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Found 10 results

  1. [caption width="468"] How to use the late-swap feature on sites like DraftKings to your advantage in daily fantasy baseball[/caption] Of the many differences between the two largest DFS sites, none is larger than the late swap versus no late swap feature. FanDuel does not offer late swap, meaning once the first pitch is released in the first game on the slate, all roster positions lock for the night. On the other hand, DraftKings offers a late swap feature, meaning a roster position does not lock until start time of that player's game. There are some good reasons that, especially in the
  2. [caption width="468"] Don't forget to factor in an opposing team's bullpen when setting your daily fantasy baseball lineup.[/caption] In MLB DFS strategy, much attention is given to 'handedness,' which is DFS speak for the lefty versus righty matchup between pitcher and hitter. Handedness is a crucial factor in your MLB research, as many years of statistics have conclusively proven that certain matchups favor hitters, while others strongly favor pitchers. In a vacuum, you would never want a lineup stack of lefties facing a left-handed starting pitcher, as the lefty versus lefty handedness
  3. [caption width="468"] Stats like Fielding Independent Pitching can make you a winning DFS baseball player[/caption] Now that spring has sprung and March Madness is winding down after a front-heavy first weekend, the focus of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) landscape turns to baseball. While way behind the NFL in terms of popularity, MLB has consistently gained DFS market share over the past few seasons. In the 2016 season, many baseball fans will be trying out DFS for the first time, and those converting from the season-long fantasy world will quickly discover that the same strategies th
  4. [caption width="468"] Should you go all-in on a core group of players like Trevor Story in a GPP?[/caption] One of the great debates in the DFS baseball sphere is over the topic of multi-entry versus single-entry GPP play. A single-entry tournament is one where, regardless of your bankroll, you are permitted to enter only one lineup. On the other hand, the standard GPP format is multi-entry, with a gamer being free to enter anywhere from one to the particular sight's maximum limit based on field size. On DraftKings, a GPP with a few thousand entries will have a limit of 200 per person.
  5. [caption width="468"] Is Bryce Harper worth rostering in heads-up cash games?[/caption] MLB heads-up cash games, or H2Hs as they are commonly known, are two-man daily fantasy sports contests in which your goal is to score more points than your lone opponent. The goal of a H2H contest is drastically different than in full-field tournaments (GPPs), where you are attempting to maximize upside at the expense of safe floors. In a H2H, the concern of the masses is removed. You will find that your most logical H2H lineups will roster a lot of the 'chalk,' and that is perfectly fine. When we lo
  6. [caption width="468"] Will stacking Rockies help you win an MLB GPP?[/caption] Of all of the formats of daily fantasy baseball, nothing rivals the popularity of large-field tournaments with guaranteed prize pools known as GPPs. A GPP affords the opportunity for a DFS gamer to land a large prize for a relatively small investment by defeating a field size that could run into the thousands. Typically, the real money is concentrated at the top of the leaderboard, so you will have to have a big game out of just about every roster spot in order to take one down. Unlike cash games such as H2
  7. [caption width="468"] How much do batter versus pitcher stats matter in daily fantasy baseball?[/caption] One of the constant battles a new daily fantasy baseball gamer must face is the balance between conventional wisdom and reality. Very often you will hear even the most respected broadcasters trumpet a hitter's edge on a particular starter, and the basis for such a proclamation is usually his stats against that hurler. We have all heard this since we were little kids watching our first game: "Hitter x really has Maddux's number" or "He owns this guy." Then the graphics department will
  8. [caption width="468"] Pitchers like Chris Sale are the key to success in daily fantasy baseball[/caption] The nature of DFS baseball is that it's high-variance event overall, but in the relative chaos lies one oasis of relative consistency: the starting pitcher. A hitter has maybe five plate appearances in an MLB game in which to control his outcome in some way, and even the best hitter who has ever lived will be an underdog to achieve a positive outcome each time he steps to the plate. This leads to high volatility in the hitter's roster spots, made even more volatile by the fact that
  9. With the NFL Divisional Round this weekend, we'll look at a strong tool that can be utilized in a four-game, two-day tournament. As many people are already aware, there are a number of differences between DraftKingsand FanDuel, the industry's two major players, when it comes to format, including roster spots (kicker on FanDuel, flex on DraftKings) and scoring structure (DraftKings being full 1 point PPR, FanDuel being 0.5 PPR). When it comes to a short slate, perhaps the single most important distinction between the two sites is the late swap feature on DraftKings. On FanDuel, once the
  10. [caption width="468"] Mike Trout is more likely to produce for you on a given day than Lucas Duda, but should you roster him?[/caption] When choosing your hitters for your daily fantasy baseball lineup, there are a number of factors that you should be keeping in mind during your prep work. Attention to each one will yield benefits to your bottom line over the course of a baseball season. Everybody knows, for example, that Mike Trout is more likely to produce for you on a given day than Lucas Duda, and many will not go beyond the very basic information when compiling their lineup. They wi

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