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Found 3 results

  1. [caption width="640"] Sweden's 'C Darwin2' moved up one spot in the PocketFives Rankings and is the new #1 ranked online poker player in the world.[/caption] There are six Swedes in the top 20 of the PocketFives Rankings. And when one Swede falls out of the top spot worldwide, another swoops in to take his place. That's exactly what happened this week. Ranked second last week, Sweden's 'C Darwin2' moved up one spot and is the new #1 ranked online poker player in the world. This is his second stint at #1 after he was the top dog for seven weeks from February 10 to March 30 of this year. 'C Darwin2' has been on a tear as of late. In the last seven days, he won the partypoker Fight Night High Roller for $24,000, finished third in the 888 Mega Deep for $15,000, and taken fifth in the partypoker Super High Roller for $19,000. He has 7,236 PLB Points, exactly 60 more than the next closest player. Speaking of the next closest player, that distinction belongs to Brazil's Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao. Two weeks ago, Simao was up 15 spots to #6. Last week, he moved down one to #7. Now, he's all the way up to #2, his highest ranking ever. [caption width="660"] Brazil's Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao is the #2 ranked online poker player in the world this week.[/caption] Simao finished fourth in the partypoker Super High Roller over the weekend, the same tournament 'C Darwin2' placed fifth in. The same day, he took down the PokerStars Sunday Second Chance for $37,000 and a healthy 457 PLB Points. The Second Chance was the 150th online MTT win of his career and helped push his lifetime cash total north of $4 million. Canada's Joel 'jbrown8777' Brown also made waves this week by moving back into the top 10 at #10. He's up six spots after taking down the partypoker High Roller over the weekend for $12,000, his 149th tracked win. Brown is just a few thousand dollars shy of passing $4 million for his career and is on the verge of hitting $3.3 million on PokerStars. Sweden's 'Discoovery' moved up 25 spots to #14. He won the partypoker Super High Roller on Sunday for over $67,000 and earned 545 PLB Points. The same day, he final tabled the Sunday 500 for another $17,000 and 220 PLB Points. This is the highest 'Discoovery' has ever been ranked on PocketFives; you can find him on PokerStars under the screen name 'shipitftw911'. Pedro 'PaDiLhA SP' Padilha also on the moved up this week. He rocketed up 26 spots in the rankings to land at #61, 11 spots off his all-time high. Padilha won not one, not two, but three online MTTs on April 20 – two $55 No Limit Hold'em tournaments on PokerStars and the site's $109 Rebuy – for almost $40,000 total. Those scores bumped his career win total to 81. He's the fourth-ranked player from Brazil and has $2.5 million in lifetime scores. 'Barry86', who just passed $1 million in winnings on PokerStars under the moniker 'OMGACEACEACE', reentered the top 100 at #76. He won the PokerStars $109 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Sunday Edition over the weekend for $18,000 and also took third in the Full Tilt Sunday Major. 'Barry86' was ranked as high as #45 on PocketFives last year. Korea's Jae 'YugiohPro' Kim also reentered the top 100 this week at #94, 60 spots off his all-time high set three years ago. Kim is the top-ranked player in Korea and finished second in Sunday's Fight Night High Roller on partypoker for $23,000. Kim has been a member of PocketFives since 2009 and said the community continues to be vital to his growth as a player. "I still have so much fun reading the articles on PocketFives and checking the updated point totals for all of the players I admire," he said. "PocketFives is really an incredible resource for any MTT player." Here's this week's top 10: C Darwin2 - 7,236 points joaosimaobh - 7,176 points Ariados - 7,029 points lena900 - 7,027 points Big Huni - 6,910 points veeea - 6,688 points damourinio - 6,667 points MendaLerenda - 6,547 points hellohellohello - 6,520 points jbrown8777 - 6,504 points
