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Found 4 results

  1. When thousands of poker players from all over the globe converge on a relatively small casino, there are bound to be problems. That was certainly the case at the Barcelona stop of the European Poker Tour (EPT) earlier this week when a ruling at a nosebleed table left players fuming. --- Tournament Poker Edgeis the only poker training site dedicated exclusively to MTTs and features over 1,000 training videos, blogs, articles, podcasts and a dedicated strategy forum for members. Check Tournament Poker Edge out on Twitter. --- Poker Pro Danny ansky451 Stern (pictured) was sitting at a €100/€200 PLO game when the following hand went down, according to a post on 2+2: Two players limp in EP, I make it 1100 with KhKcJd9d in MP, Juha Helppi calls in the CO, Bullitos calls after him in the SB, and an older Spanish guy pots it to 5900 from the BB… Limpers fold, I call, Juha calls and Bullitos does as well. The pot is roughly 24k. The flop is Ks9s7x. Bullitos checks, BB shoves for slightly over 10k, I jam for around 40k, Juha folds, and Bullitos calls all-in for around 4k-5k. At this point, the active players asked the dealer to stop while they discussed running the board twice. Stern was adamant that he made it very clear they would run it twice for the entire pot and that everyone was in agreement. He repeated himself several times because he wanted to be very sure that everyone understood what was happening. The first board ran out Ks-9s-7x-As-4x, while the second came Ks-9s-7x-7x-6x. When all was said and done, Stern believed he should've been chopping the side pot and the main pot with the local Spanish player for around €18,000 each. But, the local player claimed the casino had a rule which states that running it twice is only allowed in heads-up pots; therefore, only he should claim the main pot and only have to chop the side pot. The table erupted with players screaming in English and Spanish until the floor manager was called. He ruled that because everyone at the table agreed to run it twice, the decision was valid for the entire pot. Just when Stern thought he would be receiving his share, a higher level poker room employee was called and overturned the ruling, deciding in favor of the Spanish player, whom the table claimed was blatantly lying about the agreement to run it twice. In the 2+2 thread, some thought that card room employees were somehow in on the scam, helping the local player to exploit an obscure ruling. But as others pointed out, in a large tournament such as the EPT, casinos are often forced to bring in dealers from other locations or ones who might have less experience. While the dealer in question should have known he wasn't allowed to run it twice in that situation, he might not have been completely clear on the rules for that card room. Other EPT players chimed in, noting that the dealers were not enforcing the rules to the letter during cash games at the event, sometimes allowing a play while other times prohibiting it. While the dealer and the first floor manager seemed to side with Stern, when the issue was escalated, the higher level employee had to refer back to the original written rule. "Once management does get involved, they will rule to the letter of the rules and often be forced to ignore the intent of the rule if a situation is not standard because they need to back up their ruling in the event it is taken to a higher authority," explained *TT*. "Is this wrong? Was Ansky angle shot? Yes... but it also helps to have an understanding why the ruling occurred the way it did even though I agree it's unfair." What do you think? Comment below and let us know. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  2. [caption width="640"] Isaac Haxton was one of three high stakes regulars to attend a meeting with PokerStars executives.[/caption] Isaac Haxton, Dani Stern and Daniel Dvoress finally issued a statement Saturday night, detailing as much as possible their recent meeting with PokerStars and Amaya executives. If you were hoping that the site would backtrack on its many changes that have affected high-stakes and high-volume regulars, it's time to think again. The Meeting Stern, Haxton and Dvoress met with various PokerStars and Amaya executives on Monday, January 18. According to a statement issued by the trio on TwoPlusTwo, the meeting lasted for eight hours and all parties signed non-disclosure agreements that prohibited them from releasing any financial information, including details of the PokerStars ecosystem. "Going into the meeting, our highest priority was to address PokerStars' decision not to give the 2016 rewards they had promised to players earning SN and SNE statuses in 2015," the statement read. "We reminded them that it is not too late to make it right." Amaya CEO David Baazov briefly joined the meeting but Stern described him as being "little out of touch with the online poker environment." Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu, who has been critical of the manner in which the drastic changes were communicated, was also in attendance. Eric Hollreiser, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Amaya and PokerStars, was also in attendance at the meeting and has indicated a corporate statement will be released Monday. The PokerStars Ecosystem According to the three players, Amaya officials "denied having any firm obligation to give 2015 SNs and SNEs the rewards they were promised and asserted that they did not feel that doing so would be in the best interests of their business." The group admitted that Amaya gave "compelling" evidence that the current ecosystem at PokerStars needed to be re-tooled. They were not convinced however that the changes made will have the impact PokerStars has said they will. "We did not feel that we were shown convincing evidence that any of the changes implemented so far would directly impact issues with the game ecology or the playing experience of recreational players," the statement said. Hyper Sit and Gos The meeting also included discussion of the high-stakes hyper sit and gos, which the three players claim are "unbeatable" without benefits given to high-volume players. "We were simply assured that they were aware that high-stakes hypers were likely to be heavily impacted and planned to monitor those games closely," the group explained. Stern, Haxton and Dvoress were "unclear" whether any changes would actually be made to these games. Cash Game VPPs The trio felt that the data being presented by PokerStars wasn't entirely inclusive of all player types. "[Amaya] tended to present the results of the biggest winners, or ignore the results of players who put in high volume and lost, in ways that systematically overstated how much pros in these games could or did win," the joint statement said. "They assured us that PokerStars considers high-stakes cash an important part of its offering and that there are no plans to eliminate these games." The group also pitched "reducing rake in short-handed cash games while increasing it in full games and offering discounts/bonuses for SNGs that run with a lineup of all SN or SNE players." However, according to the players, PokerStars had no interest. "PokerStars is Not Willing to Reconsider Any of the Changes" While the group was optimistic heading in to the meeting, they left Montreal without any promises from PokerStars to rollback any changes. Just the opposite in fact. "We deeply regret that we are not bringing back any good news for the players. We tried our best to present both practical and ethical arguments against the SN/SNE cuts, but PokerStars is not willing to reconsider any of the changes." UPDATE: "Although that may not be what some players want to hear, the recent meeting demonstrated that an ongoing dialogue can provide greater understanding. We hope to build upon this meeting, and to continue listening to players, even if - and especially when - they disagree with us," Hollreiser wrote in a blog entry on the PokerStars Corporate blog Monday afternoon. Daniel Negreanu's Involvement In follow-up comments to the report, Stern revealed that PokerStars front man Daniel Negreanu, who attended parts of the meeting, was largely quiet, but did speak out about the two-year Supernova commitment. Negreanu has been vocal that the changes should have been better communicated and come with more advanced warning. Why the Meeting Was Held When asked, "If Amaya had no good news, why do you think you were even there," Haxton responded, "Because Negreanu demanded it." Stern said he thought the goal of the meeting, from Amaya's end, was to "convince us that the VIP changes were necessary to fix a problem." Stern and company, however, claimed Amaya presented no evidence that "taking more money out of the games would produce a benefit for any players." More Player Meetings Coming? Despite all of the seemingly pessimistic news for players, Stern revealed that player meetings could be held more often, as Amaya "at least appeared eager to engage with players more often."
  3. From December 1 to 3, several players in the poker community, including a group of Russians and Dani ansky451Stern (pictured), are planning to boycott PokerStars, the world's largest online poker site. The reason: a cut in benefits to high-stakes and high-volume players. Stern wrote on 2+2, "This is a demonstration of force and an effort to show PokerStars that we are a body of players, not just individuals." He told PocketFives on Twitter that "Team Russia started the protest" and Stern was trying to gather as much support as possible. Among those he was able to recruit: fellow high-stakes pro Phil OMGClayAiken Galfond. To that end, Stern, who once appeared on the G4 reality series "2 Months, $2 Million," wrote on 2+2, "PokerStars/Amaya has announced an aggressive overhaul of the 2016 VIP system. They have deceived SNE players about benefits they would receive, are discontinuing the SNE program, and they have completely removed all rewards for high stakes ($5/$10+) cash games." Stern added, "While PokerStars claims the changes are to provide relief to recreational players, there is no such change happening. They are telling their players outright lies and we will not stand for it. Beyond that, it follows an ongoing trend that PokerStars/Amaya has been taking in recent years. A site that was once clearly for the players has completely lost sight of that." There are reportedly 1,200 people signed up for the strike thus far and Stern told PocketFives that he would not be surprised if that number climbed to 2,000. He appeared on a podcast with Joe Ingram on Friday, the shopping Black Friday, to discuss it. Stern and others have been Tweeting up a storm about the strike from December 1 to 3. Here's a sampling of what he has been saying to the community: He added, "I firmly believe that these changes will harm recs greatly as well," perhaps giving micro- and low-stakes players a reason to join. Among the forthcoming changes on PokerStarsare a capping of VIP Club rewards, a new VIP Steps program, and no VPPs awarded for higher-stakes games. PokerStars has also clamped down on advanced third-party software. Want the latest poker headlines and interviews? Follow PocketFives on Twitterand Like PocketFives on Facebook.
