still work. I’d consider playing some bigger cash games at Aria, and getting into that kind of mode, maybe start playing the $25Ks regularly or something, possibly if things keep going well,” said Hunichen. He’s hoping to be busy for the next week or so though with the Main Event. He’s playing Day 1A this year after always having played Day 1C in previous years. Deep stacked, big field events are where Hunichen goes to feast. “I feel like these kind of fields play to my strengths. I final tabled the Millionaire Maker a couple of years ago which is about the same size field as this. I also a top 50 in the Millionaire Maker a year or two after,” said Hunichen. “The good thing is there’s a lot of rec players in this tournament, so I’m kind of chatty and friendly at the table, and I think that plays to my advantage as well. Make some friends and they don’t mind losing to you and they respect you and they’d rather lose to you than lose to the guy who’s treating people like shit.”
  9. [caption width="640"] Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen is making a charge at #1, but 'C Darwin2' seems to have a firm grasp on it after another monstrous week.[/caption] Last month, former #1-ranked player Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen cracked the top 25 rankings and became just the fifth player to ever hit $10 million in lifetime earnings. It seems he's not interested in stopping there. Hunichen went from #13 in the world to #9 and could be setting himself up for another run at the top spot. Hunichen moved up into the top 10 based solely on a single qualifying cash. He finished third in the partypoker Heavyweight Title Fight Warm Up for $15,107.58 and 220.56 PLB points. This comes a week after he picked up 672.2 points from three qualifying cashes. He now sits just 148.21 points behind #8-ranked Robin 'inhoo' Ylitalo. The #1 spot continues to belong to 'C Darwin2', but he didn't just sit idly by this past week. The Swede picked up four qualifying cashes - three wins and one runner-up finish - to pick up a staggering 1,457.78 points. On October 15, he won the partypoker High Roller for $37,884 and 452.22 points. Two days later he won another partypoker High Roller for $19,183/310.64 and finished runner-up in yet another partypoker High Roller for $17,440/232.32. His final qualifying cash on October 19 when he won the PokerStars Thursday Thrill for $38,537 and 462.2 points. He now has a 806.35 point gap between himself and #2-ranked Steven 'SvZff' van Zedelhoff. That gap could have been wider had van Zedelhoff not picked up two qualifying cashes of his own. He finished third in the PokerStars Big $55 for $3,499 and 114.33 points and then capped off his week by finishing two spots behind 'C Darwin2' in the Thursday Thrill for $21,061 and 239.3 points. He now leads #3-ranked 'lena900' by 462.67 points. Hunichen wasn't the only player to move into the top 10 this week. Fabrizio 'SixthSense19' Gonzalez, also a former #1-ranked player, moved from #11 to #10 thanks to two qualifying cashes that earned him 267.17 points. Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas and Andras 'probirs' Nemeth were the two players who dropped out of the top 10, going from #10 to #12 and #9 to #14 respectively. PocketFives Rankings Top 25 RANKPLAYERPOINTSPREVIOUS 1C Darwin210,220.071 2Steven 'SvZff' van Zedelhoff9,413.722 3lena9008,951.053 4Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao8,455.574 5veeea7,714.565 6Andreas 'r4ndomr4gs' Berggren7,633.326 7Sheater7,498.008 8Robin 'inhoo' Ylitalo7,256.877 9Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen7,108.6613 10Fabrizio 'SixthSense19' Gonzalez6,998.6111 11Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky6,969.1716 12Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas6,967.8110 13Ariados6,904.6912 14Andras 'probirs' Nemeth6,812.139 15Jonatan 'Pot4teUS' Hellman6,780.3718 16Conor '1_conor_b_1' Beresford6,775.3714 17Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar6,752.0319 18Patrick 'pleno1' Leonard6,751.9017 19nilsef6,638.0020 20DeathbyQuads6,611.4215 21Ramiro 'rayastar' Petrone6,574.4821 22Pedro 'PaDiLhA SP' Padilha6,554.6027 23Chris 'Apotheosis' Kruk6,504.8722 24Kenny 'SpaceyFCB' Hallaert6,375.1229 25NoPlanB6,363.6326 ***
  10. Every week The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen Joins $10M Club Chris Moorman did it four years ago. Since then just three other players have managed to hit the $10M lifetime earnings mark and all three have done it in the last nine months. Bryan Paris (February), Nicolas Fierro (March) and Sebastian Sikorski(May) now have some company. Chris Hunichen hit the $10 million mark this week and he did it in style. Hunichen won the partypoker $530 High Roller on October 3 for a $15,430.90 score. The final table also included Fierro and current #1-ranked ‘lena900’. The next closest player to the $10 million milestone is Sweden’s Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar with $9,928,785.20. Jordan ‘JWPRODIGY’ Westmorland Hits $5M While Hunichen was busy joining the elite group of players at the very top of the all-time earnings list, Jordan ‘JWPRODIGY’ Westmorland was doing his part to join him. Westmorland, who know calls Thailand home, became the 87th player to pass $5 million in lifetime earnings. Westmorland also broke through this latest milestone with a big win. He topped an 82-player field in the $320 PokerStars Six Max NLHE event on October 1 to win $6,639.79. That final table also included ‘lena900’. Hunichen and Westmorland weren’t the only players to hit lifetime earnings milestones this past week. Scott ‘Aggro Santos’ Margereson, the #17-ranked player in the United Kingdom, hit $4 million in earnings while Toby ‘JobyToyce’ Joyce, the #3-ranked player in Ireland, hit $2 million. Joao Victor ‘joaovalli’ Barroso Valli and Rômulo ‘Primao89’ Araújo each cracked the $1 million mark. Ramiro 'rayastar' Petrone Breaks Top 20 Ramiro 'rayastar' Petrone was one of nine players that managed to hit a career-high ranking inside of the top 100 this week. Petrone, whose previous best was #23 in the world, now sits at #18 after posting three qualifying cashes this past week for a total of 532.61 PLB points. João ‘lofidream’ Leão cracked the top 100 for the first time in his career, moving from #102 to #98. Other players who hit career-best rankings inside the Top 100: Pedro ‘PaDiLhA SP’ Padilha - #28 to #27 rolandbauer - #35 to #31 Andrey ’drupalucker’ Chernokov - #50 to #49 Mikensonas - #74 to #60 tiarc - #87 to #69 David ‘davaman’ Lopez - #45 to #44 Patrick ‘thebigdog09’ Brooks - #82 to #79
  11. Veteran PocketFives member Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen of Costa Rica (ranked #82 worldwide) came up big in the partypoker "Super High Roller" event Sunday, cashing for $143,325 after outlasting a highly competitive field in the $5,200 buy-in Powerfest showcase event. 'orud74' finished second in that event and was awarded $102,375. 'PokerG1rl69' took home $73,125 for third, 'PartyRainer' walked away with $51,188 in fourth and 'JETFIRE68' cashed for $38,025 in fifth place. The $1,050 buy-in "High Roller" on Party was won by 'Ciao_Polacco' who collected a $63,546 payday, followed by 'tezcarts78' in the runner-up position for $45,212. There was a two-way chop in the $1,050 buy-in No Limit Hold'em PokerStars Sunday Grand, as 'Fresh_oO_D' and 'SsicK_OnE' took home $37,923 and $37,272 for their respective first and second place efforts. The Pot Limit Omaha version of that event was won by 'WATnlos' for a cash prize of $34,051. PocketFives member Nedelcu 'Narcisus90' Narcis of Romania (ranked #165 worldwide) took down the Sunday Supersonic six-max tournament and collected $37,281. Top 1,000 ranked Christian 'recochi' Altmann of Peru outlasted over 26,000 opponents to capture an outright victory in the Sunday Storm event for an online tournament career-best $26,601. The 888poker WHALE tournament witnessed a three-way final table chop as 'JBA888' received $34,147 for the official victory. Second and third place went to 'anteen' and 'allesrigged' who each took home over $32,000 cash. Troy 'iamthedeck ftw' Quenneville (ranked #37 worldwide) took down another major tournament this weekend, besting the Mega Deep field for a cash reward of $21,991. The victory could place the Canadian within the Top 20 Rankings for the first time in his career once the next update is released this week. PokerStars Sunday Million SE($1,000 + $50 NLHE) *$1.5M Guaranteed - 2,074 entrants - $2,074,000 paid out to 251 spots KumariOy - $310,289.83 Bull1967 - $219,407.42 Matheus 'M Cunha G' Cunha - $155,144.53 BrynKenney - $109,703.81 