  2. Later this week, the PocketFives Rankings might look a little bit different than they do right now. Swedish poker pro 'Discoovery' had a Sunday to remember and come Wednesday, he may find himself in the top 20 worldwide. He took down the $2,600 buy-in partypoker Super High Roller and finished fifth in the Sunday 500 - those two scores alone earned him just over $85,000 cash and 765 PLB points. He also cashed in nine other events on Sunday. The PokerStars Sunday Million was won by 'DEdgge' over the weekend for $176,829. The second place finisher in that event was 'dexter2266', who walked away with $131,715. There was a heads-up deal in the Sunday Warm-Up, as 'droulis9' and 'ajetopatamat' earned $70,416 and $57,682 for their respective first and second place efforts. The Stars Sunday 500 also featured a heads-up chop. 'pepealas' and 'Tankanza' were awarded $55,480 and $49,720, respectively, for finishing in the top two slots. The Six-Max Sunday Supersonic was won outright by 'Luigi da BP' for $42,632. The $2,600 buy-in partypoker Super High Roller event was won by 39th-ranked 'Discoovery' of Sweden, who had to fend off tough final table competition from three top 10 ranked PocketFivers on his way to a $67,979 payday. The Scandinavian took home another $17,394 for his final table effort in the Stars Sunday 500. PocketFiver 'gogosaru2005' of Romania outlasted nearly 32,000 opponents to come out on top in the PokerStars Sunday Storm for $27,854. PokerStars Sunday Million ($200+15 NLHE) 5,653 entrants - $1,130,600 paid out to 810 spots ~ Full Recap DEdgge - $176,828.54 dexter2266 - $131,714.90 Skubidu888 - $93,104.91 ViTaMoS - $63,878.90 Gedis777 - $48,050.50 Anao19 - $36,744.50 CLEVER666 - $25,438.50 1sag - $14,132.50 ExTy858 - $9,044.80 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up ($200+15 NLHE) 2,315 entrants - $463,000 paid out to 342 spots ~ Full Recap droulis9 - $70,416.22 ajetopatamat - $57,681.99 *2-way deal ivanvilchez8 - $39,355.00 Peter9900 - $27,085.50 johnnyCASH90 - $20,603.50 Bushman - $15,973.50 (CzarBushov) girlyjack - $11,343.50 gorgona66ret - $6,713.50 ramondemon77 - $3,935.50 PokerStars Sunday 500 ($500+$30 NLHE) 669 entrants - $334,500 paid out to 99 spots ~ Full Recap pepealas - $55,479.95 Tankanza - $49,720.30 *2-way deal dunphi - $33,115.50 krasark - $24,920.25 ShipitFTW911 - $17,394.00 (Discoovery) YRWTHMELTHR - $14,049.00 fabstinho - $10,704.00 Mahalael - $7,359.00 bustitoyoni - $4,348.50 PokerStars Sunday Supersonic ($200+$15 NLHE 6-Max) 1,243 entrants - $254,517 paid out to 156 spots ~ Full Recap Luigi da BP - $42,632.16 Barrrii - $31,814.58 crazytouche - $24,179.08 Graftekkel - $16,543.58 Tamthemanwho - $10,842.41 xXxHOGAxXx - $7,635.50 PokerStars Sunday Storm ($10+$1 NLHE) 31,999 entrants - $319,990 paid out to 14,624 spots ~ Full Recap gogosaru2005 - $27,854.31 Simon228 - $19,976.97 SeenTheSun - $13,439.58 Kíng BlacK - $10,239.68 Sondreprell - $7,039.78 KuznevychK - $4,319.86 cconice - $2,959.90 burghy1989 - $2,079.93 clapjkspit - $1,455.95 partypoker Super High Roller ($2,600 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 119 entrants - $297,500 paid out to 15 spots ~ Full Recap zupsherlock - $67,978.80 (Discoovery) smartsowhat - $56,971.20 butihasreads - $38,675.00 joaosimaobh - $27,518.75 HellmuthTheGr8 - $19,337.50 (C Darwin2) atlasshrugged - $15,618.75 WWWpartyCOM - $12,643.75 MechaCorta - $10,412.50 thebattler33 - $8,181.25 (Big Huni) partypoker The Heavyweight ($530 NLHE) *$150k Guaranteed 1,766 entrants - $176,600 paid out to 234 spots ~ Full Recap ipuntstacks2 - $25,277.59 josueopreto - $23,598.36 BartasPL - $15,607.90 ThundrXpress - $11,211.27 (pollyjoker) o2striker - $7,947.00 Xanzar00 - $6,181.00 ISeeDeadCards - $4,415.00 IAMspACEman - $3,090.50 ChipsFool - $1,766.00 iPoker Sunday Masters (€150 NLHE) 144 entrants - $22,712 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap Kameleont - $4,883.06 5521383 - $3,520.35 (throwinphins) BoneSoup - $2,668.65 AllYouCanEat69 - $1,987.29 Ravic85 - $1,362.71 (Anton Petrov) dickosaces - $1,135.60 R4ndomClickin - $908.48 Atlanticsailor - $681.36 Faustideo - $454.24 888 Poker Baby WHALE ($320 NLHE) *$100k Guaranteed 462 entrants - $138,600 paid out to 45 spots hownorez - $26,334.00 CrackdeI29 - $19,404.00 duchasp4rati $14,206.50 hateVAMOS - $10,810.80 askmetoprom - $7,623.00 Nemekiss - $5,890.50 mikedonks - $4,504.50 Zebest7r - $3,118.50 konnhand - $2,300.76 Full Tilt Sunday Major ($233+17 NLHE) 185 entrants - $43,105 paid out to 27 spots ~ Full Recap jokai22 - $9,052.05 Swoop07 - $6,681.28 Kutanoid - $4,784.66 (Barry86) ursodapolinesia - $3,663.93 (Vitor Hugo) Sputnick_PT - $2,801.83 pooperton - $2,198.36 Sleepy Tiger - $1,616.44 (STiger) AKC001 - $1,206.94 joga_pra_cor - $948.31 BetVictor Sunday Showdown ($245 NLHE) *€25k Guaranteed