  4. [caption width="640"] Ben 'sauce123' Sulsky was the biggest winner at the high-stakes cash game tables in May with 2,242 in profit[/caption] Oops, he did it again. After profiting $164,642 at the high-stakes cash game tables in April, Ben 'sauce123' Sulsky did it again in May, according to HighStakesDB. This time, Sulsky added $272,242 to his bottom line, edging out Dani 'supernova9' Stern by a mere $2,000. Sulsky ended May with 117 sessions that HighStakesDB tracked. They totaled 15,931 hands, meaning that Sulsky turned a profit of $2,326 per session and $17 per hand. In April, Sulsky had 39 sessions totaling 5,624 hands for an average of $4,221 per session and $29 per hand, so his averages were cut in half in May. Nevertheless, he was the big winner once again. Thanks to his $272,242 in profit in April, Sulsky is up to $4.85 million in career winnings from tables that HighStakesDB tracks. He's up $810,000 for the year and might now head to Las Vegas for the 2016 World Series of Poker, which starts this week. Stern, who won the March high-stakes leaderboard with $352,017 in profit, finished second in May with $270,032, trailing Sulsky by only $2,000. Stern did not appear in the top 10 in April, but logged 76 sessions and 2,445 hands in May for an average profit of $3,553 per session and $110 per hand. In March, Stern raked in $352,017 in profit over the course of 131 sessions and 10,203 hands. On average that month, he profited $2,687 per session and just over $34 per hand. [caption width="640"] Dani 'supernova9' Stern was second on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard in May (photo: PokerNews, Danny Maxwell)[/caption] The month of May helped Stern pull back to almost even lifetime in the high-stakes games that HighStakesDB tracks, as headed into the month, he was over $300,000 in the hole. Stern is up almost $400,000 on the year and has been in the black for the vast majority of 2016. Tournament pro Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz got it down in the online cash game world in May. Holz, from Germany, finished in third place on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for the month with $147,934 in profit from 38 sessions and 5,002 hands. If you do the math, you'll get an average of $3,893 in profit per session and $29 in profit per hand. Holz's productive month boosted his lifetime earnings that HighStakesDB has tracked to close to $200,000. This year, he's up almost $100,000. Holz spent the first part of May in Monaco for the European Poker Tour's annual Grand Final. There, he finished fourth and fifth in High Roller events and pocketed over $500,000 total. Needless to say, it was a good month to be Fedor Holz. 'steamraise' finished in fourth place on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard in May with $142,691 in profit, trailing Holz by only $5,000. 'steamraise' logged 26 sessions and 2,221 hands during the month. Right behind him on the leaderboard was 'happyhammy', who had $84,771 in profit from 54 sessions and 12,204 hands. Dan 'w00ki3z.' Cateswas the winner of the largest high-stakes cash game pot played in May. It happened in a hand against Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom at a $250/$500 Mixed Pot Limit Omaha table. Holding [poker card="ts"][poker card="5d"][poker card="jc"][poker card="as"], Cates check-raised all-in on the turn of a [poker card="6s"][poker card="ac"][poker card="5h"][poker card="qc"] board. Blom called with [poker card="8c"][poker card="8s"][poker card="ah"][poker card="3c"] and the river was the [poker card="5c"], giving Cates a boat and a $138,612 hand. It was one of six pots to cross $100,000 in May at the high-stakes cash game tables. Despite the cash influx from the pot against Blom, Cates did not finish in the top 10 for the month. The top 10 high-stakes cash game winners in May: Sauce123 (117 sessions, 15,931 hands) - $272,242 supernova9 (76 sessions, 2,445 hands) - $270,032 CrownUpGuy (38 sessions, 5,002 hands) - $147,934 Steamraise (26 sessions, 2,221 hands) - $142,691 Happyhammy (54 sessions, 12,204 hands) - $84,771 Educa-p0ker (45 sessions, 2,977 hands) - $72,014 Fresh_oO_D (71 sessions, 8,804 hands) - $61,880 buck21 (11 sessions, 463 hands) - $56,905 Fake Love888 (6 sessions, 459 hands) - $53,640 Vaga_Lion (21 sessions, 892 hands) - $44,515

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