Flat - $77,572.57 terror7777 - $54,852.11 FantinJulio - $38,786.49 ShootTheSky - $27,426.16 pochi - $19,393.14 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up SE ($500 + $30 NLHE) *$1M Guaranteed - 2,943 entrants - $1,471,500 paid out to 371 spots serevsini - $106,262.93 Hoelle1 - $74,039.77 w4lrusk4ne - $51,588.80 smir9david - $35,945.65 nikautiashvi - $25,045.88 glu77ps - $17,451.25 pendall - $12,159.51 Duim - $8,472.38 ImTheNuts1 - $8,472.38 PokerStars Sunday Grand ($1,000 + $50 NLHE) *$150K Guaranteed - 221 entrants - $221,000 paid out to 31 spots Fresh_oO_D - $37,922.78 SsicK_OnE - $37,271.74 *2-way deal PokerFan_lol - $24,023.03 Sephirot88 - $17,947.67 (Rocco 'RoccoGe' Palumbo) Steve 'Mr. Tim Caum' O'Dwyer - $13,408.77 caaaaamel - $10,017.73 nana9192 - $7,484.27 WhiteRabbito - $5,591.54 probirs - $4,177.45 PokerStars Sunday Grand PLO ($1,000 + $50 PLO Six-Max) *$75K Guaranteed - 168 entrants - $168,000 paid out to 19 spots WATnlos - $34,050.65 dynoalot - $25,416.68 Apotheosis - $18,972.03 _TheJds_ - $14,161.50 omaha4rollz - $10,570.72 Ce$ar$pa - $7,890.42 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($200 + $15 NLHE 6-Max Hyper Turbo) *$125K Guaranteed - 1,131 entrants - $231,584 paid out to 155 spots Nedelcu 'Narcisus90' Narcis - $37,281.49 lirarerik - $24,369.30 teckidtq - $15,929.52 (Troy 'iamthedeck ftw' Quenneville) fuddebuf - $10,412.66 (therealfuddebuf) anti-durrr - $6,806.47 hummylun - $4,449.18 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10 + $1 NLHE) *$225k Guaranteed - 26,991 entrants - $269,910 paid out to 4,859 spots Christian 'recochi' Altmann - $26,600.69 Skoelas -$18,946.17 x_VaviloN_ - $13,505.51 Eickyy - $9,627.17 eightndeuce - $6,862.59 jim7c - $4,891.90 DocNomis - $3,487.12 Tsimafei L. - $2,485.76 13oerner - $1,771.95 partypoker Powerfest #012 Super High Roller ($5,000 + $200 NLHE) *$500K Guaranteed - 117 entrants - $585,000 paid out to 16 spots thebattler33 - $143,325 (Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen) orud74 - $102,375 PokerG1rl69 - $73,125 PartyRainer - $51,188 JETFIRE68 - $38,025 Ad_Finem - $29,250 (Apotheosis) Chelsea72 - $23,400 partypoker Powerfest #011 High Roller ($500 + $30 NLHE) *$300K Guaranteed - 712 entrants - $356,000 paid out to 104 spots Ciao_Polacco - $63,546 tezcarts78 - $45,212 george15mcd - $30,367 ownjin - $20,577 jonna10 - $14,525 MAM0HT_T - $10,466 rnbetterfish - $7,476 888 Poker WHALE ($1,000 + $50 NLHE) *$120K Guaranteed - 146 entrants - $203,000 paid out to 27 spots JBA888 - $34,147 anteen - $32,198 allesrigged - $32,618 *3-way deal g.s.p. 888 - $17,763 T3amEdward - $12,180 (Jonas 'donut604' Mackoff) checkblaze - $10,150 TeamShippo - $8,120 Madeon1994 - $6,090 (Ariados) lacibaby64 - $4,060 (omaha4rollz) 888 Poker Mega Deep ($200 + $15 NLHE) *$100K Guaranteed - 588 entrants - $117,600 paid out to 80 spots S.Janowski - $21,991 (Troy 'iamthedeck ftw' Quenneville) breaking89 - $16,170 garyt20 - $11,878 (GaryT) Gotyoudude - $8,820 callylally - $5,880 blowjob1987 - $4,116 Triple_20 - $2,587 CalmRevolver - $1,799 (AloofRevolver) SkallePer58 - $1,470
  12. [caption width="640"] Viktor Blom won the PLO version of the PokerStars Sunday Grand this week (Unibet photo)[/caption] Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom is one of the most mercurial figures in online poker history. He's won and lost millions in the nosebleed cash games and won the 2013 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event. On Sunday he added to his own legend, beating out 148 other players to win the PokerStars Sunday Grand Pot Limit Omaha for $30,200. Former #1-ranked Brian 'brianm15' England took down the $1,050 buy-in Sunday Grand No Limit Hold'em for a cash prize of $43,234. He also finished seventh in the PLO version of the event. 'Kesjan' outlasted more than 5,800 opponents to capture an outright victory in the PokerStars Sunday Million for $157,486 over the weekend. He was followed by runner-up finisher 'enigma2018' who collected $110,515 and Brazilian Andre Busato (ranked #387 worldwide) who placed third for $77,556. 'SENSIMIL1' of the Russian Federation won the Stars Sunday Warm-up and walked away with $43,358 following a heads-up final table chop. The Sunday Supersonic tournament was won by 'soufian-070' who was awarded $34,597. There was a heads-up deal in the Sunday Supersonic, with '100CACIFE' taking home the largest score of $22,565. Brazilian Dimitri Gringenkov won the partypoker Heavyweight - The Title Fight event over the weekend and claimed the $83,500 championship prize. There was a heads-up deal in the $530 buy-in High Roller tournament as 'RingelStink' and Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen each took home over $34,100. In the 888poker Baby Whale event, 'callylally' was the victor for a cash payout of $26,819. The Mega Deep tournament saw 'Streusalz' atop the final leaderboard for $19,732. PokerStars Sunday Million($200 + $15 NLHE) *$1M Guaranteed - 5,832 entrants - $1,166,400 paid out to 1,052 spots Kesjan - $157,485.71 enigma2018 - $110,514.76 Andre Busato - $77,555.80 Also11 - $54,426.32 ante_geia_AA - $38,194.81 Melo jr - $26,803.98 Javier 'Ofbravetight' Swett - $18,810.29 FshnIsMyPrfn - $13,200.61 Jollymakky - $9,263.89 PokerStars Warm-Up($200 + $15 NLHE) *$250K Guaranteed - 1,609 entrants - $321,800 paid out to 269 spots SENSIMIL1 - $43,357.78 BuddyAces2 - $40,699.98 *2-way deal STELARI198 - $25,279.03 donovantripp - $18,175.84 spaarky777 - $13,068.58 munchenHB - $9,396.43 (Mike 'telks' Telker) bartowskiFR - $6,756.12 Sick Pastorr - $4,857.69 dresserWbn - $3,492.72 PokerStars Sunday Grand($1,000 + $50 NLHE) *$150K Guaranteed - 222 entrants - $222,000 paid out to 31 spots Brian 'brianm15' England - $43,234.35 voytech75 - $32,300.40 1_conor_b_1 - $24,131.73 Y.Strah0vski - $18,028.88 Sasuke234 - $13,469.45 (Ariados) ZeelandBoy - $10,063.06 33juggernaut - $7,518.14 Biocid - $5,616.84 BillLewinsky - $4,196.35 PokerStars Sunday Grand PLO($1,000 + $50 PLO Six-Max) *$75K Guaranteed - 149 entrants - $149,000 paid out to 19 spots Isildur1 - $30,199.64 YOUYOU777 - $22,542.18 Martin 'nizmo jiz' Kozlov - $16,826.39 vovtroy - $12,559.91 ruthless848 - $9,375.22 theNERDguy - $6,998.05 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic($200 + $15 NLHE 6-Max Hyper Turbo) *$150K Guaranteed - 1,034 entrants - $211,722 paid out to 143 spots soufian-070 - $34,597.24 toril274 - $22,614.83 TonyYayo5 - $14,782.69 unclemo1989 - $9,663.04 teckidtq - $6,316.46 (Troy 'iamthedeck ftw' Quenneville) diphazz - $4,128.89 PokerStars Sunday Storm($10 + $1 NLHE) *$225k Guaranteed - 25,580 entrants - $255,800 paid out to 5,084 spots 100CACIFE - $22,564.88 superdietyp - $16,884.43 *2-way deal Elochka1818 - $11,043.11 MCKovin - $7,593.88 gugu2ta - $5,222.00 sirtenzoe - $3,590.94 JokeRs55ru - $2,469.36 boroo0515 - $1,698.07 PlumbersMate - $1,167.67 partypoker $530 High Roller$150K Guaranteed- 430 entrants - $215,000 paid out to 63 spots RingelStink - $34,190 thebattler33 - $34,145 *2-way deal (Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen) Swunhiire - $20,688 veniVidi_Vici - $15,013 Heisenburg69 - $10,896 ILOVEBOOBISS - $7,906 Graftekkel - $5,738 rafaelmoraesgm - $4,164 partypoker Heavyweight "The Title Fight"($200 + $15 NLHE) *$500k Guaranteed - 2,228 entrants - $500,000 paid out to 280 spots Dimitri Gringenkov - $83,500 Alien_Army - $58,850 barrm111 - $38,000 josef_shvejk - $25,250 Rez-P12 - $17,725 P0L4R1C3 - $12,200 Stuey987 - $8,380 k23Temujin - $5,375 888poker THE Baby WHALE ($300 + $20 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed - 293 entrants - $138,600 paid out to 45 spots callylally - $26,819 M9yM9so - $20,097 (kot_apartac) grandma1954 - $15,246 (1_conor_b_1) HinduKrush - $11,435 888Dominik - $7,900 KTBFFH89 - $6,098 (seahawk89) SeRG3nT - $4,712 (bebaimis777) rubenrtv - $3,326 888poker MEGA DEEP ($200 + $15 NLHE) *$200K Guaranteed - 522 entrants - $104,400 paid out to 72 spots Streusalz - $19,732 dmg34 - $14,459 TR0P_F4CIL3 - $10,649 CoCoMic - $7,830 Roulette69 - $5,220 RThorsten - $3,654 Imyurfriend - $2,610 ballinbenny - $1,827
  13. Hosted by PocketFives President and Editor in Chief Lance Bradley and poker writer Matt Clark, The Fives runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and interview players and industry leaders. DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE IN ITUNES In this episode, Lance Bradley and Matt Clark talk about Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen hitting the $10 million earnings milestone, the latest in Isaac Haxton's anti-PokerStars crusade, the newly released World Poker Tour schedule and also preview WSOP Europe, which kicks off next week.