  3. [caption width="660"] Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao topped the April Monthly PLB race with 3,180.87 points (photo: Danny Maxwell)[/caption] With 3,180 PLB Points, Joao 'joaosimaobh' Simao from Brazil, who hit #1 worldwide a few days ago, won the April Monthly PocketFives Leaderboard (MPLB). This is his first MPLB win and the sixth all-time for Brazil. "It's really nice," Simao said. "I'm very happy to find that my ways keep working. Now all I need is to keep balance in my life. Poker is amazing, but it's only one of the many amazing things in life." Simao started off April by taking second in the partypoker Heavyweight Main Event for $20,000 and 263 PLB Points on the 4th. Six days later, he hit it big in the Mountain Series on PokerStars, barreling to a win in the $1,050 Rebuy Denali, a Pot Limit Omaha tournament, for a commanding $167,000 and 872 PLB Points, his largest score of the 30-day month. On April 21, Simao took down the Hot $162 on PokerStars and put back $5,500 and added another 168 points to his coffers. He closed out the month in style, winning the PokerStars Sunday Second Chance on April 24 for $37,000 and finishing fourth in the partypoker Super High Roller the same day for $27,000. Simao's 3,180 PLB Points were the most by an MPLB winner since Sweden's Christian 'eisenhower1' Jeppsson had almost 4,000 last September. His average score in April was 159 points. Sweden's Andreas 'Sheater' Samuelsson was the runner-up in the April MPLB with 2,987 points, almost 200 fewer than Simao. He closed out the month on a winning streak, taking down four tournaments in the last two days of April. Whereas Simao was about big scores, Samuelsson was all about volume. His largest score PLB-wise was a win in the partypoker Heavyweight Uppercut for 223 PLB Points. He also final tabled the site's Super High Roller for another 222 PLB Points, his second largest point haul of the month. "I'm kind of surprised actually," Samuelsson said. "But I played a lot last month, so that's probably why I did so well." Another Swede, 'Discoovery', who moved all the way up to a personal best #13 in the PocketFives Rankings this week took third in the April MPLB race. After claiming his first Triple Crown on the final day of March, he came out swinging in April, taking down the partypoker Super High Roller on April 24 for $67,000, his largest score of the month. The same day, the Swede finished fifth in the Sunday 500 for another $17,000. All told, 'Discoovery' had 10 tracked wins in online MTTs, bumping his career total to 31. He's nearing $1 million in online tournament winnings and is already over 800 in the money finishes in total. He had 2,959 PLB Points in April and trailed second place by only 28 points. Sweden's 'lena900', who won back-to-back MPLB titles in January and February, nearly added one more to his mantel by finishing fourth in April. 'lena900' was the runner-up in the Thursday Thrill on the third-to-last day of April and bagged $36,000. He final tabled the Sunday 500 on April 13 and took eighth in the Kilimanjaro tournament as part of the PokerStars Mountain Series for almost $20,000. He started the month off by winning the partypoker High Roller and earned 2,653 PLB Points during the month. Finally, Norway's 'prebzzz' finished fifth in April, helped in part by a gold medal on the month's third day in the PokerStars Sunday 500 for $67,000 and almost 600 PLB Points. One week later, he was back at it, scoring $58,000 for final tabling the Everest event of the Mountain Series, a $2,100 No Limit Hold'em tournament. He won the PokerStars $109 No Limit Hold'em Cubed on April 24 for $12,000. 'prebzzz' amassed 2,575 points during the month. "It feels great," 'prebzzz' said. "I had some big scores in April and I have a lot of confidence going into SCOOP this month." Here were the top 10 in April: joaosimaobh - 3,180.87 Sheater - 2,987.68 Discoovery - 2,959.22 lena900 - 2,653.64 prebzzz - 2,575.82 RoccoGe - 2,482.07 Ariados - 2,437.77 aJarov - 2,401.45 1bigacehole - 2,399.12 mjw006 - 2,366.91

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