  14. Costa Rica is home to many displaced American online grinders in the post-Black Friday world. The result of the changed landscape is a rankings list that is a “who’s who” of the online community. Former PocketFives #1 players fill Costa Rica's top 10. Grinders who have honed their game as it has changed in front of them dominate in Costa Rica. The #1 ranked player in Costa Rica is Chris ‘BigHuni’ Hunichen. The North Carolina-born Hunichen passed the $10 million mark in career earnings and is sixth on the all-time money list. Hunichen reached #1 in the world in January 2015 and he is currently #20. Hunichen has increased his volume in live High Roller events in the last year and started his 2018 by competing in the PCA $100,000 Super High Roller. Behind Hunichen is Michael ‘Telks’ Telker. Telker achieved #1 status in December 2011 and closed his 2017 by making the top-10 of the PLB Monthly Leaderboard. In terms of the all-time money list, Telker is 14th all-time and a shade over $1 million from becoming the seventh player ever to reach the $10 million mark. Kurt ‘kurt23x’ Fitzgerald is on the podium at number three. Fitzgerald put together a strong November with four wins in the neighborhood of 200 PLB points. The largest was on November 14 when Fitzgerald won the Sunday 500 on PokerStars for $22,697.Fitzgerald ranks 50th in the world. The third former #1 to crack the rankings is Chris ‘Gettin Daize’ Oliver. The 2010 Yearly PLB Leaderboard champion is on his way to hitting $10 million in the early part of 2017. Oliver stands less than $250,000 away from the landmark and is continuing to put in strong volume to reach that target. Brian ‘brianm15’ England achieved #1 status in 2014 and is over $6 million lifetime. England is a consistent online player and has increased his live volume as of late. In 2017, England won $144,901 in live tournaments with a few highlights mixed in. England made a Day 5 appearance in the WSOP Main Event and won a Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open tournament for $31,109. At #6 is Steve ‘Illini213’ Barshak. 2017 was kind to Barshak with a SCOOP title and movement over the $7 million career earnings checkpoint. Barshak won SCOOP Event 46-M ($109 Rebuy $150,000 guaranteed) and added $51,024 to his bankroll in the process. Robert ‘PlayaPlz’ Lipkin has the largest amount of immediate bragging rights of any player on this list. Lipkin shipped the PokerStars High Roller Series $10,300 $1 million guaranteed on November 28 for $258,639. Lipkin picked up 1,086.28 PLB points with the victory and notched the second six-figure score of his career. In the eighth spot is Grayson ‘gray31’ Ramage. The duel TCOOP and WCOOP winner ranked as high as #2 in 2016. Ramage closed out his 2017 with a third-place finish in the PokerStars Sunday High Roller to claim $26,490. The top-10 concludes with two more Americans in Michael ‘MindSlaver’ Acevedo and Mike ‘Flippa42’ Carter. Both players are under 3,000 PLB points and have a chance to cross that mark soon with more consistent volume. Costa Rica Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 BigHuni 6,446.64 2 Telks 5,573.02 3 kurt23x 5,491.13 4 Gettin Daize 4,765.64 5 brianm15 4,325.19 6 Illini213 4,250.50 7 PlayaPlz 3,937.22 8 gray31 3,240.39 9 MindSlaver 2,904.23 10 Flippa42 2,871.08
  15. In the illustrious history of the PocketFives Rankings, 55 different players have managed to hold down the #1 spot. This edition of the RANK & FILE focuses on how those players did during the 2018 World Series of Poker. Paul Volpe First #1 to Grab Hardware in 2018 Paul 'paulgees81' Volpe started off his 2018 WSOP in strong fashion. He finished third in the $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty, then 15th in the $100,000 High Roller and then everything came together for him in the $10,000 Omaha 8-or-better Championship, where he outlasted 168 other players to win his third career bracelet. He is the only former #1-ranked player to have won that many. He then picked up his fourth cash of the year on Monday, finishing 15th in the $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven event. All told, Volpe has earned $757,185 this summer, the most of any former #1-ranked player. Shaun Deeb Continues Cashing While Volpe is the only one to win a bracelet so far, Shaun Deeb continues to earn visits to the payout desk. Deeb has picked up six cashes so far, two more than Volpe, for $59,808. While most of his results have been on the smaller side, he did come close to winning a bracelet in the $1,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven event. Deeb made the final table, only to finish third for $36,330. Here's a closer look at all of Deeb's cashes for 2018 to date: EVENT POSITION WINNINGS $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better 44th $4,723 COLOSSUS - $565 No-Limit Hold'em 1,418th $920 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball 37th $3,937 Big Blind Antes $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 16th $11,553 $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw 3rd $36,330 $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MILLIONAIRE MAKER 965th $2,345 Deeb still has some work to do to match or beat his 2017 performance which saw him pick up 10 cashes. Fedor Holz Makes the Most of His One Event After winning his first WSOP in 2016, Fedor Holz told the poker world he was retiring from poker but would still play, just at a reduced schedule. Despite this, he's continued to play the biggest events on the calendar while skipping anything that's not a high roller. Holz played the $100,000 High Roller in the opening days of the 2018 WSOP and finished ninth for $240,265. He then took to Instagram to let people know he was headed back to Austria and won't be back in Vegas until after the Main Event. The ninth place finish marks his first WSOP cash since beating Dan Smith heads-up to win the $111,111 One Drop High Roller in 2016. Chris Moorman Only Other Former #1 to Cash Three Times Chris Moorman, who won his first bracelet last summer, is the only other former #1-ranked player to pick up at least three cashes so far this year. He won his first round match-up in the $3,000 No Limit Hold'em but couldn't win the second and ended up finishing 17th for $6,302. He followed that up by cashing in the Colossus for $1,118 and then came 191st in the $1,500 Millionaire Maker for $6,654. By The Numbers As a group, the former #1s have picked up 28 total cashes for $1,119,033 in earnings so far.
  16. The final day of PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker 2018 went into overtime, but as the final cards were dealt, Austrian grinder 'Tankanza' emerged victorious after taking down the SCOOP (High) Main Event for a $1.13 million score. That event was one of three Main Events to finish on Tuesday as the 17-day festival ended. As expected, the $10,300 buy-in High Main Event final table was a star-studded affair with two former #1-ranked PocketFivers and a Triple Coop winner. 'Tankanza' eliminated the Triple COOP winner, Thomas 'WushuTM' Muehloecker in sixth while the two former #1s couldn't stay out of each other's way and Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen sent current #1, 'lena900', to the rail in seventh. Hunichen went out in third place leaving 'Tankanza' and 'nailuj90' to battle for the title and seven-figure score. It didn't take too long for the final two players to start talking deal but 'Tankanza' had no interest in giving up any equity and the only thing the two players could agree on was to continue playing. It took almost four hours before 'Tankanza' picked up just his second elimination of the final table by busting 'nailuj90' to claim victory. 'nailuj90' took home $837,473.81 as runner-up. There were a total of five players at the final table from Austria: 'Tankanza', 'nailuj90', 'mikki696' (4th), Muehloecker (6th), and 'caaaaamel' (8th). Even with all the money at stake at each of the Main Event final tables, none of them managed to find common ground for a deal to be made. 'Wildace_hun' outlasted 3,846 other players to win the Medium Main Event for $783,165.95 while runner-up 'VICTOR TXR1' had to settle for $545,685.82. Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar picked up just over $89,000 for finishing seventh. The Low version Main Event, with a $109 buy-in, had a massive field of 18,511 plus 7,850 re-entries, to put the total prize pool to just over $2.6 million. Germany's 'Cashcid Linc' walked away with the title and $267,583.62 after beating 'marjanko89' heads-up. Event #58 (High): $10,300 NLHE Main Event Entries: 654 Prize pool: $6,540,000 Tankanza - $1,133,160.03 nailuj90 - $837,473.81 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - $618,943.63 mikki696 - $457,436.37 ULOSEMFKR!! - $338,072.87 Thomas 'WushuTM' Muehloecker - $249,856.12 Niklas 'Lena900' Åstedt - $184,658.86 caaaaamel - $136,474.10 JayP-AA - $100,862.49 Event #58 (Medium): $1,050 Main Event Entries: 5,508 (3,847 entries, 1,661 re-entries) Prize pool: $5,508,000 Wildace_hun - $783,165.95 VICTOR TXR1 - $545,685.82 Cottonbud07 - $380,219.44 OverTheTop43 - $264,926.53 ilir3 - $184,594.01 easy live - $128,620.06 Johannes 'Greenstone25' Korsar - $89,619.56 Flavio 'flavioreis88' Rei - $62,444.74 chry1982 - $43,509.89 Event #58 (Low): $109 Main Event Total entries: 26,361 (18,511 entries, 7,850 re-entries) Prize pool: $2,636,100 Cashcid Linc - $267,583.62 marjanko89 - $192,380.46 Kabotajoe - $138,323.54 aetos2drama - $99,456.09 allin0709 - $71,510.01 AcckiySotona - $51,416.33 B1GF1SH89 - $36,969.19 50km - $26,581.37 merla888 - $19,112.51
  17. Over the last five or six years, Chris Hunichen and Chance Kornuth have each bought dozens upon dozens of pieces of players in the World Series of Poker Main Event. This year the pair have teamed up, not only to be able to put more money to work, but to bring some sort of organization and professionalism to a process that quite often lacks both. For the uninitiated, players entering the WSOP Main Event will sometimes look to other players to buy pieces of their Main Event entry in exchange for an equal percentage of any potential winnings. For example, before the tournament begins Player A sells Player B 10% of his Main Event winnings for $1,400. For investors, the Main Event is a very unique tournament given the overall size and makeup of the field. Hunichen sees it as an opportunity to get a decent return on an investment with a real chance at picking up a big score. "It's not often you get to chase prize pools with $8.8 million for first place. Also, this is kind of a tournament where there's just so many rec players where almost anybody has a shot to go deep," said Hunichen. "It's so easy to get a lot of cashes in this tournament, and if you can get just one or two or three people to break through and have one or two them final table, then a lot of big things can happen." The deals are usually consummated via text message, a direct message or maybe sometimes a handshake and often has players running around to collect $500 or $1,000 from various players all over Las Vegas. "Usually I just buy a few of my own pieces or I have a friend that will buy a bunch and I'll buy a piece of that. But over the years, it's pretty unorganized, it's kind of a pain dispersing the money and then chasing all your horses around and collecting the money when it's all done," said Hunichen. So Hunichen teamed up with Kornuth to get aggressive in investing some money in players. They spread the word that they were buying pieces and as players reached out, Hunichen and Kornuth started doing their homework. In cases where they didn't know the player, Hunichen would look for friends they had in common and do a bit of a reference check. "I'd go on Facebook and look what mutual contacts I had and I would message those people and ask 'Is this guy trustworthy? Can you vouch for him?'. I know most of the poker world, but there's also people that offer Main Event action that I've never heard of before," said Hunichen. "We would also look for Hendon Mob links. People would send in their Hendon Mob links so we could see how much live success they've had." Hunichen and Kornuth each took 33.3% of the action with Chip Leader Capital, a fund set up by Kornuth for his Chip Leader Coaching business, taking the remainder. They invested a total of $230,000. "We got contracts and we posted up at a certain spot here (at the Rio) for a couple of days in a row so that everyone could have easy access to us," said Hunichen. "So we sat down, had them show their ID and then the contract basically just says you were paid X amount of money and we get X percentage of this tournament." The contracts became a bit of necessity after some of Kornuth's investors who come from outside the poker world started asking questions and showing some discomfort with the idea of investing in people without some level of legal protection built in. "A lot of the business people and the non-poker demographic had a lot of concerns about that area, so we decided to do contracts," said Kornuth. "It was basically just trying to reassure our investors that their money was safe." As much as the contracts should serve as a natural deterrent for players doing something unethical, there was one player, who tried to pull a fast one on Kornuth and Hunichen. Austin Bursavich sold $1,100 worth of action to the pair but never entered the Main Event. "He degened it off and then went home, but we have him under contract and we've already been in touch with the lawyers," said Hunichen. Realizing he could be facing legal action, Bursavich reached out to Hunichen to figure out a way to settle up. "We've already been paid $500 and we're told we're being paid the rest, while everyone else without contracts hasn't even been responded to," said Kornuth. "I think that will be the future for buying action and in fact for next year when we do this again, I'll have my own Chip Leader Capital contracts in addition to a basic blank contract that other purchasers can use as well." Players were required to send a picture of their buy-in receipt from the table as well. Kornuth expected some resistance from players at such a formal process, but that wasn't the case at all. "I think we got a lot more appreciation for professionalism than the opposite," said Kornuth. Along with the investment, which was the only way some of the players would have been able to get into the event, the pair also plan on providing coaching to any of their pieces that continue to run deep into Day 5, 6, 7 and beyond. "It's going to be a combination of Huni and I and maybe other coaches that are part of CLC, but there's going to be livestreams for days and days of coverage and I will definitely go over all the tape if somebody makes a final table, give them all the live reads if they get deep enough," said Kornuth. "We definitely plan on helping people that go deep, we're looking forward to it."
  18. While Sunday was the start of the 2018 World Championship of Online Poker, Monday was the first day with multiple titles awarded and millions of dollars in prize pools being awarded. The biggest winner from the 15 events that played to a winner was Romania's 'jah1923' who scored an outright win in Event #4 Medium ($215 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Million Special Edition) for $193,055.14. That event drew 6,794 runners to push the total prize pool to $1,358,800. 'jah1923' wasn't the only player to take home a six-figure score. Runner-up 'Lapideum' wound up winning $132,753.26 for outlasting all but one player. 'BrightStripe' took home the winner's share of $76,314.44 after chopping Event #2 High ($1,050 No Limit Hold'em) with 'ale6ka' and 'Machiavelli3'. The final table also included Arseniy 'josef_shvejk' Karmatskiy and Alex 'lynskey99' Lynskey. Julian 'nailuj90' Stuer picked up the win in Event #3 High ($2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO) for $96,971.08. Stuer also earned $87,312.49 in bounties. His final bounty came from runner-up 'Armani1974'. The German pro had to settle for $72,075.64 from the prize pool and an additional $32,812.51 in bounties. The most high-profile heads-up battle of the day came between Germany's 'nilsef' and former #1-ranked Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen. The two managed to outlast the 197 other players in Event #10 High ($2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Win the Button) before agreeing to a chop. The heads-up battle saw 'nilsef' beat Hunichen to take home $74,459.48 while Hunichen had to settle for $66,459.48. This is the second WCOOP title for 'nilsef'. The first came in 2010 in Event #10 ($250 Pot-Limit Omaha Knockout). After the tournament wrapped up, Hunichen tweeted about his lack of success in heads-up battles. Event #2 High: $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Entries:504 Prize pool: $504,000 BrightStripe - $76,314.44* ale6ka - $64,197.69* Machiavelli3 - $65,737.85* Dannyz0r - $27,256.94 josef_shvejk - $27,817.02 lynskey99 - $20,768.93 ga207 - $15,506.66 Cavalito - $11,577.68 OempaPoempah - $8,644.20 Event #2 Medium: $109 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Kickoff Special Edition Entries:3,78 Prize pool: $376,800 MCvisitor - $53,941.13 DTadevosan - $38,449.23 KisuKe_7 - $27,407.94 hopezACE - $19,537.34 derbegott - $13,926.90 Machiavelli3 - $9,927.58 VzB_Poker - $7,076.71 D_T_G_7777 - $5,044.56 speili94 - $3,595.95 Event #2 Low: $109 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Kickoff Special Edition Entries:16,729 Prize pool: $163,944.20 jroze99 - $17,772.29 highogbigdog - $12,770.20 GrcaniHoven - $9,181.87 KicksnBalls - $6,601.85 kn0wlEdge911 - $4,4746.77 Neolay - $3,412.97 [A.barmot.O] - $2,453.94 100hgHack - $1,764.40 nelson22211 - $1,268.61 Event #3 High: $2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries:459 Prize pool: $1,000,000 nailuj90 - $96,971.08 + $87,312.49 in bounties Armani1974 - $72,075.64 + $32,812.51 in bounties luckyfish89 - $53,571.71 + $15,593.75 in bounties Dannyz0r - $39,818.30 + $15,500.00 in bounties €urop€an - $29,595.78 + $13,562.50 in bounties luisdono - $21,997.65 + 7,125.00 in bounties cartoon2387 - $16,350.21 + $16,718.75 in bounties Kaila - $12,152.64 + $1,1812.50 in bounties Event #3 Medium: $215 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition Entries: 4,389 Prize pool: $877,800 wvwMasteRwvw - $62,603.44 + $35,765.03 in bounties flavioreis88 - $44,264.90 + 10,697.99 in bounties Popper13 - $31,299.97 + $4,774.41 in bounties ShamanRX - $22,132.36 + $4,527.92 in bounties FoNZ87 - $15,649.90 + 1,726.57 in bounties justnl2 - $11,066.16 + $8,575.56 in bounties 1984klaar - $7,824.92 + $3,248.84 in bounties rozkoszny - $5,533.03 + $3,364.45 in bounties Event #3 Low: $22 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 17,209 Prize pool: $344,180 lozanova.uk - $17,052.57* + $6,469.20 in bounties MichaelNg - $14,415.14* + $1,402.92 in bounties D_T_G_7777 - $9,331.27 + $542.29 in bounties mendarku - $6,651.63 + $1,079.27 in bounties Ciisssii - $4,741.50 + $1,913.40 in bounties ROMDOM - $3,379.89 + $1,227.24 in bounties Tbn220 - $2,409.29 + $783.53 in bounties $UPERANCHOA$ - $1,717.42 + $283.09 in bounties Event #4 High: $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 477 Prize pool: $877,800 42ayay - $147,384.81* liraerik - $123,695.92* StupidFr3nch - $138,144.77* strj2000 - $72,922.50 SwalzB - $55,192.50 onmybicycle - $41,208.20 Sasuke234 - $30,767.20 papan9_p$ - $22,971.60 Kot_Spartac - $17,151.20 Event #4 Medium: $215 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Million Special Edition Entries: 6,794 Prize pool: $1,358,800 jah1923 - $193,055.14 Lapideum - $132,753.26 Rsaxo66 - $91,288.20 Vlada2108 - $62,775.20 M_Acevedo - $43,167.85 cidul - $29,684.75 teo96 - $20,312.98 MinhMa - $14,037.21 jokepoker333 - $9,652.91 Event #4 Low: $22 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 18,532 Prize pool: $370,640 edoiler - $35,680.01* 7betfold - $30,680.02* Teddygram902 - $19,951.92 Manwlis45 - $14,345.58 miami1984 - $10,314.57 El_mesiasush - $7,416.20 speksSVK - $5,332.28 Gwindor1 - $3,833.93 F3nix35 - $2,756.59 Event #5 High: $1,050 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Entries: 482 Prize pool: $500,000 I_Mr_U_Bean - $89,248.90 danfiu - $64,080.60 munkkis - $46,009.75 maggess88 - $33,034.90 Aku1206 - $23,719.00 psjebemvas - $17,030.20 Event #5 Medium: $109 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Entries: 2,133 Prize pool: $213,300 aDrENalin710 - $31,824.30 SukkerHans - $22,173.38 T 54 T 97s - $15,449.78 dx2celt - $10,764.99 Premove - $7,500.73 KidAlex13 - $5,226.31 Event #5 Low: $11 Six Max Pot Limit Omaha Entries: 8,548 Prize pool: $83,770.40 Hulkyyyy - $11,761.09 gunnersfun - $8,189.98 Levoin95 - $5,706.54 jacksAndFives3 - $3,976.16 richbum69 - $2,770.47 Ann1897 - $1,930.37 Event #10 High: $2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Win the Button Entries: 199 Prize pool: $400,000 nilsef - $74,459.48* Big Huni - $66,459.48* FellipeNunes - $47,768.96 Naza114 - $37,063.04 veeea - $28,756.52 utreg - $22,311.64 calvin7v - $17,311.20 ForzaVaxholm - $13,431.40 Event #10 Medium: $215 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Win the Button Entries: 1,436 Prize pool: $287,200 Senkel92 - $44,064.08 ForzaVaxholm - $31,409.62 ZéDoBlefe11 - $22,389.88 Randane8 - $15,960.27 [IMT]JapA - $11,377.05 PKaiser - $8,109.95 tarantaleo - $5,781.04 DRWDats13 - $4,120.94 Event #10 Low: $22 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em Win the Button Entries: 6,478 Prize pool: $129,560 GeraldoCesar - $18,414.30 oracul154 - $13,123.84 Salckin - $9,355.11 ARMLUCKY - $6,668.64 madaAk - $4,753.63 jvieiradias8 - $3,388.53 sgtjstevens - $2,415.46 PabloPool12 - $1,721.81
  19. As the 2018 World Championship of Online Poker heads into its final weekend of action, the action continued on Thursday with Linus 'LLinusLLove' Loeliger taking down one of the biggest buy-in tournaments for nearly $588,000. Other highlights of the day included Joao 'Naza114' Vieira, Mike 'SirWatts' Watson and Arseniy 'josef_shvejk' Karmatskiy each picking up titles. Loeliger beat out the 103 other players in Event #43 High ($25,000 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller) including a final table that included two former #1-ranked players, Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen and Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard, as well as Michael 'mczhang' Chi Zhang, Rachid 'SkaiWalkurrr' Ben Cherif and eventual runner-up Henrik 'hhecklen' Hecklen. The outright victory earned Loeliger $587,747.32 while Hecklen had to settle for $451,251.38. The Medium version of that event attracted 662 runners with Ognjen 'psjebemvas' Sekularac taking home $228,348.36 for the win. 'AS Leshly' and 'ReadngSouls' chopped the Low version for $131,349.41 and $112,902.97 respectively. Vieira topped Event #42 High ($2,100 Triple Draw Duece to Seven) to win $49,595. The final table included Luke Schwartz, Daniel Cates, and Harley Thrower. Mike 'SirWatts' Watson won the Medium buy-in event for $15,325.20 while 'pokerqmaster' took down the Low for $4,915.91. One of the hottest players on the planet, Arseniy 'josef_shvejk' Karmatskiy continued his solid run, beating out 149 other players to win Event #44 High ($2,100 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout) for $66,000. His victory denied Watson a second WCOOP title of the day. The Canadian finished runner-up for $46,050 while NLZWERVERNL finished third for $34,500. Ben 'jenbizzle' Jones added $31,425.08 to his bankroll thanks to his victory in the Medium buy-in event and Robert 'Little Kraut' Deppe scored $12,014.08 for winning the Low. Event #42 (High): $2,100 Triple Draw Duece to Seven Entries: 91 Prize pool: $182,000 Joao 'Naza114' Vieira - $49,595 Luke 'lb6121' Schwartz - $33,125 WD89lol<3 - $25,480 Daniel 'w00ki3z' Cates - $17,290 Harley 'Harleyy30040' Thrower- $12,740 fr0zZy - $9,555 Event #42 (Medium): $215 Triple Draw Duece to Seven Entries: 396 Prize pool: $79,200 Mike 'SirWatts' Watson - $15,325.20 Denis XXX007 - $11,365.20 Lance84 - $8,514 Chillolini - $5,860.80 pantri - $4,197.60 9cream4 - $2,692.80 Event #42 (Low): $22 Triple Draw Duece to Seven Entries: 1,536 Prize pool: $30,720 pokerqmaster - $4,915.91 Murilo 'Muka82' Figueiredo - $3,686.40 schu_81 - $2,764.80 Donald - $1,843.20 thefish01x - $1,228.80 dAASSSmayer - $724.99 Event #43 (High): $25,000 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 104 Prize pool: $2,550,600 Linus 'LLinusLLove' Loeliger - $587,747.32 Henrik 'hhecklen' Hecklen - $451,251.38 fr0zZy - $346,454.88 Michael 'mczhang' Chi Zhang - $265,995.69 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - $204,221.95 Rachid 'SkaiWalkurrr' Ben Cherif - $156,794.30 bartek901 - $120,391.17 Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard - $92,424.30 Event #43 (Medium): $2,100 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 662 Prize pool: $1,324,000 Ognjen 'psjebemvas' Sekularac - $228,348.36 Killer_00000 - $162,774.01 etxnl01 - $116,030.85 Liv Boeree - $82,710.80 kurzatwarz - $58,959.17 NukeTheFish! - $42,028.12 NEWFlat - $29,959.07 Picasso 2 - $21,255.85 Event #43 (Low): $215 Eight Max No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 5,010 Prize pool: $1,002,000 AS Leshly - $131,349.41 ReadngSouls - $112,902.97* samoooth - $72,459.22 Schamane22 - $51,651.39 Hciappolino - $36,818.79 baaadshaaa - $26,245.68 Little Kraut - $18,708 s3c3_1978 - $13,336.21 Event #44 (High): $2,100 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout Entries: 150 Prize pool: $300,000 Arseniy 'josef_shvejk' Karmatskiy - $66,000 Mike 'SirWatts' Watson - $46,050 NLZWERVERNL - $34,500 Michael 'imluckbox' Addamo - $24,000 ja.sam.gale - $18,000 hotmark777 - $12,000 Event #44 (Medium): $215 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout Entries: 982 Prize pool: $196,400 Ben 'jenbizzle' Jones - $31,425.08 com 157 - $23,568 FshnIsMyPrfn - $17,676 FiatEruditio - $11,784 M_Acevedo - $7,856 Speedyy1986 - $4,870.72 Event #44 (Low): $22 Six Max No Limit Hold'em Shootout Entries: 4,619 Prize pool: $92,380 Robert 'Little Kraut' Deppe - $12,014.08 lsp pest - $8,776.10 andreyayo9 - $6,466.60 sharkkings23 - $4,157.10 Grimeyyyy - $2,309.50 bencb789 - $1,293.32
  20. The record-setting WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic wrapped up at Bellagio in Las Vegas, with the $10,400 Main Event attracting a huge field of 1,001 entries and featuring some of poker's biggest names. In addition to the Main Event, the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic schedule featured several events with five-figure buy-ins and one with a six-figure price of entry. Here are the winners from a tremendous week of poker in Sin City. The biggest winners overall from these high buy-in events, excluding the $10,400 Main Event, were Jake Schindler, Jason Koon, Seth Davies, Chris Hunichen, and Dominik Nitsche. Although he didn't earn the most money, it's certainly worth noting that Sam Soverel cashed in four of these events for a total of $314,500. No one else cashed in more than two. Ladines Wins First $10,000 PLO Event The first two high roller events on the schedule were both $10,000 buy-in pot-limit Omaha tournaments. The first one attracted 35 entries for a $350,000 prize pool and saw the top five places make the money. Joshua Ladines took the event’s title and $128,090 top prize, with both Brian Rast and Sam Soverel finishing in the money. Joshua Ladines - $128,090 John Riordan - $102,910 Jonathan Abdellatif - $56,000 Brian Rast - $35,000 Sam Soverel - $28,000 Soverel Takes Second $10,000 PLO Event In the second $10,000 PLO event, a group of familiar faces was back in the money. Soverel topped the field of 29 entries to win the title and $116,000, Ladines finished third for $46,400, and WPT Five Diamond wonder boy Ryan Tosoc scored fifth for $23,200. Tosoc notably finished second in the Season XV WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic for $1.134 million before going on to win the event in Season XVI for $1.958 million. Sam Soverel - $116,000 Jonathan Depa - $75,400 Joshua Ladines- $46,400 Michael Song - $29,000 Ryan Tosoc - $23,200 Hennigan Captures $10,000 8-Game Mixed Title If you know Bellagio, you know it’s home to the most iconic high-stakes poker room in the world, Bobby’s Room. It’s where the game’s elite compete for astronomical cash-game stakes, but during WPT Five Diamond some of those players shifted their focus to tournament play, specifically in the $10,000 buy-in 8-Game Mixed High Roller. The tournament generated 24 entries, and it was none other than five-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner and WPT Champions Club member John Hennigan taking home the top prize of $110,400. John Hennigan - $110,400 Ben Yu - $67,200 Randy Ohel - $38,400 John Racener - $24,000 Loeser and Fox Chop First $25,000 High Roller In the first of three $25,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournaments on this year’s WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic slate, 42 entries were generated to create a prize pool of $1.05 million. The top six places paid, and the top two spots went to Manig Loeser and Elio Fox in a chop that earned each player more than $300,000. Loeser scored first place for $321,300, and Fox took second for $308,700. Manig Loeser- $321,300 Elio Fox - $308,700 Jake Schindler - $168,000 Dan Smith - $105,000 Cary Katz - $84,000 Nick Petrangelo - $63,000 Petrangelo Wins Second $25,000 High Roller The second $25,000 buy-in tournament attracted 47 entries and generated a $1.175 million prize pool. The top seven places reached the money, with several notables cashing. None earned more than Nick Petrangelo, though, who chopped the event heads up with Sergio Aido to take home the winning prize of $289,944. Aido scored $287,634 for second. Petrangelo was coming off a sixth-place result for $63,000 in the first $25,000 event of this series. Soverel, who finished in the money of the first two high rollers on the schedule, including winning one for $116,000, finished sixth in this event for $70,500. Nick Petrangelo - $289,944 Sergio Aido - $287,634 Seth Davies - $256,672 Ben Yu - $117,500 Kazuhiko Yotsushika - $94,000 Sam Soverel - $70,500 Rainer Kempe - $58,750 Davies Victorious in Third $25,000 High Roller The third and final $25,000 high roller tournament on the WPT Five Diamond schedule drew 50 entries for a $1.25 million prize pool. The top eight places reached the money, and it was Seth Davies taking the title and $341,920 in first-place prize money. The win came just days after Davies took third in the previous $25,000 high roller event during the series of $256,672, as you can see above. Davies did a deal with Isaac Haxton in second place, who earned $320,580. The money was filled with notable high rollers, including Alex Foxen taking third for $175,000. Foxen has had himself quite a 2018 and is closing it strong both on the live felt and the virtual felt. In the online world, Foxen recently achieved a new all-time high in the top 100 of the PocketFives Online Poker Rankings. You'll also notice Soverel's name appearing in the in-the-money places once again, this time for fifth place, worth $100,000. Seth Davies - $341,920 Isaac Haxton - $320,580 Alex Foxen - $175,000 David Peters - $125,000 Sam Soverel - $100,000 Christoph Vogelsang - $75,000 Rainer Kempe - $62,500 Elio Fox: $50,000 Schindler Defeats Koon for $100,000 Super High Roller Victory The final big buy-in event from the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic schedule this year was the $100,000 Super High Roller. The event drew 37 entries to Bellagio for a $3.7 million prize pool and the top six spots reached the money. Earning the $1.332 million first-place prize was Jake Schindler. Adding that score to the $168,000 he won earlier in the series for taking third place in one of the $25,000 high rollers, Schindler scored $1.5 million in prize money at Bellagio this December. Schindler beat out Jason Koon for the win, and Koon took home $888,000 for his second-place finish. Jake Schindler - $1,332,000 Jason Koon - $888,000 Chris Hunichen - $592,000 Dominik Nitsche - $370,000 Ben Tollerene - $296,000 Talal Shakerchi - $222,000
  21. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Jeff Walsh, The Fives Poker Podcast is LIVE this week from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with daily episodes bringing in all of the guests and action from the PokerStars Players No Limit Championship and the PCA Main Event. The PokerStars Players Championship is in the books and now the attention of the poker world turns to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event and the remaining high roller events on the schedule. Lance and Jeff get into the strong Day 1A turnout, preview the $100,000 Super High Roller final table and talk about the strength of the field in the PCA National. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  22. The Imperial Ballroom at the Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas is full of some of the best poker players on the planet for the start of Day 2 of the PCA $100,000 Super High Roller. Of the original 56 entries, 33 players survived Day 1. With registration open through the beginning of Day 2, a number of pros who went broke in the first eight levels decided to fire another $100K bullet including Daniel Negreanu and Super High Roller defending champion Cary Katz. We decided to take a quick look around the room at some of the players who are taking part in the nosebleed tournament action. [caption id="attachment_622243" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Jason Koon (left) and Daniel Negreanu have combined lifetime earnings of over $63 million.[/caption] Jason Koon and PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu are settled in and keeping the conversation casual. [caption id="attachment_622244" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Hungary's #1-ranked online pro Andras 'probirs' Nemeth has been seen playing the highest stakes live as of late.[/caption] PocketFives #4-ranked Andras ‘probirs’ Nemeth has over $2.7 million in live earnings along with his $9.6 million in online cashes. Nemeth had a breakout year in 2018 playing high rollers, winning the EPT Barcelona €25,000 Event for a career-high cash of $692,882. [caption id="attachment_622245" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Nick Petrangelo (left) took down the $100K Super High Roller at the WSOP in 2018 for $2.9 million.[/caption] Nick Petrangelo and U.S. Poker Open Champion Stephen ‘stevie444’ Chidwick survey their tough table. [caption id="attachment_622246" align="alignnone" width="1024"] GPI #1-ranked player Alex Foxen is off to a fast start in 2019.[/caption] Stare master Alex Foxen is looking to build on his impressive 2019 PCA campaign. So far he's cashed in the $25K Single Day event and finished as the runner-up in the $50K for $651,980. Foxen is now less than a half million away from $10 million in career scores. [caption id="attachment_622247" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Patrik Antonius (left), Talal Shakerchi (center) & Sam Greenwood.[/caption] Murderers row: Rail Heaven’s Patrik Antonius, PSPC eighth place finisher and regular high roller Talal Shakerchi and PocketFives #46-ranked Sam Greenwood battle it out on one side of a tough table. [caption id="attachment_622248" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Justin Bonomo (left) is looking to continue the massive success he found in 2018.[/caption] Chris Hunichen tries to get a read on the GTO sitting style of Justin Bonomo. Hunichen is coming off a third place finish in the WPT Five Diamond $100,000 Super High Roller for a live career-high $592,000 score. [caption id="attachment_622249" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Canadian Christopher Kruk finds the fun in high rollers.[/caption] Despite the massive stakes, Chris Kruk is still able to have a little fun. The prize pool for the $100,000 Super High Roller is over $5.9 million. For updates on the $100K as well as everything from the 2019 PCA, subscribe to The FIVES Poker Podcast.
  23. Earlier this week, PokerStars announced changes to the way in which MTT grinders will be awarded Stars Rewards and now some of the high stakes regulars are taking a stand. Lead by the #4-ranked player in the world, 'girafganger', over 250 players have agreed to boycott Sunday's $5,200 Turbo Series event, including a number of highly ranked players. "The nonstop rake increases and unbeatable formats they have been pushing on all of us, with the latest one pushing me over the edge, made me reach out to some of the high stakes regs to try and convince them to skip the $5K PokerStars Turbo Series event as a protest," 'girafganger' said in a statement. "The positive feedback was overwhelming and it didn't take long for a group to naturally form." The Stars Rewards changes announced this week mean that players who previously earned 100 reward points for $1/€1 in rake paid, will now earn 45 reward points for every $1/€1 in fees. The group is hoping the boycott will improve communication with PokerStars management and lead to some changes in the current MTT offering on the site. "Pokerstars has a had a huge positive impact on so many of our lives, some professionals would likely have very different lives had it not been for them - myself included," 'girafganger' said. "The opportunity they provide to be able to make a living from a computer, playing a game, from almost anywhere in the world is amazing. However, with recent changes, this poker dream is turning more and more into an impossible dream." In a statement provided to PocketFives, the group has a list of six items that they are hoping to accomplish as a result of this boycott: Direct and open communication with the company. Rake clearly visible, not hidden. Rake max 10%, this applies to low stakes and the .eu pool so no more $9.8+$1.2; $11 MTTs. Reassessment of the rake, across all stakes and in formats where the edges are naturally lower, such as PSKO, Rebuys, Turbo, Hypers and combinations of these. Reduction on the length of Late Registration and number of re-entries. Debate on future rake increases. The group of players sitting out Sunday's event includes the current #1 and #2-ranked players in the world, 'lena900' and 'C Darwin2'. Other high profile players who have vouched their support include Roman 'Romeopro' Romanovsky, Chris Hunichen, '€urop€an', 'bencb789', Steve O'Dwyer, Calvin Anderson, Laszlo 'omaha4rollz' Bujtas, and Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff. "The time to make a stand was probably a long time ago and while similar actions have been previously taken by cash game and Sit n Go players, we, the MTT community, believe to have a bit more leverage because we can make or break the guarantees and divert action from one site to a competitor, if need be, more effectively," the statement said. "We will stand together and make a change for the better." Last Sunday's $5,200 Turbo Series event drew 194 players. PokerStars competitors have also taken notice of the planned protest and have announced changes to their Sunday schedule in response. partypoker added a $5,200 event with a $1 million guarantee that will run at the same time as the PokerStars event. 888poker announced late this week the return of "RakeLESS" events on Sunday.
  24. David Peters, one of the game's top tournament poker players, emerged victorious atop the 33-entry field in the 2019 US Poker Open $100,000 Main Event. Peters was the last man standing from an elite field of players and claimed the $1.32 million first-place prize. With the victory, Peters grabbed 350 points at surged to the top of the US Poker Open Championship leaderboard, beating out Sean Winter by just 10 points to win the overall title and an additional $100,000 in prize money. Final Table Results David Peters - $1,320,000 Chris Hunichen - $858,000 Keith Tilston - $528,000 Martin Zamani - $330,000 Ryan Riess - $264,000 To claim the overall USPO Championship, Peters cashed three times in the high-stakes series. He placed second in Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck for $100,800 and fifth in Event #9: $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em for $164,000 ahead of his Main Event victory. All told, Peters earned $1.584 million from his three USPO cashes this year and $1.684 million total when you include the $100,000 championship prize. Peters entered the final day fourth in chips with nine players remaining in the $100,000 Main Event. Leading the way was Chris Hunichen, and Keith Tilston, last year's USPO Main Event winner, was in second. Only the top five places were set to reach the money, but that wasn't the story. Sean Winter entered the 2019 USPO Main Event as the leaderboard frontrunner. He'd need to cash and fade Nick Schulman. If he failed to cash, Winter would be sweating both Schulman and Peters if they were still in. First to bust was Schulman, though, knocking him out of contention for the USPO Championship. He entered the day as the shortest stack and couldn't make anything happen on the final day. Schulman was eliminated in ninth place by Hunichen. With Schulman's bust, all Winter needed to do was cash and he'd lock up the overall USPO title. If he didn't cash, Peters could overtake him by the narrow margin of 10 points if Peters were to win the event. As it turned out, Winter went bust in eighth place when his [poker card="Ac"][poker card="tc"] couldn't win a flip against Tilston's [poker card="5s"][poker card="5d"]. That left Winter without a payday in the $100,000 buy-in Main Event and sitting and waiting to see how Peters would perform. Peters got a boost when he knocked out Jason Koon in seventh place, and then Ryan Riess took out Justin Bonomo in sixth place to send the final five players into the money. After Bonomo's bust, Peters found a double through Hunichen and found himself sitting second in chips heading into a break. Falling in fifth was Riess. He went out at the hands of Tilston and took home $264,000 for his efforts. It was then Martin Zamani hitting the rail in fourth for $330,000. Zamani was also knocked out by Tilston, as the 2018 USPO Main Event winner stretched his lead. After Zamani busted, Peters played an incredibly important pot with his tournament life on the line. He was all in preflop with the [poker card="Kd"][poker card="Qc"] against Tilston, who had the [poker card="8d"][poker card="8c"]. Not only was Peters sweating his tournament life in the 2019 USPO Main Event, but Winter had a lot on the line, too. Peters flopped a queen and held from there to score a big double and move into the chip lead. From that point on, Peters never relinquished the lead. He busted Tilston in third place with his [poker card="Ac"][poker card="6c"] held up against Tilston's [poker card="Kc"][poker card="Qs"] and took a chip lead of 4.855 million to 1.745 million into heads-up play against Hunichen. Heads-up play didn't last long. Just a few hands in, Hunichen limped the button with the [poker card="Ah"][poker card="8c"] at blinds of 40,000-80,000 with an 80,000 big blind ante. Peters raised out of the big bling to 320,000 with the [poker card="9c"][poker card="9c"]. Hunichen responded by three-bet jamming for 2.65 million and Peters quickly made the call. The flop, turn, and river ran out [poker card="Jc"][poker card="Jh"][poker card="Ts"][poker card="8d"][poker card="6d"] and that was the end of the line for Hunichen, who earned $858,000 for his runner-up performance. USPO Final Standings PLAYER CASHES PRIZE MONEY POINTS 1. David Peters 3 $747,400 550 2. Sean Winter 5 $705,950 540 3. Stephen Chidwick 4 $390,000 540 4. Nick Schulman 2 $314,750 410 5. Brandon Adams 3 $897,200 365 6. Koray Aldemir 2 $580,200 340 7. Cary Katz 3 $477,000 340 8. Chris Hunichen 2 $263,400 285 9. Martin Zamani 3 $206,200 280 10. Keith Tilston 2 $442,500 255 2019 US Poker Open Event Recaps Stephen Chidwick Wins US Poker Open Event #1 for $216K Jordan Cristos Takes Down US Poker Open Event #2 for $179K Lauren Roberts Comes From Behind to Win US Poker Open Event #3 Sean Winter Wins U.S. Poker Open Short Deck Event for $151K Ali Imsirovic Cruises To Victory in US Poker Open Event #5 Stephen Chidwick Wins Second 2019 USPO Event; Now Leads USPO Race Bryn Kenney Crushes US Poker Open Event #7 For $450,000 Nick Schulman Wins 2019 US Poker Open 8-Game Mix Title Koray Aldemir Tops Ryan Riess to Win US Poker Open Event #9, $738K
  25. The 2019 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker headed into its final weekend by offering a full slate of big-time tournaments and massive paydays on Friday. When the money gets this big, online poker’s elite players forgo a night out on the town as they spent their Friday night grinding. Among those who captured a SCOOP title on Friday include GPI #1 ranked Alex ‘bigfox86’ Foxen, Jason ‘jakoon1985’ Koon, Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson and Matthew ‘MUSTAFABET’ Ashton. The biggest score of the day belonged to regular high-stakes MTT player ‘ROFLShove’ who took down Event #49 (High) $10,300 No Limit Hold’em High Roller PKO. He picked up $126,587.08 for his first place victory and added another $186,484.37 in bounties for a combined total of over $312K. Former PocketFives #1-ranked ‘gnetaren’ (aka ‘Sheater’) finished as the runner up securing a new career-high score of $96,421.23 + $28,984.38 in bounties. As one might expect, the final table of this 109 runner event was stacked with big names including Russia’s ‘josef_shvejk’, Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen, Jason Koon and Russian crusher, former #1-ranked ‘veeea’. In between making bracelet bets online for the 2019 World Series of Poker, Alex ‘bigfox86’ Foxen was busy taking down Event #54 (High): $530 Zoom No Limit Hold’em for $68,904. Foxen, who just this week surpassed the $4M mark in lifetime career earnings, continues to add to his packed poker resume with another COOP title. Jason Koon also had a nice day at the online tables. He made the final table of the aforementioned $10K PKO and also handling business in Event #73 (Medium) $530 6+ No Limit Hold’em. Koon, known as being on the leading edge of short deck with his Triton Poker titles, shows off in PokerStars newly adapted 6+ tournaments by earning $28,913 for first place. Speaking of 6+ tournaments, Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson took down Event #73 (High) $5,200 6+ No Limit Hold’em for $94,915. He held off a final table full of dangerous opponents including Canada’s former top-5 ranked player ‘OLD TIME GIN’, poker legend John ‘LuckBox’ Juanda and UK superstar Michael ‘mczhang’ Chi Zhang who has returned to the online tables after a nearly 6-month hiatus. Event #48 (Low): $5.50 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better Entries: 4,122 Prize pool: $20,197 1. Druidden - $2,887.68 2. plplaya - $2,055.79 3. RichieRichZH - $1,465.43 4. krec23 - $1,044.61 5. gabrielper - $744.63 6. laralanjinha - $530.80 7. seballl - $378.37 8. Nikki098 - $269.71 9. ARTMAEV - $192.26 Event #48 (Medium): $55 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better Entries: 1,103 Prize pool: $55,150 1. The TJS - $8,862.02 2. Crusa89 - $6,316.60 3. INormaJean - $4,502.69 4. arrtek - $3,209.67 5. Senkel92 - $2,267.96 6. ActionDave - $1m630.93 7. Freddy[DM[3] - $1,162.58 8. reijomo - $828.72 8. aloe_AV1 - $590.74 Event #48 (High): $530 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better Entries: 312 Prize pool: $156,000 1. Perrymejsen - $29,347.79 2. vincelis - $22,016.04 3. sergei_s1 - $16,516.03 4. Shtopol - $12,390.01 5. oranjewm - $9,294.76 6. pikassoAA23 - $6,972.76 7. xpoh1 - $5,230.83 8. Zbad - $3,924.07 9. bubbelpool - $3,185.69 Event #49 (Low): $ $109 No Limit Hold'em PKO (Mini Thursday Thrill) Entries: 6,588 Prize pool: $658,800 1. FKAXM - $48,809.15 + $20.157.36 2. Totejuan - $33,363.04 + $5,931.86 3. CannaGrower - $23,782.35 + $6,824.55 4. arknight87 - $16,952.90 + $1,962.82 5. NUMBJkE - $12,084.59 + $4,414.96 6. psycho8080 - $8,614.30 + $1,742.95 7. sweenifish - $6,140.60 + $1,563.00 8. b.k.l 77 - $4,377.23 + $1,366.00 9. dpsd05 - $3,120.24 + $2,671.19 Event #49 (Medium): $1,050 No Limit Hold'em PKO (Thursday Thrill) Entries: 1,191 Prize pool: $1,191,000 1. GamadGADOL - $93,650.16 + $67.623.75 2. busto_soon - $66,756.38 + $28,894.52 3. hhecklen - $47,586.28 + $10,457.03 4. Kozir - $33,921.16 + $24,386.73 5. anth0nypappa - $24,180.21 + $5,578.13 6. rleezy55 - $17,236.50 + $5,500 7. DerRappler - $12,286.63 + $5,828.13 8. Era_Koira - $8,758.49 + $12,511.72 9. Xungazz - $6,243.40 + $9,726.56 Event #49 (High): $10,300 No Limit Hold'em High Roller PKO Entries: 109 Prize pool: $1,090,000 1. ROFLShove - $125,587.08 + $186,484.37 2. gnetaren - $96,421.23 + $28,984.38 3. Tomatee - $74,028.62 + $40,468.75 4. josef_shvejk - $56,836.68 + $24,062.50 5. ale6ka - $43,637.16 + $31,875.00 6. Negriin - $33,503.05 + $12,500.00 7. Big Huni - $25,722.47 + $10,000.00 8. jakoon1985 - $19,748.78 + 0.00 9. veeea - $16,517.26 + $8,750.00 Event #50 (Low): $22 Razz Entries: 1,763 Prize pool: $35,260 1. vlaviusz - $5,731.68* 2. naspirkataa - $4,785.30* 3. pantri - $3,349.70 4. twosaxongun - $2,468.20 5. XuXaFoX - $1,763.00 6. hero_raise! - $1,057.80 7. bedias - $705.20 8. appodobbyllo - $352.60 Event #50 (Medium): $215 Razz Entries: 380 Prize pool: $76,000 1. serkku21 - $14,440 2. YordanPetrov - $10,640 3. Adamyid - $7,980 4. Naza114 - $5,700 5. Bird0fHermes - $3,800 6. TheMNGR72 - $2,680 7. karpuha - $1,900 8. namazu66 - $1,520 Event #50 (High): $2,100 Razz Entries: 73 Prize pool: $150,000 1. Matthew 'MUSTAFABET' Ashton - $40,875 2. Pfft_Hole - $27,750 3. WhooooKidd - $21,000 4. ShellyCalls - $14,250 5. DSmunichlife - $10,500 6. Adamyid - $7,875 7. RunGodlike - $6,375 8. Colisea - $4,875 Event #51 (Low): $22 Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em Entries: 2,048 Prize pool: $40,960 1. Harley7900 - $5,170.47 2. bigfatfat - $3,288.67 Event #51 (Medium): $215 Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em Entries: 512 Prize pool: $102,400 1. niccc - $18,567.27 2. lbtrading - $11,814.91 Event #51 (High): $2,100 Heads-Up No Limit Hold'em Entries: 108 Prize pool: $256,000 1. J0hn Mcclean - $76,800 2. E.Aequitas - $46,080 Event #53 (Low): $22 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 6,286 Prize pool: $61,603 1. mnammnam - $4,292.07 + $2,502 2. njmavrick007 - $2,967.62 + $660.53 3. armandobel50 - $2,081.69 + $223,35 4. vlaviusz - $1,450.46 + $110.85 5. Juicy_J_93 - $1,010.64 + $530.20 6. WERTMARKE - $704.19 + $148.67 Event #53 (Medium): $215 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 1,451 Prize pool: $145,100 1. DanielT999 - $11,134.63 + $6,073.40 2. Godfatti - $7,757.72 + $1,694.59 3. batoelrob - $5,405.37 + $2,005.45 4. bokkie87 - $3,766.31 + $1,761.55 5. wizowizo - $2,634.27 + $1,843.75 6. MrMeinikSmith - $1,828.52 + $619.53 Event #53 (High): $2,100 No Limit Hold'em PKO Entries: 283 Prize pool: $283,000 1. UIDuffer - $22.897.09* + $25,164.04 2. WhatifGod - $24,132.12* + $14,820.32 3. neesam1405 - $14,839.62 + $7,906.25 4. WATnios - $10,999.68 + $4,250.01 5. -#1Lottery- - $8,153.35 + $2,484.75 6. dynoalot - $6,043.57 + $3,718.75 Event #54 (Low): $11 Zoom No Limit Hold'em Entries: 12,855 Prize pool: $62,990 1. tonyraad - $7,994.68 2. vovok60 - $5,693.16 3. coziash007 - $4,058.28 4. bergjr22 - $2,982.88 5. FrederikJo - $2,062.15 6. VitinhO Dzi - $1,469.97 7. whitegoldTNC - 1,047.85 8. portals - $746.94 Event #54 (Medium): $109 Zoom No Limit Hold’em Entries: 4,702 Prize pool: $235,100 1. passie100 - $30,594.64 2. stajmak1896 - $26,594.63 3. welshshark88 - $16,749.22 4. Matze 90451 - $11,843.49 5. jonimella - $8,374.61 6. HOLEEROLLER - $5,921.74 7. perssonalex - $4,187.29 8. juanchiiiii - $2,960.87 Event #54 (High): $530 Zoom No Limit Hold’em Entries: 820 Prize pool: $410,000 1. bigfox86 - $68,904.03 2. Odonkor1 - $50,540.53 3. slayerv1fan - $37,071.38 4. MITS 304 - $27,191.81 5. boemi21 - $19,945.14 6. IceStream - $14,629.74 7. raidalot - $10,730.88 8. Ship It 2010 - $7,871.05 Event #70 (Low): $215 Eight Max No Limit Hold’em High Roller Entries: 2,946 Prize pool: $589,200 1. Godfatti - $85,100.33 2. Play4livin - $60,660.55 3. PIPON777 - $43,240.91 4. q46198898 - $30,823.64 5. Baca4b - $21,972.15 6. remrem123 - $15,662.52 7. JASON.MAC100 - $11,164.80 8. J0hnny_Dr@m@ - $7,958.67 Event #70 (High): $25,000 Eight Max No Limit Hold’em High Roller Entries: 83 Prize pool: $2,035,575 1. Malaka$tyle - $548,421.48 2. mczhang - $411,516.11 3. sk2ll_modR - $308,225.34 4. Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson - $230,860.66 5. Zagazaur - $172,914.56 6. fish2013 - $129,512.94 7. hello_totti - $97,005.12 8. Naza114 - $72,656.79 Event #73 (Low): $55 6+ No Limit Hold’em Entries: 1,775 Prize pool: $100,000 1. NiekJans - $13,730.05 2. Alexinon - $11,922.51 3. primkiller - $7,339.88 4. ringobalmy - $5,114.23 5. Hulaaaa - $3,563.45 6. soulvova - $2,482.91 Event #73 (Medium): $530 6+ No Limit Hold’em Entries: 243 Prize pool: $150,000 1. Jason ‘jakoon1985′ Koon - $28,913.68 2. teckidtq - $21,345.94 3. Jhaoklet - $15,758.98 4. Bit2Easy - $11,634.33 5. Paladin_070 - $8,589.24 6. Nelisschuif7 - $6,341.14 Event #73 (High): $5,200 6+ No Limit Hold’em Entries: 54 Prize pool: $270,000 1. Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson - $94,915.40 2. OLD TIME GIN - $62,866.04 3. John ‘LuckBox’ Juanda - $41,638.56 4. mczhang - $27,578.79 5. Furkay - $18,266.47 6. kimokh - $13,415.51

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